TP-Link Deco AX3000 WiFi 6 Mesh System(Deco X55) – Covers up to 6500 Sq.Ft

TP-Link Deco AX3000 WiFi 6 Mesh System(Deco X55) – Covers up to 6500 Sq.Ft

TP-Link Deco AX3000 WiFi 6 Mesh System(Deco X55) – Covers up to 6500 Sq.Ft. , Replaces Wireless Router and Extender, 3 Gigabit ports per unit, supports Ethernet Backhaul, 3 count (Pack of 1)

TP-Link Deco AX3000 WiFi 6 Mesh System:

Tp-link deco wifi 6 mesh system(deco x55) – ax3000, covers up to 6500 sq.ft., replaces wireless router and extender, 3 gigabit ports per unit, supports ethernet backhaul (3-pack) deco x55 is an upgrade of deco x20 which has faster wifi speeds and more gigabit ethernet ports. It is ideal for the users who subscribed up to 1g internet service. Industry-leading support tp-link offers 24/7 technical support and 2-year warranty for most home products,1 more year than most networking brands. Buy with confidence founded in 1996, tp-link is a global provider of reliable networking devices and accessories, involved in all aspects of everyday life. With a proven heritage of stability, performance and value, tp-link has curated a portfolio of products that meet the networking needs of all individuals. Now, as the connected lifestyle continues to evolve,the company is expanding today to exceed the demands of tomorrow.

What are tp-link deco ax3000 wifi 6 mesh system features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Wi-fi 6 mesh wi-fi – next-gen wi-fi 6 ax3000 whole home mesh system to eliminate weak wi-fi for good(2×2/he160 2402 mbps plus 2×2 574 mbps)
  • Whole home wifi coverage – covers up to 6500 square feet with seamless high-performance wi-fi 6 and eliminate dead zones and buffering. Better than traditional wifi booster and range extenders
  • Connect more devices – deco x55(3-pack) is strong enough to connect up to 150 devices with strong and reliable wi-fi
  • More gigabit ports – each deco x55 has 3 gigabit ethernet ports(9 in total for a 3-pack) and supports wired ethernet backhaul for better speeds. Any of them can work as a wi-fi router
  • Ai-driven mesh – intelligently learns the network environment to provide ideal wifi unique to your home
  • Easy setup and management – the deco app helps you set up your network in minutes with clear visual guidance and keeps you in control even when you are not home; works with alexa as well turn on or off guest wi-fi by simple voice commands
  • Tp-link homeshield – tp-link’s premium security services keep your home network safe with cutting-edge network and iot protection. Free features: 1. Network security scan 2. Basic parental controls 3. Qos 4. Weekly/monthly reports 5. Iot device identification homeshield pro paid service adds more robust protections and features for, 5.99 dollars/month, 1-month free trial
  • Works with all internet service providers, such as comcast, charter, atandt, verizon, xfinity, spectrum, rcn, cox, centurylink, frontier, etc.( a modem is required for most internet service providers)
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Tp-link deco ax3000 wifi 6 mesh system details:

Product dimensions

4.33 x 4.33 x 4.49 inches

Item weight

5.8 pounds

Item model number

Deco x55



Country of origin


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TP-Link Deco AX3000 WiFi 6 Mesh System(Deco X55) – Covers up to 6500 Sq.Ft AMAZON

TP-Link Deco AX3000 WiFi 6 Mesh System(Deco X55) – Covers up to 6500 Sq.Ft. , Replaces Wireless Router and Extender, 3 Gigabit ports per unit, supports Ethernet Backhaul, 3 count (Pack of 1)

Looking for specific info?

Este sistema es compatible con el tp link de malla 5

Hi! If you’re asking whether the deco x55 is compatible with the deco m5, the answer would be yes. All of our deco models are compatible with each other. That being said, we would recommend using the deco x55 as your primary deco node in such a configuration, since it offers higher bandwidth and wi-fi 6 features.

Any one hook this up through att universe. ?

The deco x55 can be used with virtually any isp – as long as your internet source (e.g., your modem, ont or gateway) is connected directly to the primary deco unit via ethernet cable.

Can i connect these to a mobile hotspot and then plug ethernet from my pc into the deco unit? Then i could connect ethernet cable to my jetpack?

As long as the main unit can get an ip address from the host, i don’t see why not. But why wouldn’t you connect your pc directly to the hotspot?

