TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router

TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router

Buy TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router(TL-WR902AC) – Support Multiple Modes, WiFi Router/Hotspot/Bridge/Range Extender/Access Point/Client Modes, Dual Band WiFi, 1 USB 2.0 Port: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router: With the travel-sized and compact design, tl-wr902ac is small enough to put into your pocket and make sure you can have internet access wherever you go. The mini usb power supply and built-in adapter make it perfect for travelers, students, and anyone else living life on the go. Coming with the next generation wi-fi standard – 802.11ac, 3 times faster than wireless n speeds, tl-wr902ac delivers a combined wireless data transfer rate of up to 733mbps, making it an ideal choice for various applications simultaneously. To meet the wireless needs of almost any situation you might encounter, the tl-wr902ac features router, hotspot, range extender, client, and access point modes. A multifunctional usb port allows you to share files and media through your internet browser with different computers. Also, the usb port can provide power supply (up to 5v/2a) to mobile devices like smart phones or tablets, making it easy to charge on the go. Frequency range: 2.4ghz and 5ghz; interface available: 1 x 10/100mbps wan/lan port, 1 reset button, 1 usb 2.0 port, 1 mode switch, 1 wps button; protocols supported: supports ipv4; system requirement: windows 10/8.1/8/7/vista/xp mac os or linux-based operating system; wireless standards: ieee 802.11ac/n/a 5ghz, ieee 802.11b/g/n 2.4ghz.

What are tp-link ac750 wireless portable nano travel router features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Travel sized design: conveniently small and light to pack and take on the road, creating wi fi network via ethernet
  • Dual band ac750 wi fi: strong, fast connection for hd streaming on all your devices
  • One switch for multiple modes: perfect for wi fi at home, your hotel room or on the road
  • Flexible power: micro usb port to an adapter, portable charger or laptop
  • Industry leading 2 year warranty and unlimited 24/7 technical support

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Tp-link ac750 wireless portable nano travel router details:

Wireless type






Item model number


Item weight

‎8 ounces

Product dimensions

‎2.64 x 2.91 x 0.87 inches

Item dimensions lxwxh

‎2.64 x 2.91 x 0.87 inches


‎120240 volts


‎tp-link usa

Country of origin


Is discontinued by manufacturer


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TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router AMAZON

Buy TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router(TL-WR902AC) – Support Multiple Modes, WiFi Router/Hotspot/Bridge/Range Extender/Access Point/Client Modes, Dual Band WiFi, 1 USB 2.0 Port: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

When connecting to hotel wifi, does this reliably pass the hotel login (captive portal) page and allow sign-in?

Tp-link ac750 wi-fi travel router:
switch set to ‘share hotspot’
hotel has wifi with a password. Once linked to hotel wifi you have to open a web page that authenticates your device.
Connecting the tp-link router:
i connected to the router, scanned for wifi networks, selected hotel wifi network and entered the password.
After connection i was not able to see the internet.
I then connected to the tp-link wifi from my phone and browsed a web page. I got authenticated onto the hotel wifi (now via tp-link) and was then able to connect other devices to the tp-link router.

After i switched the tp-link off and back on again simulating what might happen while room gets cleaned it was not needed to connect to the tp-link and do the hotel web authentication again. I will monitor this over the next few days to see if any further information is needed for this discussion.

I added my experience as i struggled a little to follow the previous suggestions. Thank you though to those that did respond as it got me on the right direction.

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Their website says that it can act as a wisp router mode. Has anyone connected this to a hotel wifi directly via wifi and gotten on fine?

If your hotel has no wifi password, and instead a third-party “connect” page that automatically loads when you connect to the wifi, this can be used as a wisp client to bypass this step for future device connections. This means in your hotel room, you can connect smart devices, chromecast, smart lights, cameras, and more easily connect alexa or google home!

A big “however,” wisp mode can only be used to repeat the wifi signal from the hotel. It cannot be used to connect directly to an ethernet port in your hotel room. This means it won’t be as fast as a direct connection, but i’ve had no troubles with the speed in this mode for streaming media and using smart devices.

