SYNERLOGIC Mac OS (Monterey/Big Sur/Catalina/Mojave) Keyboard Shortcuts, M1/M2/Intel No-Residue Clear Vinyl Sticker, Compatible with 13-16-inch MacBook Air and Pro

SYNERLOGIC Mac OS (Monterey/Big Sur/Catalina/Mojave) Keyboard Shortcuts, M1/M2/Intel No-Residue Clear Vinyl Sticker, Compatible with 13-16-inch MacBook Air and Pro SYNERLOGIC Mac OS (Monterey/Big Sur/Catalina/Mojave) Keyboard Shortcuts, M1/M2/Intel No-Residue Clear Vinyl Sticker, Compatible with 13-16-inch MacBook Air and Pro : Everything Else
SYNERLOGIC Mac OS Monterey/Big Sur/Catalina/Mojave Keyboard Shortcuts: Synerlogic mac os reference keyboard shortcut sticker 2.0 your mac os essential shortcuts sticker is an accurate, comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts that you need. It contains a list of shortcuts for any mac os, including monterey and big sur, and fits easily on the bottom corner of your macbook so you can quickly look down and read it. It is perfect for the beginner who wants to learn how to use their macbook and save time by having the key macbook shortcuts at their fingertips. Designed by synerlogic, the sticker is made of military-grade waterproof vinyl and is more durable and convenient than a printout of the shortcuts. Convenience at your fingertips are you looking to increase your productivity or simply want to learn how to use your shiny new macbook like a pro? Having the most essential mac os shortcuts in front of you will help you quickly learn the ins and outs of your mac. Whether for business or personal use, you’ll be able to easily navigate and operate your mac computer so that you can work faster and smarter. Perfect for learning your macbook if you have a new macbook and want to learn how to use it like a pro, this sticker is for you! You’ll have the shortcuts right in front of you, so you can learn and memorize them without having to look them up or print them out. The shortcuts are not a secret, but there are hundreds of different keyboard shortcuts. The sticker is not permanent and easy to remove and it does not leave much of the glue residue. Note: this sticker is perfect for any macbook air or pro with m1, m2 or intel chip and fits any 13″, 14″, 15″ or 16″ size macbook it makes a perfect gift copyright ©2021 design and production by synerlogic electronics, bay city, mi, san diego, ca and boca raton, fl, united states. All rights reserved.

What are synerlogic mac os monterey/big sur/catalina/mojave keyboard shortcuts features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • every essential shortcut – with the synerlogic mac os reference keyboard shortcut sticker, you have the most important shortcuts conveniently placed right in front of you. Easily learn new shortcuts and always be able to quickly lookup commands without the need to ‘google’ it. A friendly reminder: the ⇧ symbol stands for ‘shift’ button.
  • work faster and smarter – quick tips at your fingertips! This tool makes it easy to learn how to use your computer much faster and makes your workflow increase exponentially. It’s perfect for any age or skill level, students or seniors, at home, or in the office.
  • quality guarantee – we stand behind our product! It’s made with outstanding military-grade durable vinyl and the professional design gives our stickers an oem appearance. Our responsive and dedicated customer service team is here to promptly respond to your messages and resolve any issues you may have. For bubble-free application: avoid dust, avoid touching the adhesive, peel and fold the backing paper in half and apply sticker gradually, squeezing air out as you go.
  • from basic to advanced – whether you are a seasoned computer professional or a beginner, the synerlogic sticker will save you both time and frustration, guaranteed! You can easily reach a new level of computer proficiency using our convenient and affordable sticker.
  • for macbook with m1, m2 or intel cpu – compatible with and fits macbooks pro or air 13, 14, 15 or 16-inch or any imac or mac mini (will not fit 11 or 12 inch – we have a smaller sticker for those). Shortcuts work for macos monterey, big sur, as well as any mac os 10: catalina, mojave, high sierra, el capitan etc. Proudly made in usa
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Synerlogic mac os monterey/big sur/catalina/mojave keyboard shortcuts details:



Item weight

‎3.17 ounces

Product dimensions

‎3.25 x 3.25 x 0.01 inches

Item dimensions lxwxh

‎3.25 x 3.25 x 0.01 inches




‎synerlogic electronics

SYNERLOGIC Mac OS (Monterey/Big Sur/Catalina/Mojave) Keyboard Shortcuts, M1/M2/Intel No-Residue Clear Vinyl Sticker, Compatible with 13-16-inch MacBook Air and Pro AMAZON SYNERLOGIC Mac OS (Monterey/Big Sur/Catalina/Mojave) Keyboard Shortcuts, M1/M2/Intel No-Residue Clear Vinyl Sticker, Compatible with 13-16-inch MacBook Air and Pro : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

How easy is it to remove this sticker?