Can you have separate passwords for both wifi signals?

No – the mesh wi-fi network will have a unified ssid and password for both bands. However, the guest network can have a separate ssid and password from the main network.

We got 2 two packs and we want to have all four on our network. But it won’t let me have more than 3 in the app. How do i connect the fourth?

Tp link allows up to 10 nodes on one network. I had trouble adding my 3rd node. I found that it helped out a lot to power them on and add them one at a time. Also if you are doing “wireless backhaul” your 4th node may be to far away from the other 3 nodes to establish a connection.
I would highly recommend running ethernet cable to each node if at all possible in your setup. I did this and it doubled the speeds on my network. Hope this helps a little.

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I want to replace my isp router. Can i use just this 1 unit as a router without any other decos?

The deco 55 comes in a 3 pack they are all routers and wifi mesh repeaters…perhaps you need to shop for single unit…they are all considered routers.

I have comcast router, do i plug one into that?

Yes, you can. You will want to turn off the wireless radios in your comcast router. You can find instructions for that easily enough on google. The better option would be to buy a compatible docis 3.1 cable modem and return the comcast modem/router and quit paying rent on it every month. Then either way you can connect the deco to the ethernet and have it provide the wifi signal.

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Is the firewall/antivirus not free like the x60?

Tp-link homeshield – tp-link’s premium security services keep your home network safe with cutting-edge network and iot protection. Free features: 1. Network security scan 2. Basic parental controls 3. Qos 4. Weekly/monthly reports 5. Iot device identification homeshield pro paid service adds more robust protections and features for, $5.99/month, 1-month free trial

I have a very long 4500sq ft house. Only 1 room upstairs. Because my house is long it seems i always need more units. Is 3 enough

Three should be enough if you space them well (don’t place any at the far ends) and don’t have any major obstructions. I have a 4,000 sq. Ft. House that’s 110 feet long and get good coverage.

I have cat6e running throughtout my house can i connect all three nodes via ethernet in 3 different locations for better backhaul?

The decos can be place in different areas, but as a mesh they all work together balancing traffic needs. Different floors/different rooms they work

How many tp link will work together in one house

Hi! If using purely mesh wi-fi backhaul, you can have up to 10 deco nodes in one deco network. However, if you use the ethernet backhaul, you can have more than 10.

How do i connect to the new starlink mesh router? It doesn’t have an ethernet port.

Hi! The primary deco node must be directly connected to your existing internet source via ethernet cable. Please contact your internet provider to inquire whether they offer an ethernet connectivity option.

House one ssid. Barn will have these. Hard wired between the two 75′ or so. Can i set the ssid the same on both so i am seamless between bldgs?

Yes, no problem; you can even add your existing router to the mix and have all 4 provide the same ssid. I have a big house, separate garage, and separate mother-in-law small house, so i got 4 of these and kept one of my old routers for the garage, using about 150ft of cat 6 cable to get to the small house and garage. Works like a charm, completely seamless coverage, same ssid — and very fast!

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Does this unit include homeshield basic or pro? If only basic what is included?

Hi! Homeshield basic is the default. Homeshield pro requires a subscription. There are too many differences to conveniently list here. For a full list of differences between homeshield basic and pro, please visit our official tp-link website.

Can i place this under my carport outdoors?

The deco x55 is designed for indoor use only.

Is this a wi-fi 6e device

No, the deco x55 is a wi-fi 6 device. It is not a wi-fi 6e device. If you are looking for a wi-fi 6e deco mesh solution, please consider our deco xe75 instead.

Can i connect a voip phone (yealink t21p e2) via an ethernet cable internet output from the phone to an internet input on this device’s satellite?

Yes, if you are referring to an ethernet pass-through on your voip phone, it can be used to connect one of the deco units to your lan. Please bear in mind that some voip phone ethernet pass-through ports only support up to 100mbps. Please check whether your phone’s ethernet port can provide full gigabit ethernet speeds to the deco.

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Compatible with at&t fiber?

It should be compatible with any internet service and modem. You’re just plugging an ethernet cable from your provider’s modem and into the deco…then these are creating a wireless mesh of that network.

If i connect the main deco to switch # 1, then connect switch # 1 to switch # 2 and connect the other deco to switch # 2, will ethernet backhaul work?