To use the wisp client router mode, connect the ethernet cable from the router to your computer (not an ethernet port in your room) and connect the power cable to the router. Navigate to the tp-link provided url in your computers browser. Login using the provided credentials. In quick setup mode, you’ll see the option for wisp client router mode. In the next step, select dynamic ip address and hit next. In the following step, select your hotel’s wifi (if there are multiple, choose the one with the strongest signal). You may be directed to the hotel’s third-party “connect” page at this time, in which case you will have to click connect as you usually do, but the router will retain this connection so the devices you connect to this router will not have to be directed to the connect page. If you are not directed to the “connect” page at that step, make sure to test out the connection after set up by connecting your computer to your new travel router’s wifi and navigating to any website in your computer’s browser, using the “connect” page if you are directed there at this time.

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Does this actually support 5ghz? The amazon page says a/b/g/n, but then only lists 2.4. 802.11a is 5ghz only.

The tl-wr802n supports 2.4ghz only. For dual band, 2.4ghz and 5ghz connectivity, we recommend our tl-wr902ac instead:

tp-link support

Need a small lan (off grid) to interconnect several tablets, iphones and laptop for sharing live video from my iphone. Is this the right device?

We use this as lan in our truck so we can play games together on our tablets. It should work for video.

What’s in the box? Is there a usb cable included? How about an ac adapter? 110~220v?

The tl-wr802n’s package comes with the tl-wr802n travel router, power adapter, usb cable, ethernet cable, quick installation guide, and resource cd. The power adapter supports a multi-voltage range of 100-240v, 50/60hz.

tp-link support

There are two versions of the ac750 device: tl-wr902ac v1 and tl-wr902ac v3. Which version is for sale here??

I just received my ordered device. It is model tl-wr902ac(us) ver. 3.0

Any one been able to use this with hotspot on phone

I did. I connected it via wi-fi to my iphone 5’s wireless hotspot. It worked well enough, but it’s much faster connecting the iphone directly to my computer using usb as a tethered hotspot. This tp-link will relay any wi-fi. It’s a very versatile little device.

Can i use this on my home network to use as a ‘wi-fi range extender’ to help my netgear router to reach weak signal transmittal areas?

Yes – one of the many versatile operating modes of the tl-wr802n is its wi-fi extender mode, which can be configured using the steps outlined here:

tp-link support

Is it possible to set up a network without internet access?

Yes you can set up a wlan. I use it primarily with no internet access. You can plug it into a switch and use it to remotely access devices on the lan.

Will this work for xbox one, would i need something like a laptop or desktop with this?

Yes, this would work fine with an xbox one. You would need a laptop or desktop to set it up for the first time, however. Once it’s up and running, a game console should connect to it just fine.

I have working ehernet out late in my hotel room, is this router works if i plugged in ehernet cable in to it

Yes, but the router doesn’t get ou to the internet, just to your hot spot.

Will i be able to setup this travel router, in a hotel with only my iphone? I see most the videos are using a laptop…tia

Yes, i was able to set it up with my phone using the phones web browser.

Can i use this as a ‘repeater’ such that this connects to my main router via wifi and i could plug an ethernet voip phone into this device?

It will configure as a router, access point, client (what you are talking about), and a wireless repeater. It can only do one configuration at a time. If you set it up as a client it will connect to your wireless network and provide an ip address via the rj-45 connector to your voip device. Or if your voip device is wireless, you could locate this halfway between your wireless router and your voip device to extend the range.

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May i use my android cellphone data as the source? Connecting via usb?

You’d need usb stick modem with sim card slot. And need to take out the sim from phone and put into usb stick modem. And then usb stick into this wifi router.

Would this still work if i travel out of the country?

Yes, this device is designed for travel use and various networking scenarios.

tp-link support

Como funciona este producto el tiene su propio sistema

Se puede configurar como usted quiera!

