Sun Joe SBJ597E 6-Amp 155 Mph Electric Leaf Blower

Sun Joe SBJ597E 6-Amp 155 Mph Electric Leaf Blower Sun Joe SBJ597E 6-Amp 155 Mph Electric Leaf Blower : Everything Else

What are sun joe sbj597e 6-amp 155 mph electric leaf blower features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • [versatile]: clean sweeping patios, driveways, decks and garages
  • [powerful]: 6-amp motor creates up to 155 mph air speed (max). Required extension cord rating: 14 gauge
  • [no load speed]: 12,000/13,500 rpm
  • [lightweight]: only weighs 3.9 lbs.
  • [we’ve got you covered!]: your new leaf blower is backed by the snow joe plus sun joe customer promise. We will warrant new, powered products for two years from the date of purchase. No questions asked. Contact snow joe plus sun joe customer support at 1-866-766-9563 for further assistance.
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Sun Joe SBJ597E 6-Amp 155 Mph Electric Leaf Blower AMAZON Sun Joe SBJ597E 6-Amp 155 Mph Electric Leaf Blower : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Can someone link me the correct extension cord to use with this, please?

Per the instructions, you can use a 16 gauge cord of the cord is up to 50′, otherwise it should be 14 gauge for a longer cord. Additionally, you actually want two prongs rather than three. This is because the device is double insulated, essentially meaning it has an alternate safety mechanism and should not be used with a three pronged extension cord. You are looking for 16/2 on the label, or 14/2 if going with a cord longer than 50′ (the first number like ’16’ is the gauge of the cord, the 2nd number ‘2’ is the number of prongs).

Everything i saw at walmart was like 16/3 and such, so no good (3-prongs), but you can find 16/2 or 14/2 cords at home depot or lowes (any hardware store i imagine).

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Will it vacuum freshly cut leaves from a hedge i just trimmed? In all the photos i see it picking up brown and dried out leaves.

Mine burnt up in less than a month go with another brand

What type of cord is needed for this blower?

A 14 gauge or 14/3 outdoor extension cord up to 50 feet would be enough, if need longer ones, a heavy duty 12 gauge would be even better. Hope this helps.

Will it blow sand off the driveway?

It has more than enough power to blow sand off anything.

Is this assembled

All that you need to do is put the black hose attachment on and it just twists on no tools required

What is the cfm rating for this model

Dear amazon customer,

the maximum air volume (cfm) is 440.

customer service team
snow joe + sun joe

Does this have enough air speed to dry cars with?

Yes. It doesn’t dry as fast as a car wash blower but i’ve dried a ford fiesta in under 15 minutes with it being about 25 degrees outside. It dried well enough that my doors didn’t freeze shut.

What country is this manufactured?

The box says china. I know that mostly everything is made in china these days. But the leaf blower works fantastic! I like it a lot. I live in an apartment & it makes patio clean up super easy.

What gauge extention cord do you use with this? Thank you

For a 100 feet does thank you

Please, does this blower have a 3 prong outlet or whatever it’s called to fit a three prong extension cord?

I bought the cord in walmart for $10-11. It comes in orange color with a male and female plugs. That fits well. The blower has 2 metal pronge but the cord has 3 holes.

What does it weigh?


the item weights 3.9 lbs. Hope this helps, if you have any other questions please let us know.

customer service team
snow joe + sun joe

I want to blow leafs out of my garden beds but not the mulch. Will it blow out the mulch, too?

It has quite a bit of power. I use it for the same purpose. It does blow some of the mulch if you aim it directly. I have found it works better if i don’t point it directly at the ground and it still blows out a lot of the leaves. But it definitely has enough power to blow out both.

Does this blower come with a cord?

No – does not come with a cord

What kind of a cord do i need to get for this??? Is it sold on amazon?

Dear amazon customer,

if you are using up to 50 ft outdoor cord you need a 16 gauge, if you need anything longer than 50 up to 100 ft you need a 14 gauge.

customer service team
snow joe + sun joe

Will it blow leaves and debris from rain gutters?

Yes, i have used this to blow debris out of garage and off the driveway. It’s quite powerful and i’m certain it will easily clear leaves and debris from rain gutters.

Can this pick up acorns?

Yes, my husband just used it this last weekend. We have this big oak tree in our back yard, and acorns, leaves all over the place. It picks up well, but it is slow. My husband chose to rake the yard which was faster. But this can be used on the patio or in small areas

How long is the gutter extension

With the available extenders put together with the final gutter u extender, the length is more than 7 feet.

Why is it taking so long for my order?

Selling like hotcakes

I need a blower for my wood shop, will this work for blowing off saw dust on saws and floor?

It should handle sawdust and light weight debris ‘like a breeze.’ i used it to clean my garage a couple of weeks ago: an accumulation of dust, leaves, and the little pieces of miscellaneous litter and grit that tend to be brought in on tires or blow in when the door is opened. Worked great.

