USB Wall Charger, Surge Protector, QINLIANF 5 Outlet Extender with 4 USB Charging Ports ( 4.8A Total) 3-Sided 1680J Power Strip Multi Plug Outlets Wall Adapter Spaced for Home Travel Office (3U1C)

USB Wall Charger, Surge Protector, QINLIANF 5 Outlet Extender with 4 USB Charging Ports ( 4.8A Total) 3-Sided 1680J Power Strip Multi Plug Outlets Wall Adapter Spaced for Home Travel Office (3U1C) USB Wall Charger, Surge Protector, QINLIANF 5 Outlet Extender with 4 USB Charging Ports ( 4.8A Total) 3-Sided 1680J Power Strip Multi Plug Outlets Wall Adapter Spaced for Home Travel Office (3U1C) : Electronics

What are usb wall charger features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 【 multi function usb outlet】- securing onto the wall design. Fit duplex outlet perfectly, just plug in to use. You get 5 ac outlet splitter (3 sides) with wide space in between; 4 usb charger ports; using the screw at the middle to secure it onto the wall for duplex outlet, so it is not pulled out when pulling the plugged in devices and loss power. Note: this works on duplex outlet only, other types of outlet like gfci outlet cannot be secured onto the wall.
  • 【the groove design on the back and wide space 】- 5 ac outlets built-in 1680 joules surge protector with 2.1 inches long space in between, larger than standard 1.5-inch socket. Larger spacing makes it easier to use for all kinds of equipment. The groove at the back make it flush against the wall perfectly, good for all duplex receptacle outlet. Note: this product can be used on wall outlet with space lager than 1 inches in between ,this product cannot be used on outlets with more than 2 set of parallel sockets
  • 【 smart charge with usb a & usb c 】- 4 usb ports total 4.8 a, each usb a port features 5v/2.4a max output. Usb c charging port features 5v/3a max. Built in smart technology, detecting charging devices and deliver optimal charging speed automatically, compatible with kindle and most usb devices. Note: the ucb-c port is not quick charger 3.0, doesn’t support any other devices which need 9~22v charging voltage.
  • 【 reliable surge protector circuit 】- 3 level complementary surge protector circuit which composed of tvs, mov (metal oxide varistor), gdt (gas discharge tube), with minimum 1680j energy absorbing capacity, could protect your devices much more quickly and reliably than other brand’s 1 level mov(metal oxide varistor) surge protection circuits.
  • 【 our after sale service 】- etl certified,our friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you within 24 hours. You can purchase with confidence, with our 30-day return and 12-month replacement .
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Usb wall charger details:

Package dimensions

5.71 x 4.06 x 2.72 inches

Item weight

9.9 ounces

Item model number




Country of origin


USB Wall Charger, Surge Protector, QINLIANF 5 Outlet Extender with 4 USB Charging Ports ( 4.8A Total) 3-Sided 1680J Power Strip Multi Plug Outlets Wall Adapter Spaced for Home Travel Office (3U1C) AMAZON USB Wall Charger, Surge Protector, QINLIANF 5 Outlet Extender with 4 USB Charging Ports ( 4.8A Total) 3-Sided 1680J Power Strip Multi Plug Outlets Wall Adapter Spaced for Home Travel Office (3U1C) : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Can this be used on a gfi outlet?

I would not recommend even trying. To use this, you have to mount this over the existing outlets using the supplied mounting screw. If the backpressure pressing against the test button doesn’t trip the gfi, you would not be able to reset the breaker if it tripped. In addition, the gfi’s i am familiar with do not have a center mounting screw which is necessary to have a secure mount.

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Do i screw this product on on top of my existing faceplate or do i have to remove my faceplate and put this on to act as the new face plate is it safe

Hello. Please remove the wall plate screw while keeping the original electrical wall plate in place. Align the wall charger, surge protector, using the supplied screw line it up in the extender’s hole and into the wall socket cover hole. This screw when tightened secures both the wall charger and original wall plate to the wall electrical socket.

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What happens in the event of an electrical surge? Is the unit dead or does it reset?

The item description says it is a surge protector which means when electricity goes up too strong or for some reason goes down, the electricity output is managrd by the device.
The electricity is kept at a steady pace so that your wall unit or device is not fried.
It’s recommended for items you plug in directly to the wall sockets such as refrigerators or microwaves or your computer etc.

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Why can’t i order two?

Try it again and see if that works.

What is the screw size

It is a standard size wall plate screw.

How much is the tax?

Depends on where you live

What is the clamping voltage/let through voltage?

It works an a standard 110 socket

Is the 1680j per outlet or combined total for all 5 outlets?

