Swedish Wholesale Swedish Dish Cloths – 10 Pack Reusable, Absorbent Hand Towels for Kitchen, Counters & Washing Dishes – Cellulose Sponge Cloth – Eco Friendly Gifts – Assorted

Swedish Wholesale Swedish Dish Cloths – 10 Pack Reusable, Absorbent Hand Towels for Kitchen, Counters & Washing Dishes – Cellulose Sponge Cloth – Eco Friendly Gifts – Assorted

Yakibest.com: Swedish Wholesale Swedish Dish Cloths – 10 Pack Reusable, Absorbent Hand Towels for Kitchen, Counters & Washing Dishes – Cellulose Sponge Cloth – Eco Friendly Gifts – Assorted : Health & Household

What are swedish wholesale swedish dish cloths – 10 pack reusable features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Super absorbent: perfect for wiping down any surface, our swedish dishcloths for kitchen and bathroom cleaning pick up spills and splashes like magic.
  • Reusable: step aside, paper towels. This swedish dishcloth can clean up messes time and time again – just throw in the wash after use and it’ll be good as new.
  • Multipurpose: safe for marble, stainless steel, tile, and wood surfaces, these kitchen dishcloths also work for scrubbing or drying dishes, cups, mugs, sinks, tubs, and showers.
  • Value pack: get 10 washable dish rags, available in your choice of blue, grey, lime, pink, purple, watermelon red, white, yellow, or assorted colors. Assorted color packs may differ from what is shown based on availability.
  • Effective clean: made from cellulose and cotton, each dish cloth becomes soft to the touch when wet, and gritty enough for scouring when dry.
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Swedish Wholesale Swedish Dish Cloths – 10 Pack Reusable, Absorbent Hand Towels for Kitchen, Counters & Washing Dishes – Cellulose Sponge Cloth – Eco Friendly Gifts – Assorted AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Swedish Wholesale Swedish Dish Cloths – 10 Pack Reusable, Absorbent Hand Towels for Kitchen, Counters & Washing Dishes – Cellulose Sponge Cloth – Eco Friendly Gifts – Assorted : Health & Household

Looking for specific info?

Where are these manufactured?

Swedish wholesale dishcloths are manufactured in europe

Can you use these to dry your hands?

You can certainly use them to dry your hands, but that is not their primary function. They work best as a sponge cloth for cleaning dishes, kitchen surfaces etc… Whereas, tea-towels tend to work better for drying hands. We still, of course, think you’ll love our swedish dishcloths for use in the kitchen but we want to be honest about their functionality for drying of hands.

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Can they be composted when you’re done using them?

Yes! Our swedish dishcloths are fully compostable and made of all natural cellulose. Feel free to toss it into your compost pile after you’ve used all the dishcloths ‘life.’ keep in mind you can generally wash and reuse your swedish dishcloths 50 or more times!

Do these come in a white or grey option?

They do come in white and grey, but both colors went out of stock. Both of them will be available back on amazon around july 15th.

Can they go in the dishwasher?

Yes they can be put in the dishwasher. We hope you love them!

Can these be dried in the dryer (after washing)?

I spot clean with diluted bleach (mine are white dishcloths) or shot and wash in machine in hot water.
To dry them flat, i place them between two cookie racks or a sheet and a rack and put in a warm oven. (warn the over for 3 minutes, turn the oven off and stick them in. 30 minutes) they are sponge/cloth so most of the water is already out when you pull them from your washer. They are like cardboard when they are dry.

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Can they be used to dry salad greens?

I think i have to disagree here.
In our household, we have always placed a paper towel in with our salad greens to absorb excess moisture…this extends the time we can keep our greens fresh.
I would think they wil most likely be ideal for this (of course, using a new one or one that has been cleaned in the dishwasher/clothes washer). I have just placed an order for the 10-pack and will dedicate a few for this purpose!

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Would these be good for oiling medium-warm cast iron skillets or would they melt?

Yes i think this could work for this! Couple things to be aware of – 1) the temp needs to be below 190 f (90 c) 2) if the cast iron is not clean, then the grime from skillet could potentially stain the dishcloths. Id recommend designating one cloth specifically for the skllet then it shouldn’t be an issue.

