Teabloom Stovetop & Microwave Safe Glass Teapot (40 OZ) with Removable Loose Tea Glass Infuser – Includes 2 Blooming Teas – 2-in-1 Tea Kettle and Tea Maker

Teabloom Stovetop & Microwave Safe Glass Teapot (40 OZ) with Removable Loose Tea Glass Infuser – Includes 2 Blooming Teas – 2-in-1 Tea Kettle and Tea Maker

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What are teabloom stovetop & microwave safe glass teapot 40 oz with removable loose tea glass infuser – includes 2 blooming teas – 2-in-1 tea kettle and tea maker features?

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  • Delight your senses with classic design. The celebration teapot’s simple, clean lines and perfect proportions blend beautifully with any décor. Constructed of the highest-quality materials for years of enjoyment, this is the ‘little black dress’ of teapots.
  • Superior quality non-porous glass tea maker. Each part of the celebration teapot is crafted of high quality heat-resistant borosilicate glass – making it stovetop, microwave and dishwasher safe. With this premium borosilicate glass tea pot and infuser for loose tea all you taste is pure, delicious tea.
  • Premium features for comfort and convenience. The crystal clear glass teapot and infuser are strong yet lightweight and ideal for use with blooming teas. We’ve gone the extra mile and added an extra-wide handle and non-drip spout. Generous 40-ounce capacity brews up to five cups of tea.
  • Gift set includes two blooming teas. The celebration tea kettle comes with two teabloom jasmine-infused blooming tea flowers – also perfect for loose-leaf tea, teabags and fruit-infused waters. As a gift for a special person – or yourself! – this is a tasteful choice that shows how much you care.
  • Tea experts at your service. Explore your palate through a journey of the senses with this tea and teapot set. Teabloom is the supplier of choice for five-star hotels worldwide. Founded on years of experience in the tea business, we are dedicated to customer service and stand behind our products with a full one-year warranty.
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Teabloom Stovetop & Microwave Safe Glass Teapot (40 OZ) with Removable Loose Tea Glass Infuser – Includes 2 Blooming Teas – 2-in-1 Tea Kettle and Tea Maker AMAZON

Shop Teabloom at the Yakibest Dining & Entertaining store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%.

Looking for specific info?

Can i i heat up on the stove? Don’t like using microwave.

I have used it daily on my 17,500 btu wolfe stove gas burners, adding several herbal tea bags and loose tea as well (all at once). To make a daily concoction. Love it. The glass turns black around the bottom, but it washes off.

May i order a lid only? I broke the original lid.

Yes, you can order the replacement lid at: https://www.amazon.com/teabloom-universal-replacement-celebration-diameters/dp/b0725fc1xb
note: the one with the red knob and heart knob also fit well with this teapot.

Do you sell replacement lids?

Yes, you can find our teapot lids at: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=teabloom+lid+spare+part&ref=nb_sb_noss

Doesn’t glass break at high temperature ; how come this one doesn’t?

This teabloom teapot is made with high-quality borosilicate glass and can withstand flames from gas ranges as well as electric stovetops. It is also made with 2mm thick borosilicate glass, which is double of other borosilicate glass teapots on the marketplace.

Is this lead free?

The celebration teapot has no fill lines or logo and is 100% lead-free and cadmium free. The glass is also non-porous, which means it does not retain stains, odors or potential pathogens. Most tea experts believe this to be the healthiest vessel to drink tea from as it keeps your tea as pure as possible.

I order this tea pot for my mom for mother’s day, she opened the package and noticed a cracked lid upon arrival can any one replace the glass lid?

The company is very good at customer service. Contact them…they will probably replace the entire item.

Is glass or the stainless metal infuser better? I’ve gotten a lot of mixed opinions

The celebration teapot has no fill lines or logo and is 100% lead-free and cadmium free. The glass is also non-porous, which means it does not retain stains, odors or potential pathogens. Most tea experts believe this to be the healthiest vessel to drink tea from as it keeps your tea as pure as possible.

Can you heat sake in this teapot?

Sadly i’ll never know. It broke when i was washing before its first use. The moral of the story: don’t buy a glass kettle.