Not sure i completely understand what you mean by switch but i got one deco connected directly to the modem and the other 2 decos connected to the main one and still able to connect devices thru the ethernet directly on any of the 3 units

Do you know the type of power adapter plug? I need an extended cable

It’s a fairly standard power adapter with the following specs:
input: ac 100-240v, 50/60hz
output: 12v 1.5a 2a max 24w
connector: 5.5mm * 2.1mm
if your installation allows it, the simplest answer to extend it’s length is to use a standard extension cord, preferable plugged into a surge protector and, if possible, a ups to protect against loss of power.

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TP-Link Deco AX3000 WiFi 6 Mesh System(Deco X55) – Covers up to 6500 Sq.Ft AMAZON

TP-Link Deco AX3000 WiFi 6 Mesh System(Deco X55) – Covers up to 6500 Sq.Ft. , Replaces Wireless Router and Extender, 3 Gigabit ports per unit, supports Ethernet Backhaul, 3 count (Pack of 1)

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Everything works now!

Like many folks out there, i rely on my computers, and their connectivity, every day. Laptops, cell phones, security cameras…

My internet speed isn’t the greatest, but it’s what i have at the moment. I’ve been shopping for a new internet provider. I live in a tri-plex home. It’s about 3000 square feet all in all. I have a small living unit downstairs next to the garage where i often work. The 2nd floor is the main floor of the home and where the modem/router is located. The third floor is two beds and a bath…

Our wi-fi signal has always been below average. Except of course when sitting 10 feet from the router. Sometimes i play music on my phone and turn off the wi-fi because the lte cell service works better. My kid ran a 10-base t cable up the stairs so his pc games would play. Nba on smart tv and connection constantly caching right at the end of the 4th quarter with 3 minutes to play. My security cameras are always ‘resetting’ because the wi-fi drops out… You get the idea.

While i’ve already been shopping for better internet service, i heard about ‘mesh’ wi-fi. Even the name offers a measure of description in that moniker of ‘mesh’. A net is made with mesh. Seems simple enough. Spread the units out to the prescribed limits and your house become a ‘net of wi-fi’.

Found these on amazon. Tp-link ‘decco’. The listing claims that they will cover 6000 square feet. Double what i need. I bought the package with 3 units. One for the main, one for upstairs and one for the garage. The units themselves are the size of a small houseplant. Easily tucked away on a shelf or behind a tv. There’s a status light in the front of each unit that emits a glow but is mounted towards the base of the unit so it’s not an eyesore.

Packaging secure but not wasteful with a bunch of styrofoam in it. Well done. Instructions are quick and easy to get started. I had the first unit running in 5 minutes and my son and i plugged the other two in… Those set themselves up. Very easy.

Now, my internet is still sort of slow and i’m still shopping for a new a provider, but i have to say it’s as if this system woke up my entire house of electronics in 5 minutes. Of course, i needed to reset some passwords on my devices and such, but by the end of the afternoon everything in my house was humming on wi-fi. Tv’s steaming well, security cameras just run… When i get my new internet, i won’t need to reset all my devices again. Everyone in the house is happier with our wi-fi.

I rarely write a review on a product, and i’ve bought some good ones. Simple devices that are easy to set up. Not ugly around the house. Haven’t had a single issue. And no, i’m not getting paid for this review.

In your budget and thinking about it? Buy it! I was really surprised by the performance.

5Expert Score
Works well for a large vacation rental home

I bought two packages of these for a very large vacation rental home to replace an older eero pro system that was beginning to malfunction.

It was a difficult decision whether to buy replacement eero pro units, or to replace them all. The eeros mesh system had worked fairly well for 3 years, but the cost per unit was expensive enough that i decided to try using x55 deco units instead.

I have a 100 mb ethernet back-haul going to 4 of the 5 locations (detached garage didn’t have ethernet). The x55 units attached to the ethernet network all indicated their source was ethernet; except for the main deco connecting to the internet connection. The x55 in the detached garage indicated that it was connected to another deco unit.

The installation went as expected. The instruction book’s only useful information was to download the tplink deco app. I didn’t really need any more instructions, as the app worked fairly well during setup. I was able to switch my iphone over to the new wifi network to it fairly seamlessly, and change my iot devices over to it as well without any trouble. One small issue that was actually my fault: i wasn’t able to re-use the old ssid (wifi network name) because i accidentally left one of the eero beacons still plugged in, and the x55 devices were smart enough to reject that name, because it was already in use.

