Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement Queen, 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector, Absorbent, Six-Sided Mattress Cover

Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement Queen, 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector, Absorbent, Six-Sided Mattress Cover

Buy Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement Queen, 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector, Absorbent, Six-Sided Mattress Cover: Mattress Encasements – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are utopia bedding zippered mattress encasement queen features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Mattress encasement – fits queen size mattress perfectly with dimensions 60 inches by 80 inches; 15 inches deep pocket
  • Knitted polyester fabric – stretchable knitted polyester fabric fits the mattress easily and gives a comfortable feel while you sleep
  • Zippered cover – zippered cover with zip secures the mattress from 360 degrees; it protects the mattress
  • 100% waterproof protection – mattress encasement protects your mattress from unwelcome spills and keeps your mattress clean and safe. High quality tpu backing on all sides resist any leakage into the mattress.
  • Easy care – machine washable; tumble dry for easy maintenance; note: packaging might slightly vary
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Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement Queen, 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector, Absorbent, Six-Sided Mattress Cover AMAZON

Buy Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement Queen, 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector, Absorbent, Six-Sided Mattress Cover: Mattress Encasements – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Does this mattress cover make it very hot to sleep on the bed like others?

For the record, the linenspa mattress encasement is not hot. They’re out of stock right now so i was considering getting utopia instead but not if it makes my bed hot. Eek

Does this mattress cover make crinkle noises when you move around on it?

I have had a couple of these covers and have used them a while. They are very noisy, it bothers my husband to no end. The cover moves around alot and is very uncomfortable. I have a foam mattress, 10 or 12 inches i think.

Is it durable? How does it stand up to multiple washings & drying?

If you’re using this to prevent the movement of bed bugs into or out of your mattress (or even just to protect your mattress in the absence of bed bugs) but you still wish to wash this, buy two. One that you leave permantently sealed on your bed (this brand) and one that is over it that you wash (different one, not water proof). While this handles great with washing and drying (i have washed and dried twice without any loss of life), the washing process throws your washing machine around (as this is water proof inside), and the drying process takes multiple no-heat air dries, plus all day of having this propped open over furniture.

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Is the mattress incasement thicker than the box spring incasement? If it is….can i use the mattress incasement to cover the box spring?

Yes, you can. Please note box spring height is low and mattresses height is little more

Can this type of mattress cover also contain odors? I was given a mattress set by a friend who is a smoker and the set smells very strongly.

I’m sure it will help. It was beer light, more like fabric than plastic. The zipper is at on end so the entire mattress is enclosed in it so that should help also. Maybe spray mattress with lysol and air outside if you have sunny day then enclose in this ? I would def enclose your mattress anyway for dust mites etc

The specs say ti can handle a 15′ matress… I have a 9′ futon matress.. What happens to the other 6′ of cover? Does it just bag out and hang off?

I installed mine on a 6′ futon mattress. It is a little loose but not excessively. It looks fine.

Given the choice between this mattress cover and others, would you choose this one? Does it rip? Does it hold up to washing and drying?

This is the best mattress cover i have ever purchased. It does not tear and washes and dries beautifully.

Protects against dust mites?

That is the main reason i bought this cover, my son has allergies to dust mites specifically. It encases the entire mattress. I feel like it helps, but i also got covers for his pillow. 🙂

If i have to flip my mattress do i need to change the cover?

No, the mattress protector is zipped around the entire mattress, encasing it completely. The zipper is on the side of the mattress, not the top or bottom.

Does it zip?

Yes. Completely.

My mattress is 5 inches thick/deep and this encasement can accommodate upto 15 inches deep mattress. So would it be too loose for the mattress?

I think it would be too big. In my opinion. There would be a lot of extra material. But i guess you could take it under the mattress. But i think it will be really loose.

Is this cover noisy? When you move on the bed does it make a crinkly sound?

This is an excellent cover for the mattress, and no it does not make any noise. Its protective for bed bugs as water and etc… The best thing its like putting a fitted sheet on your mattress except with zipper. But no noise at all you will sleep as if you are sleeping on a fitted sheet… Bought four for all the mattresses…

I have a 5′ foam mattress wirh standard single bed dimension .will this be able to fit in my mattress

If you buy the box spring encasement it fits mattresses up to 9 inches. Make sure you don’t order the twin xl which is for king box springs

Will the twin size work for a crib mattress?