Can i use this with voom wi-fi on a royal caribbean cruise ship to connect multiole device in my cabin?

Yes, you can use it to connect multiple devices ‘hidden’ behind this router. You just use the clone mac address feature after registering the first computer or device.

Can i use this in korea and japan?

Unless they use some internet protocol that is different from the us, i don’t see why not. Its just a router.

When using this in client mode, is connected device double nat’ed? In other words, it on a different subnet or on the same subnet as the host network?

In client mode, it will not be on a separate nat or network – it will be part of the network to which it is connected as a client.

Can this router bridge between 5ghz and 2.4? I often have devices which are 2.4 only in areas with 5ghz only wifi?

This router only works with 2.4 ghz, both in and out.

TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router AMAZON

Buy TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router(TL-WR902AC) – Support Multiple Modes, WiFi Router/Hotspot/Bridge/Range Extender/Access Point/Client Modes, Dual Band WiFi, 1 USB 2.0 Port: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Got this for my xbox one s. Didn't expect it to be this good!

I got the tp-link n300 travel router (without the usb port) specifically for my xbox one s. I didn’t expect it to be this good!

My university uses an indirect wi-fi login system (we connect to the open university network, which brings up an internet page asking us to login with our university id and password to authenticate — similar in system to most hotels and airports), which the xbox can’t handle. So i decided to create a small internal network in my room that has its own ssid and password. I went with a mini router rather than just a range extender because this mini router has greater functionality for around the same price as most extenders.

Size: as you can see in my pictures, the length/width is a little more than that of two quarters side-by-side, and the thickness of 3/4ths a quarter. I was surprised by how small it was when i opened it.

Accessories: it comes with an ethernet cable, usb charger, wall adapter (though this is a bit clunky for modern standards), travel pouch, wi-fi info card, and the standard instructions.

Setup: quick and easy, though you’ll need to have a computer (i’m not sure if it works on a smartphone/tablet) to access the setup page. It took me about five minutes to set mine up in access point mode. Basically, you plug in the router for your preferred mode as per the image/instructions. You then connect to your router from your computer using the password on the wi-fi info card and go to tplinkwifi(dot)net to do a quick setup. Here you can choose what mode you want to use the router in, change your ssid, password, etc. Then reboot to reconfigure the router.

Modes: there are five modes — two for travel and three for at home use. I went with the access point (ap) mode for my uses, but i probably could have just gone ahead with the default wireless router mode. The ethernet port in my room was too far away from my xbox to use client mode. Regardless, it’s working great. I’ve attempted to give explanations for the different modes below, but i’m not particularly knowledgeable in this so please correct me if there are any inaccuracies.

For travel:
1. Wireless router (default): basically, it turns a wired internet connection wireless.
2. Hotspot router: i would best describe this as taking an open (and unsecured) wi-fi connection and making it password protected (personal hotspot). The router takes the unsecured wi-fi connection and creates a secured wi-fi/wired connection, and you can have one device connected directly to the router and have the rest of your devices using your protected wi-fi at the same time. Useful for connecting to the internet in public places like cafes. I believe it’s also great for hotel rooms where only one device can use the internet per room. Connect this and all your devices can use the internet.

For home:
3. Range extender: similar in nature to the hotspot router mode — it goes wi-fi to wi-fi, except this mode uses your home’s network and maintains the same password as your home’s ap. It’s to extend your home’s wi-fi to reach any wi-fi dead spots in your house (like the attic or basement, or that weird corner of the room where you like to huddle and binge watch netflix but just happens to be the same place where wi-fi connectivity is super sketch and the video never loads). You can use the router for both wired and wi-fi connections simultaneously.
4. Client: sort of the opposite of the wireless router mode — this takes a wi-fi network and makes it wired so that devices that don’t have wi-fi capabilities can connect to the internet. It’s great for smart tvs, game consoles, printers.
5. Access point: same as the wireless router mode, takes a wired network and makes it wi-fi.

