TurboTax Deluxe 2021 Tax Software, Federal and State Tax Return with Federal E-file [Yakibest Exclusive] [PC Download]

TurboTax Deluxe 2021 Tax Software, Federal and State Tax Return with Federal E-file [Yakibest Exclusive] [PC Download]

Buy TurboTax Deluxe 2021 Tax Software, Federal and State Tax Return with Federal E-file [Yakibest Exclusive] [PC Download]: Read Software Reviews – Yakibest.com
TurboTax Deluxe 2021 Tax Software: Get your taxes done right with turbotax 2021 turbotax is tailored to your unique situation. It searches for hundreds of deductions and credits and handles even the toughest tax situations, so you can be confident you’re getting every dollar you deserve and your taxes are done right. • turbotax deluxe is recommended if you own a home, have charitable donations, high medical expenses, and need to file both federal & state tax returns • includes 5 federal e-files and 1 state via download ($45 value). State e-file sold separately. Free u.s.-based product support (hours may vary). • turbotax coaches you every step of the way and double checks your return as you go • up-to-date with the latest tax laws so you have the latest information • save time by easily importing w-2s, investment & mortgage information from participating companies (may require free intuit account) • track and value items you donate to charities with itsdeductible • audit risk meter helps you reduce the chance of an audit • turbotax saves your progress so you can finish your tax return in one visit or do a little at a time • before you file, turbotax runs thousands of checks to help identify missing deductions or credits

What are turbotax deluxe 2021 tax software features?

  • Recommended if you own a home, have charitable donations, high medical expenses and need to file both federal & state tax returns
  • Includes 5 federal e-files and 1 state via download ($45 value*). State e-file sold separately. Free u.s.-based product support (hours may vary).
  • Get your taxes done right and your maximum refund
  • Maximizes 350+ deductions and credits
  • Up-to-date with the latest tax laws
  • Imports w-2s, investment & mortgage information from participating companies (may require free intuit account)
  • Imports prior year data from turbotax and other tax software
  • Accurately track and value items you donate to charities with itsdeductible (included)
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TurboTax Deluxe 2021 Tax Software, Federal and State Tax Return with Federal E-file [Yakibest Exclusive] [PC Download] AMAZON

Buy TurboTax Deluxe 2021 Tax Software, Federal and State Tax Return with Federal E-file [Yakibest Exclusive] [PC Download]: Read Software Reviews – Yakibest.com

Looking for specific info?

I have a small etsy shop, will this work for that?

You can use this for your small etsy shop as sort out all your etsy income and expenses and use sched c.

How to go to my software library to download turbotax?

After purchasing your turbotax software you can download it through the order confirmation email sent to you. You will also find it in your software library that you can find in your account under ‘digital games and software’.

Will this work with windows 11?

Yes, turbotax deluxe + state 2021 has a minimum requirement of windows 8.1 or higher (windows 8 not supported).

This is not approved by new york state for 2021. Will i need to mail it to them if i use it?

You should be able to e-file your new york state return with turbotax deluxe 2021 + state software once the new filing season opens for 2022. Currently, electronic filing for income tax is closed; you cannot submit e-filed income tax returns until the new filing season opens.

Do i have to pay for federal efile like the online turbotax version that requires payment when doing efile?

Efiling federal is free with the purchased version of turbotax m. You have to pay to efile state.

I expect to receive a k-1 from a trust. Does the deluxe desktop version allow that information to be input?

I don’t have that need, but here’s what i found online with turbo tax. (depending on the type of trust issues the k-1, it doesn’t sound like the deluxe edition will work for you.)

which turbotax do i need to file a return for a trust?
If it’s a living trust, you can use whichever turbotax personal program that suits your tax situation. There is no special tax form for living trusts; the trust’s income and deductions are reported on your personal tax return.

All other trusts need to file form 1041 (u.s. Income tax return for estates and trusts), which is supported in turbotax business.

Turbotax business also generates the trust beneficiaries’ schedule k-1 forms, which the beneficiaries then report on their personal tax returns. (think of a schedule k-1 as the trust equivalent of a w-2.)

Does the turbo tax deluxe download include schedule f?

All turbotax desktop personal tax products include all the same forms but with different guidance.

While deluxe does include schedule f (profit or loss from farming), we do suggest turbotax home & business to get the guided interview questions to ensure information is being accurately entered. If you are comfortable manually entering your information, you can use deluxe in forms mode. While using forms mode will not prevent you from e-filing, it does void the turbotax accuracy guarantee. If you override any values that were calculated by turbotax, this will void the accuracy guarantee and you will be unable to e-file. However, you would still be able to print and file your return.

