The Original Duck Tape Brand 394475 Duct Tape, 1-Pack 1.88 Inch x 60 Yard Silver

The Original Duck Tape Brand 394475 Duct Tape, 1-Pack 1.88 Inch x 60 Yard Silver

The Original Duck Tape Brand 394475 Duct Tape, 1-Pack 1.88 Inch x 60 Yard Silver – Duck Tape –
The Original Duck Tape Brand 394475 Duct Tape: Product description the original duck tape brand duct tape is the classic tool for temporary repairs and everyday fixes. Featuring strong adhesion, this hand tearable duct tape is a workbench favorite and is great for holding, seaming, sealing and bundling. Its strength and conformability makes this tape ideal for those difficult diy projects that involve corners, bends and curves. With its wide variety of uses around the home or office, original grade tape is the perfect tool to have on hand. available in a wide variety of strengths and technologies, duck tape brand duct tape is relied upon as a trusted, must-have tool for just about any application. Because of its strength and adhesive properties, you can use all-purpose duck tape for almost any job, including everyday household and auto repairs–anywhere a flexible and weather-proof bond is needed. All-purpose duck tape has a thick, heavy-duty adhesive applied to a waterproof cloth backing for extra durability and to resist delamination in direct sunlight. See more

What are the original duck tape brand 394475 duct tape features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Recommended for temporary household repairs including holding, seaming, sealing and bundling
  • Works on a variety of surfaces, including wood, vinyl, plastic, leather, metal and laminate
  • Tears easily by hand without curling for quick fixes
  • Conforms to uneven surfaces for difficult diy projects that involve corners, bends and curves
  • Strong adhesion with waterproof backing for both indoor and outdoor use

The Original Duck Tape Brand 394475 Duct Tape, 1-Pack 1.88 Inch x 60 Yard Silver AMAZON

The Original Duck Tape Brand 394475 Duct Tape, 1-Pack 1.88 Inch x 60 Yard Silver – Duck Tape –

Looking for specific info?

Does this product come with a duck or do you have to purchase the duck separately?

Some assembly required, batteries not included;-)

Is this tape made in usa?

Yes, it is made in the usa.

Is this tape conductive?

If it is i’m assuming its not much of a conductor. Electricity-wise, id say its not very conductive because of the coating on the top of it and heat wise its not going to stop much heat from going through so its about in between, not encouraging heat transfer but lightly discouraging it

What is the thickness of the tape in mm (not the width or length of the roll)?

Thank you for your question! The all purpose duct tape is 8.0 mils thick.

I have a neighbor that smoke, can i use this tape to block the air vent to prevent the polluted air/smell from coming into my condo?

Thank you for your question! We would not recommend using this for your application.

Is this waterproof?

Thank you for your question! This duct tape does have a waterproof backing.

Will this leave a residue when tearing it off plastic? Is it easy to take it off plastic?

Buy it and let us know

Where is this made

Thank you for your question! This is made in usa with global materials.

Is it microwave safe?

Thank you for your question! The duct tape is not microwave safe.

Is this tape rodent proof? They keep getting into my outdoor storage unit. So i want to tape the sides to keep them out.

I don’t believe the tape alone will keep them out. I had this issue in a shed once and stuffed the hole with steel wool and then taped over it. This is after i read that rodents hate steel wool. I didn’t have a problem after that.

Can it be painted?

Hi gonzaloc1967, due to the nature of the backing of the duct tape, most paints will flake or crack off. You may be able to try painting thin coats using a spray paint.

Will this stick to cloth?

Yes, it will stick to cloth. The type of cloth you are using will dictate just how effective the tape will be. In any case, i personally would view that type of application more of a temporary rather than a permanent fix.

Does this contain latex?

Yes, all of our duct tapes have a rubber-based adhesive system, so anyone with a latex allergy could be sensitive to the adhesive.

What are the ingredients?

Thank you for your question! The is made with a rubber adhesive, polyester cloth, and a polyethylene backing.

Can i recycle this?

Thank you for your question! The cardboard core is recyclable.

How long would it stay stuck on a pvc pipe if fully exposed to the sun?

That is a pretty open question. It would depend on where you are located. Where i live, arizona, the harshness of the summer sun would do significant damage within about 6 months. I would not recommend this approach for a long time fix. Of course the milder the environment the longer the fix would work.

Is this tape removable? Without leaving residue?

