The Chameleon, Award-Winning Board Game for Families & Friends

The Chameleon, Award-Winning Board Game for Families & Friends The Chameleon, Award-Winning Board Game for Families & Friends : Toys & Games

What are the chameleon features?

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  • Catch the chameleon: a sneaky family board game of social deduction where players must race to catch the chameleon before it’s too late
  • One secret word: in this board game everyone knows the secret word—except for the player with the chameleon card
  • Don’t get caught: use hidden codes, carefully chosen words, and a bit of finger-pointing to track down the guilty player… Before they blend in and escape!
  • Easy to learn, quick to play: like all good family board games, it takes 2 minutes to learn and only 15 minutes to play. Recommended for 3-8 players and ages 14+
  • Multi-award winning: ‘best party game’ at uk games expo. ‘seal of excellence’ from dice tower games. A perfect board game for adults and teenagers
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The Chameleon, Award-Winning Board Game for Families & Friends AMAZON The Chameleon, Award-Winning Board Game for Families & Friends : Toys & Games

Looking for specific info?

Are there any uncomfortable sexual content or vulgar language in this game?

This is a great family game! No vulgar or questionable language is part of the play. Have fun!

Why is this board game marked us non-returnable by amazon for ‘for safety reasons, items containing flammable liquids or gases can’t be returned’

Just ignore it but you won’t want to return it. It’s a lot of fun. Play with 8 it’s more fun!

Can you play herd mentality with more than 20 people? Would it require anything additional like a second game set?

I played this for the first time with a large group. We used a 3×5 index card to write answers on. A moderator was appointed. She asked the questions aloud, then called on a few people to say their answers. People raised their hand if they had the same answer. We gave points if we were part of the most popular answer group. We didn’t use the cow or tokens but played to a specified number of points: i think it was 10 points. It was still lots of fun. Modify rules and procedures as you wish. No need to have more than 1 game.

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Would 13 and 14 year olds enjoy this game as a party game? Or would they be bored by it?

Hi there,

while the recommended age for the chameleon is 14+, i think 13 year olds would have a great time with this too!

Hope this helps!

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How do you keep everyone from knowing who the chameleon is if you put the cards face down? Both sides give the chameleon away! Am i missing something?

No, it shouldn’t have it on both sides. May be a bad batch? Only the one holding the chameleon card should know and the ones not homie if it know they are not it.

Can you order more topic cards?

Hi – we don’t have any plans for an expansion pack just yet – but do keep an eye out on our website ‘big potato games’ or sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop!

Team tato

We received this game for christmas. We have the topic and code cards, but we are missing the chameleon cards. Is there a way to get these?

Did you reach out to the creator of the game?

What is the minimum number of players you can have?

The box says 3-8 players.

How do you determine the ‘majority’ in the game? Does everyone vote?

If there is a tie, rock paper scissors is a great alternative. If that is a tie, a foot race around the block should do it.

What happens if more than one person stands out?

It definitely happens, but you get to have an interesting discussion about which answer stands out more and why. It makes the game even more fun!

Do you need to write to play?

You do not need to write – there is a component where you can keep score (like a tally) but it isn’t necessary.

How many answer pads come in the set?

Hi there,

herd mentality currently comes with 2 answer pads!

I hope this helps,
team tato

Tiene el juego de chamaleon pero en español?

¡perdón por el traductor de google! Lamentablemente, no lo hacemos, ¡pero se lo devolveré a nuestro equipo en el futuro!
Team tato

The description says ‘recommended for 3-8 players’. Does that mean 8 is the max, or could you get away with more people playing?

You ll have 8 charts but if you print more of them then you can get away with it.

Why will shipping take place 2 months later?


this new version won’t be in stock on amazon til later this year. The 2021 version is the same game but in a smaller more eco friendly box. We still have stock of the original large-sized game which is available for order today – hope this helps!

Team tato

Where can i find the mask used in the advertisement?

Hi there,

if you search lizard mask chameleon head on google, you should be able to find the mask of your dreams, (or nightmares)!

Hope this helps,
team tato

How many code cards and chameleon cards are there?

