TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones Touch Control with Wireless Charging Case IPX8 Waterproof Stereo Earphones in-Ear Built-in Mic Headset Premium Deep Bass for Sport Black

TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones Touch Control with Wireless Charging Case IPX8 Waterproof Stereo Earphones in-Ear Built-in Mic Headset Premium Deep Bass for Sport Black

Buy TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones Touch Control with Wireless Charging Case IPX8 Waterproof Stereo Earphones in-Ear Built-in Mic Headset Premium Deep Bass for Sport Black: Earbud Headphones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are tozo t6 true wireless earbuds bluetooth headphones touch control with wireless charging case ipx8 waterproof stereo earphones in-ear built-in mic headset premium deep bass for sport black features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • [smart touch control] specific touch control function makes it more convenient, tap once to play/pause music and answer calls, double tap to skip forward/backward, hold to adjust the volume. You can easily control it without operating the phone.
  • [bluetooth 5.3] adopt the advanced bluetooth 5.3 technology. Tozo t6 support hsp, hfp, a2dp, avrcp, which greatly improve the transmission speed and providing you with a low-latency listening experience.
  • [one step pairing] pick up 2 headsets from charging case and they will connect each other automatically, then only one step easily enter mobile phone bluetooth setting to pair the earbuds.
  • [ipx8 waterproof] earbuds and charging case inner nano-coating makes it possible to waterproof for 1 meters deep for 30 minutes. It is suitable for sports to prevent water. Ideal for sweating it out at the gym . Earbuds and case even can be washed by water and soap.
  • [charge on the go] playtime lasts for over 6 hours from single charge and total 30 hours with charging case. Enjoy fast charging, to fully charge the rechargerable case only 55 minutes via cable or less than 2 hours via wireless charger. Providing convenient charging way with no strings attached.
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Tozo t6 true wireless earbuds bluetooth headphones touch control with wireless charging case ipx8 waterproof stereo earphones in-ear built-in mic headset premium deep bass for sport black details:

Product dimensions

0.59 x 0.79 x 0.59 inches

Item weight

0.16 ounces

Item model number



1 lithium metal batteries required. (included)

Is discontinued by manufacturer






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TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones Touch Control with Wireless Charging Case IPX8 Waterproof Stereo Earphones in-Ear Built-in Mic Headset Premium Deep Bass for Sport Black AMAZON

Buy TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones Touch Control with Wireless Charging Case IPX8 Waterproof Stereo Earphones in-Ear Built-in Mic Headset Premium Deep Bass for Sport Black: Earbud Headphones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Which is better tozo t10 or t6?

I have both. The t6 is better. Smaller case, better speaker design. Don’t listen to the model numbers the t6 is newer than the t10, i know makes no sense. I would only recommend the t10 of the t6 if you have big chubby thick hands because the t6 can be hard to pull out of the case with big fingers. If your fingers are normal size or smaller definitely go with the t6.

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How does volume control work?

You have to put both ear buds in to adjust the volume using them. If you press and hold the left it will go down. Press and hold the right it will go up… Open your phone and watch the volume controls move as you do this. I found it easier to go into your phones settings and type ‘dolby’. This feature is normally off. But will make these earbuds working amazing

Can these pair and work with 2 phones simultaneously?

Yes! You absolutely can, i had one earbud in and it was paired to my phone and it paired to my soundbar as well…i had what i was listening to on my phone coming thru my earbud and the soundbar simultaneously…it took me by suprise because i had read you could not pair to 2 diff devices at the same time with the t6’s….indeed you can…i have the t6 and before purchasing these i purchased the t10’s…i need to test if i can do this with those as well! So i dont see how they will not pair with 2 diff phones at the same time or any other devices for that matter…its 8/31/21 btw so this is a current answer

Can you answer, reject or pause phone calls directley from puds?

I have no issues with people being able to hear me on the t6. I use them with my cell phone, in the pool, an at work connected to my office phone. These have been the best earbuds i’ve ever owned!
You can answer calls easily, they disconnect on their own from the call when the phone line is disconnected by the other caller. I’ve not tried to pause a call from the buds though.

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I cannot figure out how to charge the case itself. Does it need to have a wireless charging station? Can i not just use the cord itself?

You can use the cord, the case has a place on the back kind of hard to open but its rubber like and pulls back

Are you able to use all of the functions including talking on the phone while only using 1 of them at a time??

No. And i wish i would have asked this question before purchasing. I only use one at a time. Most often i use the left earbud. I wanted these because of the touch feature to skip songs on playlists. Well when using only the left earbud, that function is not available. I can play and pause just fine but not skip to the next song, sadly. I understand this is an extreme first world problem but to answer your question, no.

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Have anyone tried running with this headphones?

I run with them and work out. They fall out too easily although i think if you find the right adjustment with ear tips you could likely jam it in there and have them stay. I am not a fan of that so take that caveat.

Will an airpod protective case/cover fit these earbuds?

An airpod case can not fit this product.

I beed a replacement ease? One side doesn’t woek at all.

I beed two no…. Kan ewe schpel bitter then ewe did with yur qweeschin necks thyme

I’ve had these for a few hours now and i am disappointed… Can you not use the mic with apps?

You can , go into setting in your iphone or droid and ensure that you allow the specific app permission to utilize microphone od dictation. With the phone calls it’s automatic once paired correctly you should not only be able to utilize the mic depending on the app and what permissions it actually grants if you press the r eat it when paired from initial setup just tap three times to engage siri and once you have that on basically you can have siri do any workaround or google asssitant either way before i figured out how i wanted to utilize them
the best for my situation i not only just am able to have siri do massive leg work as far as opening , basically any command , make sure you have it so she can learn deom bluetooth. Onnwcted devices input or output.

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Do these turn off automatically when i remove them from my ear?

Kind of. They remain on if you simply take them out of your ear. When you take them out and place them in the charging case, they turn off and begin charging. When you take them out of the case, they automatically pair to your device.

Can you use one at a time for phone or music?

But can you talk on the phone with just one ear bud inside the ear ? Or is it only just for music ? Or does it depend on which ear buds is inside (left or right) bud?

Does this item come with usb charger to device lightning charging cable?

A: it comes with a usb charging cable. It is not a “lighting cable” which is only for apple products. There is not a “wall wort”/ power adapter / brick included though. You likely already have one that will work from your phone.

How far can your phone be from the earbuds for them to still be connected?

I have been as far as 30 ft in open spaces and been in separate rooms (concrete walls) and 15 feet. Never, so far, had them disconnect.

What does it mean by ’15 extra hours in the charging case’? Does that mean you can charge it 3 more times (getting 5 hours of use on each charge)?

Yes. My earbuds playtime is 6hr (tested), but i can put them in the case and recharge again in +/- 1hr and enjoy another 6hr of playtime. I can do that 4 times before connecting the case to ac adapter to recharge it.

I was initially able to get these to pair to my phone but now they will not pair i have deleted from my phone & tried on 3 x different devices? Tips??

If there is another cell phone, or laptop with bluetooth, etc., that has paired with tozo t6’s previously, that device could pair preferentially with your buds and block your ability to connect with your phone.

Es buena la calidad de las llamadas? Me escuchan bien y yo escucho bien quien me habla ?

En mi experiencia las llamadas son de muy buena calidad. Los recomiendo, lo único en lo que fallan un poco es en el agua. Si son cubiertos por agua la conexión se pierde. Siguen funcionando bien pero la conexión no resiste al nadar.

Can these be used with an hd fire 8 device!


I love mine, but i lost my charging cord. Where can i get a replacement?

This type of cord works the same.

Amazon kindle paperwhite usb cable – micro usb

Are these microphone equipped for calls?

Yes. I’ve been told by the person on the other line that it picks up other sounds (dishes, toilet etc) but with those eliminated they hear me just fine.

TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones Touch Control with Wireless Charging Case IPX8 Waterproof Stereo Earphones in-Ear Built-in Mic Headset Premium Deep Bass for Sport Black AMAZON

Buy TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones Touch Control with Wireless Charging Case IPX8 Waterproof Stereo Earphones in-Ear Built-in Mic Headset Premium Deep Bass for Sport Black: Earbud Headphones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great value for the price, and alot better than i was expecting

August 30, 2022 – things are still great and i just want to say despite getting other earbuds that do sound good such as the soundpeats trueair 2’s (semi in-ear buds) and two different pair of lavabean earbuds that while bulky (they both have great battery life, hence why they are big … For the battery) that have a great sound stage, but not as much ‘umph’ to the overall sound as these t6’s (i love both … The lavabeans and these t6’s .. Dont get me wrong) with the same v-shaped eq i always apply … Overall these maybe my favorites … Sure i have a pair of higher end earfun buds that sound great, but there is something about the overall package (sound quality, battery, price … Esp on lightning deals that are far cheaper then those earfuns) that i love about the t6’s … I go back and forth listening to different buds and when coming back to these t6’s i am blown away by the sound … There is even a good thump to the bass when appropriate but it’s clean and not ‘over the top’ to my ears.

