TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer, 12 Bait Stations

TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer, 12 Bait Stations

Buy TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer, 12 Bait Stations: Everything Else – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer: To kill common household ants, simply place terro liquid ant baits stations near indoor areas where ants are spotted. Ants enter the trap, consume the liquid ant bait and return to the nest where they pass on the bait to the rest of the colony. Terro liquid ant baits are specifically formulated to allow worker ants to consume the product and survive long enough to carry the liquid back to the nest and deliver a dose to the rest of the colony . The liquid ant bait stations prevent the bait from drying out and provide the ants with a continuous supply of liquid, day and night. Monitor the baits regularly for activity, but do not interfere with the ants or baits. Replace with additional baits when the first set is depleted. Depending on the size of the ant infestation, complete control may take up to two weeks. Recommended placement : along baseboards in corners of rooms and cabinets on countertops under and behind appliances under sinks or around pipes and water sources on windowsills and around doorways near garbage cans along ant trails.

What are terro t300b liquid ant killer features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Attracts & kills – kills common household ants including acrobat, crazy, ghost, little black, odorous house, pavement, and other sweet-eating ants
  • Kills the ants you see & the ones you don’t – as worker ants discover the bait, they share it with the rest of the colony to eliminate them all
  • Works fast – you should see a significant decrease in the number of ants visiting the bait stations within just a few days
  • Ready to use – place the bait stations, watch it attract ants, and eliminate the entire colony
  • Use throughout your home – place stations near areas where you’ve seen ant activity including along baseboards, in corners, on counters, and more
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TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer, 12 Bait Stations AMAZON

Buy TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer, 12 Bait Stations: Everything Else – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Description says 6 in a boc, pack of two. Do you get 2, 6, or 12 traps?

You get 12 traps. There are 6 in each box, and we will ship you two boxes. Thanks!

Does it work for sugar ants? I have tried many other before and they are still are around.

Yes, this product does work well to attract and kill sugar ants.

When will the ants stop gathering around the trap and go home? I started out with a column of ants and now i have the entire colony hanging out!

When i use the bait trap, the ants formed a line from their nest and enter the trap. Soon, there was a line of ants going back to the nest and a line coming to the trap. There was an excess of ants that could be described as ‘hanging out’. In 30 days, after using two traps, there was not an ant to be seen. If you spill any of the liquid in the trap, it defeats the purpose as they will feed on the spilled solution and it seems to lose its potency after it is spilled.

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Will the liquid ant bait hurt hardwood floors if spilled on it.

This stuff works great! I left out the bait in 4 places before leaving for a 5 day vacation and when i came back two of them had spilled out all over the hardware floors. It was very sticky and gooey but came up easily and did not damage the floors at all. That said, definitely put a piece of plastic wrap or something like that under all bait traps just in case.

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There are ants on the floor in my bedroom. But i am so frustrated seeing ants all over the floor. Can i put bait somewhere else? Would it be effective

You have to put the bait near where you see the ants, at the source. Find where they are coming from, the window ledge, the plumbing areas, etc., and place it/them there. If you don’t know where they are coming from, place them where you most often see them, as they are traveling there anyway and will encounter the baits. I use them in my kitchen, but i don’t see why they couldn’t be placed elsewhere around the house. I would be certain, though, that pets and kids can’t touch them. The poison is effective, but it is poison. Wash your hands after handling the baits.

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How many days until the swarm of ants soaking up the liquid crack begin to die off and totally vanish?

Hi, it took 3 days and i had to throw out 2 of the containers because there were a ton of ants stuck in it. I put out new ones and they still do not have any ants in them. I have used the other terro products..but this is the one that worked great for me!

Is there any advantage to using the ‘huts’ instead of just putting the terro liquid on pieces of cardboard?

When you use these little ‘huts’, you will be amazed how many ants end up dead in the trap. I find the cardboard glue dries out and this stuff seems to work much better. It is a personal preference and it you have animals around, you do not want to leave the cardboard glue out.

Once the bait has lots of dead ants inside, do you need to dispose of it or can i use it in a different location if there is still bait inside?

As long as there is liquid bait still inside and the ants are still able to access the bait, you can continue to use the bait station.

