ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner – Car Accessories – Small 12V High Power Handheld Portable Car Vacuum w/Attachments, 16 Ft Cord & Bag – Detailing Kit Essentials for Travel, RV Camper

ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner – Car Accessories – Small 12V High Power Handheld Portable Car Vacuum w/Attachments, 16 Ft Cord & Bag – Detailing Kit Essentials for Travel, RV Camper

Shop for the ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner – Car Accessories – Small 12V High Power Handheld Portable Car Vacuum w/Attachments, 16 Ft Cord & Bag – Detailing Kit Essentials for Travel, RV Camper at the Yakibest Home & Kitchen Store. Find products from ThisWorx for with the lowest prices.

What are thisworx car vacuum cleaner – car accessories – small 12v high power handheld portable car vacuum w/attachments features?

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  • Practical: a mini vacuum for car or truck that is compact, lightweight (2.4 lbs), and easy to use. Equipped with a hepa filter, this small dustbuster is ready for ash, dust, or drive-thru food spills. A fully loaded interior car detailing kit housed in an ergonomic design.
  • Powerful: this hand held vacuum is made for on-the-go use and solving out-of-reach problems. A very sandy day at the beach? A coat of dog hair? The portable vacuum cleaner for car is designed to solve problems.
  • Strong suction: the cyclonic force and strong suction of the 106w motor on these handheld vacuums will terminate any dirt, debris, or hard-to-reach crumbs. Our mini car vacuum even has a top of the line washable filter.
  • Car cleaning kit: includes 3 attachments for detailing (flathead, extendable, or brush nozzle), carry bag, filter brush, and spare hepa filter. Must-have car accessories for women or men; these gadgets will keep the interior cute and tidy.
  • Convenient: is the battery always dying when you need a car vac? These truck accessories for men & women use the 12v aux outlet. The 16-foot cord gives the slack needed to clean the back seat or trunk without a snag. Also great for cleaning boats with a 12v cigarette lighter port or are within the 16ft cord range.
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ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner – Car Accessories – Small 12V High Power Handheld Portable Car Vacuum w/Attachments, 16 Ft Cord & Bag – Detailing Kit Essentials for Travel, RV Camper AMAZON

Shop for the ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner – Car Accessories – Small 12V High Power Handheld Portable Car Vacuum w/Attachments, 16 Ft Cord & Bag – Detailing Kit Essentials for Travel, RV Camper at the Yakibest Home & Kitchen Store. Find products from ThisWorx for with the lowest prices.

Looking for specific info?

Does it pick up pet hair?

Just get good old masking tape. It will pick up the pet hair a lot quicker and easier. I love my vacuum to get under the seat and in the cracks of the seat but something like pet hair comes up a lot faster with just tape. Not to mention you don’t have to clean the vacuum out either lol

Best cordless car vacuum

This is not a cordless vacuum.

Hi, since nature abhors a vacuum, will i be considered rude if i purchase this item? Thanks!

Perhaps the enemy of its enemy is its friend? If that’s the case, then nature will just adore you!

I just got mine in the mail i plugged it up it doesn’t turn off why?

Try plugging it in the electrical outlet instead of in the mail.

Will this clean between the crevices of the console area where buttons and such are?

Yes, this vacuum has many attachments, perfect for easy cleaning in all those hard to clean areas of your car. Purchased two of them one for both my son and daughters new cars and they love them!

Does this product shampoo fabric?


Where can i see how to video

You can go to They have a review and a video.

The quality of this brand is too poor

This isn’t a question, it’s a statement.
It’s helpful but not going to “fine detail” pick up

What would be the best suitable adapter/power converter for home use?

I used a cigarette lighter ac/dc adapter that was rated for 2 amps, using it with that adapter i found the vacuum to be very weak, turns out it isn’t getting enough juice, this hand vac is rated for 106w/8.8 amps. Plugged it directly into car socket and much more powerful, you can even hear the difference. So i’m betting the reviews saying its weak are just not giving it enough juice.

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I would like to return my thiswork car vaccumm that i received yesterday as it is not what i thought

Go to amazon returbs

Warranty – how do i get in touch with someone regarding warranty?


thank you for your interest in our products. It means a lot to us!
Please know that our products are covered by a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Hope this helps!

