Turkey Brining Bags Set of 2 – Extra Large Holds up to 38lb – 25.5 x 21.5 inches – Heavy Duty with Gusseted Bottom – Double Track Zippers to Avoid Leaks

Turkey Brining Bags Set of 2 – Extra Large Holds up to 38lb – 25.5 x 21.5 inches – Heavy Duty with Gusseted Bottom – Double Track Zippers to Avoid Leaks

Buy Turkey Brining Bags Set of 2 – Extra Large Holds up to 38lb – 25.5 x 21.5 inches – Heavy Duty with Gusseted Bottom – Double Track Zippers to Avoid Leaks: Cookware Accessories – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are turkey brining bags set of 2 – extra large holds up to 38lb – 25.5 x 21.5 inches – heavy duty with gusseted bottom – double track zippers to avoid leaks features?

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  • Proven technique: brining is your ticket to a juicy, full-flavored turkey, even if you have no prior experience with turkey roasting. During brining, the turkey absorbs extra moisture, which in turn helps it stay more moist and juicy both during and after cooking. Since the turkey absorbs salt along with the water, it also gets nicely seasoned from the inside out. Even better, the salt breaks down some of the turkey’s muscle proteins, which helps with the overall moisture absorption.
  • Everything included: these two, extra large turkey sized brining bags have wide gusseted bottoms for extra volume and stability, as well as double track zippers. Also included are two removable zipper assist clips for easy closing and two 18-inch long strings of twine for trussing your turkey.
  • Free from breakage: don’t risk your expensive bird with a flimsy bag, this high-quality bag has incredibly thick seams, which is especially important since a turkey and brine can easily weigh over 40 pounds! The worry-free thick seams completely protect against any potential leakage, tears, or rips, ensuring a mess free roasting experience. Our brining bags are built with heavy duty, bpa-free, food-grade standard materials, ensuring safety in your cooking.
  • Multipurpose: not only are these 21.5′ x 25.5′ bags perfect for any large turkey, but they also work for many other types of meats, as well! The thick materials and durable seams make these bags also ideal for: wild game, ham, roast, deer, or even jerky! If you want an alternative to brining, you can also safely marinate your meat right in these bags, creating a flavor profile that is out of this world! When the meal is over, you can safely throw away bones and food waste into the bags.
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Turkey Brining Bags Set of 2 – Extra Large Holds up to 38lb – 25.5 x 21.5 inches – Heavy Duty with Gusseted Bottom – Double Track Zippers to Avoid Leaks AMAZON

Buy Turkey Brining Bags Set of 2 – Extra Large Holds up to 38lb – 25.5 x 21.5 inches – Heavy Duty with Gusseted Bottom – Double Track Zippers to Avoid Leaks: Cookware Accessories – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Can a 20lbs suckling pig fit in? It should be about 20 inch.

Yes. My turkey was 23 pounds and it fit easily.

Any chance a 30lb turkey would fit? I cannot find a bag that says it will accommodate a 30lb turkey anywhere.

In the past i have put the brine bag inside a 5 gal food safe grade bucket.or you can use a bucket without a brine bag but i use both for reasons i mention below.go to your local grocery chain bakery section and ask if they have any 5 gal cake frosting buckets they are looking to get rid of. Or maybe your local deli has some buckets they buy bulk pickles in that they may want to get rid of. Bring it home and wash it out really well. It may smell like frosting or pickles the first year you use it but eventually the smell will go away and by next year it should be fine. I place the brine bag inside the bucket first and then add the turkey and brine. That way if the bag should break or leak the bucket will contain the mess and you don’t have to worry about it.since this setup is an option to finding room in your refrigerator, you can put ice in a large ziplock bag and place it on top of the brine bag in the bucket to keep the brine cool without diluting it. Replace ice as needed for the next 24 hrs or so….when you get ready to remove the turkey from the brine, bring bucket to the sink and carefully lift the brine bag out and set it in the sink. Then take scissors and make a slit at bottom of bag to let the brine out. You can continue to rinse the turkey while it is in the bag and water will just drain out. It will keep your turkey clean while rinsing it thoroughly. I don’t like to rinse my turkey out while it sits directly in the sink. Who knows what has been in the sink lately? I do not reuse the bag because of food contamination so i don’t feel bad for cutting a slit in it when i am done with it.

