UBeesize Phone Tripod, Portable and Flexible Tripod with Wireless Remote and Clip, Cell Phone Tripod Stand for Video Recording

UBeesize Phone Tripod, Portable and Flexible Tripod with Wireless Remote and Clip, Cell Phone Tripod Stand for Video Recording

Yakibest.com: UBeesize Phone Tripod, Portable and Flexible Tripod with Wireless Remote and Clip, Cell Phone Tripod Stand for Video Recording : Electronics

What are ubeesize phone tripod features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Portable and compact tripod- the compact flexible legs can easily wrap around bicycles, poles and branches. Weighing only 150g and standing at 10 inches, this tripod is definitely the most portable and compact tripod
  • Superior quality- the flexible tripod legs are made of thick premium metal and full metal connector, reinforced with a rubber coating and sturdy foam.the non-skid rubber feet design keeps the adjustable tripod very stable whether on a desk or floor
  • Portrait & landscape mode possible- rotating the side knob, the ball head can be tilted 90 ̐ easily. You can take photos or videos with a wireless remote control from a distance of up to 30 feet. Great for traveling, selfies, or video recording
  • Functional accessories- comes with a wireless remote (compatible with all cell phones), a universal phone holder (works for cellphones up to 3.54 inch wide. By a standard adaptor screw thread, it is compatible with digital cameras like nikon/ canon
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UBeesize Phone Tripod, Portable and Flexible Tripod with Wireless Remote and Clip, Cell Phone Tripod Stand for Video Recording AMAZON

Yakibest.com: UBeesize Phone Tripod, Portable and Flexible Tripod with Wireless Remote and Clip, Cell Phone Tripod Stand for Video Recording : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Will this work for iphone 12 pro max?

Yes, this works with the iphone 12 pro max.

How do you get the remote to work? I have an iphone and i press the ios button but i don’t even get a light on the remote

Connect your phone and remote through bluetooth, once connected through bluetooth it will work.

Will this work with an lg stylo 5? Will the ph9ne fit without popping out of breaking the tripod in any way?


Will the remote work to start recording when streaming via facebook? Or is it just for standard photos and videos?

Yes, it works for recording and streaming. Sorry for the late response

Remote is not working with iphone 12pro max

Make sure it’s set to ios and sometimes i need to turn it off then back on

Will this work with a lg journey lte

Yes, i do believe it will work with a lg journey lte

Does the remote work with the iphone 12?

Can’t say but it did work with the iphone 11.

Is this a cold port for lighting attachment

Don’t understand this question, sorry.

Is this good for samsung galaxy s21 ultra

I do not know about specific model, but my impression of this item ls that it is not stable for attaching of side.

Does it fit samsung galaxy note 9?

If it is similar in size to plus size apple phone i would say yes

Will this work for iphone xr

I believe it will. The adapter expands big enough to accommodate my phone with a case which is easily the size of an iphone xr.

I have a old iphone 5s phone, is this tripod compatible to hold it? Thanks!

Yes. You’ll be amazed of the quality of this tripod. After i bought one for me, i bought my son, my daughter, their mom one, and my 2 grandsons one this christmas

When i press the ios button the phone turns to the power/sos mode. The camera does not take a picture, what is wrong?

Mine does the same thing too. It goes to sos/
power off.

Will this work for the galaxy note 20?

It should. I phone 11 with room to spare

Can it also hold a microphone?


Does the remote work with video?

Yes just have to set your phone to video mode first.

Can a microphone be mounted on top of the phone holder?

No, not unless it can clip on to the top of the holder, but it does not look very posible.

Is the ball head made of plastic?

If you mean the standard tripot/camera screw, it is a metal screw through a plastic platform. If you mean the cell-phone camera clamp, is a plastic assembly with spring-loaded clamps and a metal insert for the camera screw.

Is there a usual manual for ubreeze phone tripod?

Yes very little info though

Will this be sturdy on the beach in the sand if we want to use it there?

Yes i it would be sturdy enough for the beach.

UBeesize Phone Tripod, Portable and Flexible Tripod with Wireless Remote and Clip, Cell Phone Tripod Stand for Video Recording AMAZON

Yakibest.com: UBeesize Phone Tripod, Portable and Flexible Tripod with Wireless Remote and Clip, Cell Phone Tripod Stand for Video Recording : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Excellent value, does exactly what it is supposed to do, assembly is child's play

I bought this as a convenient way to position my iphone when shooting cute little videos for my friends and family. Set it on a desktop, tabletop, dresser, or any flat surface, and it serves that purpose perfectly. Combining that with the fact it is the most economically priced unit of its kind and what else is there to say? Unless you need something fancier or bigger (if you don’t that you do, you don’t) buy it.