Speed: there wasn’t really any compromises made with the download speed. My university has incredibly fast wi-fi (though my dorm isn’t as fast as our libraries), so i’m glad that wasn’t sacrificed. The upload speeds weren’t as consistent, but still not bad. You can see the speed test results in my pictures.

Overall, i’m really liking this mini router. The size is perfect for travel (it’s smaller than my macbook pro’s magsafe adapter…!), and the setup was straightforward. Definitely a recommended buy.

5Expert Score
Good things in a small package

Good day,
after a trip to aruba where the wi-fi can be hit or miss depending on where you stay on the island and at which resort, i was looking for an all in one hotspot/extender to improve the signal that would drop in and out. The resort we stayed at had sketchy coverage and the best signal was near the office. After reading the reviews and watching numerous youtube videos, i selected the dual band wr902ac. The packaging is quite compact and simple and all the needed accessories required for connection and travel.

I first attempted to connect the unit through my home network as a repeater and i was successful. I then configured the device as a hotspot and was successful. The gui interface does not have all the bells and whistles but we are not configuring cisco and juniper routers here.

I am travelling over the labor day weekend and will be staying at a marriott property. I am looking forward to testing the unit and working through the hotel wifi and bypass their potential security measures.

I did find that attempting to connect via cisco anyconnect vpn on my work laptop through the unit caused a few dns issues. To resolve this i had to connect into my hq server. I have been burning-in the unit for 2 days now and it has not dropped the signal. I will need to run up/down speeds to get a better picture of bandwidth utilization.

Overall, not a bad product. Looking forward to the hotel test and the aruba test.

5Expert Score
Does what it needs to

This does a bunch of things, most of which honestly isn’t really useful. There’s two main reasons to buy this imo.

1. To turn a wired internet signal into wireless. Like if you’re in a hotel in another country (if you were in your own country you probably have signal through your phone) and they offer you internet but it’s an ethernet connection, then this will let you change that ethernet connection to a wireless. This is nice if you’re with other people and you all want to be on your devices.
2. To turn a wireless signal into a wireless signal. This is why i bought this. And you’re probably like ‘huh? Wireless signal into a wireless signal? That’s stupid! It’s already wireless.’ yes… But you see this is the thing. Some places like cruises you can pay for internet service and that internet service is given to you through wifi. But… You pay for one device. Meaning if you have a phone and a tablet you can only have one connected unless you pay for another connection (which on cruises is like $25-30 a day). With this little device, you can take that one device connection and create your own wireless access point so as many devices as you want (that’s within range) can connect to your access point and have internet.

The latter is why i bought it and it does work! But of course this isn’t as great as it sounds because it needs a power source (either plugged in or you have to plug it into a battery pack if you want it on the go) and if you’re somewhere like a cruise (which is mainly where this issue crops up) then the internet is really slow or spotty anyways (until they start starlinking i suppose) and it means multiple people are sharing a slow connection, making it even slower.

5Expert Score
Fast and does almost everything i needed

This is a nice compact travel router, highly configurable and with very good speed.

However, i had one issues: it was supposed to be new, but did not come in a box (it arrived in a clear plastic bag with no branding info) and it had to be reset before i could connect and begin to configure it. It is in like new condition (except for needing a reset) so neither of these were important to me.

5Expert Score
Product works as advertised but…

I had to update the firmware to get it to connect. Not a big deal but it would have been nice to know before i bought it (took me about an hour to trouble shoot)

5Expert Score
Got this to make my hue lights wifi

I wanted my hue lights to be wireless and this was the fix. I plugged the hue bridge in to this after setting it up as a wifi bridge and it worked like a charm.

5Expert Score
It worked fine right away

Easy to install and operate. Clear, easy to follow instructions.

5Expert Score
After trying several devices this worked perfectly!

