ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner – LED Light, Portable, High Power Handheld Vacuums w/ 3 Attachments, 16 Ft Cord & Bag – 12v, Auto Accessories Kit for Interior Detailing – Black

ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner – LED Light, Portable, High Power Handheld Vacuums w/ 3 Attachments, 16 Ft Cord & Bag – 12v, Auto Accessories Kit for Interior Detailing – Black

Buy ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner – LED Light, Portable, High Power Handheld Vacuums w/ 3 Attachments, 16 Ft Cord & Bag – 12v, Auto Accessories Kit for Interior Detailing – Black: Vacuums – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are thisworx car vacuum cleaner – led light features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • The ultimate high power: we achieved a new high standard in automotive cleaning with our improved car detailing vacuum. Upgrades include: 110w cleaning power & 9.17 amps, a sleek design with integrated led light and a washable double filter. These van or truck accessories for men & women use the 12v aux outlet for power.
  • No more crumbs: interior car cleaning kit includes 3 attachments (flathead, extendable, or brush nozzle) for detailing, carry bag, and a filter cleaning brush. Must have car accessories for women or men; these gadgets will keep the interior cute and tidy.
  • Easy: a mini vacuum for car or truck that is compact, lightweight (2.6 lbs), and easy to use. The large dust bin capacity is ready for ash, dust, or drive-thru food spills. A fully loaded interior car detailing kit housed in an ergonomic design.
  • Effective: designed for on-the-go use and to solve out-of-reach problems. A very sandy day at the beach? A coat of dog hair? The portable vacuum cleaner for car is made to help. The led light is a lifesaver at night or in the shadows under seats.
  • Cyclone force: the cyclonic force and strong suction of the 110w motor will terminate any dirt or debris; say goodbye to hard-to-reach crumbs stuck under the driver’s seat or in crevices. Our small handheld vacuum even has a top of the line washable hepa filter.
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ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner – LED Light, Portable, High Power Handheld Vacuums w/ 3 Attachments, 16 Ft Cord & Bag – 12v, Auto Accessories Kit for Interior Detailing – Black AMAZON

Buy ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner – LED Light, Portable, High Power Handheld Vacuums w/ 3 Attachments, 16 Ft Cord & Bag – 12v, Auto Accessories Kit for Interior Detailing – Black: Vacuums – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Whats the difference between this model and the twc-01 also by thisworx?

Besides the external differences between the models, twc-02 has a led light and its power is stronger than twc-01.

Can i run this backwards and get some extra power to the engine? I need another 5-10 horsepower for the steep hills i drive.

You absolutely can, i’ve done it. The only problem is, when running backwards holding the vac, tripping is a real possibility and dangerous.

Is this vacuum cleaner safe for use in a subaru forester.?…others i looked at said not safe for subaru’s…not sure why…

Some people have no idea about how a car electrical system works. Dildoshwagginss is totally incorrect. This is a 12 volt system. It won’t work in a 6 volt system, which some older cars are. Maybe that’s what the person was talking about. An outlet because it is the same size does not mean everything that fits will work. If the electrical system is not the same as the item being plugged into it then bad things happen. Just be aware, but in modern vehies today most are 12 volt. Not sure how that would be in an ev, but that is for another time.

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How many watts is this vacuum? I am using a solar system to run it, and need to be sure it’s not higher than my system can handle. Thanks.

I am not sure the watts . I used to with a car plug though it does not have a normal plug , you have to use it with you car lighter plug . Dont buy horrible suction

Can it handle staying in my car during winter time?

It can in my car.i live in central florida!! But seriously, l don’t know for sure, but i can’t imagine why cold would affect it.

My car doesn’t have a cigarette lighter port. Can this be plugged into a regular electrical outlet? Thanks.

It’s made to plug into the car, but you can buy an adapter. There’s even one shown in the frequently bought together window on the amazon page: foval 200w car power inverter dc 12v to 110v ac converter with 4 usb ports charger.

Does battery powered mean it can be cordless?

Hello wookie,

i appreciate your interest in our products. It means a lot to us.

Battery powered means that it depends on your car’s battery health.

Thisworx car vacuum needed to be plugin into your 12v car’s lighter port, and use the 16ft power cord to cover any area of your car.

I hope this helps.

If you have other concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help.

All the best,
thisworx customer champion

Does the car have to be turned on for the vacuum to work?

Hi rosalba!

Yes, you should turn your car on. You have to plug the vacuum directly into the 12v lighter port of your car. I hope this helps. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email at Keep safe!

thisworx customer champion

What about the parts and accessories?

