TP-Link Tapo Pan/Tilt Security Camera for Baby Monitor, Pet Camera w/ Motion Detection, 1080P, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Cloud & SD Card Storage, Works with Alexa & Google Home (Tapo C200)

TP-Link Tapo Pan/Tilt Security Camera for Baby Monitor, Pet Camera w/ Motion Detection, 1080P, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Cloud & SD Card Storage, Works with Alexa & Google Home (Tapo C200) : TP-Link Tapo Pan/Tilt Security Camera for Baby Monitor, Pet Camera w/ Motion Detection, 1080P, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Cloud & SD Card Storage, Works with Alexa & Google Home (Tapo C200) : Electronics

What are tp-link tapo pan/tilt security camera for baby monitor features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 【up, down, all around】this pan/tilt ip camera see everything across an entire room or walkway with the 360° horizontal and 114° vertical range pan/tilt field of view.
  • 【detection & instant notification】get instant push notifications when motion or a person is detected, subscribe to tapo care to for baby crying detection to use as a baby camera monitor. Discern from notifications that matter, so you’ll know if its your pet playing around or if someone is actually there.
  • 【2-way audio w/ built in siren】never truly leave home with the built-in 2-way audio. Use as a pet camera with phone app to comfort your pet from anywhere in the world. Keep your family safe with cameras for home security indoor by warding off intruders.
  • 【secure local or cloud storage】save footage continuously on up to a 128 gb microsd card (not included) or subscribe to tapo care for cloud storage which saves 30-day video history and provides additional benefits such as motion tracking, baby crying detection and more.
  • 【night vision up to 30 ft.】never miss a thing that goes on, even at night thanks to the integrated ir system on this indoor camera which provides 30 feet of night vision.
  • 【1080p full hd】capture every detail inside your home with crystal-clear 1080p full hd video with this indoor security camera. Easily see what your baby is holding or what your pet is playing with.
  • 【device sharing】view your wifi camera feed from two different smart phone devices. Now mom and dad can both see what’s happening at home with a single camera, making keeping an eye on the little ones just a bit easier.
  • 【works w/ alexa & google assistant】fully compatible with amazon alexa and google assistant, use your simple voice command to view tapo indoor security camera live stream on echo show or google chrome cast with a screen. Easily get your home security footage up on a larger tv display.
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TP-Link Tapo Pan/Tilt Security Camera for Baby Monitor, Pet Camera w/ Motion Detection, 1080P, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Cloud & SD Card Storage, Works with Alexa & Google Home (Tapo C200) AMAZON : TP-Link Tapo Pan/Tilt Security Camera for Baby Monitor, Pet Camera w/ Motion Detection, 1080P, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Cloud & SD Card Storage, Works with Alexa & Google Home (Tapo C200) : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Will this work with kasa?

No, i thought it would, which is why i bought it, being “tp-link” one would assume. But no it does not , i have tried several times to set it up under the kasa app and it does not work , you must use the “tapo” app, which by the way does work very nicely, for the price i’ll just live with another app i guess.

Se puede instalar la misma camara en varios celulares ?

Sí, nosotros tenemos instaladas las cámaras en 2 celulares y funcionan bien.

Can you turn the night vision off?

Yes, it has 3 functions you can toggle. Daytime viewing, night vision, and an auto mode that will change back and forth depending on the lighting available.

What if i dont want it to record ? I just want to check up on the house ?

You have the ability to access the live feed, you just won’t be able to record the live feed or activity.

5g compatible?

No, thank you.

Can you mount it outside

It would be possible but i wouldn’t recommend it as it is not weather proof. I have mine mounted inside a window but inverted.

Could 2 cameras be synced together

You can have multiple cameras setup on the same network but they cannot be synced. You are able to overlap their fields of view though.

Can you turn off the wifi?

There is a privacy mode and this allow you to have the device off. Or you could unplug the device.

Does this work with the tp-link kasa app?

No. The kasa app is different from the tapo app. Even if you already use the kasa app to control other devices, you’ll still need to download the tapo app.

Does it come with a wall mount bracket or can the wall mount bracket be provided ?


Is this a good camera for worry about a stalker? Anything better but not expensive

It depend where you have this camera set up. It does monitor motion in the home and notifies you when it happens. You can also take pictures or a video if you need to.

How do i trigger alarm from app?

You can trigger the alarm from within the screen of the video feed.

Does this work with the tp-link kasa app?

The camera has its own app tapo. It will not work with the kasa app you need to have a kasa camera for the kasa app.

Looking at getting 2 1in 1 room 1 in another room can i view both cameras in 1 app by just labeling them camera 1 and camera 2

Yep, you sure can. I also have 2 and can view both at the same time on the app.