How thick are these when they are dry?

1/8 th inch dry

Are these pretty much the same as ikea plussig, come 4 to package, 2 white, 2 green?

I never got the ikea ones. These are great though. They come 10 to a pack and are all the same color. They are really great and wash well.

I dried this on low in the dryer after washing it, and it shriveled up. Am i not supposed to wash and dry?

They can be machine washed, but not machine dried. I wash mine in a linen bag so it is easy to remove them from the washer already separated from the wash that is going on into the dryer. If you really want to dry them in the dryer, you might try leaving one of them in the linen bag and drying for about 5 – 10 minutes on air only, just to see how it works.

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Will they scratch japanese knives?

Nope, they are made of cotton and cellulose which are both extremely soft so no worries on scratching any type of material 🙂

Can these be bleached?

Bleach could potentially break down the cellulose faster, but we recommend trying it out with one and seeing if the result is acceptable to you. Thank you!

What’s the best way to store them? They fit flat in my drawer but then as they dry the edges turn up and they don’t fit.

I hang mine after use. I don’t store it again until after i launder it. I only rotate 2 at a time so the ones in my drawer being stored are still flat. I do lay it flat after i launder it but it does have some bend to it still.

Can these be used with a bleach based cleaners?

Yes they can be! We recommend diluting the bleach a bit just to be safe, but they can be used with bleach based cleaners 🙂

Why are white dishcloths no longer available?

I stopped manufacturing them because they were extremely hard to clean. Also, many people contacted me and asked me for more stylish colors.

How long do these take to air dry? Thinking of using them for travel.

They dry pretty quickly. Make sure to wring them out well first, and they should airy in 20-30 minutes at most.

Can these be used on nonstick and coated pots and pans

Yep! They are perfect for that. These can be used on any surface! 🙂 no worries about scratching or scuffing as they are made from cotton and are soft, but sturdy.

Can i use these with cleaning sprays?

You can use these with cleaning sprays.

What is the size?

7 3/4 by 5 3/4 when they are wet and close to same size dry. Great size for washing up and wiping counters etc.

Swedish Wholesale Swedish Dish Cloths – 10 Pack Reusable, Absorbent Hand Towels for Kitchen, Counters & Washing Dishes – Cellulose Sponge Cloth – Eco Friendly Gifts – Assorted AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Swedish Wholesale Swedish Dish Cloths – 10 Pack Reusable, Absorbent Hand Towels for Kitchen, Counters & Washing Dishes – Cellulose Sponge Cloth – Eco Friendly Gifts – Assorted : Health & Household

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
You need these

I’ve read some of the negative reviews and i had to come in and leave a review of my own because these things are amazing. You’ve heard best thing since sliced bread? This is what they’re talking about. If you want to save time, skip the review and just buy them now. You’re welcome.

Yes they’re weird and crunchy and don’t dry flat. That’s true! These aren’t something you set out to look pretty for company. They’re a tool in your cleaning tool box. And you should have a cleaning toolbox because that’s how that works. Cleaning is a job and it’s completely undervalued as such. Let’s get to it.

These aren’t for scrubbing. Need to scrub? Use a rag or a razor or a scouring pad. (think glass top stove. Sometimes you need a razor). Spill flour or something powdery? Grab one of these. They pick up everything. And that’s nice and all. It’s more than nice, they do a remarkable job. But more magic comes in when you rinse them. Nothing gums up. They rinse right off very quickly so you can keep going. No fibers for things to embed in. Wiping a wood table after dinner? They grab every single crumb and none of those streaks of water a rag leaves. That is a stunning feat. They hold the perfect amount of moisture. They can be as wet or dry as the job you’re doing requires. I love them on stainless appliances, inside of the refrigerator. They hold enough heat from warm water and enough moisture to dissolve smeared stuff kids leave on the doors. It’s fast. I have them in my bathroom for quick wipe downs or pre wipe downs before a deeper clean. It’s an extra step but it saves time because it picks up every piece of lint or dust. Mirrors, windows. Best things ever (polish/dry with rag/paper towel of choice) i used them the other day to do a little deeper dusting of furniture. Ever so slightly damp. Went crazy the other day with them and hit my washer and dryer. I’m obsessed with them. And not just any brand. These. These are the ones. I e experimented. Get these.

