USB C Laptop Docking Station, 14 in 1 Type C Hub Multiport Adapter Dongle with 3 Monitors, Dual HDMI, VGA, PD, Ethernet, SD/TF, USB C/A Ports, Mic/Audio, Compatible for Dell/Surface/HP/Lenovo Laptops

USB C Laptop Docking Station, 14 in 1 Type C Hub Multiport Adapter Dongle with 3 Monitors, Dual HDMI, VGA, PD, Ethernet, SD/TF, USB C/A Ports, Mic/Audio, Compatible for Dell/Surface/HP/Lenovo Laptops USB C Laptop Docking Station, 14 in 1 Type C Hub Multiport Adapter Dongle with 3 Monitors, Dual HDMI, VGA, PD, Ethernet, SD/TF, USB C/A Ports, Mic/Audio, Compatible for Dell/Surface/HP/Lenovo Laptops : Electronics

What are usb c laptop docking station features?

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  • 14 in 1 usb c docking station–falwedi usb c docking is designed with 2 hdmi, 1 vga, pd 3.0, 3 usb 3.0, 2 usb 2.0, 1 usb c, rj45 gigabit internet, 3.5 mm audio/mic, sd and tf ports(parcel wont include sd or tf card), which meet all your connecting needs in a dock. It is compatible with all ‘full function type c’ laptops, supporting connection with usb drivers, hdmi monitor, vga monitor, external disk and internet simultaneously through one usb c port
  • Up to 4k hd resolution and triple display–the hdmi ports with resolution can be up to 3840×2160@30hz and the vga can be up to 1920×1080@60hz, downward compatible with displays of different resolutions. The resolution will be 4k(dp1.4) when connecting 2 hdmi. For windows, it supports triple display when connecting 3 monitors, but not for mac os. The mac os itself does not support mst (extended) model, but our usb c docking can achieve 2 different contents for your macbook and monitors
  • Super speed data transfer–the usb-c data port and 3 usb 3.0 ports of this docking with up to 5gbps transmission rate, support transfer files in seconds. The 2 usb 2.0 ports provide 480mbps at maximum, which allows connecting the keyboard or other usb devices without any lag. The sd and tf card slots are equipped 5gbps rate, easy to access media files simultaneously. To reduce the distractions, it would be better to plug the computer peripheral devices into the usb 2.0 ports
  • High power delivery and gigabit ethernet–this docking is not only designed with a pd 3.0 port that provides high-speed charging with original charging cable and allows 100w power in, making you no worry about power storage(only applicable to devices with pd protocol), but also designed with a gigabit ethernet port presenting you a stable and fast ethernet condition, perfect standby for your laptop without ethernet sockets when the wireless network fails
  • Super compatibility–our docking with outstanding compatibility, and work with most type c laptops with thunderbolt 3 on the market, compatible with macbooks, chromebook pixel, and laptops from surface, hp, lenovo and so on. No need to install any drivers or software, just plug and play. It is also made of thin and sleek precision milled aircraft grade aluminum enclosure, better for faster heat dissipation and more stable performance
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USB C Laptop Docking Station, 14 in 1 Type C Hub Multiport Adapter Dongle with 3 Monitors, Dual HDMI, VGA, PD, Ethernet, SD/TF, USB C/A Ports, Mic/Audio, Compatible for Dell/Surface/HP/Lenovo Laptops AMAZON USB C Laptop Docking Station, 14 in 1 Type C Hub Multiport Adapter Dongle with 3 Monitors, Dual HDMI, VGA, PD, Ethernet, SD/TF, USB C/A Ports, Mic/Audio, Compatible for Dell/Surface/HP/Lenovo Laptops : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Does this work for an hp probook g2-5cg71114h3?

Hi, we are sorry to tell you that the type-c of hp probook g2-5cg71114h3 does not support video output.

Will this work with an hp pavilion?

Hi, we are sorry there are many models of hp pavilion and we can not confirm which laptop you refer to. But it will compatible with our item if your laptop equips with a ubs-c port that can support video output.

Can i run 2 monitors at 1920×1200 @60hz plus my laptop screen at 3840×2400? (all three with the 16:10 aspect ratio)

I have two 22’’ monitors connected with a dell laptop. Suggestion: purchase it and if it doesn’t work to your liking, return it.

Does this work with dell latitude 7290?

