Triple-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw Lid – Flip-Top Lid – Wide-Mouth Cap (25 Oz) Insulated Water Bottles, Keeps Hot and Cold – Sports Canteen Water Bottle Great for Hiking & Biking

Triple-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw Lid – Flip-Top Lid – Wide-Mouth Cap (25 Oz) Insulated Water Bottles, Keeps Hot and Cold – Sports Canteen Water Bottle Great for Hiking & Biking

Buy Triple-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw Lid – Flip-Top Lid – Wide-Mouth Cap (25 Oz) Insulated Water Bottles, Keeps Hot and Cold – Sports Canteen Water Bottle Great for Hiking & Biking: Thermoses – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are triple-insulated stainless steel water bottle with straw lid – flip-top lid – wide-mouth cap 25 oz insulated water bottles features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Double wall – crafted with double walls, beverages will be kept hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24! The double wall feature prevents condensation and burns, retaining the temperature of your beverage.
  • Triple lids – the drinking bottle is equipped with three individual lids to serve all your needs. Use the one with the mouthpiece for sipping hot drinks, the one with the straw is just right for cold beverages, and the removable lid is what you need for drinks containing ice or fruit.
  • Leak-proof and shatter-proof – the bottle is absolutely leakproof and shatterproof, making it the choice for rough-and-tumble use. Perfect for hiking, biking, boating, the gym, work, school, and home. The bottle is safe in backpacks, beach bags, or the edge of your countertop. Please note: they are not dishwasher safe.
  • Travel friendly – a built-in handle enables you to carry it with ease or attach it to a backpack, and the large capacity makes it perfect for when you are hiking, biking, camping, or running.
  • Premium stainless steel – protect the environment and your own health by daring the switchover from plastic to stainless. Our drinking bottles are produced of superior 18/8 stainless steel, free of bpa or any other toxins. They last an average of 12 years and won’t grow mold or retain previous flavors.
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Triple-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw Lid – Flip-Top Lid – Wide-Mouth Cap (25 Oz) Insulated Water Bottles, Keeps Hot and Cold – Sports Canteen Water Bottle Great for Hiking & Biking AMAZON

Buy Triple-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw Lid – Flip-Top Lid – Wide-Mouth Cap (25 Oz) Insulated Water Bottles, Keeps Hot and Cold – Sports Canteen Water Bottle Great for Hiking & Biking: Thermoses – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Will it fit a peleton bottle holder?

I am sorry i don’t have a peleton, but it does fit in my car cup holder.

Is there any metallic taste?


Is the tip of the straw hard or soft?

Rubber. Soft but not super soft. I love mine. I have two and wonder why it took me so long to get one. I use them everyday, all day. Love it. I did have to trim the straw at the bottom just a little bit. Hope this helps.

Are these bottles made in the usa?

I’m not sure. They don’t have anything on them. They work perfectly for cold or hot.

Will this fit in car console?

Doesn’t fit in my backseat holders in my suburban. It does fit in the front seat holders on the console

Is the stainless steel model (that is, the one with no coating) dishwasher safe?

I don’t know if it’s safe, but i wash mine in the dishwasher. It doesn’t appear to have changed the performance.

The spout lid comes with an internal straw. What is the material of this straw — is it plastic?

Hello david,

good day!

I appreciate your interest in one of our premium items.

The material of the straw of our triple-insulated stainless steel water bottle is hard plastic.

I hope this answers your queries.

Should you have any other questions in the future, please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Take care!

All the best,
customer obsession representative
yh goods customer support

My straw broke, love the straw lid the best how or where can i get a replacement ?

Ask seller or buy from any store adjust to bottle size

Is there a holder for this?

Not that i am aware of. I does fit in most car beverage holders.

Any problem with staying hot less than what it said

Hello carol,

we appreciate your interest in our product, and it means so much to us.

Ou water bottles are crafted with double walls. Beverages will be kept hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24. The double-wall feature prevents condensation and burns, retaining the temperature of your beverage.
The temperature will stay the same as long as the water bottle is closed tightly.

I hope this helps. Feel free to reach us if you need anything else.

All the best,
customer obsession representative
yh-goods customer support

Can you engrave on the bottle?

Yes. I used an epilog fusion edge 40 watt co2. Settings were speed 25%, power 100%

Is there a silicone boot that fits the 25oz bottle?


What is the measurement of the neck on the 32oz size?

Hi leah! Thank you for reaching out. Please be advised that the mouth opening is approximately 2 inches in diameter. I hope this helps!

That’s good value!

Yes it is a good value to me.

I have a rava 4 will it fit in cup holder

She has a ford suv just a little tight

We have four of these and love them but need to buy replacement rubber tips for the straw caps. Is there a link to do so? Or cust svc contact info?

