Tomcat With Bromethalin Bait Chunx Pail

Tomcat With Bromethalin Bait Chunx Pail

Tomcat With Bromethalin Bait Chunx Pail + Free Shipping
Tomcat With Bromethalin Bait Chunx Pail: Tomcat bait chunx are extremely effective in killing anti-coagulant resistant norway rats, roof rats and house mice. Each 1 oz. Bait block can kill up to 12 mice. Each 4 oz. Bait block can kill up to 10 rats, helping you take care of your rodent problem before it becomes an infestation.

What are tomcat with bromethalin bait chunx pail features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • For use in and around agricultural buildings and homes
  • Norway rats, roof rats and house mice cease feeding after consuming a toxic dose
  • Kills up to 12 mice per 1 oz. Block
  • Kills up to 10 rats per 4 oz. Block
  • Ready to use
  • For indoor use
  • Kills norway rats, roof rats and house mice
  • Kills anticoagulant resistant norway rats, roof rats and house mice
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Tomcat With Bromethalin Bait Chunx Pail AMAZON

Tomcat With Bromethalin Bait Chunx Pail + Free Shipping

Looking for specific info?

Can i just throw these through my attic, or do i need the traps?

I use bailing wire to string the bait chunks on and place the in my attic that way they have to eat it they can’t just carry it off. When using in out buildings i make sure to place it out of reach of my dogs. I had one get in some once he climbed on them platform of a bull dozer to get it. It’s easy to tell if they have been in poison their gums will be white

How many blocks in this bucket? Will this kill / harm lizards?

It will have to ingest an animal that had enough in its system to die.( a dead poisoned animal would have to be consumed by your lizard, to harm it..)

Does this 4lb. Bait chunx for certain have a hole through the center?

Yes. We take a block of wood and put a long screw thru it and put bait on the screw. Then they can’t carry the block away. No pets to worry about.

What’s the difference between tomcat’s ‘ tier i’ and the ‘tier ii’ bait station?

From epa website: bait stations (tier 1) that have been shown to be resistant to tampering efforts by young children and by dogs and are considered to be weather-resistant may be used indoors and outdoors, within 50 feet of buildings. Tier 2 ready-to-use bait stations have been shown to be resistant to tampering by young children and by dogs but cannot be used outdoors because they are not considered to be weather-resistant bait stations. Tier 3 ready-to-use bait stations have been shown to be resistant to tampering by young children and can be used indoors in area to which pets have no access. Tier 4 ready-to-use bait stations either have not been shown to be tamper-resistant or have not been tested in that regard. Therefore, tier 4 stations may only be used indoors in areas to which young children and pets have no access, including residences where no young children or pets live or visit.

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Will this kill opossums?

You should not kill possums they are good – they are called gods clean up crew. They eat ticks!

Does this come with bait?

You do not have a lifetime supply of bait unless you only plan on living a few years. All drugs have shelf lives. Buy small amounts only as needed and try to establish how old the product is before you buy it. In az the packrats will carry away your baits (if you are foolish enough to all it) and stash them in middens (usually out of sight and mixed in with nasty bits of cholla cactus) where they will remain for years until they are safe to eat by future generations of packrats. Do not underestimate your enemy 😉

Will cats be able to get in this trap?

A cat should not be able to get inside the station, however, the poison will be scattered inside and outside of the station. Ensure the station and the poison is not accessible from any of your pets – dogs, cats, birds, etc…

I am trying to order this product for home use but it says that it cannot be delivered to my address. Why not? I tried to homedepot is more expensive.

Amazon delivered to my home in nc. It may be outlawed in your area.

Frankly i have loaded the trap but just can’t see how the rat is supposed to get to the bait. How does the rat get to the bait?

The rats remove the cartridge, take a few bites, then put it back. That’s why the clips are rat friendly… Their other option is to go in the hole on the side.

Can this catch more than one mouse at a time?

Tomcat’s rat mouse killer child dog resistant disposable station does not act as a trap, but rather a housing for bait – which can control multiple mice but will not catch any.

Does this catch the rodents or just poison them? I need it to catch the rat. I have dogs.

It doesn’t trap or catch them, just poisons them

What size(oz.) are the chunx?

i’m not sure on the ounces but they are 2x1x1. If i had to guess maybe they are 2-3 oz each.

I’ve purchased this product several times over the last few years and had it shipped to me in temecula california. Now all of a sudden amazon says i m

I’ve run into the same problem, i think california has banned this product in our state.

Not illegal in california. Home depot sells this. Why won’t you ship to ca?

Currently, all consumer-sized bromethalin products registered for use on mice and rats in california must be sold with a bait station. The bait station must be tamper resistant if used in outdoor areas accessible to children, pets, or nontarget wildlife.

If i see a rat dining on tomcat poison mixed with other food used as added attractant, how long from time of ingest to die?

You don’t need to mix it w/anything to ‘attract’ rodents. However, if you did, it will take longer. Just break up the blocks in lg chunks & toss it where good animals & kids can’t get to it as it is very, very potent & will immediately go throughout their system via stomach enzymes!! If you see ‘greenish poop’,,, they are good as dead 😉 this is the best stuff for destroying entire nests five stars+

Does this work on chipmunks that burrow?