Hi! In theory, dell latitude 7290 can work with our item!

Does this work for with hp 15-ef2013dx?

Hi, we are sorry to tell you that the usb-c port of hp laptop 15-ef2013dx can only support data transfer but does not support video output.

Is this compatible with a lenovo x1 fold?

Dear, lenovo x1 fold is compatible with our item. And please connect the item with the usb-c port on your laptop which supports display instead of the charging port.

Will this work with logitech keyboard and mouse?

We are sorry to tell you that due to the fact that logitech product is not fully compatible with the hub and exists mutual interference, the logitech bluetooth wireless mouse and keyboard would cause poor performance when connected to the hub.

Will it work with a dell latitude 5520?

Hi! In theory, dell latitude 5520 is compatible with our item

Does this work with dell precision 3560?

Hi! In theory, our item can work with dell precision 3560.

Is this station compatible with msi summit e13flipevo a12mt-026?

Hi! In theory, our item is compatible with msi summit e13 flip evo. Please note that connect to the thunderbolt port of your laptop.

Is this compatible with the dell xps 13 9310?

Hi! In theory, our item is compatible with dell xps 13 9310.

Does it support asus l510?

Hi! We are sorry to tell you that the type-c of asus l510 can not support video transfer.

Does this work with dell inspirion 3000?

Hi, we are sorry to tell you that the usb-c port of dell inspirion 3000 can not support video transfer.

Will this work with a microsoft surface pro 4?

Hi, we are sorry to tell you that surface pro 4 does not equip with a usb-c port that can use to connect with our item.

Does the usb c port support usb c monitors?

Yea it does

How do you use the 3.5mm port for microphone and speakers?

Hi, if your headset equips with a mic, you can achieve microphone and speakers at the same time when plugging in the 3.5mm port.

Does this work with a lenovo ideapad 330?

Hi, we regret to tell you that the usb-c port of lenovo ideapad 330 can only support data transfer but not video transfer.

Have a dell latitude 5420, i read on a review it cannot charge this unit but can the power to charge be inputted to the 2nd usb input on the laptop?

If you are trying to eliminate your laptop power cord to reduce your load for travel for example, no this will not power. It works in reverse and your laptop, through the attached c-cord pictured in the photo powers all the peripherals you input, again through your device. But, as an example you can put a usb-c to usb-c cord to charge your phone. But if you don’t have your laptop plugged in, this will drain your laptop battery. Another example- i am running a second screen through the hdmi port to the screen. The screen needs to be plugged in with its own cord as well. I have a new hp envy and it will not provide enough power to run the screen. This is my experience so far. The docking station is a static, pass through device only. It is just a hub. It has no power cord to plug into and outlet. So you will need your laptop charging cord if you are running several peripherals through this unit. I hope this helps.

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Does this work well with the steam deck?

Yes, as long as steam os recognizes keyboards and mice, you’re good.

Will this work with a lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon 7th gen?

Hi! In theory, lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon 7th gen will work with our item.

USB C Laptop Docking Station, 14 in 1 Type C Hub Multiport Adapter Dongle with 3 Monitors, Dual HDMI, VGA, PD, Ethernet, SD/TF, USB C/A Ports, Mic/Audio, Compatible for Dell/Surface/HP/Lenovo Laptops AMAZON USB C Laptop Docking Station, 14 in 1 Type C Hub Multiport Adapter Dongle with 3 Monitors, Dual HDMI, VGA, PD, Ethernet, SD/TF, USB C/A Ports, Mic/Audio, Compatible for Dell/Surface/HP/Lenovo Laptops : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
A roller coaster ride but back to a 5 star rating

I’ll likely update this review with a photo video, but for now i will simply provide my experience with this product. I tested it on a friend’s laptop as i was in the process of buying a new pc. It worked fine with his, but didn’t when my new pc arrived. I worked with hp tech support and identified the problem. It is absolutely essential that you have a thunderbolt or display port output on your computer!!!! When i initially sourced this hub it stated you had to have a usb-c type 3 port … Or better. This was an error. The pc i bought was a new hp laptop that had a 3.2 super speed usb-c port; this did not work.

Falwedi has since modified its product description and has visual pictures of the ports that the computer must have for the hub to work. If your usb-c does not have a thunderbolt or d symbol next to it this hub will not work!

