TOZO A1 Mini Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.3 in Ear Light-Weight Headphones Built-in Microphone, IPX5 Waterproof, Immersive Premium Sound Long Distance Connection Headset with Charging Case, Black

TOZO A1 Mini Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.3 in Ear Light-Weight Headphones Built-in Microphone, IPX5 Waterproof, Immersive Premium Sound Long Distance Connection Headset with Charging Case, Black

Buy TOZO A1 Mini Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.3 in Ear Light-Weight Headphones Built-in Microphone, IPX5 Waterproof, Immersive Premium Sound Long Distance Connection Headset with Charging Case, Black: Earbud Headphones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are tozo a1 mini wireless earbuds bluetooth 5.3 in ear light-weight headphones built-in microphone features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • [ultra lightweight and compatible for small ear] the surface and angle of a1 earbuds in-ear part have been polished and refined repeatedly to achieve a balance between beauty and comfort and make it comfortable to wear. Likewise, a single earbud weighs only 3.7g, making it as light as a feather and discreet in the ear. Ergonomic design provides a comfortable and secure fit that doesn’t protrude from your ears especially for sports, workout, gym.
  • [stereo sound quality] tozo a1 earbuds’6mm diameter speaker presents a powerful and wide sound range, which makes the treble full of dynamics, and the bass powerful.adopt advanced bluetooth chip makes the sound played by the earphones much more beautiful and pleasant, suitable for sports or home work
  • [smart touch control] a1 earbuds supports dual ear touch control, providing convenient operation on volume control, previous/next song, pause and answer calls along as well as voice assistant control.
  • [bluetooth 5.3 &long distance connection] ] with bluetooth 5.3 technology a1 has superior sound quality and strong signal, so that there is no disconnection in listening music or making phone calls within 12 meters.
  • [long battery life] with headphone 40mah capacity and charging bin 400mah capacity,the earbuds lasts 6 hours for normal use (60% volume), and the charging bin lasts 24 hours for 3 charges,which gives you excellent experience of long endurance.
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Tozo a1 mini wireless earbuds bluetooth 5.3 in ear light-weight headphones built-in microphone details:

Package dimensions

4.21 x 3.19 x 1.65 inches

Item weight

0.141 ounces

Item model number



1 lithium metal batteries required. (included)

Is discontinued by manufacturer




Country of origin


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TOZO A1 Mini Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.3 in Ear Light-Weight Headphones Built-in Microphone, IPX5 Waterproof, Immersive Premium Sound Long Distance Connection Headset with Charging Case, Black AMAZON

Buy TOZO A1 Mini Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.3 in Ear Light-Weight Headphones Built-in Microphone, IPX5 Waterproof, Immersive Premium Sound Long Distance Connection Headset with Charging Case, Black: Earbud Headphones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Do they really shoot lightning like in the profile pic?

Only if you have them turned up to 11 while listening to metallica’s ‘ride the lightning ‘. Watch out for millie amps, they’re killer. Only .008 can be heart stopping…

If you are in a ground lightning situation and you suddenly feel your hair stand up, your earbuds will become the least of your concerns…

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Usb-c? Usb micro?

Usb c

How is the sound quality as far as talking?

Like, listening to someone talk? It’s awesome! I haven’t used them for a phone conversation, but for podcasts and asmr i love it. Very clear sound.

What type of measuring tape was that metric or imperial?

Use 2.54 to divide inches and multiply for metric, check that number for accuracy!
Seeing product descriptions with no base 4 (x2) numbers after a decimal point eventually clued me into an attempt to convert to imperial units of measurement. Unless…they are using base 100. At this horrible possibility, i’m going to grab some coffee now and quietly sob.

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Do these pair with a 2014 macbook air?

I don’t know i hear them with about everything i used. They are very nice sounds good they last a long time on the charge their bluetooth

Can i use one earbud at a time/ can they pair individually?

You can use one at a time. I usually use just one when i’m on the phone.

What are the dimensions of the earbuds themselves, not the package? Preferably in mm. Thanks

Like tiny japanese girls small?

Is the charging case compatible with other earbuds, like sony wf-c500?

My wife and i have a total of three tozo wireless headsets. Each charger is unique to the shape of the earbuds that came with it. Not interchangeable even with another of the same brand.

