TERRO T518 Fly Magnet Sticky Fly Paper Fly Trap, 8 Count (Pack of 1)

TERRO T518 Fly Magnet Sticky Fly Paper Fly Trap, 8 Count (Pack of 1)

Yakibest.com : TERRO T518 Fly Magnet Sticky Fly Paper Fly Trap, 8 Count (Pack of 1) : Patio, Lawn & Garden
TERRO T518 Fly Magnet Sticky Fly Paper Fly Trap: Terro fly ribbon 8 pack – fly traps.

What are terro t518 fly magnet sticky fly paper fly trap features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Attracts and traps flies.
  • No baiting, no odor, no mess
  • Easy-to-use ribbon design
  • Conveniently disposable
  • Includes 8 fly paper tubes
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TERRO T518 Fly Magnet Sticky Fly Paper Fly Trap, 8 Count (Pack of 1) AMAZON

Yakibest.com : TERRO T518 Fly Magnet Sticky Fly Paper Fly Trap, 8 Count (Pack of 1) : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Looking for specific info?

Why is it so hard to wash off the glue residue from my hand? I have washed my hand many times with soap and tried using oil.

You can buy a massive bottle of “orange peel adhesive remover” for like $3 at an auto parts store like autozone or lowe’s… It lasts forever, it’s cheap & it works wayyyyy better than goobegone. It’s used for thing like intense grease stains & other things that require a stronger product than goobegone. I have both, but use the auto one more often… For this example i think it would be best.

Another option is to kind of soak your hands in 100% acetone nail polish remover. Rubbing alcohol might worn too, but that’s made for people soak their hands & get off polish & gels so i’d try that!

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Are these legal in california?

I don’t see why not there is no poison, but don’t waste your money

If these fly strips don’t contain an attractant, why are they called a ‘magnet’?

I don’t know if they contain something to attract the flies or not but i do know that the flies land on them and never fly away again.

Will it trap bees?

It didn’t trap flies, don’t know if it will work on bees.

Do terro fly magnets contain insecticides or just glue? Is the glue toxic?

This product does not contain insecticides and uses non-toxic glue.

Will fluctuations in temperature affect the function of these (i live in a place that gets cold in the late fall/winter/ early spring)?

If this product becomes too cold, the glue may not be as sticky. If it is in too high of a temperature, the glue could melt.

Will this attract bsf (black soldier flies)?

This product does not contain an attractant but should capture and eliminate all types of flying insects.

Can someone tell me how to keep this stupid thing ftom coiling up?

It doesn’t matter if it coils up. It works fine to catch flies coiled up. I hung mine up with a clothespin. Works great.

Where are these made?

This was made in the usa, somewhere in pennsylvania. Hope that helps!

How do u hang these?

This product comes with a red ribbon at the top. You can hang your fly paper with the included tack or by looping the red ribbon around a nail. Avoid hanging in a windy area. For best results, hang in the corner of a room.

Does it atteact and trap house flys?

Yes, this product works well for house flies.

Does this catch horse flies

It didn’t work very well for house flies, so i doubt it would work for the horse flies. If they happen to land on it they will not fly again, but they will not be attracted to it. The few my fly strips caught were purely by accident.

Are this ruined if they get rained on?

Even without rain it did not work for me, but if you want to get rid of ants, they have the only thing that works.

Do they attract all kinds of flies?

This trap attracts and catches many types of flies.

Does it atteact and trap house flys?

Yes, this trap is a great option for house flies!

What solvent to use for for glue removal if needed?

The glue is vegetable oil soluble.

Do you hang them inside or outside ?

I hang it outside but you could also hang it indoors. I don’t see why you would have that many flies in the house.

Do they still work if they are rained on?

Rain may make the sticky paper soggy. We recommend protecting them from the elements.

Will these catch phorid and drain flies?

This trap can be used to catch house flies and other airborne insects.

TERRO T518 Fly Magnet Sticky Fly Paper Fly Trap, 8 Count (Pack of 1) AMAZON

Yakibest.com : TERRO T518 Fly Magnet Sticky Fly Paper Fly Trap, 8 Count (Pack of 1) : Patio, Lawn & Garden

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Worked surprisingly well

At first i thought it just wasn’t working because the flies were going basically everywhere but the paper. Went to bed and woke up the next morning to find it completely covered in them so just give it some time. It didn’t attract all of them but it was enough that i just got the few strays with a vacuum and it was problem solved. To make it go much quicker leave a single light source on overnight in problem rooms and put it by that.
I actually feel pretty bad for using it but it got the job done for me. I had a bad infestation and no matter how many i vacuumed up every day they seemed to just never stop (even with no food source!) until i tried this.