There are 2 sets of code and chameleon cards, each has 1 chameleon card and 7 code cards!

I hope this helps,
team tato

How do you start the game if you end up dealing yourself the chameleon card? Because the dealer is supposed to give the first clue.

Cards are shuffled and then distributed facedown. No one knows who the chameleon is that way. If the dealer is the chameleon, he/she will have to be a really good bluffer. It’s happened a few times when we’ve played — sometimes successfully and sometimes its really obvious they don’t have a clue of what the answer is.

What is the difference between 2020 and 2021 versions?

Hi traci!

This is still the classic herd mentality that you know and love 🙂

The Chameleon, Award-Winning Board Game for Families & Friends AMAZON The Chameleon, Award-Winning Board Game for Families & Friends : Toys & Games

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Fun game that's easy to pick up

I got exposed to this game after a gamenight and just had to buy it myself! Easy to learn and quick to play, i recommend it to anyone looking for a new game to play with friends or family.

5Expert Score
Great family friendly game for everyone

Had so much fun playing this game with some people we never met before. It’s a great conversation started and pg so kids can play. You don’t need to know the people you are playing with like a lot of other games to have a good time!

5Expert Score
Fantastic game!

I have been playing board games for quite some time and saw this on a youtube channel and had to buy it. This game is one of the easiest games to pick up and play with pretty much anyone! Looking for a fun party game where you sometimes have some hilarious answers? This is it!

My only critique is the amount of what if questions where it’s a question the followed with answers they provide. I found there to be quite a few of those as opposed to coming up with your own answer. That’s literally my only thing but that’s small.

Get this game for your collection!

5Expert Score
So much fun

It was tricky to get it down at first but once we did. Its so much fun. We
all had a blast playing it

5Expert Score
Fun game

We played this game at game night and at a family function. Fun for large groups and for all ages. Would recommend.

5Expert Score
Highly recommend this for some great laughs, especially with older parents!

This game allows you to get super clever with your family and friends, and i would definitely suggest this for some good laughs. It is super easy to learn and doesn’t require too much space or too many pieces. It would also be a great gift for anyone who loves to play games, and would be a great drinking game as well!

5Expert Score
Hope you have a poker face

This is a fun game once you get the hang of it.
But i can’t bluff worth a darn so i’m not very good at it.
We have had fun with it.

5Expert Score
The kids and adults love it

Bought for family game night. The kids and adults enjoyed the game. Win/win all around.

5Expert Score
Fun family game

I play this game with my teens and they enjoy it. It isn’t a game you can play for hours, but for a quick game it’s fun for a few rounds. It’s easy to learn and good fun for adults and kids.

5Expert Score
Fantastic family game

Our family loves playing games together, especially ones that allow us to socialize while playing. Because our children range in age from pre-teen through college-aged, it can be difficult to find a game that is accessible, fun, and engaging for everyone. Chameleon checks all the boxes: it is easy to learn, so everyone can participate with a legitimate change of winning. The rounds go quickly (~5 minutes each), so we can play multiple games in one sitting. And its fun – we have laughed out loud together every time we play this game, and the conversations we have during and after game time are priceless. Lastly, it does require some strategy, enough to be interesting to older kids, but accessible to the youngest. In fact, our youngest ended up being one of the very best chameleons. Glad we tried it.

The game itself: a topic card is selected by the dealer, revealing an array of secret words all related to a given topic, e.g. Disney characters, sports, presidents, etc. The dealer then rolls a pair of dice, yielding a letter/number combination corresponding to one of these secret words. All of the players have a code card which then allows them to decode the identity of the secret word…except for the chameleon – their ‘code’ card simply tells them they are the chameleon for that particular round.

Each player then takes a turn supplying a clue related to the secret word, with the goal of providing a clue that is vague (or deceptive) enough to throw off the chameleon, but not so off-base that they are then chosen as the chameleon. The chameleon must try to provide their own clue based off of what they hear from the others…but this can be difficult depending on when they have to supply their clue. Once everyone has provided a clue, players vote on the chameleon’s identity. If the vote is incorrect, the chameleon scores 2 points. If the chameleon is identified, they can still score 1 point by guessing the secret word correctly, otherwise the other players score 2 points.

