Two Rivers Coffee Flavored Coffee Pods Compatible with K Cup Brewers Including 2.0, Assorted Variety Pack Flavored Coffee, 40 Count

Two Rivers Coffee Flavored Coffee Pods Compatible with K Cup Brewers Including 2.0, Assorted Variety Pack Flavored Coffee, 40 Count Two Rivers Coffee Flavored Coffee Pods Compatible with K Cup Brewers Including 2.0, Assorted Variety Pack Flavored Coffee, 40 Count : Grocery & Gourmet Food

What are two rivers coffee flavored coffee pods compatible with k cup brewers including 2.0 features?

  • Contains maple, chocolate, cinnamon, chocolate vanilla, vanilla, hazelnut and other flavored coffee pods. Individual flavor may vary!
  • This two rivers coffee box is the #1 selling flavored coffee sampler pack! No need for 40 different boxes just to have variety in your flavored coffees. Just one box, 40 delicious flavored coffees. Choice tastes better.
  • Two rivers coffee sampler packs allows you to enjoy an assortment of beverages without buying so many different boxes. Your coffee, tea, hot cocoa, cider, cappuccino headquarters. Yeah… We got you covered.
  • Compatible with k cup brewers. People with sensitivity to flavored coffee or caffeine products should avoid drinking all flavored coffees.
  • Two rivers coffee is not affliated or endorsed by keurig green mountain.
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Two Rivers Coffee Flavored Coffee Pods Compatible with K Cup Brewers Including 2.0, Assorted Variety Pack Flavored Coffee, 40 Count AMAZON Two Rivers Coffee Flavored Coffee Pods Compatible with K Cup Brewers Including 2.0, Assorted Variety Pack Flavored Coffee, 40 Count : Grocery & Gourmet Food

Looking for specific info?

Are all 40 coffees in the flavored coffee sampler different?

It’s been over a year since i received 40 different flavors, 3 or 4 different orders, duplicates in everyone. Probably received on average 30-35 different flavors. Not the quality of past, but i guess you can say anything in advertising. It would be nice if they could deliver 40 different flavor’s, not just say it in their inaccurate description

Do these work in the keurig 2.0?

No, sadly, they don’t. You can make them work by inserting them into a universal, reusable filter cup, such as solofill. Or, you can cut the tops off the newer k-cups and place them over your incompatible ones. Both of these are a pain, however. It’s a shame that keurig decided to add this inconvenience to its new machine, which otherwise is a dazzling machine. I have both a 2.0 and a 3-year-old original keurig. I use the 2.0 for compatible k-cups and my older model for all others.

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Is this only coffee? I do not want tea or cocoa

Yes, this is just flavored coffee

Does this pack have flavored coffee?

Nope. There are no flavored coffee in the medium sampler pack.

Do these have calories? Or are they simply flavored coffee?

These are flavored coffee, there are no calories.

Are these flavored coffees keto-friendly? Are there carbs from the flavors?

Coffee has no inherent nutritional value. The same is true for our flavored coffees. No calories. No carbs. No sugars. No sweeteners. If you have any further questions, you can contact us at

two rivers coffee
customer service team

Will these work in a keurig compact?

Sorry, not sure as i own a large version.

Do the flavored coffees have sugar? Would like to know what the nutritional value is is possible (one flavor example is fine)

I went on the site yet could not find a nutritional value nor how much if any sugar was in product. Once brewed, it looks like regular coffee. The website doesn’t indicate if any sweetener is added…just artificial flavoring. I’ve used my k flavor cups as a treat amongst a regular cup of mojo…sorry…know it wasn’t the answer you were looking for.

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Will these pods work with a mixpresso one cup coffee maker?

If your mixpresso uses k-cups, no matter what company, it will be able to use these pods.

Do these pods work in keurig b40?

Yes, they work in any keurig single pod machine and the flavors are really nice and strong.

Where are they made?

Googled it n it says brooklyn bean company

Are all of the flavors vegan?

I don’t think they contain animal products

Who make the black and white coffee? It was amazing and i forgot to take a picture

You do mean the black & white cookie, right? I just happen to have one. It is brooklyn bean roastery.

Can i use these with a hamilton beach flexbrew??

I researched a hamilton beach flex brew and the answer is yes you should be able to use k-cups with your flexbrew

I recently ordered butterscotch candy . When is it due to arrive?

Usually a day.

How much caffeine (milligrams)?

Per the internet: each k-cup® pod contains between 75 and 150 mg of caffeine per 250 ml (8 oz) cup. However, this depends on the roasting strength along with other factors. Generally, the darker the coffee is roasted, the less caffeine it contains. Almost all decaffeinated coffees still contain some caffeine.

Is there a way to customize what flavors that are sent in a subscription order??


Does any of these flavor coffee’s contain sugar?

There are no sugars or sweeteners in any of the coffees.

How do i cancel my subcription?

Your question is vague as to what you want to cancel. I suggest you contact amazon support.

Are the dates on the cups expiration dates? All of my cups have a 2017 date (received in ’18)?

The expiry date is printed on the box. The numbers on the side of the cups are lot numbers. They are used for internal tracking and do not in any way indicate the expiration date.

Two Rivers Coffee Flavored Coffee Pods Compatible with K Cup Brewers Including 2.0, Assorted Variety Pack Flavored Coffee, 40 Count AMAZON Two Rivers Coffee Flavored Coffee Pods Compatible with K Cup Brewers Including 2.0, Assorted Variety Pack Flavored Coffee, 40 Count : Grocery & Gourmet Food

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great if you like some variety

Waking up to a different flavor every morning has been a treat. A majority of the flavors are based on ice cream, with some variation into other desserts. There were very few generic flavors like vanilla or hazelnut. Overall for the price you cant go wrong. I will be ordering again when im running low.