How do you get the pod to stay on the bottom of the pot? Every time i pour the water in, the pod floats and the flower doesnt open right.

Use filtered water and after boiling pour the hot water over the pod, after 10 ish minutes the flower blooms and settles. I’ve even poured water over the flower after it started opening when i realized it wasn’t fully covered and it settled nicely after a few minutes.

How easily can the handle break off if it is dropped on the floor, the sink, etc?

As u can see, the teapot is made of glass. Glass will break if dropped.

Is the tea decaf?

Yes the tea is decaf.

Replacement loose tea infuser, i need to replace the infuser, are they available for purchase, please let me know ?

Yes, the spare infuser can be found at https://www.amazon.com/teabloom-universal-teapot-infuser-teapots/dp/b074m7k712

Is this ebt eligible?


How good it is with loose tea leaves? Does the strainer keep the leaves put or do they leak through the holes?

It’s great with loose tea. It keeps the leaves in well. Something about watching the tea seeping in the clear teapot that’s relaxing. Enjoy!

Does this have a strainer spout or a clear spout? I mean clear spout, as in if i use loose leaf tea in the pot, it will have a clear path to run out

This teapot has a glass infuser to filter out the tea leaves. It does not have a metal strainer at the spout as it is not needed if you use the glass infuser.

After 3 months use, it’s cracked near hy the neck without totally damage to the teapot. Is it a defective item?

This sounds like a warranty issue. The teapot comes with a warranty and if you registered online, you get an additional one year warranty. I would contact the seller/manufacturer and ask what they will do for you. Cracked glassware, even tempered glass, can be dangerous with continued use, especially with hot liquids.

Okay so its lead free? But is the paint at the bottom lead free since it says on lead safe mama site it says it contains lead

This teapot is made with 100% borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass contains no lead (this teapot has been certified to be lead-free by an accredited iso 9000 lab in the u.s. Where they scientifically test lead and cadmium levels after brewing a pot of tea). There is no ‘paint’ at the bottom of this teapot. The logo that used to be on the outside of the teapot has been removed to avoid any confusion or fears of toxins that a few people may have. A borosilicate glass teapot is considered to be the healthiest choice for brewing tea. Ceramic, clay, and metal teapots may have unsafe levels of lead and cadmium (even if not detectable by 3m lead swabs).

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Can you use this teapot to brew cacao?

Yes, you can heat the water in this teapot.

Can you use this teapot to just boil water for other uses?? Not tea??

Yes, although i would recommend using it for it’s intended purpose. The glass is very dainty so i would be hesitant to use it for more than tea blooms.

Anyway to keep the handles and lid cool to not burn self?

If you use it to boiling water on stove, you have use a towel to open the lid and handle. If you pour hot water on it. It is ok for me, but i do not know about you.

Teabloom Stovetop & Microwave Safe Glass Teapot (40 OZ) with Removable Loose Tea Glass Infuser – Includes 2 Blooming Teas – 2-in-1 Tea Kettle and Tea Maker AMAZON

Shop Teabloom at the Yakibest Dining & Entertaining store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Clear glass teapot 🫖

I purchased this to go with my new tea cup. I looked at many on amazon and thought i would buy one of bone china like the cups, but i came upon this one and liked the modern sleek look of it plus you can put it on a stove burner or in the microwave. Wow, i would never do that with bone china just because. I love it. It is a bit smaller than i thought, but that’s ok. The price was good too

5Expert Score
Son-in-law loves me~

No. Sorry. This didn’t grow a tree – but it did brew one heck of a tea – my daughter & son-in-law have been teaching me tea cultures from around the world now that they live in nyc. Which, i have returned the favor by finding cool gadgets & tea things for them to explore with me. My son-in-law finds some of the nicest teas and when i found the tea bloom amazon site, he mentioned the blooming teas. So, naturally, we had to try them – yum. This tea pot came with a couple of teas to try and while i wasn’t there for this batch, they did love watching the show and the lovely green tea. They like these and said just taking the time to watch the show and drinking tea together has made the teas worth every penny. Tea culture is so exciting when you find things like this. As with anything, you sometimes have to experiment and ask around to find out what works best for you. In the meantime, they have some samples of the blooming teas to try & i will be getting more of their chai teas as well as some blooming teas to try here.

