The Honest Company 2-in-1 Cleansing Shampoo + Body Wash | Gentle for Baby | Naturally Derived, Tear-free, Hypoallergenic | Lavender Calm, 10 fl oz

The Honest Company 2-in-1 Cleansing Shampoo + Body Wash | Gentle for Baby | Naturally Derived, Tear-free, Hypoallergenic | Lavender Calm, 10 fl oz

Buy The Honest Company 2-in-1 Cleansing Shampoo + Body Wash | Gentle for Baby | Naturally Derived, Tear-free, Hypoallergenic | Lavender Calm, 10 fl oz on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are the honest company 2-in-1 cleansing shampoo + body wash | gentle for baby | naturally derived features?

  • Made without: phthalates, parabens, dyes, synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde donors, sls/sles
  • Gentle for baby; perfect for bedtime
  • Dermatologist-tested; hypoallergenic
  • No synthetic fragrances; tear-free
  • Not tested on animals; no animal byproducts

The Honest Company 2-in-1 Cleansing Shampoo + Body Wash | Gentle for Baby | Naturally Derived, Tear-free, Hypoallergenic | Lavender Calm, 10 fl oz AMAZON

Buy The Honest Company 2-in-1 Cleansing Shampoo + Body Wash | Gentle for Baby | Naturally Derived, Tear-free, Hypoallergenic | Lavender Calm, 10 fl oz on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

Looking for specific info?

Is this product soap free?

This product is actually not a soap, it is a cleanser, and actually has no soap in it at all.

Is this vegan?

It doesn’t have parabens, waxes or sulfates. And it has a lot of natural ingredients. But it doesn’t claim that it is a vegan product. I use it as a body wash only, it doesn’t dry my skin out and now i can us minimal body lotion..

The description says plan derived ingredients but is it a vegan product? All plant based and no chemicals ?

If you go to the honest company website you can find lots of additional details on their products. I found this on their website specific to this shampoo so yes it is vegan and chemical free:

“ made in the usa with us and imported materials.

Not tested on animals and no animal byproducts.

Our hypoallergenic body wash and shampoo duo is made without harmful chemicals that irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. It’s made up of mostly natural ingredients like sweet almond oil, jojoba, aloe vera, and coconut oil which moisturize and soothe the skin.”

i use many of the honest company products and i highly recommend them!

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What is the ph of this shampoo? And why won’t the company answer?

I suggest if you can’t get the answer to try another shampoo. We have used it for our 7 year old since he was 2 w/ no eye irritation whatsoever. Hope that answers your question.

Does this contain petroleum-derived ingredients?

From the ingredients listed on their wesbite, it does not appear that any of the are petroleum derived. However, the plastic for the bottle is.

Is the lauryl glucoside derived from coconut or palm oil?

Yes, from coconut oil.

Does this contain aloe?

Our truly calming lavender shampoo + body wash does contain aloe.

Is this gluten free?

Though we do not actively test for the presence of gluten in our shampoo + body wash, to the best of our knowledge, this product does not contain ingredients that could carry gluten or ingredients derived from sources that contain gluten. That said, as each individual and their body is different, we recommend you review the ingredient list (on product packaging, and online) with your physician, as they know your medical history best.

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What is complete ingredient list ?

There is a picture of the back label that shows the ingredient list.

What are cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine, sodium lauryl glucosides hydroxypropylsulfonate, sodium methy listed in the ingredients?

I believe the other answer referencing the think dirty app is correct, but i also recommend the ‘i read labels for you’ website. The person who runs that researches tons of products including this specific shampoo / body wash.

She focuses on things like sensitizing ingredients and ingredients that can release harmful byproducts during their creation. I find her very transparent and neutral and just giving the fact as she understands them, or if she has to give a hypothesis based on limited information she says so.

I personally am not comfortable with all the ingredients she is (like certain preservatives) and not all the products she recommends as ‘non-toxic’ have worked for me, but it’s good information.

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How can i get in contact with the seller?

There should be a button to the right that says message seller. If its not there contact amazon via chat support and they will get you sorted.

Does this wash/shampoo foam?

Does not have a foam pump but lathers nicely.

Is this really tear-free?