Will these work with my iphone 11?

Yes, i use them all the time with my iphone 11.

Can you turn off the tap function?

I don’t think so.

Are these bluetooth charge compatible?

There is no bluetooth charge compatability only wired and wireless.

When using one bud will i hear both channels (mono) automatically or do i need to switch from stereo to mono on the playing source?

I’m not quite sure, but it seems to go into mono when using one bud.

How do you know how much charge is left on the earbuds? My other earbud used to tell me how many hours i had left.

I have an android. I see under the bluetooth section, there is a percentage of battery left for the earbuds.

One side keeps falling out of my ear, but always the same side…any ideas why/what to do differently?

I had to put a different size piece on mine and then once in my ear twist it toward the right and they stayed in just fine.

Does it pair with bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology?

Works great!

I charged these and now the left one is blinking red and not working. The right one is working. Is the left one broken and a dud??

Try cleaning the contacts. I just get an old toothbrush and alcohol. I have done this meny times if they would not shut off and charg properly, i use them for hours every day at home and on the job so they get dirty and greasy.

Are they compatible with ps4

If your ps4 has bluetooth these earbuds are compatible and will connect to a ps4

Did anyone have extra silicone tips? I didn’t see any in my box.

There were several sets in the box with the charging cable in a small plastic bag.

Where can i get earhooks for this type of earbud?

I did not evrn know it has rearhooks. Its an ear buds, why use earhooks?

Only one is connected to bluetooth?? What to do now?

Go back to blue tooth, turn it off, leave for ten seconds, then ensure the both headphones are in your ear and turn on the blue tooth. They should both get connected after. Before all of this ensure that the headphones are charged.

TOZO A1 Mini Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.3 in Ear Light-Weight Headphones Built-in Microphone, IPX5 Waterproof, Immersive Premium Sound Long Distance Connection Headset with Charging Case, Black AMAZON

Buy TOZO A1 Mini Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.3 in Ear Light-Weight Headphones Built-in Microphone, IPX5 Waterproof, Immersive Premium Sound Long Distance Connection Headset with Charging Case, Black: Earbud Headphones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Awesome product for amazing price!

I originally had the tozo 6 and i absolutely loved them. It was just a tiny bit big for my ears but i ended up buying a pack of those memory foam ear tips and it that worked alot better and was more comfortable. I ended up loosing one of the the ear bids at the airport so i decided to buy these the tozo 1 mini and it fits perfectly in my ear w/o having to use the memory foam tips. The case is smaller too. I really like the size and look of these ones too. I would have rated the sound quality a 5 but comparing these to my orig pair, the tozo6 the sound quality isn’t quite as good as them, it’s close but the 6’s are a bit better as far as the sound and battery life. The 6’s are waterproof too and i’m not sure if these ones are. I have used them while exercising and sweating and have worn them while it was raining and haven’t had any issues and that’s all i’m really worried about. The battery life is still really good i just feel like the 6’s lasted a bit longer before having to recharge both the buds and the case. With both you get about 6 uses outta the buds before having to recharge the case you just have to charge the buds a lil bit sooner with these. I wear them a good bit every day, i listen to pod casts or watch movies and shows and they are both great! I just feel like the 6’s were a teeny bit better is all, but i don’t mind at all because the smaller size and better fit for me is worth the sacrifice. Sometimes i only wear one at a time so i still use my one earbud i have from my 6’s when i decide to give these a full break to get a full charge lol. I am in love with this company tho. They have awesome products for a fraction of the cost of some other brands out there and just as good or better quality! I highly recommend these ear buds and the original ones i had too. This company will be my ‘go to’ for these types of products!! I just can’t get over how great they are all priced and as for the 2 items i have used so far for the amazing quality! Oh and i also use them to talk on the phone too like i never not use my buds when on a call and they both worked perfectly and no complaints at all from the other person on the other end! I always ask people i talk to and my mom’s always a good one to ask cus she’s really particular about being able to hear me on the phone and she said she hears me better on them then if i would just use the phone by itself so definitely no issues there! The touch controls are perfect also! I did notice on the 6s were a teeny tiny bit more sensitive b/c i was always having to adjust them cus i have weirdly small ear holes lol and i would mess up the volume or something but these aren’t as sensitive like if i have to make an adjustment i don’t accidentally hit the volume or anything but when i do want to use it normally it still works perfectly so that may be another upside to these mini’s

5Expert Score
After several trial & error purchases….