5Expert Score
Quite nice, but delicate

I had a little trouble with delivery delays, but i was happy when it arrived. It is packaged very securely, and pretty box. It had several little flyers on care and use- be sure to read them. They also included 2-blooming teas!
It is delicate because it is a thin glass, so i don’t know how long it will last with me.
But i knew that when i bought it.
I like the look, it is super easy to clean out. I do wish it had two things:
1) a lip on the inside of the teapot cover– it is very loose and moves easily, and you have to really hold on to it or take it off when pouring.
2) i wish the pouring spout was attached a little higher on the body of the teapot. When i am heating water, if i have more than 1-serving of water, it will bubble out of the spout. That defeats the point of the generous size of the pot.

5Expert Score
Blooms beautifully!

I was concerned about gifting this because others said their pods didn’t bloom, so i kept it for myself. This is the rising spring tea pod and it bloomed beautifully within 7 minutes. I filled it up with water to where the spout connects at the top. It smells and tastes like a light jasmine tea with a hint of floral. I definitely recommend this unique and creative gift, or even for yourself, just to make your day happy.

5Expert Score
Beautiful teapot to add to matching set! Boils on my stove & i have wash it

Absolutely love this teapot. I highly recommend getting it with the diffuser. The diffuser has four sets of very very thin little slits that will absolutely make certain that nothing gets into your tea. It completely keeps everything inside. The teapot i have put on my stove directly on my flame and brought it to a boil with no issues. I then place it on the tea warmer with the tea candle to keep it warm. You can purchase that separately but it matches this set it is plain clear glass. This glass is thin, lightweight, but it is meant to be thin. It is for adults only. It is meant to be taken care of and hand washed. It’s a beautiful teapot to go with the tea warmer and also the cream milk and sugar set that match it. The sugar container has a clear glass spoon which is absolutely adorable. Highly recommend and i’m picky person. I just like really simple clean lines very modern non-clustery things. I don’t want to teapot with little flowers all over it. I wanted a clear teapot so that i could see my tea flowers bloom. So for someone that likes simple things that aren’t too decorative this will be perfect for you.

5Expert Score
Beautiful presentation!

I love the look of the pot with the glass defuser. It’s graceful for the table and with a blooming tea it’s gorgeous!

5Expert Score
I absolutely love this teapot

Not only is this the cutest teapot, i’m shocked at how durable and easy it is to clean. I’ve used it everyday since it arrived and it’s one of the best purchases i’ve made. I can place directly on the eye (burner) without worrying about it.

5Expert Score
Nice gift to give!

Purchased to give to my daughter for christmas, but her husband bought her a stainless steel one, so this one had to be returned. However, it really looked nice and i liked because it was microwaveable. Very nice gift for someone who enjoys hot tea.

5Expert Score
This gift was much loved!

I bought this as a gift for my daughter. Her eyes lit up with excitement when she unwrapped it! She loves it!!!

5Expert Score
Great teapot!

Purchased it as a gift and it’s a really great product. Love that it’s all glass. It feels well made, well packaged. Only issue is the first time i ordered, the item never shipped so i had to work with customer service to place another order.

4Expert Score
Pros and cons

I really wanted to like this teapot and i do, in many ways. It’s incredibly helpful when you make tea from leaves to be able to see it while it brews to judge when it gets to the correct strength. It’s also a real advantage to be able to reheat the tea in the microwave, without having to remove a metal strainer or other parts of the teapot. You can even rebrew the tea to get a second or third use from the tea leaves.

However, like others have mentioned, i’ve often found it hard to clean the strainer as small bits of tea leaves can get stuck in it and are really hard to dislodge; even with a tooth pick. I also find that some small tea leaves are able to get through the strainer and end up in your tea which is not pleasant. I don’t have that problem with most metal strainers. Finally, i’ve only had it for a week or two but i worry the teapot will break easily before too long. It feels quite fragile; not like the thicker glass that measuring cups or corning wear are made from. The first pot i ordered arrived broken, with lots of glass slivers. The company was great about replacing it but the new one just feels like it could break easily.

I have a number of teapots so this one is a nice addition with the caveats noted above. I just hope it will last for awhile without breaking.

