Tru-Ray Construction Paper P103031, 10 Classic Colors, 9′ x 12′, 50 Sheets

Tru-Ray Construction Paper P103031, 10 Classic Colors, 9′ x 12′, 50 Sheets

Buy Tru-Ray Construction Paper P103031, 10 Classic Colors, 9′ x 12′, 50 Sheets: Construction Paper – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are tru-ray construction paper p103031 features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Heavyweight 100% vat-dyed sulphite paper is perfect for any arts and crafts project
  • Durable enough to take scoring, folding and curling without cracking and tearing
  • Superior fade resistance for brighter, longer-lasting projects
  • 50-pack contains 10 classic colors
  • Acid free; recyclable; made in us
Categories: Crafts & Sewing

Tru-Ray Construction Paper P103031, 10 Classic Colors, 9′ x 12′, 50 Sheets AMAZON

Buy Tru-Ray Construction Paper P103031, 10 Classic Colors, 9′ x 12′, 50 Sheets: Construction Paper – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

I have a question. If a person used this paper in a swimming pool or bathtub, would it leak color into the water?

Yes, it will bleed. Most colored paper does bleed.

Is this non-toxic and acid-free?

This is non-toxic and acid-free.

Is this paper uncoated?

Yes, it is uncoated paper on both sides.

Does this work well with pencilcolor like prisma

Yes, it would be fine. It’s just a higher quality construction paper. The darker colors would not work as well, but the white and lighter colors would be fine if you get the multicolored pack. The white is very similar to most drawing papers.

Can i use this to make invite card ?

Yes u can use your decorative on the construction paper make look beautiful

What’s the paper weight?

The product description says ‘heavyweight’ and i can vouch that these are nice and thick construction paper-weight with great vibrant colors. I’ve bought two packs for my kids and even bought more as part of gifts for others. These are great! Recycled material as well!

Is there 50 of each color? Or 50 pieces of paper total?

50 pieces of same color

Can i use this paper instead of cardstock paper, since the cardstock paper are so expensive?

This is a different type of paper and not as stiff as card stock. You can buy cardstock cheaply at a fedex/kinkos printing center or ups. I bought 500 sheets of 65lb cardstock for less than $12.

How many assorted papers are in 9×12 size?

Looks like there are 50 sheets total and probably 5 each of the ten colors.

Is this sold by anyone other than my goods? They’re a scam

I dunno what scam are you talking about because i purchased this several times from the same seller.why would i know if it was sold by anyone else i don not work for them nor are they a scam.

Does this pack come with brown paper?

Yes, dark brown is in this assortment.

Can i make a hat and matching skirt for my one year-old out of this paper or is it too rough?

Not too rough but to weak…it will tear easily and it is only 8.5×11.

Is this paper fsc certified?

Tru-ray is sfi certified which is the equivalent of fsc.

Is it loose?


How many colors in the pack

There were ten colors in the assorted pack.

How many of each

This one and several others are all one color. I think there is one that comes assorted – the description probably tells how many of each color if you look carefully.

Can this be used in a normal printer or is it too thick?

I have never tried using in printer; i only use in cutting out dessigns for cards. I would think if you can run cardstock through your printer you would be able to use the construction paper. Sorry i could not be more help.

I have multiple questions: is the color strong or does the color look like its from cheap construction paper? Is the paper thicker than usual paper?

If you are choosing paper on a budget this will work. It’s not heavy weight paper. I am using it with other papers so it is fine for the project. The color is not strong but is still worth the price for 50 sheets.

Are these the thick kind or the thin one?

They are thicker but not stiff

What are the ten colors in this pack?

Hi nani g! The 10 colors are orange(3sc) yellow(5sc) green(7sc) pink(14sc) sky blue(21sc) navy(33sc) brown(50sc) white(53sc) black(57sc) and red(59sc). Thanks for asking and view are products. Best, booker@howzeart

Tru-Ray Construction Paper P103031, 10 Classic Colors, 9′ x 12′, 50 Sheets AMAZON

Buy Tru-Ray Construction Paper P103031, 10 Classic Colors, 9′ x 12′, 50 Sheets: Construction Paper – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
School activities

Ideal for all the school crafts and homework projects. The paper isn’t dull either.

5Expert Score
Great price and crafty

Great price and my grandchildren loves crafting

5Expert Score

The construction paper does the trick, get a good amount of paper, wish their were more vibrant colors in it. But will do for the money. The paper is not too thin or thick, just right. This paper is hard to find in the stores.

5Expert Score
Good price

Good paper

5Expert Score
This paper makes all drawings pop.

I love this brand because the colors are bright the paper is sturdy and my bulletin board pop when i use this brand paper.

5Expert Score
Vibrant! Great quality!!

I homeschool, so construction paper is very important! After years of settling for cheap, faded, crummy paper from stores, an art class supply list suggested this brand. Finally! Vibrant, great quality paper!! For a good price. Yes yes yes!

5Expert Score


5Expert Score
Excellent paper

Best quality construction paper i have worked with! The colors are also very vibrant!

5Expert Score
For my great granddaughter

Has a lot of pieces for doing crafts ..only draw back did not come in a storage container which would have helped to keep all the small pieces together in one place. Would have gave it 5 stars if it had a storage container

5Expert Score

Very thick. I love it.

4Expert Score
The colors are bright

Somewhat stiffer than regular construction paper and the colors are better.

4Expert Score
No brown

I bought this pack of paper specifically for brown and pink. Unfortunately their version of brown is a lighter black with a little more warmth to it. Absolutely not brown at all. If you’re like me and want a nice rich chocolate brown, pass on this one. The center of the sunflower i posted a pic of is made with the brown. I honestly don’t see brown.
What i do like is the weight of this paper. It doesn’t curl as much as other papers when glue is applied. I really like it. Projects look great.

4Expert Score
Clearly someone else got this and returned it

It’s good paper, i want to say someone else ordered this, terribly opened it and then returned it. There were a few pieces missing but not a big deal. The pictures are actually how i received it. Open and sliced like that, not sure if amazon or the seller is to blame but not worth a return really and it’s paper so it works!

4Expert Score
Nice thick

This construction paper is good for my kid, his has remote learning now and lots assignments need this construction paper for crafting. Nice thick but the color is not bright. But that’s not a problem.

4Expert Score
Not bad, nice colors, easy to cut, not as easy to see crayon mark on

Wish the colors were a little more brilliant

4Expert Score
Love the color

My son enjoys the construction paper, because it is colored paper. However, it is not as thick as most construction paper is.

4Expert Score
As advertised

Decent purchase

4Expert Score

I ordered this for my daughters school craft.
It has nice colors also very thick paper for any craft activity

4Expert Score
My favorite construction paper

This is my favorite construction paper haha. It’s smooth, so it feels more like catdstock. And the white is actual construction paper instead of white printer paper. Also an eco friendly choice

4Expert Score
Better than most other construction paper

The quality of the paper was very nice…not card stock quality, but this is construction paper. It was definitely better than most other brands of construction paper. There several different colors and they were very vibrant.

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