THE COMFY Original | Oversized Microfiber & Sherpa Wearable Blanket, Seen On Shark Tank, One Size Fits All (Blush)

THE COMFY Original | Oversized Microfiber & Sherpa Wearable Blanket, Seen On Shark Tank, One Size Fits All (Blush) THE COMFY Original | Oversized Microfiber & Sherpa Wearable Blanket, Seen On Shark Tank, One Size Fits All (Blush) : Home & Kitchen

What are the comfy original | oversized microfiber & sherpa wearable blanket features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Makes for a great gift: it’s the perfect birthday, christmas, best friend or anytime gifts for women and men. The comfy original wearable blanket screams outs gifts for mom, gifts for her, gifts for girlfriend, gifts for teenage girls, girlfriend gifts, gifts for grandma, gifts for wife, cool gifts, gifts for sister and so much more!
  • Fun and functional: we’re the brand that launched a world-wide craze and made wearing your blanket a thing. The comfy original wearable blanket is the world’s first of its kind letting you stay warm and cozy wherever you are: watching tv, playing video games, working on your laptop, camping, attending a sporting event or concert, & more.
  • Extreme comfort & luxury material: pull your legs into the plush fluffy sherpa to cover yourself completely on the couch, roll the sleeves up to make yourself a snack, & move around freely while taking your warmth wherever you go. Don’t worry about slipping or sliding sleeves. It doesn’t drag on the floor either. It’s double layered with luxurious fleece microfiber on the outside and premium fluffy sherpa on the inside.
  • Oversized everything: it’s giant, and it’s supposed to be! We started with a men’s 5xl and have only gone bigger from there. With a huge plush hood, marsupialtm pocket, oversized sleeves and a high-low hem, the comfy is like being hugged by a cloud! Bring it to the next outdoor barbeque, camping trip, beach, drive-in, sleepover or wear it to school! Now you can wear your blanket anywhere!
  • Makes a great gift: for moms, dads, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends & students on mother’s day, father’s day, 4th of july, hanukkah, christmas, easter, valentine’s day, thanksgiving, new year’s eve, birthdays, bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, team gifts, back to school, graduation & prime gifts. Just pick a color and you’re done!
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THE COMFY Original | Oversized Microfiber & Sherpa Wearable Blanket, Seen On Shark Tank, One Size Fits All (Blush) AMAZON THE COMFY Original | Oversized Microfiber & Sherpa Wearable Blanket, Seen On Shark Tank, One Size Fits All (Blush) : Home & Kitchen

Looking for specific info?

Do you have this in pink for a girl?

People are using this innocent question to try to educate, judge or shame the person asking. Not every single thing is that deep. There are still many people who think pink for girls and blue for boys and that will never change. No big deal. If you feel differently, that’s fine, too.

Will it fit a plus size person like 4x and still feel somewhat loose and what’s the length

I sometimes wear a 4x and this item is still loose and comfy on me. The hem hits me about mid-thigh. I am close to 6′ tall and would like the sleeves to be longer. As a large person, the wristbands can feel tight and restrictive. Especially if you have a long-sleeve shirt on under the hoodie, there can be some cling to the forearms. Also, the pocket sits higher up on my stomach and feels odd rather than sitting on my abdomen where i would rest my hands in a typical sweatshirt. I would still buy the product again though as it is warm and comfy.

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Will this fit a woman 5’9′ who wears a 2x top

Yes, i’m 5’7′, wear xxl and it is very roomy.
Also, this size data might help…
Front length 38 (in.)
back length 41 (in.)
shoulders 31 (in.)
chest/bust 64 (in.)
waist 76 (in.)
bottom hem 80 (in.)

Would this be huge on a petite person? She’s 5’ 2” and about 105 lbs. Need to know before i buy.

I believe so. My wife is 5’9′ and it’s pretty large on her. It drops down to mid thy. But on the positive note the bigger the better. She can curl up into it while hanging out. My wife has 2 and we have gotten 4 more for people we know. Great buy. I would wash asap cause it does come with a funky industrial smell. 1 wash with some unstoppables and the smell is gone forever.

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I heard they had some issues with the neck hole being a little small did they fix that

I cannot say if the manufactures have altered the size of the neck hole , but l purchased a comfy a while ago and have worn it many times . I am a big man and have never had any difficulty getting into it . It fits me very well and keeps me warm and comfortable . So much so that l have been able to reduce my heating by a couple of degrees . Good news all around . I have no connection to the comfy firm .