Would this work as a stand alone camera for an elevator that can be reviewed as needed?

Yes. You would need to add a memory card. It’s probably obvious from the name of the item, but it also requires wifi.

I have had theese for about 3 month now and have developed a dead pixel. How to warranty?

Not sure

Will this work on a mesh network?

Yes. Mesh networks are still wifi.

Does the app work in android phone?

Yes it does.

Why is my shipment is lost ? Not arrive ?

You need to contact amazon customer support. This is a place to ask questions related to the specific item, not shipping/logistics.

Es cámara de enchufe?


TP-Link Tapo Pan/Tilt Security Camera for Baby Monitor, Pet Camera w/ Motion Detection, 1080P, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Cloud & SD Card Storage, Works with Alexa & Google Home (Tapo C200) AMAZON : TP-Link Tapo Pan/Tilt Security Camera for Baby Monitor, Pet Camera w/ Motion Detection, 1080P, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Cloud & SD Card Storage, Works with Alexa & Google Home (Tapo C200) : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Top notch budget security

This is my 5th tapo camera. Got 4 in europe due to voltage. There is nothing not to love about it.
Pros. 24/7 viewing. Very light weight. Motion detection is superb.
Cons: charger is not usb, energy source not battery or solar operated.

Hope tapo r&d guys read this. I need a battery-operated pan tilt outdoor, solar panel compatible tapo camera!! Also, when will the c420 be available on amazon?

5Expert Score
Nice little camera

Using this as a baby monitor. It’s not bluetooth like i had originally thought, it has to be connected to wifi. Once you get the app and get everything set up it works pretty well. The only times it’s been disconnected is when it updates, but it updated pretty quickly and you can manually decide when to update. I guess that depends on your wifi though.
My only complaint is if you are using for baby monitor, it does not alert you when there’s sound. I had to get a baby speaker as well to let me know when they’re crying. My babies move around in there sleep a lot so i get 40+ alerts for movement when they’re in there.
But the camera quality and movement is pretty good. It also came with a sticker you can use on the wall to measure where to place screws for the wall brace. It made set up a lot faster and easier for me

5Expert Score
I love my tapo c200!

I bought this tapo c200 cambra for less than $30 and it works awesome! The picture is very clear on hd mode. For an inexpensive camera it was well worth the price! I wish i bought 2 at the time there was a sale. I’ve had it for almost a year and it still works great! Friends have spent more on indoor cameras and said it’s not as clear as this tapo c200. It did take awhile to connect and was a little frustrating but, i didnt give up and once it connected, it’s never disconnected or lost signal…i’m very happy with this little guy and recommend it as an effective and inexpensive indoor camera.

5Expert Score
Great product

More than a year installed, it is still running good. I will buy more for my house and office. Highly recommended.

5Expert Score
Good value

Better than i anticipated for the price. Setup on a 3yr old blu smartphone was very easy. I was afraid my older phone wouldn’t work. Picture is great. Sound is useable but not great. App functions work great and easy to understand….. Note… phone wound not pair at 1st and then remembered camera is 2.4 wifi. My phone was using 5g wifi.. My router is dual ban. Switched my phone to 2,4 channel and quickly connected . 2.4 wifi a little slower and shorter range than 5g but not a big deal for my needs.

5Expert Score
Muy muy buena y se ve increíble

Se escucha súper bien y también se me muy bien. Me encanta

5Expert Score
Excelente producto. Muy buena calidad

Excelente producto. Muy buena calidad

5Expert Score

La cuenta la puedes poner en más de un celular y ambos controlan la cámara!

5Expert Score
A little hard setting up

Works!!!! Awesome

5Expert Score
Awesome camera!!

This camera is great! For the price you will not find anything better… Super easy to set up and works consistently. Has great picture during day and night… Also gets me good picture through bedroom window out to driveway. Will be buying several more! The app works great and is easy to navigate!
If you want to record video (instead of only having live view) be sure to order a micro sd card.

4Expert Score
Great for a low cost panable camera

Do you need a camera to monitor part of the house, the garage, the pets? Do you have a plug nearby? Then this camera is great. It’s not the highest res, but 1080p is very clear and does a good job with night vision even though there are not a lot of ir lights around it. It has a decent amount of rotation and tilt to be able to monitor a pretty wide area.