Because of a house fire my wife & i found ourselves living in an extended stay hotel. The wifi was spotty & inconsistent, plus the network didn’t allow p2p connections. I didn’t know i needed p2p until i tried to connect my apple tv to my home pod minis & i tried to play my home pod minis as a stereo pair. None of this worked. I started looking for solutions & bought a couple of devices that either didn’t work with my macbook air (os monterey) or didn’t solve my problem.

Finally, i found an article about travel routers & what they did. Sounded like one might be the answer to my prayers. I found the tp-link ac750 wireless portable nano travel router & decided to buy one from amazon. It arrived today & i started trying to set it up. Less than 15 minutes later i was listening to my stereo paired home pod minis using my apple music on my apple tv. I also watched some hbomax & heard the audio through my stereo paired minis.


I’m only using the ‘hotspot’ function of the travel router, but it’s all i wanted! It works great. I can’t imagine that anything will be different after days of use. I expect it to just keep working. Why not?

Right now rev. Peyton & his big damn band is blasting (as much as 2 home pod minis can ‘blast’) through my speakers & all is well with the world – except for the whole ‘my house caught fire & i’m living in a hotel’ thing.

A simple but wonderful product!

5Expert Score
Great little router

Got this router for traveling so that all my devices can be on the same private network. This allows things such as airplay mirroring to my travel roku from my iphone and also allows me to have all my travel electronics (roku, echo, etc) pre configured to my private network. When i get to the location, i set up the travel router to connect to whatever wireless network is available then i turn on all my devices and they work with no additional setup. For anyone who has struggled to get a roku working on public wifi with a confirmation/setup page, you know what a pain that can be (if you can get it to work at all, some networks i never could). This device has a very small form factor which i like, fits easily in my computer bag. Access is straightforward, connect a device to the wifi network of the device and use a browser to log in and change the settings. I did all the initial setup with my home wifi such as creating the ssid, setting up the security protocols and so forth. When i got to my first hotel to see how it worked all i needed to do was to scan for wifi networks and then choose the one i wanted the router to use. This particular one had a webpage to enter a code, once i had selected the network and saved the configuration i tried to go to a website on my phone (connected to the router’s private network now). The configuration page for the hotel wifi came right up and i was able to enter the code once for the entire stay (hilton hotel, hhonors was the wifi network i connected to). All my devices connected immediately to the router’s wifi and worked great. For the price, i’m very happy with my purchase. Hassling with connecting each type of device to a hotel wifi is a huge pain and often fails (such as with my roku and also my echo) so this solution is simple and elegant and also provides additional security and features for use. I haven’t tried any of the advanced features of the router yet, but they’re all there (such as port forwarding, vpn, spoofing mac addresses, etc). My needs are fairly simple and this router checks all the boxes for me. Highly recommended.

5Expert Score
Works well at embassy suites

My company requires an active internet connection to login to my laptop; however, you cant accept the terms of the captivated network if you can’t login to your computer. This solves that problem as i can use a separate device to accept the terms of the network and then rebroadcast the connection to my laptop.

4Expert Score
Works well, but i had mixed success using it to share wifi on a cruise ship

This little unit is really handy and works as advertised. I bought it to use on a cruise, but i’ve found it useful for one other task which is connecting a pc without wifi to my home network: the tp link tl-wr902ac connects to the wifi, and an ethernet cable runs between the tp link and the pc. The tp link provides an ip address to the pc, and then acts as a wifi client on my wifi network. Most people aren’t going to need this, but i work on old pcs that usually have no wifi adapter in them.

Up front, i will add that the directions for the tl-wr902ac are very good, and should guide non-technical users through the steps to get things running based on their specific needs.