I’d love to try (i do have two pairs of tozo nc2s which i love too) other tozo models but i’d be questioning ‘should i just get a backup pair of t6s?’ when considering the others.

Do i even have to say that i still totally recommend these at this point?

May 2, 2022 update: things are still great … No issues that, cleaning smunges and dirt/dust off the pin/where the pins connect, doesn’t fix.

I have been using my new jlab go air pop nightly instead of these and overall i think the default tips make those feel better then the t6’s … Doing an ‘a-vs-b’ comparision wondering if the t6’s really do sound better than the go air pops … Yeah… .the nc2’s sound better than the t6’s but the t6’s definitly have a more ‘rich’ sound than the jlab go air pop’s (jlab signature eq) i bought this past month. I already bought a pair of the t6’s when they hit a super low ($4 lower than normal) lightning sale for a gift for someone

april 1 2022 update: after seeing the t6’s $2.50 or so cheaper than the typical lightning deal, and in no time at all ‘80% claimed’ i bought a second pair (still not sure if a gift for someone or a backup pair for myself) but despite liking the nc2’s i still like the t6’s as well … I’d be interested in trying some of tozo’s other offerings.

My only issue (and i admit i am waiting to hear back from tozo support as i type this) is the warranty and how to register … I feel ‘process a warranty’ on the site is trying to use it not simply registering it. I am a techie guy and i have registered warranties for products such as tribits … Tozo could just make it a little more clear on this front.

Also something i found by accident … And it makes sense that it’s work in a way … I usually use these when sleeping (they are good for sleeping though noting whatever side of my head faces the pillow doesn’t have an earbud in it) … I had’d been swapping them when i wake up and roll over … However just using the same one in the other ear works fine too.

One thing i also noticed (not sure if it’s the shape of my ears) is that the right earbud sometimes sound muffled if i use anything other than the shallow tips provided (they are more comfortable but you do lose a bit of base) … The solution is to ‘pinch’ the right earbud to not trigger the touchpad and just pull out ‘a hair’ .. Just bairly and that clears that up .. .it doesn’t happen with default nc2 tips … Just specifically the t6’s and only in my right ear with non-shallow tips when i first put them in
another update: the only issue i have is for a gift for someone i am trying to decide if these or say a pair of tozo’s nc2’s would be better for them. (both great options) … I have still used these mainly for my side-sleep, and only using which bud/ear is not facing the pillow to help me sleep and these have great passive nc and they are comfortable for this use too. Heck … I am not (i already picked up a second pair of the nc2’s i was so impressed, to have for myself) against picking up another pair of the t6’s (though i’d like to try some of the other models too) to have a ‘backup’ pair of these too.

I do admit sometimes just to get the perfect fit i swap eartips (nothing that causes me pain with one pair or the other, just trying to dial things in) from time to time … But i am highly impressed with these. I do admit on amazon and elsewhere on the internet i think i have seen the nc2s and the t6’s getting the ‘highest reviews’ vs some of the other tozo models.

Update: using these regularly, including some times sleeping (where they are on for hours, just swapped in single use mode when i wake up and roll over) and to be honest …. I have only charged them twice and the last time i did, i couldn’t even remember how long it was since the first time i charge them was. It had to be almost 2 weeks and possibly a few hours (and topped off as i swap them using them for sleep music)

i still think the nc2’s sound better (maybe my favorite buds or tied with the earfun free pro 2’s) .. But that is just how good the nc2’s sound …. These t6’s still sound great to me and … I’d not be against picking up a backup pair of these in case the price goes up, just like i got a backup pair of nc2’s … I am impressed by tozo … I just hope these buds last (not saying they are haviing issues …to be clear)

i am totally happy with my purchase
these tozo t6’s are ones i picked up after seeing how highly they were rated. I have to admit i am not sure what i expected … I mean some “omg they are the best” reviews on any products sort of make me think they are over-exaggerating, but having said that, these really have impressed me.

I am new to bt earbuds but so far i have a number of pairs of buds, including

bluetooth earbuds i have are tozo nc2’s, earfun’s free pro 2’s and the earfun free mini’s, fiil’s t1xs with app support, and edifier’s tws1 pros.

It’s going to be too hard right now to compare the sound but i can roughly do it … The fact that i haven’t played with the tws1 pro’s a lot (i do love them, for the record) and say the fiil’s i can judge the sound on, but they have an app with custom eq settings. I also have to note i do not have any of these for calls … I just cant judge them on that front … Listening to music, and watching videos (youtube, tv shows and movies) on various devices is my main use case.

thing to remember:
remember the sound and comfort part is based on a number of things and getting the right ear tip for you, is key … Too small and they (any earbud) may feel like they fall out easy and in some cases the base of an earbud isn’t as strong “as it should be “ .. Too big and not only will you have discomfort, but in my experience the base may seem to be “too much”. The sound insulation (aka passive noise canceling) is really dependent on you getting a good seal in your ear and that means the proper tips … Some of this is trial and error to see which ones are the best for you/

presentation/unboxing – the presentation and unboxing is not something that blows me away in most cases … If it’s one of those “small brown box with not a lot of printing on it” type boxes .. That’s cool with me. Having said that … I am impressed. The unboxing of these (and the nc2s for that matter) shows that “the company cares” … I expected a “meh” experience at worst … But there is something about the unboxing and how everything is together that makes me feel “oh … They went above and beyond here… Nice”.
sound – this may not be the top priority (i mean if they don’t feel good, it doesn’t matter how they sound) but it’s up there for me, near #1. I expected a reasonably good sound but nothing “over the top”. My expectations were more of what i have heard from the earfun free mini’s … Good enough and great at times… But just missing a richness (the best way i can describe it). While i have heard better, these t6’s sound a lot better than that description.

Before i go further about the sound i totally admit no matter the wired/wireless earbud/headphone i use , i usually have an eq on … A mix between a u and a v type setting … Bass raised and treble raised a bit but not a “sharp v” shaped eq profile … Just have to be clear on this.

The sound on these may not please a true audiophile but i am impressed. Everything lows, mids and highs, are “right where they need to be” and even the punchy base in some rap tracks is clean sounding … The base in my testing does not bleed into the mids, making the things sound “muddy” as some people may have seen it described. These have a punchy base at times but it’s not over the top by any means and that is how i like it.

Another thing is that things do not sound as wide as some other headphones/earbuds i have heard but still things are not “crammed together” … Things in my tests of jazz, classic, rock (typically hard rock, but regular rock too) and rap … There is room for everything to “breath” sound wise, if that makes sense. I hate to over-blow how great the sound is … I mean there are better more expensive options, but these t6 sound a lot better than i was expecting. I have only one other tozo (though i’d love to try more) product in the nc2’s and i can see why so many love the t6’s. I am not trying to say these are the most “wide” sounding when it comes to sound-stage but they are by no means the most “narrow” either. I like them the way they are.

comparison/comments about two tozo products – these t6’s vs the nc2’s –

before i go further since i just mentioned the tozo nc2’s … They are an improvement to the t6s .. I love the t6’s do not get me wrong but the sound is just that much crisper and cleaner .. The base is better on the nc2’s vs the t6’s and … I have “no issue” with the t6 sound. It’s what i love about the t6 … Made better, sound wise.

If you like this form factor better over the nc2’s stem style design … May be the nc9s or nc7s would be right for you.
passive noise canceling – i have to say i am impressed with the passive nc these provide with the “right earbud tips”. I mean i do have to say the nc2’s active nc is great and i love it but, these provide far more nc passively than i was expecting .. I also know what anc in this price range is… I do not expect anc to “cancel everything out” … Even when it say comes to higher end sony earbuds.

The tozo t6’s provide great passive noise cancellation with no audio on, however once there is say music playing … Things are just drowned out. I have a black honeywell fan near me, that is on most of the time and when i have the t6’s in and the fan on …. When music is on, i barely hear the fan at all. The nc2’s anc cancels out noise like that very well, do not get me wrong, but i am just shocked how well the t6’s work blocking noise out when they do not even have anc.
comfort – of course this is all based on getting the right eartip as i have said before, but after some trials of different sized tips to at least see what the smaller or bigger ones are like …. I have what i like dialed on. I do admit it may be a bit of an issue for some to swap tips (my advise … Flip the part of the tip that would be touching your ear around, so you can see the part that goes on the earbud and pull … Same thing with putting the new ear tips on… So you can see what you are doing) but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy and … It does matter overall …. If the tips are too big they may hurt your ears so it doesn’t matter if they sound good, you will not like your earbuds then.