This tape has no adhesion power, the glue they use is ‘bottom of the barrel, i’ll tape something, then overnight, the tape has come off of the surface i put it on, just crappy glue, it won’t leave residue nor tape anything, without coming apart, i doubt that ‘duck’s’ use it as in duck tape….

What colors do you have?

Thank you for your question! The original duct tape comes in gray only. You can view our selection of color duct tapes here:

Can this tape be used as electrical tape, or does it conduct electricity ?

Thank you for your question! This tape can not be used as electrical tape.

Is the 12 pack the original duck tape? Is it the same as an individual roll?

Don’t know i got individual roll

The Original Duck Tape Brand 394475 Duct Tape, 1-Pack 1.88 Inch x 60 Yard Silver AMAZON

The Original Duck Tape Brand 394475 Duct Tape, 1-Pack 1.88 Inch x 60 Yard Silver – Duck Tape –

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
This duck knows how to duct

This is honestly a great duct tape in my opinion. Definitely the best i have ever bought. The adhesive is strong so be careful. If two sticky sides touch then you might as well cut that piece off and use a new one because it would be very difficult to separate and then you would lose some of the adhesive as well. The roll is huge. The price for the quantity and quality makes this even more worth it. I have used it to seal around my window ac and for some other home projects and it is still going strong. No wear or tear to it. It is thick and sticky but it is also pretty easy to tear it off the roll without needing to cut it though you can do either. I know it may seem like you can just buy from a discount store but spend a few bucks more and get this. It will last you much longer and do a much better job than any you would buy in a discount/99cent store.

5Expert Score
Duct tape speaks for itself

Have been a user of duct tape for many years.
It performs as it was designed to do.
What more is there to say? You know the old adage: if it’s supposed to move and doesn’t, use wd-40. If it isn’t supposed to move and does, use duct tape. Nuf said.

5Expert Score
Great tape!

Works just as described!

5Expert Score
The fix-all solution

Needed this to put my portable air conditioner hose back together. Always good quality, sticky stuff.
Haven’t used it to mend any ducks.

5Expert Score
Nothing beats duck tape for jobs that need duck tape

The o.g of janky fixes, school projects, and leaky items. Worked great over my kids mouth, and held their hands and feet together nicely. Stopped water from entering my leaky roof, and even removed a fair amount of hair when waxing my buttocks.

5Expert Score
It's duck tape

Big roll for a good price. I use duck tape on just about everything except food :).

5Expert Score
It’s duck tape

Not much else to say other than it works exactly how duck tape should. Very pleased.

5Expert Score

I had some old duct tape that was from strange strange brand that didn’t work very well so i bought this official duct tape! It’s great

5Expert Score
Uh…it's duck tape

Does what duck tape does best….

5Expert Score
Wonderful quality and value.

It is a very good product for the money. Same product as if it had been purchased at a brick and mortar store.

4Expert Score

It’s ok. I’m not sure about original. I had duck tape so strong when you pill it the adhesive still stays. Not this one.

4Expert Score
Easy to make scissorhands

Duck tape for the win if you ever need to make your own scissor hands! I just wrapped the duck tape around cardboard i had shaped around the tops of the fingers on a pair of black gloves. The silver color made them look metal and the adhesion to the cardboard and leather gloves was fantastic! I pulled them on and off all night and the gloves and fingers are still fully intact!

4Expert Score
Works well

Color was a bit too light

4Expert Score
Bought some generic duct tape to tape some things down and cover up some gaps.

The right amount of adhesive. Tape is very easy to rip and doesn’t stick to your fingers. You get so much tape for so little money. I already taped up my weight bench, the loose rubber on one of the legs of the base of my bed, curtains around my air conditioner to keep them from blocking air, and taped up my neck harness to keep carabiners from ripping up harness material. Great purchase, great brand. I am very happy. I included (3) pictures in this review. That’s all.

4Expert Score
Duct tape

Nice and strong

4Expert Score
Great tape

Good product for the money.

4Expert Score
Question a

I wish the adhesive was stronger and fabric was little thicker but well not bad for regular use.
It didn’t adhere for more than 30 min on my card boxes

4Expert Score
This seems to hold well althive b for the screen so it’s technically a piece

This seems to hold well although the adhesive blocks the holes for the screen so it’s technically a piece of tape with the screen over it in the way that it operates

4Expert Score

Not as sticky as ‘duct tape’ but gets the job done

4Expert Score


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