All the best,
thisworx customer champion

Is there a link to a replacement filter on amazon or elsewhere? Other answered questions have broken links

Hi jblaaa,

thank you for reaching out to us, and i hope you have an amazing rest of the week!

First, allow me to send you our heartfelt thanks for your expressed interest in our products, it means a lot!

While our car vacuum cleaners already include an additional hepa filter upon purchase, kindly provide us with your order id (or a copy of the order confirmation), and we’ll check all possible options to recommend one that would fit your vacuum.

You may circle back with your response by sending it directly to us via email at We look forward to hearing back from you soon so that we can take care of this together.

Keep safe, and you have a good one!


customer obsession representative
thisworx customer support

Where do i purchase replacement filters? What kind of filter do i look for?

Hello rebecca,

i hope you are having an excellent week!

Thank you for reaching to us regarding your online purchase of thisworx car vacuum.

Upon checking, the replacement filters are available in nearby diy or car accessory stores at your area.

If you have other questions or concerns, just let us know. We’ll be happy to help.

Take care! Have a good one!

Kind regards,
thisworx customer support

Can i order spare parts for this?

You can order attachment set, carry bag and filters. Please contact us directly via amazon for more information.

Used the vacuum for about 5 min. It got really hot and now it doesn’t work. Any help?

I also plugged mine into my jeep, used it for about 5 minutes then it got really hot and turned off. Now my 12v outlet doesn’t work at all. I found the blown fuse and replaced it but the outlet still doesn’t work 🙁

Is there a way to get another filter? Ours did not come with an extra and my son accidentally threw away the original one.

You should get filters in amazon if you couldn’t find, please check with seller. I got extra filter with product.

Does it remove stains?

Hello there,

thisworx car vacuum cleaner is designed to clean any surface dirt or debris. However, it cannot remove carpet or seat stains.

I hope this helps.

All the best,
thisworx customer obsession champion

Aspira líquido derramado por ejemplo se a derramado café si lo asira

Si aspira liquidos

Espero recibir exatamente lo que compre ; un vacun para el carro que viene con todo y su estuche.o.k.

Yo compre el mío el año pasado y todavía está bueno, viene exactamente como se muestra en la foto.

Replacement filters?

Hello ,
great to hear from you. I hope you’re having a wonderful day!
We do not sell replacement filters for our vacuum because it is reusable; it is a hepa filter that can be washed and cleaned with the brush.

ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner – Car Accessories – Small 12V High Power Handheld Portable Car Vacuum w/Attachments, 16 Ft Cord & Bag – Detailing Kit Essentials for Travel, RV Camper AMAZON

Shop for the ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner – Car Accessories – Small 12V High Power Handheld Portable Car Vacuum w/Attachments, 16 Ft Cord & Bag – Detailing Kit Essentials for Travel, RV Camper at the Yakibest Home & Kitchen Store. Find products from ThisWorx for with the lowest prices.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Definitely get in those hard to reach spots!

Hi amazon friends, i purchase this vacuum when it was on sale for $9.99. For the price i paid it works fantastic.

I am an avid cereal eater on the way to work and often may hit a bump and the cereal spills onto the floor. Occasionally, the cereal container may tip over and spill them everywhere. ( no morning breakfast that day so i’m super careful!)

i was looking for a quick solution to vacuum them up when this happen. This tool certainly does the trick. It reached the hard to get spots easily with the flexible tube and whoever designed it made sure the plastic extension fit either on the vacuum or on the tube as an added hard extension.

Comes with a complete set of instructions that’s worth the read.

As you can see in about 10 minutes i managed to vacuum up a decent amount of debris that was on the floor of the car. I would suggest that each time you use this vacuum you empty it out in order to maintain its longevity. Stuffing it with debris will shorten the motor’s lifespan. At the price point i paid this is a great deal, currently it is listed for $32.99. At that price point i do not believe this is the best product for the money. Real person, honest review.