I returned my hp for another hp (envy 360) with thunderbolt 4 ports. It works perfectly now with 2 4k 27′ external monitors in extended display mode. It did take me a little while to get the monitor orientation for mouse movement all figured out, but that wasn’t a problem of the devise, it was me figuring out a new pc.

Bottom line the hub provides high definition resolution to 2 external displays in extended display mode as long as you have a pc that has a thunderbolt or displayport usb-c output.

Last thing on this review is falwedi’s customer satisfaction support team. They are responsive and do care about customers that buy their product. As i said i went through a few iterations on getting a computer and this hub to work properly. Almost daily i had an email exchange with them as i worked through the process. In the end i will say that i am completely satisfied with the end result. It is a good product. It is well built. If you have a question, problem, or concern, falwedi will be very responsive and will work with you to help solve your issue.

5Expert Score
Great for travellers, works well with microsoft surface pro

I recently got a new microsoft surface pro and wanted to get a new mobile docking station that connected via usb-c instead of usb-a before i went on an international trip. This one is a little pricier than my old mobile docking station (i purchased this for $50, my previous one was about $30), but i think this one is worth the extra price.

First, the build quality is very good. The casing is made of metal, and it feels extremely solid. I had no problems just chucking this into my luggage/bag and never worried that it would get damaged/dented. It held up just fine over my three week trip, and never once had an issue connecting to a variety of hotel/office monitors in the us or in east asia.

Second, it has some nice future-proof features so i will be using this for a while. It has 2 usb-c slots, one of which is for drawing a charge. That is a very good feature as laptops move to usb-c charging in the next 5-10 years. It also has 3 usb-a 3.0 slots (the ones with the blue connectors), so you can transfer data much faster. For good measure there are an addition 2 usb-a 2.0 slots which are good for using with a keyboard/mouse dongle — so a grand total of 5 usb-a and 2 usb-c slots.

Also has 2 hdmi ports, a headphone jack, microsd, and ethernet port — all useful to me. Less useful is the vga and sd port, these are pretty outdated plugs that i don’t think i’d ever use, but maybe you will.

I only had one minor complaint: i wish there was at least one displayport on the dock. Not a huge deal given they have 2 hdmi ports, but i think a displayport would have been better than a vga or sd slot. I knew this before purchasing though, so not a big deal to me.

Overall, if you read this far just buy it! It works well, can handle an international flight, and has all the plugs you will need, including some nice future-proof ones. I used this for a microsoft surface pro, but i think it should work on any laptop with a usb-c port.

5Expert Score
Falwedi 14-1 usb c adapter

Falwedi 14 in 1 usb-c hub:
use with windows 10 os:
1- installation, easy not drivers or software need it. Plug and play and all functions were ready. This is great for not tech incline users.
2- display set up, as described on product details; simple to configure just follow windows 10 display configurations
3- slick design, looks great and well build. My only suggestion will be the usb c cable to plug into your pc or laptop a little longer or provide option to add an extension.
4- speed transfer great as described. Pass through speakers and microphone without any additional installation just plug and play.
5- over all is great multi-function adapter that allows you to use up to three monitors without the need to upgrade your graphic card, and options for others usb devices. I will recommend it to any one specially if they are working from home with a laptop and need more than one display.

5Expert Score
Small but packed with lots of features

I have not had this for very long, but so far i am very impressed with it’s quality and design. It is much smaller than i thought it would be, which is a good thing because it is easy to transport with my laptop without taking up much space, being overly bulky, or add extra weight. It also hides nicely on my desk without taking up too much space (in the picture, i pulled it out from the back of my monitors so i could get a better picture of it, otherwise, it is out of the way and well hidden. I am very happy with the features and would buy again in a heartbeat. The only thing i would change on it is make the usb-c cable that connects to the computer a bit longer. As far as the seller, the product was packaged well and delivered in a timely manner.

5Expert Score
Turns a laptop into a workstation

I could not do my work without this docking station. My new laptop is half the weight of my old one but includes almost no ports. This is fine when working on the road, but for serious work i need an ethernet port, multiple monitors, and multiple usb devices. I purchased a less expensive competitive product when i first received the laptop. It barely functioned and often required replugging components after waking the laptop from sleep. Many of the ports stopped working after a couple of months. The fulwedi has worked flawlessly and acts like an extension to my laptop. The only downside is this docking station gets very hot. So hot that i had to run the a/c in my home office more frequently. To remedy this, and to protect the attached devices, every morning i place an old damp sponge on top to act as a heat sink.