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Will this fit a 4′ 9′ 75 pound tween?

It’s oversized for everyone, but the smaller the person, the bigger it is.

Do you have ankle or floor lenght ones?

I don’t know. I received a jacket. Not what i ordered.

How do i get it in blue?

Qvc wal-mart

It smells bad. I have washed it but it still smells. Anyone else have this issue???

I washed it twice with gain pod and the gain sprinkles (added 1/2 c of vinegar the one load) then let it air dry and it smells fine to me 🙂

Am returning comfy purchased through amazon. Do i return in comfy shipping box or in amazon shipping box?

Follow the return instructions.

I want a tracker on my recent order

I haven’t gotten anything back either. Amazon hasn’t notified me that they shipped it yet. The email said the order will be canceled by the 13th if no update. I contacted the company but if i get no reply or update, i’ll be very upset 🙁

We have ordered the mini mouse polka dot original three times and returned it twice because the company is shipping us the comfy dream moose ?

Hi there, thanks for reaching out and we are so sorry to hear you are receiving the incorrect item in your order. Please reach out to our customer service department and we will make it right!

Is this item also for me n fits men sizes ??

The comfy is designed overly large so it will fit most sizes. The one i purchase for my sister (who is maybe 70lbs or approx. 32kg lighter than i am) fits me fine.

When are they coming out with this in black?

I got this in black and have had it for over a month . Amazon for some reason don’t sell the black ones .

Do they have a contact phone number? I’ve tried email and their social media to contact them and haven’t heard anything back. It’s been a month..

I’d contact amazon support – they are amazing at responding! They want to make sure you are satisfied. I received mine days before the estimated delivery date.

Will this fit a size 14?

It is giant! It would fit a size 20. I wear and 14, and it is very big and comfy cozy on me.

Is this hypoallergenic? I have dust allergies

We washed it before using it and wash it frequently. My daughter has allergies and it has not bothered her, but i can not say it is definitely hypoallergenic.

Is the leopard print soft on the outside or is more of a cotton material?

Didn’t order that one but i think they are all soft. Sorry if no help.

Is the quarter zip the size of an adult or original?

Adult/original are the standard size and the comfy jr is the child’s size.

Is it good for airline travel

We are planning to wear them on our upcoming trip. My kids love them so much. I think they will keep them soft and cozy on the flight. They are like wearing a blanket plus a hood!

THE COMFY Original | Oversized Microfiber & Sherpa Wearable Blanket, Seen On Shark Tank, One Size Fits All (Blush) AMAZON THE COMFY Original | Oversized Microfiber & Sherpa Wearable Blanket, Seen On Shark Tank, One Size Fits All (Blush) : Home & Kitchen

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
This is the one any product review this thing needs

I will start off by saying i am writing this review out of anger. If you want the product review, skip to the next paragraph because this one will be explaining the reason i now have 2. I bought this thing as a gift for my girlfriend. Well, it showed up and said “the happy” on the box. Me, thinking it was a fake, started a return and planned on sending it back. Cut to two weeks later and my girlfriend’s birthday is now right around the corner. I place a new order being shipped directly from “the comfy” and the new box arrives with “the happy” on the side of the box. Needless to say i’m unhappy but i’m also confused at why the original maker of the item would sell a fake one. I open the box and find the inner box is the correct item. So the next day, i give it to my girlfriend.

My girlfriend, fake excitement and all, puts it on to do a little modeling before taking it off (definitely needs to be washed after coming out of the vacuum seal). Well, she convinces me to keep the one i still haven’t returned so we can match and wear them on movie nights. I get home, have to do laundry and start a load with this thing thrown in the wash as well. I’m worried the color might bleed so i only washed it with like colors but that wasn’t even necessary, it washed perfectly. Drying wasn’t bad either, i figured there may be some shrinkage or it may take forever to fully dry but i was pleasantly surprised to find out neither was true. I put it on and this is what i found.





I was a marine, i thought i’ve known comfort, the comfort of being home, hugged by a loved one, the love of a dog who hasn’t seen you in months. I thought i knew comfort, until my mind was blown straight off my head, pink mist and all. This thing was like being hugged by god. Still warm from the dryer, i’m afraid i don’t have any serotonin to enjoy on anything else for the rest of my life. Picture me, standing in a room over my bed, my clothes half put away and me saying out loud “no way” and “there’s just no way.” i’m flabbergasted. My amount of problems on a daily basis is low, but they just went through the roof as i try to decide what is important enough for me to take this thing off. Food? It can wait, i’ll starve before i take this thing off. Sex? Better get comfortable with not seeing my body. Company? Pfft, fat chance. I can’t believe i’m saying this, but this dumb looking thing just made me question how i ever lived without it. Damnit. Buy one, you won’t regret it.

