Surge Protector Power Strip, 8 Wide Outlets with 4 USB Charging Ports, 3 Side Outlet Extender with 5Ft Braided Extension Cord, Flat Plug, Wall Mount for Home Office Dorm Room Essentials, ETL Listed

Surge Protector Power Strip, 8 Wide Outlets with 4 USB Charging Ports, 3 Side Outlet Extender with 5Ft Braided Extension Cord, Flat Plug, Wall Mount for Home Office Dorm Room Essentials, ETL Listed Surge Protector Power Strip, 8 Wide Outlets with 4 USB Charging Ports, 3 Side Outlet Extender with 5Ft Braided Extension Cord, Flat Plug, Wall Mount for Home Office Dorm Room Essentials, ETL Listed : Electronics

What are surge protector power strip features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 【12 in 1 power strip with usb】- the 3-side power strip with 8ac widely outlets and 4 usb charging ports(total 5v/3.1a) can power up to 12 devices simultaneously. With built in smart ic technology, the usb port can auto detect and deliver appropriate current to your devices, each port up to 5v/2.4a max.
  • 【3 side design & wide space】- 3-side design that makes it easier to make the plugs not covering any outlet, and the 8 ac outlets with 2.2 inchces widely spced in between outlets, larger than standard socket, fit big adapters without blocking each other. The compact design saves more space, suitable for the home, office, and college dorm room
  • 【overload surge protection】- the surge protector with overload protection protects your electrical appliances from lighting, surges or spikes. The minimum energy-absorbing capacity of 900 joules. Lighted on/off switch with integrated circuit breaker for overload protection of all outlets.(the ‘surge protected’ indicator light on to show your devices are protected)
  • 【wall mountable extension cord with flat plug】- the low-profile flat plug fits easily in tight spaces; and the right angle flat plug design prevents bottom plug blocking; the 4.5ft upgraded power cord is very thick and has better current carrying capacity; the two mounting holes on back allows this power strip to be securely installed in various applications.
  • 【multi safety protection】- rohs, etl certificates. This power strip has overload protection, short-circuit protection, over current protection, over-voltage protection and overheating protection. It will automatically cut power to protect connected devices when voltage surge is overwhelming. Environmental protection and fire-resistance pc shell with flame retardant at 1382°f makes it more durable and longer lifetime.
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Surge protector power strip details:

Product dimensions

4.5 x 3.7 x 1.5 inches

Item weight

14.9 ounces

Item model number




Country of origin


Surge Protector Power Strip, 8 Wide Outlets with 4 USB Charging Ports, 3 Side Outlet Extender with 5Ft Braided Extension Cord, Flat Plug, Wall Mount for Home Office Dorm Room Essentials, ETL Listed AMAZON Surge Protector Power Strip, 8 Wide Outlets with 4 USB Charging Ports, 3 Side Outlet Extender with 5Ft Braided Extension Cord, Flat Plug, Wall Mount for Home Office Dorm Room Essentials, ETL Listed : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Ul listed with ul label attached to unit?

The power strip is etl listed and printed on product back. The extension cord is ul listed

What size wall mounting screws fit into the slot?

Good day,

6 or 8 wood screws would work.


customer care

Can the cord be detached?


I just received this and it seems kind of ‘flimsy’ (certainly not very sturdy). Anyone else notice this or have issues with it?

My surge protector wasn’t flimsy at all. They must have changed the way they manufacture it.

Can you plug an induction burner, air fryer or microwave into this?

Microwaves generally require an appliance-rated cord for safety or none at all – check your user manual. Never use a general purpose extension cord; it’s a fire hazard.

What gauge is the power cord?

If the answer is not in the specifications/information associated with the listing, you will need to contact the manufacturer.

Where is this made

Like everything else, its made in china.

Are the usb ports fast charging?

If they are not described as ‘fast charging’ in the description, you should presume they are not.

Can this manage a space heater at the same time with an iphone and fire tablet?

I believe so as i’ve had it fully loaded but not with a space heater

Does this have screw head slots on the botton for wall or under-desk mounting?

Yes, it did not come with the screws but there are slots on the back and the description states that it is a wall mount.

Hello- is there a product warranty for your devices?

I kinda doubt it. Mine came in a plain brown cardboard box with no printed material included whatsoever.

Can the usb charging ports handle two google tv chrome casts simultaneously? (5v x1.5a each)

Yeah i suppose i plug a lot of things at once and it works

Does this work on galaxy s22 ultra?

It should work with anything as long as you have the correct charging cord for it.

Is the cord flat or round?