4Expert Score
Fun game in the end with some solvable issues

The good: the game is ultimately very fun.

The bad: the game’s box lists the contents as: “56 cards, 1 six-sided die, 1 eight-sided die, 1 marker, 1 custom card, 1 custom card, 1 instruction sheet”. The box is missing the second custom card. And, the inner packaging could be improved as my instruction sheet and one custom card are damaged due to insufficient packaging.

There were indeed 56 total cards, but there are not 1 custom card and 1 other custom card as the box lists.

The inner components of the box (that would hold the cards, dice, etc). Are flimsy cardboard so they don’t hold together firmly. So, i ended up recycling those right away and repackaging the parts. The construction and packaging ended up allowing the one custom card and instruction sheet to slip over and into and around the size of the box, causing them to fold over, creating creases i cannot remove even after flattening them out.

Final verdict: i have played the game before and i know how fun it is. Adding the listed second custom card would be easy to fix. And the inner packaging could just skip the flimsy cardboard holders completely (they are destined for the recycling anyway) and instead package the cards in a paper envelope/ paper pouch that is held securely under puffy packing material. This would probably be just as or more environmentally friendly, and would prevent the cards from nearly sliding out of the box and being folded or otherwise damaged. Cheers!

4Expert Score
Family friendly-appropriate for my teens

Simple game, doesn’t involve much and doesn’t last forever

4Expert Score
Fun for 4 or more

Played with my 2 sisters and giggled til we were in tears since i’m a terrible poker face and kept getting that damn chameleon card! We know each so well, it was very easy to guess who the chameleon was. Might be best for larger groups, but we thought it was hilarious if not for the intended reason. And isn’t that what game night is all about?

4Expert Score
Great game

I would give it 5 stars but our box was missing the chameleon card for the blue topics so we can only play green.

4Expert Score
Seller places shipping label directly on box??!!

Great game, easy to learn and fun to play. I gave it four stars because this seller( the potato shop) places the shipping label directly on the game box which defaces the box.

4Expert Score
Surprisingly simple and fun.

We got this for my child’s birthday (age 13). Reading the description, i was skeptical. And reading the instructions once we got it, i was still a little skeptical. But it turned out to be surprisingly fun.

The premise is simple: all players, except for the ‘chameleon’, know the secret word chosen from a visible possible words list. Those in the know try to suggest clues by word association – something vague enough so as not to give it away to the chameleon without getting so vague as to be suspected as the chameleon. The chameleon tries to figure out the secret word from these clues and offers their own without sounding off-base. After each round, everyone votes who they think is the chameleon. If properly identified, the chameleon has one chance to come out with a few points: identify the secret word.

In practice, the secret word cards follow a similar theme, making it more possible for the chameleon to blend in. Sometimes, the chameleon ends up going early in the rotation, and some really funny clues get proffered. Other times, rounds can be quite hard. So there is a lot of variety, and people sometimes suggest comical clues. Rounds can be quite quick, and they can be quite rewarding.

You can even create your own topic cards wth a supplied wipe-board and dry-erase pen.

All-in-all, i would recommend the game. It’s great for a mix of teenagers and adults.

4Expert Score
Great game

We seriously enjoy this game. A lot of good family fun. The pig’s leg broke off during game #1 so that’s kind of a bummer.

4Expert Score

This game was kind of cute, but definitely form over function. Like they spent so much time making it kitchy, the game isn’t anything special

4Expert Score
Challenging and fun

We bought several games as family christmas gifts…this was relatively easy to pick up the rules, but challenging so that we didn’t get tired of it. Rated high by all who played. With regards to value, i find most board games expensive, but this was reasonable.

4Expert Score
Simple game for younger kids

It’s an ok game. Simple to learn and play. Was looking for a game easy enough for 9 year olds to grasp but engaging enough for 16 yr olds. The tweens loved it the teens thought it boring.
It’s good for families but you’ll never get your teens to play it on their own.

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