These are also earbuds that i have tried when going to sleep and i have not had any discomfort with them. I do “side-sleep” and they are no issue, though i admit in that case i use them one at a time with whatever side of my head faces down, not having an earbud in… I wake up and before i turn over i swap the buds… I just know my head on the pillow will trigger the touch controls and doing this method of swapping buds, i have done before with wired earbuds … No problem for me.
build quality – i am not going to go overboard and say how tozo uses premium quality products here, but at the same time note how the build quality is another place where tozo really impresses me .. With the t6’s they (the buds and the case) do not feel cheap or like corners were cut. I am not saying the case feels “heavy” or anything but there is just a feeling that things are well made … This may be my favorite case among the group of earbuds i mention having. Not saying it’s the smallest but the hinge does not flop shut on it’s own like some others do.
controls – these seem decent and i have not had issues when i use them, though i have to be transparent .. I have these paired with an android tv box, my firestick 2nd gen and my laptop. Even when i use them, i am not always using the touch controls.
battery life – i cant say i have had this long enough to really test this vs what is advertised but i am happy with the performance i have experience
con – this is so picky and i don’t care to be honest but there is a voice that tells you they are connected for example .. The issue is when you put the second bud in, there will be say a “connected” over what you are listening to … I have heard that is annoying when on a phone call and say swapping buds.. That “connected” from the earbuds over what the other person is saying … I hesitate to even mention this as a con. Barely a slight annoyance to me though i admit i do not use these for phone calls… It’s just something i’d like to mention

another thing that is picky … The earbuds when taken out of the case have to be flipped around before putting them in your ear … This seems so silly of a thing to mention but the earbud part that has the eartip faces inside of the case and the part that sticks out of your ear is on the outside … That’s all well and good but it does takes muscle memory to always remember to flip them around when taking them out of the case.

i am sure i am forgetting comments i wanted to make but, i do recommend the tozo t6’s, without hesitation .. Only having one other tozo product the nc2’s … I do admit they have the sound i love about the t6’s i love and have improved it. I would not hesitate to recommend either t6s or nc2’s (what many consider the two best tozo models) to people

5Expert Score
I didn't know my old headphones were so lacking until i heard these!

(update below)

i love these headphones. The sound is crisp, bass is amazing. Further than that i love how convenient these are.
Pairing was so easy and i never had to do it again. When i’m ready to listen to music they automatically connect with my phone when they come out of the case! That still blows my mind. The hassle of reconnecting bluetooth every time i turn on headphones is actually why i eventually stopped using my other pairs. It sounds lazy, but why would i go through the hassle when i could just plug in my wired ones?

I love how they automatically charge when i put them in the case. I’ve had no issues with low batteries. When they arrived the case was fully charged but the headphones weren’t. The case seems to hold a charge for a long time… 3 times longer than i would ever be away from a charger. The headphones themselves haven’t reached low batteries, and i listened to them at most almost 2 hours at a time. I’m very impressed with the battery life.

The case feels quality and has weight to it. The outside is smooth, and flipping the lid open and closed is very snappy and satisfying.

The earbuds stay in the ear and don’t need to be adjusted after long periods of time, even with movement. Be sure try on the other silicone nubs. Find the right fitting ones and you’ll have better sound quality! I found that out. Some of them are difficult to put on but that’s a positive because they won’t be falling off and you won’t lose one.

A few small cons when it comes to preferences.

The biggest one to me is charging. You can only use a micro usb to charge it. I really really wish it was type-c! Not that big of a deal but it is a con for me.

I’m not a big fan of the touch interface. For one, it’s a big more laggy when changing the song. It’s not too bad, unless you need to skip a lot of songs.

Another thing is you have to be careful when removing them or putting them in. Holding your finger down on the flat surface will raise or lower the volume depending on which earbud it is. Which means you can accidentally raise the volume to max and blast your ears. I’ve done that once. Been much more careful when handling them since then. I really don’t use the touch function other than touching to pause and play occasionally. I wish there was a way to turn the touching function off through the settings in my phone that would be nice.

Last con, i wish there was clear color coding or something distinguishable to tell which one is left and right. There is a tiny, gray little l & r on each bud, but they are on the inner side and very hard to see unless it’s bright out. The logo ‘tozo’ is in bright bold letters right above the l & r. That’s very visible. I try to keep the left one on the left when i put them into the case, but it’s usually dark when i listen to music so i don’t always get it right. Each earbud fits on either side of the case so they can be very easily mixed up.
I’m prolly going to put a dot of nail polish on one of the buds so i can tell which is which.

All in all pretty small cons when you consider all the positives. The sound quality exceeded my expectations. I put these to the test with my favorite dubstep playlist and wow i didn’t know my old headphones were so lacking. Whole new experience. I didn’t expect so much for the price.
Very happy i chose these!
You should try them! If they aren’t what you wanted you can always send them back.

so i would like to talk about the touch interface a little more… I’ve been noticing things with time that have become a bit annoying. Annoying enough to remove a star from my review 🙁
first, the lag is pretty bad at times. Most of the time it’s not that bad. But sometimes it’s taken over a second to respond. Long enough that you try to press it again, which ends up doing something different than intended. It’s possible that it’s more of my phone’s problem than the buds though so keep that in mind.
Also i’ve been using the touch interface more often to skip songs. (tap twice) about half of the time it doesn’t pick up the first or second tap. Instead, it pauses (tap once) and i end up waiting like an idiot, thinking the next song will start playing… It gets old. So i’ve stopped using touch to skip songs unless my phone is out of reach.

Last thing, if you ever share one of your buds with someone else they will either skip, pause, and blast or mute the volume… It has happened with mine 100% of the time. It’s difficult to put the bud in your ear without pressing something! My friend wanted to listen to my song so i gave him one bud and he skipped tracks a few times. Tried again and it muted the volume. I tried explaining what was happening but he didn’t understand which part was the ‘button’ so to speak. It created a mildly awkward situation lol

hope this was helpful

5Expert Score
This audiophile is impressed by these buds!

I would like to start by saying, i have used headphones ranging from dollar store to a 400$ pair of klipsch, so i know a thing or two about quality headphones. Very important: earbuds will take about 80+ hours of use before they sound their best (burn in period). At first, they will sound very low and staticky at max volume, compared to after 80+ hours. For those first 80 hours, keep the volume set between 75-100% (whatever your general listening volume will be).

I always let them play for 80 hours, while i am not using them, before i write a review. Overall listening experience can change that drastically from the first time you put them in, to after that 80+ hour burn in period. They will sound louder and clearer after this point.

Now, tl;dr

+ for the price, they sound great!

+ small, lightweight and very comfortable!

+ charges fast (both buds and case)!

+ touch controls are very responsive!

+ noise cancellation is some of the best in its class!

+ no annoyingly bright led lights!

+ ability to use one earbud at a time!

+ excellent range, even through walls, in a house full of wireless!
Note: device dependent – sometimes cuts out until placed in case, unpaired, then re-paired

– removing buds from case is a bit complicated

– case: charge port cover is a pain to remove, and does not get better with time

– case: remaining charge indicator is not very accurate

– there is no way to check the charge level of the buds while using a computer

– while adjusting earbuds, it is easy to hit the touch controls

the detailed review

clarity: (the ability to provide strings, bass and vocals clearly without distortion). These are considerably better than that of the brands priced around 100$. They do not offer the crisp clarity of my 250$ sennheiser studio headphones, but at this price i would not expect them to.

Bass: nowhere near as good as something like say, beats earbuds, but they are sufficient (on par with the clarity). Comparing them to the higher priced offerings, they are about equal, if not a bit better. But i have had cheaper wired headphones with better bass. If you’re looking for some ear booming earbuds, these may not be right for you.

Noise cancellation: even though the max volume on the t6 earbuds are not that loud, the seal they provide blocks out about 95% of your surroundings. I have to deal with blasting tv’s, kids and various other noises throughout the day. Through all of that – playing music, movies and podcasts – i can barely hear anything else (and that is when i am trying to listen for outside sounds).

This may be a problem for some, who need to hear their surroundings. I suggest using a smaller bud size to help alleviate this, but keep in mind it will also affect overall audio quality. There are 4 sizes of buds; s, m, l, and xl. S fits my 6 year old, all the way up to xl for me (i have huge ear holes! Lol). So make sure to try them all! It is important to find the right size, again, because it affects the overall audio quality and noise cancellation.

They are extremely light and very comfortable, and compared to others, are far less awkward feeling. So much so, you could sleep with these, as long as you are not on your side. Laying your head down on a pillow with these can causes a tin can effect (sounds like music coming for a tin can) at certain angles. Still, they are comfortable with some pressure put on them. The charging case is exceptionally small, smaller than most of its kind. It is also compatible with wireless charging docks! Charge time, when the buds are completely drained, is about 30 minutes, and the case is about 60 minutes to completely charge. I will say, the charging port cover for the case is a real pain to open!

