THERMOS FUNTAINER 12 Ounce Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Kids Straw Bottle, Blue

THERMOS FUNTAINER 12 Ounce Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Kids Straw Bottle, Blue

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THERMOS FUNTAINER 12 Ounce Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Kids Straw Bottle: The funtainer 12oz vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle with straw keeps drinks cold for up to 12 hours. Our kids water bottles are built so their drinks are as cool on the inside as they look on the outside. Kids stay hydrated and parents stay happy. The double wall stainless steel construction is built to handle drops, dings and assorted roughhousing. Includes an integrated carry handle with soft-touch grip, making it easy for kids to carry with them throughout the day. Help keep germs away with the hygienically covered silicone straw which is removable for easy cleaning. To clean, you can pop your funtainer water bottle in the dishwasher; however hand washing is recommended. Not for use with hot liquids.

What are thermos funtainer 12 ounce stainless steel vacuum insulated kids straw bottle features?

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  • Stays cold: thermos vacuum insulation technology keeps drinks cold for up to 12 hours. Our kids water bottles are built so their drinks are as cool on the inside as they look on the outside. Not for hot liquids
  • Durable for daily use: high quality 18/8 stainless steel construction is built to handle drops, dings and assorted roughhousing. You can pop your funtainer water bottle in the dishwasher, though washing by hand is recommended
  • Kid-friendly design: choose from a variety of fun colors or patterns! This water bottle is lightweight and compact with a push button lid so it’s easy to carry and open. The integrated carry handle features a soft touch grip
  • Hygienic covered straw: help keep germs away with a hygienically covered pop-up straw that’s also removable for easy cleaning
  • Protect what you love: this thermos kids gear is made with durable, dishwasher safe materials meant to keep lunch and drinks how they like them. The lunchtime puzzle is officially solved
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THERMOS FUNTAINER 12 Ounce Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Kids Straw Bottle, Blue AMAZON

Shop THERMOS at the Yakibest Travel & To-Go Drinkware store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%.

Looking for specific info?

Can you not store milk in these? Looking for a way to keep my son’s soy milk cold without lugging an ice pack.

You can definitely put milk in this thermos, but to keep it ice cold you need a water bottle ice pack (the mycoldcup ones on amazon). These work really well because the ice pack is put *inside* the thermos (rather than a bulky ice pack outside), so it does not need to be nearly so big to have the same cold effect. One ice pack in this 12 oz thermos will keep the milk really ice-cold for more than 8 hrs. He will love it!

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Can this bottle be filled with hot water and keep the water warm for hours?

No. It says that on the bottle. It’s not for hot liquids

Is this bottle leakproof?

Yes, is is leakproof. If the top is screwed on correctly (not misthreaded) and the straw is pulled through tight, it will not leak. The few times we’ve had it leak is due to user error.

Though it will obviously leak (little dribbles) if the top is not closed and the bottle is turned upside down or laid on its side.

For reference, we’re probably going to buy this for the third time in two years because it keeps getting lost. It’s leak proof and easy to clean (no mold).

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Is this suitable for toddlers?

Completely! It is for toddlers.

Do we get it’s accessories? – like the straw separately

Only one straw that’s inside of the bottle. No additional ones. But i believe we can buy separately.

Does it sweat?

No it does not sweat at all.

Where can i buy caps for replacement?

I’m sure if you contact the provider, they could sell you replacements.

Does it actually have the thermos logo on the bottle/product itself and retail packaging box? Thank you.

These don’t come in boxes. They do have the logo on the bottle. These sell as shown, with a upc code sticker on the bottom.

Why does it have a prop 65 warning?

I am not sure of this reason – maybe because it has stainless steel interior.

Does this come in a box?

Yes mine came in a box.

Can you buy a replacement lid?

According to my research, one can purchase a replacement lid.

Does the gabby’s dollhouse one have catrat on it? It’s hard to tell from the pics.


What material is used to make the straw? I know there is the top and then the bottom one that is removed? My concern is using this with essential oil.

The material is plastic. I never use it with oil

Do you sell straw separately?

Hello. They do, search:thermos replacement straws for 12 ounce funtainer bottle, clear, one size (f401rs6)

Are yours leakproof because mine sure aren’t?

Yes i have had no issues with leaking .

Why it not for use with hot liquids?

I think the type of thermo it has helps with cold where as if u put hot it would crack the insulation .

Does the paw patrol cup have zuma on it?

I don’t know. I have the grogu version

Is this dishwasher safe? Also, as someone else pointed out, other items are labeled bpa free yet this one is not.. Are we sure it’s bpa free.