5Expert Score
Perfect for the price

I love that it comes in a storage bag. I’ve used mine 5 times since getting it a couple weeks ago and have seen it do wonders after my kids spilled a whole bag of bbq potatoes chips in my car. The crevice tool got in the seat tracks and sucked all the crumbs out. The brush tool works amazing for the carpet. The cord is plenty long to reach my entire 8 passenger traverse lt from the outlet in the front console. I can even reach the trunk with no issues.
My only complaint is that the plastic bracket inside the filter broke the very first time i pulled the filter out. But the piece that broke isn’t really even needed, so i’m not bothered by it. Def worth what i paid for it and then some!

5Expert Score
Perfect for parents

I needed a way to get all the goldfish cracker crumbs out of my car and car seats and cleaning up messes when the happen. Having a vacuum that can live in my car is amazing. Timmy spilled his snack, just pull over and deal with it before it gets crushed under the feet of every child in my car. No dealing with charging and since it has steady power it really works.

Better than car wash vacuum and easier than dragging out my extension cord to get the house vacuum involved.

5Expert Score
Best impulse buy ever!

So i had mini panic attack as we approached our first 13-hour road trip with a family of 5. A few days before the trip i realized we should have a vacuum because, well did i mention we are a family of 5 on a long road trip. Anyway, i bought this product expecting the minimum and so far it has exceeded my expectations. First, the size. So we have a minivan but on our road trip we packed everything! This was such a wonderfully compact size that fit into the nice travel bag they give you. Yes, the product fits into a nice travel bag which includes all the attachments you need. Second, the portability. I was shocked! Right before we drove out of town i used the product to gather any lose debris. I had initially visited a car wash and done some spot cleaning but this vacuum cleaned everything else i couldn’t. I also loved that i did not need an outlet. I wanted something with power that didn’t need an outlet since i was going to be on the road, but i also didn’t want to have to change any batteries. This was the perfect solution. The power comes from the car charger port. Third, the suction power and attachments. I have kids and we know that kids find a way to get tiny crumbs in places you didn’t think was possible. The attachments were all very good. If one attachment didn’t get something up, i used a different one and at least one of the attachments worked for what i needed. I ended up using the vacuum 3 different times during our week vacation because kids ate snacks in the car etc. So i needed to declutter a few times. But because the vacuum is really good at picking up debris i only need to do a quick run through (less than 5 min each time). If i could give this product 10 stars i would. I’m so happy with this impulse buy and a little less stressed when the kids get goldfish on the floor. 🙂

5Expert Score
Good car vac

This car vacuum did a pretty good job in cleaning up my car the only thing that i struggled with was picking up hair not from the pat but i think for my daughters long blonde hair i probably need to do a really deep clean from a gas station vacuum and then keep it up with this vacuum but it did pick up the dirt and just crumbs off the ground. The cord is long enough and the attachments work pretty well hopefully it’ll last for a while but again this is my first time using it and so far so good

5Expert Score
Adulting fun

Ok, so i’m not usually one who loves to clean but this was joyful. Maybe it was the crumbs being removed from the car seats, maybe it was the tunes i was jamming to from the radio, i don’t know. But, it was easy to use, i changed nozzles several times while cleaning to reach different spots and used the brush head to get some ingrained dirt. My car isn’t ever going to be clean clean (it’s got stains from kid spills) but, it’s less grimy and it didn’t take long to clean the cabin and remove enough dirt to fill the canister.
The plug-in aspect made it so i had full power for the whole car cabin. The cord is plenty long and reached into the hatchback trunk of my prius. Everything easily fit into the carrying case and will be stored in my trunk.
Overall: easy to use, good price, and as i said earlier, it was pretty enjoyable.

5Expert Score
Great things can come in small packages!

This little vacuum has great cleaning power. I was done with my 8-seater suv within 15 minutes – every nook & cranny. No heavy lifting, it goes wherever i need it. The attachments change quickly & i was done in no time. Everything fit into the bag very neatly & stows in the trunk. Great tool! I’m getting my daughter one so she can have her kids help her keep her vehicle clean.

5Expert Score
Surprisingly a great product!

I was happily surprised once i plugged the vacuum into my truck. I expected the product to not be as described because the price is so great. I was wrong. The suction is good, the cord is very long as described, and it’s just an all around good product for me. It’s awesome that it comes with 3 extension pieces, extra filter, filter brush, and the carrying bag. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone needing to clean the inside of their vehicle.