The touch controls are simple and responsive! Touch either the left or right earbud to pause music and video (does not work with vlc media player for some reason). Hold your finger on the primary earbud to turn volume down, the secondary to turn it up. Double tap the primary earbud to go to previous track, and double tap the secondary earbud to advance to the next track. Unfortunately for some (who accidentally pause tracks or video, when adjusting their earbuds), there is no way to turn off the touch controls. As a side note, there are no annoyingly bright led’s in the earbuds that bug some (like me).

Something i found curious is that many reviewers complain about difficulty in removing the earbuds from the charging case. I have found placing my pointer finger inside the back of the case to push in and pry the earbud up, and then pulling it out the rest of the way by pinching my pointer finger and thumb on the earbud and pulling out, works quite well. I have huge fingers, so i can only assume someone with smaller fingers will have less of a problem using this method. I will attach a video showing this.

Another issue that a lot of people seem to be having is that they cannot use just one earbud, while the other is in the case, charging. I do not know if the newer ones being sent out are updated? But mine have no problem doing this. The first pairing to a device requires you to have both out, but after that you are good to go. So as of this writing, you do not have to have both earbuds out of the case for them to work properly.

Also, i don’t know if it is just my pair, but the life indicator on the case is off. I have charged my headphones 1.5 times and the battery level is down to one, even though i can fully charge them 2 more times at this point. So, if it seems like the case battery is draining faster than it should, test this out before you contact them for replacements.

Now, there is a slightly annoying effect that seems to be dependent on the quality of the bluetooth in the device you connect to. Sound will start skipping or go out for a second and come back. If this happens to you, simply unpair the earbuds from the device (first) and place the earbuds in the case for a moment. Remove them and re-pair, and you should be good.

I have noticed that my laptops bluetooth does this quite often, where as my desktop (with a better bt dongle) does not do this. It also never happens on my iphone or kindle fire. So, like i’ve said, it varies depending on the device bluetooth quality (it is not the earbuds themselves). The bluetooth on the earbuds are quite nice. So nice in fact, that i have gone more than 30 meters (their rated distance) line of sight, and still had a good connection (at 60 meters). However, if you are experiencing this with all of your devices, try turning bluetooth off on any devices near the earbuds that you are not using (they may be causing interference. Otherwise, you may have a defective unit.

In closing, these are the best pair of completely wireless earbuds i have used to date (when taking quality, price and design into consideration). They are impressive, to say the least! I have done so much research and tried so many different brands, that i can say with confidence, that if you’re in the market for this type of earbud? Do not hesitate in buying them!

5Expert Score
Great bluetooth headphones with touchscreen controls and great battery life

These were the first wireless headphones i purchased, since i got a new phone that no longer accepted an aux cable and they did not disappoint. Great value for the price as well! I really love these tozo t6s!
I was not paid for this endorsement but am a really satisfied customer.

The charging case works great so as not to lose the small buds (about the size on an oblong dime) and has an amazing battery life. I have used the earbuds for hours and days on end and as long as i put them back in the case (which charges the actual earbuds), then they last virtually forever. I only charge the case every 2-3 weeks. The case also has a magnetic component which holds the earbuds in and the lid closed, this is very handy to make sure you don’t accidentally drop pieces out. It has helped me assure the headphones are secure every time i put them away. Size is ideal – not bulky, can fit in a women’s front jean pocket, but not too small as to completely lose it.

The earbud size and shape are great for small ears and fit snuggly (i often have a hard time with getting earbuds to stay in my small ears) with reasonably good noise cancellation. I’ve had them about 10 months so i can’t recall if they came with multiple earbud sizes (rubber part).

The earbuds also have some useful features including
(1) touchscreen controls which take a minute to get used to but are very helpful to pause, play, ff, and rw when listening to programs or books on your phone;
(2) the ability to use one or both headphone at a time. If you wanted to save the battery even longer, you can use one earbud for a while then switch to the other, and it would take until the entire charge case died before they stopped working;
(3) useful voice navigation when pairing and pressing the touchscreen buttons, so you know when connection happens or actions are being made (e.g., ‘pairing succeed’ or ‘reverse’).

I’ve had these headphones about 10 months and had my first two issues with them, but figured out the fix. What happened was the small latch on the headphone case broke so the lid to the case came off and then they stopped pairing with my phone (but could pair with my computer still, so odd).
But the beow fix was good enough for me:
(1) since the case is magnetic, when i push the lid on and line it up the right way, it will stay closed. I just have to try not to lose the lid when i open it.
(2) the pairing issue was resolved by going to the page which suggested resetting the headphones, which i had never done before. I followed the steps and voila like new!

Best $30-40 i ever spent on a phone accessory (and also works with the computer). I’d also buy it for others as a gift or again if these ones go bad. Highly recommend.

5Expert Score
Solid, well built, comfortable, amazing clarity, amazing product

When receiving any product, i am instantly drawn to the build quality. If it seems cheap or flimsy, i already know how the product will endure over time. Sometimes it is expected, i know when i try to save a buck it can not have a positive outcome. In the case of these earbuds, i opted for them after looking at the bose buds, after reading reviews where the connection between the left and right buds would drop out all of the time i couldn’t bring myself to spend over three times as much as this pair. So i opted for a cheaper solution to give it a go, as i don’t even know if i will like wearing them all of the time. So needless to say, i was expecting a cheap build quality…

That is not the case with these buds. As soon as i removed the charger i could feel the weight. Opening the top to expose where the buds are placed had such a quality feel you would think you were buying a much more expensive pair. The ear buds themselves seem to be built with the same care and quality, and dropping them into the charger you could hear a satisfying snap as they pulled in with the magnets to hold them securely. They instantly lit up red indicating charging so i was already feeling pretty good about this purchase.

I always charge anything i receive fully before using it, so i went to plug in the charger. It was a little difficult to get the charging cable out of the packaging, but once i did i was a bit disappointed in the length of the cable. So many products are coming with super short cables these days. Luckily i have a surplus sitting around of longer cables so they can reach my outlet chargers without having to dangle from the outlet itself. At this point this was my only disappointment. Nothing major, no stars to deduct, but it would be nice if they started including longer cables, they aren’t that expensive.

For those of you who may have trouble, the charging port is protected by a waterproof cover on the bottom (opposite lid) of the charter.

I was very happy to see the lights of the charge indicator light up. There are four little white lights that indicate the status of charging. I was also very happy to see that it quickly jumped from 1 light to two, shortly after to three. This tells me the charger was not fully discharged which is very important – you never want a battery of any kind fully discharged. A big problem with places like amazon is products may sit on the warehouse shelves for quite some time. Over time batteries discharge, and when you receive a product with a fully discharged battery, that battery will not last nearly as long as it should. I have received several power tool batteries like this which is a major disappointment, but happily these still had a charge. That either means that there are very good batteries in the charger that maintain their charge, or it could be that the product was new and recently given to amazon. Unfortunately i do not know which, but the fact that it had a charge is a good sign.

The next step was to remove the ear buds from the charger. This is something i had some difficulty with. My hands are on the larger side and a bit clunky. I managed to get the ear buds out, but the ease wasn’t quite how i would like. On an overall scale, i think this is only worth a .5 star deduction. I can still get them out, just some sort of perhaps rubber coating on the side to allow my fingers to cling to the bud would help.

I fitted the buds as they were without replacing with one of the other five size options they provide. They fit snug and comfortable.

The next step was pairing – this was easy. I opened my phone, when to bluetooth, add new device. It found the t6’s and paired quickly and easily.

Now for the big test – sound quality is very important to me. It is important to note that any bluetooth connected device will lose some quality. If you plug directly via cable into a car vs connected to bluetooth you can hear the difference if you have a tuned ear. It is also important to have a good overall sound range. Bass, treble, mid range, it is all important to have. These ear buds impressed me. I would like a little more bass for certain songs than these ear buds provide, but for most of the music i listen to they are perfect. All the tonal ranges blend perfectly. The stereo quality is perfect too. These are true stereo, so music that is to just come out of one ear does the way it should. The clarity is superb.

Distance is great. I walked thirty feet away from my phone and not a hiccup, no loss to quality. I didn’t walk further as i won’t leave my phone at a greater distance so this is great.

The touch controls work great, though i did not test phone calls yet and will hopefully get a chance to update my review once i have a chance to thoroughly test that, but i did get these primarily for phone calling.

After listening for a little while i noticed my ears getting sore so opted to size down on the fitment pieces. The next size down fit wonderfully and was even more comfortable. Removing the fitment piece is easy with a twist. Putting the new one on was a bit difficult, but i managed to wiggle it into place. Time will tell how long the ear pieces hold up, but they seem to be made pretty well.

