Utopia Bedding Queen Bed Sheets Set – 4 Piece Bedding – Brushed Microfiber – Shrinkage and Fade Resistant – Easy Care (Queen, White)

Utopia Bedding Queen Bed Sheets Set – 4 Piece Bedding – Brushed Microfiber – Shrinkage and Fade Resistant – Easy Care (Queen, White)

Buy Utopia Bedding Queen Bed Sheets Set – 4 Piece Bedding – Brushed Microfiber – Shrinkage and Fade Resistant – Easy Care (Queen, White): Sheet & Pillowcase Sets – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are utopia bedding queen bed sheets set – 4 piece bedding – brushed microfiber – shrinkage and fade resistant – easy care queen features?

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  • Bed sheet set – queen size 4-piece bed sheets set comprising of 1 flat sheet measuring 90 by 102 inches with a 2 inches self-hem, 1 fitted sheet measuring 60 by 80 inches with a 15 inches box and 2 pillowcases measuring 20 by 30 inches each with a 4 inches hem
  • All-around elastic – the all-around elastic used in the fitted sheet makes it fit easily onto the mattress while giving a nice finish to the bed
  • Brushed microfiber polyester – brushed microfiber polyester fabric makes the sheet set exceptionally soft
  • Smooth and comfortable – the smooth feel of the sheet is very cozy which keeps you cool during summers and warm during winters
  • Shrink and fade resistant – the microfiber material is processed to make it resistant to shrinkage and fading which adds to the longevity of the set by keeping it in great condition
  • Care instructions – machine wash, tumble dry or iron on low temperature; do not bleach
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Utopia Bedding Queen Bed Sheets Set – 4 Piece Bedding – Brushed Microfiber – Shrinkage and Fade Resistant – Easy Care (Queen, White) AMAZON

Buy Utopia Bedding Queen Bed Sheets Set – 4 Piece Bedding – Brushed Microfiber – Shrinkage and Fade Resistant – Easy Care (Queen, White): Sheet & Pillowcase Sets – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Are they hot

I’m betting they are hot – microfiber is just fine spun plastic. Think about sleeping in a fabric shower curtain. I don’t know why people have not researched what microfiber is but they don’t seem to as more and more are raving about this man made ‘fabric’. I hate it and it’s seeping into everything these days! It makes me sweat because it does not breathe as sellers/manufacturers want you to believe. Plastic can not breathe. It traps in heat and sweat like wrapping yourself up in trash bags. If people would start rejecting this ‘fabric’, we’d go back to cotton. It’s all hype and people fall for it.

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What is the thread count

Microfiber quality is not indicated by thread count, it is indicated by grams per square meter (gsm). If you want a microfiber that is quite breathable and moisture wicking, you might look for a thread count under 1200 gsm. Anything under 800 gsm is likely to be coarse and scratchy. If you want something warmer, go with 1500 gsm or higher.

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How do they wash? Any pilling (little balls forming)?

They wash fine. I have had no pilling. For me the dryer is the problem. Even with dryer sheets the static is awful. Everything sticks to them.

Are these pillowcases zippered?

No it does not come with zipper

Are these soft enough not to wash at first ?

It’s always best to wash such things first before use, being careful to follow the care instructions, as they can differ from regular fabrics one may have become accustomed to over time.
For instance, washing at a high temperature, not using fabric softener, drying on a low temperature or even hanging to dry, and not laundering them with bath towels, or other items which can shed lint. Removing any leftover traces of chemicals/dyes used in processing, if any, and general handling by others, if any, in the manufacturing and packaging process, is a good idea before sleeping on new sheets, just as you would before wearing new clothes.

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Are these sheets really cotton or microfiber?

They are microfiber polyester, not cotton.

Is it made in usa?

No, it is made in china

My bed is a full and about 12-13 inches, will this fit and not come off?

Yes. The fitted sheet has an unbroken elastic band that fits well. Just remember to wash the sheets before use as a lot of cotton fluff releases in the first dryer run.

Will twin size fit twin king koil inflatable mattress? It is 38 x 76 x 20

I wouldn’t buy. Elastic around fitted sheet is attached in a flimsy manner.