5Expert Score
Everything you need in a great little docking station!

I’ve been using the falwedi docking station and it performs very well and i’m happy with it. I use it with my hp elitebook laptop equipped with thunderbolt.

This docking station is exactly what i was looking for and at a reasonable price. I connected my devices to it and it worked right out of the box. It has all the ports i need and more. If i need the extra ports in the future then i will be prepared. It has 5 usb ports, 2 hdmi, 1 vga, an sd and micro sd, ethernet, usb-c power port, usb-c data port, and even includes a headphone & microphone jack.

The docking station is also compact, so it takes up very little space. That is great since i don’t have a large desk. The only suggestion i would have for future updates of this device is to make the attached usb-c cable longer. I recommend this device to anyone that needs a docking station for their laptop that uses thunderbolt.

5Expert Score
A great value for the money!

I’ve purchased several different versions of these usb-c docks, and i’ve learned a few things. The main feature you want is pass-through power – which this dock provides. That allows power and all peripherals to come into the computer with a single connection. You don’t have to hook up the power supply separately, so that docking becomes a very quick operation. Another one that might not be so obvious, and is rarely found on docks in this price range is an audio connection. That’s right – you don’t want to have to plug in your headphones separately from the single usb-c connection, either. And with this dock, you don’t have to do that. Finally, it’s really nice to have two hdmi ports. A lot of people use two monitors these days, and with two hdmi ports, it’s a cinch to duplicate your work environment at home, or wherever you keep your dock. Indeed, this dock lets you have three external monitors. Moreover, it has an extra usb-c port for high-speed data transfer, and several more usb-b ports besides. The bottom line is that this dock checks all the boxes – for a very reasonable price. I couldn’t find one that was any better!

5Expert Score
Just what i needed to expand the capabilities of my lenovo yoga 7i

I bought a lenovo yoga when i retired and thought i wouldn’t need extra ports etc. Well, i started working some again, and realized that although i liked the yoga, i needed to be able to plug in peripherals, and there just weren’t enough ports in the yoga. I researched on amazon, and ordered two ports/docks to try out. The falwedi fit my needs well, so i returned the other one and have been using the falwedi 14-1 port for a few weeks. I generally hook up an external hard drive, a wireless mouse, a charging cable for my phone, and a couple of usb memory sticks to the falwedi port. Works quite well, and it’s easy to transport in my laptop case. The finish and materials also look good. Overall, quite happy with this purchase!

5Expert Score
Works great for me!

I bought this recently because i started a new job that allows me to work from home a couple days a week. I needed a docking station to connect my work laptop to my external monitor so i could use multiple screens at a time. I researched different docking stations, and found this one. It was affordable and seemed to have great features and a lot of different ports for connecting so many different devices. I have a dell latitude laptop for work and an asus personal laptop, and they both connected right away without any issues at all. I like this one because it also has a port to connect my power cable in, so i don’t have to have that plugged into my laptop. So far, i mainly use the hdmi ports to connect my laptop and monitor, the charging port, and a usb port for my wireless mouse and keyboard. Everything has worked great so far, and i am very pleased with it. It definitely helps make working from home much easier and more convenient.

5Expert Score
A perfect hub for my two monitors

I used to have one of the old, bulky docking for my notebook. I decided to take advantage of the usb-c power to connect everything and i’m glad that i did.
Via the usb, i have 2 hdmi monitors, one camera, and one headset. It’s plug and play, and everything works as expected.
I would only increase the longitude of the usb-c cable to the pc, but all docks are the same, and when i wrote to the seller to ask for adding an usb-c extension, they promptly answered that it may lead to malfunction.
There should be a reason for that, as all hubs i was researching have the same short cable.
Overall very pleased. I should have buy this docking before!

