Utopia Bedding Throw Pillows Insert (Pack of 2, White) – 18 x 18 Inches Bed and Couch Pillows – Indoor Decorative Pillows

Utopia Bedding Throw Pillows Insert (Pack of 2, White) – 18 x 18 Inches Bed and Couch Pillows – Indoor Decorative Pillows

Buy Utopia Bedding Throw Pillows Insert (Pack of 2, White) – 18 x 18 Inches Bed and Couch Pillows – Indoor Decorative Pillows: Pillow Inserts – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are utopia bedding throw pillows insert pack of 2 features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Square pillow pack – pack of 2 decorative square pillows for your couches or bedroom; they are neither too big nor too small and they give off a homely vibe
  • Packaging – pillows are compressed in vacuum packaging because of shipping purpose, they might appear as one large pillow.
  • Dimensions – each square pillow measures 18 by 18 inches
  • Fiber filling – soft outer shell and siliconised fiber filling will never make them look hollow
  • Soft and durable – the pillows are designed to give a delicate feel while retaining long term durability
  • Care instructions – it is recommended to spot clean the pillow or hand wash the fabric
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Utopia Bedding Throw Pillows Insert (Pack of 2, White) – 18 x 18 Inches Bed and Couch Pillows – Indoor Decorative Pillows AMAZON

Buy Utopia Bedding Throw Pillows Insert (Pack of 2, White) – 18 x 18 Inches Bed and Couch Pillows – Indoor Decorative Pillows: Pillow Inserts – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Can you ‘karate chop’ the pillows for a nice crease? Thanks!

The pillow covers i am using have graphic pictures so i want them firmly filled, corner to corner, therefore needed to size up. If wanting to ‘karati’ chop and cover is soft, order same size. It will take a little work and ‘wiggling’ the stuffing around. But, once you follow directions to fluff (i used dryer, fluffed great!) and work at crease a bit, i think these will give you the look you want. Note you will need to rework crease when rearranging, but they should last a long time. Just reordered a size up for my purposes. Good luck!

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Do these pillows contain fire retardants or other chemicals? Are they hypoallergenic?

I bought two. They’re outgassing something very toxic. They made me quite sick. I washed them twice to make them more usable, and they contaminated my washer and dryer, and several subsequent loads of laundry. ‘hypoallergenic’ is a totally meaningless term.

Are these pillow inserts puffy or do they go flat after few uses? Have a bad back and i need to use them to prep my back straight while sitting.

They see quite puffy and comfy.. I use them basically for my decorative pillows.. Therefore, i dont know how long they would hold up.. They do seem to be a nice quality…

Are they hypoallergenic?

I’m allergic to down/feather pillows (nose get completely stuffed with trouble breathing). I have had no issues with these pillows. I currently have four 20×20 inch and two 26×26 inch pillows on my couch for more than a year!! No troubles here. I love these pillows! I buy 18” covers for the small ones (they are nicely stuffed) and 24” covers for the large so they are squishy and soft. If you want them fully stuffed i suggest buying 22” covers for the 26” pillows.

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Does the product have western children?

No, they use contraception

Can these utopia pillows be used outdoors?

I suppose if you were to cover them with a water-proof fabric, they could be. But generally, no – these are indoor cushion/pillow forms.

Where do porcelain products come from?


Do you have to stuff

No you don’t have to stuff them. Just fluff them. I threw them in the dryer for a fewer minutes to help fluff them also.

How long can it be used?

Didn’t get to use those pillows, i washed them before we use them and they got destroyed all the padding came out garbage

If i use this product after the expiration date, will there be any effect?

I can’t imagine why pillows would have an expiration date. I’m sure they are fine to use

Can my baby use this product a lot?

Somehow large for babies

Is this product any good?

I think they were good. Perfect for a throw pillow anyway

Made in china, in us or in pakistan? Three different answers here. Which should i believe?

I do not recall , but was either china or pakistan. Will say they seem of good quality and were the answer to my problem. Have a great day.

How long can this product be used?

The product can be used until is worn out

Is the product harmful to children’s health?

I do not know the answer. I doub it, really!

Is this product still available?


How do these compare to down feather inserts? I’m looking for soemthing that feels like down. Pillowflex synthetic inserts feel like down but are $$

These pillows do not compare to down filled. They are a very nice decorative couch pillow. I have some down filled bed pillows. The feathers often sneak out

Wondering i have a pillow cover that is 12×12 what size pillow should i order also 12×12???

First, i wouldn’t order from this seller unless you want a flimsy/extremely soft pillow. “amazon basic” brand is the best for firmness which i have purchased to fill a pillow cover. I ordered a 24×24 utopia pillow to fill a 24×24 cover and it’s so flimsy it doesn’t fill the cover from corner to corner. It has actually folder over inside the cover. The only positive experience with the utopia purchase was that the seller refunded my purchase and i didn’t have to send the pillows back which was nice. The “amazon basic” pillow gives the cover a beautiful look by filling it corner to corner. I hope this helps. If you do order the utopia, i would probably recommend either sizing up or use both pillows in the pack per cover.

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Might the 12×20 reasonably fit into a 12×18 pillow sham? Given the high number of positive reviews for this line of pillows, i’m hoping it might work.

Yes it is a good quality fill pillow. But that won’t be too big. It will fill it out nicely. I love this brand!

How thick are thes

As long as you put them in a size smaller cover they are very fluffy

Utopia Bedding Throw Pillows Insert (Pack of 2, White) – 18 x 18 Inches Bed and Couch Pillows – Indoor Decorative Pillows AMAZON

Buy Utopia Bedding Throw Pillows Insert (Pack of 2, White) – 18 x 18 Inches Bed and Couch Pillows – Indoor Decorative Pillows: Pillow Inserts – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Pleased with this purchase

Have had these inserts for several months and they are holding up well, so far. I mainly use these on my living room sofa, which doesn’t get much use. However, i recently moved them to my family room, so now we are using them much more; we’ll see if they continue to hold up. They were a good value and i would purchase them again.

