TheraBreath Fresh Breath Dentist Formulated Oral Rinse, Icy Mint, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 2)

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Dentist Formulated Oral Rinse, Icy Mint, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 2)

Buy TheraBreath Fresh Breath Dentist Formulated Oral Rinse, Icy Mint, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 2) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are therabreath fresh breath dentist formulated oral rinse features?

  • Fight and breath: our fresh breath oral rinse is a dentist-formulated mouthwash that targets sulfur-producing bacteria to help fight and breath. Clinically proven to be effective for up to 24 hours
  • Restore confidence: our icy mint mouthwash uses clinically-proven oxygenating ingredients to help fight the bacteria that cause bad breath odor and stop sour, bitter, and metallic tastes in your mouth
  • Premium oral care: our solution-oriented line of toothpastes, mouthwashes, breath sprays, tonsil stone kits, pet care products, and more can help your whole family get the oral hygiene support you need
  • Professional-grade products: therabreath’s line of dentist-formulated toothpastes, mouthwashes, and other products are designed to help address halitosis, cavity prevention, gum disease, and more
  • Trusted quality: started in 1994 by dentist dr. Harold katz, therabreath has continued to innovate, delivering an extensive line of the highest-quality oral care products for you and your family
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TheraBreath Fresh Breath Dentist Formulated Oral Rinse, Icy Mint, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 2) AMAZON

Buy TheraBreath Fresh Breath Dentist Formulated Oral Rinse, Icy Mint, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 2) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

Looking for specific info?

Can someone list the ingredients? Thanks.

The ingredients in the ‘mild mint’: purified water, oxd 8 (dr. Kat’z patented version of co2), peg 40, hydrogenated castor oil, tetrasodium edta, sodium bicarbonate, sodium benzoate, essential oil of peppermint, sodium hydroxide.
Hope that helps

Is there a real difference in performance between mild mint and icy mint? A lot of the good reviews are for mild mint but i’d prefer icy mint flavor.

Mild mint (green bottle) is perfect for kiddos or someone who is looking for a very non-traditional mouthwash. It’s very mild on the flavor and does not burn or tingle, at all.

The icy mint (blue bottle) gives off a similar taste and feel to typical mouthwash. This one just has a relatively mild tingle and a strong icy flavor, in comparison.

I’ve found many of the bottles from this brand to whiten my teeth quickly .. So that’s an extra plus. I haven’t even bought the “whitening” mouthwash yet.

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How do i know if its working??

Lick your hand wait to dry and smell, that’s more or less how your breath smells or ask a friend…i mean a real friend!

Does this get rid of onion and garlic breath?

Yes, pretty much. For those, i’d recommend gargling for about 1 full minute or 2. 🙂

My bad breath is caused by medication. Will this work?

Honestly don’t know. If the root cause is dry mouth from the medicine then i would say yes

This says it kills bacteria that causes bad breath. Does it also kill the good bacteria?


What an excellent question — it does not! Our therabreath oral rinses are all dentist-formulated to help solve problems without killing good bacteria in the process. It’s one of the reasons we don’t use harsh alcohol in our products.

Thanks for asking, and good luck with your oral health!

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Is each bottle 16 ounce

Yes they are

My bad breath is caused by medication. Will this work?

I’m not sure. I have naturally dry mouth and it works very very well for me.

Does this work better than the biotene and smartmouth? Right now i use smartmouth, but i want something that costs less.

Hello,this is the #1 best selling anesthetic & antiseptic oral rinses. We guarantee, according to our clinical tests, in terms of effectiveness, no other product on the market works faster and lasts longer than therabreath.thank you,therabreath1-800-973-7374

Can anyone confirm this thing really works? And how do you use it?? Thanks!

I’ve been using almost a month. Once a day. Yes, it has helped with the tonsil stones and breath. It took about 10 days to notice a difference. I gargle as far back as i can, then swish in my mouth. But, it does not taste good. Every night, when i spit it out, i have to say ‘yuck!’ . I may try another brand when the is gone. But, it works.

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Is this floride free?

Yes, fluoride free. Overall i prefer the one for gingivitis over the general one pictured here.

Does it stain veneers?

No it doesn’t as a matter of fact i’ve got veneers. This is a great product.

How well does this freshen your breath? And for how long? 24 hours seems too good to be true… -thanks

I use it twice daily and it works great.

I see it contains glycerin. Isn’t that from animal? How is this vegan?

Thank you for your question. This rinse does not contain any animal by-products.

Is therabreath fda approved?

Thank you for your question. Therabreath fresh breath invigorating icy mint oral rinse is regulated by cosmetic.

Can this kill the bad bacteria in the mouth?

Thank you for your question. Therabreath products are revolutionary because they attack the germs that cause bad breath. Therabreath doesn’t mask bad breath with heavy flavors or powerful odors like other products on the market, it wipes bad breath away. Therabreath has been proven effective at controlling these bacteria and the embarrassing odor they can cause.

