Universal Remote Control, XRT136 for VIZIO All LED LCD HD 4K UHD HDR Smart TVs

Universal Remote Control, XRT136 for VIZIO All LED LCD HD 4K UHD HDR Smart TVs

Yakibest.com: Universal Remote Control, XRT136 for VIZIO All LED LCD HD 4K UHD HDR Smart TVs : Electronics

What are universal remote control features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Broadest models compatibility: fit for almost vizio v/m/d/p/px/e/oled series-led/lcd/hd/4k/hdr/uhd smart tv. And xrt112 / xrt122 / xrt302 / xrt135 / xrt510 / xrt500 / xrt100 / xrt140 / vr1 / vr2 / vr10 / vr15 and more vizio remote control model.
  • Free of setup requirements: work right out of the box and without program. Put 2 aaa batteries (not included) to replace your original remote control perfectly.
  • Short keys launch: one key quickly access to vudu netflix amazon xumo crackle iheart radio
  • No delay response: strongest signal by infrared technology further transmission for multi-angle induction. Precisely control far from 12 meters/40 feet.fastest response not over 0.2 second to your tv, it supports over 120,000 clicks approved test.
  • Premium after-sale: we provide a 30-day warranty return service. If you have any questions about your order, please feel free to contact us directly and we will get back to you within 12 hours.
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Universal remote control details:

Product dimensions

6.6 x 1.8 x 0.6 inches

Item weight

2.39 ounces

Item model number



2 aaa batteries required.



Universal Remote Control, XRT136 for VIZIO All LED LCD HD 4K UHD HDR Smart TVs AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Universal Remote Control, XRT136 for VIZIO All LED LCD HD 4K UHD HDR Smart TVs : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Will this be compatible with d43ff1?

Honestly i looked up the model before purchasing. This is a newer model compared to mine. Looks and features i bet. I suggest doing more research then pursue it before buying. Good investment for a tv without a remote.

How do i open the remote to put batteries in

At the bottom of the back, there is a notch that can be opened by inserting a key.

Will this remote work with visio model e321vt?

Yes it is compatible with vizio e321vt tv.

Is it compatible wih d24f-g1?

No with this remote control.

Is it compatible with e600i-b3?

Yes, it is compatible with vizio e600i-b3 tvs.

Will it work on model #v032l?

Yes, it is compatible with the vizio v032l tv.

Can this be used on rca tv

It is only compatible with vizio tv remote.

Will this remote work for vizio model no: e420va?

Yes, it is compatible with vizio e420va tv remote control.

Is the remote compatible with model v505-h9?

Yes, it is compatible with vizio v505-h9 tv.

My current visio remote volume control turns off the tv….will this interfere with my dish hopper?

It is only compatible with vizio tv remote.

Is this compatible with a vx37l?

Yes, it is compatible with vizio vx37l tvs.

Will this work with a visio soundbar?


Will this work on va320e vizio echo hdtv?

Yes, it is compatible with the vizio va320e tv.

Will this remote work for my vizio tv model number m501d a2r?

Yes, it is compatible with vizio tv model m501d a2r.

Will this remote work on model e60-c3

Yes, it is compatible with vizio e60-c3 tv.

Will this remote operate a vizio model v55-j01?

Yes, it is compatible with vizio tv.

Will this remote work with my vizio e48 c2

Yes, it is compatible with vizio e48 c2 tv remote control.

I dont see e55-c1 does it work for that device?

I’m pretty sure

Is this remote able to control roku device?

It is only compatible with vizio tv.

Does this work with model vm230xvt

Yes, it is compatible with vizio vm230xvt tvs.

Universal Remote Control, XRT136 for VIZIO All LED LCD HD 4K UHD HDR Smart TVs AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Universal Remote Control, XRT136 for VIZIO All LED LCD HD 4K UHD HDR Smart TVs : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
I’ll be damned

Well, i know i read the reviews and the product description that it says it works right out of the box but i’ll be damned: it really does. I am not really sure why this is shocking me? Maybe it my 20 years of trauma from “universal remotes” but i was actually pleasantly surprised that everything is accurate. I’ve been limping by using an app on my phone for a few weeks while unpacking in the new place, but i’ve only got 6 boxes left and at this point i just don’t care. I want to watch stuff without having to sign in and wait 10 seconds between every button button push and actually having to get up and manually change the inputs / push the power button to turn the tv on and off. I unwrapped this guy, slapped hims batteries in, pointed him at the tv thinking “there’s no way…” , and bam! Turned it right on, buttons are nice and firm with a nice, clicks but not too loud audible and tactile feedback. I’m shooketh. I did exactly nothing to get it to work besides struggling slightly getting the back open because it actually like, stays closed (?!?) and i busted all my fingernails off during the whole moving thing so not working with much lol

5Expert Score
Easy, high quality, what more can you ask for?!