What is the thread count ?

Im not sure but they dont feel cheap at all. I wash mine weekly and they are still like new.

Are these deep pocket sheets?

Yes, these sheets fit a deep pocket matrice. The sheets fit on our bed with plenty of room for an extra thick matrice.

Does this have any bamboo in its blend?


Did anyone else get just a flat and a fitted sheet and no pillow cases? Aren’t the pillow cases supposed to be included?

Just a follow up to my last response. After i contacted the seller, they made it right and sent me a whole other set of sheets at no charge that they made sure had a pillow case.

Why do these say keep away from fire first on every piece?

Gonna go with because they’re flammable.
captain obvious

Are these the kind that after you lie down and touch the door handle you get shock?

Hahaha, actually they are comfortable sheets. Just poor quality production as ours came with stains on the fitted sheet.

Does it keep sweat in like cotton sheets?

I have not found this to be the case..

Is there a matching sham to the sheet set?

I got the king set, it cane with 4 pillow cases

Will it fit in a twin xl

I have a twin xl and regular twin doesn’t fit.

My flat king size sheet was not made correctly shirt on the sides and extra long at the bottom any one else have this happen? King size grey and white

My queen size sheet set works great, no problems at all

How many thread count ?

Not sure. They are very soft and comfortable. I would recommend them.

Utopia Bedding Queen Bed Sheets Set – 4 Piece Bedding – Brushed Microfiber – Shrinkage and Fade Resistant – Easy Care (Queen, White) AMAZON

Buy Utopia Bedding Queen Bed Sheets Set – 4 Piece Bedding – Brushed Microfiber – Shrinkage and Fade Resistant – Easy Care (Queen, White): Sheet & Pillowcase Sets – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
My husband approves

We needed new sheets and we have tried several expensive brands. My husband has rough callus feet and he tends to wear holes in our sheets. So i wanted to find ones that weren’t so expensive to replace but were still soft. These aren’t as thick and luxurious as other brands but they are very soft. We live in houston where it is hot and i find these to be very comfortable for the houston climate. I bought them without telling my husband about them and my nanny changed our sheets for us (she’s the best) and without prompting my husband mentioned how much he liked these sheets and asked where they came from. So that is winning in my book! 🙂 i will be buying more for my lake house. Happy customer here!

5Expert Score
Love these sheets!

I ordered the navy sheet set as i was having a hard time finding soft navy sheets – the last ones i picked up (elsewhere) were way too thick and very stiff. These sheets were so soft and relaxing – just lovely. I’ve had the first set for several months and they wear well also. They are well worth the price, which is also amazing! Love them so much i just picked up another set and will continue to buy these when i need more. Can’t go wrong with these sheets!

5Expert Score
Better than 300 thread count cotten sheets

These are really nice sheets. I didn’t know what to expect as first time using this kind. Really perfect. Feels like soft cotton. I cannot tell it is a microfiber. Washes beautifully fits 16′ mattrice. Just perfect. However i discovered do not use alcohol on this fiber as it makes a discoloration. Probably any chemical other than water. I use oxyclean and thats ok

5Expert Score
Fits well and comfy.

These are actually pretty soft and comfortable! I haven’t had any issues with wrinkling, as long as it’s taken out of dryer when done. I was able to wash on normal cycles with no issues.

5Expert Score

Es muy suave y fácil de lavar.
Llevo usando este producto aproximadamente 1 mes y hasta el momento esta muy bien.
Por el costo estoy muy bien.
La talla es exacta a lo que pedí y no se mancha (derrame café y fue fácil de lavar)

5Expert Score
Good quality, not very soft

They’re really good quality but aren’t very soft, not uncomfortable or anything though, they just have a weird feel to them.

5Expert Score
Great product!

This was a great purchase! Great price & they stay in place. I would go to places like ross or walmart to buy sheet’s because they aren’t expensive but the material would rip and the sides kept coming off. I decided to go a different route and buy these sheets and it was a great idea!

No regrets!

5Expert Score
Love the feel of these sheets!!!

