THERMOS Stainless King SK3000 Vacuum-Insulated Food Jar with Spoon, 16 Ounce, Stainless Steel

THERMOS Stainless King SK3000 Vacuum-Insulated Food Jar with Spoon, 16 Ounce, Stainless Steel

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What are thermos stainless king sk3000 vacuum-insulated food jar with spoon features?

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  • Stays hot orcold: thermos vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention of hot or cold meals. Keeps the weather out and the delicious in. Soups stay hot for up to 9 hours and cold foods stay cold up to 14 hours
  • Extremely durable: high quality 18/8 stainless steel construction is dependable any time of the year, from lunch on-the-go to camping in the wilderness
  • Sweat-proof: exterior stays cools to the touch with hot contents and sweat-proof with cold. Thermos brand food jars are dishwasher safe, top rack recommended
  • Spoon included: a full-sized spoon that folds for conveniently storing inside of lid. The insulated lid doubles as a built-in serving bowl
  • Other capacities: love the food jar but looking for a different size? The stainless king food jar also comes in a 24 ounce and 47 ounce capacity
  • Since 1904: thermos brand products have been making everyday life better, every time. Hot stays hot. Cold stays cold. Food and drinks stay fresh. The little things go a long way, so do we
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THERMOS Stainless King SK3000 Vacuum-Insulated Food Jar with Spoon, 16 Ounce, Stainless Steel AMAZON

Shop THERMOS at the Yakibest Travel & To-Go Drinkware store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%.

Looking for specific info?

Does it keep the food hot

Absolutely steaming hot!

Lo dejé de usar un tiempo y ya no mantiene la comida caliente. Que debo hacer?

Hiervo un poco de agua muy caliente e pongo dentro durante 30 minutos. Repito el proceso 3 veces y ayudo a traer el calor y nunca uso nada frio adentro

Do you have to put it in the frigde?

I never have. I use it for soup or hot foods. It keeps it hot till i eat lunch about 5.5 to 6 hrs later. If you want to keep cold items it would probably help to keep in the fridge before filling, but i do not know.

How long/ hours does it keep hot food?

If you place hot water in it for a few minutes first, drain it, and then add your food it will keep it hot for about 6 hours. If you do the same with cold water/ice and then place cold food/liquid in the thermos it will keep cold for about 5 to 6 hours.

I got it. But it s too small. Do you have bigger one with spoon?

The 16oz is perfect and it comes with a spoon.

Cuanto mide

Un dedo y medio más de alto que una coca

Is this the legit thermos brand? Because the top comments are saying they are knock offs and are just stickers not etched into the jar.

It works like a true thermos brand. I have no way to authenticate it but it certainly is working as if it’s the real thing

Is there a lifetime warranty like stanley products?

Sure, lifetime warranties are given by the tooth fairy and santa. You should contact them to get your warranty.

How many ounces is the lid that acts as a cup/bowl?

Leaving a little bit of room at the top, the cover-cup/bowl holds about 2/3 cup of food and close to 5 ounces of liquid.

Is this available with an all stainless steel lid (no plastic contacting food)?

I don’t know. The outside of the cup cap is stainless steel but the inside and the screw on lid are plastic on mine

Hello, does anyone know if i can heat water up in the microwave with the thermo?

I don’t think you can put stainless steel in a microwave

Will this hold a full standard can of soup?

Dear customer, the thermos is 16 ounces, standard size for a serving of soup, i hope this information will be helpful.

Could i use a 16 oz. Lid with the folding spoon on this 24 oz. Thermos?

Yes. I have both and the lids are interchangeable.

Hello, does anyone know if i can heat water up in the microwave with the thermo?

You can not use stainless steel in the microwave.

The manufacturer says this shouldn’t trigger california’s prop 65 warning. Can amazon confirm or state what materials make the warning necessary?

Don’t know, just know it does what it say it does, hot or cold.

I purchased two 16 oz. I kept some hot water in there for a few hours, then i can’t open them. Can anybody tell me how to open them?