I wish there was an easier way to find the list of decos, so that i can see their individual status easier. I eventually found it, but while writing this review, i’m struggling to find it again.

I was glad to see that the app was quick to inform me that firmware updates are available. The app displayed the update process nicely.

After the installation, i’ve had 4-5 groups of people stay at the house so far this summer. Zero complaints about the wifi.

I used it quite a bit too, while working on the property. Several times i was 40-50 feet away from the house to verify the range was similar to the eero devices; and i was able to use the wifi. My chosen positions of the x55 units help a ton in that regard (mostly near the exterior walls). I’m glad i took the time to consider good placement; as the whole house (and most of the yard) gets great wifi coverage.

Now i just need a wifi sprinkler controller….. 😉

5Expert Score
So easy to install and such a strong signal

I just installed this in my home this morning. So i don’t have any long-term commentary but from an install perspective it was so easy. And every single inch of my house has a full wi-fi signal including the basement where i put a node. The app was very simple and the video from tp link for set up was also extremely helpful. I have communicated with their customer service with a couple questions and they immediately answered them. I had a tp link ac 1900 before this for four years and it was the best router i have used. But with more wi-fi devices in my house, things were starting to slow down. So far this is an excellent mesh router. And it’s nice that it figures out which signal it needs to use versus manually picking either the 2.4 ghz signal or the 5.0 ghz signal. I think the install time took me a total of 10 minutes. It took longer change all my devices to recognize the new signal! I did have to do firmware updates in the install but that was totally simple through the app. Itt let me know i had to do them and i just clicked on a box and they were done. I also accidentally turned the power bar off after i got everything set up. I was wondering what happens in a power outage with these devices, and i guess i found out. I just turned the power back on and everything turned on correctly. I know there are cheaper mesh routers out there but i had such good luck with tp link and my previous router that i went with that brand again.

5Expert Score
So far so great!

Right now i’m not understanding the negative reviews.

I only encountered one issue, one of the decos didn’t configure all the way during setup. Then just kept booting and going red flashing. I pushed the reset button and started over and all was well. Just a fluke.

The app is pretty nice to me. I have a bachelor’s in it and work in the field. The app has most options the regular internet user needs. Sure…. If your some complete tech nerd with servers and stuff running in your home this may not suit you but for most of us. This is fine.

I ignored the 30 day trial stuff based on others reviews.

Now for my setup i have a 2200 sq ft house with a 3 car garage next door with an apartment above it. I wanted the same wifi everywhere. I already had ran a wire from my router to the apartment in my previous setup.

Put one deco in center of house next to my starlink modem. Also connected my existing wired network to this deco. Placed another in bedroom area around 50′ away and it’s connected wirelessly. Put the 3rd deco in apartment connected to wire.

It’s working great! Starlink app has its own way to tell me what the current bandwidth is. I can then run a speed test on wifi and getting the full bandwidth. I range from 50mpbs to 150. Can’t speak for some of you with amazing internet speeds.

I took the time to name all my devices as i added them to the network in the app. Overall very happy. I can be anywhere around my house or garage or apartment inside or out and be on the same wifi. Awesome!

One more thing i did notice and didn’t keep trying but in the beginning i used the wire that came with the unit and wired my son’s computer to the wireless deco. Speeds were terrible. I disconnected it and went back to wireless connection for pc and speeds were awesome. Maybe that wire is junk? I didn’t care enough to keep testing. Just fyi.

5Expert Score
Extends ethernet over wireless

I am writing this review about 48 hours after installing the deco mesh with 2 units. As i live in a one bedroom apartment i do not need a mesh system to blanket my space. However, my pace is a loft with the router on level 1 and my desktop on level 2.

I have gigabit service from comcast. My phone when on level 1 gets about 600mbps on level 2 about 400mbps. My desktop on wifi was getting about 200mpbs. I bought this to place a unit on each level, and then an ethernet cable from the level 2 unit to my desktop. The two units are in line-of-site. With this configuration my desktop now gets about 800mbps. Also a bonus, i can now use wake-on-lan. So, i can use plex and allow my desktop to sleep. Awesome!

