ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Room Thermometer and Humidity Gauge with Temperature Humidity Monitor

ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Room Thermometer and Humidity Gauge with Temperature Humidity Monitor ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Room Thermometer and Humidity Gauge with Temperature Humidity Monitor : Patio, Lawn & Garden

What are thermopro tp50 digital hygrometer indoor thermometer room thermometer and humidity gauge with temperature humidity monitor features?

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  • 【air comfort indicator】humidity meter with humidity level icon indicates air condition — dry/comfort/wet, allowing this humidity sensor to ensure you’re always aware of changes to your home/household with just a quick glance
  • 【high accuracy and quickly refresh】inside thermometer has high accuracy of ±2~3%rh and ±1°f, making it ideal for measuring fluctuating readings like in a greenhouse; data measurements are updated every 10 seconds to give you lastest changes of the environment
  • 【high & low records】accurate hygrometer digital thermometer displays high and low temperature & humidity, always get ready to the changes of the environment
  • 【healthier home & environment】thermometer hygrometer with temperature and humidity monitor ensures proper indoor humidity control has important skin, allergen and other health benefits; can also be as refrigerator thermometer, freezer thermometer, reptile thermometer, soil thermometer, humidor hygrometer, cigar hygrometer and more
  • 【smart design】indoor room thermometer features a tabletop stand to place the temperature monitor on your counter or use the magnetic back to attach to a fridge; °f/°c selector; powered by 1 x aaa battery (included)
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ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Room Thermometer and Humidity Gauge with Temperature Humidity Monitor AMAZON ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Room Thermometer and Humidity Gauge with Temperature Humidity Monitor : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Looking for specific info?

Has anyone had this long enough to know if the battery will last at least one year?

I’ve had mine for over a year and it’s still going…
I’ve had other battery powered products from a seller and the batteries lasted only a few weeks…
It’s because the batteries have been installed in that device since the assembly line…if by chance they don’t put the little plastic strip between the negative side and the device, the batteries will go bad…

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Has anyone used it for a while? Does it have a good quality? I used to have a hygrometer, but it strike after a month of use,

I have used this thermometer for 1 year and it works great. Because i have a dehumidifier. I need it to work to indicate whether i should turn on my dehumidifier. Especially in the south, i need to create a comfortable humidity for my children and pets. It works great with the dehumidifier.
Also, if you also need a dehumidifier, i would recommend this brand. Please search for ” linskin dehumidifier for home and basement

Any way to calibrate temperature?

Calibrate means that you adjust your measuring tool (e.g. Thermometer, hygrometer, speedometer, etc.) to give a known value when it’s measuring (detecting) that value; you usually do this by adjusting a screw or other mechanism that results in the unit showing a ‘reading’, or measurement, of that known value on its display or output. This unit does not have any calibration adjustment.

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Is this made in usa

In china. I bought 3 of them, but don’t find them useful. The setting for humid, dry, comfort is inaccurate for a relativity level reading in a home environment. At least in the midwest region. They say 49% is dry when in fact it’s too much for a home to carry, at least in the winter colder temps.

Does this only show the all time high and low readings? Most show the daily high and low readings which is much more useful.

All time is all i have seen. Haven’t figured out how to reset it unless removing the battery does

What do the low and high represent…is it for the last 24 hours?

It’s the high and low since the last time you reset. There’s a reset button on the back.

Can i reset the comfort range? 79 degrees f is much too high to be comfortable imo

Actually the temp does have a bearing on the comfort indicator as amorina states. It will need to be a minimum of 20 degrees and between 50 and 70% humidity to indicate as comfortable. I agree with you that this is a little high and perhaps 18 would be ok. Other sources state that 40% humidity is ideal so who knows!i think just go with what feels right. In answer to your question though unfortunately the comfort range can not be reset or altered.

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Will this malfunction in high humidity? I want to use this in a brazilian rainbow boa terrarium and condensation is typical.

The location i am monitoring typically runs about 75 – 85%. The other day, i discovered a water leak when i put the monitor in a new location. A couple of hours later, it was in a puddle with water drops all over it. Today it seems to be working just as it always has. So, i would say it seems to work well in high humidity.