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I bought only one yet it says i purchased two. I can’t get turbo tax to download onto my pc . Please refund all my money for this item(s)

Your download and install can be found in your digital software purchases from your order confirmation screen or your games & software library. If need to confirm your purchases please reach out to amazon support.

How do i get the code for installation

Go to your digital purchases section on amazon – you will find the codes necessary for all your digital purchases there.

Why do ignore 90 percent of the calls to you

If you’re having trouble contacting our phone support, please try reaching our support team through our facebook/twitter pages.

I ordered turbo tax and haven’t received it

You can download and install your digital software and video game purchases from your order confirmation screen or your games & software library.
1. Go to your digital items.
2. Select download next to the game or software you want to download.
3. When the download completes, proceed with the installation of the game or software.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions. Select ‘how to redeem this item’ if you need help with activating your product.
Tip: if your purchase includes a code, one is displayed under the item’s title in your digital items. Enter the code when prompted during the installation process.

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How do i get the 16 digit code to activate since its not in the email amazon sent

To activate and install your turbotax cd/download software, you’ll need the license code, a 16-character combination of letters and numbers (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) that can be found in the download confirmation email and/or order history. If you did not get it in the confirmation email, check your account, then go to your ‘digital games and software’ to find your software. If you still can’t find it, contact amazon support for help.

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Help me to download purchased turbotax

You can download your purchased turbotax software by following the order confirmation email or through your software library on amazon. To get to your software library, go to account and then ‘digital games and software’ to find it.

How do you know when download is available after purchasing?

Once you have completed the purchase of turbotax deluxe federal +state 2021 tax software download, you should receive an email from amazon with download directions and your license code. If you have any issues downloading the software, please reach out to amazon customer service for more support.

Want to change this order fir the cd one

I have downloaded and bought 3 copies of this program and still can’t get this to work.

I’m not very good at afix and reply form the program to work as it has for many years for me both personally and for my past businesses.

Please help and refund what you may and give me one that that works.

Message is ‘fdp.ws_2k861cf_sfdptt_idf_smrof cannot be found. Incabinet file data1.cab

Which one of i work for uber eats?

Turbotax home & business is recommended if you are self-employed, an independent contractor, freelancer, small business owner, sole proprietor, or consultant. You’ll be able to complete your personal and self-employed taxes in one product.

This will not run at all on windows 8 or just certain parts of it will not run on windows 8?

Turbotax 2021 requires an operating system of windows 8.1 or later (windows 8 not supported). Specifically win os: windows 8.1, windows 10, windows 11.

Do all downloads need to be activatedl to the same intuit account?

As per our end user license agreement turbotax desktop software – tax year 2021:

this software uses digital rights management technology. An internet connection is required to install, authenticate and activate the software and to verify your license upon the installation of the software on any unique machine (‘authenticate’ or ‘authentication’). The software may require you to create an intuit account in order to download, install and/or authenticate the software and/or updates. The license provided with this software will be verified via the internet during authentication. Authentication is limited to five (5) activations per license. This software is not transferable. If you disable or otherwise tamper with the technical protection measures, the software may not function properly and you will have materially breached the eula. You agree to keep your registration and account profile information accurate, complete, and current. Allowing or enabling others to use your license number is strictly prohibited.

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Will this allow me to e-file right now, without waiting to feb. 17 or beyond, with social security income?

E-file is open now and the irs is accepting returns. However, if you file before receiving all the proper tax reporting documents, you risk making a mistake that may lead to processing delays.

Does turbotax deluxe 2021 tax software, federal and state tax return with federal e-file [pc download] handle qualified charitable donations (qcds)?

Yes, turbotax deluxe federal + state will be able to report your charitable donations made via your 1099-r. You can learn more by searching the turbotax community for the article titled; ‘how do i enter my 2021 charitable donations in turbotax.’

TurboTax Deluxe 2021 Tax Software, Federal and State Tax Return with Federal E-file [Yakibest Exclusive] [PC Download] AMAZON

Buy TurboTax Deluxe 2021 Tax Software, Federal and State Tax Return with Federal E-file [Yakibest Exclusive] [PC Download]: Read Software Reviews – Yakibest.com

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
I really don't know what i'm doing..