5Expert Score
Great value for tidying up your car

This vacuum works great. I have a midsize suv and i was able to just plug it in the electric port ( ignition switch has to be on, or running) and did my entire interior. The cord length was more than enough, didn’t tangle. The suction was great for the floors mats and fabrics. I didn’t have a deep clean issue so i can’t say how it might perform. But the attachment fits perfectly in the hard to reach areas around seats.

5Expert Score
It's great for the price and what all comes with it!

I have a serious questions!! And i hope someone gets back to me!! I purchased this vacuum and opened it and loved all the special stuff that comes with it but omg!! That fun little air freshner you get as a sweet little complimemtary gift smells soooooooooo good and i seriously want to get as many as i possibly can (without having to buy 100 vacums) is there somewhere i can get these?! I love them soooooo much its the most perfect smell and reminds me of my child hood!!!!!

4Expert Score
Like the product says “this works”

It’s great for quick vacuuming between major car wash/cleaning. It has decent suction power for a small dirt devil like vacuum. Price is good for what the product does. It does look less attractive visually. It doesn’t look as “well built” as the photos on the product page. However i’m happy with it. I had a previous car vacuum like this that was smaller that seem dingy but had stronger suction power. But if you are looking for quick clean up in-between major car washes this is perfect.

I do like the color of rose pink and gives it a “cute” addition to our other car cleaning products. I do like the case it comes in so you can keep all the pieces together in one place without it looking messy in the car.

It comes with one extra filter so that’s a plus!

4Expert Score
Pretty decent for value.

The picture and item above is exactly what you are getting.

I got the item above and it was as picture. However the suction is slightly off. It will pick up lose items but it’s iffy on other items.

The suction alone on the clear handle is good, but it’s a tiny hole, so it won’t pick up bigger items.

The best attachment is the black brush.. It has more suction and works well on scrubbing the extra small stuff for pick up.

The mini blue brush works well in crevices…very well infact in smaller spaces too.

The plastic black hose….just throw it away.. What suction is there???

The plastic clear extension… Ehh?!?!

That cord though… Legnth is perfect!

It does take a long time if you are deep cleaning a car.. And the suction is mildly strong. It will get the job done… But will take hours on end. This is not the suction of the car wash vacumm. If you’re looking for that… This is not your product.

However… And this is a big however… If you’re just looking for a small device to keep car cleaned up every couple of days just as a tiying for an uber lift and such.. This is the perfect thing for you.

4Expert Score
Works great for a small vacuum

It works great if you don’t really have a messy vehicle. Small spot cleaning or regularly cleaned vehicles it is great for. If you have a messy vehicle, you’d do best to use a shop vac or use the vacuum at a car wash. We tried it out on my boyfriend’s truck which he keeps very clean and it did a pretty good job. The filter is tiny and we had to empty it once to clean the filter, not because it was even remotely full. Suction is ok. It runs off your 12-volt, so it’s not a whole lot of power. We’ll keep it in our vehicles to do quick clean up when we need it.

4Expert Score
You get what you pay for

I didn’t expect too much out of this vacuum for $15. As other reviewers have stated, the hose is pretty much useless. The other attachments work adequately. I do like how it comes with an extra filter. Fair word of warning, when you empty out the container, you better be outside. I happened to be outside so it wasnt an issue, but if you’re in a garage or something it could fling debris everywhere if you need to use a little extra oomph to get the vacuum to open.

As for performance, it did an adequate job vacuuming up sand, leaves, cigarette butts, dirt, etc. I wouldn’t recommend for deep cleaning but for routine tidying of your vehicle it’s a good tool. Knocked off a star for less suction than i anticipated, and useless hose tool. If i had paid the original stated price i’d be quite upset. For the discount, the price matches performance.