Setup, was a little quirky. You first connect your phone to the cameras wifi. Then you set the camera to detect the home wifi router, putting in the 2.4ghz password. If that completes, you’re pretty much on your way. If not, you have to repeat this step a couple of times, which happened to me. At first i wasn’t too sure of the setup routine as it wouldn’t complete the setup. Another irritation is, it will say your microsd car isn’t useable. You need to use the tapo app to format the sd card once the phone app and camera are setup, and it should be fine. The phone app lets you take a picture, lets you record and stop recording. What i dont know yet, is it recording per schedule, or recording when you hit the record button while viewing? I will have to check into that, but you get a scheduler like most security cams, with normal recording schedule and motion schedule. It comes with a mount bracket to mount on wall or someplace. I just have it on a desk so i can point it down at where my dog sleeps. You can pan it around and the 1080p picture is clear in daylight and infrared at night. If the setup worked a little better i’d give this 5 stars because the price is great.

So if you need a small camera, that you can just place somewhere in the house in range of your 2.4ghz router, this works and was somewhat easy to set up. 4stars for now, but 5 star price.

4Expert Score
Works well as intended.

Use this as described. Works well

4Expert Score
Good indoor device.

I bought this to view out my front window of house. The picture quality is fantastic! But it is only for daylight viewing. Not designed for glass windows. Indoor night is fine. Motion detection works well. May tweak it some yet.

The biggest obstacle was setting up microsd card. Installed 3 different cards after formatting on computer to fat 32 as directed. Always got message ‘something wrong with sd card’. After much trial and error, i let the card in the device and found on the app a way to format the card again. This takes several minutes, but solved it. I think you always have to format in the device, so why the message? But at least there is a way.
Had to reboot device once during setup. App wouldn’t get past one step even though device said i was connected to wifi. Each step on app takes minutes to complete, so be patient.

I’ll update after having longer, but still in the first 24 hours.

i found a way to use through window at night.
There is a night/day option on app. If you take off auto and just use day option and have street light near your house the camera does a good job of viewing at night. I’m so glad i found a way to make this work.

4Expert Score
Great price, great product

It is a great product. Just consider that the camara must be plugged in to work. It would be great if it worked with batteries. Besides that, i highly recommend it.

4Expert Score
Nicely made cam.

Bought this to keep an eye on my 2 pups primarily and as a security system. It was a snap to setup. Plus it has a slot for an microsd card so i can have a recording of whatever has transpired. The build quality is very good as is the camera itself and it’s built in microphone and speaker system.
The only negative is that you have to dload another app to control and view it. Not a major deal breaker. Interestingly, tapo is sold in conjunction with tplink who also sells a similar cam. I can easily recommend this cam.

4Expert Score
360 degree full view

360 degree full rotation view is wonderful.

4Expert Score
Good little security camera!

For the price, it’s pretty good little camera. It works well and has some great options that more expensive cameras don’t have, like a siren etc.

4Expert Score
Camera works great during the day but in low light the quality suffers

I have 6 wifi cameras and this is my second $30 price range pan and tilt camera. My other one is very similar but the outer case is slightly different but uses the same software and is branded to the tapo cameras. Camera is plastic but feels like its made well for this price range.

The camera works well in brightly lit rooms and daylight monitoring the outside world from the inside. Nice clear and crisp images (dslr or even camera phone but, good enough). The images are good enough to send to the police or share on online if the subject is close by.

During the low light conditions inside or outside the picture quality isn’t that great. Compared to my other cameras this one by far has the worse video. But still works for monitoring. This one is only slightly worse than my other no named pan and tilt camera.

At night using security lighting outside, the video is very bad and almost unusable if the light is in direct path of the camera’s view. If the lights are further away and gives off a little light, then the quality is better. When using night vision the images/video looks good and useable for security purposes. As with most cameras, you can’t use night vision if the non visible to the human eye light is turned on. If its on, the lights reflect off the window and the camera will see the reflection.

Using the microphone via the app works and i can carry on a short conversation if needed. Its not perfect but good enough as a monitor if you wanted a temporary camera on the porch (i wouldn’t leave it out in bad weather) so you can talk to visitors instead of answering the door.

The wifi radio on this camera is short. Compared to my other camera i loose about 10 to 20 feet. Even if i have 2 bars on the reception, i my doesn’t always connect to the camera and playback is almost impossible.

Notifications to my phone works its only a few minutes behind. You can click on the notification and you view the video. I would not recommend using the camera notification system. Its loud and annoying. Its only useful for monitoring your driveway and an early warning system.

I don’t like the app, but at least you can change sensitivity of the motion. Several of my cameras i can’t do that and the smallest of bugs will set it off! This one i can set the motion low enough that bugs won’t set it off. However after an app update, i can no longer view motion playback. I’m not sure if its a setting that i changed or if it just doesn’t work. Even after resetting everything and going back to default, it still doesn’t work. I plan on troubleshooting this at some point. But at the moment its not needed. Also if you own any other tp-link cameras you can add them to this app or use this camera on the other tp-link app. In my opinion, this is a bad idea. This will stop people from buy this product if they already multiple cameras on the other tp-link apps. I had planned to test out some other lines of cameras but i don’t want to add another smart device/camera app.