I had to come back to review these. My beats went out on me a while back. I need wireless earbuds for the gym, but after buying beats for years, i really wasn’t wanting to spend too much. I just wanted a decently priced pair with good quality. I had tried several styles that i had seen on amazon, including different tozo designs that claimed to not fall out. I tried different attachments and they always seemed to fall out. Also, poor connection. Just when i had purchased and returned 5 different pairs, i found these. I read the reviews & thought i’d give it one more shot before returning back to beats or a more expensive brand. These were the winner! These come with several attachments, but the original attachments fresh out of the box have been perfect. No matter how much i run, lift, do cardio, how much sweat i accrue, they never fall out! (again literally everything i’ve tried has fallen out which is super annoying.) these are super light, sleek, and matte. They’re definitely not too bulky which was something else i noticed about the ones i had purchased. The charging case holds quite a bit of battery life. I wouldsay i’m charging the case maybe every 4 weeks? Maybe 5, not even kidding. I go to the gym every morning (m-f) for about an hour and a half to 2 hours. When i’m done i pop them back in the case to charge. Perhaps if you use them more often than that you’ll need to charge sooner. Tip: i always make sure i disconnect bluetooth from my phone and power them off. But truthfully sometimes i just disconnect bluetooth and throw them in. They turn off on their own. Regardless…. Charging case keeps them charged for me. I’m never without & i’m completely satisfied. I’m a basics kind of person,so i definitely would say that they’ve got good range, very good connection, good sound quality, super easy to connect/pair, & in my opinion pretty noise canceling. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about this product. 10/10 for me. Check them out. And of course they’re extremely reasonably priced! I don’t even think i paid 20 bucks for them .

5Expert Score
Hidden gem

Ordered on prime day 2022 with the only expectation being they turn on and i can hear the audio from whatever device i am connected to. I don’t have a huge need for earphones in general so with the price being unbelievably low, i started my prime day shopping. Because i don’t regularly wear headphones, it was a better part of 2 months before i unboxed them. First, i was overjoyed to see the tiny ear guard pillows (i’m sure they have technical name, apologizes). I have tiny opening into my ear canal so i have always struggled to get comfortable fits with any earbuds i have used; tozo validating my purchase right out of the box and i haven’t even charged them. I’ll save you from me gushing over the love for my a1 gems growing to a level of obsessed!! I introduce them to anyone who dares notice me wearing them. When i tell them what i paid, i get the “i don’t believe you, the sound is crisp and clear! How is something so lightweight cranking out the quality sound i’m hearing?” my reply is always “give ‘em back, their mine!” bravo tozo for delivering quality sound along with incredible features such as the battery life of 6 hours at a price i can brag about while impressing my audiophile friends by owning earbuds without having had to sacrifice six months of starbucks to afford these hidden gems

5Expert Score
Great value

I was on the fence about ordering these earbuds because i had done so much research and read so many reviews about some of the higher-end brands (read: higher-priced) but i’m so glad that i did order these! I’m very happy with the way they fit, with the sound quality, and the battery life. I usually only use one at a time because i like to keep one ear on my kids and what’s going on in my household, and i find that they work very well independently. When i do wear both i find that the sound quality is great and the volume is very sensitive and suitable. The instructions are clear and the earbuds were easy to pair with my phone (i have a samsung note 20 ultra) and the tap control features work well. Overall, i have been very pleased with these and i would purchase them again.