The cord is flat.

Will this place be able to change the mail?

Sounds like you need to contact amazon customer service for help.

Size of the cord end?

The size is standard

Can this charge my devices and use my blow dryer at the same time? Previous surges can’t handle lamp, phone and blow dryer.

It should but ?

Can i plug this into an adapter 110v-140v dual voltage?

I don’t see why you couldn’t

Is this cruise ship approved?

No. Most, if not all cruise lines, do not allow surge protectors.

What plugs does this protect? All or just the usb?

It plugs into a regular outlet. It has both usb and regular outlets on it.

Surge Protector Power Strip, 8 Wide Outlets with 4 USB Charging Ports, 3 Side Outlet Extender with 5Ft Braided Extension Cord, Flat Plug, Wall Mount for Home Office Dorm Room Essentials, ETL Listed AMAZON Surge Protector Power Strip, 8 Wide Outlets with 4 USB Charging Ports, 3 Side Outlet Extender with 5Ft Braided Extension Cord, Flat Plug, Wall Mount for Home Office Dorm Room Essentials, ETL Listed : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Almost perfect!

This is a well built, attractive power strip. The top, widely spaced outlets address and accommodate the multiple transformers that are the modern way of powering our accessories. The top outlets are smartly placed so the wire tails coming off the transformers do not interfere with neighboring outlets. Having additional outlets placed on the sides of the box proved to be very handy for non-transformer ac plugs. The usb outlets (4) are very convenient although i must say that a modern day power strip is not to be taken seriously if it did not have them. The square footprint breaks away from the typical foot long / 3′ wide design but it works for my specific situation that i have right now. I would like to see them offer another model which addresses the foot long / 3′ wide footprint; i am confident it would be the same high quality build and fit. I welcome the cloth braided cord which is easy to straighten out so it lays neatly against the wall behind furnishings. I detest using a vinyl power cord (haven’t experienced plain rubber used in years) that has been wrapped up so tightly for shipping that it will not lay correctly on the floor. I mean, we buy extension cords and power strips to install our electronics in a neat manner, right? There is not a cord used in my house (tv, radio, lamp, alexa, coffee pot, toaster, bullet etc.) that is installed all curled up. I straighten each one before installing with a heat gun. I place as much of the coiled up cord in a large metal saucepan and use my heat gun to relax the cord and straighten it out (the metal pan contains the heat but prevents hot spots while warming the cord). I find if the product has gone through cost cutting via the bean counters of the manufacturer, the more likely the power cord suffers and ends up being cheap, stiff, vinyl. Here however the manufacturer realizes that the cord is an important element in the overall design and uses cloth covered braid. The internal wire insulation is of course some sort of vinyl / rubber blend to meet safety standards i am sure but it is flexible and can almost be entirely straightened out without warming. I have braided, cloth covered cords that are round and also flat as in this power strip. Either one works well but i prefer the round style which lays neater and coils better. This brings me to my one nit-pick. Even though my 5 star rating does not reveal it, i do not feel that my nit-pick should prevent someone from buying this otherwise well designed extension power strip. My nit-pic is about the power plug that goes into the wall outlet. It is the flat type (good) which hugs the wall enabling you to have that dresser tight up against the wall while avoiding any damage to the cord if a traditional “straight” plug was implemented. On this particular flat plug, the braided power cord comes down off the bottom of the plug at an angle and not straight down. It is angled to the right which is great if your extension box is to be placed to the right of the outlet but not so good if the box is placed to the left of the outlet. Having a flat type braided cord instead of a round braided cord, it presents a kink in the wire @ the plug location. It would be a welcomed improvement if the braided power cord came straight down from the plug and if they used a round versus flat braided cord. Hey! Not a big deal to most people but this is a review, right? So, there you have it. For most people, an extension cord is “just an extension cord – get over it”. But for those (like you reading this right now) are interested in knowing how a product is designed and performs, i hope i have described it to your satisfaction.

5Expert Score
Best surge protector ever!

I love this surge protector. I am staying in a homeless shelter and we have limited outlets. I have both a cpap and oxygen that need 3 prong outlets.
I love the usb ports. We can charge everyone’s phone at the same time.
Thank you for making this useful and versatile product! I am disabled and had to crawl under bed to reach the outlets. I could not use oxygen and charge my phone at the same time. My phone would go dead overnight and it was incredibly difficult changing cords. This has been a true lifesaver for m!