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What material is the bag made of?

It’s made of plastic that is thicker than a standard brining bag from a kit. It’s substantially larger, as well. I think it would hold a turkey larger than 25 pounds. I am not sure what kind of plastic it is, the package i have from last year doesn’t have anything printed on it that specifies the kind of plastic. It is pretty heavy duty. I’ve used a lot of different brining bags, and this is the best. There is a clip on the plastic that helps you seal it, and it’s a little hard to replace it after you get butter or oil on the clip, so be careful not to pull it off. I ended up having to use twine to close the bag, which was fine because it helped the brine cover my turkey, anyway. I put the bag into the roasting pan, put the turkey in the bag, then poured the cold brine over and it fit into my refrigerator. You could also put the bag into a cooler filled with ice and it would save up some of your refrigerator space. Hope that helps!

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How long do you need to brine it for before cooking?

12-24 hours. I wouldn’t go longer than 24 and b sure to rinse very very well after.

Can someone please tell me what is the mil or thickness of this bag?

Not thick enough! Both mine leaked & i had a terrible mess

Is this bag oven safe?

No it is not oven safe. Only use for brining. Personally i would not recommend it. Very weak bag. They rip very easily.

Why does it say it is 21′ x 23.5′ when the package that just arrived says 19.5′ x 23.5′? I bought it because it was the largest listed…

I had plenty of room for a 21 pound turkey. Just wasn’t happy with these because the slider came right off in my hand. Had to tie the top of with twine. Good luck with it

I need to know the ingredients in the brining solution. Does anyone have a clue where to find the listing of ingredients? Have not been able to find i

What ingredients are you looking for? I always use 1 cup of kosher salt, 1 cup of brown sugar to 1 gallon of water. Make sure to brine at least 12 and no more then 24 hours. Also make sure to rinse turkey throughly after removing from brine. I think this makes the best brine. When i tried to use different herbs i had mixed reviews from my family.

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How many gallons of liquid can it hold?

I don’t know how many gallons it holds. However, i used it last christmas & had about a 20 lb turkey. It worked well. The label says it’s good for up to a 25 lb turkey.

Are these bags bpa free?


This is a stupid question – but do you have to turn/flip the turkey while it’s brining? Or do you try an fill up the bag over the top of the turkey?

The instructions tell you to put the turkey in the bag breast side down and fully cover with the liquid. I have turned my turkey before because most of the seasonings end up in the bottom of the bag.

Can i fit a 20lbs suckling pig in this bag? The pig would be about 20 inches long.

Do not use! These bags rip very easily.

Will it easily accomodate a smaller, 14 pound bird or will i have to make twice the brine to fill the empty space?

You won’t have to make more brine than needed to cover the bird. I just make the brine, pour it over the bird in the bag and stop. You then just squeeze out the air at the top of the bag and zip it closed. It helps to put the bag with the bird in it inside a large bowl to keep it the brine from spilling out while you squeeze out the air and seal the bag.

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Will this work for a 41 pound turkey?

I never did one that size so i simply don’t know.

Which bag is for brining and which one for baking?

This pack is two brining bags. If you look at the other one we sell, that one has an oven bag inside

Are these reusable?

I would definitely not reuse this sort of thing. They are basically made to be used once and tossed. Because of that, it makes it easier for me because i will take it to the sink, after the brining is done, and slit open the bottom to let all the liquid out. It makes it a breeze and then i can just rinse the turkey while still in the bag and have less lifting and juggling. 🙂

We need to watch our salt ! Should i still brine ?

If you don’t use salt, you can use others, such as spicy and vegetables and fruits.

Can these be to line buckets used for water storage?