Hello becca,

thank you for bringing this to our attention so we can deal with this immediately.

We don’t sell replacement parts such as rubber tips. However, if the item is within the warranty period, we can absolutely send you a full replacement.

You can send us an email directly for further help –

all the best,
customer obsession representative
yh goods customer support

Replacement parts

I contacted them for a replacement tip and they said they do not provide, and they are not available for purchase from them either. Still looking to see if i can buy one elsewhere though no luck so far.

Says shatterproof..does it dent though?

Yes i dents. Most water bottles like this do though and mine fell from 7 feet. Even though it dents, i just bought 2 more of these from the seller. I love it, best water bottle i’ve ever had.

Can you put carbonated beverages in these?

I have put carbonated drink in it and have had no problems. I use this thing everyday all day with different types of beverages

My straw broke. Can i order replacements?

Contact the company directly.

Triple-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw Lid – Flip-Top Lid – Wide-Mouth Cap (25 Oz) Insulated Water Bottles, Keeps Hot and Cold – Sports Canteen Water Bottle Great for Hiking & Biking AMAZON

Buy Triple-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw Lid – Flip-Top Lid – Wide-Mouth Cap (25 Oz) Insulated Water Bottles, Keeps Hot and Cold – Sports Canteen Water Bottle Great for Hiking & Biking: Thermoses – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Review from an every day walker

I’m a fan! I walk every day and enjoy cold water on my walks (flavored with real lemon/lime/orange…but that’s a different review…spoiler alert: yum)!

I initially wanted a bottle i could safely freeze ahead of my walks, since i was going through plastic bottles too quickly with my method at the time. Exploding out bottoms as i went. However, i quickly adopted a better way once receiving this bottle…instead of freezing the bottle, i fill with ice cubes (one tray, about 1/2 way full), and the rest water.

What i love is how cold the water stays, even on scolding hot days, even if i leave the bottle in the hot car. It also stays cold overnight. So cool. Pun intended.

I was concerned, on my walks, the ice would stay ice and i wouldn’t get enough water for my walk- i have a 32 oz and need that much water. But the ice melts by the time i’m at the end of my walk, almost perfectly timed.

I also needed something i could carry…i have small hands. The handle on the straw lid, my lid of choice, works pretty well. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, but it works. The bottle is a little heavier, but not so heavy it makes it hard to carry. I like getting a little extra resistance from the weight of it and switch off hands i carry it with.

It’s super easy to wash, including the straw part.

I don’t think the plastic in the mouth piece is going to crack unless you are chewing on it.

With the straw down (i made the mistake of testing it’s leak-proof-ness with the straw up- oops), it is 100% leak proof. You can lay it on your bed (with the straw closed/down). And it doesn’t sweat at all. You can put it right on wood. No rings.

It does fit in my car cup holder but just barely. Both the middle and doors. Ideally, it would be a tad smaller diameter for that reason.

It’s well made and well insulated. For me, it’s a winner and i recommend it.

Bonus tip: 1 real lime + 2 real orange packets in 32 oz of ice water. Enjoy!

5Expert Score
The best water bottle in the history of the world

I work at an adult day program. I know that seems irrelevant, but hear me out here. All the cool young twenty somethings i work with have these great water bottles covered in quirky stickers because that’s what the cool kids do now. Even though i’m in my (cough) forties (cough) i figured these youngsters with their cool water bottles were onto somethinh, *and* it seemed much better than what i did before. What was that? Freezing water in a repurposed gatorade bottle overnight and then having telltale water spots on the white paper tablecloth in the room i work in. I needed something better.

This bottle is a dream come true. I am no longer schlepping around my drippy half frozen cucumber lime gatorade bottle everywhere i go. I now have this awesome blue water bottle, which i have decorated, as you can see, with stickers of the notorious rbg because after the recent, uh, hubbub with the supreme court looking at her perfect little tatted lace collar on her robe gives me much needed hope for the future.

I digress.

This bottle brings me almost immeasurable amounts of joy. I drink water that’s basically one degree above freezing. If it isn’t as cold as a penguin’s bath water, it’s not cold enough for me, fam. So i’m the morning before i leave for work, i load my bottle up with ice and already cold water from our dispenser, and i’m off to work.

Through the day, i fill it up from the fountains in the building. And my water is always cold. Like 2015 ‘ice bucket challenge’ cold. It stays cold all freaking day because this mf’er is triple insulated. And i live in arizona. Which is basically 1 cubic mile from the center of the sun. My drippy melty gatorade bottle of yore was basically boiling in the ninety seconds it took me to walk into work from my car.

Yes, it’s easy to hold. I would snuggle with it at night but i have a husband and (duh) dogs, and cuddling is probably the one thing my beloved triple insulated *bebe* is not good at.

