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What are timer features?

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  • You must want a reliable timer to know when to start or stop clearly. Here is the best-selling timer in 2022! This new digital kitchen timer features loud/silent switch, on/off switch, larger screen and buttons with clear markings for ease of use. It can count both up & down. Instead of counting in your head, it is time to start your new routine here!
  • The loud / silent switch is a whole-new surprise! Alarm buzzer will beep loudly in large spaces, allowing you to hear clearly in another room. Makes it a must-have kitchen timer for cooking safely! Besides, this digital stopwatch timer with silent switch works perfectly for kids and teachers. When countdown to 00:00 on desktop, only the red light will flash quietly without startling students in classroom.
  • The built-in memory setting offers convenience to avoid having to reset it each time. Fast forward to set 60 minutes by pressing and holding the minute button for over 3 seconds. As a basic countdown timer for time management, you deserve it! [ max count range: 99 minutes 59 seconds ]
  • Simple to operate | the strong magnet, durable kickstand and hanging hole make this simple timer easier to position where it should be. Easy to glance the big digits on its large screen from any angles. Whether you’re cooking eggs in the kitchen, or you want to set a timer for kids in classroom / at homework, this portable timer comes in very handy!
  • This 2022 upgraded version magnetic timer comes with aaa battery and a large on/off switch. Long last for years! This electronic timer is #1 recommended for food cooking, eggs boiling, kids time management, classroom study, excercise / workout timing, oven baking. You will be proud to use this great timer for years to come! [ you will get: 2 pack* digital timers (upgraded version) + 2 pack* aaa batteries! ]
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Looking for specific info?

Product dimensions says 6.5 x 5.7 x 1.8 inches. In reality they’re only 3 x 2“?

The dimensions are 2 1/2 x 2 1/4 and 3/4 thick. Good item with loud ringer.

Will the timer continue to count up after the elapsed time ends, to determine overage?

When the time is reached, the timer stops and it keeps ringing until you shut the sound off; the timer does not then move until you re-set it

Does if have memory function? For example if i set the timer for 10mins the timer goes off i hit start/pause will the timer go back to 10 mins or 0?

If the timer completes the time it goes back to the original time after you hit start/pause. If you stop it early and don’t let it finish it stays at the time you stopped it at.

Doe timer have automatic count up?

Timer counts down. Set it for 3 minutes, it counts down to 2:59, 2:58, etc.

What is range of the count down timer?

99-0. Works great and alarm is loud.

What are the dimensions by inches? Thank you

Approximately 2” x 2” x1/2”each. Great little timers.

How do i move the time set downward or does pushing the min or sec just move the time upward? I want to adjust the clock downward from a given time?

I’m not certain of what your asking. The timer works 2 ways 1. Push start and it counts with the numbers getting greater. 2. If you want say 5mts cook timer push the button to 5mts then push the start button. The timer will then count down to zero. This is a grt timer. I have two of them they are great. Hope this helps.

The timers work but i can not get them to ‘beep’. I’ve tried changing the switch on the back with no luck. Please advise

I had the same problem. If i remember correctly, the switch is three-way. I think there is an off, blinking light, and beep position. Maybe you have not tried all three positions. Maybe the battery needs replacing. That’s all i can think of.

Does this have a beep warning at 10 and 5 minutes before alarm is going off? I had a timer that did this and it was great for my kids

No this timer does not have the 5 minute warning feature. However it is a good timer; i use it daily.

Does it easy to set the time? A 7-year-old kid.

Yes.. 3 easy buttons. Reliable.

Is it remember setting time?

When you set the timer and it rings after, say, 10 minutes and you turn the alarm off, it returns to show 10 minutes.

Can you turn alarm sound off?

If you mean you want a timer that doesn’t beep when the time is done, then no. This timer is super simple and you can’t choose to turn off the sound completely.

If lying flat will it be tippy while setting/pushing buttons?

Whether lying flat or on a metal surface (refrigerator or front of oven, for example) it is easily set, not ‘rocky’. The photo shows it with the ‘leg’ set up but the leg is very small and the timer is flat on the back when the leg is not extended.

What are the dimensions?

You will get: 2 pack* digital timer [ size: 6.5 x 5.7 cm ]

Why are there 2 timers? Are 2 needed ? Why?

One is all you need. I liked the 2 pack because my husband needs one for his beer brewing at the same time i’m baking or cooking.

Can i add minutes while it is counting down?

Yes easily. Just pause it and add minutes or seconds then resume.

Why don’t the customer images look like the advertised product? The display is much larger in the seller images.

You never know what happens to images from ad agency to print, when each magazine or newspaper have a given space to render the photo. As a result, the actual size is almost always different. I have a ivory case, but the one depicted is pink, i guess for the ladies. The
function is the same i must presume.

This product stopped functioning properly pretty quickly after i purchased it, do you provide refund or replacement? If so who do i email? Thanks

Mine works great, maybe it needs a battery

Need to know how to set timer for and 1 hour and 45 minutes

Hi. Being as this is a minute, second timer, it will not be able to be set for 1 hour and 45 minutes. I’m guessing this little timer will go to 99 minutes. I have an extra big and loud timer that i can set for hours, minutes, and seconds. So that’s a thought for you if need be. Thanks for asking.

If i want to count 10 seconds will it work for that?

Yes the timer will count seconds. It provides separate buttons to select minutes and seconds, independently of each other. Hope this helps.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score

I’m very happy with the antonki timers that i purchased. The fact that they came as a two pack is helpful as i keep one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. The numbers on the screen are large and easy to read. The kick stand allows it to be standing directly onto a surface and the magnet on the back enables me to store it on the fridge. The switch on the back of the timer allows for a loud beeping when the countdown is achieved or it can be used in silent mode with a blinking red light. Nice! Two thumbs up for this one!!!