Try tapping the clid

Bpa free

It’s stainless steel

How much does the thermos (without the spoon) weigh? I doubt there’s ~9oz of packaging to make the listed item and shipped weights make sense.

I don’t know i bought for my son

Will it stay cold if you leave it in the car when it’s cold outside?

It stays hot in cold. I haven’t used it for cooling.

Could a 9 year old open container after having hot food in it for a few hours?

I think that a 9 year old would be able to open it. But here again it would also depend how tight it was closed.

THERMOS Stainless King SK3000 Vacuum-Insulated Food Jar with Spoon, 16 Ounce, Stainless Steel AMAZON

Shop THERMOS at the Yakibest Travel & To-Go Drinkware store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great product

This is a great product does exactly what it says it does. This is mainly used for my boyfriend’s hot lunches. He does not really take anything that needs to remain supper cold, sandwiches or fruit are put in a tupperware container with an ice pack in his lunch box. But with this thermos. I fill it with hot water from my kureig in the morning, i heat up his lunch, it can be soup, spaghetti o’s, ravioli, chicken alfredo, mac and cheese anything hot empty the water from the thermos fill it up and put it in his lunch box. It goes in his lunch box with an ice pack, drinks and snacks and it will stay hot til his lunch time. I make his lunch at 3:30am and he eats his lunch break is at noon. The lunch is still hot all that time even while sitting next to an ice pack. Great product we have 2 of them.

5Expert Score
Still using after 5 years

I purchased this in 2017 and this morning, i just filled it with hot soup for my high schooler’s lunch. I microwave some hot water in a pyrex to heat the thermos first. My kids say the soup is still steaming at lunchtime.
Btw, progresso can soups fit perfectly in this thermos for a quick lunch.

I have a black and silver one. The color from the black does rub off in some areas. I wash the spoon and thermos in the dishwasher but i handwash the cap to maintain the longevity of the gasket.

5Expert Score

This thermos is exactly what i’ve been looking for, i haven’t been able to find this in stores. It is perfect! I saw some older reviews that mentioned how they received a knock-off version, so i hesitated. However, upon receiving it, i see no signs of it being fake or altered. The logo itself is not a sticker, it is actually engraved. The little spoon it comes with really adds to its value, i love it! I got this to take tea and hot chocolate with me on my walks to the park as the cold weather approaches. I did test to make sure it was leak proof, which it is and there were no issues there. I plan on getting a bigger size!

5Expert Score
Great for preschoolers

Our son’s preschool does not provide lunch and steadfastly refuses to heat any food we send with him. How then should he get to enjoy hot food at school every day? With this thermos of course! We just heat the food up in the morning, put it inside and send it in his lunchbox. It works perfectly well for the 3-5 hours between when we drop him off and lunch. At the end of the day we pop it in the dishwasher, rinse, and repeat the next day.

The size is about perfect for him. He’s 3 but eats a lot. The included folding spoon is incredibly handy but i recommend labling it if you’re planning on sending it into the line of fire (or a preschool…).

Since it’s kid sized, i kind of wish there were cooler colors available. Other than that we have no real complaints.

5Expert Score
Scalding hot soup!

I looked at a lot of soup containers. Most said to fill with boiling water for 10 minutes before pouring in your boiling soup. Way too much to do for early mornings. I boiled my pea soup in the microwave, put it into the thermos, wrapped it in a kitchen towel to keep it from touching my cold food in my lunch container and boom! Seven hours later, my soup was scalding hot! The mouth is big enough to eat out of too. The spoon is okay, kinda cute. It holds two cups of liquid with room to spare. It opened easily without having to “release the pressure” as some other products mentioned. Excellent product, get it and eat warm good all winter!

5Expert Score
It's works great!

The thermos worked great for my daughter’s lunch. I made soup for her lunch. She said the soup was still hot when it was time to have lunch. So far it has been great and easy to clean. It would be nice if it come with two different utensils. When it necessary to do a switch depending on the meal. A fork would be great for pasta. The thermos work great.

5Expert Score
Holds a lot of food!