Yes, our shampoo + body wash is tear-free. We have selected specific surfactants (the ingredients that cleanse the skin and hair) that are more mild in order to deliver this tea-free benefit. Our shampoo + body wash has undergone testing to ensure that when used as directed, they will be non-stinging to the eyes. We hope this helps!

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How long have you been here?

Feels like forever

My bottle was not sealed with plastic coating and when i removed the cap there was no secondary seal over lid… Was anybody else’s lid not sealed?

It is a pump top so they do not have an inner seal.

Can adults use this as well?


Why is a pack of 5 $162?

Because people suck at math…

Does this contain bha? Or formaldehyde “releasors”?

Thank you for reaching out here! Our shampoo + body wash is formulated without formaldehyde. Thank you!

Has anyone had trouble washing this out? I have used the sweet orange and wanted to give this a try. My hair feels waxy/crusty after.

No no no! I am a 63 year old adult and i can tell you this is extremely easy to rinse out. And, it leaves no residue in you hair either. It leaves your hair soft and very manageable. I use the conditioner and the detaingler and have abosolutly no knotting issues with my hair, that used to be dry brittle hair. This is best hair care products for babies and adults, especially the elderly. I hope this helps in your decision making.

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Does this work for hair loss?

Thank you for reaching out here! Our shampoo + body wash is intended to clean your babe’s delicate skin (or yourself) from head to toe. It was not designed specifically for hair loss or regrowth. We hope this helps!

The Honest Company 2-in-1 Cleansing Shampoo + Body Wash | Gentle for Baby | Naturally Derived, Tear-free, Hypoallergenic | Lavender Calm, 10 fl oz AMAZON

Buy The Honest Company 2-in-1 Cleansing Shampoo + Body Wash | Gentle for Baby | Naturally Derived, Tear-free, Hypoallergenic | Lavender Calm, 10 fl oz on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
The only thing my son can use.

We tried countless brands and found this when my son was about 2. His eczema calmed, we both loved the smell which is kind of a big deal since even the unscented ones stink and it works well. About a year later he had the worst flair he’s ever had. Didn’t even think of it being the $25 for 30 loads laundry detergent that we started using a few months back because it was cheaper than the one we had been using. When there’s a flair like that with no recent changes it’s usually the skin changing it’s mind about body products, we’d been using coconut oil for body lotion for a good while so that probably wasn’t it, so we switched to the unscented version and it got worse. Yes we’d made a change but the super sensitive unscented bath wash from the same good brand couldn’t possibly be the problem so we switched back to the more expensive detergent and there was no change. There is no explaining that desperate, devistating frustration and feeling that you are failing your child to anyone who hasn’t had an eczema child and this one has sensory issues too so he was rejecting pretty much all clothing at this point. We switched back to this one and his forehead was perfect after the first bath and thought his checks might be a little better but it was really hard to tell at that point. It took a bit but his skin kept improving and i am now working on a stock pile that makes doomsday preppers look like amateurs. Stop reading and buy it. If your here looking for something to help with your baby’s eczema or sensitive skin, please please buy it

5Expert Score
I actually got compliments on my hair?!?

I bought this because i was going on a sailing trip and we needed shampoo safe for the coral reefs and such. What i didn’t expect was to have people compliment me on how great my hair looked every day! Who knew?!? I now have a new shampoo for life 🙂

5Expert Score
Was a skeptic

I was very skeptical of this combo because my hair is really finicky about what works on it. I have fine hair and a super oily scalp (but my ends get oily too after lying in them when i sleep). I have been trying to train my hair for just under a year by going longer without washing, and shockingly, this shampoo gets my hair clean and the conditioner doesn’t make my hair dry greasy. Every conditioner has always made my hair greasy so i would always have to not use it and deal with straw hair until i could put some kind of serum on it after showering. The smell isn’t overpowering at all and it didn’t make me itchy or make my hair fall out. Please never stop making this shampoo!

5Expert Score
Buy it!!

The scent smells soo good. After switching my child to this i noticed a big difference in hair growth and the softness of their skin. Definitely a great product!

5Expert Score
Honest co. Shampoo+ bodywash = love

I decided to purchase my first bottle of honest company shampoo this week. I’ve seen it advertised on tv, in magazines, online and in stores for years. I never tried it because i assumed it was just another big brand with millions of dollars to spend on advertising and positive consumer marketing.