I also used the tp link unit on board royal caribbean’s liberty of the seas ship in july 2022. The idea was to purchase wifi for one device (the tl-wr902ac), and then use the tl-wr902ac to allow multiple devices to connect. The design is simple: the tl-wr902ac is the single client on the ship’s wifi network, and then it broadcasts a new/different wifi signal and ssid that you can connect your devices to. I used a laptop pc to connect to the tl-wr902ac with an ethernet cable to navigate the admin web interface on the tl-wr902ac, and configure it to connect to the ship’s wifi. This technically all worked, but had at least a couple of problems with usability. First, the ship’s wifi drops the connection after some amount of time of inactivity and requires that you log in again in the web interlace where you provide the username and pin that you created when purchasing a wifi connection for 1 device. Because the tl-wr902ac isn’t a pc or computer, there is no way for it to hold open the connection with a continual ping or similar. It might have been possible to leave the laptop pc running all the time and have it continually reach out to the internet to hold open the connection, but the second problem was that ship’s internet access was slow and intermittent. Even from a single smartphone, the internet access was bad, inconsistent, and slow. So that complicated the use of the tl-wr902ac because it was not always clear where or why the connections were breaking down. This is not the fault of the tl-wr902ac, however. If the ship’s internet connection had been more reliable, i might have been able to more effectively troubleshoot using the tl-wr902ac to share the connection using the single device. Being on a cruise, i did not take a ton of time to troubleshoot all of this, especially it became apparent that the ship’s internet connection was poor. Technically the tl-wr902ac worked so i won’t ding it there.

I do wish the tl-wr902ac had a few more features: first, it would be good if it could show you a status of the devices using its wifi: device ip, name (if available), kilobits in/out, last connection time, etc. Yes you can call up the dhcp table but that was just one piece. Second, it would be great if the tl-wr902ac could be configured to make an intermittent ping or http request to an ip address or http link that i provide, on a schedule of every few seconds or minutes. The idea would be to hold open a connection out to the internet over the wifi connection on the ‘wan’ side.

Third, i could not find a way in the tl-wr902ac’s web interface to reconfigure the wan wifi login information without going to setup wizard. This ultimately isn’t a problem but it it would be nice if you could find the config without the wizard. You can do this with the wifi networks that you configure for your devices, but not the wifi network that the tl-wr902ac is the client on.

So, bottom line, this unit works, but you need to have some experience with working with these kinds of things and have some understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish technically. The included directions are good to help novice users get running, but like many technical things when you run into problems then it helps to have a technical background to troubleshoot.

4Expert Score
Worked on a cruise

I’ll start off with this – if you aren’t reasonably technical, then this may not be for you. You need to understand networks and troubleshooting when things do not work. It’s the nature of the beast.

This thing works and it worked fairly well over a multi-day cruise. Shared one main connection with three iphones and two ipads. What apps work or get blocked is also to the provider. In our case, youtube, tiktok, music streaming, and general social media/news sites all worked fairly well. You could tell they block a lot of specific traffic though.

This travel router is small and easy to hide. Mine stayed in the room most of the time but i also had some success keeping it powered with a charging brick so i could go mobile.

Some things to keep in mind, ymmv based on the network you’re connecting to:

– if you are planning to share a connection, you may need to log in and authenticate from your main device, and then connect to the wifi from *this* device and then clone the mac address from your main device over to this router. Basically, just make the router appear to be your main device. If you’re lucky, you’re can just log onto the travel router wifi and authenticate right there and ignore mac cloning.
– you will only be able to have network connectivity through this device if you and your other devices are within range of this device. If you walk away, just like any other wifi router, you lose signal.
– i had to reboot this thing a few times when it went catatonic on me.
– if you’re trying to walk around with this router, it may not work and you might need to reconnect. In my case we were locking on to a specific access point and there was no handing off from ap to ap when i moved out of range.
– on ios: a tip that helped: remember to shut off private browsing on your phone/ipad wifi network settings. It shouldn’t matter but it did for me.
– change the basic settings and consider shutting off the ssid broadcast to stay incognito.
– the tplink landing page never worked for me always had to browse to the 192.168.x.x address to log into the admin console.
– if you are way out to sea, the parent connection may not be working at all even if your travel router is configured correctly.

Anyway, one part review, one part tutorial, two parts advice from experience. Good luck.

