Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Chewy’s Chicken Meal Mixers Dog Food Topper, 18 oz. Bag (FDCM-18)

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Chewy’s Chicken Meal Mixers Dog Food Topper, 18 oz. Bag (FDCM-18) : Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Chewy’s Chicken Meal Mixers Dog Food Topper, 18 oz. Bag (FDCM-18) : Pet Supplies
Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Chewy’s Chicken Meal Mixers Dog Food Topper: Stella & chewy’s freeze-dried raw chewy’s chicken meal mixers dog food topper, 18 oz. Bag (fdcm-18).

What are stella & chewy’s freeze-dried raw chewy’s chicken meal mixers dog food topper features?

  • Kickstart kibble with raw nutrition
  • Cage-free chicken recipe is formulated to mirror the best nutrition for your pet – pure, simple, unprocessed raw food delivered in its most natural state
  • Protein-rich recipe. Each batch starts with 95% chicken, organs and bone, providing best-in-class animal nutrition and palatability.calorie content:50 kcal/1/4 cup (coupe),4440 kcal/kg
  • Made in stella & chewy’s own usa kitchen with the world’s finest ingredients. No artificial preservatives or colorings
  • All animal proteins are grass-fed, cage-free or wild caught to ensure your pet is eating as nature intended. Stella & chewy’s fruits and vegetables are 100% organic certified from farmers we know and trust
  • Age range description: all life stages
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Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Chewy’s Chicken Meal Mixers Dog Food Topper, 18 oz. Bag (FDCM-18) AMAZON : Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Chewy’s Chicken Meal Mixers Dog Food Topper, 18 oz. Bag (FDCM-18) : Pet Supplies

Looking for specific info?

How many scoops in the 18oz bag?

Hi l.j.,all of our products are packaged by weight, so the number of scoops can vary somewhat. However, on average, the 18oz bag contains approximately 40 scoops of food.please feel free to reach out to our customer service team if you have any other questions.thanks!stella & chewy’s

Do you keep this in the fridge?

stella & chewy’s freeze-dried foods never need to be refrigerated.

Please feel free to reach out to our customer care team directly if you have any additional questions.

Thank you,
stella & chewy’s

Are all ingredients made in the usa?

No they are not all from the usa. According to their website, under ‘why our food?’ they use ingredients from all around the world.

Do you have to mix with water?

Hi danielle,this is a very versatile product, and can be used in a variety of ways. If you’re using it as a topper, it can certainly be used dry. If you’re feeding it as a complete diet, it’s important to ensure that your dog is drinking plenty of water at mealtime. This can be consumed either by rehydrating or by drinking out of the water bowl around mealtime. Feel free to reach out to our customer service team if you have any further questions.thanks,stella & chewy’s

Very stale. Hard as rocks. Why? Gloria..ohio

Hi gloria!

Based on what you’re experiencing, we believe this is an example of a lot variation. We make everything in small batches using natural ingredients and because of this process, it’s common to see some variability from batch to batch. This typically shows up in things like color, scent and texture. Please rest assured, the product formulation and quality of ingredients remain consistent and of highest quality.

Please know that we do have a satisfaction guarantee – should you ever be uncomfortable or dissatisfied with an individual bag, you’re welcome to return or exchange the product directly through the retailer from whom it was purchased.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any further questions (; 888-477-8977).

Thank you,

stella & chewy’s

Is this like a puppy food looking for a puppy food and my puppy loves the stella chewy treats


Yes, the meal mixers (with the exception of the savory salmon & cod) can be used as a complete and balanced diet. If you’d like to reach out to us directly, we’d be happy to calculate recommended feeding guidelines for you.


Stella & chewy’s

Was a certified vet nutritionist involved in making all of these recipes?


Our products are formulated by a qualified animal nutritionist, and reviewed thoroughly by our cooperating team of veterinarians. Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any further questions (


Stella & chewy’s

Is it semi soft or is this hard food? My dog is old and losing some teeth.

Hi kauthar,stella & chewy’s meal mixers are freeze-dried, which means they’re relatively soft pieces. We have many senior dogs with missing teeth who do very well on our products! You can also rehydrate these with cool or warm water to make them even softer!please feel free to reach out to our customer service team if you have any further questions.thanks!stella & chewy’s

Ingredients please.