The accessories did help. If it wasn’t for them, it really wouldn’t do anything at all. The vacuum just doesn’t have powerful suction.

How does one empty the vacuumed contents ? Does this vacuum have a bag like many small vacuums have ?


i hope you and your family are well and safe!

Kindly check the below steps on how to open and pull out the vacuum filter.

– take off the dust container using a button on the top of the vacuum.
– pull out the hepa filter. It may ask for little more strength for the first time.
– depending on how dirty the filter is, you can clean it with a small brush or water.

Also, yes, we have a bag included.

Take care!

All the best,
thisworx customer champion

Cancel this, i did not order this


Does this vacuum cleaner have good sucktion

Yea . My car floor had accumulated winter dirt and sid a goodjob. Equal to using car wash vacumm.l need to wash mt car floor that thevacumm cannot do..for 20dollars its a good purchase.

Hello, are there replacement attachments?

Hello amazon customer,

i hope all is well.

Thank you for your inquiry.

A cleaning set made for ride sharing: any drivers will simply love this hand vacuum and all its accessories:3 different all-purpose nozzles, a carrying bag for easy storage, and a filter cleaning brush.

As for the filters, they are totally reusable & washable. Even the tools to clean them are included in the package.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will be more than happy to assist you.

All the best,
customer obsession representative
thisworx customer support

Has anyone fried their car outlet using this vacuum?

I used mine for the first time yesterday and it fried the electrical system in my car. I am presently waiting for a tow. I am livid.

How do i dump out the bin? I can’t take out filter.

Hold the vacuum with bin point toward you and squeeze the release,once open the filter easily come out

What kind of liquids say if i used a dry foam is it safe ?

It does not have good suction, i would not recommend buying this product. Really wasted my cash … I used it but it does not clean how i would like it to

Can i find a filter replacement if needed?


at the moment we do not offer replacement filters.

All the best,

What is the vacuum pressure

It has fairly good pressure but not as much as a regular vacuum. It took a while to vacuum all of our floor mats but it’s good to have for small cleanups.

Will this be great for stairs?

Dont think so because it is design for cars except you have jump box that have the cigarette section to connect the vacuum

Why is the older model more expensive than the new one?

The twc-02 model is the upgraded version with 110w stronger suction power, 9.17 amps, a sleek design with integrated led light, and a washable double hepa filter. While the twc-01 is the old version with 106w with top of the line washable hepa filter but no led light.

ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner – LED Light, Portable, High Power Handheld Vacuums w/ 3 Attachments, 16 Ft Cord & Bag – 12v, Auto Accessories Kit for Interior Detailing – Black AMAZON

Buy ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner – LED Light, Portable, High Power Handheld Vacuums w/ 3 Attachments, 16 Ft Cord & Bag – 12v, Auto Accessories Kit for Interior Detailing – Black: Vacuums – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Thisworx great!

As soon as i plugged this unit in and started using it, i threw away a very weak suck and incredibly annoying b&d brand dc powered vacuum. This is slim, lightweight and has the attachments. I have a dash mat which collected a couple of dead bees right at the edge of the windshield (of course!). The attachments allowed me to thoroughly vacuum the entire dash and remove the bug pieces with no issues at all. I am impressed as this exactly what i needed it to do.

5Expert Score
Awesome car vacuum

I bought this vacuum last week. I couldn’t pass on the price. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to do miracles. I just needed something in between car washes to keep the interior looking good. Wow, was i shocked at the suction power that this small vacuum delivered. The vacuum is compact, comes with a long cord (i was able to use it in my trunk), many useful attachments, and a nice case to put everything in when you are done. I cannot believe the job it performs! I would highly recommend this vacuum. Great present for a birthday, or christmas gift.

5Expert Score
Perfect for weekly cleaning

This is perfect if you have leather seat and just need something to do a quick cleanup of your car. I drive around with my dog in the car all the time, and the vacuum is not strong enough to pull out embedded dog hair from the carpet surface, but it does fine job of cleaning leather and plastic surface.

5Expert Score
Works great.

I bought this last week to try to keep my car clean. It works great. It came with a few attachments and has a light on it that you can turn on or off. The attachments work great at getting in the cracks of the car that you wouldn’t normally be able to get to. The cord is long enough to reach behind my 3rd row. Definitely worth the money.

5Expert Score
Very impressive – thanks to the bad reviews

Update: sister saw it in action and had to have one, so just received my second one! Thanks thisworx!