Exterior sound is pretty obscure if not impossible to hear while music is playing, but if you pause it is like wearing those disposable expand to fit ear plugs.

Overall i am very satisfied with this purchase. The price is amazing for what you get, and assuming everything keeps working as it should and lasts it will be worth every penny. So glad i didn’t get the bose buds.

If i have time i will update in the future on how battery life is. Remember, there are two aspects to battery life. How long it lasts out of the box, and how long it lasts after a few months, a year, etc.

So far very impressed. Great product guys!

5Expert Score
So good, i bought another set.

Alright, i’ve had these for a minute and have put them through the ringer. So i think i can give them a good review now.

I originally had the t10s but ended up losing the case and one earbud somewhere in an airport (this well be a recurring theme lol). So, wanting something still waterproof but with a case more like airpods, i ordered the t6s. I will start this by saying that obviously there are better earbuds at much higher prices. But for budget versions, these are awesome.

I received them and instantly liked them more. Case is much more pocket friendly and i actually liked the sound more. I use them running at the gym and lifting weights, just when exercising in general. Never worry about them falling out or being damaged by sweat. I really just use them everywhere. Sometimes, when i get in the car, i forget to take em out because they are so comfy and don’t even use the car speakers (bose system). They last a long time, they charge fast, the case can use a wireless charger. No complaint there. Now, for how waterproof they are.. One night i was night fishing with a friend on his bass boat. Long story short, i ended up in the water fully clothed with pockets full (thankfully everything is waterproof these days). I ended up being in the water for about 5-10 minutes collecting stuff that fell in and getting it in the boat, before i pulled myself up. Got out of the water, took them out of my pocket, and opened them up to let everything dry. Next day i put the earbuds back in the case to charge and tried them out. No issues, worked and sounded great!

So, that pair lasted me till last week. When i lost them on a flight haha. See, there’s a pattern here. So i instantly ordered another pair that way i would come home to a new set. Got have and set them all up, ended up looking slightly updated from my first pair. Sadly, i noticed a slight static background noise. Very minor, and i’m sure most wouldn’t even notice it, but i definitely did. I reached out to tozo and tried their solutions, as well as my own on my phones end. No luck.. Thank goodness they have excellent customer service and were able to get a new pair on its way to me instantly!

I’ll definitely order more from tozo and would love to see something geared more towards audiophiles.

5Expert Score
So far, so good! Excited to walk in the rain

I got them today, so my experience with these earbuds is pretty limited. I’ve also never had wireless earbuds before – until now, i was using the cheap, wired headphones that came with my iphone. I got really frustrated with the cord always catching on my hands when i was walking, and now that i’m sewing frequently (covid fabric face masks) i had a really hard time tolerating cheap headphones for hours at a time, and i couldn’t play movies or videos loud enough to hear over the sewing machine, especially at night. It also meant i had to take the headphones out if i needed to move to grab things, because the cord isn’t long enough to go around my sewing machine from my laptop and have pretty much any range of motion.

The box these come in is surprisingly nice! It’s a sliding box, so it’s easy to open. I think i’m going to keep storing them in that box when i’m not using them for a while, so they’re easier to find and protected. And the case itself is really nice, it’s sturdy and doesn’t feel cheap. I like that it’s magnetized, so the earbuds easily click into place. It’s a little hard to remove the first earbud, but the second comes out easier due to having a little extra space to get your fingers in the case.

The earbuds themselves are nice. I’ve had some trouble with the touch controls (especially when i was trying to pick the right size for them, i had one in my ear and i was messing with the other one, and it kept pausing and playing lol) but i think that’ll improve with a little practice. It’s so nice to not have to worry about a cord!

The sound seems good, but i think most would after using the ones that came with my phone since 2018.. I am hearing things i never heard in some songs before, which is really cool! Also, my volume is set as low as possible and it’s still decently loud. I’m probably on the other side of the spectrum where i might prefer to be able to have it a little quieter (when i’m just sitting at my desk, without a sewing machine going)

the noise cancellation seems decent (but it’s not even a factor in why i purchased these), i’m wearing them now (still at lowest volume) and i can’t really hear my keys clicking on my laptop as i type this. It definitely depends on the music you’re listening to though. I tried classical music and i can hear the click of the keys, though it’s still quieter than normal.
Pausing the music, i can hear the clicks more, but it’s still quieter than it would be without them in. I can hear a tiny bit of static with the music paused, but i can also hear electricity in outlets so that might just be me.

It takes a little bit of twisting/wiggling to get the earbuds to settle correctly, but they feel pretty secure once they’re in. I like that it comes with multiple sizes, 5 in the box and one already on the earbuds. I tried several, and i’m pretty sure i’m back with the size that was already on them (possibly the size smaller). I haven’t gone running with them yet, so i’m not yet sure just how secure they are, but they don’t feel like they’ll fall out easily compared to my cheap headphones, and they’re a little annoying because obviously i can feel them in my ears, but they definitely don’t hurt to wear.

I’m using a wireless charger right now. It didn’t say what the light indicators on the case mean (in the manual), but it seems like the four white dots will all be solid when it’s fully charged? Right now i have two solid, and one blinking. I’m a little concerned as the case is getting a bit hot from the wireless charger, but i’ve never used a wireless charger so maybe that’s not abnormal.

I’m very excited to be able to take walks in the rain! I absolutely love the rain, but with my old headphones, i was cautious with water because i don’t think they’re waterproof… It’s really nice that the case is also waterproof, so i don’t have to worry about damaging it if i bring it with me in the rain.

I registered for the warranty, which says it’s 18 months on the sticker that came in the box. I think i saw somewhere else that it was a 12 month warranty, so i’m hoping it’s actually the 18 months it says in the box.

I will say, the little robot voice that plays with these is so strange. I don’t know if that’s with all bluetooth headphones or just these, so i won’t say it’s a flaw in this product, but it does say things like ‘headset is connected’ and ‘forward’ when you skip a track.

Something just happened – my cat came up to me and nuzzled my ear and paused my music with her nose! So these are definitely not cat-proof.

I can’t yet comment on battery life or how secure they really are during exercise yet, but i’ll try to come back after i’ve had them for a few days/weeks.
I’ll update if anythng happens or changes, but right now everything seems good!!

7.22.20 update
you can use each individually, absolutely no problems! You don’t have to worry about pairing each one. I took one out of the case and it immediately paired with my phone. Then, i took the other one and it also paired, and i put the first one back in the case to charge. Totally seamless and so easy to do! Helps me a ton for when i want to just use one, when i need to hear things around me but still want to listen to music/audiobooks. The only weird thing is when you grab the second one (like if you wanted to use both) it says primary or secondary in each one, which is annoying. I still don’t appreciate that these talk to me (except saying on/off, but even that isn’t necessary to me). But it’s quick, so i guess it’s not a big deal. If i’m listening to an audiobook or something, it’s probably best to pause it for a few seconds though so you don’t miss something.

5Expert Score
Decent truly wireless earbuds

Skip down ~2 paragraphs to get to the review. The first two paragraphs are information about how i conduct my torture tests to determine quality. To ensure fairness and that it isn’t the equipment i’m connected to i’m comparing these to the first pair i received to the second as well as a couple of other earbuds and my sennheiser headphones. I do not expect these to sound as fabulous as my $130 headphones and neither should you.

I’ll start this review by providing information. This is an updated review after having written my original review. I was contacted after my initial review by the company stating that i may have received a defective model and was offered a replacement model at no cost. I have received them and have gone through several rounds of headphone torture tests. While i do not have the equipment to conduct serious tortures nor access to such equipment, namely graphing features and an oscilloscope in order to find out exactly what wave shapes are being produced, i’d like to think that my tests are at least semi valid.

I’m conducting my torture with straight rips from cd as well as streaming services. I also use tests to determine everything that i can’t with just straight listening to music. I use both live and studio versions where available. Here are the songs that i have tortured with. I’ll include notes as well. Keep in mind that i am cross dominant (left handed, left eye, right ear, right foot) so sounds tend to be a little different for me and sounds that i hear that are supposed to be directly in the middle of my head tend to sound stronger on the right channel.


Outside of quality, which actually did improve with this set,

the bass on these earphones is great. The ability to switch at low frequencies and to be able to determine the moment of the switch is well done. Here’s where i get an issue with the bass. On higher quality headphones, you should never hear a whine (unless they’ve been poorly built, just beat to death, or used for quite some time completely unlike what i do here). These headphones produce a buzz when you use the audiocheck ‘quality test’ which is designed to beat your drivers enough that they shake quite a lot. I don’t fault the makers of these for the buzzing because they are bluetooth earbuds, but i still shouldn’t hear the whining of the drivers begging me to stop the bass test.

The mids still aren’t top notch even with the replacement set, but they are certainly better than the previous pair.