5Expert Score
They are bluetooth

Update: i finally found the brand i had been looking for and bought a second set. The quality is great and the battery life is about eight hours. Even so, this isn’t about those ear buds, it’s about these tozo buds. Not long after i left my original review the company reached out to me and presented an offer to make up for my opinion of their ear buds. (my previous review below included only three stars, i would like to note that i know how this update might look considering what follows, but i assure you i am not bought, i speak my real mind in truth. That’s just how i was raised. In any case, just read on and decide for yourselves.) they really like their product and wanted a second chance to get a better opinion from me. Perhaps the pair of ear buds i originally got from them were just a bad set, i don’t know. Anyway, they offered to replace the set i bought for free, also they offered a different set for free if i didn’t want to try the first set again. I thanked them for the offer, but i found the original brand i’d been looking for (as noted below/above) and didn’t need any more ear buds. However, about a week later they again reached out with the same offer adding that they really just wanted to make things right because they work hard to make sure all their customers are satisfied with their products. In truth, it seems their customer care services are very motivated, they do go out of their way to satisfy their customers. By my wife’s suggestion i took them up on their offer for a different pair, the tozo model t9. Instead of being small and hiding in the ear, these have a tail that resembles some apple brand buds. Once i received them i charged them up and tried them out. They were much better than the first ones i bought, sound quality was very clear, i could even understand the voice in the buds telling me when they were connected. Most impressive though was the length of time the batteries appeared to last, i started using them about 12:30 p.m., and they finally ran out of juice at around 10:30 p.m. That was with non stop use! So i would like to add two things here. First, this company really prides itself on taking care of their customers. Second, i am especially glad my wife talked me into taking them up on their offer, because these second set of ear buds really met the great reviews that convinced me to try these in the first place.

(previous review:)
i had bought a different pair for about the same price as these and was so impressed that i decided to buy a second pair. Since i couldn’t find the ones i was looking for i decided to try these based on so many positive reviews. After receiving these, charged them up, set them up, used them for roughly four hours and the right ear bud ran out of power fallowed shortly by the left one. The other brand i used might have spoiled me a bit since they easily last a full eight hours before needing recharged. These also do not have the sound quality as my other pair even though they both were under $20. Finally, the announcer on this pair that tells you when you’ve hooked up to a bluetooth connection, or when the ear buds need recharged is really hard for me to understand. Sorry but the accent is simply too distorted to make out clearly. I’ll use these as an backup set for now, but i’m really going to look harder to find the brand i originally purchased since, for about the same price, they are far superior in every way.

Your milage may be better than mine, but i won’t be buying these again.

5Expert Score
Truly mini sized!!!!

I was looking to replace a single style, mini size, in-ear fit (for a small adult sized ear canal) wireless bluetooth earbud. I only use 1 earbud at a time and to listen to music on my mp3 player, with a portable bluetooth transmitter attached, while walking outside.

Pro: the tozo mini fit this entire bill, as listed above, and i’m so very pleased! There were 4 separate sized silicone covers, which i needed the smallest size and that fit my ear perfectly! I was able to use 1 earbud at a time and while the other was left sitting in its charging / storage box. It’s also very lightweight and didn’t fall out of my ear, at all, even when bending over!

Con: there is a left and right earbud, so they are not interchangeable; i would prefer them to be, as i wear it in my left ear only and since i’m right handed.

5Expert Score
Much more compact than previous generations and don't fall out now

Full disclosure: i got these for free as part of a promotion but tried to write my review from the perspective of someone paying $20 for them. This is my fourth set of tozo earbuds and the sound quality has always been very good (i’m no audio expert but sounds great to me). I’ve had two sets of t6, one t10 and now the a1s. Broke one t6 (my fault) and lost one of the t10s. Other set of t6 still working fine.

The t6 and t10 both protrude out of my ear about 3/8′ and i look a little funny with something hanging out of my ear, though not as dorky as the airpod 1/2 a q-tip people. T6 and t10s both have round cushions and 1-3 times per day, will fall out of your ear, often at an inconvenient time when i don’t have a free hand to catch them. The a1s seem to have fixed both of these problems and sit flat in my ear and have a cone- shaped cushion that grips your ear hole when pulled by head movements, chewing, etc and keeps them from falling out. Tip: try out all the tip sizes, even if you don’t think they will work and you will probably find one that you prefer better than the pre-installed one

because these fit snugger in your ear, unlike the t6 and t10, you need to put them in the right or left ear they were made for, not interchangeable. I only use one at a time while charging the other all day long so i can’t change ears without changing earbuds if one ear gets tired now. That’s an ok sacrifice when you consider you get a snugger fit that does’t let go.