Yes, it’s easy to clean. I hate cleaning so this is a definite bonus. And it doesn’t leak. I’m about par with j law on the clumsiness scale, and not one has this leaked. (shaming you, gatorade bottle. You know what you did.)

i’m sure it would keep hot things hot too, but again. Arizona. I mean, i guess if you’re a weird deviant who wants to sip hot water out of it, or even hot bean water, by all means. But this precious little gem has never even lost a drop of my much coveted ice cold water.

If this review has not convinced you to purchase one for yourself, i can’t help you. Probably, no one can. Buy one of these and your life will be full of the joy that only ice cold water on a 90000000+ degree arizona day can provide.

5Expert Score
Just what i was looking for

I decided it was finally necessary to get an insulated water bottle with a built in straw cap after ages of fighting to drink around the ice in my others. The straw comes loose for easier cleaning, is a thick, sturdy plastic and the lid itself has a silicone mouthpiece that is comfortable to use.

There’s nothing super special about this bottle, it’s insulation isn’t as good as it could be but it doesn’t leak at all and the straw cap is great. It’s also got a great price.

The only mild complaint i have is that the 40oz bottle is a bit girthy to keep an easy grip on, and i have large hands, but that’s just a product of it being a big bottle, not really a design issue, i find myself usually gripping it around the neck just below the cap as opposed to the main body and that works fine.

My other mild complaint is the latch on the aperture-less cap feels pretty flimsy, but i didn’t get it for that cap, the other two lids are great, so i can’t really fault it for including a poor quality thing i may just throw away for lack of need.

5Expert Score
Kept ice 3 days

Ok i got these for my daughter to put in her insulated bag in her car to take a snack and water for work after school… I filled the bottle 1/3 the way full and put i the freezer over night added water in the morning to fill the rest of the way up… Put leak proof lid on it and tossed it in a lunch bag at 530am. This bottle stayed in that bag in her black car in texas in august(hot!!). She got out of school and went to work got there at 5pm (so 12 hours out of freezer after sitting in a black car from 8-430pm in texas heart) and the ice hadn’t melted at all so she couldn’t use the straw lid..she came home and i took the lid off dumped the water out and left the cup in the counter in the kitchen over night… Next morning rinsed it out and the ice was still 1/3 the way up the bottle only the sides had melted away from the bottle… Refilled it again after a quick rinse and she took it to school a third day with the same ice in the bottle however was a smaller size now…when she returned from school there was still a small piece of ice in the bottom of the bottle that finally melted once i washed the bottle in the dishwasher!!! So long story short this bottle is great at keeping things cold in the texas summer heat for long periods of time!! I just ordered 4 more of them today!!

5Expert Score
Great water bottle

I ordered this water bottle because of its low price, insulated stainless steel design and the three choices of lids. This thing is made really well and keeps my drinks cold for hours (i have not yet used it for hot beverages but i am sure it will keep my coffee hot for hours). One of the lids comes with a straw attachment which makes for easy sipping while working out at the gym. If you choose to use the lid with the straw just remember to pour the liquid in first and then add your ice. If you add the ice first you will discover that it will fuse to the sides and bottom and it will be next to impossible to get the straw down to the bottom. Sounds silly but this shows you just how well it will keep your drink ice cold.

5Expert Score
I love it

I was looking to buy a yeti or hydroflask thermo but found an article in google news about this, i thought “for the price i can give it a tru”
wow! I simply love it, the 3 lids are well built, the insulation is so good that if i leave ice in the morning i will still have ice by the time i go to bed at night even when refilling with cold water and the ice will be there next morning, i live in a hot area in texas and i have left it in the car with blazing sun for 6 hours and came back to a drink with plenty of ice still inside.

I simply love it. That’s it.

5Expert Score
An outstanding insulated flask for the money!

I’ve had my current 24 oz water bottle for about three years and , although it’s never been cleaned in the dishwasher it sweats and just was keeping my drink cold at the gym. After doing lots of shopping on line
i settled on this model and i’m so glad i did! For about $12 less than my current model this vessel comes with (3) top options and keeps my drinks cold seemingly forever. It’s easy to clean and the wide mouth
takes ice easily. I got the stainless steel model. It’s a bit fat to hold but two of the top options have finger loops to solve that. Would certainly buy again!!

5Expert Score
A must have!

I wish i could post a pic, but i lost it. However, i’m writing a review because i absolutely loved this water bottle so much that once i realized i had lost it, i immediately reordered it.
I love ice cold water, and this water bottle definitely keeps ice cold. I wake up and put a tray of ice in my bottle with some cold water, and the next morning i’m only adding a half a tray to the ice from the previous morning.
I have not used it for hot liquid, but very satisfied and highly recommend it for cold beverages.