The highs are fairly well defined, but can muddle at the very top of the range that humans can hear (i have excellent hearing and it’s been determined that i can hear up to 18,000 hz down to 22 hz). When sounds reach that level, that’s pretty rough on headphones and these do pretty well. Do not discount these headphones because of the fact that they muddle at the very top of the human hearing range or right at the bottom, that’s tough to deal with.

Overall the replacement pair is far better than the defective model that i originally received. Excellent quality for the price point. They still do not compare to some of the higher quality headsets that i own, but for earbuds they are top notch.

this section is all about what i use to test headphones.

Before i start the list here is my grading scale for bass
fail = poor quality, extreme difficulty switching between frequencies.
Fail+ = poor quality or difficulty switching between frequencies with the other being good or great
pass = great quality at single tone, difficulty with switching between frequencies. If single tone, great quality.
Pass+ = great quality, great switching between higher and lower pitch bass sounds

bass quality determination
paper trails – darkside (pass)
magma – yello (pass+)
pure 30 hz sine wave – binaural beats isochronic tones lab (should shake loose any earwax buildup. Pass)
it’s a long way to the top – ac/dc (pass+ they are fully capable of handling the droning bagpipe with the bass guitar. Absolutely passes with this).
Falling – olive (pass+ the song is awful, but the bass at the beginning does not disappear like it would on low quality headsets)

in this section i’m going on how much trouble i have picking out separate instruments. I should be able to pick out the majority of instruments. If i have trouble then it is a fail. If not, pass.

Instrument clarity across all levels (this is unfortunately full of ‘your call is very important’ hold music)
giant steps – john coltrane (pass)
milestones – miles davis (pass)
stella by starlight – miles davis (pass)
rotation – herb alpert (pass)
flight of the cosmic hippo – bela fleck and the flecktones (pass)
king of swing (live and studio version) – big bad voodoo daddy (pass)

if there’s muddled sounds and it sounds like things blend together too much then it’s a fail. I’m not trying to pick out first and second chair on an instrument but i should be able to pick out separate instruments.
Mid range test (clarity is extremely important here).
King of swing (live and studio version) – big bad voodoo daddy (this is a pass, but it’s not an orchestra. 7 piece band though)
the imitation game – london symphony orchestra (mostly passes. Some trouble picking out strings.)
violin concerto no. 5 in a major….. – london philharmonic orchestra (lpo) (pass)
flute concerto no. 2 in d major – lpo (pass)

i used a single album for determining whether or not things sound like they are too close together and boxed in. I used pink floyd’s pompeii concert. This single bit has determined both through the remix and the original (which you can stream or if you’re electronically inclined can probably hook up a bluetooth module to a tv with a built in vhs player) that the ability to not sound boxed in is a pass+. Excellent job on managing to do this at this price point, this isn’t something that is exactly easy to do especially over bluetooth or again at this price.

5Expert Score
Pretty good sound and call quality for the price – great service!

I spent a lot of time trying other wireless earbuds. I bought this, returned it, then bought again.
I haven’t tried true high end ones – the most expensive being the jabra 75 something. My old samsung wired buds worked great for years and still do, but i wanted something i could use at work and travel without having to carry so many things.

Before i blab on, i’ll give a quick overall summary. The best feature is that these work independently. You can use one, and when it is dying, switch it to the other one. The drained one can recharge quickly and be used in under an hour. I haven’t paid attention to how long it takes to charge because i never need the other one urgently. Case has wireless charging uncommon at this price. I love this set. Depending on your phone and audio setup you may or may not like the touch features – i would prefer a button. From time to time when i just touch the bud, it will turn on an audio app or advance a video on netflix. Small annoyance.

These were the first ones i bought. For years, i used plantronics m180 and m165 bluetooth headsets because of work and travel. That mostly had good call quality, but i hated that people around me could hear music and calls. I also never got the right fit in my ear for something i have to wear for hours at a time. I also noticed one of my ears getting irritated from the plantronics headsets. I still have them and keep one at home and at the office for very important calls. Once in awhile, someone has trouble hearing me on the tozo t6, so i switch to that for legal calls and top client calls or if someone complains about hearing me (maybe 1 in 50 complain).

I had an older phone when i bought these and was frustrated that every time i touched one of the buds that it would start my default music player (on my android phone). So i returned them for the tozo t10 that had buttons. Problem with the t10 was that it didn’t work independently. Then i spent time trying a bunch of other items – jabra and other random asian named ones. After doing all this, even $100+ didn’t have the independent operation.

After all the research and talking with people who the galaxy buds, bose, and airpods, i settled on these. Those brands have great sound quality, but their call quality for business level isn’t great according to multiple users and reviews. So with the chance of losing them, i would rather have something for $30-$40. I have bought these for gifts, and i even have a new set on standby for backup. Because the audio quality for music is close enough to the other main brands, i decided these would serve my purpose. Really only if you are a true audiophile should you consider anything higher end than these.

Back to usage with a phone. Now that i have a recent, new phone, i haven’t had the problem with the t6 turning on music. I still had this issue over the past year on my old andriod until i upgraded my phone a few weeks ago. That annoyance was worth the quality for the earbuds otherwise. They do have an app you can download for customization. I don’t know if that would fix that or not. The terms and conditions plus who the actual manufacturer of these made me choose not to use the app. I have a lot of business and personal stuff on my phone – this is my choice. Each bud will give a few warning and shutdown when at 20%. So when i see 50-60%, i know that it will die within 2 hours of using it for calls/music/audio. Usually, i can make it through an 8 hour work day off an on with calls. If i am using it constantly, i have seen one bud die in 5-6 hours. Lastly, there are times when these disconnect from the phone. Sometimes this is at a bad time. It happens more using non phone call apps. Out of 1000 calls, i think it happened just a few times. It probably happens once a week with a video game, video, music, etc.

Fit in the ear has been great – no discomfort or irritation. They seal pretty well and sometimes i have to remove one that’s in my ear to have a conversation if they are on the that side of me.

Finally, service was great. About 10 months after i got these, one of the buds stopped charging. The good thing is because they are independent, i could survive on one bud for a week. It seemed like as it was dying, i could charge it for 15-30 minutes and it would be close to full if not fully charged. I contacted the manufacturer for warranty replacement. They asked me to give a review prior to sending a replacement and i refused. They still sent me a replacement without requiring i send anything back. I promised i would write a review after receipt. I’m a few months late.

Overall, i would rate these 4.5 for the few issues i had with automatic music starting when i touched it, for good (not great) call quality, and disconnecting randomly. With their service and after comparing to numerous budget and higher end headphones, these really are the best. I even tried another $75 set one a year later while waiting for the replacements, and ended up returning those. After 16 months with these, i would keep using them and would try a new generation if they released them.

5Expert Score
Tozo t6 vs. T10 and t12

I have tried a number of lower-priced bluetooth earbuds and have become a big fan of tozo. I have not tried any earbuds over $40, because i only use these for listening to the tv, so top notch sound quality was not a requirement. But there a lot of options in this price category, and i have been very impressed with tozo. I have owned the t12 for about 6 months, and have been very impressed with the sound quality. The t12 has a nice case that gives you not only the percentage charge of the case but also shows the charge of each earbud, which the t6 and t10 cases do not. My only complaint about the t12 is the size. They do stick out a lot, and tended to fall out if i moved around. It wasn’t a big issue with me, since i’m not really moving around. Because the t12 have a larger speaker driver than the t6 and the t10, the sound quality, especially the bass, is noticeably better. So if bass is important to you, that is something to consider. I also have found that the midrange has a little more ‘punch’ than the t6.

I just purchased the t6 a couple of weeks ago, and i am very pleased with them. Because the driver is much smaller than that in the t12, they are noticeably smaller, and they stay in place much better than the t12. While you do sacrifice a little some sound quality, the sound is still very good, especially for my purposes, where i don’t need a lot of bass or treble. The midrange sound very crisp and clear, and they are definitely more comfortable and stay in the ears much better than the t12. If you intend to use these while you are active then i would definitely recommend the t6 over the t12.

As far as the t10’s are concerned, i believe that the driver in those is 8mm (versus 6mm for the t6 and 10 mm for the t12). Based on that you would think that the sound quality would be somewhere between the t6 and the t12, but that’s not what i found. I found the t10 midrange sound to be a little raspy, and not as crisp as the t6. I’m assuming that they must be using a different driver in the t10 than the t6 that is different in ways other than just size. I returned the t10, but i am keeping the t6 and will use them in place of the t12 because of the comfort factor that i gain without losing any significant sound quality.

All three of these sell for within about $5.00 of each other, so it’s not a price issue. Also, i found that all of them connect to bluetooth easily and maintain the connection very reliably. I also like the touch sensitive volume controls, which eliminate the need to press hard. In terms of which ones to buy, it’s really a question about what features are most important to you.