5Expert Score
Best gift ever for a mom with everything

My mom has absolutely everything and it is impossible to get her anything she says she wants before she buys it herself. When i saw this i knew it would be absolutely perfect for her and she would love it. And she did! It came and she immediately put it out and started raving how soft, warm, and comfortable it is. She’s 5’2 so it goes to about her knees, which she likes, extra perk her toy poodle also fits in the pocket for extra snuggles! Overall i couldn’t be happier i got my mom such an amazing gift and she’s so hard to get gifts for! I will definitely buy more for myself and others for christmas

5Expert Score
Comfortable and warm

Let me start by saying that i like to be nice and cozy when i am at home hanging out in my room watching tv or just binge-watching things on netflix or hulu or disney + or even when i am on my i pad & since a lot of things have changed for a lot of people since covid -19 and we can’t go to work or school & a lot of people are having to do there work on zoom for now and since a lot of people can not see or be with their families right now. Especially people who have disabilities or older people anyone else so my grandparents sent me an amazon gift card so i could decide what i wanted to get for my christmas gift so i couldn’t decide what i still wanted to get myself so i looked on amazon for a while and then i came across the comfy original oversized microfiber & sherpa wearable blanket as seen on shark tank so i ordered one in the blush color on saturday, december 12th, 2020 & it says that it will be arriving by wednesday, december 23rd by 8 pm i can’t wait to get my comfy because i have bought stuff online before from here and it wasn’t as good as everyone says it was & as much $$ as i have spent it didn’t end up being junk. Or falling apart in the washer and dryer as much money as this was i hope that doesn’t happen again. Now for the good talking about why i bought this for myself i was born with cerebral palsy it’s called cp for short i can walk with help from walker or if i didn’t have that i would get around in a wheelchair or with crutches if i didn’t have the walker you see i don’t have a very good balance in my legs and my body doesn’t get very good circulation to keep me warm so i would have to take warm baths or showers just to get nice and warm and i would get dressed as fast as possible to get all warm and cozy again so i don’t get cold with socks & i would have to make sure that they are thicker to keep my feet warm & comfortable and i have had the snuggle i like it for a while i took it on a trip with me but it got lost & it was always too long & i am 4,11. So i was always walking on it. & taking it on & off. To get up to do something & that what i didn’t like about it when i found this i was so happy when i found this. I can’t wait to get this i hope it’s everything everyone else is saying it is i think a lot of people who have difficulty getting warm should have one of these or whoever has very poor circulation if they have a disability or not so i can’t truly say anything else because i. Don’t have it yet

update when i knew my comfy was coming on the 23 i was very excited to get the box so i waited for the ups guy to deliver it to my front door and he left then i opened the door very excited to get it into my house and try it out anyway, so i took it out of the box and i couldn’t believe my eyes of how big the comfy was i put it on and i was in heaven it was so soft next to my skin i had been wearing it from the time it arrived into that evening but i put it in my closet for the first night because i was afraid of getting too hot in the first night but i had it on all day long, i even slept in my comfy on the second day it was so comfortable and so warm that i didn’t need any other blankets i didn’t even sleep under my sheets on my bed i just slept on the top blanket and that was all i need for the night it was wonderful and i am someone who gets colder than a lot more than someone else who is good at keeping warm at night it’s december 26th and i am going go to sleep with my new favorite christmas gift my comfy. If you want the best way to get warm when it comes to being cold or chilly. Get the original comfy it’s worth the money but when you order it check to make sure that you buy it from the comfy when it comes to who the seller is first and foremost whenever you are looking which sells it because then you can know for sure if you’re getting a knock off or not night comfy wold

5Expert Score
The best thing ever for someone stuck at home

I got this product because it’s advertised as a sweatshirt blanket and it’s everything i’ve ever wanted and more. I was considering getting the comfy dream (the one with no lining) but the comfy original is so plush and warm. When i was comparing comfys’ though, i found a lot of vague reviews so i decided to write my own!

