TORRAS Shockproof Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case, [Military-Grade Drop Tested] Translucent Matte Hard Back with Silicone Slim Protective Anti-Fingerprint Anti-Scratch Phone Case Guardian 2022, Black

TORRAS Shockproof Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case, [Military-Grade Drop Tested] Translucent Matte Hard Back with Silicone Slim Protective Anti-Fingerprint Anti-Scratch Phone Case Guardian 2022, Black TORRAS Shockproof Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case, [Military-Grade Drop Tested] Translucent Matte Hard Back with Silicone Slim Protective Anti-Fingerprint Anti-Scratch Phone Case Guardian 2022, Black : Everything Else

What are torras shockproof designed for iphone 14 pro case features?

  • [reliable military grade protection] this shockproof case provides 3x military standard (certified mil-std-810h) protection. It has tough polycarbonate and flexible rubber bumper resisting daily wear and tear. With built-in 360° all-around powerful impact dispersion airbags and the 3rd gen x-shock anti-collision angle technology on 4 corners, guardian protects the mobile phone from falling, collision, and face-up or face-down injuries
  • [slim profile & perfect fit] this is pocket-friendly and features a fresh, sleek, compact, and minimalist design. The soft rubber is equipped with new nappa texture that makes it easy to grip. Complete with precision cutouts and square edges, the designs fit the iphone snugly and prevent dust from entering the phone’s body. Designed to deliver high protection while complimenting your style
  • [ top materials for skin-friendly & anti-scratch] this is made of high-quality germany imported material, making it more scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint than others. The new nano oleophobic coating ensures the case has a silky touch feeling without being sticky, while the side soft bumper provides excellent grip for confident handling
  • [ 3 colors responsive click buttons] features a unique ergonomic design for independent buttons that feel sensitive and much easier to press. You can diy any style with the provided 3 colored buttons with solid feedback and nice tactile feel
  • [compatibility & professional support] only compatible with iphone 14 pro 6.1 inch, our case 100% supports wireless charging. Please feel free to contact us via the amazon message center for any issues; a satisfactory solution is promised forever
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Torras shockproof designed for iphone 14 pro case details:

Product dimensions

3.94 x 1.97 x 0.2 inches

Item weight

2.08 ounces

Special features

1180 days warranty for replacement & lifetime customer service2slim fit3heavy duty protection4 shock-absorbent5 wireless charging compatible

Other display features


Form factor




Included components

Slim fit



TORRAS Shockproof Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case, [Military-Grade Drop Tested] Translucent Matte Hard Back with Silicone Slim Protective Anti-Fingerprint Anti-Scratch Phone Case Guardian 2022, Black AMAZON TORRAS Shockproof Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case, [Military-Grade Drop Tested] Translucent Matte Hard Back with Silicone Slim Protective Anti-Fingerprint Anti-Scratch Phone Case Guardian 2022, Black : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Does this case provide camera lens protection?

Yes, this iphone 14 pro case has 2.5 mm lip to avoid scratches.

Will this fit the 14 pro?

Yes, this shockproof iphone 14 pro case fits perfectly for 14 pro. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Is there a lip around the front of the phone?

There’s a slight lip. Just enough to give protection if it falls on its face or front edge. It’s not so large that it feels bulky or in the way.

Does this case protect the camera?

Yes, the case has just enough of a raised edge on the top and bottom of it on both sides to protect the camera as well as the screen when lying flat on a table or etc.

Are different colors different weights ? I see black is 1 ounce while the other colors are 2+ ounces

Any human wont be able to tell the difference between 1 oz and 2 oz..please dont worry about that my bruddah

Is it a soft case or hard case? Does it bend?

The back is hard, the sides are soft

Are the volume and power buttons on this case easy to press?

Yes, super easy and color customization is dope too

Is the product a single piece, is there a second part to cover the front of the phone?

Just one piece. No front cover

Some comments say it does not fit iphone 14 pro? Are there actual images with this case fitting the actual device that has a dynamic island?

It fits the iphone 14 pro perfectly.

Is it easy to press the volume and power buttons in this case?

Yes, these buttons are independent and responsive, plus we offer replacement buttons in other colors, so you can freely customize your own colors.

What color variations of diy buttons come with each color option of this case?

I received orange, neon green and black

Is there plastic covering the camera lenses?

No plastic, just a little protection around the edges

The iphone 14 pro is 5.81 inches, not 6.1 inches as described in the torras description – will this fit the 5.81 inches iphone pro?

The 6.1′ listed in the description is referring to the screen size… The same way the 14 pro max would be referred to as the 6.7′ (even though the height of the body is 6.33′) i assure you, this will fit!

Can we stick a magsafe wallet to this?