4Expert Score
Rv park travel router

The router was purchased to be able to log into public (rv park) websites.
It appears to be a versatile piece of hardware, but with versatility comes complexity.

Initially the instructions seemed vague and the intervention of a tp-link customer service representative at amazons behest was very helpful to get me to the next problem. At many of these rv sites the login process requires a password as well as an email address and sometimes a room or site number. The tp-link instructions only provided for a single word login. I can’t remember the video that i watched (not tp-links production though) that showed how this is accomplished wirelessly on a laptop and the authority of the laptop login was transferred from the laptop to the router. Not the kind of thing that you would reasonably expect to have happen. The upshot is that the little router worked perfectly and for four days stayed locked on to its signal.
The implementation of the internet service that the park used , was through tengonet. It must be easy for the parks to implement , it is fairly common to run into it. I never thought tengonet was particularly friendly to use and i thought it was made that way to prevent people from using multiple devices and outside routers. After an hour or two i had hooked the router to the tengonet system – wirelessly with a macbook air. I wrote down most of the steps of the process in hopes that i can cut that time down in the future. A descriptive manual showing a login to a tengo type network is what was needed.
Reviewing my choices, the tp-link travel router seems to be the most versatile of the line up and if i was a road warrior i would definitely have this product. The learning curve is a little steep for a senior retired person traveling in an rv. If you dig deep enough you can find solutions. It is too bad that the tp-link travel router doesn’t have more documentation. I am glad it worked though.
I purchased the router with my own money and received no promotions to write this review. Tp – links service was prompt when i needed it.

One old guy dislike- its not just tp-link but this is done by many manufacturers ( apple is the worst) : miniscule light gray printing on a white low contrast background. It’s serial numbers, default passwords, and model numbers. I wish this would go out of style.

4Expert Score
Using with mackie dl1608 mixer

I bought this to replace my big, bulky apple airport router because i’m trying to streamline my case. This tiny thing looked to be the perfect thing for the job.

If you have a mackie dl1608 then most likely you’ve stumbled upon this review because you are trying to determine if you should buy this or you are having problems getting it to connect. That is why i’m leaving this review because i initially had issues.

I set mine up as an access point. I had it connected to my mackie, went through all the setup steps in the tp-link site but i still couldn’t get the mackie to show anything other than ‘disconnected’ in the master fader app.

I finally turned off the mackie and turned it back on and once i did that i think it recognized the new router and i was able to connect to it via my phone and 2 different ipads.

So yes, this router does work with the mackie dl1608. Just used the access point operation mode and turn your mackie on and off to get it to register the new router. Once i have a chance to use this unit out at a show i’ll update this review with my comments about distance and reliability of the connection. But size wise, this thing is amazingly tiny. It fits in the palm of your hand.

4Expert Score
Good travel router

This worked well, with the resort wifi. It’s super convenient to have all my devices connect to the same device, regardless of where we stay. It even worked well with streaming. I stopped short of giving it 5 because this model doesn’t allow you to use a separate vpn service …kind of important when you’re out of the country and want to stream the stuff you’re used to watching.

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Good wifi extender

I use this in hotels to provide internet access via wifi to our family’s devices so we wouldn’t have to logon individually. It works well once it’s set up, but it is somewhat cumbersome to get it set up. This device would be better if it had a battery build in to provide several hours of usage – that would be great if i purchase and share wifi on flights.

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My only gripe

Great little unit. My only gripe is that the usb port cannot be used to plug in a printer.

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Took a bit to setup…..

Once i got it going it works pretty good. Not as well as i hoped it would but still gets the job done. It does lose connection every few hours, gotta unplug it to restart it to connect it again to hotel wifi. Works best when connected through a laptop first, then you can put in the hotel password on the pop up page. After that it’ll connect to other devices without the pop up page, but like i said you gotta keep doing this every few hours while resetting the router. At least in my hotel this was the issue, maybe it’ll just stay connected at other places. Overall not a bad gadget, a lil inconvenience but it works.