Warranty: tozo seems to care greatly about their reputation. When i repeatedly dropped my first pair of t6s out of my ear onto the hard floor over and over and over until one stopped working, they simply sent me another pair for free when i asked if that was covered under warranty (knowing it probably wasn’t). Nice!

Case: the a1 case is pretty compact but not as flat as the t6 case for going in your pocket if you have tight pants. Kinda like a large walnut size. As others have said, it is a little difficult to extract the earbuds from it but not too hard once you learn the right place to hook your fingernail under.

One funny choice tozo made from the t6 and t10s was changing the voice for the earbuds that tells you they are connected from a clear british female accent to a very thick chinese female accent. Once again, not really a problem, just a funny design choice that makes me chuckle when i hear it.

Tip for keeping them connected when switching out one for the other: as soon as you hear ‘lo battowee’, take second one out of the case, wait for a beep signaling they paired with eachother, then put the first one back in the case. Then no need to reconnect bluetooth.

Keep the manual in case you need to reset them as startup pairing problems do happen occasionally with the t6 and t10s (maybe once every 2-4 weeks) though i haven’t had the a1s long enough to have this problem or say if it’s been resolved with the a1s. Simple reset gets them working fine again with older models.

Battery life seems to be good as rated in description.

Bottom line: are these earbuds worth $20? Definitely. Who wants to pay $250 for some overpriced apple q-tips that have the exact same sound quality and do the same thing?

5Expert Score
Let's see, $200 for apple, or $17 for these?

I will state that i can’t stand headphones of any variety for any reason because they take away my situational awareness. Music, phone, whatever. Buuuut, there are those times as an it person i need my hands free and don’t want to rudely (imho) put people on speakerphone. For the cost of a couple beers these are a great set of earpods or whatever you want to call them. They fit snugly and comfortably in my ears without weird white sticks hanging down (that’s you apple!). I have asked numerous people i’ve called and they all say the sound quality is no different than on the phone itself. Really, for $17 or so, you can’t beat these earpods. My partner got 5 sets as gifts for friends. Very satisfied!

5Expert Score
Exactly what i was looking for!

I chose these particular earbuds because others mentioned they were good for small ears, i had a few issues and thought they weren’t going to work, but i just started switching and trying the little silicone pieces until i found a pair that i couldn’t feel the edge in my ear. Now they fit perfectly! I have no idea how long the battery actually lasts, but i’ve done over 8 hours of work and they were still kicking, unlike my old pixel buds that die after an hour now. The noise cancellation is what you would expect from earbuds, when my child tries to talk to me when i have them on, i can hear that she is speaking, but i have no idea what’s she’s saying unless i take one out. The sound quality is especially surprising for the price. I will probably never pay for an expensive pair ever again!

5Expert Score
No joke for the price

Be aware: i tried these for the first time on a long interstate train ride, and completely missed the first two stops because i wasn’t expecting how effective the noise cancellation would be. Don’t let the weird tinny ‘headphone connected!’ voice fool you. I thought these would be super cheap amazon earbuds, solely for long trips and situations where i need something i wouldn’t be upset to lose. But the instant i turned the music on, the train sounds faded out to zero. Worth the purchase just for that.

Other than that, the overall sound quality is what you pay for — you’re not paying bose prices, don’t expect bose sound. They’re fine, i guess? Not an audiophile, but i didn’t find them significantly better or worse than other earbuds at their price point. Most importantly, they’re simple to pair, the charging case has a nice snappy feel to it, and overall they’re just a lot nicer than i thought i was going to get.

4Expert Score
Samsung buds alternative for great price

Coming from a pair of samsung galaxy buds (original) that i got for $10 and lost, it’s hard to spend $60 on a replacement. I will say, i think these are an excellent alternative for the price. There are some feature losses and oddly enough one major bug fix.

For starters, these have great sound so far. If you’re looking for a song to stress test these with and you’re not an audiophile (i am not), ‘i’m so sorry’ by imagine dragons is an excellent start. It picks up the bass drops and doesn’t tear, but the lyrics are also nice and clear. It’s a pair of $20 wireless earbuds, so don’t expect something amazing, but compared to samsung’s akg offering, it’s on par if not better. They’re still brand new though. The distance seems to be on par with the samsung buds too.