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Good for the price but some drawbacks

– i was pretty amazed by the quality at first but then i realized the high-end is extremely harsh on my ears. The high end is jarring. I have to tune my phone equalizer way down. The spl curves are probably not smooth. Since i have tinnitus from too many loud concerts, i am concerned about the effects on my ears. I compared them to the skull candy ones priced at $70. The skull candy definitely had a cleaner more consistent sound but they seemed to lack in the high end. It likely depends on the user preference.

Noise cancelling:
– i actually didn’t know they had this feature until i tried them on and realized i couldn’t hear people talking to me in the house. I found them to work better than bose over-the-ear noise canceling headphones and now use these on the airplane, just on with no music for quiet. Note that they do not have the ability to turn off the noise canceling therefore these are not suitable for biking/jogging as you cannot hear your environment. This is dangerous. I noticed that feature existed on the $50 skull candy ones – they had a noise canceling off and active environment pass-through mode so it was as if you didn’t have any ear bud.

– i’m not a fan of the fit. They are hard to seat right in my ears where the pressure isn’t either uncomfortable or it’s too loose. If it’s not seated right in the ear you will hear no low end sound. Just the slightest movements dramatically change the sound quality. This is a bit frustrating. I find pressing them into my ears is a bit uncomfortable with the pressure or vacuum feeling. Once you get it right they tend to stay until you touch them to press the buttons.

– i have difficulty using the more advanced controls. Obviously hold is volume up and double tap is forward. I find it annoying to tap them while on my ears causing it to pressurize my ear drum. I have to do it lightly. Turning off is odd because you have to hold for a long time. There was another issue i found that these are extremely sensitive buds, so the volume gets very loud. Dangerously loud. These will absolutely damage your ears. They need to change that. I had a bud in my pocket and the touch sensor turned the volume all the way up. When i started the music i nearly blew out my ear drum. With the phone calls, be careful using the volume up, i always end up hanging up the call.

– this works ok only in quiet environments. Any noisy environment gets picked up and the other line will tell you immediately they cannot hear you.

– travel case is great. Other brands have large cases i can’t fit in my pocket. This one is very travel friendly.

– the buds are too slippery. They need grip on the sides either just some plastic perforation would be enough. It’s hard getting them out of the case if your hands are not perfectly dry, even then you have to squeeze. The other issue is handling them is difficult and they easily slip from your hands and fall to the ground. When you’re in the gym locker room bathroom this is never ideal.

– no complaints with the case charger. I found it needing charge every 5 days when i use them a few hours a day.

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Great buds for price.

*boring, but important to know* these are my first pair of cordless ear buds ever. I’d avoided them forever, but i can’t stand corded buds catching on things (usually me) and ripping out of my ear. That crap hurts! So i gave in and upgraded. I have only been using these buds for a few weeks, and i’ve only used the left one so far.

All that being said; here’s what i think:

the sound quality is pretty good.. Not ‘too’ much bass; nice and clear. Probably the best you’ll find for less than $50. I did test both buds at once when i got them and it does make the listening experience better; obviously. But one at a time is totally fine if you can deal with stereo vs surround sound.

Touch is responsive, even through the protective cling sticker that i keep on it comes off naturally; to keep them print-free as long as possible. There are many sized plugs for a proper fit.

I have not had to charge the case yet because, as stated, i only use one at a time, while working (8 hour days; 3-4 days a week) and the case seems to charge one back up without much drainage at all. I was irritated at first that i can only turn volume down (i wear left bud for music) but i can still play/pause and really, i don’t need to adjust volume at all. So that is not as big an issue as i’d thought.

I have not tried to handle calls with it yet, because i don’t do phone calls so much. I will update this if and when i get the chance to test a call.

Overall; i’d recommend them to anyone who is tired of cords but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money until they know they’ll like switching. Now that i know it’s not so bad; i’ll keep this pair till they die, and maybe go on to a ‘better quality’ if i end up using them for more than just work.

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Good quality for the price

I bought these as a replacement to my airpods which recently went the way of the dodo bird. I quite enjoy listening to music and appreciate the little details. I found the fit of these to be quite nice in ear and haven’t had any issue with them falling out. As far as noice canceling, they do a good job a blocking out outside noise. I wouldn’t call it cancelling, more like the seal in your ear does a good job at blocking out any outside noise.

Quality is very good, especially for the size. My left and right channels seem to be a bit off. I get a lot more bass from the left whereas more treble on the right (which could be from lack of nearly any bass in the right ear.)

i found turning off the iphone music equalizer gave the best quality in the music. I’m quite partial to my bose products and have been since i was a child in the 80s growing up with bose products.

I needed a cost effective replacement. I wish these integrated with the iphone better, but they connect coming out of the charging case.

All in all, a good product for the price that i paid (<$25). If you’re prone to losing items like this, perfect. I will upgrade at a point in the future but for my current circumstances these perform their job wonderfully.

The company really should consider employing a native english speaker to write out the instructions for their guide sheets; these were just horrible. I’d gladly offer my assistance on this if was asked. Designed in california, made in china, instructions from google translate.

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A pair of solid earbuds with a few small criticisms

Tldr (full review below):

update the firmware if things are oddly bad, it helped a lot for me, raised all scores, 3 star to 4 star

good sounding earbuds, especially at the $40 sale price point. They sometimes miss on details from complex songs and will leave some people hanging in terms of bass level, but shine in vocal performance, especially for refined content like tv shows or podcasts.

Epic music = 4/5
jazz = 4/5
electronic = 4/5
choral (and podcasts) = 4.5/5
rock = 3.5/5
youtube/twitch = 4/5
netflix/hulu/etc = 4.5/5

controls = 4/5
comfort = 3.5/5


to start off, the unboxing experience is fine, there is nothing wrong right off the bat. The earbuds are easy to pair and fit nicely in my ears with the default eartips. They are not too heavy at first impression and are adjustable to a pretty comfortable spot. Not having a wire resting on my hair and neck also feels nice. So far so good.

When i initially started working with these earbuds, i was pretty disappointed. There were a lot of issues with some mid and high sounds, like violins, as well as problems with the bass. And i thought, ‘if there are problems on all parts of the spectrum, this is pretty disappointing…’ however, after looking into things a bit further, things were oddly inconsistent, so i decided to scour around on the internet a bit. I found on the tozo website there was a firmware update apk, so i thought i would give it a try. Turns out it helped a massive amount. A lot of the confusing distortion went away and the mid and high sounds are much cleaner. The only comment i would make about this is it would be nice to have this firmware bundled with the earbuds themselves. And if that’s not a possibility, then make the apk more official seeming. Downloading that apk and installing it on my device from local storage does scare me a bit, as that is a much more insecure method. I would much rather see it come from the play store if possible.

anyway, to the actual review. Starting off with film-score/epic music. Featuring albums like the avengers/pirates of the caribbean film score or creators like two steps from hell/audiomachine. The earbuds handle the complex, layered audio of the genre decently well. I did find myself missing some fairly minor details in songs that i know are there, but nothing major was out of place or missing. A solid 4/5.

Moving to jazz music, the earbuds kick it up a bit. Featuring artists like frank sinatra, john coltrane, snarky puppy, and gordon goodwin. The vocals start to shine more and the brass really pops, while not losing any of the drumline or too much bass. Delivered good quality for earbuds, with the only complaint being sometimes i missed the bass a bit much. Again, 4/5 overall.

Heading to electronic, the music is now from artists like the glitch mob, daft punk, celldweller, and mitis. The story is the same as both the above. The bass is sometimes missing from those crucial songs and sometimes details is lost in others. But here, the mid and high focus does more songs justice, so i’ll have to give them another 4/5.

Switching gears to choral music, i really had enjoyed the vocal profiles that these earbuds had showed in other genres, and that really shines here. The only complaint is missing my brothers in the basses sometimes. But a 4.5/5 nonetheless.

I finish off my music playlists with (classic) rock. Considering the problems in the past, i expect these earbuds to struggle a bit, and they do. Coming from artists like dragonforce, ac/dc, and led zeppelin, these are the songs i want to crank and get some punch. But the bass just doesn’t quite deliver like i’d want it to. If you’re more into the r&b, funk, soul, and other genres of ‘oldies’, you’ll have a better time, but as it is, i give these a 3.5/5

flipping the coin over to youtube and twitch, nothing in the earbuds really turned me away from a specific video or stream. Which is more than enough for me, especially if i’m going to be moving around, watching these on my phone. Easily a 4/5.