Combine 1680j for all 5 outlets

Can i get a different color?

This style we have black and white color

Is it worth ?

Yes and i would get another one as soon as i am back in the usa.

Will the usb-c port charge a macbook pro?

If you read the description it says that the usb c is 5v/3a max and is not a 3.0 quick charge the reg. Usb are 2.4.

How does it work ?

Works perfect for me!

Tell me more about this product !

It’s not very stable in the plugs. Additional dummy prong will help.

Will it support two monitors and a docking station?

I’m not positively sure as you should ask the company & not a buyer. Off the record, probably but don’t quote me as saying yes since i’m not sure. As you can see, you can plug multiple items in this & also use multiple usb outlets as well. I would still recommend contacting the company tho.

Does it only accomodate 3 prong plugs or can 2 prong plugs be used?

I’m not sure what your asking. The protector gets plugged into a 3 prong wall outlet. You can plug 2 or 3 prongs into the protector.

Is it worth ?

I don’t think it is worth purchasing at any price – especially if getting it keeps you from getting a well-made one. It seemed cheaply-made, and did not charge my phone well. While the surge protection might (?) be ok, i don’t trust it considering how the rest of the device was disappointing.

Does it support 220volts?

Yes, input voltage 100-240v , so it support 220v

Electric usage

That green indicator light is on all the time, but that can’t pull much. As long as you don’t leave cords plugged in it won’t be using anything. Any warm plug-in is pulling something.

How is the newer model different other than being black? The specs look the same.

Mine is white, so i must not have a newer model.

Acepta corriente 220 v ?

Yes, it can accept 220v since the product is 110~240v.

USB Wall Charger, Surge Protector, QINLIANF 5 Outlet Extender with 4 USB Charging Ports ( 4.8A Total) 3-Sided 1680J Power Strip Multi Plug Outlets Wall Adapter Spaced for Home Travel Office (3U1C) AMAZON USB Wall Charger, Surge Protector, QINLIANF 5 Outlet Extender with 4 USB Charging Ports ( 4.8A Total) 3-Sided 1680J Power Strip Multi Plug Outlets Wall Adapter Spaced for Home Travel Office (3U1C) : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Must have for your nightstand outlet!

This was a great, compact solution for the ever growing (and dangerous) clutter of wires and power adapters i had behind the nightstand. With so many phones, watches, alexas, lamps, bed leds, etc. The usb ports and electrical outlets were a perfect solution to consolidate it down to one device on the wall. Usb-c is an extra plus. The anchor screw is absolutely vital though for the stability of this adapter — and then you are really at mercy on how secure your actual outlet is in your box. I now have 3 of them in my house.

5Expert Score
Liked it so much, i ordered another

Can’t imagine why you would travel with this. You would really need to unscrew the main screw holding a cover on a socket & replace it with this. Easy enough, just odd…
Regardless, quick replacement with now two sockets. It has both types of usb so it has room to mature, but only one usb-c, so eventually it will need to be replaced. But no time soon. The 4 side outlets are convenient to plug in ‘standard’ electrical plugs (lights, clocks) and angled to plug in small transformers as well.

5Expert Score
Impressed with the quality and design

I was on the fence about buying this as things on amazon can be questionable, but this has turned out to be an excellent purchase.
First, the wieght. It is substantial enough to give you comfort that you have purchased a quality product, but not overly heavy, and the included safety screw that comes with it is perfect.
The desing is asthetically pleasing and practical. The green light is nice to let you know it’s working, but not over-bearing. –may be a bit much for a bedroom, i have it in a kitchen and it’s great.
I wish that it came with faster charging options, but it clearly doesnt claim to, so no points deducted– maybe on a future similar product.

5Expert Score
Like it!

It is in my kitchen with a kitchen aid mixer, air fryer and oster blinder plus 1 to 2 phones plugged and hasn’t missed a beat. For sub $12 it can’t be ne beat!

I bought this to be wall mounted and it work great for me. Flush mounted was just removing the wall cover and mounting. Sometimes cheap works and this is a very good deal. Recommend and would buy again.

5Expert Score
Great product.

Consolidates my plug-ins and eliminates usb adapters. Good spacing between the plugs. I particularly like the usb c port–sure makes life easier without the need for that special adapter. I can charge multiple devices (up to 3, with the incorporated usb a ports), which is one of the reasons why i purchased this product. Other benefits of the this product is that it replaces the bulky surge protector that runs along the floor. I am very satisfied!