No, it would be way to large and the crib sheet would not fit appropriately.

Medidas del tamaño queen

We ordered twin

I have a standard king bed two separate box springs which three products do i need help!

I ordered a full size encasement for my bed and it fit perfectly and has a bit of wiggle room. With my experience with this item i would think a king size encasement would fit your mattress and as far as your box springs i have not purchased this for mine yet so therefore i have no experience regarding the fit for box springs. I hope this helps a little.

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I read that you have new and used product i don’t want used i want new are these covers new

If you choose new when adding to cart, yes they will be.

Will this work for an 8inch gel mattress?

Yeah. I have a 15 in mattress and it fits on that so you should be good

Is it cotton?

I think it’s a poly-blend but it feels like cotton with a bit of elasticity which helps get it on the mattress.

How do you get replaced? And what about damages? My aunt had an accident and it ruined the mattress!

So sad. Too bad

Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement Queen, 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector, Absorbent, Six-Sided Mattress Cover AMAZON

Buy Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement Queen, 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector, Absorbent, Six-Sided Mattress Cover: Mattress Encasements – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Do you feel like jumping off a bridge?

Yeah? Rather sleep in your car? Yeah? Buy a tent and sleep outside? I did! Like most of the stories on here this will be long. If you just wanna know if it’s a good product then stop here, yes it is. If you wanna hear my story with the spawns of satan then read on ..
I caught my case pretty early because i am terrified of bugs. That’s not to say i only had one or two. When i started waking up with bites, and literally feeling them crawl on me i finally did a thorough inspection. Boom! Right near my feet was a nest. I’ve never been more scared in my life! Grabbed a credit card and tupperware and scraped the whole end into it, then hurried and sealed it shut. Called my landlord the next morning and someone came and confirmed what i already knew. To say i freaked out was an understatement. When he told me he was behind and could take weeks to come do i’m pretty sure i had a mini heart attack. Now you should know i live in low income housing and they have to treat it (thank god) but weeks?!? I have 2 kids and my youngest carries his blanket around like the charlie brown boy. Let me also add that before i knew i had them i would bring my bed blanket out to the living room in the morning. Ugh!! The first thing i did after my panic attack was buy some de. Literally dusted all sides of my bed and box spring in it. I then dusted heavily around all four sides of my bed. After that i laid down three strips of double sided tape at the entrance of my bedroom, added more de, and closed the door. Once on the other side i completely sealed off my bedroom with those plastic tarps and heavy duty tape. I then once again laid down a thick layer of de and 2 more strips of double sided tape. If one of them could have made it through my wall of china i would have shook his hand and gave him a pat on the back! I also opened up the bedroom window so they wouldn’t smell my co2 and try to come to me. Figured if the window was open that maybe it would throw them off. I have no idea if it worked or not. But they never showed up in my sons room. They say not to sleep in another room cause they’ll just follow but i’d rather eat a roach then spend a minute in that room. Luckily my 14 year old has severe ocd and absolutely nothing in his room except 2 dressers, his tv and chair and his bed. Let me add here that i immediately bought the climb ups, sent my oldest to his fathers for a few weeks and slept in his bed. All outlets that weren’t in use were taped up, layered! The ones i had already caught i decided to have them be my test subjects. I put some de in there then taped it back up and waited. It’s true that de doesn’t work immediately but i notice it def stuck to them and even made it hard for them to stay on their feet. They kept flipping upside down. In another container i just had them in there and taped the lid. My landlord said they can suffocate after awhile. Wrong! For four weeks i watched them walk around like it was their home. They don’t suffocate, even vacuum sealed they still have enough oxygen to live awhile!! But by day 2 the de did its job, they were def dead! But unfortunately i still had to go into the room of death to clean it out for the pest guys. I put trash bags over my shoes, taped it real good, and used doctor gloves for my hands which also was taped around my wrists. How did i get in and out of that bedroom you might ask. Well luckily i live on the first floor and went in and out thru the window. Basically anything i haven’t used in a year went straight to the trash. The things i did need and wanted to keep were doubled bagged, sealed tight and brought outside. Things i couldn’t wash or get wet went into a storage container with de. Oh and to the person who showed video that they can’t climb scotch tape you deserve an award my friend! Anyway i put those certain things into the container with the de and put scotch tape along the entire top of the bin inside, so if they were in any of those things and tried to climb out by the time the reached the scotch tape they fell right back down into the de. Like one person said, make friends with garbage bags cause you will be living outta them. I bagged things that needed washed, threw the tightly sealed bags out the window and then double bagged them again before getting put in my car to be dried. They say 30 mins high heat kills them, but like i said these things paralyzed me so i did 40-50 most times, especially with clothes close to the bed. Everything on the bed went right into the trash, i was too scared to even touch them, except for my pillow, no literally, i have one of those my pillows and it’s amazing. I washed that then fried it. Bought a couple cheap pillows, put the freshly washed pillow covers on and used double sided tape to seal off the ends. Btw, double sided tape works perfectly to seal shut ur pillows instead of also buying pillow cases! Before this my bed was on the floor, i didn’t have a bed frame, so i bought a metal one from walmart for 32$! Not bad to get ur bed off the floor right! After the treatment i put both the mattress and box spring protectors on, set up the metal bed frame, used scotch tape on each leg maybe an inch down from the frame, and put climb ups on the feet of them. I also dusted de in each one just to be safe. And if one did happen to get on my bed and go down to it’s hiding spot or whatever they weren’t able to climb back up with the scotch tape there! Luckily 4 weeks later the pest guys came and did their thing, i reduced a lot of clothes and whatnot that has been sitting in my room for years and finally after weeks of sleeping in a tent then my teenagers room i was finally able to break down the great wall and open my bedroom for business again! Trust me, if ur reading this whole thing you’re prob like i am and becoming a bedbug expert. I highly suggest buying both protectors and even a new metal bed frame and climb ups if you can. If not then at least invest in some de and scotch tape to dust everything you can and tape the legs of your bed so that they never get a chance to get to you again from the floor! Good luck my fellow insomniacs, you will win this battle!