Finally, checking out netflix, hulu, and other content streaming services, things went perfectly fine. The more refined audio of these platforms definitely shows up over amateur content creators of youtube and twitch, and i never found myself wanting to move to my phone speakers or go through the trouble of moving my headphones. A nice 4.5/5.

finally, there’s the control and comfort level. I read some people disliked the touch controls as it was very receptive when putting the earbuds in the ears. And this is true. However, its not something that’s too annoying for me, and handling them around the tips isn’t too hard to get adjusted to. The controls themselves are intuitive and only took me around an hour to get used to and take advantage of. I still prefer using my phone for volume level, but its the best that can be done with the limited interface. 4/5

as for comfort, i find these are a bit uncomfortable after prolonged usage (2.5+ hours), causing the outside of my eardrums to feel a bit sore. So that is slightly problematic as i am a computer worker, so i deal with a lot of listening time. But they have a redeeming side, which is laying down on my side to watch content in bed or on the couch is not horribly uncomfortable and actually tolerable for comfort and performance for shorter amounts of time, which is great for me, a side-sleeper. This gives them another 4/5.

so overall, i like the buds, and will have to see how i grow into them. A solid 4/5 pair overall, and would likely recommend if they are ever on sale for the $40 i got them at.

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Fairly excellent … Except for the lack of the 'deep bass' as advertised

These earbuds are certainly better than the pair i returned at twice the price (along with sound quality reminiscent of an old transistor radio), but the ‘deep bass’ i was hoping for really isn’t there. But to be fair i’ve realized i can probably only get a true bass sound from earbuds of the ‘hybrid’ sort, of which i take to mean the two buds are joined by a wire, yet still connect to a device via bluetooth, no physical connection to the device. I received a pair of that sort (with no brand name on them, odd) with a magazine subscription, and they sound as if they are over-the-head earphones wired to a device … But i digress. These tozo t6 earbuds are comfortable, fit extremely well in the ear, easy to operate, charge very quickly, the charging case is compact and easy to use, in short they are everything i was looking for except no discernible bass to speak of. The treble however is crisp with absolutely no distortion, and sound terrific during a phone call, and without the caller having to ask me to speak up, even when the call takes place when i’m in a very noisy environment. But my overall reason for purchasing them — as i listen primarily to orchestral music, and vocals backed by orchestra (okay, showtimes, sue me) — the hope i could get a nice rich bass went unfulfilled, and as i mentioned at the start i now realize my expectations were too high and hybrid earbuds would work best for my purposes, except i’m not wild about having the two buds strung together with the wire hanging limp between them, but what can you do? I’ll keep these tozo t6’s as the price was excellent, great value for the money, and they do everything i had hoped except allowing me to really hear those tympani rolls and the like. Fortunately i’ve the hybrid pair should i ever experience ‘bass’ withdrawal symptoms …

P.s. You do have to make sure the buds are firmly in place in the case to charge properly. Just dropping them in may not result in both getting a full charge, check the indicator lights to be certain they are snug in the case and charging correctly.

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A solid 8/10 and good dupe for airpods pro!

I got these as an emergency pair of earbuds since the airpods and airpods pros i had been given both died out (note they were both bought about two or three years ago!). I loved the fact that i was able to wear them at work without hindering my ability to move around freely. These work almost as good as the airpods pros i had with a few differences, of course!

For starters, these were surprisingly similar to the airpods pro when it came down to the design of the charging box! It’s pretty similar with the difference being the taller, less rectangular box and matte texture to it (i honestly prefer this since the glossy texture scratches up easier). Obviously the earbuds are an entirely different design, which i have to say i do prefer the tail the pros have (although that’s just a personal preference since i have small ears). I was a little bit worried they wouldn’t stay in but was really happy to find that they stayed in pretty securely when i tried them out.

The commands work perfectly and the bluetooth synced pretty well with voice commands/siri (i have an iphone). I was able to see how much battery life is left in the earbuds as well which is a plus for anyone who wants to see how much juice they might have left! (i’m not sure if this is something you can see on android devices though). The sound and volume are great! I didn’t even have these at halfway volume and they canceled out the sound of a video my boyfriend had been playing in the same room as me!

The only real complaints that i do have about these is there is a small amount of static between plays of songs and after pause is pressed and to charge the case requires a micro usb cord (it comes in the package but if you lose it, you may have to go out and purchase a new one since they’re a slightly outdated form of charger).

Overall, i really like these and will definitely be back for a 3 month update to see how well they hold up! So far i recommend these as a less expensive alternative to the airpods pro, airpods, and even raycons! They’re good for the price and even better! I honestly don’t think they could be better for what you’re paying for!

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After a year of listening. 4.3 out of 5!

I purchased these buds a year ago and to this day i am still listening to them with the same quality i purchased them. I will let you know the pros and cons of this product before you buy.

1. The sound quality is a 4 out of 5. Not the best and not the worst. If you are ok with good sound mind you not the best, this product will work for you. Bass / highs / lows are better than past earbuds i have purchased for around the same price range.

2. The fit worked for me kinda a 3.5 out of 5. The product comes with a few sizes for your ears and happened to fit me ok. The only problem is when you work out or bounce around a lot, they will fall out especially when sweaty or wet. If you are eating they tend to fall out as well. I guess one of my ears are slightly larger than the other because one tends to fall out much quicker than the other. If you are not bouncing around a lot or eating, they stay in just fine and will not fall out in my case.

3. Durability is a 5 out of 5. I have dropped these so many times, i can’t count. I work out on a bike and they have fallen out going around 10 mph and still did not break. I think i may have even ran over them a few times with my bike and they are still kicking like the day i got them. I have gotten them wet and they worked fine. Overall if you are rough on your earbuds, they should work for a long time. As i have said, i have had this product and used them almost every day for long periods of time for over a year and they are still almost like new!

4. Battery life is a 4 out of 5 as i listen to audio books a lot. I will sometimes go on a 7-10 hour binge and they last most of the day before the digital woman says ‘battery low’. At that point you have maybe a few minutes before they shut off. After a year of listening, the battery is still doing great. The indicator lights on the side don’t give a fully accurate indication until they are all lit up to represent a 100% charge.

5. Connection to my android galaxy s22 is great. I score a 5 out of 5 on this one. The connection is quick every time and i can go anywhere in my house and not loose connection. I have to go all the way outside the house and almost to the street while leaving my phone inside to loose connection.

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Convenient charge box. Pairing issue during playback

The earplugs are stored conveniently in their charge base. Pairing with my pixel 3 was simple and each time i remove them from the case the automatically turn on and pair. I would not say they are noise cancelling, as in there does not appear to be active noise cancelling. Instead the rubber tips provide a solid block of external sounds.
The only issue i have had with the earbuds is when listening to music or a podcast with the phone in my pocket, the two buds seem to go out of sync with each other. I will hear sound in one ear, then a split second later repeated in the other ear. When it happens, it will do this every 2 or 3 minutes. It does not do it all the time, so i cannot determine if there is any reasoning behind the issue.

Other than that, the buds sound good at low level, where i normally listen. I have cut my grass with them in and they stay securely in my ears, while still being comfortable.

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Very good headphones – for the price

First off, you’re not going to find better bluetooth earbuds for this price, so if cost is the main thing you’re considering, buy these and you are likely to be very happy with them. I know i am.

I only have a couple of notes for the manufacturer: one, maybe i’m a fuddy duddy, but i actually don’t like the touch controls on the buds, because i inadvertently hit them all the time when i’m adjusting them in my ears. I wish there was a utility to be able to switch that function off.

Two, and this is pretty nitpicky, but the buds themselves are a bit on the heavy side, and they sit ‘up’ in the ear, so they can occasionally feel a tiny bit precarious. They’re pretty comfortable, but after an hour or so, i start to feel a bit ear fatigued. And i think they could be a bit easier to knock out of your ear than the apple version.

But really, for less than a fifth of the price of the ‘premium’ ones from apple, samsung, google and others, you cannot beat these. They’re even better than most that cost twice this much. Sound quality isn’t perfect, but it’s very good, and again, you can’t find any better for around this cost.

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Budget airpods, impressive performance.

Firstly, no i have not been offered anything and i’m not interested in free anything. I will always decline.

Real review:
beautiful sound performance, especially when it comes to songs with lots of bass. Vibrates the ear nicely. Though it can sound a bit muffled, especially at lower volumes, but i assume that’s just the nature of bluetooth audio. Also great sound cancellation.

The touch volume control does not work for me and when it does its when its not needed. Though the false inputs rarely ever happen, its still a defect. The touch controls for pausing and changing songs are delayed by a second or so, so not as snappy as i’d like. Sometimes leading me to pause and unpause forgetting the delay.

The charging is perfect and the automatic bluetooth connection when taking out of the charging case is fast and effortless. Though that leads me to this device’s worst crime, it uses a micro-usb charging port. 🙁

now despite these gripes, its still amazing for the price. If rough with you’re items like me, then perhaps a $150 airpods aren’t your thing. $50 or wait for when its on sale for $20.

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