The art of crochet: a trendy hobby between creativity and relaxation

Crochet is an art that has been handed down for centuries: from mother to daughter, from grandmother to granddaughter . A very current hobby to discover and try that gives great satisfaction. Forgotten for many years, today it has become a popular pastime especially since famous designers all over the world have brought extraordinary crochet creations to the catwalk, dusting off an old tradition. So crochet becomes a way to create beautiful, original and fashionable tops, dresses or accessories that too often have prohibitive costs. 

The art of crochet: a powerful stress reliever

In addition to enriching the wardrobe with new and trendy garments, crochet also seems to be a powerful anti-stress: it removes bad thoughts and makes you find calm and serenity. To devote yourself to this practice you need great concentration, the movement that is always the same to be repeated several times becomes a real mantra that helps to empty the mind of anxiety and worries. In short, a way to dedicate some time to yourself by focusing your attention only on what you are doing.  The great effort will be rewarded by the satisfaction of having created with your own hands unique and exclusive clothing or accessories to wear and show off with pride. 

What can be done in crochet

Knowing how to crochet will therefore also give you the opportunity to save money and make original and personalized gifts. From tops to bikinis to skirts to dresses to hats: you can really do anything. The only limit will be your imagination. Also very trendy are the crocheted tiles that many designers use to decorate jeans, sweaters and jackets. Also very popular in home decor. The crochet blankets made with tiles, -for example-, have become a must: colorful and original they give a chic touch to the environment, refined and a little retro.

How to learn how to crochet

For those wondering: how is crochet done? The first step is to buy the “tools” of the trade that are easily found in all haberdashery, at the supermarket and even online there are complete kits. In addition to crochet you will need creative patterns to follow. On different sites there are many to download and print for free. If you find it difficult to work with just those there are also fun and comprehensive tutorials (videos) to watch that will give you simple and precise instructions on what to do. Beginners could try Tunisian crochet at the beginning, a very long iron, without the classic flattening for the thumb and instead equipped with a ball at one end to prevent the stitches from slipping. 

Crochet for beginners: the first steps

When you are not too familiar with this art or you have to start from scratch it is always better to start from the basic points to learn the technique well. It may seem like a limit but it is not so because the crochet works that can be done with the chain stitch, the single crochet and the double crochet are so many. By adding to these other simple stitches such as the half double crochet and the extra high crochet you can achieve excellent results. It is also advisable to start with rectangular or square works so you will not have to increase or decrease the stitches, a procedure that at the beginning can be too complex. Equally useful could be to try your hand at small jobs that can be finished quickly to avoid getting discouraged and abandoning everything on the first try. 

For the more experienced there is amigurumi

For the more experienced, apart from crochet clothes and accessories, with crochet you can also create delicious stuffed puppets. It is the amigurumi , a complex Japanese technique that involves a work in three dimensions. You can create beautiful gifts for the little ones or make small ones to use as decorations. A technique suitable for those who already know the basics and for those who have a great desire to experiment. Also in this case, there are many schemes to follow that will facilitate the work and in the end give great satisfaction.

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