No, tomcat rat & mouse killer disposable bait station is only designed to control mice and rats.

Is this ‘all-weather’ or ‘weather resistant’ as its diphacinone counterpart is?

Hi campnnut, if you are tossing these down the holes the rodents are making (as far as you can see down the hole), you may be safe. That’s what i did, and i lightly covered the hole after doing that and, even with it raining lightly the next day or so, the product seemed to work (it’s been two months – no rats – and this is outside in my yard). It worked fast too…very fast…within a day or two. If you end up buying this product, i’d apply when you know the weather will be okay for a few days. Believe me…once they get it, they won’t be back for seconds.

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Can i use the poison blocks by itself, my rats are on the tree in front of my patio

No, the unit is sealed, for use until the bait is gone. The bait blocks are available with out buying the whole trap. B wright

Are these packs best used by putting them unopened down rat burrows?

The instructions say they can be placed un-opened, i put some pin-holes in them so the rats could smell the bait but honestly i did not have any luck with these packs, the rats completely ignored them.

Do they carry the block away and share it or do they sit there and eat one at a time

Rats carry these away. We have a bait box located about 3 feet away from our chicken coop. The blocks are attached through a hole in the middle with a rod. We found a chunk the size of a quarter inside the chicken coop and crumbles all around. I am praying the chickens didn’t eat any of it because there is no antidote for this poison!

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Tomcat With Bromethalin Bait Chunx Pail AMAZON

Tomcat With Bromethalin Bait Chunx Pail + Free Shipping

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
It doesn't take much

Well, the good thing is it kills rats. The bad thing is dealing with dead rats you can’t get to and the odor. I tried traps, but the ants keep eating the bait. Then i tried another brand with a big x, and the rats just made a snack out of that. I saw the ‘just one bite’ line on a similar item with the same basic ingredient, so i figured i’d give this one a try. We have problems with rats because a neighbor is a hoarder and i’m tired of the critters coming over here and eating our potatoes and bread. Not to mention driving my dachshund crazy. I didn’t want to buy the huge pail, but i was worried the smaller package might not be enough. When it came, i counted out each piece and where i put it because i saw where it has no antidote on pets. It didn’t take long, in a night or two i heard something flopping around in the attic and not the normal critter sounds. I guess it was the poison working. Then the smell started. And the big flies. I dreaded this part, but i suppose it’s just something i need to endure. I busted out some big candles and a diffuser. We don’t hear any more noises (they were behind our water heater, in the wall by the bathroom, and behind the microwave). My dachshund isn’t going bananas anymore (he could hear them too and was digging up the flooring trying to get to them). I made sure to put the poison where he cannot get to it. I have checked the bait and it doesn’t seem like much has been eaten, so yeah this stuff is very potent. I only put out 8 chunks and i think the rats are all dead. Basically plan for about a week, don’t plan on having company come over and have candles and a flyswatter ready. Nobody likes dealing with this, but at least i know it’ll be overwith soon and i won’t have to worry about rats anymore. I might give some to the neighbor too.

5Expert Score
Superior product!!!

This poison ain’t no joke, it obliterated the entire family of 7 mice behind my guest bathroom in about a week’s time. The only negative and very unpleasant experience was the fact that i had to bury seven decomposed mice, not to mention the suffocating stench of these little bastards. Needless to say that the stench also attracted these beautiful flies that we all love and adore, yucks. So, essentially, minus the lovely flies and pleasant aroma, the money was well spent. I strongly recommend this product, results are guaranteed! Note: i smeared some peanut butter on the poison and placed it directly into the nest, because i noticed that not a single mouse went into the plastic trap that came with the package, it just sat there. I personally believe it’s more effective to position the poison directly into the area of mice activity, unless you have a pet, use the trap in that case.

5Expert Score
No scent, kills rats when others don't

Well i have rats. I live in a nice condo, the owner gave me some rat bait that killed nothing it looks gray and tiny pebbles. They bypassed the bait and found candy instead. Rats were multiplying by then. I bought rat traps and then this tomcat brand. Within hours, not days, they started dying and coming out of the walls. It made all my dreams come true. I wish they sold smaller containers but they don’t. But don’t get this around any pets because this is the stuff that finishes them off. Save the pet, kill the rats that got into your $24.00 bag of flour or ate all your candy and took the wrappers for nests.

5Expert Score
It works as directed !

I have been using the blocks for over three years now.
Old house in a larger lot, i use a stiff wire to place near door ways , along hall ways and many places in the basement.
Never seen a mouse or mouse droppings.
Funny fact, i do see water bugs (roaches) eating the blocks !!! (don’t think it kills them tho)
last time was two 3 inch brown roaches (water bugs) they leave a strange pattern on the block !

5Expert Score
Not a creature was starring, not even a mouse

I bought a home recently and noticed the crawl space (opening) is above the counter/ work area. I have yet to see a mouse or evidence they are near but it is obvious once the cold weather hits there is a good chance they will look for warmth. They will be greeted by a yummy meal. This will send them back outside seeking water or their final resting place.