Does this work on big black ants?

I don’t know if it works on big black ants but it really worked well on the medium sized ones. I think it would be worth a try.

Will it work indoors on carpenter ants?

This product is not effective on carpenter ants. This product will eliminate commons, household ants that seek sweet bait.

Is there any difference between the t300 and the t300b traps?

No, both model numbers are the same product.

Will rain or cold effect the liquid inside the trap? The temp is to drop to 45 degrees tomorrow. Traps working well so far.

It does not freeze until -13 degree temperatures. If it did freeze, it can be thawed and it will still be effective as long as the ants are attracted to the bait. High temperatures – 120-130 degrees, sugar could crystallize and harden from the extreme heat.

I bought these to deal with common household ants, but since i put them down where ants have been, none have gone in. Have i placed them wrong? Thx!

When placing just make sure the tab is open. If ants are avoiding terro® liquid ant bait, it’s possible they’re just not into sweets for one reason or another (weird, but possible!). When baiting is not the answer, try a contact killing spray or an outdoor treatment like terro® ant killer plus.

How do you get this new design to attract the ants? I loved the old design. This opening is higher and the ants aren’t even tempted.

Within 20 minutes of deployment the first ant ventured inside. Had no trouble climbing up and in the trap. I would say that by another half hour there was a stream of ants flowing to and from the trap. It was fascinating in that the number of ants had multiplied by a lot from any we had experienced to that point. We could see the path they followed from behind the oven, up the wall about 6 inches, then along to the countertop. It was like they followed a line drawn on the surfaces. The orgy continued for about 12 hours, then diminished so that by next day a lone straggler or two were seen. By day two no ant to be seen and none since!

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Is this product good to use?

This is an excellent product for getting rid of what i call sugar ants that appear once in a while in my kitchen.

Quality weeder

They got it on them and take it back to the ant nest

Can i use it in kitchen cabinets next to snacks?

I would suggest you take snacks out of cabinet.

I placed 2 baits in bathroom 48 hours ago. Im leaving for 1 week should i leave the two, replace them, or remove all bates till i return?

This bait is designed to kill the ants that consume it within 24-48 hours. This allows them time to take the bait back to the colony to share with other ants. Depending on the size of the colony, it may take from a few days to several weeks until a decrease in numbers is seen. We recommend continuing to apply the bait until there is a sharp drop in the number of ants.

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Does it work on fire ants?

This product is effective on sweet seeking ants. For controlling fire ants, we recommend trying terro® ant killer plus (t901-6).

Can the ants learn and then avoid the bait after their initial exoerience?

If you see that there are some ants left behind after most of the colony is gone, it is most likely that the pheromone trail has worn off and the other ants simply cannot find the station. To remedy this, we recommend moving the bait stations to where these stragglers are most active.

TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer, 12 Bait Stations AMAZON

Buy TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer, 12 Bait Stations: Everything Else – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Worked when another name brand didn't

We had an unusually bad ant problem this summer. Normally, they would go away after a week or so and not come back until the next summer, so killing them really was not necessary and my preferred approach. However, this year they were on a different type of mission and would not leave.

We had very small ants, but probably thousands of them walking an ant trail along a path in our kitchen. I originally wanted to buy these baits because of the reviews and the idea of the sugary liquid bait made sense to me (put a couple drops of a sugary pop drink on the floor and the ants would likely swarm it). However, we have a cat and i was concerned for her safety.

Ultimately, we bought a different brand that did absolutely nothing. Along the ant trails, the ants would go through these baits giving a little hope at first, but the numbers did not decrease. After a week and a half of no results, i bought these baits and put a few where we can see them come into the kitchen. I covered the baits with a box and put almost 60 pounds of weights on the flaps to prevent our little one from getting to them. Fortunately, she was interested for a minute in the box on the floor (typical cat 🙂 ), but otherwise left it alone.

First, the results were quick in one way. The baits immediately attracted the ants and there was a massive decrease in the ants along the previous ant trail. After an hour, i actually took the weights off and looked and they were absolutely going nuts over them. I replaced the box and left the baits alone for about 4 more days.