I don’t see why they couldn’t, but the are rectangular in shape, may fit in a 5 gallon bucket.

How do you use it with a smaller turkey? I didn’t expect it to be so gigantic.

Use it as a liner in a smaller pot or container, place turkey inside and fill with brine mixture and you a zip tie or wire to tie it off!

Can you sous vide the turkey in these bags?

I don’t see why not. They are very thick.

Turkey Brining Bags Set of 2 – Extra Large Holds up to 38lb – 25.5 x 21.5 inches – Heavy Duty with Gusseted Bottom – Double Track Zippers to Avoid Leaks AMAZON

Buy Turkey Brining Bags Set of 2 – Extra Large Holds up to 38lb – 25.5 x 21.5 inches – Heavy Duty with Gusseted Bottom – Double Track Zippers to Avoid Leaks: Cookware Accessories – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Sturdy, very secure

The brining bags are very large! It will easily handle your 20+ lb turkey. Very sturdy and the ziploc top very secure

5Expert Score
The product was very sturdy and large enough for a turkey much larger than i had purchased.

It was exactly what i needed. It was also quite a bit larger than i anticipated, which was a nice surprise.

5Expert Score
Great for ribs also!

These bags are great! I season my ribs and let them sit overnight before i smoke them for the fourth of july cookout. Sometimes i use a marinade also. These bags are solid, large, and seal well! I had no fears of their leaking any fluids or of the ribs breaking through the bag (sometimes ‘pack’ my ribs in and they can get heavy). I also marinated some chicken in one of these and, as with the ribs, had no fear of their leaking! This is a great product, does what it says, and is worth the money!!

5Expert Score
Plenty of room for brine and bird!

Last thanksgiving was almost a catastrophic event when my turkey didn’t fit into my brining bucket and barely fit into my vegetable drawer from the fridge (makes for an excellent brining vessel when in a pinch and it’s not cracked) and i lost over half of my brine all over the place. Do you know how hard it is to clean up wet celery seeds? And it’s not much fun either.
I decided to look for some brining bags since we had a larger bird than last year and my hubby got a 5 gal pickle bucket from a friend that owns a restaurant.
I only needed to use 1 bag to hold a 24 lb turkey and 3 gals of brine. I put ice in the bottom of the bucket and placed the sealed bag in with all of that weight in there (surprisingly durable for something that doesn’t have the feel of durability), placed an ice pack on the top after letting all of the air out of the bag, then put a lid on the bucket and placed it in a very cold room overnight. When it came time to take it out, i had to leave it set at room temperature for a while because there was still ice in the bucket and it was very cold. The meat will seize up if you put it cold immediately into or onto a screaming hot oven/stove top. If you ever took an ice cold steak out a put it right on a grill or stove top and wondered why it was like shoe leather, that’s why. I brine (wet or dry brine) just about every piece protein in cook because it makes everything taste so much better.
I have also roasted my turkeys in bags since i first started cooking because that’s how my mom and grandma did it. I brine it and i make a butter compound that i put under the skin, legs and breasts then put it in a roasting bag. Tender and juicy every time! I found some goose size roasting bags on here and they are perfect!
I highly recommend these brining bags because they hold a lot of brine and bird (or whatever you want to brine) without splitting and they are at a reasonable price.
Thank you for making our holiday a lot easier with the cleanup and convenience. I have one left for my next large brining project.

5Expert Score
My go-to for brining turkeys

We brined two turkeys for new year 2022. These held up great with one turkey being 13 pounds and the other being 12 pounds. With about 4 gallons of liquid and the turkey, there was no question about the durability of the bags, it’s more awkward to handle than any other issue. I might point out also that the turkeys brined in the same bag for almost three days. I then smoked them on my smoker for almost four hours and they turned out absolutely delicious, [but that’s another review :)].

I’ve used these since 2016 and have had nothing but good luck with these brining bags. Of course the fact that they are bpa-free, heavy duty and can hold a ton of brining liquid make these a must have for those who brine their meat.