Some complaints on here really made me hesitate on this vacuum… But eventually i thought, ‘it’s amazon, let’s roll the dice and try it out.’

to those complaining it’s loud… Thank you. It’s because of you that i find this vacuum to be surprisingly quiet for its suction power. When i first switched it on, i thought it was too quiet to have any capability… It concerned me that it was quieter than a hair dryer. It emits a low-whir that you can easily converse over without yelling.

To those complaining it doesn’t suck… Thank you as well. With expectations set low, i was surprised to only have to hand-pick 2 tiny rocks from the floors. This little guy picked up at least 1/2 a pound of sand off my floors mats and roughly a half-ounce of accumulated puppy hair… I ended up having to empty it out 5 times (yes, it had been months since i’d cleaned my car).

Bonus stuff? The carrying case is a nice touch to be able to keep it all together. The accessories are more usable than you’d think… Puppy hair not coming up? Use the brush attachment! Hard to get between those seats? Use the narrow extension! It’s so well thought out.

If you’re expecting this to suck a golf ball through a straw, it won’t. It’s not a shop vac. It’s a 12v cig plug vacuum designed for portable/on-the-go clean up… And it delivers! The build quality is fair for it’s price-point… Don’t expect buttons, switches or anything else to feel ‘top notch’. But in terms of function, it seems to have the goods. And unless the motor is absolute junk, it should last a very long time with proper upkeep and as-intended use.

Overall: an absolutely awesome value.

5Expert Score
Very good

This product was awesome while it lasted but unfortunately a small rock entered my vacuum and broke the inside and didn’t wnat to work anymore

5Expert Score
Good car vac

This vacuum works well. The tools are small and designed for tight spaces. The cord is plenty long to reach all parts of the car. There are no batteries to keep charged.. I like this product.

5Expert Score
Best bang for your buck

I love how this car vacuum various attachments to get in hard to reach spots. It is affordable, has a long cord, and plugs directly into your cigarette lighter…

5Expert Score
Bought for the sailboat.

I tried this out at home and saw the suction power was quite lower than a wall plug in vacuum. I thought i was going to be sending this back but after taking it to the boat it worked like a charm and my boat is cleaner than ever and it was so easy to use. If you are thinking to use this to replace a plug-in vacuum, you will be disappointed. But if you are going to use this in more remote areas where a plug-in vacuum isn’t available. It rocks! Cord length is perfect for my 26’ boat as the plug in is central.

5Expert Score
My favorite car mom tool

Favorite mom car tool, always on the go and constantly have football, baseball cleats in my car making messes. I would say this vacuum is a lifesaver and money saver.

4Expert Score
It works but

This is a decent item if you like to keep your car clean like me. The suction is not as strong as i would’ve liked it to be. However it’s a decent buy for the price.

4Expert Score
Basic vacuum pump for cars

Good for cars. Not best.

4Expert Score
Suction isnt that strong to get up all the dog hair.

Suction isn’t they strong to get all the dog hair. I still have to use a hair removal sponge in addition.

4Expert Score
Good quick cleaning

Good for quick cleaning gets sand and dirt. Won’t get dog hair butt didn’t really think it was a super suction vacuum anyway. Good over all quick clean machine just not for a car ruled by dogs lol

4Expert Score
Does the job

This is a great go to for car vacuuming. Suction is good.. If you have a lot of debris it takes a couple times to go over to suck up so try and keep up with vacuuming to not let get to that point. Suction is good when car is turned off, while car is on suction is stronger. Overall i’m super happy i invested in this saves me money on going to the gas station vacuuming. Cause even alot of gas station vacuum suction can be a hit or miss.

4Expert Score
Car vacuum

Overall good item. I got it for my subaru outback since i go camping often and sometimes travel with my german shepard that sheds a lot. It did a pretty good job at cleaning up the car after a camping trip & having my dog in the car. I’d recommend this product to others.

4Expert Score
Good vacuum could be more gandy

Works for its purpose won’t last

4Expert Score

This is the vaccuum that stays in your car to quickly clean up messes before they get out of hand. This is not a deep cleaner, it a build up preventer. The attachments get into all those little awkward spot under the seats and pedals. Stores neatly in a well made bag. I’d buy again.

4Expert Score

It was nice while it lasted out of no where the plug in part broke and doesn’t work in plug. But good while it lasted

4Expert Score
Not to impress, it cleans but could be better

I like that it’s a portable vacuum and it has it’s own bag and accessories to help you on your cleaning. What i didn’t like it doesn’t pick up as well as i would have though

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