My coffee maker. Okay, this is important. I can get this so so soapy wet, let the soap and water do it’s thing (solvent right?) then rinse and wring this out and it picks all of that right back up. All of the little bitty corners so clean. A rag can not do that.

Are they going to stain? Yeah. They are. They’re a tool. They aren’t for high tea. I wouldn’t use them to scour. That would be like using a tooth brush where you need an orbital sander. There has to be some understanding of what tool a job requires! C’mon now!

They are a workhorse for what they do. Into chemical free/product free cleaning? I’m telling you, cleaning is what i do. Wet one of these and hit a mirror with just water. These are to clean the mirror. Not polish. (clean stainless, polish/dry stainless with microfiber) i have a very specific paper towel i polish/dry a mirror with but it’s fast and time matters for all of us.

Little knickknacks? Whoa. Just try them. I’ll be thinking of things all day i should have listed in here.

Throw them in the dishwasher or washer (i don’t put them in the dryer) and they last. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve bought these as gifts. I’m back to buy more to give out. And everyone i’ve bought them for has done the same. I’ve bought more for myself and not because i need more, they hold up, but because i want more. I have them stashed everywhere. Bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen, car!

Just try them. These. This brand. If you regret the purchase, you aren’t appreciating the properties of the tool and aren’t matching the tool to the task. These are brilliant. They just are. Never quit making them. I bet there’s a fan club forum somewhere for them like there is the instant pot.

Absorbency! Ack! I haven’t even touched on that! Magic. Obviously if you drop a 2 liter, grab a towel! Match the tool to the task! The ability to control how wet or damp this thing can be not be overlooked or understated as an important component. It may be the most important element.

Splashes or smudges on painted drywall? A rag will burn the paint. These glide. (if this doesn’t get it off, you were going to have to touch it up anyway. That’s just a fact)

they stain… Oh that made me laugh. Are you kidding? Good grief. Who cares? They wash clean. A stain isn’t the same as, holding germs and bacteria! They aren’t dinner linens. (sorry but that blew my mind as a complaint). All i could think is, are you new?

Try them. If you think they’re junk, take one to your mom or your grandma and have them show you how to clean. It’s actually a skill. And these should be in your toolbox.

5Expert Score
Wish i'd bought sooner

I had my doubts about buying these, but i’m so glad that i did!! They’re a little smaller than ‘regular’ dish clothes, but they absorb great & definitely clean like regular ones. They do get the mildew smell just like the other types. They’re stiff when they’re dry, but the second that you wet them, they’re very soft. When they dry, they become stiff again. And so it continues until they’re ready to be washed. I wash mine with my dish towels & they turn out like any other ones would. I love these!! Oh, did i mention durable? They have great durability. I would absolutely buy again…

5Expert Score
Very effective.

These are just as absorbent as they claim. I have maybe 3 in rotation right now, and have washed them several times. I don’t put them in the dryer, just let them air dry, and they seem to be holding up just fine. I think the pack of 10 will last me quite a while. I like that they dry quickly versus a washcloth. I may get some packs for gifts for family.

5Expert Score
Not same pattern but ones i received are great!

The ones i received had a different design pattern on them but the ones i received are great. They are absorbent and durable. I ordered some cheaper ones that looked like these. They were no good. Sent them back and reordered these. They look like the ones pictured. They have a different sku number than the first ones. Praying they are as good. Excellent to use with dawn foam.

5Expert Score
Absorbent, fast-drying, cost effective, daily washable in dishwasher.

These are my favorites in the kitchen. They are non-abrasive but strong, they are hard-wearing but soft, they are absorbent but fast-drying. I love that i can toss them into dishwasher daily. So many uses: to wipe up spills on floor or counter, to wash dishes, to clean stainless steel, to give the dogs a cleaning rubdown, to clean windows, etc. ,

5Expert Score

I purchased in spite of bad reviews and i am very happy! They last forever and if you don’t want to wash or launder them because they got too yucked up, you can just throw them away, unlike my norwex that has to be treated with care and immortalized. Love the green that matches my other green items. Better price than grove!