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Are these sturdy, good quality?

Yes sturdy and good quality

Would this product be good to use for hermit crabs?

If you are trying to determine the actual humidity, then i would say no. It does not give a humidity reading, but just a smile face for good, a frown for bad, etc. The temperature reading is usually 4 to 5 degrees less than it should be, also. I would go with something more accurate.

Does the humidity indicator (face image) should stay on contantly?

Yes, the face stays on continuously but is not illuminated in the dark.

Does this unit display relative or absolute humidity?

Relative humidity, it is expressed as a percentage.

Does it need wifi?

No wifi. Stand alone unit.

Can this be used in a hermit crab habitat ?

Don’t really know. The environment might be a little too humid, but i think it should be okay.

This product appears to only keep all time high/low – can it be switched to reflect high / low of past 24 hours?

Not to my knowledge. You can reset the device, so if you reset it then you would only be seeing the high/low for the last 24 hours (or, however long since you reset it).

Why does it take so long to receive even though it is prime?

I have not experienced this. Actually, i go the cheapest option and even then, i get my product faster than ever anticipated. Maybe your location is remote and that would slow things down.

I live in las vegas so i need a hygrometer that goes down to 5%. Does this one go that low?


no this will only read as low as 10 %


How do you shut it off when its not in use?

You would need to take the battery out to shut it off.

Can the humidistat be calibrated?

Not this one. But seems to be fairly accurate and within +- 1 perctg point of the 2nd one i purchased at the same time.

This is a 100% dud. Anyone know an good, accurate indoor thermometer?

Mine checks out within 0.5 degrees f of my thermostat

ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Room Thermometer and Humidity Gauge with Temperature Humidity Monitor AMAZON ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Room Thermometer and Humidity Gauge with Temperature Humidity Monitor : Patio, Lawn & Garden

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great little humidity (and temp) gauge

I got one of these a few years back and have been very happy with it. It matched the humidity and temperature on an old taylor temp and humidity gauge. You can see that gauge in the background of the picture.

Well i’m moving and our new place has a finished lower level and i’ll be running a dehumidifier down there in the summer months to keep the humidity levels down so that we don’t get mold/mildew/musty odors. I want to be able to measure humidity at the far ends of that area and in the middle where i plan on placing the dehumidifier. So, i ordered two more. At around $10 each, i think these are a bargain.

My first thought when the two new ones arrived was to see how they compared – see the picture with this review. Humidity shown is 56, 55, and 57. Interestingly, my 2 year old one shows 56 which matches my old taylor. I am assuming that one of the new ones reads 1% rh higher and the other reads 1%rh lower. This is totally acceptable for this type of gauge for what i’m using it for.
I rarely use the temperature measurement but 74.7, 74.8, and 74.1 are all reasonable readings.

I’m so glad that i got the additional two gauges and they will be a big help in figuring out where to place my dehumidifier and what to set it at to assure my lower level is kept at a low enough humidity level to avoid any issues.

Update: i forgot to mention the humidity and temperature range feature. I think that this can be quite useful. Once you put the battery in and the unit starts, it will keep track of the lowest and highest reading for both humidity and temperature.
Now, let’s say that you forgot to turn your dehumidifier on in early summer – it might get as high as 70 or 80%rh. So you turn the dehumidifier on and it brings things down. You don’t care about that high reading any more, but you might want to see what sort of range running the dehumidifier is giving you. Just push the c/f setting button on the back and hold for 2 seconds – that will reset the high and low for both humidity and temperature – very handy feature! I saw one review that said that it couldn’t be re-set … I’m thinking that person didn’t read the owners manual. 😉 you could also re-set it by simply removing the battery and then putting it back in, but the 2 second button press is the way to go.

Aug30, 2022
i’m adding an update to this review – i ordered another gauge, you can see i like these. 😉 however i had a problem with it – it reads 4% lower than my other thermopro’s – see second picture – i marked that one with a small piece of green tape. I had this problem with one i ordered a few months back- returned it and reordered and the next one was ok.