The pros:

-the outside is incredibly soft (a bit plastic-y but still incredibly silky)
-since its a bit plastic-y it’s also water-resistant (from light splashes and spills, not heavy rain or anything)
-the cuffs are plenty loose on the wrists (i saw reviews saying they were too tight to be comfortable – granted my wrist is ~4in round)
-the neck opening is large enough for my big head plus my bun plus my glasses plus my over the ear headphones to get through
-i can easily tuck my legs up into the torso area without it being tight (for reference i’m 5’4 and 130 pounds-ish)
-the bottom edge is loose (not like a sweatshirt) so it isn’t something that rides up and needs to be pulled down
-the hood is loose even with over the ear headphones and a bun
-the sleeves can be slipped over the hands to keep warm but do not slip down over the hand with regular wearing
-mine didn’t come smelling horrible (some reviews complained about a horrible smell, i got mine in maroon if color matters?)
-the bottom edge covers to my knee when i sit normally at a desk
-the pocket isn’t lined so your hands get all the goodness of the soft silky outside material
-the pocket is mega big! I can fit a nintendo switch or a large ipad in with no issues
-it’s easy to lift up to use the bathroom (just ball it up in one arm and you’re good to go!)
-i haven’t had a ‘quality’ issue as of yet (some people complained about seams popping, but none of mine have. Mine doesn’t even have a loose string)

the cons:

-the sherpa lining is a bit ‘grabby’ (this could be a problem if your hands are/get really dry in the winter or if you plan to wear this camping where things could be pokey)
-the outside covering isn’t attached to the lining at the pocket (this is because they consider it reversible, but it can make heavy things a bit awkward)
-the hood doesn’t have any cinchers (not a problem for me, but if you want to wear this outside in windy situations, it could be a problem)
-this may not fit people in the intended way if they are larger than a men’s large or women’s extra-large (it might be difficult to pull your legs up and in, or the sleeves might be too short)
-the length might not be good on everyone (if you want something waist length and you’re under 6′, it’ll be long, if you want something longer than your knees and you’re over 5’4, it’ll be short)
-it does not stretch over your knees if you sit criss-cross-applesauce (at least not if you’re my height, maybe on a smaller kid)
-it’s a little bit… Ugly. It’s not a fashion item, but it’s not something i’d wear to the grocery store. (maybe the post office, but that’s about it)
-not a good thing to wear to bed because it’s rather big and can get tangled around you if you toss and turn (and impossible to escape if you start to overheat)

i gave the comfy such high ratings because it’s an incredible invention, even if they should release a second size for larger people (they do advertise this as ‘one size fits all’ and it’ll fit if you’re under a 5xl, but not the way they intend it to be worn).

A 4-star rating for softness because the sherpa is grabby and it’s rather bothersome, but not a dealbreaker for me (if it is, get a comfy dream).

A 5-star rating for giftablity because this is perfect for cozy holidays, little kids who love blankets, sports fans who go to lots of games (especially hockey and football), parents who have to drive their kids to school very early in the morning, students who are now working from home, people who like outdoor living (bonfires, lake life, early morning outdoor coffee), people who get cold very easy/live in chilly houses, and the movie night lover! Even if you’re considering getting this for a gift swap, do it! It’s better than socks, less expensive than a lot of other gifts, can’t be misinterpreted (you can’t get someone the wrong size when it’s one size), can’t be accidentally offensive/unusable (like getting someone with a chronic headache condition strongly scented candles), and still has a little novelty factor while still being practical.

As for warmth, another 5-star rating. It’s extremely warm (almost too warm for weather above 60 degrees f) and absolutely perfect for fall and winter.

Something to remember: even if you order the comfy and hate it for whatever reason, you can still return it for a full refund!

5Expert Score
So comfortable, warm, and soft!!!!

High quality and worth the price. It was larger than i expected but i’m glad it is, it goes halfway down my shins (i am 5’4). If you’re a person that tends to be cold, this product is for you! It’s now the warmest thing i own, perfect for winter. I will be gifting this! Inside sherpa is so cozy and the outer layer is so soft. Highly recommend!

5Expert Score
Very warm and soft!

I love this snuggie!! I was introduced to the snuggie in astralia visiting my daughter. She keeps her home very cold. So when it snapped cold her at home, i sent off for one of my own and am very happy with mine! I wish the head opening was slightly larger as it sometimes is a little difficult getting my head into the hole, but overall, i love it. It’s very warm!!

5Expert Score
Literally the best blanket and hoodie combo ever

I bought this because my girlfriend had one and i would always ask to wear it. This product is amazing in every way possible. Its so soft, like literally clouds, its warm but breathable, go buy one

5Expert Score
My grandson wears it every night!