As for dishwasher safe i have put the metal container and the lids in dishwasher and hand washed the straw pieces with a straw brush. Images do tend to wear if washed in dishwasher though compared to hand washed.

Where is the model in the video where the handle is integrated into the lid? Pics show a handle that is always out/separate from lid now.

The f401 models have that lid. This is the f10. If you type f401 with the thermos funtainer name it’ll bring up those bottles

THERMOS FUNTAINER 12 Ounce Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Kids Straw Bottle, Blue AMAZON

Shop THERMOS at the Yakibest Travel & To-Go Drinkware store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Leak proof when closed

This is the 2nd thermos for my 2 year old. Got her the first one at 18 months as she had mastered the straw and got easily frustrated with the leak proof straw bottles which discouraged her from drinking. This is not a leak proof straw unless lid is closed. But when closed the bottle will not leak. I believe the marketing makes that clear. Like most clumsy two year olds, she has dropped this bottle many times or left it upside down with no spilling in my lv tote (with the lid closed).with that said, the first few days we spent some time playing with my little one and created a game of repetition; “open, drink and close. Open drink and close.” didn’t take too much time/effort just reminding her and she thought it was so fun. This was important because i read that it wasn’t leak proof and i wanted her to learn how to close it after drinking to avoid spills. She’s still developing her speech and communication so i wanted her to be able to hydrate herself in case she couldn’t communicate thirst. I’m impressed at how much water she drinks now, which we struggled with. She drags her bottle everywhere like our target runs. She’s picky with water and won’t drink it room temperature. The bottle keeps her water cool with a little. She subconsciously closes the lid now. But again, we trained her that way and tots are quick learners. So no issues/complaints these past 8 months. It’s easy to clean and the replacement straws are under $5 for a set of 2 at the red store. I do hand wash it though.

5Expert Score
Great water bottle for my young son

My 4yr old loves mario so this was an easy choice. Its his first year in pre-k 4 and they required a water bottle be sent to and from school. This was an easy choice as its the perfect size for him and he can manage it by himself. He just hits the button and the lid flips open. There is a straw inside that’s all one piece so it can be a pain if you disassemble it to clean. You dont need to take it out, but i did on the first rinse. Keeps his water nice and cool throughout the morning through lunch and he thinks its fun to drink water so its a win!

5Expert Score
Leak proof, sturdy and able to get cleaned.

I got this water bottle for my kid and it’s been working out really good. I had a bottle brush on hand so i was able to give it a good scrub and it was a lot easier to clean than i was expecting which was nice. I do always want to make sure i clean the straws that come with different cups and this one has a little straw but i have a straw cleaner so if you don’t have one of those i do recommend one of those it does help to keep it clean. Otherwise it’s sturdy it’s durable it’s a lot easier to clean the you think. It keeps my kid’s drink nice and cold especially on hot days. A bonus is that my kiddo really loves the design on the stainless steel travel water bottle which is a plus. He’s dropped it more than a few times and it’s been holding up nicely. It turned out to be a really good buy.

5Expert Score
Hasn’t broke so we’re happy!!

This spider-man thermos funtainer was bought for my 6 year old son to take to school daily! He’s been using it for a month now and so far its held up! He has dropped it a couple of times but we’ve not seen any leaks! Cleaning isn’t difficult bc he only puts water in it! I’ve not noticed him having trouble holding it or using the straw/snap lid! We did receive the one pictured (silver background) which is the one we wanted! So far we’re happy with this purchase!!

5Expert Score
My daughter loves it!!

We got this bottle for our one year old as she loves drinking from a cup. Ever since we got it she has loved it! She is easily able to hold and drink from it. The first day we gave it to her she did not let it go for an hour and kept trying to drink from it even when there is no water in it! It is light weight but she is able to easily hold and lift it. She is not a big baby so i think for most kids this should work!!

5Expert Score
The lid is improved!

I’ve had a thermos® funtainer for several years. The past couple of years it has seen a good deal of use as my ‘in the car’ beverage holder since we no longer dine in. Instead, we ‘dashboard dine’ the foods that don’t travel well for taking home to eat. Tacos, for example.
When i saw that these now have a handle to carry them, i had to get a new one. I can’t count the number of times i would have liked to have been able to loop a single finger through a handle to help carry it. Now, i am a cheapskate so i had to go through all of them to see which was cheapest. Luckily, this beautiful bright cobalt blue was the cheapest that day, so i got it. If anyone knows the rhyme& reason of the pricing here, it would be nice of you to share the secret.