Stays hot all day! My husband takes soup or leftovers for lunch every day as he’s out in his truck working every day away from anywhere to eat. Holds a lot of food! It holds entire large can of soup, leftovers like enchiladas, spaghetti and meatballs, etc. Just heat up thermos with hot tap water and make sure food is good and hot when you fill it up. We have two so one is always clean…lol.

5Expert Score
Food stays hot inside for hours as advertised

I don’t dislike anything about this thermos. If for an adult, you may want a bigger size so that it can hold bigger portions. I use these for my kids lunches. Prior to purchasing these, they only had the option of cold lunches. These have been a game-changer! They are able to take hot foods to school now. Being able to take hot foods helps them to eat healthier and improves overall well-being. They come home less hungry. They are leak proof and come with a spoon that folds up to fit in the lid. It holds enough food for my kids to be full. Sometimes they come home with leftovers. Either they got full or did not have enough time to eat all. Either way, they have plenty of food for lunchtime in the thermos. I estimate that the food is in their thermos for at least 4-5 hours and it is still hot. When they get home from school, sometimes it is warm (about 8 hours later) but they usually have to reheat it if they want to eat it because it is not quite hot enough to preference after 8 hours. The thermos is made of stainless steel and parts of cap and lid (2 separate parts) are made of durable plastic and it is all easy to clean.

5Expert Score
Hot foods hot and cold foods cold

We have three. And use them for school lunches. Chopped salads. Soups. Macaroni. It stays piping hot. And the detachable spoon in the lid is great. The portion size is huge. Sometimes fill it half and the extra space doesn’t effect the temperature control. Works as it should!!

5Expert Score
Dinner @ football game

I take soup to our sons college football games. It is so awesome it stays nice and hot and i don’t have to stand in a line and miss his game. Total game changer!!!

4Expert Score
It's fine, but be careful or you can get burned.

Warning – the very top lid is just metal, so it will get very very hot and burn you if you put something very hot in it without putting the other piece in first. I always pour boiling water into my thermos for a couple of minutes before putting the hot food in – it’s a little trick a learned that makes the food stay a lot hotter for a lot longer. Put the top lid only on it (not the part with the spoon), and nearly burned myself when i went to unscrew it. Never encountered that with other containers before.
Also, the spoon is just a spoon; in retrospect, i would have looked for one with a spork or fork. Spoon’s not as useful.

4Expert Score

Perfect for the kids school lunch

4Expert Score
It's a good buy

Portion size could be a bit bigger

4Expert Score
Good quality

Some datails good quality

4Expert Score
Functional and well-built thermos, but small mouth

Teen daughter thinks it’s cute, like the spoon that folds out. Husband can’t wash it easily as his hand doesn’t fit in the mouth. Not like our old thermos.

4Expert Score
Keeps food warm

We use this for my son’s lunch at school. It stays warm for hours .the only challenge is cleaning it…the way it i’d constructed makes it hard to clean inside sometimes.

4Expert Score
Excelente producto

Compré varios productos y son de excelente calidad, cumplen perfectamente su función. Lo que deben mejorar amazon, es en el cuidado del embalaje, la verdad que al ser unn producto delicado, deberian venir con la protección adecuada, por lo que llegaron varios con golpes y undiduras, afortunadamente amazon brindo un servicio de calidad, donde me reembolsaron el denero de los productos dañados. Seguiré comprando, excelente experiencia

4Expert Score

These products are actually leak proof. And they are sturdy the only problem is i wish they were bigger. I should have paid more attention to the size. But they work great

4Expert Score
Excellent, but…

I really like this soup/food thermos. The spoon in the lid works well and is so convenient. Stays plenty warm inside for many hours. The only design flaw, in my opinion, is the mouth needs to be a bit wider. It would make putting food in and eating it much easier.

4Expert Score
Well built

I use this for soup on work days. It’s sturdy, and easy to tote, but the ‘built-in’ spoon is for right handed people and, as a lefty, i find it cumbersome. Also, it’s advertised as 16 oz, but actually holds an ounce or two less.

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