The best place to get an answer like this would be direct on the manufacturer website if it is not listed on amazon, or in the event they have done a formula change. For this particular item, i went to stella’s website and here are the ingredients for you: chicken with ground bone, chicken liver, chicken gizzard, pumpkin seed, fenugreek seed, tocopherols (preservative)

Is it normal for your dogs back end to smell just like the freeze dried product after a few days of use?


This isn’t something we’ve heard of typically, but it could simply be how your pup’s body is digesting the product. We would encourage you to reach out to us directly, if you would like, for further assistance (; 888-477-8977).


Stella & chewy’s

Is this good for ferrets?


We know that there are quite a few ferret owners who use our products. However, our dinners are designed for dogs or cats specifically—since they’re not specifically designed for ferrets, we cannot, as a company, recommend them for use with ferrets.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly via the official stella & chewy’s website if you have any further questions.

Thank you,

stella & chewy’s

How much bones are in this product?

Hi tony!

Our raw dinners for dogs are 85-95% meat, organs and bones with added produce, probiotics and supplementation. They’ve been designed to be most similar to you pup’s instinctual diet, and contain appropriate levels of all ingredients.

Please feel free to reach out to us via the official stella & chewy’s website if you have any further questions.


Stella & chewy’s

This has to be an error. 40 dollars for 3.5 oz.? Impossible.

Amazon at its finest. No, you choose the size in the menu. 39.99 is for 18 ounces.

Are these tender? Stella and chewy changed the formula and i need more tender than hard …


please note that we did not change the formulation of our products .

Instead, the grind was made slightly smaller to help reduce the size of the bone, and the crumbling of the product. While this does create a firmer end product, please know we’re always optimizing our products and we’re currently working on finding the right balance between the size of the bone, and the texture of the products.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any further questions.


stella & chewy’s

Is this price for a three pack?

No. Just one

Some bags from amazon are soft and the bag i got today is crunchy and powdery when i break it up. Is that normal ?

Some powder is normal from the pieces moving around in the bag. Crunchy isn’t so you may want to return it.

I soak mine in hot water for a couple of minutes then add the pieces and remaining water to the dry food. I’ve never had a dog be this excited about dinner as my two are now. I think it’s an excellent product!

How can i crush these when they are hard as rocks? Is there a way to soften them when they this hard? Refund or new bag please.

They should be soft and easy to crush with your fingers. Something happened to the bag you received; contact the seller.

What is the shelf life of this product?


Our freeze-dried products have a shelf life of 16 months past the date of production. Each bag is marked with a best-by date.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any further questions.


Stella & chewy’s

That must be a mistake- $999 for a 3.5 oz bag?

Yes that is a mistake.

What is fdcm-9?


Fdcm-9 is simply an older product code – sorry for any confusion!

Thank you,

stella & chewy’s

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Chewy’s Chicken Meal Mixers Dog Food Topper, 18 oz. Bag (FDCM-18) AMAZON : Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Chewy’s Chicken Meal Mixers Dog Food Topper, 18 oz. Bag (FDCM-18) : Pet Supplies

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Its a must to try !!

First i want to say omg!!
Now let me start from the beginning … I have a bichon fris that i ended up with by watching for a friend and 7 years later he’s still with me .. So since i first started watching him 7 years ago, he always would rub his nose against the floor like he was trying to bury his bowl of food , well eventually he would eat it . Well as the years have gone by he still does this nose thing and it’s gotten worse to where he does it for sooooooo long before he eats and it’s really annoying cause he pushes his food bowl across the kitchen floor with his nose and spills food sometimes and sometimes runs it into his water spilling water everywhere .. 7 years .. He’s done this .. I have done many researches to wonder why he did it .. From teeth hurting to not liking his food to just a habit he formed nobody knew why he did it and nobody had a real answer…not even his vet.. All assumptions!
Well let me tell you i have been researching dog food the last few days more then anything! My bichon is now 12 years old ( got him when he was about 5) i’ve been really concerned about him staying with me longer because i love him so much .. I know i should of done this long ago but this is my first dog .. Idk about what u should feed your dog except “no human food”. Feeding my dog .. Just dog food was what i thought was safe and ok.
Let me be one to tell u .. This is me learning as i go!
After doing research on dog food i’ve learned that a lot of dog food is not good for our dogs.. And i decided to get him the good stuff and i came across this freeze dried dog food that is very close to dr marty’s that i watched on a video .. But this stuff is a bit cheaper but pretty much the same thing so i gave it a shot . I recieved this product yesterday added a little water to it smooshed it with his new dog food i switched to ( some cold raw meats made for dogs that’s all good stuff too ( watch dr marty’s video to teach u about dog food) stellas is just as good if not better ! Dr marty just has a video explaining about stuff idk if stellas does or not. Anyway so i mixed stellas freeze dried with his dog food and at first he was a little bit weird to it and didn’t touch it but after an hour he walked up to it and didnt rub his nose on the floor .. He just ate it and ate it and ate it .. Bowl was bone clean! Wtf?? My dog never left a bowl clean it was a very rare moment if he did .
Next day which is today i’ve fed him twice doing the same thing and both times he ate today no nose rubbing on the floor before eating.. And bowl is bone clean!! Omg omg omg!
Stella .. It’s a miracle my dog loves his food he doesn’t even do the nose thing .. This means it doesn’t hurt his teeth this means he likes it .. This means it wasnt a habit he formed! This means that this is the good stuff dr marty was talking about !! ( i know because all the things dr marty told me in his video to look for in dog food , stellas had it .. And all the bad stuff to look out for stellas didn’t have it ! So i know it’s the good stuff!
I never ever thought i would see this day , my dog is happy he is really happy and i see it!
I’m just a plain customer wanting to share my joy of happiness with anyone who wants to try stellas .. Don’t not give it a try .. Just try a small bag to give it a whirl i promise u won’t regret it !! You will be amazed ! Def best for picky eaters !
Stella u were sent from up above thank you so much!! !! My dog thanks you!