You will lose the buds app, so you can’t change the sound equalization (unless you use tozo’s very poorly rated app) or disable noise cancellation or locate your earbud. Honestly, disabling noise cancellation kinda defeats the point, so it’s not really something that i ever used. I also installed a frequency generator app that can play sufficiently loud tones to locate an earbud, even better than samsung’s locator. The sound is actually pretty good for all scenarios in my opinion. If you really need equalization, there are other ways to do that from the android side.

These actually fixed a major bug with the original samsung buds. The buds or android updated in a way to make the audio drop when using hd audio, which is enabled by default every time a bud is connected. These earbuds do not have that flaw, which has made me very happy.

These have two flaws in my opinion. They do not have proximity sensing to pause when removing from your ear (and can be activated in the pocket). They also require you to wear both buds to use all of the touch features. If you only use one at a time, you’re limited when it comes to prev/next as they’re bud-dependent. Having no app, you have no way to reconfigure that. I should note that i have not tried their app because i don’t want to risk breaking the buds. They’re working just fine as is with expected flaws for the price. These are not deal breakers in any way.

I will say, they are fairly small and very smooth. If you have small hands, you may have issues with them. I even have some issues, but i wouldn’t say that’s necessarily a flaw. They are pretty cool to feel because they’re really smooth, but it isn’t necessarily the best design choice for something so small and intended to be handled. They don’t have that annoying rubber ring that the samsung buds do.

One other point that may irk people that i don’t really care about is wireless charging. I don’t use the flat wireless chargers, so i always have to find a prop for a case like this to hit the charge point. I don’t really care enough to be annoyed that i can’t wirelessly charge these. It’s a nice feature, but if it increases the price, i don’t think it’s worth it. They charge fast enough and last long enough that worrying with wireless charging isn’t really a huge concern to me.

Overall, they seem like an excellent alternative to the original samsung buds and probably ever iteration of every big name brand wireless earbud with charging case. Hopefully i won’t have to contact customer support, but i hear they’re lovely, so that might not be too bad.

4Expert Score
[updated: +1 star for good customer service] good for the price, but noticeable audio delay

–updated for customer service experience–
while i would still rate the product i received 3 stars for its defects, i would like to mention that tozo customer service reached out to me via e-mail and offered me a brand new set of ear buds completely free to compensate me. Very nice of them! I’ve decided to up my rating to 4 stars to reflect the overall experience that i had with tozo as a brand.

They actually sent me the tozo t6 model earbuds too (which is a step above the tozo a1 in quality), and so far i haven’t had any issues with them thankfully. While the original issues i had in my defective product are still present, i believe buyers can feel slightly more reassured knowing that customer service can help them out if something similar happens.

i have only seen a handful of reviews mention the audio delay in these headphones, so i don’t know if it’s just the pair i received, but the audio lags about 0.2-0.4 seconds behind the video playing on my screen. I have tried these on multiple devices (phone, tablet, desktop pc and nintendo switch) and there’s a delay across all of them, unfortunately.

This makes watching tv shows and youtube vids pretty off-putting, as the lips won’t match the words quite right and sound effects come in late and ruin the impact of some jokes/scenes a lot of the time. The same goes for playing video games, as many gaming experiences will be hampered by even a slight delay in audio.

I personally would not use these for playing games or while watching something that requires a lot of attention on the screen, which is disappointing. Music, podcasts, audiobooks, and any other kind of media where sound delay doesn’t matter much will work fine though, of course.

As for the earbuds themselves, the audio quality is alright — it’s not terrible but i do notice some songs/videos have a slight tinny sound to them, which is the only time i found them jarring to listen to. I wasn’t looking high-quality, just something functional, and these get the job done.

I like the charging case — it’s compact and shuts firm with a magnet, so it feels nice and secure. The earbuds fit in my ear pretty well, and feel comfortable for about an hour before they start to hurt a little. This could just be me having small ears or not being used to wearing earbuds much, but i don’t mind since my listening sessions usually don’t go past an hour anyway.