How wide is the opening at the end? I need to attach it to my pool lines to blow the water out for the winter.

I have an inground pool i don’t believe would be good for that i have a man come every year for $75 just to blow the lines out

Sun Joe SBJ597E 6-Amp 155 Mph Electric Leaf Blower AMAZON Sun Joe SBJ597E 6-Amp 155 Mph Electric Leaf Blower : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Turns leaves to dust

This is the second sun joe product i bought this month. I needed a leaf vac because leaves pile up on my patio and the small retaining wall keeps them from being blown out. I wanted something that would vacuum and mulch the leaves up. Looked at a toro, but saw some bad reviews on sturdiness. I found this for about the same price. Set up was easy, i was sucking up leaves within 15 minutes of opening the box. It has a metal impeller (instead of plastic), so that should give it longer life and it certainly helps grinding up leaves. I find the vacuum strength is good–it will suck up dry leaves and small twigs, but mostly leaves mulch behind and doesn’t budge rocks. We have some magnolia trees and it vaporized its thick, leathery leaves just like all the other leaves. Moving the vacuum around is fairly easy too. The intake has wheels, so you can roll it over flat surfaces easily, but it also has hand grips that make swinging it through plant beds and around objects pretty easy too. Taking the bag off and emptying is a breeze. I haven’t used it as a blower yet, but just based on the vacuum strength, i’d say it’s at least comparable to the rigid electric shop vac/blower combo i have. This package also comes with a leaf cleaning extension that i haven’t used yet, but look forward to testing that out soon. Overall, pretty pleased with my second sun joe purchase.

5Expert Score
So efficient so cheap so fun

I remember having to rack the leaves as a kid… Not fondly. This thing is amazing (on hard surface) – i vacuumed a 800 sqf in less than 10 minutes – i am a petite 100lbs women and had no difficulty at all. I actually had a blast. Please note that you should be very careful with any light metallic items that may be vacuumed as well as the mulcher is powerful and could get damaged. But don’t under estimate the benefit of the mulcher – what would have been 2/3 bags of leaves fitted in a small trash bag after being reduced in quasi powder by the mulcher. Anyhow – i have not given an amazon review in years but owed it to this great (and cheap) machine!

5Expert Score
I love my new toy!

A neighbor of mine let me borrow her black & decker leaf vacuum. I loved it. It was very convenient. So i decided to buy my own. Everything that i found was very expensive. Then i found this little budget-friendly machine. I love it!! It was fairly simple to manage. It could pick up, mulch, and hold more than my neighbor’s could. I was very impressed. I also was very impressed with how good of a blower it is. I put this thing through a serious workout on the first day, and it held up well! I am thrilled with my purchase.

5Expert Score
Pleasantly surprised!

We got this just so we could easily blow off our back patio. We weren’t expecting much, but we didn’t have a lot of area to cover either. Wow was i surprised when i turned this thing on! I can’t believe how much power it puts out for the price. It’s got a really strong blow and could easily work for larger jobs. I liked it so much i told my grandparents and they got themselves one. My grandpa loves it. 10/10

5Expert Score
A great, lightweight leaf blower.

I have purchased other sun joe tools in the past and have had great luck with them. One was a pole saw that i use for trimming limbs, it was the experience with the sun joe tools that made me want to buy this.

This is a lightweight leaf blower. While it’s light and weight is not light and power, it blows leaves and debris readily as if it were a much larger machine.

For me this was a great purchase.

5Expert Score
Small but mighty!

I’m retired and been having a few physical limitations! When it comes to this fall and the amount of falling leaves on my deck i was getting worn out trying to sweep a couple times a week! Well, no more! I’m so impressed by the power of this little leaf blower. And the price??? $17 and change! Fantastic for my budget and my back! I would buy it again and i’m going to recommend it to anyone who needs a power-packed blower!

5Expert Score
Another fantastic sun joe product i am thrilled to have purchased.

This could be the best all around blower for small to medium jobs. I have a corded black and decker blower which does a great job. As i have gotten older i wanted a lighter yet powerful enough blower for my lawn leaves. This blower is perfect. It simply blows away the leaves both wet and dry with no problem. The cord holder keeps your extension cord from separating from the unit. Just another quality product from sun joe for a very fair price.

5Expert Score
A different enough design that works with my bad back!

I’ve tried several of these blower/vac’s and they all have me stooped over with the bag strapped over my shoulder. I saw this one has the bag attached to the bottom of the blower, so i got it to try it out.
It actually lets me stand more upright and takes the pressure off my back.
The vacuum works fine so far, and the variable speed control allows me to back off the suction, so it doesn’t pick up rocks. Good thing since it has a plastic impeller.
The concern i have is it uses a small size zipper on the bag that it easy to jam and may not last.

As far as the blower goes, it’s not very powerful but is okay. I didn’t buy it for the blower as i use a cordless for that.