I’m really happy with the app. I decided to put my comcast gateway in bridge mode and leave the deco in router mode. Setting up port forwards is super easy. As is address reservations. The app allows you to turn off the leds or schedule them on and off as you like. It also has wps buttons in the app (not on the router) but that’s better imo since i don’t have to walk across the room to press a second button.

This was a huge success. I’ll come back and edit the review if something changes that makes me think less of these. For now, i’m quite happy and would recommend them to friends and family.

5Expert Score
Good upgrade

I got these to upgrade the wifi situation in my house. Previously, i was using the wifi built in to the dsl modem and an additional router as an access point in the basement to fill in the gaps. This system worked ok, but was not ideal.

After getting these set up, they have performed flawlessly. Everything connects and the connection seems solid. I am also getting good speed considering all of the devices on wifi (cell phones, smart assistants, smart plugs, etc.)

the only drawback would be getting them set up out of the box. It took a while and for a bit, i could only get 2 of the 3 aps to connect. I was able to get them all connected and update the firmware on them and have not had a problem since.

The app for the cell phone is pretty good and can easily set basic parameters. Not sure about tweaking certain parameters as that is not my focus right now, but it may be a bit more challenging than a regular router.

Ultimately, i would buy these again, but would be prepared for some heartburn getting them set up.

5Expert Score
Simple set up

I exceeded the 40 client limit on my netgear nighthawk so i was having clients drop and experiencing slow performance, the router was 6 years old so it was time to go. Purchased a reyee router mesh it was powerful but had buggy software and poor recovery in the event of a power outage. Took over an hour for the attached clients to recover and get back online. That didn’t work for me. Looked at netgear saw mesh pricing for 600-1500 bucks for a three point access way.
Rolled the dice on a deco system has wifi 6 and up to 150 attached devices.
What a pleasant surprise the packaging was great and the set up was logical and orderly using the app.
So easy i was able to rename my 51 attached devices with names rather than looking at mac addresses on the dashboard so much easier to trouble shoot when there is an issue.
The wifi signal mesh and power are strong in my entire 5,500 sq ft home. I have 5 devices in my 5 car garage and they all connected i also have a wifi pond water feature in the backyard all connected with strong signal. A great value compared to other competitors. Only had it a few days but so far i’m pleased.

5Expert Score
Great wi-fi signal.

We’d been having issues with two of our tv’s in the house dropping wi-fi signal, so decided to hook this mesh system up. This thing couldn’t be any easier to set-up. Had all three modules up and running in less than 20 minutes. Checked the wi-fi signal throughout the house and it’s full bars everywhere. About the only thing i had issues tying into this system was our sonos speakers, but that isn’t this products fault. It’s only been a day with this system, but so far so good. Also, as an added bonus, my internet speed seems to have went up using one of these modules as my router (versus the routers spectrum hooks you up with). If things change with this in the long term i’ll update my review, but so far i’m completely satisfied.

5Expert Score
Fast speed, constant uptime, and good coverage

I’ve had this up and running for a couple of months now and have not had any issues. The setup was a bit of a pain, mainly because one unit would never connect properly, but i eventually got it to work. The coverage throughout the house (and outside) is great and we get fast speeds. I do not notice any issues when i’m walking around the house and it has to hand off to a different unit. We have multiple people streaming music or videos all the time with no issues. I have not had to mess with it or restart it except for a software update. All of mine are hardwired and the extra ethernet ports come in very handy for how we have our network setup. I don’t really use any advanced features with the app. All i wanted was fast speeds, constant uptime, and good coverage. This checked all of those boxes.

5Expert Score
Way better performance than p9 in long house

Super easy set up. Much more powerful wifi strength than the p9 which i am returning. I had actually ordered this unit first but the tp link rep said try p9 with thick walls. It just did not work as well as they claimed. I had this and hadn’t opened it as i was going to return it. The p9 did not help my wifi calling problems i had. It extended the range but my calls were going in and out. I have bad cell service where i live
i am so glad i decided to try the x55.. Wow immediately my internet speed was faster… Almost 30%faster than the p9 and it has better range.
I am shocked at how my faster my fire tvs, internet and phone wifi is.
Also my calls sound better.
I am very happy with the mesh system vs the 6 wifi repeaters i had that were so slow and i had to switch between them if i wanted to walk around my house on a call. Mesh is fantastic for this. It’s seamless and i don’t have to switch wifi networks anymore.
I am so happy i tried tye x55

4Expert Score
Super fast wifi-6, easy install, good choice to upgrade your home to a mesh system!