5Expert Score
My picky dog's favorite!

I’m sure some people have a dog like one of mine. My small dog is the pickiest eater on the planet. She won’t eat breakfast. Ever. She has four choices of dry food out at all times. Half the time she will eat her wet food, and she has a variety of wet food, and half the time she won’t eat her wet food. But the one thing she will always eat is this. So i give up and i just decided to give her 10 of these so she has something in her stomach every morning. She has never let one go uneaten! She also loves the discs that they have and the weenies. But she likes these better than the weenies. I bought other meal additives and she doesn’t like any of them. This is reasonably priced and i’m happy i found some thing that she will eat in the morning. She eats dinner at night, but i want her to eat something when she wakes up and i recommend these. I wanted to showcase pictures of what you see in the bag. I saw some other videos and i have not received anything like a couple videos i saw. Maybe they got a bad batch. I’ve been buying these for at least one year and i haven’t received one bad batch from this brand in several different types of products. I hope this review helps.

5Expert Score
My dog loves this.

My dog thinks i have a new kind of treat. This is an easy way for your pet to enjoy something good hor them without any of things don’t want to have. No fillers, no grain and nothing artificial added to this do your pet a favor and try this.

5Expert Score
Damn cat wars have started

So these are for my dogs when they go outside and come back in they get a little treat! Well once the kittens smelled them, all kitten hell broke out! They are insane for these and will fight you to the death for their scrap. They’re 8 weeks old and know what they like…step aside doggies!

5Expert Score
My lil fur babies love love this added to their kibble!!

My mini schnauzer & 5 lb morkie are very pick eaters!
They had a play date come spend the night who ate this & of course they were curious.
They gobbled it up.
I’ve been feeding it to them going on my 3rd bag now & they eat every last bite’
just try it mixed with your dry.

5Expert Score
Stinky but the dog loved them.

I like stella & chewy products cause my dog is allergic to chicken and they will clearly state on the front of the package ‘no chicken’ i’ve never had any stella & chewy product she didn’t like. These were quite a bit stinky for me but she loved them.

5Expert Score
My dog loves this!

My dog refuses to eat any of his prescription canned food unless i crumble up and mix a few of these in. If i try to trick him he sniffs it then sits to wait for me to add them!

5Expert Score
Freeze dried equals super fresh

Easy to store plus my 17 year old dog has really responded with much more energy, very easy on senior dogs

5Expert Score
No by products

My boxer allergic to chicken by product and this product is great. No itchy skin issues. I add to her regular dog food by crumbling up about ten pieces. She gobbles it down quickly…always fresh and comes in zip lock heavy bag which helps keep the freshness.

5Expert Score

My yorkies love 1 on they’re breakfast and dinner crunchies.. It took years to find something that ‘wasn’t’ wet food that they would devour! They don’t like the beef.. We had to give those away lol

4Expert Score
My dogs love it!

My dogs love this and i’ve been ordering it for awhile now, but today when i received it through amazon, it was loose kibble, not chunks like normal. I’m disappointed in this fact.

4Expert Score

Great product but definitely too expensive

4Expert Score
Picky pup loved them!