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Wondering why my april shipment hasn’t arrived yet?!?!

Have you tried calling customer service phone number? I am only a customer myself..sorry i cannot help you, but they can & they should have an answer for you! Sorry this has happened to you!

Is the ingredients safe? What is the source of sodium chlorite?

I have a first-rate dentist, highly trained at top universities. I showed him the bottles. He read the ingredients. His conclusion- ingredients are safe and effective.

Does this help whiten teeth?

No, but i also drink a ton of black coffee. I have been using this for a month it’s mainly for fresh breath and to help with accumulated bacteria in the back of your throat.

The product says that it neutralizes bacteria- is that the same as killing the bacteria?


Yes, it kills the bad breath bacteria that live in your mouth and cause halitosis. These bacteria are anaerobic (oxygen-hating). Therabreath’s oxygenating compounds create oxygen to kill the bacteria and freshen your breath.

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Dentist Formulated Oral Rinse, Icy Mint, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 2) AMAZON

Buy TheraBreath Fresh Breath Dentist Formulated Oral Rinse, Icy Mint, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 2) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
An excellent wash to use in your regimen to maintain smile

It has a neutral flavor, doesn’t burn your mouth when rinsing after brushing. It is refreshing to complete your routine. Go out in public with confidence in your breath!

5Expert Score
Flavor selection

I have used therabreath for many years and enjoyed the confidence of having a clean mouth feeling. I used the no-flavor green bottle. Then i accidently purchased the icy mint and was pleasantly surprised to find it was very refreshing without being overpowering. So i now keep them both available to use depending on whether i want flavor or not. Great product that works with no side effects. The lozenges are great for dry mouth at night.

5Expert Score
Fixed my gum issue within a week.

The top right side of my mouth had some itchy gums. I incessantly flossed, used gum focused toothpaste, and super feel that burn listerine, but my gums still felt kind of itchy with no bleeding.

Used this, and my gums feel great and back to absolute normal. This is the only mouth wash that i will ever buy!

5Expert Score
Holds true to product advertising

No regrets. This product has held true to its claim to keep breath fresh throughout the day.

5Expert Score
Freshy fresh

I like this better than other mouth washes. It doesn’t dry out my mouth like listerine. I will keep on repurchasing this product.

5Expert Score

This mouth wash is great and i really feel like my mouth is clean and breath is fresh after using it.

5Expert Score
The best mouthwash ever

Seriously, run, don’t walk to buy this stuff. I will never use another mouthwash again. My mouth feels so clean and fresh after brushing/rinsing and it’s healed up my gum damage a bit too. It is a little strong on the minty side, has a bit of a burn. But for real, my breath is consistently fresher throughout the day. Just seriously, buy it, you won’t regret it.

5Expert Score
Love the flavor

The flavor is very nice and leaves a nice cooling sensation in my mouth after using it and unlike other mouth wash it doesn’t burn.

5Expert Score
It's clear

I was weirded out that it was clear. The little voice in my head said to drink it cuz it smells like peppermint but it probably isn’t meant to be swallowed. It didn’t burn like other brands and i could eat and drink 5 mins after using the product. I like it and would buy it again.

5Expert Score
Great product

Makes my breath feels clean. No more bleeding of my gums. Stop using listerine since a coworker introduced me to the product.

4Expert Score
Doesn’t get rid of thrush

My dentist said this would get rid of thrush , but i have been on it for months and no change is noticeable.

4Expert Score
Love it

I love this mouth wash. It doesn’t burn , it leave your breath feeling fresh.

4Expert Score
Flavor too spicy

This particular one has a very strong spicy flavor. It does keep breath fresh for a long time though.

4Expert Score
It's ok

Bought these for my husband. Because of his health condition it causes his breath to be bad all the time. When he would use this the freshness may last about 10 min longer than regular mouth wash. And here said he didnt notice much of a difference after using them either

4Expert Score
Less burn than convenience store mouthwash brands

This causes much less burn than the awful mouthwash brands from convenience stores. It’s probably double the price of listerine but totally worth it. It feels fresh and clean after using it as the last step of my oral hygiene routine.

4Expert Score

Great taste but don’t last more than other products i used before

4Expert Score
My go-to mouthwash

Been using it for a while. Good and not too harsh.

4Expert Score
Feel like this mouthwash is overhyped

I feel like this product is overhyped. I feel like the freshness wares off after a while. When i wake up i still have morning breath and i’ve been using it correctly twice a day in the morning and night. I do drink a lot of coffee not sure if that affects it but overall i rather by another mouthwash like act.

4Expert Score
New favorite mouthwash

Very pleased with this particular mouthwash

4Expert Score
So fresh and so clean clean

The stuff works great, i just wish the bottles were bigger

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