It is very easy to remove this sticker, and it leaves no sticky residue. For best results remove it slowly and if there are any small spots left, just tap it with the sticker a few times just like you would be removing lint, and the adhesive will stick back to the sticker and leave a nice, clean surface.

Is there one just for m1? Without intel references. Intel is dead.

We are planning to release m1-only version in 2022. P.s. Many people who currently own a macbook would not appreciate someone saying ‘intel is dead’ 🙂

What does its packaging look like? Wont it get ruined during transit?

It was packaged very professionally so as not to crumple..

Does it fit on the first macbook air 13 model a1466?

Hi, yes it fits macbook air a1466 13-inch perfectly. The only 2 macbooks it does not fit are: 11-inch macbook air (discontinued) and 12-inch macbook retina (discontinued) – for those 2 we recommend the smaller clear mac sticker for intel processors.

How can i get the item? I ordered it but never got it

Recheck with seller, or notify amazon.

Will it fit ipad 12.9?

No, this sticker is only for mac os (mac computers)
please search for “synerlogic ipad sticker”, it’s a 2-part vinyl sticker, available in black, white or clear finish, and is designed to fit 11” and 12.9” ipad magic keyboard.
Synerlogic support team

Good for macbook pro &

Yes this sticker is perfect for any macbook pro!

Are these vinyl stickers laminated so the palm of your hand doesn’t wear it away over time?

Our bestselling clear stickers are not laminated by design (we love how thin they are), however there are no reports of wear on the stickers, except accidental smudging caused by alcohol-based cleaner wipes. We are planning to add a laminated, chemical-resistant version of the clear sticker in march 2022!

Does this fit a macbook pro 14 inch 2021? And to what dimensions?

Yes it does fit new macbooks 14” and 16” perfectly. Size of the sticker is 3 1/4” square

Once you stick it, can it be removed? If so how? And would it leave a sticker stain on the macbook

Synerlogic stickers are manufactured with temporary, no-residue, no stain adhesive, just peel it off and done!! To avoid bubbles during installation, apply sticker gradually, from one side, running soft cloth or fingertip back and forth, gently squeezing the air from under the sticker.

Can i take a screenshot of the listing picture and print it on label myself?

Yes you can! Synerlogic electronics will never be against non-commercial reproduction of these learning tools. We even offer these stickers for free to all teachers and students! However, synerlogic sticker design is copyrighted and any commercial reproduction is prohibited.

Is this good for 2020 macbook air 13 inches ?

Yes, i have a macbook air 13 inches also and it fits profit on my computer. I hope this helps.

Size of print

The size of font is 8, it is now slightly larger than in the photos, the new size can be seen in our application instructions video.

Do these work for an apple computer?

Yes it works with any apple laptop or desktop.

Do you have in spanish? Tks

We have a spanish version of this sticker in black (b08vqlfvd7) and french version on transparent vinyl (b09935vlhw)

Good for macbook pro 16?

I used for mac pro 13 m1

Do you have one with shortcuts for especial characters from other languages like “ñ”?

We do have a mac os sticker in spanish that features most common spanish symbols (tilde, diéresis and virgulilla) as combinations with alt (option) key. Another (universal) way in mac os is to press and hold the button of interest and it will show a pop-up with all available symbols: and there are so many different ones!

Is there one for windows

Yes! We have stickers for windows: b08nwfxp69
as well as for word/excel for pc: b094p2gyz2

Do you have one that says macos (the correct spelling) instead of the incorrect mac os?