5Expert Score
Perfect size

This product was delivered on time and in perfect condition and fits our needs perfectly as well. Using this, i can plug in several items and take up less space than larger surge protectors that sit on the desk or floor and get in the way. Perfect! We are very pleased

5Expert Score
Great buy

I use this product daily and i love how i can charge all my devices in one place at the same time. I also have children that love to use it so its very durable.

5Expert Score
A must for your airbnb kitchen

Several of our appliances were roaster by the power surge, we tried putting the standard corded surge protector but our guests would unplug it and use it at somewhere else, now this screwed in surge protector solved 2 problem in one shot + they love the usb c feature

5Expert Score
This is the base station for most of my chargers

I use this in my home office which is where all of the kids devices and controllers go to charge when it’s bed time. It does exactly what i need for this application. I’m going to buy more.

5Expert Score
Perfect for homes prone to surges

My home has had a horrible problem where if i plug in 1 too many devices in, the power will go out and i’ll have to reset the breakers. This product is perfect, i can have all my kitchen appliances running no problem now!

4Expert Score
Great when you need more.

I recently bought a house and there is a lack of outlets that are evenly spaced out. This has been very handy in making sure i have an out near by. The main feature i love is the screw that holds it to the outlet. It’s secure. The the outlet holes are tight. I like that feature but my wife hates it. She says it can be difficult plugging something in. The usb ports are pretty nice. Don’t expect to quick charge your phone. I’m getting some cables for the usb-c port which should do better for the charging.
1 thing to mention, i have 6 of these. Only 1 has caused some minor issues with the surge protection. I haven’t investigated the problem yet since it’s happened only once.
Overall, great.
Be aware, it’s a little bulky but you are getting 5 outlets and 4 usb ports.

4Expert Score
Mostly works well

I was interested in having surge protectors instead of the extensions i had connected around my house that i thought were surge protectors. I bought this one because it also had a c usb which is what my samsung phone has. Everything is working well for me except the c usb. I can not get it to charge anything. I did charge the phone into the usb a cord on one end and the c on the other end. I tried putting an adapter into the c plug to charge the phone but that did not work either. I then bought a new cord with c plug on both ends and tried charging my phone. That didn’t work either. So i’d like to know what that c outlet on this unit could be used for. I thought a phone would be able to be charged with it. The other two usb’s work well, with the correct cord. I bought two for the kitchen and i will keep them because its a surge protector and i need the extra outlets.

4Expert Score
Ditch the ugly extension cord!!

This is a great solution when you need additional outlets but don’t want an ugly extension cord. This is not a simple plug in device and you will need a screwdriver, but that is to me the best part of this. The screw it come with replaces the outlet cover screw and it needed to secure the outlet to the wall. Once in place it is firm and stays secure. It does stick out a little but not an issue for me.

Recommendation to improve: offer one version with usb plugs and one without.

Two important thing to remember: this is meant as a solution in your home and not to travel with.
1. Make sure your outlets have a screw in the middle as that is what secures this to the outlet to keep it from falling out.
2. This will not work on gfci outlets and you would not want to use it on a gfci. Gfci outlets do not have the needed screw in the middle to be able to use, and it it did you would have to remove it to reset the gfci.

4Expert Score
Easy to install, good function

Nice function, it’s a bit big off the wall and you should remove the wall plate to screw it down, however it is nice to have all of those ports. It only plugs into one of the two outlets, other just has a plastic plug that goes into ground to support it.

4Expert Score
Well designed, attractive and a surge protector.

I’ve only been using this for a few days but it has everything i wanted, extra jacks, extra ports and a surge protector which is important to me as a limited mobility senior citizen all in one convenient space. I can’t give it 5 stars yet because i haven’t had it long enough.

4Expert Score
Bulky but clean

I can’t have my cake and eat it too…
I like things clean and minimalistic vibes…
This product though is clean, because it’s so bulky and further will be more bulky when plugs are on it, it’s just not for me.

4Expert Score
Simple solution to add outlets & usb ports

We like this device as it has multiple well spaced outlets for the numerous larger power plugs that often take up 2 outlets. The addition of the usb ports allows us to forgo the power blocks saving more room & keeping ac outlets free. The one odd thing we noticed was the usb c outlet. Not sure what that’s for.

Item appears to be well made & does what is described.

4Expert Score
Gets the job done

I live the fact that it has more than just plugs. It’s a really good product, but not quite as sturdy as some other ones that i have used. Overall, for the price i definitely recommend!

4Expert Score
Multiple charging

So far so good. Read some reviews of it over burning. But it’s a good plug for multiple charging. Just beware of the max charge it can have at a time.

4Expert Score
Works well

I used it on an outlet that was not making good connections. I installed it as a permanent fixture. It is a bit bulky and stands out from the wall.

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