The reason i finally gave it a try is because my husband has sensitive skin. Over the past 2 years he has started to develop allergies to scent (cologne, laundry soaps and anything scented in general), most shampoos (sulfates, scents) and many food additives. (cellulose, nitrates, and maltodextrin)

we have been buying various ‘all natural’ brands from smaller companies for the past year. Even finding small shops on etsy but nothing took away his sensitivities. We know he is allergic to sulfates (any form) and scent now. But there must be other things as we read labels closely and certain brands that claim to be clean still cause him inflammation.

He gets bad dandruff on his scalp and this honest company shampoo + body wash is literally the first brand that did not irritate his scalp! Normally within hours you could see flakes start to form after he showered. He has had to use a scalp scrubber to keep it under control. Today is day 3 of using honest co. And he has no signs of irritation, no redness, no dryness, no flaking and no itching!

We are really pleased, i guess the brand was worth the hype all these years. I am excited to try some of their other items they sell too. Thank you to jessica alba and her amazing company my husband can feel normal again. ♡

5Expert Score

Soap smells awesome! It’s the only soap i’ve found that doesn’t give my baby a rash! Such an awesome product!

5Expert Score
Absolutely fragrance free

The honest company shampoo + body wash, fragrance free: a great match to go with their fragrance free conditioner. This shampoo body wash combination is truly fragrance free. I am happy with this purchase.

5Expert Score
Smells delicious

A little goes a long way…and i use in my bath on my hair and body! I feel wonderful, moisturized and the smell is heavenly. I tried another body wash, but then, i missed the honest company shampoo & body wash. I like the fact that the honest company is such a great company…because of this, i started using other honest products. You get what you pay for.

5Expert Score
Love the scent and works great for the kiddos!

I wish there was a bit more, feel like there is not that much in the bottle. I do love the scent and the branding.

5Expert Score
Love honest products

Wasn’t sure at first because of the price i thought it would not be a quality item but after trying we love honest products

4Expert Score
Great for kids

If you want an organic, absolutely no fragrance, no tears shampoo for the little ones, i think this is a great choice. I’ve been using it for me and it seems a bit drying, although my hair does feel clean. I like the pump and i think it would be great for edge of the tub use. Going to pass this on to my grand daughter.

4Expert Score
Good quality but has lavendar

Was using it for a while and we loved it. But come to find out lavender and children can cause hormone disrupters so we are stopping use. We will switch to a scentless without eo in them to keep children safe and have no issues down the road.

4Expert Score
Decent product

I love that it’s really unscented, but it doesn’t lather much. I need quite a bit to wash my shoulder-length hair. A good, but not great, shampoo.

4Expert Score
Very mild

Thin texture. Not much body to it. Skips through fingers.but does the job .

4Expert Score
Nice subtle scent

Great body wash that’s not too overpowering in scent.

4Expert Score
Ewg verified

I have been looking for ewg verified products and decided to try this . It’s very nice but does not lather well. I have to use many pumps to get the lather going. With that said at least the ingredients are excellent and safe.

4Expert Score
… Ordered for someonelse. They said it was good.

… A third party asked me to gethishampoo for their loved one because it is a producthat does not cause dryness of the scalp & is gentle to the sensitivity of the skin thathe loved one has.
All reports i have received regarding this product have been good. So if u r considering getting this product for ur loved one, i’d encourage u to quit window shopping here & just gethis one, u will not b disappointed. -o

4Expert Score
Scent is mild

I really like scents that are strong, and this one isn’t super strong. No biggy, still smells good 🙂

4Expert Score

This is for baby shower. Description looks nice. Cannot attest to accuracy as it is a gift and not for personal use

4Expert Score
Good enough.

I would say overall it’s definitely a good toddler shampoo. Not my favorite though. It’s a little harder to rinse out of my two year olds hair than i would prefer but it doesn’t bother his eyes so that’s a plus. Also leaves hair and skin clean without drying it out like some other brands. (my son has very sensitive skin). I’m going to give it four stars because i’ve definitely used way worse toddler shampoos and washes but i think i’ll stick with foaming babyganics in the future. If they were to make a foaming sensitive shampoo i’d give them another try.

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