I choose to be tax payment illiterate.. And thank goodness turbo tax is there to lean on. I had a longtime family lawyer doing my taxes and then he retired. He recommended a local financial service to do my taxes and i tried them out.. Only to pay twice the fee amount. Yikes! A friend advised that she uses turbo tax and if she can do it then so could i. So for the last 3 years i’ve done turbo tax. I get all sweaty and disturbed before sitting down to do them. I make a big production out of it fueled by ignorance and fear. Then i settle down and just to them. The federal version is swift and painless, the state version.. A little foggy. I admit each year that – state tax wise – i don’t know what i’m doing. Each year the state sends me a little note that a) i’ve paid too much or b) i’ve not paid enough. I think turbo tax does a pretty good job of holding my hand through the whole process. I’m the problem, not turbo tax.

5Expert Score
Don’t get cd edition!

I first got cd edition. I could not install on my computer. I had return it! Then, i got the download edition! It work! The problem when went to file my state tax, i was force to buy the state i needed. It was supposed be included one state. I ended paying for my state. Then, it would not except my state filing. I did get hold of a turbo tax representative. She help me over hour, it still would not accept my filing. She could see in her computer. I did just brought the state i needed. She gave me the confirmation number. It would not accept my filing. I thank her and hang up. Next day, i kept trying messing around with it. The filing was accepted. The year before i same problem with state filing part of turbo tax. I had file at my state free site. I did my result of 2021 state file with turbo tax. I had a error. I had pay additional twenty-seven dollar for filing errors! I hope they fix state proportion better for 2023!

5Expert Score
Got my refund!

This review is for turbotax deluxe 2021 tax software, federal and state tax return with federal e-file. Purchasing was a breeze using amazon. The download was available instantly and after installing on windows 10 based laptop the product was activated using the activation code available in my amazon account.

E-filing was super easy both with federal and state tax return (although you will have to play extra for state e-file) you get instant confirmation of your e-file and depending on when you e-filed both federal return and state refund was processed in a timely manner.

I have been using turbo-tax for many years and used to file my return the old school method (that is by filing using paper and mailing it in using usps with certified mail) this year it was done using e-file which was faster, more secure and faster refund.

I do recommend using this tax preparing software. Five stars product.

5Expert Score
A few bumps along the way

Updated apr 10, 2022 review
i finished my taxes earlier this past week on windows 8.1 and re-installed the program on windows 10 21h2 and redid my taxes as the worksheets from trying different things were still pre-populated on windows 8.1. By doing a clean install and only filling out the worksheets i actually needed i got a better more accurate return.

The earlier you start using turbotax i.e. In nov/dec of the prior year the more forms will not be complete but the program should put you in the ballpark if you need to make another estimated tax payment or pay another mortgage payment before the calendar year is up. By the time jan rolls around more updates make the program more usable. I think qc is lacking as the jan 20 update shut me down completely and i had to wait for the jan 27 update to have a working program again.

Lucky for me i run windows in virtual machines so its really easy to backup/restore the entire virtual machine from the command line in linux using the tar command i.e. 30 minute top. This works great for the few times that a windows 10 update has bricked my machine hence the reason for wanting to stay in windows 8.1 for as long as i can but ultimately it’s going to be the win 10/11 show and that’s were those backups come in handy.

I changed my stars from 1 to 4 to 5

updated jan 31, 2022 review
i checked daily for a solution to the problem mentioned in the original review and there were none. On january 27th, i tried the newest weekly update and surprise turbotax is working again. What a scare. It used to be that the product was tested better but in this day and we all are also in the quality control business and problems can take longer to solve. Glad this one only caused me to be down for a week, it could have been worse. I am raising my review to 4 stars. If i get to file my taxes w/o issues i’ll review the star rating later

original jan 24, 2022 review (1 star)
usually i run into very few problems installing the software and using it. This year was going well until the january 20th update. Turbotax tech support states there is no solution to this problem. So i may not be able to use turbo tax to do my taxes this year since they are at a loss. What’s next? Finger pointing: i.e. It’s my hardware, it’s microsoft’s fault, it’s turbotax’s fault …

Hopefully turbotax is monitoring the reviews and lights a fire under the problem and gets it resolved

5Expert Score
I'm a fan of turbotax deluxe for many years

I’ve done my taxes using turbotax for more than 20 years and never had a problem. All calculations are done by the program and i like being able to submit the forms electronically to the irs and state revenue agency.

5Expert Score
It works so well!