I had an old universal remote years ago that i had to spend hours trying to program. I’m not sure what kind of magic i expected (i accidentally donated my original remote lol) but i literally hit the power button and it turned on my tv with no programming. I don’t leave a lot of reviews but the amount of time this saved me when i thought i’d have to spend time researching it is a game changer! I was a little skeptical when this arrived with no instructions (those of you who have set up universal remotes know about the booklet with all the numbers based on the tv model), but man, if this is the technology today, i’m here for it!

5Expert Score
Better than the original

I was hoping this would be a good replacement for the original remote that was lost during moving. It does what it claims to do. No set up! It’s as good or better than the original.

5Expert Score
Works great – no setup required!

Wow! I read the reviews, but still was surprised this remote worked immediately with no setup or programming required. Just pointed it at the tv and it worked perfectly.

Thought i would at least have to choose something from a menu on my tv for it to work – nope!

The buttons on this are exactly like my old remote, only better quality. Works perfectly so far.
I’ll update if we have any problems.

5Expert Score
Glad i took the time to buy this

My original remote was barely turning the volume up and down and the buttons were fading. I finally decided to google a replacement and really glad i did. I didn’t realize how crappy my old remote was until i got a new one. I didn’t have to program it or anything. Just unwrapped, pointed and clicked. I got this in a couple of days.

5Expert Score
Woah! This just blew my mind!

Y’all i put the batteries in it and it started working! No programing! I don’t know if i’ve just been living under a box for the past 15 years but i’m used to soending 30 min trying to program your remote using codes haha i did not expect this to just be some black magic remote straight out the box.. I am just blown away. Haven’t been this excited about technology since the first time i saw a soda machine with a screen and one single nozzle.

5Expert Score
Just wow

So let me just said wow soon as i put on batteries it were working like the original remote.i’m 35 and i remember going trough many codes and process just to make a universal remote to get to work with the tv this one i didn’t even said which one was my tv serie or code just bought added batteries and boom !!! Thousand stars if i could!!

5Expert Score
Arrived fast

Better than my original remote because it had the top quick access buttons. Doesn’t come with batteries.

5Expert Score
Easy replacement

Like many have written, super easy to use replacement as you don’t have to deal with a pairing process. Just pop the batteries in. I will say though, it should not be this hard to get to the batteries.

5Expert Score
No programming need

Worked immediately after installation of 2aaa batteries. Back removes easily to install batteries. Better than original!

4Expert Score
It's works okay sometimes it doesn't want to function correctly but most of the time it does okay

I’m satisfied with it being that the dog ate my original one

4Expert Score
Perfect replacement for my vizio smart tv.

I like this remote better then the one that came with my vizio smart tv has more of a sleek design then original.

4Expert Score
Does great job

Works great

4Expert Score
Works good for vizio tv

Full control of vizio tv functions

4Expert Score
Great replacement remote but…..

Its a good remote no issuse looks identical to the original the only problem i have is every button on this thing clicks!!! Its so annoying if you’re up late all someone’s gonna hear is click click click every button you push

4Expert Score
Does what it’s suppose to.

Works good. But buttons do stick on it

4Expert Score
It's okay

The price was a little more than i wanted to spend but i considered it an investment in my sanity since i couldn’t find my other one.
My only issue was getting the back off so i could place the batteries in. After a few choice words and some persistents, i had success.
Overall, i am satisfied with the product.

4Expert Score
Great but don’t drop it

Very easy to use. Open package, put in some batteries, and it works. It’s that simple. However, this is our second one. The first one we purchased was dropped after only a few weeks of use and it stopped working. At the low price, we just bought another one.. No biggy. However, my suggestion is.. Don’t drop it!

4Expert Score
Works as well as the original

The original remote worked okay i was hoping this would be better but it’s about the same.

4Expert Score
Great but loud

This remote clicks sooooo loud when you press the buttons.

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Keep far away from fire,in case it will be damaged,melted.

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