Things to think about… This camera is not a true security camera. It works for most users but if you need a true security camera system, then look into the cameras systems that require dvrs. You find systems that more powerful cameras, better night vision, 4k resolution if needed.

It gets 4 stars because of the app issues and the low light video quality. Even with these issues i like the camera and if i need another sub $30 pan and tilt camera i would purchase this one over my other pan and tilt camera. But for about $10 more there are several other pan and tilt cameras that have better software and better video quality.

4Expert Score
Great picture. Alexa friendly. Setup easy.

This is a decent wifi camera with acceptable 2-way audio. It is competitively priced in this product niche.
The camera is the latest design, with no apparent antennae, which makes the camera more compact and streamlined. It also makes the camera less obtrusive, and thus fits into most decors. I have excellent wifi coverage, so did not experience poor connectivity or issues with resolution.
After downloading the app, setting up account, connecting and installing/initiating the camera was fairly straightforward and easy. Picture quality is very good, to excellent (setting resolution affects lag, which also depends on your wifi bandwidth). Audio is passable to decent. I had to crank up the volume on my phone to hear audio, but i was able to conduct a conversation during a test. As to be expected, the small speaker on the camera is limited. But, that does not affect the camera rating, because the function of these products is not for videoconferencing, it’s primarily for monitoring and security. And, the picture quality, with the ability to pan and tilt satisfies the intended role.
Not a complaint directly at this product, but the product niche in general: i wish they would standardize the accessibility via app. Having to use a dedicated app for each camera (of different manufacture) is ridiculous. My wish is for a single app that would allow access and control of these wifi cameras, regardless of their respective origins.
Following the latest designs, this camera handles 1080 resolution. Also, it can accept the higher capacity microsd cards, 128gb in fact. I insert cards in my cameras to keep a video log of activities within the camera range, which is triggered by motion detection. Having 128gb to store video is an excellent advantage; you can record 1080 or extend the amount of video stored by setting resolution lower.
I will note that the camera did drop connection to my wifi router twice after initial installation. A reset of the camera, and fresh installation solved that problem, so far.
Attached are photos to show real world images of the product and accessories. Ruler is provided for size reference.
Another item that makes this product attractive is the 2 year warranty. Fingers crossed the company is still around.
Regarding durability and dependability, that would be subject to time and use. If events warrant, i will update and revise review if there are any issues over time.
The design, specs, and quality manufacture, coupled with being nicely priced make this a product to seriously consider. I feel it’s worthy of a high level recommendation.

4Expert Score
Excellent wi-fi camera

The tp-link tapo c200 smart cam records video in resolutions as high as 1080p and has better than expected night vision. It comes equipped with a motion sensor that can automatically detect movement and after it’s been synced it can send notifications for any movement it catches. What’s more, this small camera has two-way audio and theft deterrence in the form of an audible alarm and flashing lights.

Setup on the tp-link c200 is very easy. Just download the app, connect the camera to the 2.4ghz band on your home network and tweak a few settings within the app to enable the full functionality of the camera. Local storage for video is available via a micro sd card. The max capacity this camera can accept is 128gb.

In use, this camera has surprisingly robust features. It can connect with google home or alexa. I can pan and tilt. You can even automate when it starts recording or enable a privacy mode to keep unwanted events from being recorded.

What i liked most about this tp-link tapo c200 smart cam was:
– easy setup. I had this camera unboxed and recording within 15 minutes.
– great images. While 1080p images aren’t state-of-the-art they strike a good balance between offering the level of detail needed to clearly capture faces while not taking up so much space it’s impractical to store video locally.
– loop recording. I had another camera for the home that did not have this feature and i had to manually remove the card, delete the contents and reinsert it to be able to start local recording again. The c200 saves me from that hassle.

What i liked least about this tp-link tapo c200 smart cam was:
– it didn’t work with my comcast home security system. Not sure why it’s not compatible but it didn’t integrate with the other camera i have for my security system.
– indoor only. It would have been great to have the option of installing a series of these cameras outside. The c200 isn’t designed for outdoor conditions so you are limited in that regard.

Overall, for less than 30 bucks you’re getting a smart camera that works with your preferred smart assistant, takes crisp images in both day and low-light conditions and accepts locally stored images. I wish this camera worked with my home security system and could be used outside but it’s hard to complain about those issues at this price point. 4.5 out of 5 stars for tp-link’s c200 smart cam.

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