I love turbotax! It is as easy as doing taxes can be. You can import some info, and it asks all the important questions along the way. Some i would not think of! I’ve had to ask for more information occasionally, and it’s not hard to get answers. The question/chat box pops up occasionally, asking if i need to speak to a specialist, so help is easily accessible. I haven’t had any accuracy issues at all.
Turbotax leads you through each catagory, and though it seems repetitive in the finishing, i appreciate that it slows me down. I’ve had to go back through to add info i’d forgotten, or edit or delete. I have to use forms for itemized deductions. I like being able to begin, and take 2 or 3 weeks to finish. I don’t have 8-10 hours straight to work on gathering data and fill out on my forms. Life doesn’t allow me that. I can save my input and come back later, in a couple hours or a few days, or weeks.
Once i’ve gathered my deductions data, it’s very easy to input. I’ve appreciated the upgrades since the earlier years. The only thing i dislike is paying my state’s $25 fee for e-filing. I do appreciate that the state forms are available as part of turbotax. Following the same format & having my same info filled in is a time & headache saver. God bless the turbotax folks!

5Expert Score
It worked…..

Easy to install in a download, easy to use, excellent guide to take you through the process. Have purchased each year for past 3 year.

5Expert Score
My tax time go to

Easy to install/download and easy to maneuver through the various menus.

5Expert Score
Worked as advertised

Worked as advertised

5Expert Score
Cheaper and more convenient than turbotax advantage, paper-file state tax, installs fine

We have used turbotax advantage and paid $70 per year since forever. We e-file the federal tax and paper-file the state tax. We would have to pay extra to e-file the state tax. I feel that turbotax is deceitful in its marketing. I canceled turbotax advantage last year and opted to buy turbotax from amazon this year for $50. It says that it includes state filing, but it is not e-filing, it’s paper-filing. I looked at hr block software briefly and saw that turbotax imports don’t work well.

If you were to buy from the turbotax website right now, you’d pay $60 for federal tax filing and $50 per state filing. Who knows if it’s e-file? Costco is selling turbotax for $50 too, but they use a third party it company named synnex to fulfill your digital download order. I’m not sure how well it works.

I had no issues installing turbotax despite other users complaining about installation problems. They most likely have bad hard drives. I have a samsung ssd and it installed in about 30 seconds. When you register the software, you don’t have to tell them how you prepared your taxes last year and where you bought turbotax this year. It found my previous turbotax info without needing any input from me.

I would prefer that our government calculate the taxes for most citizens like european countries, however the irs would need more funding to do this. Our underfunded irs is also unable to extract taxes from the wealthy. Until then, turbotax works for this average american family.

4Expert Score
Good for basic returns

Let’s face it, taxes are just difficult. Because i have used turbo tax for years, i am getting more use to the program. Some questions can be confusing though.

4Expert Score
Gets the job done. Hate doing taxes

Don’t we all just love doing taxes? That said, turbotax has been the easiest to use in my experience. Walks you through everything and, so far, no issues with last years return. Pretty convenient and gets the job done. Not much else you can ask for here…other than a bigger refund.

4Expert Score
Just know that you can only download this once!

More a comment on purchasing turbotax thru amazon. Got a new laptop. Want to add a copy of turbotax to it. No way to do it thru amazon. Can only get the add-on state program thru turbotax. Useless without the federal. So i now have no way to access earlier files. Worse, just be aware it could be a huge hassle if your computer craps out before you finish filing. Looks like you just have to buy the program all over again.

4Expert Score
Yeah, it was ok.

I think turbo tax was a bit behind the 8 ball with the 2021 tax season, but perhaps that was more due to the irs. Lots of updates that do not seem to help. I will continue to use it, but this past year seemed kind of a pain to use.

4Expert Score
Good tax software

I had no problem downloading the turbotax application using the amazon link. Installation was also a breeze on my windows 10 computer using the license key provided. Once i downloaded the program, it automatically informed me that there was an update and i updated the program without any issue.

The tax software was able to pull in my previous year’s turbotax information. Just like the prior year’s version, turbotax starts off with interview questions that step you through income, deductions, credits, and all kinds of tax situations. I liked it that i can jump back and forth between the step by step mode and the forms mode. I liked to look at where the numbers where going into the form as i entered the information via the step by step mode. While in forms mode, i can right-click and see the data source of where a computed value was derived from.

I also appreciated that i was able to easily download my investment 1099 data from my brokerage firms and from my banks.

Not all the forms were finalized in the application yet, and there were a couple of updates during the past couple of weeks which fixed some of the forms. However, i am still waiting on a few forms that were not quite ready as of mid-february.