One last thing — some reviews mention one earbud dying or the whole pair not working anymore after a couple months or even weeks. After about a month of use, one of my earbuds sometimes does not connect right away when i take it out of the case. One earbud will sync and play audio, while the other will be completely silent or even cut in and out of playing audio. This has only happened a couple times, and popping the earbud back into the case usually fixes it for me, but i think this is lines up with some products being faulty or failing in a short time. This type of risk/gamble isn’t uncommon with items of this price point and i was willing to take my chances with it, but keep that in mind if you’re considering a cheaper option or possibly saving up for a better and more consistent product.

4Expert Score
Domination of jbl by cheap chinese company.

I have had several pairs of jbl ear buds. Live 300 and and tune 130. They break constantly!! So i said screw it i’m going to try an ultra cheap option. To my surprise the sound quality of the tozo pair isn’t as good as the live300tws but it’s pretty darn close, it’s on par with the tune130s (tozo having higher volume).. Noise cancelation is better then the tune 130s not as good as the live300 but pretty close.

I just got them so i can’t speak for build quality, but at the price point these sell for as long as they’re close to on par with jbl (which are terrible build quality) it will be worth it just to buy another pair of these instead of having to buy a pair of live300s every 2 months, and are 5x the price!

Another factor is the physical size. The tozo pair are a bit smaller then the tune130s and about half the size of the live300s, and fit perfectly in my ear right out of the box.

As for battery life the tozo pair isn’t as good as either of the jbl buds. However unlike the live300 pair you can wear the tozo buds independently of each other. So you can wear the left one till it dies then swap it out for the right one and continue listening. This is great in my use case because i wear them at work and can only have one in at a time..

Overall i really like these buds, it’s a bummer that some shitty little chinese company dominates jbl in almost every metric. I use to love and was extremely loyal to jbl. Not anymore.

4Expert Score
Perfect sound paired with jvc spiral dots

Got these for under $20 and couldn’t believe how they compared to much more expensive earbuds. The a1 sounds ok with the included tips, but really opened up with the jvc spiral dots. Sub bass got much better and so was sound stage. The only issue with using a different tip is the case did not have enough room for the longer tip so the lid could not close all the way. I’m ok with it though. After reading some reviews about the t6 being better, i got a set to compare. I did not like the t6 as much. The sound stage was smaller and the mid bass was more than i preferred. I will keep both as they were both less than i would have spent on other name brand earbuds. I enjoyed both tozos more than the sennheiser cx. The b&o eq might sound better, but i the smaller size and ease of inserting of these tozos make them my preferred daily driver. As far as nc, i never really cared for it as it was not as effective as a tight seal. I will keep an eye out for tozo sales to pick up one of the highly reviewed upscale models like the nc9 pro to see if there’s another gem.

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They're super slippery

Let me preface this by saying i never wanted earbuds, i hate them. But my new phone didn’t have a headphone jack. I got these. Battery life is excellent, sound quality great, noise canceling is better then expected, but i didn’t expect much.

Here’s my problem. They’re slippery. I thought it was just my butterfingers but here i am, a month later, still unable to hold this earbud. I have dropped them so many times. But they still work. I just wish they had a little grip. They also don’t stay in my ears well (despite having the proper fitting silicone bit). They’ve fallen out a few times. And the tap controls are difficult. Again, it could just be me sucking at life, but i can’t get them to work right.

So either i’m an old mess with limited holding capabilities and these are wonderful, or, i’m not lost to the ages and these are still pretty good, just hard to handle. 4 stars cause i don’t know if it’s me or the earbuds

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I am picky about anything sound, and i love these!!

I was born a musician. So anything having to do with sounds, i tend to be beyond picky about. I will scrutinize an item that omits sound considerably more than i would anything else because my highly trained ear is very sensitive to sound.

That being said, these ear buds aren’t perfect. In fact, they’re a little bit snuffled sounding, like there’s a blanket sitting over a mic during a recording session. But it’s a pretty thin blanket, so most of you won’t hear it. Plus, there’s the added benefit of being able to fix the sound in the equator function of the app you’re using to listen to anything, more than likely. So, even if you do hear it, most of you will be able to get past it with little to no effort with that function. I certainly was able to get it pretty close to it that way; though, sadly, i would need a much more intensified equator to fiddle with to get past that muffled sound altogether.