Now, the ant problem seems to be finished. I have subsequently checked the baits and i have seen only a few still walking around them. I am leaving them for a little longer to hopefully complete the job.

Two notable observations. First, opening the baits is tricky. The instructions make it look like they tear right open, but that really was not the case. I had to work pretty hard to open them and then the entrance was all jagged etc. Next time, i will see how they open with scissors. Second, from my previous inspection, the ants have tracked a lot of the liquid solution out of the trap. Nothing can really be done about this from the manufacturer, but just a warning to those who use these. Maybe consider putting the traps on something if you are worried about your floors or other surfaces these might go one.

All in all, i think they give you a decent number of traps for the money. We have leftovers for possibly another ‘invasion’. I also am very pleased on how fast the results were. Almost immediate change in the numbers due to the attraction of them to the bait and abandoning the ant trail (minus a few headstrong soldiers) and pretty much clearing up the issue in about 4 days. In my opinion, the manufacturer claims are legit.

5Expert Score
Worked with carpenter ants

First, this is an honest review. I am not getting paid to write this review and don’t know anyone connected to the company (unlike some people who write product reviews).

We had several carpenter ant nests in the walls of our house and saw about 10-20 ants every day. So, we tried terro liquid, amdro crystals, hot shot brand boric acid, amdro crystals mixed with powdered sugar, boris acid mixed with powered sugar, boric acid mixed with sugar and water (which has worked for us with other types of smaller ants) and we tried all of these at the same time. The photos show carpenter ants feeding from the terro and boric/sugar/water mixture (but none of the other baits we tried). It took about 2 months (much longer than we expected or some reviews report of 2-3 weeks), but now we haven’t seen any carpenter ants for one month.

The terro without question was the best of all these options. The 2nd best (and the only other bait we ever saw taken by the ants) was the boric/sugar/water, but it quickly dried up each time within a day or two so we stopped using it after a week (and because the ants kept eating the torro). The torro’s small opening kept it from drying out even after 2 months.

Because of having several nests we used 9 terro bait containers, put them on a small piece of aluminum foil to catch the liquid that runs out very easily and is very sticky. Every few days we replaced the foil underneath the torro bait as well as poured some liquid out onto the foil to help attract more ants. Some internet info says this product might not work for carpenter at certain times of the year (when they’re not feeding on sweet things) or in certain regions. The other baits we listed may have helped some, but we never witnessed carpenter ants taking them, but we always saw ants taking the torro and boric/sugar/water. I’d highly recommend trying this. If it doesn’t work then try it at a different time of year (we are in the southeast usa and used it july, august & part of sept) or try with a combination of the other baits mentioned above.

5Expert Score
Weapon of ants’ destruction

About two months ago, it all started out with a couple of recon ants on the kitchen counter.

I squished them and thought that i was done. They were literally the calm before the storm.

Over the next week, the trickle turned into a flood of ants. I carefully sprayed with raid, in the corners of the counter. Not very effective.

I was ready to drop some coin on a professional pest control. But then i decided to log onto amazon and see what they had to offer.

I bought the raid ant trap and then, at the last moment, added this terro brand, to the cart. I never heard of terro before, but i figured, “why not buy both?” it’s way cheaper than the pest control company.

I have to say that i am so glad that i purchased both brands. It turned out that the ants, that were raiding my kitchen, absolutely loved the terro product.

As i was setting out the trap, i accidentally spilled some of the trap’s clear fluid on the counter. I was going to wipe it up, but decided instead to leave it, to see what happens.

It became very clear, over the next hour, that the ants really liked this stuff. They formed a ring around the edge of the spilled pool of sugary water, containing chemical x. Actually, chemical x is just borax. Relatively benign for us. Pretty darn effective on ants.

Anyway, it was nice to know that they liked it so much that some of them engorged themselves. Their abdomens were visibly swollen as there went back to the colony, to share in the fruits of their labor.

Within three days they were almost all gone. I left the trap there for a few more days, to feed any stragglers. By the end of the week, they were all gone and even after two months time, they have not returned.

I am still amazed at just how effective this stuff is. I saved a bundle of money and it worked in three days. What’s not to like?