Overall, the program is functional as expected and pretty easy to use.

4Expert Score
Your license code is not in your amazon order.

I’ve used turbo tax for years and years … From back in the good old dos days. I’ve stuck with it even when there were serious glitches (the move to windows 3 for example, and the spyware debacle). The current version works well, and suggestions on some things (such as k-1 form) are improved.

The biggest problem i had was locating my license code after buying from amazon. It is not, contrary to some question responses by turbotax, in the order details; rather, it’s in the confirmation email amazon sent. Woe betide you you lose that email. Of course, that’s an amazon problem, but turbotax itself doesn’t proide a way out.

I’ve also had problems with the rita (local tax) forms for ohio. These can be very confusing if you live in one city and work in another. Even support had a hard time giving me correct instructions.

Also, beware … The free state does not include free filing. You might want to consider some competitors as some will give you any number of free states and free downloads. I haven’t switched just because i don’t want to learn another interface.

4Expert Score
More glitches than previous versions

I agree with the comments i’ve seen that say this latest version has more ‘glitches than previous versions. I have used turbo tax exclusively for over 30 years and was always happy with it…but again, i agree that it has become glitchy over the years. This year it failed to prompt me that there was a form that i had not entered (the form wasn’t even listed in their form menu), and had i not manually discovered it, it would have cost me over $400….not cool, and has me tempted to try another brand of tax preparation software…despite having had great faith in turbo tax for many years…
Constantly refining your product is great when it brings about improvements, but in my opinion their tinkering caused it to be less dependable than older versions…

4Expert Score
Did i get the best thing?

I got fed + state which included efile for what? 20$ more? So i pick efile for state but then it asks me how i want to pay the extra $40 for ‘refund processing’. Wait, isn’t that what i already paid the +20$ for? The flow sort of railroads you into paying. It was unclear what is the cost for turbotax state vs tt state efile vs ‘refund processing’. The only way to avoid a further $40 is back out of the efile.
I gather from some other reviews that the state (form logic) costs more (40?) if you didn’t get it on sale or as part of a package. So i guess i did get the right thing. Though might wonder if state is worth anything since nc is mainly a copy of fed with less options. 20$ to be sure that’s the case.. Maybe.
Seems a little underhanded not to allow you to see the returns until all this is settled.
In the end though, turbotax is a nice way to feel confident everything is right. Last few years without turbotax, irs caught a couple silly mistakes. So $42 to have turbotax do the filling in of stuff seems a decent deal. And did my daughter’s too.

4Expert Score
Unfortunately, it's a must-have

The government keeps talking about a simplified tax system but it will never happen. Worse, the irs seems to be dragged down by its own tax law inertia.
Thankfully, turbotax helps me cut through the mess with a series of simple questions in small, easy to answer bites. I’ve been using it for decades when it was macintax for apple computers. I love how it looks for previous year’s information to help fill in this year’s tax forms. I could do my taxes without it but why should i add to my effort? With it, i’m 75% done with a day’s effort.
I love the fact that there are weekly updates to the software during tax season. Unfortunately, it can be unwise to submit a complex tax form early, even if the software says you’re fine. Updates that are closer to the tax due date can fix errors that may change your results; it’s best to wait for them. Upon review of my tax forms after running the questions, i always find at least one minor ‘error’ every year. (2020 taxes were especially bad. I suspect this was due to the pandemic.) i usually finish my taxes in mid- to late-february but submit them in mid- to late-march.
Nothing will make tax time pain free but this package is a must-have in my eyes!

4Expert Score
10 year tt user. Line 12b married filing jointly-charitable contribution error – update

In 10 years this is the first time we have had a serious problem with tt. The software has properly identified that the standard deduction is best for us. Per the irs for 2021, for a couple married filing jointly, we are allowed a $600 deduction for charitable contributions. (we have $1,100 in religious contributions alone.) the software is automatically entering a $300 deduction on line 12b but then calling it an error. I have tried changing it to $600 but when the software reviews for errors the $300 is back and highlighted as an error. I tried zero…same result. Last year the irs allowed a $300 deduction and the software handled it properly. There are some ‘work arounds’ identified in a couple of forums but should my wife and i have to use a ‘work around’ in a software program that touts itself as looking out for our best refund? At the moment…not a happy camper. ** update. Waited 48 hours and tried again, magically the software accepted my $600 deduction entry when i opened forms. Changed rating to 4 stars, could not give it 5 due to the hassle in getting the software to work properly. But i will use tt again next year.

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