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Networking headaches? Take two of these and call me in the morning.

This review is specifically for this device:
***** tp-link n300 wireless wi-fi nano travel router

after a very frustrating two day adventure with another brand, i hoped this would be easier. And, once you figure out that you should be setting it up with your phone/tablet (wifi mobile device), the process gets a lot easier.

According to the manual, it seems that you ought to be able to set it up using a wired connection, but the device (at least for me) will not hold a wired connection, and it doesn’t matter whether you select a static ip address or use the dhcp provided by the device. I spent more than an hour screwing around with a wired connection, all to no avail.

However, reading through the manual for the third time, it finally occurred to me that i might be able to use my phone to connect to the wifi ssid provided by the device. There’s a little business card that comes in the package. Do not lose this card. The card has both the device ssid and the factory generated password (it’s a string of digits, and you may need a magnifier).

My phone, and (if you’re using an android phone) maybe yours, will connect to the device’s access point via the ssid (e.g. Tp-link_c846 for mine), but your phone/tablet may warn you that the device doesn’t appear to connect to the internet, and ask you if this is what you want to do. Choose yes.

Please be patient. The setup side of the device is slow. It takes most of a minute to boot up, it loads the internal web pages very slowly, and so on. Just chill out and let it take its sweet time.

The next thing you will notice is that your screen isn’t large enough to show the whole page, and you will have scroll and pan around to see everything.

Just follow the directions from there. However, note, read carefully the descriptions for the various modes. If you are trying to set it up to connect wired devices (or a wired network of devices) to a wireless network, and if you are used to using other brands, you might think that you want to choose ‘ap’ (access point) mode, however in this device, that mode is called ‘client’ mode. It will scan the area for wifi networks. You will pick yours, and you will enter the password for your router.

Once everything is set the way you want it, you will want to reboot the device (well, okay, the device will tell you it wants to reboot), so go ahead and do that.

Now you can take that device and run a wired connection to any ethernet enabled device, appliance, or wired network (using, for example, a switch) and it will magically bind that thing or group of things to the wireless network transparently.

The workstation i’m typing on right now has been having a problem with its on-board wifi adapter, which has a tendency, since a recent windows update, to just die every couple of hours. This was driving me nuts. So i’ve turned off that wifi adapter and put the n300 wifi nano on one of my wired ethernet ports, and — presto! — no network connection failures since! Woo hoo!

And the beauty of this? The gizmo that’s actually working costs about half the price of the one that refused to work.

Think i’m gonna buy another two or three of these. Very handy.

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Great travel router

I use a travel router to allow me to use amazon echo devices in hotels when travelling. Typically hotels
(ihg/holiday inn) have a login page which is incompatible with these devices, but a correctly configured travel router will allow you to overcome this issue. I bought this router to replace an older device that was struggling to handle mesh networks. This router is compact and lightweight and it works with 5g and mesh networks.

I was also able to use this router on a cruise recently and it allowed me to share my (purchased) internet connection with other people and devices without additional charges.

One ‘feature’ of this router that i don’t care for is that when you connect to a mesh network, you have to choose a particular access point and channel, you cannot simply specify an ssid. I would think that selection via ssid would be a simple modification for the manufacturer to make to the device’s firmware. This deficiency limits how you can move the router around – or when you move to the next ihg hotel. You have to reconfigure all the time. Not a deal killer, but it’s inconvenient.

Important information

Legal Disclaimer

Maximum wireless transmission rates are the physical rates derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Range and coverage specifications along with the number of connected devices were defined according to test results under normal usage conditions. Actual wireless transmission rate, wireless coverage, and number of connected devices are not guaranteed, and will vary as a result of 1) environmental factors, including building materials, physical objects and obstacles, 2) network conditions, including local interference, volume and density of traffic, product location, network complexity, and network overhead and 3) client limitations, including rated performance, location, connection quality, and client condition. Internet plans greater than 100 Mbps will be limited by the product’s Ethernet WAN port.

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