5Expert Score
Very easy to use!

I use a timer every single day as i bake often and also give healing sessions to many that are timed. I have purchased several timers in the past few years and these are by far the best!!! They are very easy to use and the numbers are large and easy to read. They are reasonably priced as well. This is my second set! I keep them in several places throughout my home. Love them!

5Expert Score
Love the power switch.

Bought these as my previous timer used button cell batteries and the display kept going out when i would press the buttons. ‘aaa’ batteries are much cheaper than button cells and you can get them as rechargable’s. I love the power switch which allows you to turn it off and make them last even longer. Alarm is louder than previous timer as well which is a plus.

5Expert Score
Great timer

This little timer is a gem and does exactly what i need it to do. I work from home so when i am cooking something that i need to check on while in my office, i just set the timer as a reminder or if i’m doing something else and need to finish by a certain time, i just set the timer. Easy and efficient for my needs.

5Expert Score
Perfect little timer

I love the compact size but large screen. The fact that it has a little pull out stand is huge, even the magnet attachment was well thought out. I keep one in my kitchen on the fridge and use the other one exclusively for timing my coffee roasting. Overall very happy with these timers!

5Expert Score
Nice large display

Great gadget. You can stick to any magnetic furnace or place it anywhere once you pull out that kick stand. Love the large display. I just wish it auto shuts off when not in use, but no big deal. I turn it off manually.

5Expert Score
Easy to operate

Numerals are big. Easy to operate. One thing i don’t like is that the alarm turns itself off after beeping for about fifteen seconds. I prefer an annoying alarm that will resist my efforts to ignore it.

5Expert Score
Easy to use

They are very easy to use. No need for instructions. You get 2 in a pack. Set your timer, and take it else where
with you to do chores or whatever. Handy items to have.

5Expert Score
Works perfectly

A timer doesn’t have to do much, but these work well. The numbers are easy to read, and you easily hear it when the countdown is done. It also has two volume levels in case the high level is a little too raucous.

5Expert Score
Can't live without them!

They are affordable, work great and come with a battery! I use them for everything:
timing piano practice, setting a limited time to clean, cooking, etc
most important, they entertain the grandkids! They never seem to break!

4Expert Score
Not quite what i wanted

There is nothing wrong with the timer as far as i can tell…. The problem is that i evidently didn’t see or realize that this is a timer for minutes/seconds only. I intended to use it in the kitchen and i need one that is able to be programmed for hours also. I liked the fact that it was small/there were two (so i can have one with me if i need to go outside (which often occurs) when i’m baking something, etc } it does work well…just not exactly what i was looking for….my mistake. Also…. Although not a hinderance, the english on the box wasn’t the best…lol

4Expert Score
I wanted something simple

Many stop watches put so many features on them that they become complicated and it is easy accidentally use a wrong button in the wrong order and then it starts doing some function that was unwanted and i have had some frustration getting it to just go back to the original function i wanted. I just wanted something easy to count down or up with. With device is simple, i can time it with a sound or quietly and i didn’t even have to look at directions to figure it out. I didn’t need two, but that is just how it came. If you want something simple, this is a good product.

4Expert Score
Easy to use back lacks memory.

Easy to use. Alert is loud enough. Minor issues is there’s no memory setting so if you turn off you have to reset the timer every time. Also, don’t really like the beeping with every push of the button, for example if i have to set to anything plus 30 seconds i have to push the seconds button 30 times and hear it beep 30 times. Of course can work around this by setting it to silent mode while setting and then turn off the silent mode to get the alert.

4Expert Score

Wish it was a little louder but i’m pretty deaf! Other wide, works as advertised

4Expert Score
Works perfect

Just the right size

4Expert Score
It does not appear to automatically turn off to save battery power

The instructions were not very clear, it is a matter of fussing with it to figure out how it functions. There are some instructions on the back, but not enough. It does not automatically shut down to save power, it needs to be turned off, then reset to the time you want when turned back on. But the sound is loud enough for my husband to hear, and he has a severe hearing loss. It does work as an inexpensive timer, and that is what it is. So yes it is a good item.

4Expert Score
Works fine but…

I got two to the package. The timer is easy to use and the price was good but my old timers have had clips on them so i can attach to my blouse and if i leave the room or go to the patio i still can hear it when it goes off. This one has a stand that opens up off the back and that’s fine if you will be staying in the room where your oven or your project is but i tend to roam. Just something to consider. Otherwise it’s great.
Edit 8/19/2022 i’m having trouble getting the magnets to stay on the timer. My husband keeps glueing them back on but the last time i took it off the side of my frig, the magnet stayed stuck to the frig instead of coming off with the timer. I wouldn’t buy these again.

4Expert Score
Test saver

I work in a very busy loud pharmacy. We do shots fill prescriptions and run covid tests. Since the testing machines are not in the pharmacy it is sometimes easy to forget to finish them. These are loud enough and easy enought to rest that we can use them continously to remind us to go to the next step.

4Expert Score
Clock accuracy

Overall a good product. Only issue i have is that the timer is not accurate. Seems to be fast by about 5% (3 minutes in an hour). For short time intervals its usable but for long time periods could be a problem.

4Expert Score
Good timer but weak magnet.

Timer works good, very easy to use. This is fine if your just propping it up. Also nice that it comes with a battery. However, the magnet on the back is not very strong and slides off of surfaces very easily.

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