5Expert Score
A lot of power small size

I was quite impressed when this came in the mail you have an awful lot of options here and a very compact size. You can use it for usb or multiple three prong outlets. It maximizes all the space available there’s no dead space it feels great and looks great. What an excellent product i wish i had bought this before. I hope this review helps. I do use siri since i have low vision so sorry for any incorrect or strange words have a great day

5Expert Score
Perfect for our guest room!

I looked for a compact outlet for our guest room to replace one of those old, long multi-outlet strips. This one was ideal for a number of reasons: braided cord makes it easy to place on top of a bedside table; multiple outlets on top and on the sides; surge protection!; four usb charging ports for my guest’s devices; on/off switch on top for convenience. I liked it so much, i purchased another one for myself!

5Expert Score
So glad i got this

I’ve had mine for months now. At first i used it while i was working from home and had a laptop and 2 monitors plugged in as well as a few other devices. I like the compact design of it as well, for that reason when we moved it came with me in my ‘hotel bag’ so we could have easy access to a plug in the room thanks to the long cord. I also like the surge protector as well. Once we are settled i’ll be ordering at least one more.

5Expert Score
High-quality product

This is a great product. The cord is made in such a way that unlike old-fashioned rubber-covered cords it does not give you any trouble. The part that goes into your electric socket is designed discretely, and the green light indicating that the surge protector still works is easily visible. Well done!

5Expert Score
High functionality in form factor with plenty of outlets

Honest review of all product aspects:
wall plug- low profile, allows for furniture to be placed in front
power cable- braided cable moves easily while feeling durable
# of outlets- 6 standard outlets, 4 usb. Plenty for our needs. Orientation is perfect for desktop use.

Favorite thing about this product: using it on a desk or other working surface.

5Expert Score
Lots of roomy outlets for travel needs.

This product is very handy for meeting power needs while traveling. The ac outlets are roomy for all but the biggest wall chargers while maintaining a conveniently small size. My only concern is that the built-in usb outlets may be a little under powered, but so far they’re doing well for my daily needs.

5Expert Score
Perfect for college

Purchased this for my son’s move in to college. After using all top 4 plugs and realizing there were additional plugs on the sides, he was elated lol. A lot of plug in for such a small box. Perfect and such a space saver

5Expert Score
This surge strip rocks!

This is the 4th one i’ve bought — actually bought my first one as a black friday deal in 2021 and i’m seriously impressed with these things! Cord is very sturdy (i own 2 of the 5ft and 2 of the 10ft cords), power light is on top face so always easy to know if the power is on or not, and i love the different plugs (standard & usb) available and their positions on the cube. These guys are a little ‘pricey’ compared to some of the less expensive surge protectors available on amazon, but i feel like the quality and design make them well worth the price.

4Expert Score
Useful, a bit blocky

This item has been very useful. When bad weather is coming , i can charge up everything at once the day before: 4 flashlights, 2 cell phones, 2 small battery power packs and a small personal fan. In the past, it was a pain to either go around the house for available outlets or charge just a couple of items at a time, in the kitchen.

4Expert Score
Perfect surge protector for a busy area

This is exactly what i needed. Its not huge and bulky which is good. I used a command strip under it to keep ot from moving. I love all the plugs and usb cord spots for my laptops, phone, google home, ipad charger, and accessories. Perfect that its a surge protector!the wall plug is flat as well so it does not get in the way of furniture. Great product!

4Expert Score
Good outlet spacing

Just started using it, so can’t address some others’ concerns. Will not be using ports for charging electronics.

4Expert Score
Good but not great

The power adapter has plenty of outlets but my only issue is the angle of the plug to the wall. It limits you to only having the cord come out of the right side of the outlet. If this was adjustable it would make so much more sense.

4Expert Score
Good product

Good product

4Expert Score
Great product but….

It’s a little heavy for traveling

4Expert Score
Great to travel

You know some hotels are great about places to charge and some do not.
This has 4 3 prong plugs and also several places to plug in usb. Only complaint is i would like an led indicator of how much power is being pulled and if it shut down an outlet if the device was full.

Great price and great to have when you travel

4Expert Score
Work great…

And eliminated device charging squabbles. Lots of plug options. Good layout. Held up when all plugs were used. Didn’t overheat. Only drawback is no usb c plug option. Otherwise, it was perfect for traveling (we hit several countries and only needed one converter) and at-home use.

4Expert Score
Works very well, pretty much love it

I needed a power strip that was small and can fit next to my bed. It works very well for that, the usb ports are very nice and i can now plug in my light, phone and my headphones with no problems very nice.

4Expert Score
Good but

Great power strip but using a coffee pot and 3 phones wound up popping the fuse

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