5Expert Score
Good protection, not noticable under sheets

I am very pleased with this mattress cover. I wanted it for two reasons. First, i have a dog and i want to make sure that the mattress was protected from hair and any pet odor. Secondly, my cousin is an entomologist who specializes in studying bed bugs and after she told me how many bed bug traces their study had found in even high-end hotels i got creeped out and wanted to make sure that my mattress was protected in case i ever brought these critters home from travel.
The cover is very waterproof and yet feels like fabric instead of plastic. I was worried that it would make the bed too hot or unbreathable, or have a crunchy sound, but it doesn’t have any of those problems. It’s well made with a velcro over the end of the zip just like my cousin suggested for protection from bed bugs. I’m very happy with this and the price seemed reasonable for the quality.

5Expert Score
One person can install

The material is smooth and soft. You can tell it’s water proof. Very tight zipper that the velcro flap covers. Box springs are easy to cover because they are light. I’m only 5′ so i had to get something to stand on to put the cover on. The mattress is considerably heavier and cumbersome to work with. I slid my mattress off the foot end of the bed as far as i could without it falling off. Then just slid the cover onto the end of the mattress hanging off the bed. Then i went from side to side lifting the mattress and pulling up the cover. Once at the top of the bed pull it up the rest of the way and zip.

I was worried if it was going to fit or not but it fit perfectly! I have a sealey memory foam gell plush top mattress. It’s pretty thick. The cover was obviously to big for the box spring but you don’t even see it.

5Expert Score

This thing is so much easier to use than deep pocket sheets that slip everywhere but be aware…. It still slips! I can’t win. The protector shifted and the velcro patch that covers the zipper ended up on top instead of the side and every time i get in bed the shifted cover puffs up with air. Its so bizarre and annoying but beyond that it does what i need to it.