And that said, i have had no problem at all having them last. Some reviewer have reported failures after a short time. Some of the ones i have are around 2 years old now.

5Expert Score
Extremely affordable and useful

Arrived in good condition. I really have little to say about it except that it works very well and is wonderfully inexpensive. I tested its heat readout against another probe thermometer and both were within 1 degree of each other, so it seems to be accurate. The digital display is easy to make out and the characters are noticeably crisp and readable. No blurry/fuzzy digital numbers here. The sharpness makes it easy to read even the smaller min/max numbers at a decent distance.

If you need an always-on hygrometer/thermometer on a budget, this is a no-brainer. I’ve been using it to track the heat/humidity of my indoor basil and lettuce plants growing under an led light. It’s a lot of peace of mind to be able to step into my grow space and get a good read of the temp/humidity at a quick glance and know if i need to make adjustments. If you’re doing a similar indoor project, do yourself a favor and get one of these.

Easily recommendable.

5Expert Score
Easy to read

I have a basement woodworking shop, and there were days when it was uncomfortable working there. I didn’t think it got that hot (it is in a basement after all), so i thought it might be the combination of temperature and humidity. The unit works quickly, and i soon learned that the temperature was only 75 but the relative humidity was 70%, which is much too high. I purchased another dehumidifier for the shop, and conditions are much better. The unit is small and battery operated, so it is easy enough to move if you want to check another room. It also has a feature that lets you know both the high and low readings for the temperature and humidity for the past 24 hours and since the unit was put in service.

5Expert Score
This is so handy!

I bought this to find out just how humid my basement is. Now i know. But i have found so many uses for this thing. I move it around the house for all kinds of purposes. Currently it is getting used to make sure my sourdough bread is rising at the right temperature. So much easier to keep this nearby than to test the temp of the dough itself or guess.

5Expert Score
Great price

I bought 2 last year. The literature said ‘inside only ‘. Trust me they don’t handle moisture. In picture the right one is my new one, the left, you can see only the temperature is all there. If you put it outside, cover it, have a waterproof box! I also like it because it goes to 58 below zero and i live in fairbanks, ak, i like to know how cold it really is! I really like that it has the high/low feature! Highly recommend it!

5Expert Score
Really like

These work great to show both humidity and temperature. Very useful showing historical record of high and low temps and humidity over time. I just reset it by removing and replacing the battery and start my new history. I have in various rooms in my house and one in my car for camping without cell service or internet.

5Expert Score
Quickly know your home's humidity level…

I recently purchased this unit due to being concerned with the effects of high humidity within our home. I purchased this particular unit primarily because of the high reviews it had received. I can attest that it deserves those reviews. This device quickly reacts to both humidity and temperature changes in the area within where it is placed. This in turn allows you to effectively evaluate your home’s problem areas and then work toward a solution, if needed. Simply, it works as advertised. Buy it!!!

5Expert Score
Working good so far

This is your basic temperature sensor since it does not come with bluetooth or wifi connectivity. But if that’s what your looking for (i did as i don’t want to download another app) i recommend this one. It’s pretty accurate and easy to read. Time will tell how long it lasts but as of ~3 months it’s working great.

5Expert Score
Works great

Been using this everyday for eight months with no issues. Haven’t had to change the battery or anything. Love the magnet. Sticks perfectly to our metal framing. Keeps me aware of humidity levels and temps and the historical highs and lows is a cool feature. Cannot say how it would hold up outdoors.

5Expert Score
A must-have for monitoring humidity

This unit is a ‘must-have’ for monitoring humidity especially in the high-humidity areas of your house. I have used it throughout the year and it provides an accurate reading of the humidity in my basement. I use it in conjunction with my midea de-humidifier and i cross-check the thermopro readings (in another area of the room) with the midea unit. Very accurate, very inexpensive / i highly recommend it.