5Expert Score
Stuff works

The smell is a bit wonky but so what, it works. I have a massive rat population here and this has totally tamed the night terrors inside the house. I need more of course, because the ones you kill are only the beginning. You have to keep bait out. I got the 4 lb pail and nearly out now. Dadgummed rodents!

5Expert Score

Awesome purchase. There’s a lot of bait in there for the price. This is my second time buying this and it is taking care of my mice problem in my garden shed.
They eat from the bars then take chunks of it back to their nest. Also great for pack rats,moles,and any little unwanted critter.
I really like how the bucket doesn’t open easily and is child and pet proof.
Will be buying again if needed.

5Expert Score
Flat out amazing! This worked exactly as it said it would and on only 1 feeding

Wow, so we had a rain storm here in florida, during a massive community wide garage sale. Our garage doors were open and we saw this giant, i mean large rat run in from our mulch bed to our garage. Everyone panicked lol. It was like a scary movie. First night i tried some good mousetraps (20 bucks for 6 of them, they were legit ones with claws on the snapper etc, but the rat was able to get the peanut butter and set off the traps but they weren’t going to get him. So i ordered two tomcat boxes as well as a pail of the tomcat feeding pods (the 4lb pail of green pods).

I placed two of these black boxes which are pet safe for dogs and cats, along the walls of the inside of my garage. The morning after i placed them, i opened the first box and sure enough, two of the tomcat pods had been chewed on. That was tuesday night they were placed. Wednesday morning i checked the box and saw it nibbled on. I told my wife on wednesday night that we should expect anytime from thursday to sunday, this rat to be dead. I said 1 of 2 things is going to happen, this rat i saw twice, run up to a ceiling rack in my garage as i heard traps going off late at night and i ran over to the garage to check out if they got it. Well, i said it’s 1. Going to fall out of one of the racks once this poison takes over. Or 2. It would die in the rack, or perhaps it’s on the shelving or somewhere else in the garage at the time it hits it. You never know where those things are because they hide. It’s thursday morning, i hear this scream and i didn’t know if my wife was being attacked but within two seconds i realized she was going out to work. The rat had dropped out of the ceiling rack and slid off her suv as she backed out. Not kidding. I said to her this was best case because we didn’t have to be spooked taking things off our ceiling racks and all our shelving searching for a dead rat. I kid you not. It was sitting on our driveway and i scooped it up in to a small box and disposed everything in a sanitary way. So pleased with this stuff. First night, it lured the rat. It says it works off one feeding and after 1-4 days of the feeding. We experienced this all just as it said it would happen. I could not be happier. Two tomcat black boxes and one bucket of this stuff was just over fifty bucks. The cost for an exterminator would have been far more, i have enough of this now for a long time. I am so happy we went after it before it got inside the house by eating through the drywall of the garage and did major damage to wiring etc. It actually in just the first night, had eaten off and shredded the weather sealing on about 6′ worth of it, on our door in our garage that leads to the house. Shredded it. It was a panic in the home for a few nights here but this was the perfect remedy and it’s addressed. Great product!!!!! Follow the directions, couldn’t have been easier. In 2 minutes i had the box and poison pods on the rods, all done. It worked exactly as it said it would.

5Expert Score
This stuff works1

I live in a rural area and we have rats and mice.
I put this product out on a monthly basis and it is keeping the pests at bay.
Before i stated using it, the rats/mice would chew on wires and other things and the droppings seemed to be everywhere.
Anyway, it works.

5Expert Score
Does the trick!

This bait does exactly as it should. The traps that i bought came with only one block each, and this replacement bucket was the best value that i could find.

4Expert Score
Smells good, like homemade cookies.

Mice love it and keep coming back for more. I feed them regularly to keep the mice happy and fat. This stuff should kill them if they eat enough of it. Time will tell.

4Expert Score
Rat loves it

The rat loves it but the squirrel will not touch it, personally observed it. My attic is nice and quiet nowadays.

4Expert Score
Easy to use .

It was easy to work and put together. But it’s too bulky. Other than that it’s alright.

4Expert Score
Watch out mice

I like it , be carful of kids and pets, it’s a nerve agent

4Expert Score

Now that i like this, i want to purchase only the refill

4Expert Score
Racoons love it

I put bate out for mice, rats, and chipmunks. We longer see any more rodents around but now find the racoons are eating all the bate with no apparent problems. Had to put the bate in an area away from the racoons.

4Expert Score
It is not water proof

I have a peach tree in my yard. Rats were burrowing into the ground near the tree. I put the chunks into these holes and in a week they disappeared

4Expert Score
It will keell!

This stuff definitely kills the ground rats around my property. The only thing is, i have to break it in pieces, before they’re very interested in it. Pellets are better, but for some reason, they’re also more expensive.

4Expert Score
Works well to eliminate mice

Great product. Easy to use.

4Expert Score
Easy to use and reusable…

Description says disposable but all you need to do is pry the tabs with a flathead screwdriver and replace the bait and snap the cover back on. It’s that easy. Good for the price.

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