My 13 yr old grandson wanted the comfy for his birthday. I thought he wouldn’t use it but he has surprised me by using it every night! He loves it!

5Expert Score
Comfy cozy

I received this in the spring and didn’t get much use out of it yet. However, i will probably trade in my winter coat for this and live in it 24/7. My husband is thee best ever! <3

5Expert Score
Perfect comfy for winter

This is my 2nd purchase, my oldest daughter now wanted one because she lived her sisters and she’s always cold, so this was perfect.

4Expert Score
Needs a larger head hole

This is huge and will work for the intended purpose, a wearable loose item for fall/winter porch relaxing.
The color is maroon and it is extremely soft. My only complaint is i for some reason expected the area where you put your head through to be much bigger. I am claustrophobic and also do not like things close to my neck and with the shear amount of material you have to climb inside to get this on, finding the small head area almost had me in full panic mode. I will need to make sure i have everything bunched up good before putting on and when taking off.
Otherwise it’s a winner and will keep me warm outside lounging on winter days in the mountains.

4Expert Score
Great holiday gift

Got this for winter holidays, turns out everyone in the house bought someone one of these, now we are matching!

Great for outdoor sporting events in cool weather. Swimmers & waterpolo players are great candidates for one of these.

Needs an exterior patch on back side for outdoor seating around campfire and the likes.

4Expert Score

Love good for camping

4Expert Score

My wife loved it so much, i got her another of a different color.

4Expert Score
Very nice but when we pulled it out of the package it smells

I gave this to my wife for a birthday gift. I is exactly as what they advised. I would buy this product again

4Expert Score
It's truly very comfy!

The product came in an outer box which said that it used far fewer pack
ing materials. Nice. There was another cardboard box within. In that was the actual paperboard package, and within that a vacuum packed item which once fully unfurled was my blue comfy. So much unpacking to do after a promise of less packaging and saving resources, that was rather, um, impressive. Amazon’s over-packing lost a star on that.
Shaking out my wrinkled item i found a soft and cozy walking-around blanket slash sweatshirt, it’s soft, warm, and roomy. The neck opening was tight, but this is what happens when something is in a one size fits most, it will fit the mean average.
I would’ve purchased one with a quarter zip, but those would have been delayed in shipping by longer then i’d care to wait, and as such, it might not get as much use in warmer weather.
All i need is my comfy and a pair of slipper socks and now i’m a happy customer.

All in all i like this item. It’s warm and cuddly, well made, and what i needed in a drafty house in wintertime.
Would make a nice gift for anyone who adores being warm like i do.

Edit: aquick spin in the dryer with a damp towel took care of those packing wrinkles!

4Expert Score
Cute and snuggly

I got this to keep in my car for unexpected cool temperatures

i think the design is reallu cute. My favorite feature is the peekaboo polka dots in the lining.
They double the cute factor.

It fits large as it appears in the pictures so i am pretty sure i could wear it over almost anything.
The sizing makes me think of the little boy all bundled up the the christmas story movie.

The fabric is super soft and very snuggly.
It is something i can see wearing on a cold winter night snuggled up on the couch with a good book.
It seems to be made well. The seams and stitching are all straight and even.
The sleeves are gathered at the wrist with a cuff that keep it in place dispite its large size.

I would buy this agian.

4Expert Score
There needs to be a 4.5 star option

This is almost the greatest thing i’ve found on the internet. So i’m 6 ft tall and this thing fits like a poncho to me. I’m not flexible and a little on the bigger side so i can’t stuff myself into this to keep my feet warm. I know they make an xl version but they need an xxl version since the main thing on me that gets cold are my feet and hands. The hands are easily taken care of with this and i can’t say i’ve ever stayed awake while using this think and just sitting on my recliner. It is so soft, it breaths so i don’t sweat, unless my wife has the space heater on and pointed right at us, and the option of a hood makes this an amazing option for any occasion. Just an fyi for valenties day for those of you who don’t know what to get your girl, or guy for that matter. This is the one product you’ll want you house to be cold so you can use.

4Expert Score
This is crazy big

We got it for my wife and wow it is gigantic. She is 5’1 and 125 so maybe would fit better on anyone else.

4Expert Score
Snuggly and warm

Like – nice and warm. Great to wear when not in bed. Thick material. Great for when it’s really cold and you need to conserve fuel while indoors.

Dislike – neck space too limiting. Wore to bed and felt claustrophobic and triggered slight panic attack. Wish it was adjustable so i could wear to bed. I ended up sleeping with it like a blanket.

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