4Expert Score
I'm quite satisfied but there is a flaw

Essentially, if a thermometer/hygrometer works and seems relatively accurate, i’m going to be satisfied. In addition to meeting that benchmark, this thermometer has all the features i was looking for: it measures both temperature (in either °c or °f) and humidity; keeps track of the highs and lows for both readings until you push a button to reset them; it’s compact and easy to read. The unit has a stand which folds out from the case and a magnet on the back if you want to attach it to a metal plate, refrigerator, etc. I would have preferred a hook or screwhole in place of the magnet…or in addition to…but i won’t take points off for that. It uses one aaa battery and has been working fine on a nimh rechargeable for the past 7 or 8 weeks.

The one flaw i’ve found is in regard to the magnet. It is mounted in a recess on the back of the unit, attached by an adhesive strip. I know that because, when i last removed the unit from the metal plate to which is was clinging, the thermometer came off but the magnet stayed behind. I could push them back together but i can see that before long i will have to use a stronger adhesive or the magnet’s going to be coming off on its own.

I’d still recommend this unit but be prepared to do a little handywork if you’re using the magnet.

4Expert Score
Affordable, accurate, and easy to read

This is a great tool to track temperature and humidity. It’s also a great value for the price.

Since summer 2022 has been a season of extreme temperatures, and since i’m sensitive to high heat and humidity, we need to track both throughout our home.

We already had three similar devices, but needed one more. This one looked good, and it’s actually far easier to read than others that had cost us more.

It worked right out of the box. We compared it with our other, similar devices, and all gave the exact same measurements, or were no more than a degree different from one another.

I especially like how light this device is, and how powerful the magnet is on the back of it. We’re using this one in the kitchen, on our freezer door. The device remains firmly attached, even with frequent opening and closing of the freezer and refrigerator doors. (well, in a heat wave, we’re drinking a lot of iced and carbonated beverages to stay cool.)

this is definitely a five-star item for how accurate it is, how easy it is to read, even in low-light conditions, and – of course – how affordable it is. If you need to check temperature or humidity (or both) in your home or workplace, or even outdoors on your porch, this device is ideal.

4Expert Score
Accurate and easy to read. Lcd issues on some.

I have 4 of these and overall love them as they are accurate to themselves and other temp/humidity gauges so i trust their measurements but i’ve had issues with the lcd display on 2 of the 4 after less than a year of ownership. Some of the lcd lines that form the numbers no longer work so correct readings aren’t possible. So far it has just been on the small gauges that show minimums and maximum levels and not the large current temp and humidity read out.

Best feature is accurate, easy to read, and the min/max displays are very useful for tracking humidity in crawlspaces or gun safes or other less used spaces.

4Expert Score

All three of the pictured items work equally well. The tp55 pictured on top has the larger display uses two aaa batteries where the two smaller ones both use a single aaa battery. These three devices are all mounted to my hvac return air vent in the basement and all have solid magnet mounts; as you can see in the photo all three of these devices provided temperature readings within 1 degree of each other and within .5 degrees of my mercury thermometer which read right around 71.5 degrees. The humidity had a little more variance, but at 3 degrees from the low end to the high end across three devices this is completely acceptable. Too early tell about about battery life but all of them have very clear dispays at eye level with hardly any light shining directly on them but viewing angle and ambient light has a detrimental effect on all three displays; the thermo-pro tp55 has the best display and with its blue backlight it would provide the clearest display in a bright enviornment at wider angles

4Expert Score
Measures inside and outside humidity as well as temperature

I would like a product that measures inside and outside him in humidity as well as temperature yesterday the high and low for the day.

4Expert Score
Easy to use and set up!

Easy to use and set up, hopefully it’s accurate but so far so good, and it comes with the battery you need.

4Expert Score
Easy to read

It is nice and small so it hardly shows on my end table. It has very big numbers so that my older eyes can read it very easily.

4Expert Score
Current readings range good idea.

Current readings with range good idea. Perfect shape, good quality and nice view. My only gripe is temperature reading should be on the top not at the bottom to take away the confusion.

4Expert Score
Works well but maybe there is something better?

The accuracy seems ok but it seems directional. I put this next to my plants that are out in the open next to a humidifier and it seems to only read where it’s sitting instead of the area. The area it is in is very open and seems is not humid enough. But i put the humidifier on all day.
Works for what i need. It’s just ok

4Expert Score
As advertised

Good inside temperature and humidity gauge.

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