I suggest keeping a couple in your pantry as we do as they sometimes sell out.

These are a five star item and is highly recommended.

5Expert Score
Think before you brine

This is my first time brining turkeys in a bag. I had two 20lb turkeys and i placed them breast down in each bag on my kitchen counter. As i started addjng brine i soon realized that i was never going to be able to lift these guys much less get them out to the garage to place in the extra fridge. So i got a genius idea…. Place the birds and bags in the fridge then add the brine. Now the bags already had some brine in but not enough so i had to go back to the kitchen to get more brine. When i opened the fridge door one of the birds decided to try to escape the bag… Luckily it didn’t escape the fridge but the mess took me about 30mins to resolve. I then decide a corral was needed. I placed each bird in a rectangular 15 quart container and i was pretty proud of myself. Now to get the air out and zip the bags closed. I didn’t find the blue zipper very useful but i eventually got them closed and the whole ordeal took me about an hour. I will use these again but not without some extra muscle and i have learned how to do it relatively efficiently so next year i have a good shot at beating my own time. It’s important to note that none of my struggles were the fault of the bag. I will definately do this again next year.

5Expert Score
Great brining bag!

I was able to easily brine a 23 pound turkey in one of these bags! Very sturdy and i love that they came with closure tie and clip. Will definitely be buying these bags again!

5Expert Score
Better than expected

The bags were as sturdy and large and watertight as advertised. I was very pleased with them.

5Expert Score
They worked well with no leaks

The zip lock top didn’t break when opening and did not leak while in use.

5Expert Score
Used for 22-23 lb turkey without problem!

This year i got a fresh turkey from a local farm, and i was told to brine brine brine. So i did, but the mess was daunting. Particularly because i had a brine of lots of salt, herbs, oils, spices, and other secrets. This makes any bucket or jar a mess! So i wanted to figure out a way how to brine without all the mess and came across these brine bags.

It works great! I was able to fit a 22-23 lb turkey in teh brine back with plenty of room. There were some little feather stubs too, which could be sharp, but did not puncture the bag. The bag held the turkey for about 1-2 days, and easily removed it. No leaking from the bag. I just resealed it and threw it away with all the brine and herbs, plus other secrets. Through whatever graces, no brine or turkey even touched my bucket! (you can see from the oils and brine, noticeable on everything it touched).

Therefore, i would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is a seasoned chef, or a novice spring chicken! (puns intended).

4Expert Score
I had a different use

I used these to sous vide whole turkeys. I added no salt chicken and beef broth in the bag along with vegetables and seasoning. Need to add enough to cover the turkey. I then put the whole thing into a cooler filled with water and sous vide at 150 degrees f for 24 hours. Remove carefully because it’s cooked and it will fall apart. Pat dry and let stand for at least 30 minutes. I like to then lather in honey with salt and pepper but you can use whatever you’d like. Then in the oven at 450 for 30-40 minutes until golden brown. Best turkey i’ve ever had. The white meat tasted like dark meat. And the chicken broth was excellent for gravy.

4Expert Score
In the end.. Old fashioned ways are better!