Thanks to prime day it was time for me to finally upgrade my home network. I was looking for a reasonably priced wifi-6 mesh system with 3 stations (1 main + 2 satellites), at least ax3000 speeds, and a price tag of up to $300. It came down to two choices: the eero 6+ and what i chose instead, the tp-link deco x55. Both systems had similar specs, but i liked how the tp-link deco had 3x gigabit ethernet ports per satellite (the eeeros have just 2). That meant i could wire each satellite in a daisy-chain configuration for a wired backhaul and connect the 3rd ethernet plug to the gigabit switches i had at each satellite location. This meant that all of my hard-wired devices could stay hardwired, while adding mesh wifi at full speeds (no bandwidth reserved for transmission thanks to the backhaul).

Installation was quick and easy – i simply turned off my cable modem, disconnected my previous router, installed one of the deco x55’s in its place (in my bedroom), and turned everything back on. After downloading the tp-link deco app i had an internet connection set up and good to go in less than 5 minutes! Once that was working, i added the other two deco’s into the mix – one in the living room and one in the family room – with all three forming an almost perfect triangle for whole-home coverage. In less than 15 minutes after opening the box, i had a fast, wifi-6 mesh system in my home.

I had been using an older ac1900 router for almost 10 years now and back then it was just fine – but with more and more smart home devices being added to my home, it no longer was enough. I have a medium-sized amount of smart home devices (around 50 devices including hubs) and on occasion, i’d experience signal dropouts on some of the farther cameras, and other devices would sporadically go offline/online at random. With the x55 mesh installed, all of my issues disappeared! My smart cameras used to show a signal strength of between 80% (indoor cameras) down to around 55% (outdoor cameras). With the tp-link deco mesh in place, the signal strength changed to 100% indoor and 95% outdoor – a major improvement for sure. Pulling up live and recorded footage from the outdoor camera is so much quicker now. All of the other indoor smart devices i have all show 98-100% signal strength. Needless to say, this was a definite upgrade!

As for my rating, i give it a solid 4-stars. There are a few small details that keep me from giving it a full 5-stars: some missing features that i had with my old router. One of them is being able to bulk reserve ips by entering them into the app beforehand; with the tp-link deco, the device has to be connected to the network first (with whatever dhcp ip address the deco gives it), then you have to go into the app to reserve it with a static ip. I would rather have the more common table where you just enter each mac address, static ip, and device name and it’s done. Another missing feature is being able to have at least 2 separate ssids (not including a guest ssid). With the deco you can only have one main ssid and one isolated guest ssid.

Finally, to see some speed numbers i ran speed tests using both and, and the day before installing the mesh system i had an average internet speed of around ~260mbps. The day after i installed the tp-link mesh system my speeds went up to well over 490mbps! Downloading is a lot faster, and streaming is super snappy as well.

So in the end, i am very happy with my purchase of the tp-link deco x55 wifi6 mesh system. Aside from the small feature complaints above, everything is awesome! I no longer have devices going offline/online. My internet speed has almost doubled (my old router was the bottleneck!) and streaming seems quicker as well. If you are looking for a mesh system to upgrade your current home network to the current wifi6 standards, i would say that this is definitely a good buy!

4Expert Score
Great for decent wifi but content filter does not work

If you are only interested in providing wifi in your home then this product is a good choice. Ethernet backhauling works great. Had some issues with speed but found that it was some bad cables and a 100mb switch that was limiting the backhaul. Speed is good once those were replaced.

I bought 5 of these because my home is odd shaped and i also wanted to extend it out to a detached garage for my security cameras.

One tip that i have is to make sure that when you set them up you do not hook the cables up first. This makes the satellite nodes think that they are the main router and you will end up with each node performing a network translation(nat). So you will have ip address issues and performance issues. All you need to do is have them find each other via wifi and once they are set up you can add a ethernet cable for the backhaul and the will auto detect it and us it instead of the wifi.

I was hoping to be able to filter out adult content from my kids devices. Tho it does have content filtering it does not work at all for adult sites and spotty at best for the other social media, gambling, etc. It does not force safe search on major search engines.