Yes, the magnet wont be as strong but it will stick on

Does this case support magsafe?

Yes, the wireless charging capabilities of the iphone like magsafe work and the case doesn’t inhibit any screen protectors applied onto the phone.

Does the case get scratches easily on the back of it?

No, not at all..very hard to scratch in my opinion

Does this case provide camera lens protection? Are the volume and power buttons on this case easy to press?


Is this pocket friendly? Does it slide in and out of pocket without any hassle? Is the perimeter soft silicone or hard plastic?

It is very pocket friendly. Not like a silicone case at all. The side bumper is a slightly rubbery material to absorb the shock if you drop it, but it doesn’t stick inside your pocket, or pick up lint. The back has a beautiful texture too. Almost silky, but not slick and does a great job of not showing finger prints!

What’s the difference between this and the torras magnetic case?

Im assuming that case has a magnetic in it so it will help with magsafe items. This case does not have a magnet in it so the connection wont be as strong

Will a pop socket attach to this?

It should. The material is hard plastic with a soft touch. But shouldn’t have an issue with a new popsocket.

TORRAS Shockproof Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case, [Military-Grade Drop Tested] Translucent Matte Hard Back with Silicone Slim Protective Anti-Fingerprint Anti-Scratch Phone Case Guardian 2022, Black AMAZON TORRAS Shockproof Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case, [Military-Grade Drop Tested] Translucent Matte Hard Back with Silicone Slim Protective Anti-Fingerprint Anti-Scratch Phone Case Guardian 2022, Black : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Torras is the new sign of quality for iphone cases

Other case makers get all the press for their $49 iphone cases, but i’ve enjoyed torras cases for years. This brand, for me, equates with quality, precision, long life, and beauty. They’re also a much better value than those other overpriced cases.

Normally i gravitate to torras diamond clear cases to show every bit of an iphone’s industrial design. But, since i chose a gold iphone this time, i thought i would make it a bit more understated with this matte/translucent case.

This case size and weight is closer to a barely-there case than a heavy otterbox brick, but it offers good protection for everyday drops. Just don’t run over it with a car, which is always good advice with any case. As with all torras cases, fit is perfect, cutouts are laser-precise, and button feel is sublime. My case came with both red and yellow replacement button covers if you want to spice things up a bit from the stock monochrome buttons.

This case is fantastic but may be a bit too understated for my tastes. I think it would make all the iphone 14 pro colors look pretty much the same. On my gold phone, the shiny gold bands are very muted. So, i’ll continue to rock torras cases, but i think it’s time to add a torras diamond clear case and use this more serious one for blending in with the crowd at busy events.

5Expert Score
Surprising quality and design for the price point

Haven’t received the phone in the mail yet but i’ve owned torras cases in the past and am not really worried about the fit. Will be as unbiased as possible in this review.most people appreciated the frosted look of the iphone 13 and a slick back, and while i never owned one, i appreciate that this case has a similar build where the back is smooth to the hand when being held/used. Initially was unsure about the rubber build around the sides of the case that contrasted a bit with the frosted look of the back, but i realize it provides grip and is most likely the part of the case that’ll take the most abuse if dropped (unless you’re dropping the phone on your face when using the phone late at night).aside from that, torras also gives some tabs that can be used to replace the power and volume rocker buttons which is pretty simple but perfect for someone like me, who prefers to have some color and uniqueness with their cases. Basically, you can just swap in 1-3 buttons and keep the rest of the case the same clean frosted black design. Comes as a separate piece in the packet.overall, for the price point, this case is a simple ‘install and forget it’. Seems durable, i like the option between a grip on this side and the slick back. Torras also has a warranty and solid customer service that replied quickly with any previous issues, so that usually makes me comfortable with recommending this brand to anyone else trying to get cases similar to the one on my 12.

5Expert Score
Great case

I like it! It seems very sturdy and they are extremely light. This case is slim, feels silky to the touch but not slippery at all. Slides perfectly into my pocket & purse. It’s surprisingly light too. Good grip on the sides with buttons that are a dream to push! Good camera protection…phone lays flat on the table face up. The subtly smokey/clear back show the apple symbol. I’m pretty confident this will be protective. Price is worth it.
The buttons for volume and power are very satisfying; they have a good ‘click’ to them with an excellent tactile experience. The mute switch is not buried in a tiny cavity either – it is quite easy to access the switch. The edges are very strong yet have a a good flex to them; you get the feeling that if you drop the phone, the impact will be dispersed well. The two replaceable buttons that are accompanied by can be switched at will, making the phone interesting.
Overall i do like it and it is a good choice

5Expert Score
Best protection and feel!