5Expert Score
Excellent for moving a mattress

A mattress cover is a good idea for many reasons. This one encases the whole mattress, feels pleasant, and is thin and unobtrusive when used as intended on the bed. It’s also very useful when moving a nice clean mattress through a dirty area (my outdoor basement stairwell). The cover fabric is tough enough to be pushed, grabbed, pulled, generally manhandled, slid out into the yard, and down rough concrete stairs. The mattress stays clean, then the cover can be zipped off and machine washed, good as new. I found that the cover dries best outdoors in the sunshine, waterproof side out first, then the top side. I am able to install it by myself if i stand the mattress up to ease the cover on, then flop the mattress onto the bed to do the foot/zipper part. I never expected to get enthusiastic about such a utilitarian product, but this cover is well worth the cost.

5Expert Score
Whatever these tiny black specs are they are not able to get thru these wonderful encasements.

I purchased 7 of these mattress encasement’s and 1 box spring encasement’s . They are such a blessing . Whatever these tiny black specs are they are not able to get thru these wonderful encasements ..i would give these a 200% satisfaction. Amazon doesn’t have enough star ratings for this product or company..my review is a little long for some maybe, but maybe very helpful for others, who can’t figure out what they are dealing with. Wasn’t sure what we had, thought it was bad thinking we were fighting fleas from animals…until i found a bug around my bed (which turned out to be a tick which can be mistaken as bedbug) then pulled mattress covers off and seen a creepy translucent thing looking at me.(turned out to be baby silver fish.) i live in a very wooded area with ponds and natural springs every where.. I freaked out… Then little black specks everywhere and small like white soft cocoons every where..and when i tried to vacuum the black specs seemed to dig into fabrics…was sure it was bedbugs until i started looking every where and found in kitchen, in staples , on furniture ( just laying there on top not moving) , drawers , inside fridg. ,dressers,laminate floors…you name it…in our new rv (used 2016). Thinking camping world didn’t sanitize the mattresses .. Found them laying on top of leather seat counters , floors ect…
….leaned against mattress in rv to grab something in cupboard started feeling bites on knees..cleaned off with white paper towel sure enough.. Black specs that don’t move.bombed whole house and rv with the hotshot bedbug which has the insect growth regulator {nylar} …finally last week was directed to a an employee at ace hardware that has an rv and camps a lot…knew exactly what it was…some call them( noisome ) or something like that because can’t really see them unless you wipe area feeling bites with something white..can’t believe it was so easy called {pollen mites } that fall from trees with flowers or anything that hangs from trees and they love oak trees..he said his wife thinks he’s nuts but he said you find them in other places you go in buildings ,stores ,garages ,( i said yes i was looking in the stairwell of my moms apt. Building and even seen them there .)their every where and they get picked up on your clothes, shoes, dogs, cats, bird feeders on you porch, ferraro cats(i was even blaming the used rv hadn’t had but few months.).i was happy to hear from the start, that i would have bites from bedbugs, that you could see and i didn’t even find bites when i was bit by the black specs . But could even feel biting on my head if i shook my head over sink area i would see black spec or specs that had fallen from head…then i wouldn’t feel biting anymore, and if i did i would rub head area harder with tips of fingers and sure enough would find more, then wouldn’t feel bites anymore..so now i am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel . But still using hot water in washer and dry for over 30 min. Run already cleaned blankets pillows ect. Through hot dryer for 35 min. Every 3 to 4 days and will continue until absolutely feel they are gone.. Am still keeping all clothes in totes or bags and towels sheets ect. My husband is no longer coming in and sitting on our furniture after working outside and hes not leaving clothes lay with other laundry, he bags it until i wash…hardly seeing any but will bomb every few months as directed on the can. .. And make sure we treat outside to help keep from picking up so many…i hope this review helps a lot to someone.. .and you are not crazy. Exterminators will not find anything when you call and say you still have something..don’t waste your money . Just make sure to spray with something that will kill mites ect…and if it does not say it has a i.g regulator in it you can buy one and add to it..i used martins i.g regulator {the 4 oz bottle $19 halls can treat up to 5000 sq ft,or 1 oz bottle $9 walmart online] and bug blaster indoor/outdoor which i got from halls nursery think its an 8oz bottle $17,…can also order online on amazon. Others will pop up from other co. Also like doyourownpest.com or something like that, if you prefer to order and save the running around trying to find .don’t bother with products from home depot, lowe , or walmart , unless the ones i listed.. And buy yourself a $10 insecticide pump sprayer..make sure to spray base boards . Can get different products to spay furniture … I sprayed my underneath coach fabric with the bug blaster with i.g regulator mixture ,not the cushions… I did not really care to spend this much time on this review but really feel if it just helps one person it was worth every minute i spent explaining everything i dealt with..i have read alot of people frustrated trying to figure these noisome things out and people think your nuts. I feel so blessed that a real outdoors man encountered these things and knew that people call them noisome, but are really pollen mites. I had never heard of pollen mites either…