While i’m sure i could find one fairly easily, it’s such a minor issue at this point that i can’t justify to myself wasting the time to go that far now. In other words, unless you have an ear as intensely tuned to sound and mine is, you won’t notice it at all to begin with, and if you do (probably only because i brought it up to begin with), you’ll be able to easily work it out with your app’s sound equator function. So, it won’t be an issue at all for you. Even i’ve been able to work out that little kink almost completely. At this point, if i weren’t listening specifically for it, i doubt i’d be able to notice it anymore at all, myself.

So, with that issue eradicated, i haven’t yet found any other issues with this set of ear buds, and i am very pleased with my purchase. I doubt i’ll be looking to replace these any time in the next few years, unless they come up missing like my last set did. Yay!!

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Perfect for small ears & resilient.

I ordered a white pair to pair with my garmin watch and a blue pair to match my phone. The blue ones pair with my phone before i can even get them to my ears, so i did not want to ‘switch to my watch’ every time i go running, and for this price, why not have 2 pairs! The sound is great. They are incredibly comfortable and i have a pretty small set of ears on me. Comfort has been a problem with others in the past, but these stay in nicely, even while i sleep and listen to my nature sounds. They do not ‘turn off’ because i roll over. I love them. Then one day, i left them in the pocket of my scrubs…i never check those pockets, because i never put anything in them…so you guessed it, they got washed & dried. I found them the next morning and was very upset, but decided to try them anyway. (for those that wonder, one was still in the case and one was not) omg!! Perfect sound. I don’t usually use the microphone, and that did not seem to work. But for me, amazing!! So the reason, i give them 4 stars and not 5 is because of my white pair that i use with my garmin. My running play list is on my watch. I work out, i can row, run & do treadmill, they are perfect. But every time i am in a 5k race…they cut out about half way through. The ‘lady’s voice’ says something, that i have not yet figured out and then they are dead. (fully charged before the race) user error? Maybe, i am 56, ya know. Interference from other devices? Maybe, but is that a garmin issue or a tozo issue?? Hard to say, but i am annoyed as heck. I have those songs with a certain cadence for a reason, and then i can’t keep my tempo. Worse of all, i hear my breathing & foot steps…it’s very stressful. I need to look into that. But overall, i am thrilled with this purchase.

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Has to be one of my most favorite cheap wireless earbuds

I had to return a different brand of wireless earbuds (not tozo) because it was too big/bulky. I tried to like it but it started to make my ears hurt. Once i stubbled upon the tozo a1 i wanted to give it a try. Well few months later after using these…i still absolutely love them! It’s perfect for small ears and battery life is pretty good. I bring these literally everywhere. Recently i noticed a odd little problem. It would repeatedly say “max volume” every time i was typing. It got pretty annoying i had to temporarily turn on my silent mode. But i would totally buy this again if it ever becomes unusable. For now i honestly don’t mind the weird glitch. I would like to know how to fix it though. If anyone has a similar problem and figured out how to make it stop please share!

Update: it also does it when i turn it off. It’s really weird.

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Comfortable for all day wear and so affordable!

This is my favorite pair of affordable earbuds. I spend most of my day with an earbud in one ear so i can listen to podcasts and audio books while running errands and doing chores. These tiny, light, little numbers can just sit there all day. They play and play for hours. Just perfect. The touch interface can be a little touchy, you only need one tap to start and stop so you can, accidentally, trigger them when brushing your hair out of the way. But for $20 or less, they are a delightful steal! I got a set for myself, my sister and my 13 year old. They’re great! Tozo customer service is terrific too. They’ve answered questions and replaced ear tips free of charge. Very responsive.

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One one the best quality with affordable price

Pro :
1. Sound quality is outstanding than $200 airpod pro
2. Battery life is awesome.
3.light weight and compact .
Cons :
1.bluetooth pairing disconnect unexpectedly.
2. Annoying feature if you receive a call it keep telling incoming call . It should be stop after sometime .
3.ear hurts after a long use because buds cap not designed for this .

Finally with this price point not expecting too much
overall good if they will fix these major issue . I would probably return as it’s frequently disconnecting in middle of any call . That’s a major issue other than this it’s nice ear bud for regular use .

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