4Expert Score
Gorgeous but fragile

Over the past couple of months, i’ve used this little teapot numerous times and it has become a staple in my daily routine. It does the job, heats and retains heat well, but the top has caused issues. Without the strainer, it slides around which is fine but the lid also gets very hot. So pouring your tea without the strainer means you must use a towel or mit to hold the handle and lid while you pour to prevent burning your fingers. This isn’t a huge issue but the lid may also slide even with the strainer in as mine did which shattered the glass on the spout. $20 isn’t bad for 4 months of use but if this design flaw was corrected it would be near perfect!

4Expert Score
Very sturdy (not as delicate as it looks); don't love filter though

I don’t like this kind of filter for loose tea…it just clogs up while also letting small particles through. I like that you can ‘see’ the tea and that the product is sturdy. Mine got knocked over and landed on the floor. I thought for sure it would break but it just sustained a little chip in the rim. Pretty impressive considering that it fell 2 feet! I wish it could keep tea warm.

4Expert Score
Works great on the stove, lid fit is terrible

I bought this teapot to replace a borosilicate glass teapot that i previously had but dropped. This works fine on the stove to heat water, is a good size for one or two cups of tea, and is lovely to look at with or without a tea flower in it. The only reason i gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is that the lid fits very loosely, and i broke the lid when it slid off (it slid right out from under the pot holder i was using to hold it on when pouring) within a month of using the teapot – my previous teapot’s lid fit very snugly, which i much preferred. Teabloom has spare lids for purchase, so that indicates to me that they are aware that the lids are easily broken.

4Expert Score
Delicate teapot

I ordered this for use everyday. When it arrived it was not what i expected..however…as an occasional teapot for party use, it is gorgeous. I did not have any issues with it other than it was not what i expected or needed. It was well made and would make a wonderful gift.

4Expert Score
Nice simple design, clear, clean look, elegant on my counter

I like this product. It is serene, elegant and easy to use. There is nothing complicated about it, and its glass see-through, simple style looks great in all settings in my home… In either the formal living room for a ‘ladies’ tea, or casually on my kitchen counter when i’m steeping some chamomile before bed.

Good, attractive, sleekly designed product.

4Expert Score
Not stovetop safe

I tried putting it on the stove top because the stupid title says it’s safe. The instructions with the product wholeheartedly disagree and i’m glad i removed it in time. Lots of liars here on amazing not facing any consequences whatsoever for their bs.

So if you hear the water up some other way, it works fine. My friend was very happy with her new teapot for blooming tea.

4Expert Score

I liked it so much that i decided to buy the full big set with cups and a warming stand as a christmas present for some friends. They loved it too.

4Expert Score
Precious but fragile

This is the sweetest little teapot! It is so adorable looking and does everything it says it’ll do. The only reason i didn’t give it 5 stars is because the glass is very thin and this will easily break. You must take great care when washing it or handling it being careful not to bump it against the faucet when washing or against anything else for that matter – very delicate and fragile but a dainty addition to my stovetop – i love it!

4Expert Score
Beautiful and functional

I’ve always like to have a glass teapot where i can see through from top to bottom when i’m making my tea. Well i found this one from teabloom. I like it can used on stovetop, although i have not tried to used it on my glass stove top yet, i just boiled water in my electric kettle, then poured the hot water to the teapot. But the idea of this glass tea pot can be used on stovetop it tells me that it’s a durable glass, and i like that.

When i first received it my first brew of tea was using tea bags. When i used the tea bags i left the glass infuser out, that’s meant for loose tea leaves, and just used the teapot and it’s lid. The problem with that was the lid didn’t sit well on top of the pot, it kept slide (tilted) around the rim (or edge) of the pot and it ended up sit a little crooked on top of pot. But when i placed the infuser into the pot then the lid sits on top perfectly, so i realized that whenever i’m using this glass teapot, whether it be tea bags or loose tea leaves i will just used the insert, the infuser.

It’s only my second day since i received this new teapot, i’ve make a couple pots of tea so far; one pot with tea bags and the other with the loose teas (see photos attached), i’m quite pleased with this purchase. Let’s see how it holds up in a long run i may update my review later.

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