5Expert Score
Beleaf it

I live in an apartment with a tree above my patio. Sounded so beautiful and tranquil in theory! After months of sweeping up leaves into a bucket then making multiple trips to the dumpster, i found this lifesaver. It’s probably the best amazon purchase i’ve ever made. I am only using it as a leaf vacuum. Easy to put together. It is light and easy to maneuver. It picks up leaves, mulches them into the bag with a zipper for easy dumping. It does not come with an extension cord, so make sure to add on an outdoor friendly two prong extension cord. It isn’t super loud either, so no complaints from my neighbors. I’m also using this to pickup extra cobwebs on my patio. Highly recommend this!

5Expert Score

I’m so impressed with this little thing. Bought it a few months ago and finally took it out for fall. At this price point i wasn’t sure if it was going to have much power behind it, but it certainly does! Was able to do about an hour’s worth of manual raking and sweeping in five minutes with this. Strong enough to pick up wet leaves and dirt, but not so strong that it tears up plants. Fairly light and easy to carry. It’s not deafening, but i suggest getting ear protection because none of us are getting younger. One thing to note is that this requires an extension cord as it will not plug directly into a wall outlet. Get one and get going. This makes yard work easy and was a great buy.

4Expert Score
Good multipurpose leaf tool but…

This is a very good blower, and i like the gutter attachment option that has a locking function to prevent the tubes from separating under the force of the air. It is long enough to reach the 1st level gutters without a ladder, so that is very efficient. The mulching function is very handy, but also very time consuming. This is not a defect of the product, but just something to keep in mind if you are deciding between this product and a dedicated leaf mulcher. It was able to mulch the leaves and small branches easily, but it took longer to mulch than it would take to put them into a few more bags. However, it is a very good product for the money.

4Expert Score
Pretty good

Use this pretty strictly for the vacuum part. It mulches very well. Is not as powerful as a gas but that’s expected. The opening is not big enough to blow through leaves but it does alright. Looks like your vacuuming the rug in the yard with a 8” wide spout. Pretty funny but gets the job done. I blow them into a pile then sit there and suck em up. Filled a 55 gal bag in about 30 mins. So it works pretty good! Works well to flip the switch to blow without having to unhook the tube as well so that’s a big bonus.

4Expert Score
Need a larger leaf collection bag.

Overall pretty good with vacuum but the collection bag is too small. I had to empty it quite frequently and this required a lot of bending. Also it does not mulch down the leaves as described. I still had to fill leaf bags. Maybe when the weather gets cooler and the leaves more crispy it might work better. Also i thought it came with small wheels but that was not included. Lastly the blower is not as powerful as i anticipated.

4Expert Score
This little thing is great!

For the cost, i wasn’t sure if this would perform as well as it does. This electric leaf blower is really powerful and is very light and easy to use. It makes quick work of cleaning the patio, front porch of leaves and debris. I do not have a huge grass yard with lots of oak trees, so i can’t attest to how it would function when trying to corral lots of leaves during the fall but for my purpose it works really well. It’s a great value so far and would recommend it for light duty work.

4Expert Score
Did the job!

When the box came i was skeptical because of how small it was. But i gotta say, it did the job. My old blower crapped out in the hight of the autumn leaves invasion. When i ventured out to buy a new one at the box stores i couldn’t believe how expensive they all were. Cheapest was $200. I dont think so…. Even if it only lasts a few seasons, it’s worth it. Did the job, no complaints.

4Expert Score
Great little leaf blower!

I bought this because i live in an apartmnet with a private yard that has turf. We have a ton of trees and the leaves are falling like crazy. This blower is absolutely what i was looking for. I only have 3 complaints; 1. The plug has a rubber lip around it that i had to cut off in order to plug into an extension cord, 2. The cord is very short so make sure you have an extension cord handy, 3. It gets super heavy very quick. I would definately recommend this to others.

4Expert Score

Ok, so who other than me bought this blower for a grand total of $18.52 just to determine if it would even start? Well, i could not have been more surprised to discover that it can actually blow leaves. Mind you it is not going to move large piles across your yard but for town homes and condos, it’s perfect. Plus it’s very small and only weighs a few pounds. No match for my stihl gas driven backpack blower, but just right for general clean up tasks especially around the patio and driveway areas. Plus for under$20 , you need one just because.

4Expert Score
Works, but damaged

So far i like this very lightweight leaf blower. Used it on my small patio and no complaints. The only complaint is that the shell appears damaged/discolored right out of the box

4Expert Score
Man i can’t believe i paid only 19.99 for this

Man this little thing is beast listen if you got light weight work around the house . Your car this is perfect. I was surprise i was using it for my car to dry but then i looked up and there was so much debris and i’ll gutters and walkway and my wife said . It would be nice if we could clean the gutters in the walkway and guess what you already know it did and we were laughing because it’s so small . And for picky pickers . Remember $19 and we are in 2022 i said it. This is a very good product for light weight work that’s all i got

4Expert Score
Light and mighty

I was surprised when i saw how little the package, but upon assembly, it is decent size. Plenty of power for around the house.

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