As long as you have the patience to wait a few days, i strongly recommend this highly effective, ant control product .

5Expert Score
My ant problem was gone by using this product within a few hours.

I very rarely write reviews which is kind of stupid because i usually read reviews prior to getting certain products. Therefore i guess i will start now, hoping i can help someone decide wether or not this product is for them. Before you read this long review i want to let you know this is the best product i have ever used.

Before i tell you about how amazing this product was i will tell you what kind of ant problem i had. Maybe someone can relate.
I have a parrot and he is in a room that is near a window. With all the different types of food he eats and with the warmer weather that we started having in my area (nj) i started seeing ants outside. That’s when i started seeing some ants coming in from the bottom left corner of the frame of our window. I have never had an ant issue with the 17 years i live hear. Even having my parrot and all the amounts of food he eats. For some reason last year during the spring time is when i saw these crazy little annoying bugs come in my house.
These ants seemed to be a different type of ant. One i have never seen before. They were small but the minute you go near them they would run away or scatter away super fast. I have an exterminator on my block and he told us they were sugar ants. What the hell is a sugar ant? Lol. Well i was told that these ants hide out in your shower and in the kitchen because of the sugary foods around. Why are they found in a bathroom is beyond me. But i looked it up after what he said and everything he told us was what i read on line about “sugar ants”. I mentioned that last year i had this problem and they were found behind the faucet in our shower. That’s another story. Anyway, before having an exterminator come into my house, i figured i would try to resolve the problem myself. So before buying this “amazing product”, i purchased all the “raid” products that come in the square plastic containers. The ones that come in white or grey containers. I put the raid traps by the window and where else i thought they might come in. I actually tried the mixture of vinegar, sugar and water concoction that was told on line to use for these ants. But nothing worked. I doubt an ant even went to these traps because near my window they would go around those traps. I was getting frustrated because i skeeve bugs. And i was afraid of an exterminator coming in with my parrot living here. I wasn’t taken that chance of him dying with the chemicals. Anyway after coming to a dead end with the raid traps i began reading and reading on so many products just to find a worthy product. That’s when i came across this product. It was very different than the normal products that are used to kill ants. So i figured why not, let me give it a try. I received my order really fast and was anxious to use them. After reading all the directions these baits were very easy to use. It comes in a thick clear rectangular container. To open it, it reccomended to hold it up right and twist off the plastic top until it snaps off. It was a little tough for me to snap off the top like it says on the package. Therefore i used a pair of scissors to open the trap. Word of advise, if you need a pair of scissors to open your product, just make sure to keep the trap upright so the liquid doesn’t pour out. After opening the trap, i then placed this trap about 3-4 inches away from the bottom corner of the window. Right where i saw the ants coming in. They scurried away from me at first, but the minute i put this trap down it was shocking!! No joke. I was shocked to see all these ants go running toward the opening of this trap. The trap actually attracted more ants to come out of hiding to eat this food (crazy). I actually spilt a little bit on my windowsill and some ran to that and got stuck. But what was amazing to me was after i put the trap down and watching these ants go to it, it was shocking to see them run right back out of the corner of the windowsill. It was crazy. I just watched for a few minutes and to see them either get trapped inside the trap or grab some of the food in the trap and run back outside or wherever they came from. And by the end of the day they were gone. It’s about 2 weeks now since i only used one trap and i have yet to see another nasty ant!! Wahooo!!!! They are gone.

This product is by far the best ant product i have ever used in my life!! This is noooo joke. Therefore you can count on me to continue to purchase and use this product for any ant problem that might arise again. I will never buy a different type of ant trap again. No matter how popular people feel the “raid” products might be. The sprays are only wonderful for the outdoors but for the inside the “raid” products are definitely not as effective as this product is. I actually gave my neighbor 2 traps and after a day or two they were gone by him as well. These traps are crazy how wonderful they work. I swear by this product and i know if you purchase these traps you will too. I will never buy another kind of ant traps again. These are the best kind of ant traps on the market by far!!! And mind you, i am not making any kind of commission from this company for this product review. I am just sooo happy my ant issue is gone for now. Sooo, if you want to get rid of these annoying, nasty bugs “fast,” then purchase these traps. And i promise you, you will be so happy you did.