5Expert Score
Excellent quality and price!

Bought this for my 7 year old, for school. Works great! There’s still ice cubes unmelted when she comes home from school! Well insulated, easy to clean, everything comes apart so no need to worry about mold growing in unseen spaces. I love that it came with 3 lids as well. My only wish is that it came with replacement soft straw tops as my kids like to chew on them and they come off easily….which is great for washing, but we’ve already lost one.

5Expert Score
Great water bottle!!

I have loved this water bottle. I love the larger capacity and the liquid stays cold in this one. It is so easy to carry with the handle on the top. It doesn’t fit in a normal car cup holder but having the larger capacity is worth it. Some of the other bottles out there slim down at the bottom then have a larger top and they tip over way to easy. Definitely a great value and i will get another one in the future!

4Expert Score
Overall amazing and durable

I bought this bottle over a year ago and it has been amazing. I got the 40oz bottle which is i think the best size. It’s big enough to carry as much water as i could possibly need in between classes. Especially for my dance classes. It will fit underneath most water bottle filling stations.

It actually retains coldness and heat really well. Maybe not specifically 48 hour guarantee but i’ve always enjoyed cold water as long as i don’t leave it out in the sun all day and add ice at the beginning. Have gone through some work shifts without drinking much and it was still cold by the end.

There are a few negatives. It does chip and dent pretty easily. So if you’re thinking of preserving the base color maybe just be careful. But i’ve dropped it banged it up and really just didn’t take great care of it yet it’s still held shape. So for base durability it’s amazing. Nothing has broken. The straw top can sometimes be a little finicky but that’s about it.

Cleaning it by hand is sort of a hassle. But i assume dishwashers would work great with it. I just never tried because of all my stickers. The only actually annoying parts to clean are the lids. Specifically the straw one. It’s the one i use the most. There’s just a few small parts that are hard to get at as well as clean because of the small grooves. Like there’s a plastic/rubber cover for the part of the lid you drink out of that’s just a little annoying to clean. Again not impossibly hard to do just annoying.

The only reason i’m buying a second one is because i misplaced my first one. Overall if your looking for bang for your buck this goes well above and beyond what i expected. Highly recommend.

4Expert Score
Unusual defect, but overall good purchase

Works great. I like that it comes with 3 lid options. The finish is nice. No leaks, fits in a backpack side pocket and no more difficult to clean than any other wide mouth bottle. Odd manufacturers defect with some loose metal in the insulated cavity though.

4Expert Score
Good i think

This bottle seems to be a knock off of the popular yetti thermos. It comes with no name on it and is sold by various people under various names. I think it works fine. I have no way of comparing it’s insulating quality to the yetti. If you start with cold liquid and add ice it will stay quite cold for 24 hours or more, haven’t tried hot stuff yet. I did find that if you did not fully tighten the cap it would leak a little. One more turn of cap solved the problem.

4Expert Score
Not leak proof

Bought this for my daughter to take to school. It’s a really nice water bottle. Sturdy. Love the fact that it comes with three different lids, however, my daughter complains that it leaks whenever the bottle tips over. She uses the lid with the straw. We haven’t tested the others yet. Even still, i would recommend these water bottles, being that it’s one of the nicer ones we’ve owned.

4Expert Score
Like the size, difficult to drink from

The 25 oz seems to be at an awkward size where its just a little to big for most cup holders, so might as well get a bigger size. The straw lid is requires more suction than i’d like, so it can be difficult to drink from. Seems like quality materials though.

4Expert Score
Won't fit my car holder

Won’t fit in the cup holder in my car

4Expert Score
Good thermos

It’s great as long as you don’t like it need cold beverages. It does however ensure that i get the water i need each day.

4Expert Score
It’s ok.

It didn’t really keep my drink cool for too long even when i added loads of ice. As well as it definitely does dent when it falls. It’s a good product overall but i don’t use it as much. I got one for my friend and their bottle leaks no matter how many times we opened and closed it. Again, the bottle is decent but i think it needs work.

4Expert Score
Great bottle for the price

Really appreciate the 3 different lids/tops it comes with. Would give it a 5 but rubber tip on the straw lid cracked and does fully work as a straw now, after less than 2 months of use. Hopefully it’s replaceable.

4Expert Score
Heavier than i thought

It is heavier than i thought and keeps cold. It is sweat proof, but cap is not. I keep in my walker with a rag under it for the sweat from cap. I guess its not totally perfect. It is nice to keep on nightstand still have ice in the morning.update: their customer service is great. They replaced first one no prob even after 30 days. Replacement did same thing so they refunded me 100%. Customer comes first in their company. I like that.

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