Have sent many emails with support to try to figure out why the filtering is not working 24 hour response time. I only received a few asking for more info but for the most part just got cursory responses of how sorry they are that is not working with no real solutions to try.

One solution was to load all the adult websites that i waned to block into the block websites section. There are hundreds of thousands of websites that i would have to maintain for each of the 7 profiles.

If the filtering does not work then i don’t think it should be advertised that it is a possibility. Spent more time on this trying to figure it out then just throwing them away and buying a router that will filter adult content. ( i have returned these as of writing this feedback)

it does have the ability to set up ddns so that is one route you can go. I just don’t see any reason to add another app to the mix to get the functionality that it should have.

If you are not concerned with filtering or reporting then this works well and i think you would be happy with it.

I do have issue with having to pay a subscription for the advanced protection that is default on most routers.

4Expert Score
Most of the time they are very good and fast

They work best when they are hardwired to a switch. I have 2 hardwired and they work fine, the one that is connected wirelessly (i use it for wireless streaming to the tv) seems to hiccup and the video halts for a few seconds and usually comes back by itself.
The main deco station is connected to the att modem/router by a cat 8 cable (careful, they may say 8 but could be 7 or 6, because china), that cable made a difference. So the main deco is in my office on top of a cabinet and away from the walls.
The second hardwired deco is in the master br and hasn’t been a problem.
The wifi connected deco is constantly a problem. The 2 yr old sony tv works better when it’s connected to the deco using the ethernet port on the tv connecting to a deco ethernet port.
But the tv works almost as well just using the built-in wifi connection. In other words, not physically connected to the deco, just using the wifi network created by the 3 decos.
Now the app is about as barebones as possible. It’s not laided out very well, i had to go to the deco support website to figure out how to restart the deco’s without having to pull out the power cord.
The app is the weakest link and i wish i had downloaded it first before buying the deco’s, i mean it gets the setup job done but doesn’t give the tech user any settings page to make manual changes like using a different dns provider.
Also, i bought 3 simple lamp timers to enable me to automatically restart all the network equipment nightly at 3am, which is the modem, the network switch and all 3 deco’s.
I did not call their tech support.

4Expert Score
Excellent mesh system – replacing netgear

I had a netgear orbi rbs50 (one router and one satellite). It worked ok with a few bumps, but the app had its moments. Sometimes would lagging to recognize the systems, or say it was off-line. Updates could cause some disruptions too requiring additional reset. Anyway, after almost 3 years, the main satellite died out of nowhere. Internet stopped working and even though the router was powered up, nothing was working anymore, no blinking lights, no connections. So,
i decided to give it a try and go with tp-link this time. And i got impressed.
– installation was smoother than the netgear process. I was surprised how fast and problem free the installation was (compared with the orbi). Faster firmware update too.
– all 3-access point can be used as router. I assume if one dies you can keep using as a 2-access point system.
– i have no dead zone anymore. With the netgear i couldn’t get strong signal outside for my security cameras. Much better now.
– i use them in a backhaul configuration allowing more devices to be wired. I had the same configuration with the orbi, but with 3 satellites i can have 1 more room working as a backhaul, while enjoying faster wi-fi over a larger area.
– size and design of the units are great. Much easier to place them around.
– the orbi router had 3 wired inputs in the back. The deco x55 only 2, but you can solve it with a local network switch.
– for the price i would expect to be a tri-band instead of a dual-band.
– comes with only one ethernet cable and it is not even labeled. You have to guess and expect it is a cat6 or at least a cat5e.

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Works but over simplified interface.

Setup was generally painless. Devices test out at my maximum internet bandwidth once the network resolved the right connection speed. User interface is over simplified. Has no support for vpn at the ap level.

Management application would discourage me from buying again. Issues i ran in to.
When looking at the list of devices connected to your network. An un helpful minimum of information is available. Suffice to say if you are replacing your wifi and have a number of wifi switches and cameras etc. To identify them you have to go around and disconnect them one by one and wait for the app to identify them as missing and manually re label them despite being linked to alexa where they were labeled.

