TeeTurtle Happy Little Dinosaurs Base Game

TeeTurtle Happy Little Dinosaurs Base Game

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What are teeturtle happy little dinosaurs base game features?

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  • Lately, it feels like we’re all just dinosaurs trying to avoid the falling meteors.
  • In this 2-4 player game, you’ll try to dodge all of life’s little disasters while tuning out your incredibly rude inner demons. You might fall into a pit of hot lava or get ghosted by your dino date. But think happy thoughts because the dino who survives it all wins the game!
  • Happy little dinosaurs takes 30-60 minutes to play and is for 2-4 players. It is recommended for ages 8+.
  • The box contains 97 cards, 4 dinosaur player boards, 4 dinosaur meeples, and 1 rule book.
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TeeTurtle Happy Little Dinosaurs Base Game AMAZON

Yakibest.com: TeeTurtle Happy Little Dinosaurs Base Game : Toys & Games

Looking for specific info?

Will this expansion allow you to play with more than 4 players if added to the base game?

Howdy! Unfortunately not! It’s just fun extra playing cards with different effects for the base game. It doesn’t give you extra character cards like stego, nervous rex, etc. I recommend getting the happy little dinosaurs: 5-6 player expansion pack if you want to add more people to a game. It’s $15 and was worth it in my opinion.

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How do i play happy little dinosaur?

It will come with instructions, but you can also check youtube for a tutorial. Thanks!

Can this be played solo?

It isn’t intended to be played by one person, alone… But anything’s possible i guess.

I want to get the right amount of sleeve from tbe teeturle store. How many of each card type are in the box?

16 disasters (purple backs) and 38 points (tan backs).
The exact number in 1 sleeve pack from unstablegames

Does it really promote suicidal thoughts?

Not if you embrace your instinctual urge to purr like a walrus.

When i’m playing do i get to move forward if i have the middle point card value?

Only when playing with 5-6 players; in which case both first and second place get to advance their tokens. However, if two or more players tie for first, second place doesn’t get a reward.

In a regular 2-4 player game, the middle point value(s) never move up. It’s just like being in a safety zone from the disaster, but not earning a reward.

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What are the new dinosaur characters in the expansion pack?

No not really

TeeTurtle Happy Little Dinosaurs Base Game AMAZON

Yakibest.com: TeeTurtle Happy Little Dinosaurs Base Game : Toys & Games

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
This was the christmas hit

Got this game for my 9 year old nephew. He loved it, and asked to play night after night. Play this instead of video games. Initial play is really easy but gets a bit complicated with the ‘effect’ moves that come with card play. Nephew got the rules right away. Adults, took a bit longer 🙂

5Expert Score
Fun for teens and adults!

I got this for my 16 yro son for christmas. We played that evening with family and it was a lot of fun! Definitely a good game for those with a little twisted sense of humor!

5Expert Score
Very fun

Got this for my sister for christmas and my whole family loved it! Easy to learn and can be played by the whole family. I wish that the base game could play more people, but i guess the expansion packs will take care of that

5Expert Score
Fun game for entire family

I love obscure games that not everyone owns… This game does not disappoint! We purchased it a couple years ago and are still playing it now and then. It stays active in our rotation of dozens of games that we love.

5Expert Score
Great game once you get the hang of it

Had to play the game once through to get the hang of the rules. I don’t know why people are saying the rules are complicated. I understood most of it at first and understood all of them after the first game. The cards are funny, albeit a little negative. I bought a couple of the expansion packs after buying the main game. Most of the negative comments on here are unwarranted. This game has quickly become my favorite.

5Expert Score
Adorable and fun game

I bought this for my son for christmas, and we love it. We’ve played it before with friends and we had to get our own. So much fun and cute.

5Expert Score
Easy to learn, fun to play!

Easy to learn. If you are not in the mood for a long/intensive game like clue/monopoly, then this game is for you! It is not too involved if you want to play a relaxed game. Fun to play! Very similar to the card game ‘war’ but with a few twists. You get special ability cards to boost your scores and harm other players making for a varied and competitive game! The game boards add an extra layer and the dino pieces are so cute!

5Expert Score
So cute!!

I love how easy and fun this game is. It’s creative and comical.

5Expert Score
Just one deck

As a whole, this game is fun! But this expansion pack is just one small deck of 52 cards.

5Expert Score
Fun to play!

I love this game! Once you learn the instructions, it’s fairly easy to play. The instructions are thorough and help to resolve any queries throughout the game, such as what to do in a tie. The box is sturdy and holds all of the pieces easily, so this game would travel well!

The cards are filled with dark humor that makes gameplay interesting, and it is a great clean game to play with teenagers or adults. I have since purchased an expansion set, as i truly enjoy this game!

I would absolutely recommend this game for teenagers and up, though i would hesitate to play this with young children as some of the dark humor may be inappropriate for kids.

4Expert Score
Struggled to understand one of the rules.

We didn’t end up playing it over christmas because the one of the rules was confusing which took away from the initial excitement. Still gave it 4 stars because it has potential and my boy loves stegosauruses.

4Expert Score
Super cute and simple game

The art is so so cute. Bought the game to play with my partner and we enjoyed it for a couple minutes. Gameplay is really simple so you can’t play it for much time in one sitting, but i love to look at it

4Expert Score
Edge of your seat fun and crafty card-play

This is a great game! It’s hilarious and has fun illustrations and cards. The gameplay is good, and my only issue is that there are a few aspects of the rules which are a little unclear and we’ve had to rework the rules a little bit to make things more streamlined. It mostly has to do with knowing the order of things, as in, which card abilities trigger first, and how they interact with the overall score and other card abilities.

But otherwise, it’s a pretty great game and i recommend it, as well as getting the 5-6 player expansion for more cards and dinos (with their unique attributes, of course! Essentially two more characters to play as.)

happy surviving!

4Expert Score
Fun game for all ages.

I bought this game for my son (12 years old) and i to play. The game components are very sturdy and the rules are easy to learn. The event cards are hilarious and make us laugh every time.

4Expert Score
Quirky card game similar in game feel to others

I bought this as a christmas gift for my 12 year old son at his request. It is very funny, quirky, and playable. It reminds me of unstable unicorns and exploding kittens in terms of silliness and play speed. However, strategy does matter a little more and experienced gamers will dominate more than they should. Unstable unicorns and exploding kittens have a little more randomness that can even out strategy advantages between players.

Fun game. Highly recommend to people who like board games and entertaining deck based games.

4Expert Score
Cute and fun for adults or kids

I love the game pieces and art style of the whole game. I got this and the expansion as a gift for my partner and he loved it. Very fun to play with friends! The character pieces are small and there can be alot of actions in a round so this might not be best for young children.

4Expert Score
The game is fine and nothing wrong with anything.

This game i did not think was as fun as here to slay. Nothing wrong with anything. Just not as fun.

4Expert Score
Es basico y facil de jugar

Es facil de jugar, en mi opinion le falta mas expansiones

4Expert Score
Great game with some house rules.

First off the art of the game is cute, but you should never judge a book by its cover. This game is fun with the implementation of some house rules. The official rules aren’t the easiest to understand but with the addition of your own rules you to can have fun like me. A fun party game for all ages!

4Expert Score
Similar gameplay to munchkin

As with all tee turtle games, all the details in this are funny, well thought out, and the artwork is adorable. It is similar in play to munchkin, which i wish i had realized, because i’m not good at that style of game. Overall entertaining though and it will get pulled out on occasion.

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