These bags shipped quickly and are very large, my 22 pounder was dwarfed inside this bag. Its thick and looks durable.. My bird is still soaking, i will see if it spare me leakage. My problem was with closing it, the zipper zipped closed, then kept opening back up..it was not fun at all.. Trying to keep the brine liquid in.
Here is my story…..i wish you all a happy thanksgiving. It’s time to give the turkey it’s spa treatment! I usually put it in a cooler to brine , but i discovered brining bags this year. Genius idea! Ziplock bags are wonderful, why not make a huge bag for turkeys and other large pieces of carnivorous pleasure to soak in spices and secret brining brew.. No muss.. No fuss as my mother would say.
Everything seemed to be going smoothly, until the bag started to get full. What happened next, i can only best describe this way. Remember, way back when water beds were popular? You had to lift the corners back to dust and clean out candy wrappers.. And any other kind of wrappers… And the water would shift… Sometimes over the rail, turning the bed into the blob? Well that’s the nightmare i just survived, all by myself.. While hubby sleeps peacefully on the couch. I never imagined i would be wrestling a large bird and the blob at the same time.. It was the twilight zone, right in my kitchen! Yes… Blood, i mean liquid , was spilled, but i wrangled that blob bag upright and started zip locking that baby closed. Except it would not stay closed..the zipper kept opening up! There i was, trapped, unable to let go of the bag, unable to move, calling for help, that never arrived. Luckily, i remembered i save the big butt rubber bands from the broccoli, in a drawer near enough for me to do some contorted yoga moves to reach. I tied a top knot into that wonderful genius bag, and heaved the bird into the fridge… Praying that bag does not spring a leak. As i shut the door, i remembered another thing my mother always said… New fangled things may come along, but the old fashioned way is usually the best! Next year that bird is going into the cooler!

4Expert Score
Makes brining easier, cleaner

Used this to brine a 15 pound turkey. The bag was large enough for a much larger bird. It is heavy duty plastic and there was no problem with leaks. I put the bag in a 5 gallon plastic bucket, put the turkey in and then poured the iced brine solution in. The double ziplocks were a bit tricky to close but they did the job. I got most of the air out of the bag before sealing, put more ice on top of the bag inside the bucket and covered the bucket and put it on the back porch overnight in 45° f. The next morning the ice on top was still present and everything remained cold. Carefully took the sealed bag out of the bucket, put it in the kitchen sink and opened it, removed the turkey and plet the brine out into the sink through a strainer to catch the solids. I washed out the bag and set it open to dry, and will use it again next time. The turkey came out great. I think the price for two bags was kind of steep, but the bags made the job significantly easier and cleaner. All in all it was a good purchase.

4Expert Score
Good bags, poor closure clips

I used these bags to transport two adult koi to their new home a few miles away. The blue plastic slide closure didn’t close the seal on either bag. My son ended up having to squeeze the closure extra hard to get the bags to seal. At this point we didn’t have confidence in the seal and added huge office clips to the seal.

Just fyi, the adult koi didn’t fit very well. Their tails had to curl up a bit. This wasn’t bad for a 3 mile drive. Not trusting the bags to split, i guided one koi into a bag, sealed it, placed the bag into a plastic storage container while still in the pond, then lifted the container out. I tried to keep the water to a minimum until we lifted the containers out of the pond. Once we got the containers to the car, we added enough water to just cover the koi. I put one koi in it’s bag per plastic container.

4Expert Score
First time briner and bag worked great.

Never had brined a turkey before, so tried these bags. Came in a two pack and worked very well. I was afraid of it opening in the fridge and spilling out, but i had no problem. The bottom of the bag lies flat, we had an 18.5 pound turkey and there was plenty of room. Used a roasting pan to hold the bag with the turkey and brine in case of leaks, but there were none. The plastic was strong, and came with an extra piece of string and a plastic sealer. Turkey came out fantastic, using the second bag for christmas!

4Expert Score
Overall, works great, just hard to seal for me

Overall, i think it’s a great product. I actually had never heard of brining bags before i got this and i was doing it the old fashioned way! I just made my first turkey and it came out moist and juicy. My only issue was keeping the bag sealed, but that could have just been me.

4Expert Score
These really are huge!

Was having a lot of trouble finding brining bags at home. Amazon to the rescue! These are perfect and since there are two in the pack i have one for next year. They are really huge. We had a 14 pound turkey and it was lost in the bag. This would fit a much much larger bird quite easily. The bag is nice and thick and there was no worry about it ripping. The top seals easily and completely. I would definitely buy these again.

4Expert Score

Just what i was looking for

4Expert Score
Very large .

Would work for a large turkey!

4Expert Score
Works fine, but it won’t seal

Would get 5 stars if the ziplock worked. It’s not that big of a deal, but i would really prefer if it zipped shut to prevent it from leaking.

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