When i make a purchase on amazon, i always check the lowest reviews first. If 75% of people give it five stars and 1% gives it one star, i read the one star reviews first.

Many of the low reviews i saw on this product bemoaned the fact that it doesn’t come with assembly instructions.

People, there are four pieces.

So allow me to offer a quick tutorial since it does not in fact come with assembly instructions in much the same way chewing gum doesn’t come with an insert that says, ‘1. Remove wrapper 2. Chew gum.’

the first part is the tripod, it is the largest part, it has legs. You want the legs to point down. At the non-leg end is the mounting platform. It is flat, platform shaped, and has a small threaded bolt sticking up from the center of it, hinting that in the near future you will be screwing something on to it. On the side of the unit is a big, friendly, easy-to-turn knob. Loosen it (turn to the left) and the mounting platform moves in many exciting directions. Tighten it (turn to the right) and platform is locked in place. Experiment, until you find the direction that works for you.

The next part is the remote control. It looks like a remote control with buttons and everything. It is for controlling things, remotely. Set it aside for now.

The next part is a mounting bracket for a gopro style camera. If you’ve never seen one, this might be confusing (and you probably don’t need it.) a simple rule of thumb, ‘is there any conceivable way this attaches to my phone?’ if the answer is no, set it aside. For the curious, it has a base with a threaded hole in it, and three black plastic tabs, evenly spaced, with a single long screw running through the center of all three. The case for your gopro style camera will have two tabs on the bottom, usually clear, and these are meant to interlock with the plastic tabs on the base, at which point the long screw is inserted through all the tabs and tightened down (remember, to the right) to hold your camera firmly in place.

The final piece is the spring-loaded camera bracket. Find the threaded hole in the base of it. Screw it on to the threaded bolt sticking up from the top of your tripod mounting platform until it is snug (righty-tighty.) congratulations, your tripod is assembled.

The bracket has two ‘jaws’ that fold down flat for easy storage. Flip them into the ‘ready for grabbin’ position, so that they are at a 90 degree angle (or perpendicular as i like to say) to the piece you just flipped them up from. If you apply pressure to these ‘jaws’ as though you were trying to move them away from each other, you will find that the unit is spring loaded, the jaws move apart, wide enough to accommodate vary sizes of phone. Stick your phone in there. Well done.

There are instructions included for pairing the remote to your phone. This is very handy as it allows you to remotely activate either the video or photo function on your phone.

Personally, i assume my instructions are unnecessary. I believe that you, dear potential purchaser, can (as i did) look at it for 10 seconds and figure it out. If not, i hope my instructions prove useful. If not, there is a clearly visible tab on your ‘order page’ for the product labeled ‘get customer support.’ they have a support button for a product that any 8 year old who hasn’t been eating paint chips for a few years could assemble.

So really, dinging a product like this for ‘not including instructions’ is just…well, i probably can’t use the word i’d like to so let’s just say it’s unnecessary and more than a little petty.

And if you are one of those people who felt you needed to lower your rating because it didn’t come with an 8.5×11 glossy manual with supplemental color photos and a support animal please remember, take the wrapper off first, then chew the gum, not the other way around.

For everyone else, it doesn’t cost much, it works just fine, it’s probably exactly what you’re looking for. I’m certainly satisfied with it.

Thank you, and good night.

5Expert Score
Really nice!

This tripod is replacing one i previously ordered that didn’t work out so great. This product is really nice; well built and sturdy with nice fit and finish. The bluetooth remote, a feature i got completely by accident, is a cool little unit and is immediately usable in really good ways. I am currently taking an online study that requires me to film myself in small musical performances and to be able to use this remote versus trying to reach out and poke the phone with my index finger is fantastic. (btw, you’ll want to pay attention when ordering because there appears to be a very similar model for almost exactly the same price without the remote and my experience says this remote is worth having, especially at no appreciable increase in cost). I’m rarely as satisfied features and cost as i am with this product! Kudos to ubeesize!

5Expert Score
Perfect travel item

Perfect travel size tripods, fits my phone perfectly, the remote button the best.

5Expert Score
Phone tripod n remote

Easy to pair remote to phone and take pictures. Tripod set up is easy and so the fun begins.