5Expert Score
Perfect for kids

Just as pictured. Great size for young kids at 12oz. My son absolutely loved it. Although the straw part made me a little nervous about the cleaning – it was much better than others i tried in the past and the replacements are easy to find online and at a good price.
It hold up really well as far as leaks.

5Expert Score
Sturdy bottle, closed lid keeps the straw clean

This bottle is stainless steel so it can withstand the punishment meted out to it by my super active kid. I often find it on the ground, both indoors and outdoors. What i like about this design though is that the lid allows the straw to remain a lot cleaner than it would if the straw was exposed, as in a lot of other bottles. That said, the straw is not that tough. We already had the straw cut once, probably because it tends to be bitten by children, and had it replaced. Wish those were a bit sturdier. It does an ok job of keeping liquids cool. Another good feature is that the base has a tougher plastic layer over the bottle and i can see the scratches on it which basically means that its doing its job and keeping the bottle itself undamaged when it falls.

5Expert Score
Good thermos for the kids

Not too big or too small for my six and nine year olds. Keeps their drinks cold all day at school and they like how easy it is to open/close. The handle, that the keep swinging it by even though told not too, is very sturdy and has held up.

5Expert Score
Highly recommend it!

My 4 yo. Boy loves it! He takes it to school and the liquid stays cold all day.
I love that all parts come apart for easy cleaning and that they also sell the refills (for the straw and mouth piece).
The press button on the lid allows for my son to easily open the thermo without touching the actual mouth piece. Great for little dirty hands!

4Expert Score
Pretty good…

Purchased for my 1.5 year old. Big fan of the munchkin stainless cat cup that doesn’t leak if assembled correctly, even when opened! This one will leak if turned upside down when opened, but does not with the lid closed. It’s risky business for my toddler to have this, for example, in his car seat with no adult sitting next to him. It also feels a little cheap, and doesn’t keep water as cold as the munchkin cat. So until someone realizes that the cat cup should come in a larger size than 8 oz., we’ll be using this slightly leaky and warmish one. I do love how easy it is to clean, overall shape for a toddler to hold, and hygienic straw setup. I switch out the plastic straw with a silicon one and it works great!

4Expert Score
Everything is great, but the handle

I’m not sure why they put this kind of handle on the cup. The other style is harder to pull up but this handle flops around and gets in the way.
Other than that this cup is great. And super easy to clean. Doesn’t leak when the lid is closed. There is an air hole to allow the liquid to flow up the straw when drinking. And if it is turned upside down opened liquid will dip out. But when lid is closed it does not leak. Just use common sense and you should be fine.
Does a decent job of keeping liquid cold.

4Expert Score
Good product

I read a bunch of reviews to find the best water bottle for my 12 month old and this may be a water bottle she’ll have to grow into. The straw is very short so it’s a bit more challenging for her to get it in her mouth. Like other reviews have said, it’s leakproof when closed but can definitely spill out when open and turned upside down. Was happy with how easy it is to clean.

4Expert Score
Good for kids!

This is the water bottle my kindergartner uses for school. I like that i can buy the replacement rubber parts and have already done so. The bottle does leak if not screwed on perfectly – so if your kids are filling up on their own, it’s likely that it could spill/leak.

4Expert Score
Adorable mini-vintage thermos design!

Loved the look and colors. Straw is too short. You can’t drink without tipping the bottle so it is not useful for senior citizens. Didn’t work with carbonated drinks. Carbonated beverage popped when top was opened to drink and sprayed beverage out.

4Expert Score
Great cold beverage bottle, wish it locked

Works great for my pre-schooler. Keeps her water cold for a long time. Doesn’t spill as long as the lid is on; but the button is easy to accidentally push (cannot put in daughter’s backpack as it will open and leak). Glad it comes apart for easy and complete cleaning.

4Expert Score

Doesn’t hold a lot of water. One sip and it’s empty

4Expert Score
Cute but leaks

The kids doesn’t close all the way so it leaks. Cute picture design but not functional for it supposed to be leak proof with the lid closed

4Expert Score

I love it but to me i think the straw is really short. I mean it’s almost as if your drink from the center of lid

4Expert Score
Intense plastic smell

The source of the smell is the silicone. Its really strong plastic smell. I leave it in scalding water, i use soap , it wont go away.

I bought the plain blue from amazon. I bought the mario from walmart

they have these at walmart and i did not have this problem. They are same brand. Thermos funtainer although the lids are different.

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