5Expert Score
Best version of the terro i've tried so far

A friend recommended terro and the first product i bought i thought was going to be something like this, it showed a rectangular shaped bait trap, but when i opened the box it was flat. I was supposed to fold along perforations and create the rectangle shape. It never worked right. I couldn’t get it to fold. I tried using them in their flat form, in corners and along the floor but i didn’t see a single ant attracted to it. I then tried the hard plastic terro bait traps that come in groups of 4. Those are designed to stick, by adhesion strips, underneath cabinets or on the underside of anything. I had good luck with those, i saw large trails of ants being attracted and a decrease in ants after we put them out. After purchasing 2 packs of those i saw these clear plastic ones by terro are a better value. You get 12 packs for only a little bit more than the 4 packs and there appears to be more ‘bait’ in each one.

These worked the best yet. Probably because we have enough of the to put everywhere and also because we started addressing the problem already with the other products. On the downside the tab is hard to twist off without spilling the product. I suggest you not even try. Hold it vertical and use scissors. Even so, you might get a little sticky on you. These probably won’t work if you have children or animals that will find them, you’d have to use the hard brown plastic ones. But if you don’t have either – these are the best!

5Expert Score
Buy this!

I never had an ant problem but with this recent heat wave we had (southern california) i ended up getting ants all over my house!!! Just scattering in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, doorway, everywhere! When i opened amazon to buy ant bait, this was the first product that came up so i immediately went straight to the reviews and bought these without noticing any other brand. When they finally arrived, i opened one up. They are a little tricky to open, use scissors! I placed one on the kitchen counter since i had more ants there out of anywhere in the house and i have cats and a crawling 11 month old so i can’t leave these on the floor. They come with 12 baits so i placed 3 on the counter and an hour later, there was an ant party on my kitchen counter!! It was a mess! But knew i just have to be patient. All the ants were now in the kitchen and not everywhere in the house which was a huge plus. No more ants in the cat bowl! In 24 hours, the trail of ants stopped. They were all gone! And swimming inside the bait! There were a few scattering around the counter. So i cleaned it up, threw them away and opened up a new bait to get the remaining survivors. By day 2, every ant was gone!! Buy this!!

5Expert Score
Got rid of most of the ants within a day and the rest after ~3 weeks.

Woke up to ants on my kitchen counters one day. Not sure what kind of ants but they were black and tiny. They came from my dining room window and marched a path to my countertop where i had some sticky stuff. I cleaned up my kitchen, clorox wiped my countertop and the ant trail on my cabinets, and swiffer wet wiped my dining room floor. I did not wipe the wall where the trail started from my windows so they still had a scent to follow. I got the terro ant bait same day delivered and placed 2 at the base of the wall where the ant trail met the floor and watched as the first ant eventually found its way into the bait container. After it brought the deadly nom home, 3 more came out. Within an hour a stream of ants were marching back and forth between the window and the bait. They were having a feast! Their last supper, if you will. The next morning, that stream of ants was mostly gone. There were a lot of dead ants in the containers and on the floor. They partied so hard that one of the containers spilled bait onto the floor along with a bunch of dead ants.

I cleaned the floor since i didn’t want the bait to get stuck and damage my floors. Over the next 3 weeks, there were maybe a dozen straggler ants each day still getting bait. I went on vacation for a week and when i got back, there were no more ants.

5Expert Score
They work ( i think )