5Expert Score
Good inexpensive phone tripod

I bought this last year and only just rediscovered the package, so i am using now. Pretty good overall. Works with my 6.5′ phone, after i added removable weights (sleeves) to the legs as the phone was too heavy and the tripod kept toppling over.

5Expert Score
I love this product so much!

Finally, a stand that holds my phone at any angle that i want and will stay perfectly on my bed or table. I cannot say enough great things about this product.

5Expert Score
Its perfect!!!

Love it!!

5Expert Score
Great for vlogging

I use this tripod to take pictures or vlog and it never turns me wrong.

5Expert Score

This is a good purchase. It is functional and does the job.

5Expert Score
Good design for taking selfie photos. Sturdy standing and easy to use. Thumb’s up

May consider adding a string to connect the remote to the stand as it may be quite easy to loose the remote while travelling

4Expert Score
Nice item for doing reviews

It does pretty much what it says it will do. I like the legs and are very maneuverable. Will hold an iphone plus no problem. I think the remote is very weak so i would purchase not thinking the remote will help you at all

4Expert Score
I love this!

I use this for my cell phone. Holds up good!

4Expert Score
How to set up remote control to take movies on samsung phone.

It is not intuitive to set up your remote to make movies on my samsung phone. Once you have paired the remote to bluetooth, you should be able to take pictures by pressing the button, but if you want to make movies you must open your phone’s camera and then go to settings. Scroll down almost all the way until you come to the ‘volume key function’, click and change the setting to ‘record video’. Now you can control your camera’s video function. When you want to take pictures, repeat the process and select ‘take pictures’. You may have to start the video manually, but from there you will be able to control its function. Now how is that for intuitive? It is stupid and time-consuming to make us search the internet to figure out how to use this product. Shame on ubeesize.

4Expert Score
I’m got what i paid for

I end up returning this item because the shaft doesn’t raise at all! But it small and light weight

4Expert Score
Seems ok ?

Works as it should !
Not quite sure of how well it will hold up ?
But it seems like an ok device ?

4Expert Score
Not perfect but it works fine

I got this tripod for holding my iphone 11 when i was doing video chats. Upon arrival the kit comes with the tripod, a bracket for holding a phone, another bracket which looked like it was for a gopro or a camera and a remote for taking a picture. I didn’t need the second bracket or the remote since i have a apple watch which does the same thing. When you screw the bracket into the tripod there is an option to hold your phone landscape or turn 90 degrees for portrait which is nice. The bracket is spring loaded to open and ‘grab’ your phone. My iphone 11 was in a otterbox commuter which fit but it was very tight. The tripod legs are soft spongy on the outside with metal joints underneath which allows you to bends them literally any way your can think of which is nice. If you don’t bend them correctly, your phone could tip over so you need to be careful how you set the legs. When i’m done using it i can fold the legs back to the straight position that they come in easily and it fits nicely in a drawer till the next time i need it. I would recommend this unit but be careful if you have a large phone or a large protective case on your phone.

4Expert Score
Useful, last a year

Bought this a little over a year ago and have been using it 1-2 times a week at the gym. I’ve been able to secure it on all sorts of equipment, plates, racks, upside down, and sideways. It broke today at the gym and i’ll probably buy another one since for the price, i’m pretty happy that it’s lasted me this long.

4Expert Score

It works great for photos and not in your face selfies.

4Expert Score
Great tripod for the price !

I use the tripod while running and setting up pics. I can even just clip in my iphone on the tripod and run.
Definitely would purchase again

4Expert Score
I doubt you'll find better for $10!

This is the third ubeesize tripod that i own. Out of the box the quality is very good. The legs are sturdy and are flexible for various usages. In my photos you can see the size of the tripod compared to a ruler and a ubeesize premium tripod. This one is small enough to fit in a medium purse or small backpack. The one problem that i found is that because it is small, attaching your phone to do portrait mode shots requires that you bend the legs (see photo) otherwise the weight of the phone will tip it over. In my comparison photo the premium tripod stands straight in portrait mode without tipping over. My action cam fits easily with the enclosed adapter. The bluetooth remote paired instantly with my wife’s samsung galaxy 8. It would not pair with my galaxy 10 but i think i know why. I am not real tech savvy but i think because bluetooth has my other ubeesize remote (for my premium tripod) already stored in its memory, it wouldn’t recognize it. Maybe, maybe not. The only reason for the 4 stars (which would have been 4 1/2 if i could) was the need to bend the legs on portrait mode and the remote not connecting to my phone. I don’t believe you will find a better tripod for $10.

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