Use half and half or real cream for these. The artificial flavored creamers will completely hide the coffees flavor defeating the point of pre flavored coffee in the 1st place. Plus they have a ton of sugar content.

5Expert Score
Pleasantly surprised

With varying reviews, i was a little skeptical of this purchase. The price made it worth the toss up. I only paid .50$ per each pod and that’s better than the grocery store i go to so i thought, what the heck might as give these a go. Each flavor was different, one mystery kind and even that one was good! I’m more than half way done with them and i’ve really liked every flavor so far. I’d recommend you give these a try if you like options.

5Expert Score
I am in love

So in love with this coffee! I am a pod fan but went back to ground simply because i wanted bold flavor and caffeine in my life! It is surprising how hard it is to get both in a pod! This find was the end of a treasure hunt! I love this coffee ! Bold tasty and as close to ground without the fuss as one can get! It is for the bold coffee enthusiast not for the rookies lol! Great flavor and yes it does have caffeine! Yummy coffee!

5Expert Score
Love the flavors

We loved the flavor combos that was available in this package. I was a little worried because it wasn’t a brand i recognized but wow it’s awesome not too bitter great taste

5Expert Score
Great variety of good coffee!

Great variety, 40 different flavors, no one flavor was repeated. Haven’t tried it yet but i’m curious about the mystery flavor! Really cool coffee variety for someone who loves a different taste in every cup!

5Expert Score
The best!!

The coffee… All flavors…. Even chocolate flavors, that i feel like i’m drinking hot chocolate…. Are sooo amazing, and its so fun to pick a new flavor every morning!!!

5Expert Score
Great coffees at a great price

Could have come with more in the box because we use them so fast because they are good. Starbucks look out. And no politics with them . Woooohooo!

5Expert Score

I like that it was able to let me know different flavors i was not expecting a lot of cherry flavored coffee tho. It’s still a good experience to try it tho.

5Expert Score
Excellent variety and delicious coffee!

This is the second time i’ve purchased. Awesome selection, coffee is great! I will purchase again because i really like to have something different to choose from each morning!

5Expert Score
Love the flavor options

If you’re one for flavored coffees this is the pack for you. Delicious and smooth. I love waking up in the morning to see what my options are.

4Expert Score
Good coffee deal

I’ve been getting this for well over a year now. The only thing that i wish they would do is switch the flavors up every now and then. After a few months, i get tired of the same flavors even though this is a variety pack and i end up switching to something else for a little bit. Even if they just changed it quarterly that would be fun and interesting. Come summertime i’m not really into pumpkin spice, you know? Or peppermint stick? Lol other than that it’s a great deal.

4Expert Score
Excellent variety and taste

I love the variety of flavors in this package. They are quite tasty, especially with a little sweet cream which brings out the flavor even more. The blueberry cobbler has been my favorite so far. There were no duplicate flavors. The only reason i gave this a 4 is because when the box arrived it was so beaten. I was surprised that the cups weren’t damaged. They really need to be packed better, perhaps another box in the main shipping box.

4Expert Score
Better than i thought!

I wasn’t sure if any of these would have flavor since i ordered flavored coffee in the past but surprisingly most of them did. The friendlys black cherry chocolate chunk , cella’s cherry and the java s’mores we’re the best! I did get 40 different flavors and enjoyed most of them. Again i was pleasantly surprised that these had good flavor so i am very happy with my purchase!

4Expert Score
Great gift!

I bought this for my six year old granddaughter to give to her mom for her birthday because she said that her mom’s two favorite things are chocolate and coffee. It was well received.

4Expert Score
Better than i expected

A wonderful variety of flavored coffees. I don’t think there are two identical ones in the whole batch. They’re not gourmet brands, but they’re still very tasty. I’ll probably order this again.

4Expert Score
All good except any with fruit flavor

Love all the flavors except any of them that have a berry or fruit flavor. Those are disgusting

4Expert Score
Good item for the cose

I have purchased this variety pack of coffee pods multiple times. The price is reasonable and the many flavors are fun and tasty.

4Expert Score
Wonderful assortment

When i received these i just knew i would probably get a ton of the same flavors. I was wrong every single one was different no dupes. That was awesome! I deducted one star for flavor because it could use a bit more flavor. I’ve tasted 4 so far and they kinda tasted the same. I have a lot more to explore and i’m excited about it. I would still probably order again.

4Expert Score
Fun to have so many flavors

I like these. I am not a big coffee drinker and certainly not the most discriminating one, but it is cool to have so many flavors and so far i like all of them. Other people said they got a lot of duplicates, but i only got one duplicate in the box – so 39 different flavors. Great value as well.

4Expert Score
Labels on coffee were creative

I enjoy flavored coffee but i found this collection of flavored coffee seemed either mildly flavored or no real flavor to the coffee. These comments come after 8 different cups of coffee. I’m using a newer 2.0 k cup coffee brewer. Setup to brew 8 oz coffee. I am going to continue using the coffee that came in the box to see if i find some that do have a flavor.

Now it could be i just could not taste the flavor. Please allow for that! Also please allow that this is just one person’s opinion.

On the plus side is a lot of k cups. Price for the number of k cups is reasonable!

after working through the box of flavors – i found a pattern to the coffee taste issue. I have a scale for postage use but used it to also weigh the coffee pods. Seems the ones that have little flavor there was about 0.18 oz less coffee in the pod. Out of the total box of 40 k-cups there were 9 k-cups that weighed less, and wouldn’t ya know the ones i started with were the lighter k cups! The rest of the coffee did have good (great) flavor.
And i do have the k-cups working with my kuerig k300 k-cup 2.0 coffee maker.

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