So, i just moved into my apartment about a month ago. Living in wyoming and all of its temperature fluxes recently i started noticing these little buggers coming out of my carpet. Now, i have a fear of ants and small bugs alike, so as soon as i saw a small cluster of them, i immediately took to amazon to find something that works. In the first two pictures i uploaded, that was after roughly 4 hours after i laid two traps down. Obviously extremely shocked at the sheer amount i had just discovered compared to the small cluster i saw the morning before, i grabbed a couple more traps and readied my defenses. I now had three traps ready to battle these little shits. In the second two pictures you’ll see just what happened with having three down. Even more kept coming. Those pictures were taken roughly an hour after i set the third one down, so now, roughly 5-6 hours after first setting these ants up for failure, i had lured out hundreds and boy were they hungry. Upon my moms advice i did decided to vacuum up some of the stragglers so i didn’t have to keep looking at all of them crawling around (also, i thought those in the traps were dead). Right when i started that, boom, they all started fleeing from my vacuum suction. The ants in the traps were alive. So , obviously freaked out by this even more and after vacuuming up probably 200 ants, i left some stragglers so they had the chance to go back and poison their queen. I then laid two more traps and essentially created an arch of traps to keep them consolidated to one place (they are on the edge of my kitchen and i don’t want them spreading). So now, 5 traps down and 7 hours later, the ants still can not resist the delicious goodness terro puts in these traps. Now, i have only spent a single day with these and seemingly only lured them out to feed, but i am hopeful these will begin working and i will leave the 5 traps overnight and view the situation in the morning – hopefully i will have successfully infiltrated the queen and killed her along with the colony. Obviously the company recommends a couple weeks to see results, but based on what i see now along with others reviews, i don’t think they stand a chance. I will update in a few days with the ant infiltration among my carpet and i hope it’s a good situation by then.
so here we are, about 24 hours later and oh. My. God. These traps work. When i came and looked this morning there are far less ants than yesterday! In the last two photos i added, you’ll see just how many ants there are now and boy is it less than before. Now, i’m unsure if the lesser number means that i’ve successfully infiltrated the colony and killed them off, or if their tummies are just full from eating so much – either way, i don’t see nearly as many today. The ones still present are certainly moving slower than before, my guess is these terro traps are penetrating their stomach and killing them off (this is what i hope). Overall, with this intense decrease in ants after only about 24 hours, i am impressed and will certainly be ordering more as spring rolls through and i’m sure they’ll be back if i haven’t killed them all. I will update once more in a few days as well just to give my final thoughts but so far, i’m sticking with the 5/5 stars! I also have someone coming to spray in a few days, but if these are working i may just send them away!

5Expert Score
These work pretty good indoors

The way these work is you cut one end off of the bait and then lay the container of liquid down somewhere the ants will find it. Within a few hours or maybe a day, ants will be swarming the bait and drinking the liquid. Some of the ants will die and be carried away by other ants. Some ants will lose their sense of direction and start wandering around aimlessly. Eventually, they will consume all of the liquid and carry all dead ants away.

The ants become disorganized enough that they stop focusing on whatever it was they were eating in your house. The infestation dies back a lot, or completely, as the bait gets used up.

My family and i continue to buy these.

5Expert Score
This will take care of your problem. Easy to use.

I read a review where it said the problem is worse before it gets better. That’s an understatement.

Every ant on your block will come to this ant bait trap and you have to leave it there and watch them. It’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen in your life. Kind of like alfred hitchcock‘s the birds. But once they all collect up they go right into the trap and there you have it. 30,000 ants just disappeared. Even your neighbors will thank you. This has happened twice in my house now. It’s unbelievable. And the ants apparently disintegrate in the trap. So just be real careful because my puppies were really interested. I had to make sure that i put it in a place that they could not reach. But it does the job. It’ll take between six and 12 hours. Just be patient. You start out with ten ants you end up with 300,000 dead ones !!!

4Expert Score
The best all around ant traps we have found

Overall these ant traps work better than any others we have tried over the past 30 years in california. This latest model is a bit hard to open/break off its tab with just your fingers (a previous model required scissors to open and using scissors is still easier for the current model). These traps are relatively nontoxic to other living things. You must be patient as they will not kill off all the ants that quickly — it takes a few days. Also some ants (particularly the invasive argentine ant in the us) may have multiple colonies and after killing one colony another can discover the trap so during ant season it could take a week or two to clear out the nearby colonies.

If you want to reduce plastic waste and save money, you can also make up your own ant killing bait using borax and sugar water and a shallow dish. The terro ant traps are more convenient and covered and a bit less messy.

4Expert Score
Work fine.

These work, but you should know that once you put them in the house, there is a mass influx of ants near wherever you put them. They disappear after a couple of days, but that first wave is pretty scary. They are attracted to whatever is in these things and they go back to the nest and tell the others and everyone comes down to join the party. The idea is that they take the poison back to their nest and i guess that is what they do. Have to follow up periodically if you start seeing the again.