4Expert Score
Working great so far

I did a lot of research before buying one of these, i saw several that had reviews that indicated poor quality and compatibility issues. The reviews on this one seemed pretty good and i’m glad i purchased it because it’s been working great for me so far! I have it plugged into my laptop and i’ve connected 2 monitors and the laptop power cord to it and it’s working good. I never have any issues with the monitors connecting. The one thing i don’t really love is that the part that plugs into my laptop doesn’t seem like a very secure connection, almost as if it could fall out easily. Other reviewers have mentioned they wish the cord was longer, i would agree. It would be easier to manage if the cord was longer. I have had to tape it down to my desk because the weight of the cords connected pulls on the part that’s connected to the laptop, which, like i mentioned doesn’t feel like a very secure connection. If the cord was longer, i may not have that issue. I’ve only been using this thing about a month or so now so i will update my review if anything changes. Overall, i would still recommend this item for the price. You could spend twice as much (or more) for a “better quality” one but this one serves its purpose and i’m satisfied.

4Expert Score
Functional docking station

I purchased this docking station to use with my dell inspiron 7573 and two samsung monitors. Received the docking station and plugged it all in and it worked fantastically! I really like that i can power it and it charges my laptop so there’s only one connection to plug in when i get to my desk. I realized that the short cord on the docking station forced me to have a jumble of wires on my desk all the time so i ordered an extension cable. When it arrived i added it to the mix and rerouted everything behind the desk. When i turned it on, the mouse and keyboard were no longer recognized… It turns out that the extension cable has to be plugged in in just the right way to make usb 2.0 devices work. If they had made the cable length longer in the first place i wouldn’t have to use an extension cable. If you want to make customers really happy, make the cable longer. All in all, it’s a good product and i’d buy it again. Worth 5 stars if it had a longer cable.

4Expert Score
So easy to work with. Very small and lightweight. Could travel with it easily.

I just purchased this item this week and was concerned that it was too small to handle the job of running 3 monitors, a laptop, keyboard, mouse, and other items. It was very easy to set up, seriously is plug n play. No other multi-monitor setup has ever been that simple to get together.
I set up three different laptops (each for a different job) and all i have to do is disconnect the usb-c from one, connect it to the other and everything happens so smoothly.
I saw someone had mentioned in a review that they’re much smaller than 27′. This was not true in my case. They were bigger than i thought they’d be in person.

The reason that i didn’t give it 5 stars is because it gets so hot that i’m worried it will overheat. I hope it doesn’t.

4Expert Score
Useful tool for working at home

Great for dual monitors and works well with my work laptop which is a lenovo thinkpad. Unfortunately it does not work great with the macbook pro because you need a double port to effectively display two screens.

4Expert Score
Nice dock; not compatible with hp elitebook 1040 g3

Bought this to share workstation between 2 hp elitebooks, one a1040 g3 the other a much newer 850 g8. Worked flawlessly with the g8, but unfortunately the g3 did not support video out on the usb type-c port. The g3 was not on the incompatible list, but if you can’t run a monitor from your usb-c port it will not work for you. It is a nice unit and i wished my older pc would have been compatible. Returned through amazon.

4Expert Score
Very verstile!

I purchased this for my son who needed it for his home computer gaming set up. He has multiple hard drives, vr, screens etc this provided a singular source for connection and organizing his divorce plug-ins.

4Expert Score
Solid product

Works really well with both my gaming laptop (asus zephyrus g14) and my work laptop (dell precision 5560). I haven’t experienced any intermittence or connectivity issues yet, and i’ve had this product for a bit over a month. My only gripe is the type c cable could be a bit longer! Other than that, solid product. I definitely recommend it.

4Expert Score
Solid usb-c dock for college students

Used this for the past month so far and i’ve been enjoying it a lot. My previous usb-c hub never had an ethernet port, which is amazing for connecting directly to a raspberry pi for programming projects or just using it as a way to add a third monitor. Because it’s small, it’s been great for communiting as well, and the build quality is solid too. Don’t know how it’ll be after a year of use but so far, i definitely recommend it

4Expert Score
Seems to work just fine.

Seems to work just fine. The short tether is the one thing that is not so good. It has no alternative power other than the c port which is another downside. It does not work on the internal battery alone. Must be plugged into a wall socket for your pc.

4Expert Score
Check your computer's video compatability

Unfortunately, the device came in while i was going on vacation and i was unable to check the video connections with my external monitor. My hp x360 pavilion does not transmit video signals through the usb-c port. So, the hdmi and vga ports don’t work. Due to my vacation and some medical issues i missed the 30 day return window. After contacting the company they researched and verified the video issue. They offered me an acceptable 1/2 price discount/return with me keeping the device. Maybe my next computer can use it.

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