5Expert Score
Saved me from a mess.

So.. I kinda messed up.. Bought potatoes and left them out. Phorrid flies decided they liked them. Had a few in the house so i chucked the potatoes and put them in the trash in the garage. Bad idea! The flies went mad! Sooo many of them! I put these up to combat it until i could get someone to get emergency trash pickup, they must’ve caught a million of the horrible things. My shame should be your success lol. Worth it if you need it! Felt gross to need it but.. It happens i guess.

5Expert Score
Must buy

I had a real bad fly problem in my kitchen and once i put these bad boys up the flies was sticking to it in time. I didn’t realize how much flies i had until the end of the week when the whole trap was filled up. My only problem i had was opening up the fly trap. Some of the traps ripped but maybe that was because of how i opened it up i’m not sure.

5Expert Score
Magic wand makes gnats disappear fast!

I came home from a trip out of town to find lots of gnats, and i wanted them gone fast. I hung up some paper rolls but didn’t want to wait for the gnats to fly into them, so here’s how i got rid of all the gnats in one evening by creating a magic wand to make gnats disappear.

I unrolled the roll part way and grasped the end with tongs. I then slid the tongs’ locking bar up the tongs to hold the cardboard roll and waved the wand near wherever the gnats were resting, and even in the air when they began to fly. The gnats flew into the wand and stuck. As the rolls became full of gnats, i just released the lock and dropped the full roll into the trash. I repeated the process until all the gnats were gone. This magic wand is amazingly quick, easy and effective.

5Expert Score
Catch flies, then make them suffer until they die!!

I had a fly problem. Bought these, now i bring roadkill into my garage to breed flies and catch them on these fly traps. Then i scream obscenities at them and mock the flies while they die slowly. 10/10 would buy again….

5Expert Score
Saved me after a yam disaster!

I left my apartment for a week to visit friends and came back to find it swarmed with fruit flies…turns out i had left a bag of yams on top of the fridge which had rotted and attracted a biblical plague! This fly paper worked like a charm to get rid of them. Highly recommend!

5Expert Score
Keep these in the garage over the trash

These are great, keep them over the trash barrels in the garage and they do a fabulous job at fly catching. Easy to remove and throw away. Do not touch the sticky tape or get it on your clothing. Makes a mess removing it, but it works

5Expert Score
Great for camping!

Always good and reliable. Kept our tent flying insect free for 5 days. Mosquitoes, flys, and others all stuck on this instead of us.

5Expert Score

Had a bunch of flies in my kitty litter box. Hung this and it caught them all in 1 day! Whew, so glad they are gone. It really worked!

5Expert Score
This product actually works

It worked on catching the flies out on the porch and in the basement and then the house. I brought relief

4Expert Score
These really work very well

They need to think of something besides the thumbtack; my walls were impenetrable. I taped them up.

These aren’t cute, but they sure do the job! No more fleas since we put them up. Will be taken down again shortly.

4Expert Score
Great value for the money

The adhesive on this paper was fantastic. I was able to see flies actually touch it once and get stuck for good. There is no unpleasant odor on the trap either. It does seem to have a light fruit smell, but it honestly don’t do much to attract flies otherwise. When my fly problems were at their peak, these traps caught a ton.

4Expert Score
They work

They work. They’re really sticky so make sure you wash your hands well if it gets on your skin. When the flies do land on it, they’re not going anywhere. After a few days, you can take it down and toss it in the bin.

4Expert Score
It works!

This fly paper worked quite well. I was a bit worried when i opened it and noticed that the cardboard tube felt too light. It didn’t really weight the paper down, so the tape stayed pretty tightly coiled. But it worked and i am happy. I tried a new way of hanging them, which worked better for me than using the provided thumbtacks. (the thumbtacks are really hard to get into the window frames or whatever.) i used clothespins to hang them from curtain rods, light fixtures, hooks, etc. Worked like a charm, and i didn’t have to risk getting the sticky stuff on my hands!! Would definitely buy again.

4Expert Score
Hyper sticky

You can catch all the flies with this thing.

Keep away from children.

No seriously.

Also adults who are children because this thing will absolutely connect their hair to your shirt with the flies attached for an audience.

Screams are not included.

4Expert Score
Work as advertised

Work as advertised but i feel the tape dried out very fast

4Expert Score
It's catch flys

Catch flys

4Expert Score
Catches flies. So i'm happy

Works good but a bit expensive

4Expert Score
Works well

Works well

4Expert Score
Worked like it should.

Easy to use. Caught the flies that were taking over my kitchen.

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