5Expert Score
I’m hooked, love these!

I am attempting to reduce my use of paper towels and these really help, i might be able to take down the paper towel holder in my kitchen. These feel great in hand, soft and they are a pleasure to use. Highly recommend.

5Expert Score
Great so far

I only use these one at a time so i have many in the pack left. I have used the heck out of it. I wash it but put it in a linen bag to protect it a little bit. And of course air dry. It cleans my glass range beautifully. It never develops any weird smell when it dries either like sponges sometimes do. I wish i had discovered these a long time ago.

5Expert Score
Game changer and climate aware

I really liked this product. The cloths are so durable! I love how much they absorb water and how much i use them for basically everything!

Would recommend 100% and will buy maybe in a year or two because these things are durable!!

5Expert Score
Wonderful, absorbent cloths great for appliances

These wonderful cloths are perfect for stainless steel and black appliances. They clean with just water, wring out well, then wipe. One pass does the job. Purchased these on a whim, and was very pleasantly surprised by their performance.

4Expert Score
I hate having to leave headlines just read my review

I have used these for months now. My only complaint is that they shrink up after you use them and do not go back to the regular size. I have never dried them, but they still shrink. There are other brands out there that do not shrink.

As for the staining and not laying flat, yes they do stain and sometimes the stains do not come out in the wash. But i do not care. I don’t care if they dont lay flat either.

4Expert Score
Sorry i waited so long

These things soak up water better than any sponge or paper towel i’ve ever used. I wish they were more of a rectangular shape, since my hand could lay on it better that way, but so far that’s the only improvement i would make.

I’ve only had them a week, so i have yet to see how easy they are to care for and how durable they are. But for absorbing liquid and wiping off countertops, cabinet doors and my stovetop – fantastic.

Next i’m going to try using them to wipe down my shower. If it works as well as i think for that, i’m seriously considering giving packs away as gifts. Quit killing trees and make life easier: win-win.

4Expert Score
Love the function—-hate the color

Functionally, these are the best dishcloths i have ever used. I don’t ever want to use another terrycloth rag again.
But, they are sold as “red” and they are not. They are pink. My color scheme in my kitchen is red. .
This is why i gave only 4 stars. I have to only use these in my shop or for outside jobs because i won’t have them in my kitchen.

Not important to many, but very important to me.

4Expert Score
Great product

I am extremely pleased with the dish cloths! However, i have ordered multiple colors 3 times. The picture shows cloths is several different colors, not white. All 3 times i ordered i received all white cloths except for 3 of a color….. Just disappointed because i wanted colors, not white

4Expert Score
They're ok.

Since they’re machine washable, these are best as an alternative to a sponge, good for washing (not drying) dishes and wiping stuff down. They are absorbent but they’re no good for drying a family dinner’s worth plates and pots. They get soggy fast and are hard to ring out. Honestly if they were a bit bigger, they’d be more suited for that kind of work. I have rather small hands but their current size makes them hard to wring out. So yeah best for cleaning table tops or wiping down your sink or scrubbing down the bathroom wall, but if you have a small space and need to hand dry everything, i’d skip ’em.

4Expert Score
Great cleaning and dishwashing clothes

I love these for doing dishes and they are fantastic for cleaning windows. My only complaint is they are a little too small and also drew up slightly when i dried them. I would definitely buy bigger ones if available.

4Expert Score
Good product!

Good product over all! Not the most heavy duty for deep cleaning on rougher surfaces. Very absorbent and easy to wring water out and continue absorbing any kind of mess. I would purchase this product again.

4Expert Score
Great little dish cloth

Great little dish cloth, but i was actually expecting more than 3 colors as the picture shows like 4. I got white, teal and yellow….not exactly what i expected

4Expert Score
Nice product!

I like it better than your run of the mill dishwash towels.

4Expert Score
Too small

I love this product. The towels do what the vendors say they will do. However, i believe the only issue is they are too small. Can you please make a 10×10 inch or 12×12 inch size?

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