4Expert Score
Great product

I never have ants in my house except during the hottest times of the summer. When it’s 107 outside, i guess ants need their air conditioning, too. When they are here, they are definitely here. These traps are excellent and really take care of them. The only complaint i have is that they are difficult for me to open. You have to twist off the plastic (there is no cap). I’m 53 y.o. And may have lost some strength in my hands (who knows), but i still think that it might be difficult for a lot of women to open the little bottle. I used scissors to open one of them, it spilled out, but the ants didn’t seem interested. They were really interested when i could open the bottle correctly. I’m giving it a four star because of the easy of use problem, but otherwise it is a five-star product !

4Expert Score
Works well on large black ants

I live directly over a damp basement that appears to host some kind of ant colony – possibly carpenter ants. They’re about 1/2 inch long, black, very fast, and mostly out at night. I see 2-4 ants a day in the kitchen and bathroom and have had them crawl on my arms and even into my hair as i worked in my office. (!!!) i had little hope this product would work on carpenter ants but tried it anyway. I’ve yet to see ants actually at the bait stations, but since i put the bait down, i’ve only seen 3 ants in 6 days, and all acted like they were ill: 2 sat still on the wall for a long time, and 1 was out during the day. So the bait appears to be killing the colony slowly, and it’s a huge relief not to have to spend every night on a bug hunt!

4Expert Score
Great formula but you need to do more

The formula in this works really well
and honestly you can make it yourself with water sugar and borax
but it’s easier to buy this formula already made

the one thing you need to know
is that this packaging does not attract ants
and also the syrup that drips out
will create hard glue like spots on your floor or counter

so what i recommend you do
is save some slimmer cardboard
more like card stock, less like a thick corrugated box

when you need to use terro
cut up some pieces of cardboard big enough to pour the syrup and have room for ants to get on it

place a few of those in the area where you see the ants
walk away; don’t disturb it

if it’s the kind of ants that want sugar they will find it
and they will swarm the cardboard and eat up all the syrup

don’t use paper plates
the rim is too high for the ants
yeah they’ll get there eventually
you want it real easy for the ants to smell, sample, and tell their friends
so don’t add complications
just use some thin cardboard

in a day or 2 or 3 they will all be dead

if you just cut the trap open and leave it out
rather than pour onto cardboard
you got about a 1 in 20 chance that the ants will find it
and if they do: the opening isn’t large enough to get the colony feeding

if the ants don’t respond to terro: call a pro for advice

4Expert Score
Kills ants but very messy and difficult to open

There is no denying that this stuff works. I buy it all the time. My wishes: make it easier to open and less prone to leaking. But if you want to get rid of ants, this does the trick every time. I just hate the mess when it spills and i struggle with opening them.

4Expert Score
Works well, with a scissor…

The idea that you can open these effective bait stations by ‘snapping off a plastic tab’, is ludicrous. You will need a scissor, unless you are freezing these before hand. Since i don’t freeze my ant bait, i get out a large sharp pair of kitchen scissors and carefully trim off the ‘snap-off’ part. I don’t want to spill the bait, or remove a finger when the plastic finally surrenders to the scissors. Attempting to snap off will leave you frustrated and finger cut when/if you can finally break the plastic (this is all a guess, since i would never be so stubborn as to keep trying to twist off something that now has an exposed sharp edge…). Come on terro, some truth in packaging please. You have a good product!

4Expert Score
Works well!

At first the ant population explodes then after a few days they are gone. Just somewhat hard to cut open to give the ants access.

4Expert Score
It worked

The first time i put it out in my kitchen i came back and saw a herd of ants.i immediately forgot everything i read on the package and killed them all with spray.they began to congregate again and i followed directions and allowed the ant train to continue.2 days and hundreds of corpses later i am ant free.super gross but super effective.will foist on anyone who asks me about ant killer.the trickle of terror is ovah!

4Expert Score
Difficult to open

These baits are very effective. Maybe it’s just me, but i have a very difficult time opening them.

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