This case has a pretty nice soft feel and good quality, worth the money. The case came in really cool packaging which i was pretty impressed with. The case itself is sleek looking and wraps the phone nicely, it is not bulky yet seems to be pretty solidly built. The backside of the case is semi-transparent and semi-soft, so i can see the color of the phone through the backside, the black color looks really nice too. The package came with three (3) different colors for the buttons (power and volume buttons) which give is a pop of color. They can be swapped out in seconds and they add a perfect pop of color to the case, i am a big fan of the customization they offer and you can even use 2 different colored side buttons at once if you want to get really wild. So far this seems like an excellent affordable option.
So if you want the best things a phone case should offer: durability/protection plus unobtrusiveness, this case by torras delivers them. So far this case seems great! Highly recommended.

5Expert Score
Most “apple-esk” product out there

All i’ve got to say, the whole experience with this case has been like unboxing an apple product. They really took the time to make sure that you can feel and see the quality that their product is made out of.

To keep the review short, it’s very rigid and i can feel confident with dropping my phone and not be worried about anything getting damaged. The back is translucent and feels very smooth, and the edges have a very grippy feeling and doesn’t slip as easily. They made sure to protrude the camera in order to compensate for the bigger camera on the 14 pro. I also have the torras screen protector on here, so this case does have room for a screen protector. Additionally they have added 2 different colors for buttons, so if you don’t like the colors that originally come in the case, you can go ahead and change them up. You’re definitely getting your money’s worth with this case.

5Expert Score
Premium protection and affordable price!

First let me say this… I am now a torras customer for life! Every time i get a new phone, one of the first things i do is decide on a case to protect my investment. This used to involve looking around the cell phone store and paying too much or wandering the aisles at best buy. However, it is now a very easy decision.

When i get a new phone now, i head directly to amazon and go to the torras store. I just recently picked up a case for the new iphone 14 pro as well as a replacement case for my kid’s iphone 12 pro max. I chose the shockproof case because i had a similar case for my last phone. I love the feel of the case and how it is resistant to smudges and scratches. As for the ’shockproof’ aspect of it, these cases are slim enough not to feel bulky yet the edges and the cutout for the camera bump provide worry free protection. I can’t tell you how many iphone users i see with cracked screens or damaged phones, and i’ve never (knock wood) had to replace a single screen. The case is not see through but is translucent enough to allow the logo to be seen on the back. If you want a clear case, they have those too. While i don’t recommend dropping your phone, i’ve dropped mine on a few occasions and have come to rely on the fact that i don’t have to worry if/when that happens with torras.

One little added bonus i didn’t see, but i tried and i like… Was the inclusion of different colored buttons. The case came with the black buttons installed and had a little package inside that had two different colors of buttons. I chose the yellow ones and it was simple to press the black ones out (by applying slight pressure to the inside edge of the button) and pop the yellow ones in (by pushing the curved side in from the back.) i went back to the product page to post this review and it says the second replacement color is orange, but it looks more red to me. Either way, a fun little thing and i’m keeping the yellow for now.

The cases also come with an extended warranty which is easy to activate and i noticed right now there’s even a really good discount on them! It’s also an added bonus that they ship quickly, even arriving before the new phone got to me! I highly recommend this case and this company!

5Expert Score
Good case for a good price

I bought this as a temporary case for my iphone 14 until my case from quadlock shipped. First of all it was available on the day my iphone 14 pro arrived which is great. I was not expecting much but i really like the quality of the case. It’s seems very sturdy and i like being able to swap out the button covers for colored ones. The only thing i didn’t like was the fact that it wasn’t magsafe compatible and would fall off my charger mount in the car and at work. Delia from torras contacted me to see how i like it and told her about that. They sent me out a new one with magsafe capabilities for free! Awesome company, awesome case and this one really holds right with the magsafe capabilities. Thank you so much!!!

5Expert Score
Bang for buck

A very high quality case. The material feels super smooth and comfortable in your hand. I would say it has a medium amount of grip to it. Super light weight and slim and raised edges to protect the screen and cameras. The material is supposed to be smudge resistant, but finger prints will still show up on it a bit. Not a huge deal, i think the material hides them pretty well. Mag safe works fine, but the magnetic connection obviously isn’t going to be quite as strong since there are no magnets in the case. For the price you definitely won’t be disappointed.

5Expert Score
Excellent case for iphone 14 pro

I am very pleased with this torras case. It is a perfect fit!
It is amazing how well done this case is.
Smooth as silk (but not slippery) and with the option to change all three (3) side buttons (volume (up/down) and power) to either ‘red’ or ‘yellow’ (very easy to do).

Did read other reviews here, for this same torras case, stating the case is very slippery, giving only one (1) star thus not recommended. I will have to disagree with this statement. I have to say that ‘beauty is on the eye of the beholder’ and this case is not slippery. Will also state, that the apple cases have the same consistency and silkiness feeling as this torras case.