Broke up a few of the chicken chunks & scattered in my picky dogs kibble good & she loved it!

4Expert Score
Smell awful

It smells awful but my dog loves it!

4Expert Score
Use as treat or wet food topper

Used to top wet food when we travel and cannot feed our dog his usual raw meal(s). Also use as treat. Dog loves as part of his meal or as a treat.

4Expert Score
Surprise, the dogs love it!

I used to feed raw food to my dogs but got away from it when my largest dog developed an allergy to chicken which was 1⁄2 of my recipe. Been feeding acana dry foods which they like but still wanted to do something that was closer to raw for a topper. Stella & chewy is readily available in stores and on amazon so i decided to try it. The dogs were intrigued and ate up every morsel of their food even though the canned food is no longer present. They like these dry nuggets so i don’t even bother soaking them first. It makes it easier to feed and i feel i am giving them something close to raw. Win-win…..i did four stars because a $41 dollar bag only lasts 11 days…….pretty costly for a topper for 3 dogs; one is 125 lbs; one is 50 lbs; and one doesn’t even count at 4 lbs.

4Expert Score
Seems good but my dog doesn’t like this brand

My dog loves freeze dried topper/mixer except this brand. He will eat it once and then refuse, which is a waste of money but i’m not convinced it’s more of a waste than a pack of nulo which is 3x as expensive that he gobbles up within a few days. He’s the cutest goodest boi though so i’m gonna keep buying the fancy pants brand. Wish i knew why he didn’t like this, it seems solid

4Expert Score
Dogs love this

We use this as a meal enhancer… Our dog loves it so much she tries to eat through the other food to get to this. It’s a little pricey so you should break up the pieces and mix it in with your normal food.

4Expert Score
Great for picky-eaters, but your dog will never eat plain kibble again!

I have a boston terrier puppy that just turned one. He was really into his plain kibble until one day he wasn’t anymore. My pet store recommended this product in the size down that was about $20 each. I was finding that i was going through 2 of those per month, so i decided to have these bigger bags added to my amazon auto-delivery monthly and it was worked great. We do modify it though to make it last longer because my genius realized he can just pick the chunks out – i pulverize handfuls of the chunks at a time and turn it into a dust that i mix into the kibble. I realize they sell a dust version, but i believe this lasts longer and i’m able to keep track of 3-5 chunks per meal and make it last a month.

So far the chicken turns into a fine dust the easiest. Pork and beef are not as fine of a dust, but can still be crushed down. Overall, the chicken goes best for us!

I also would recommend this as healthier treats because my pup seems to like running off with a full chunk. Not sure how that stacks up $-wise in comparison to let’s say zuke’s one-bite training treats, but might be a good healthy option!

4Expert Score
Worked out well to get my dog to take medications.

These are nice treats. They really are too expensive for me to use on a regular basis. But they have really helped out with getting my dog to eat food and take medications after her recent surgery. I have broken them to some chunks/powder on her chow, dissolved some in water to get her to drink water, and made wet food with her chow and ground up pieces of these and given her pills in that. As a few other reviewers have noted, i did find a larger piece of bone in one. But given i have been grinding them up before putting in food and water, i was able to detect it before it went into any dog food. I would not hesitate to get these again for a post surgical dog, or a dog that is otherwise refusing medication. My dog loves them. I would always crumble them in case there is any bone fragment in there. I gave them 4 stars because they have really saved me in this situation. I did not give 5 stars because of cost. You need to put several of these in a bowl of chow. Number depends on how much chow. It is just cost prohibitive to do on a regular basis.

Important information


Add as a complete meal or a topper or a treat!


Chicken With Ground Bone, Chicken Liver, Chicken Gizzard, Pumpkin Seed, Potassium Chloride, Organic Cranberries, Organic Spinach, Organic Broccoli, Organic Beets, Sodium Phosphate Monobasic, Organic Carrots, Organic Squash, Organic Apples, Organic Blueberries, Choline Chloride, Dried Pediococcus Acidilactici Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Bifidobacterium Longum Fermentation Product, Taurine, Tocopherols (Preservative), Zinc Proteinate, Zinc Sulfate, Iron Sulfate, Iron Proteinate, Vitamin E Supplement, Niacin, Copper Sulfate, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Sulfate, Sodium Selenite, Manganese Proteinate, Thiamin Mononitrate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Folic Acid, Calcium Iodate, Vitamin B12 Supplement


Use as directed

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