If you want to re locate your network. There is no way to assign a different unit as the main unit, given how helpful the whole thing is, one might hope it could recognize the unit plugged in to the internet as the main. There is no convenient way like flashing lights on a router to show which one of the other two in the mesh you are looking at.
Most of the add value features are only available in router mode forcing double nat to be the only option for most users.
Almost no information is available as to ports in use in use on the router. This proved to be an issue for me as when i relocated my network it throttled to 100mbps for my entire mesh and internet. Despite being connected to at 330mbps internet service (tested) via a 1 gbps connection. The lack of detail made troubleshooting the issue painful. I tried to add a second down stream router and again the lack of a light on the device or information in the app make working with this a pain. Add to that that all of my setting from devices and my app is in english but all of the articles in help are in spanish despite assistance from support.

Hope this helps outline the limitations of an otherwise good system.

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$200 to extend my wifi, so far that’s about all it’s better about it

I bought this system to update the 2 old routers i was using as ap ( they worked good but didn’t support wifi6 so they couldn’t give me the range and speed i was looking for) so far this system has been able to extend my wifi all around my house even to my rv that’s parked about 50’ away on my back yard, but other than that i don’t think is something that’s worth the price tag; you can’t divide the 5g and 2.4g which could be a total pita if you have older devices that only run on 2.4 because if you need your phone to be on the same 2.4 network to set them up, the stupid nodes (which are supposed to be the “smart ones”) will keep your phones on the 5g making it impossible for your 2.4 devices to connect to your phone. I had to use the “guest” network as 2.4 only in order to set them up. 2- the app is also not very impressive, my tether app from to link actually works way better and easier to see everyone and everything on the network.
So far it’s “kinda” doing its job, but for what it is, i believe you might be able to get a better system for the $

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Works well but awkward to get it reconnected after a power outage.

Overall, they are working well – much better than the wi-fi included on my xfinity modem/router. Put the xfinity into bridge mode and reconnected all of my devices. After about a week i had an instance where the mesh went off-line (unknown reason) and it took me a while to figure out the right sequence of power cycling and ethernet disconnect/reconnect but got it back up and running. Today we had a power outage and after the power came back on, i again struggled with the right combination of actions to get it going again – took me about an hour. Wish there was a simpler, more straightforward way of getting the mesh up and running again.

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Excellent product once you set it up

I like the way it works, the speed of the wifi and the coverage all over the house and into the back yard.

I didn’t like the set-up process. Had to call spectrum to get them to reboot their modem to make it connect with the main pod, then go through a power on/off/reboot/reset sequence a few times to get it all connected. The key is to be patient and wait for it to finish doing it’s thing after power off/reboot etc. Great product though other than that. Even all came back up on its own when the power went out.

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Works great, stable (nor regular reboots required), affordable!

One problem, lots of compliments. The problem – i’m in access point / bridge mode using my fiber router for actual dhcp, routing – since that router doesn’t support bridge mode. I get notifications on my phone about the monthly report being ready, but there is no way to see it.

Positives… Stable, don’t have to reboot every other day like linksys and asus before it. It’s been working for weeks. Speed seems good even though i don’t have the ethernet backend. Devices all over the house gets hundreds of mbps throughput, which is great. My hardwired machines get 950 mbps off a 1000 mbps connection… No complaints there!

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Great coverage comapatibility issues

The coverage is great, once you get it set up. My security cameras now run with out timing out and lost connections so, i am happy with it’s functionality.
There are disappointments. I had to replace smart plugs because mine weren’t compatible. Also, i have two par 20 smart bulbs that i would have liked to use on the network but they don’t connect. Checked your compatibility list which shows only kasas which doesn’t make a par 20. Would be great if your list included other compatible makers (if there are any) or if kasa extended their product line.

Important information

Legal Disclaimer

1: Maximum wireless signal rates are the physical rates derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Actual wireless data throughput and wireless coverage, and the number of connected devices are not guaranteed and will vary as a result of network conditions, AP limitations, and environmental factors, including building materials, obstacles, volume and density of traffic, and AP location. 2: Use of WiFi 6 and other features including OFDMA, MU-MIMO, 1024-QAM, HE160 and BSS Color require clients to also support the corresponding features. The 160 MHz bandwidth may be unavailable in the 5 GHz band in some regions/countries due to regulatory restrictions. 3: Use of WPA3 requires APs to also support the corresponding feature. 4: HomeShield includes the Free Basic Plan. Fees apply for the Pro Plan. Visit for more information. 5: Clients need to support 802.11k/v/r and may require additional set up. Performance may vary depending on the client device.

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