I do recommend this case and will buy one for my wife.

5Expert Score
High quality case with a clean finish

First received and impressed with nice model packing to fit the new iphone 14 launch, the case looks and feels like a high quality product with a clean finish, and it looks like it’s designed well and will fit nicely with the new iphone 14 pro. I like the lifted edge around the camera and on the inside there’s an air bag providing it more protection to the camera part, in the four inside corners also designed with what they called x-shock for stronger protection to the phone.
Meanwhile it has a very nice touch, i was always using clear cases but this one is totally a new experience with a different touch. I thought it was very unique to offer extra-colored buttons for the case, they can be swapped out in seconds and they add a perfect pop of color to the case, you can even use 2 different colored side buttons at once.
In summary it is a very nice case that appears to be well made and thought out.

4Expert Score
Great buy, sleek design!

Picked up the amethyst purple case to match deep purple on the iphone 14 pro, and i made the right choice. Both shades are just subtle enough to compliment each other well. The rear of the case is slightly more opaque than is portrayed, but in the right lighting, you can see the apple logo on the back of your device. Lighter color devices will definitely display the logo more clearly than space black or deep purple. Results will vary.

Holds the device firmly around the edges without interfering with the tempered glass protector that i installed (spigen Will test with a rear camera lens protector as well, but i don’t anticipate any fitment issues. Sleek and functional case that feels high quality. My only gripe is one that i see is common amongst buyers, which is that the slick edges make the case a bit slippery to hold. Almost a velvety texture. Certainly not a deal breaker.

Overall, a fantastic case for the money. Pairing the price and the minimalistic look and feel, in addition to device coverage and protection, i’d say you’d be hard pressed to find a better slim-fit case. Excellent hybrid between hard and soft shell. Button customization is an added bonus, even though i preferred the black buttons that came preinstalled. Would’ve given 5* if not for the high opacity and the need to be somewhat cautious when holding.

4Expert Score
Great but not the best

It feels like a good quality case and the design is very minimalistic. It doesn’t add that much bulkiness to the phone either. The only downside for me would be that it has very poor grip. It doesn’t slip on tables or anything but with the texture of the case, it feels very smooth to the point that it’s slippery (if that makes sense). I can’t afford to have a loose grip on my phone when i’m holding it with one hand.

4Expert Score
Excellent case, however, extremely slippery to hold

I love the button color change option, and overall the case is very durable. It needs more texture on the sides as if you hold it upright in your hand, it actually slides down due to the slick nature of the case edges. Its like wet silicone and very slippery. I have to hold a finger under the bottom to keep it from sliding down my hand. Need different material or textured edges to improve, in my opinion.

4Expert Score
Solid case but needs tweaks

This is a sleek and simple case. Not too bulky, slim where it needs to be and give you enough coverage where you need it ie camera and edges. One thing i have noticed is that though the back is smooth, it’s almost too slick and you are fearful of it slipping out of your hand. If there was a slight texture to the back so you’re more confident in holding it. There’s time i can feel my fingers slipping if when my giant hands encompass my phone.

4Expert Score
Nice low profile case for iphone 14 pro.

Nice low profile case for iphone 14. Side button color options are a great touch as well.

I have the iphone 12 mini case also from torras which had minor crack on top after 9months use. I hope this one would last longer than that.
That may be the reason their warranty is only 6months on these cases.

I still feel these cases protect the iphones good and they are priced under $20 as long as they don’t crack.

4Expert Score

It protects the phone and camera really well, the design is really good and the case is great i love how it looks and how slim it is, the case itself is a little bit on the slippery side but i love how they give you different colors for the buttons so it gives me a choice to customize.

4Expert Score
Nice looking case

Case is nice. I like the look and feel, but it does leave finger prints and marks.m even though the description says it won’t. It is not slippery as some people have said. It doesn’t lay flat since it is only elevated for the camera area. Overall nice case though. I love the choice of change colors for the side buttons.

4Expert Score
I can see why people think it’s slippery

I use a pop socket, if it was not for that i could definitely see why some would say the case is slippery. But interchangeable bottoms are nice.

4Expert Score
Great quality for the price, be careful if you use magsafe accessories

My main complaint with this case is that magsafe connections come off very easily while this case is on.

I was using a magsafe pop socket accessory and my phone nearly launched out of my hand and onto the floor if i hadn’t caught it due to the weaker connection.

Something to be wary of.

4Expert Score

Slippery surface. Great for slipping into pocket or purse, not so great for holding securely.

That said, it seems to be very well made and would surely protect the phone well when it falls out of your hand. I would rather avoid dropping it altogether. Getting a different case.

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