Thank you for the excellent question. The name you are referring to (macos) is protected by the international trademark laws. Just like the word “apple” or the symbol of apple are also protected and not allowed. However, “mac os” is allowed to use in the name of the product, as long as the product is not a computer or an operating system. You can find all of this info on the official apple website about the use of trademarks.

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How do i order a black vinyl version of the sticker?

You can search amazon for b08t62wl88
thank you for the question.
Synerlogic team

SYNERLOGIC Mac OS (Monterey/Big Sur/Catalina/Mojave) Keyboard Shortcuts, M1/M2/Intel No-Residue Clear Vinyl Sticker, Compatible with 13-16-inch MacBook Air and Pro AMAZON SYNERLOGIC Mac OS (Monterey/Big Sur/Catalina/Mojave) Keyboard Shortcuts, M1/M2/Intel No-Residue Clear Vinyl Sticker, Compatible with 13-16-inch MacBook Air and Pro : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
An older, yet very faithful mac user’s answer convenient quick ref short cuts

I absolutely love being able to glance down at my laptop anytime i have a shortcut question and have my question answered immediately. This tiny adhesive piece leaves no sticky residue on your laptop; can be easily placed on your device; then, if you need to temporarily remove it for a thorough laptop cleaning, etc, this is no problem – it can be taken off and then reapplied with no adverse affects to the laptop or quick ref guide. Excellent purchase! I will be buying more for friends office gift sharing.

5Expert Score

I like that it sticks to your computer and is color coded to see better

5Expert Score
Definitely recommend!!

It’s so cute and very helpful, if you’re thinking about buying this…. Do it

5Expert Score
Great info at your fingertips

The sticker adheres without issue and the printing has held up so far at 8 months after purchase. All the info you need is at your fingertips.

5Expert Score
Great for new mac users!

I only recently started using macos so i don’t exactly know all the shortcuts like i do windows. This sucker comes in very hand and was easy to apply

5Expert Score

Very helpful when working from home from macbook..

5Expert Score
Wish i would have bought this sooner

I have been looking at this product for quite some time now and i wish i would have bought this sooner. It has everything that you can ever need while using a mac.

5Expert Score
One of my best purchases!

I handed these stickers out to my closest family and friends and everyone will always ask me where i found these or if i made it myself because it is so unheard of to have something so extremely useful! Honestly expected something less of value in worth for the amount i paid for a 5pack but after handing them out as gifts to close people in my life, i sincerely want to buy more for how much they end up being utilized and loved by others that are closest to me!

5Expert Score
It works

Great for remembering those little used short-cuts that are so needed at that precise moment that they are needed.

5Expert Score

Very handy!

4Expert Score
It works as expected. I have both the light and dark versions. I prefer dark.

I prefer the darker version. I have both. It is a matter of taste.

4Expert Score
Most shortcuts are included, not exhaused list…good to have on computer

A handy shortcut reminder to have especially if new to mac

4Expert Score


4Expert Score
Cheat sheet

Has convenient information at your fingertips for those of us that can’t seem to remember any of the shortcuts.

4Expert Score
Not a vinyl or reposition-able – just a clear sticker.

When i see ‘vinyl’ i assume it will be a little thicker and easier to position, but this is a straight-up sticky sticky sticker. The corner even peeled up on mine and would not go back down, and when i adhered the sticker originally, i didn’t do it with enough care so bubbles were all under it but it was impossible to pull back up and fix.

If you’re okay with having a sticker there forever, then go for it. If you only need it for a short time or imagine yourself ever wanting to remove it, i’d find another solution.

4Expert Score
Great help, however

I saw this as a suggestion and thought it was a good idea. However, i wish it wasn’t clear because my macbook is grey. So, the black writing against the grey is difficult to read.

4Expert Score
Cheat sheet

Handy reference for infrequently used commands. Blends in and looks fine. I refer to the chart fairly often and have learned a few new shortcuts as well.

4Expert Score
Too dark should have paid better attention and gotten one that i could see better.

Too dark

4Expert Score
As advertised

Good product, very helpful.

4Expert Score
Excellet resource

Nice reference mounted on computer left of touchpad . . . Wish it had white background since the adhesive distracts from the print.

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