Love the color it was exactly the color i needed and they are so soft i just love love them

5Expert Score
Best set of sheets i've ever owned!

I bought these hoping i could finally a set of sheets that would stay on my king sized bed without constantly popping off on one corner….finally found them. I recommended these to my son, and will be getting another set for my bed soon (just need to decide on the color )

5Expert Score
So soft

Bought this set for my son’s dorm. Love the color and softness. Pillowcase has an added tuck flap to keep your pillow from sliding out.

4Expert Score
Great sheets….

Great sheets, thread count so good, microfiber so soft. Spilled liquids can be shaken off, leaving a completely dry sheet, amazing. Their pillow cases, not so much. Won’t go into all the detail but thought the ones that came with the set were defective. As nice as the sheets were, just rolled with them. Bought another set of just the pillow cases, they only lasted a short time longer than the first. Check prices for set versus individual cost and count the cases value as zero. Buy entisn cases…..

4Expert Score
Soft fabric and easy to dry bed sheets

I bought these bed sheets last 2019 and so far they’re good. The fabric is soft though it has a bit wrinkle once you wash and dry it and it’s not a big deal. These bed sheets fit my king-size mattress and they easily grip the side of the mattress which is good and it doesn’t come off easily. I would recommend this brand if you’re looking for a good bed sheets cover.

4Expert Score
Great sheets for the price

These sheets are perfectly fine for the price of the whole set. They fit well, comfortable to sleep on. Washed just fine. These would be great for the kids beds as well. I have the set on our queen bed and we found them to be no different than others at this price. I will buy them again. Thank you!

4Expert Score
Very nice

This product was nice doesn’t really wrinkle. I don’t like that it has torn so quickly so material is kind of flimsy but would still recommend.

4Expert Score
Quite lovely

These sheets are really soft and comfortable. They are not so much wrinkle free however the wrinkles are not that noticeable. The stains come out quite well but when you get something on it it’s very noticeable.

4Expert Score
Very soft and pretty

Got the wrong size 🙁 but it’s very nice and soft. Everything that was described was in the pack

4Expert Score

The size is large enough and the texture is very good. The skin feels very good in contact with him.

4Expert Score
I'd recommend buying sheets in stores if possible.

But unfortunately, in korea, sheets are not a thing yet. (here, mattresses and sleeping off of the floor is still relatively new. They’re moving away from mats on the floors in more affluent, modernized areas, but where i am, usually everything is still thick puffy traditional mats and blankets that i’ve read are taken to the drycleaner every year or so on average, and no sheets. I’ve asked at many stores over the years here, but still no concept of the bedsheet that can be washed every few days so you’re not sleeping against a year’s worth of filth on a blanket. Those are non-existent.) even this weekend when we traveled, we actually got a hotel that had a bed but no sheets on the mattress or pillow cases. Just a small, silk, dry clean only blanket that hopefully had been washed in the past year. Just had to sleep on a bear mattress and put shirts over the pillows.
That being said, i had to get more sheets online since i can’t get them in person. Normally i would get home essentials sheets from target or better homes and gardens from walmart, no problems. My better homes and gardens ones last for years. Unfortunately though, the stateside retailers’ online storefronts cancelled my orders because they suspected ‘suspicious activity’ so i had to use the go to site i rely on the most here, amazon. Unfortunately i read a lot of horrible reviews on most the sheets i found. They all seemed to be really hit or miss with some reviews including photos of cigarette butts and actual bed bugs that supposedly came in their sheets. I decided to opt for the cheap route if it would be such a gamble and went with these. They were packaged decently and immediately went into the wash to be safe. I didn’t want to shrink or ruin them so they were in by themselves and on cold. After the first wash, carefully gentle and separate from any other items, the microfiber is already pilling. They are paper thin and nearly see through. But as they came in with no rips, bugs, or other extras though, i am satisfied for now. Hopefully they last a bit though it doesn’t look hopeful. I miss walmart and target.

4Expert Score
Nice for the price

Pillow cases are not sewn completely at opening. Only one side of opening finished, other flap just hangs open.

4Expert Score
Looks great.

Looks great.

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