5Expert Score
Great for a baby

If you have a new baby and they hang out with you on the bed get this, whatever mess they make comes right off and dries very easily. Nothing gets through to the mattress. I’m not qualified to say, but i’d say this is poop, pee and spit proof. Surprisingly comfortable to sleep on as well and so long as you clean the mess quickly you won’t get any stains. Only thing is it’s hard to install, but that’s to be expected with any bed sheet really.

5Expert Score
Great product!

I was iffy about using it at first but i have come to love this product. I was able to put it on myself and it has saved my bed from spills and accidents from my pet when she was sick. Would recommend to everyone.

5Expert Score
It works!

It does what it’s supposed to. We’ve had one on our mattress for a year and it’s kept it safe from spills, dust, etc. We just got another for our guest bedroom.

This is a queen size on a full mattress, so that’s why it looks a little baggy. It doesn’t make that annoying crinkly noise while you’re on it, and it says you need to have two people to put it in, but i was able to do it myself!

I also like that it has a velcro flap to cover the zipper.

5Expert Score
One of the best options for mattress protector/cover – covers the whole mattress, not just the top

One of the best options for mattress protector/cover – covers the whole mattress, not just the top.
We use these on all of our beds including in our str rental. Obviously because it covers the whole mattress, including the bottom, installation is a little bit harder than the covers that only cover the top (which tend to slip off too easily).

4Expert Score
Nice mattress cover

Seems to be quality product so far. My only complaint is the instructions said two people are needed and to stand the mattress up on end to install cover on mattress. Alas. I am single and have a futon mattress. So it was a bit more difficult to install since i had no help and futon mattresses do not stand up on end in any fashion. But i was able to slip it on by pushing the bottom under the mattress a little ways and gradually pulling it up a little bit at a time alternating sides. So it took a while to figure this out and complete the task. It might have been easier if the zipper went around 3 sides. The material it is made of has some give and with all my tugging and prodding it was not damaged in any way. I’m very pleased. I had purchased this because the outer fabric on my futon had ripped and the stuffing was coming out, so now i don’t have to worry about that any further.

4Expert Score
Everyone needs one of these.

All and all it’s a great product. I’ve washed my twice and noticed a small frayed spot. I’m concerned if it is washed again it may rip open and that defeats the reason for the sack.

4Expert Score

So it only gets 4 out of 5 stars because it is a bit over sized. I have a pillow topped full bed and originally order a queen size cover but that one was to big. So i gave it away. Now i received the full size cover and think it’s the same size as the queen cover was because it is still to big for the bed.

But it works great. A little noisy when you move because of it being a bit to big for the bed though. Had my nieces over and one is a bed wetter and it worked perfectly. Noting on the mattress.

They may want to be sure they are packing the right sizes in the right packaging. Would buy again.

4Expert Score
Keeps the bed bugs from biting.

The protector gets very hot and uncomfortable and it is a pain to put on remove and clean by yourself. But it does what’s advertised and keeps water out and seals in potential bed bugs to keep them from biting which is why i got it. Worth it for the price.

4Expert Score
It’s really nice

This was a nice cover for the mattress

4Expert Score

Much bigger than i thought, and a bit hard to figure out, as it is soo large, but is working well. Not thick.

4Expert Score
Pretty good for a mattress

It’s a must when you buy a mattress. Very easy to install and with the zipper. Keep safe from allergens.

4Expert Score
It fits a little loose

It fits a little loose which is annoying and make it hard for the bedsheets to stay flat. Good part is that this is definitely a waterproof mattress protector

4Expert Score
Does the job

Good product. Totally encloses your mattress. If you have a king then you’ll definitely need two people to put this on. Don’t risk tearing it.

4Expert Score

It looks sturdy. Easy to install on the mattress.

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