4Expert Score
Good device with some flaws

I wish i would’ve taken a before and after picture! You’ll just have to take my word for it. So initially i was skeptical of this vacuum because of its small size. I noticed there were tons of reviews though, mostly decent, so i decided to pull the trigger on it. I have a messy toddler and am about to have my second baby, so the idea of being able to plug it in right in my car and do some cleaning, was really appealing. I also really like the idea of having different attachments for cleaning nooks and crannies. I decided the other night to get it out and give it a shot and i’ll say, initially i wasn’t overly impressed. I plugged it in and turned it on (yes, with my vehicle running) and thought, ‘wow, that’s it?’ but when u started vacuuming with it i was actually pretty impressed. So no, you’re not going to get industrial vacuum-quality with this device. However, like i said, if you want to be able to take your time at your own house and so some car cleaning, this device is great. It actually did a pretty good job of cleaning my carpets and giving my car a refresh. I loved that the attachments helped me get into spaces i’d never have access to with the vacuum at the car wash. So between the counsel and the seats, etc. The hose in my opinion is shaped oddly and doesn’t work too well, but i loved the brush and the straight attachments. The hose plugs in one way to the vacuum and then faces a different direction at the end, so it’s pretty uncomfortable trying to straighten it out to fish it down into a nook. Not bad, though. Just personally won’t be using that attachment as much. I like that it includes a brush for the filter and an extra filter. What i did find annoying was that the suction power was lacking if even the smallest amount of dirt and hair stuck to the filter. So i felt as though i was constantly emptying the dust cup even when i should’ve been able to fill it up more. Lot of dirt and particles like to stick right around the tip where it sucks, right in the crack between the opening and the outer plastic. So that was annoying, but holding it facing up and giving it a few good taps sent the dust down with the rest of it by the filter which was good. I did notice that when you open it and take the filter out to dump the dust, the rubber ring on the filter gets dusty and makes it difficult to seat it back into place within the plastic so you can click that back onto the actual vacuum. So tinkering with that was pretty annoying trying to get it to seat correctly so i could get back to vacuuming. It took me quite a while to complete but my car also hadn’t been vacuumed in a while. All in all, i would say this is a really good but also flawed device that is nice to have if you don’t like having to go to the car wash to clean out your car, or you have small and messy children like i do and want to be able to clean up after them in a pinch and at home. This device as i mentioned earlier is also quite good for the nooks and crannies the car wash vacuum heads simply cannot reach. However if you’re expecting professional detailer-quality results, you’ll likely be disappointed. This vacuum does have pretty good suction power but some stuff that is almost weaved into the carpet fibers still remains. It is not perfect, and i would say it’s not quite as professional quality as the claims state on the box. It also claims you can clean wet messes with it, however i have not tried that as of yet and am not sure i’d be comfortable testing that. So, all in all, if you’re looking for what i described, you should definitely get this product. However if you’re looking for something more professional grade, you may want to look into something a lot more powerful. I am happy with the value of it, and hope to get a lot of use from it.

4Expert Score
Great little car vacuum

This works better than i thought it would for the price. The suction is good, but not great unless turn on the car. I leave the car door open when i vacuum the car, which brings in exhaust. Otherwise i would rate this 5 stars. I will still use shop vac for full cleaning of car, but for little messes this will be great! Also like the bag it comes with to store all the attachments. Wish the bag was a little bigger to fit everything, but managed to fit it all in and zip it. Would recommend getting one of these for the promo price!

4Expert Score
Great vacuum if you do rideshare

I do uber and lyft and i keep my jeep compass meticulously clean. The carpet in my jeep is black and shows any and everything. So after a couple of hrs of doing rides, i pull this out and vacuum up everything left from customers shoes that didn’t make onto floor mat. It’s not for deep cleaning, but it picks up all surface dirt and partials with ease. I highly recommend this product.

4Expert Score
Handy vacuum for quick car cleanups

This vacuum is handy because you can plug into an outlet as you would a cell phone in your car. The cord is really long to reach even a rear trunk area.
The suction isn’t very powerful to pull up dirt, etc that is deep in a carpet. It will pick up pieces of stuff. Would be great for people who have kids eating snacks in the car or misc. Small debris.
The cup of debris can be dumped after use and can be put away.
Overall a good product.

4Expert Score
A little beast!

Got this little bad boy with very low expectations. I mean, how good can a $12 carvac be? Uhm…amazing! Great suction power, nice long cord, lots of attachments for detail cleaning. All of this nearly collected in a roomy zippered bag, included. Would highly recommend even if not on sale

4Expert Score
Better than expected.

My wife purchased for me to use.with the car. It was much stronger than what i expected.
We have a lot of sand that gets in the car and this is good for a quick cleanup, but still requires a more powerful vacuum for a good cleaning.

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