5Expert Score
10/10 highly recommend

The package arrived quickly with the inserts vacuum sealed but they fluffed up quickly once shaken out a bit. I know there are some people saying that these inserts don’t completely fill their pillow covers personally i don’t find that to be true. As a general rule of thumb, i always buy a pillow insert that is 1 size larger than the pillow cover i am trying to fill…

Example: for a 16×16 pillow cover buy an 18×18 insert, 18×18 pillow cover buy a 20×20 insert, a 20×20 pillow cover buy a 22×22 insert, etc…

I am very happy with this purchase and will be buying a few more of these inserts.

5Expert Score
Very dense and full once fluffed in dryer

They came out super flat because of the air being squished out. The directions recommended vigorous shaking for 5 minutes or fluffing in the drier for a few minutes. I highly recommend the drier. No comparison. The hand fluffing was not enough. But in the drier they came out beautiful! Very happy with them

5Expert Score
Exactly what i was looking for. Not too thick.

I was looking for a lumbar pillow that would actually be a little thinner. Most are too thick and hard for me. These were perfect.
They come very flat in a vacuum pack, but they puff right up. I let them sit overnight but they were pretty much done in the few hours after i’d opened them.
I like them very much.

5Expert Score
So lumpy!

Despite best efforts to fluff by hand and in the dryer and letting it have ‘time’, these pillows just won’t fully fluff out into an even thickness. Instead, you get mishapen lumps throughout. I hate that this is now the standard for shipping pillows. Guess i have to buy in an actual store ‍

5Expert Score

I needed some couch pillows and found some pillow covers i really liked on amazon but they didn’t come with filler. Thankfully, i found these and by reading the accompanying reviews, learned that folks recommended buying filler pillows a bit larger than the cover so the end result would be fluffier, well-shaped pillows. So glad i found and followed this advice. My new couch pillows look great and they’re just the right firmness, yet soft enough so they’re super comfy and cozy.

5Expert Score
Great quality!

The package was delivered on time and in good condition. The pillows were vacuum sealed and in pristine condition (no stains and no odor). No wash needed before placing the inserts inside the pillow covers. I will definitely purchase from this seller again.

5Expert Score
On the thin side

The pillow came in a shrink wrap. They have been out of the packing for a couple of days. They are not very thick, the filling is thin and if you apply any pressure, flattens out to almost nothing. If you have a generous sized cover or a cover that is firm, the pillow may not fill it out.

5Expert Score

I couldn’t get these pillows to fluff like i wanted so i popped them in the dryer for a few minutes. Perfection! The result is a fluffy pillow perfect for couch lounging.

5Expert Score
Great comfortable pillows

These pillows fluff back nicely! They are soft and perfect size for a couch pillow. I’ve purchased 2 sets and am very satisfied with them.

4Expert Score
Nice but be aware of the size

After reading other reviews, i decided to order the 20×20 size to fill 18×18 pillow shams. A good decision! The product does come vacuum packed and expands nicely when opened, however, i feel that the 20×20 insert worked best on my 18×18 because these filled the cases generously and looked well so consider sizing up if you want the best looking fill.

4Expert Score
I guess best for decor

They’re so light and fluffy which i guess is good for decor but way too light considering i actually use my pillows. I stuffed both these fillers into one 12×20 case which was then too firm but ‍ better than the alternative. I’m hoping my husband will smoosh it down eventually but i don’t think i should have to use two fillers

4Expert Score
I want to hug a tree

Meh, you get what you pay for. The pillows are fine; they fluffed up nicely and will serve their purpose. Though they were vacuum sealed, they came in an enormous box stuffed with a ridiculous amount of box filler. They aren’t fragile, and they were pancake-flat—they could have been sent in an envelope!

4Expert Score
Pillows inserts

The pillows were too small and they were not filled enough.

4Expert Score

Not as fluffy as i expected but they work

4Expert Score

Good quality

4Expert Score
Nice soft pillow fills

I bought these 24′ fills for 24′ throws. They needed to be padded out. Luckily i had a bag of fiberfill in the basement so i opened the fills & stuffed enough fiberfill in so that my throws had more filler in the corners & throughout. Whatever size throw covers you have, always get a 2′ larger fill. It will pad it out better. After you carefully remove the fills from the shrink-wrapped coverings, put them in the dryer on medium heat for about 10 minutes. That will expand them. These fills are very nice.

4Expert Score
Fluff them in the dryer!

They appear to be cheap and lumpy at first, even after letting them sit out of the shrink wrap for a day. I put mine in the dryer on high heat for about 15 minutes and voila! Fluffy, almost firm pillows. Give it a try before you give up on them.

4Expert Score
Nice throw pillow

Pillows are very soft. I bought 22′ pillows for 20′ covers for a little extra fluff. 20′ pillow would have been too flat. Just followed instructions and shook and fluffed for 5 minutes, let them air out for 24 hours then put them in dryer for 5 minutes very low heat with tennis balls. They came out perfect. Would buy again

4Expert Score
Nice item

I got these pillow inserts to put into an accent pillow cover that i purchased, and once i got them fluffed up, they gave the case the look i was going for. I shook them several times to try and get them to fluff up, but i put them in the dryer on low heat dryer for 10-15 minutes, and that did the trick. If you are looking to use these as a support, i would suggest you find something else a little firmer but if it’s for decor purposes then go for it!

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