Vekkia 14 LED Rechargeable Book-Light for Reading at Night in Bed, Warm/White Reading Light with Clamp, 180° Adjustable Mini Clip on Light, Lightweight Eye Care Book Light Perfect for Readers & Kids

Vekkia 14 LED Rechargeable Book-Light for Reading at Night in Bed, Warm/White Reading Light with Clamp, 180° Adjustable Mini Clip on Light, Lightweight Eye Care Book Light Perfect for Readers & Kids

Vekkia 14 LED Rechargeable Book-Light for Reading at Night in Bed, Warm/White Reading Light with Clamp, 180° Adjustable Mini Clip on Light, Lightweight Eye Care Book Light Perfect for Readers & Kids – –

What are vekkia 14 led rechargeable book-light for reading at night in bed features?

  • 【extendable lighting head】180 degree foldable patented whale tail design rechargeable book light carefully developed by german designers! The extandable lighting head can provide a larger lighting area. We adopt advanced smd led reading light to show the best color temperatures and brightness, which will significantly save your eyes when reading in bed or in dark, especially for kids.
  • 【15 settings for your needs】the 14 led book light for reading in bed has 9 brightness modes. Whether you like warm or white light, bright or soft, our ‘whale usb rechargeable book light’ can meet your satisfaction perfectly.the dimmable reading light is bright enough for reading, knitting, sewing & craft, or dim enough to not disturb the others.
  • 【super lightweight & clip-on design】the reading light is 2.33 oz only. The lightweight and compact book lamp for reading in bed only needs a little space to easily carry around. The clamp opens about 2.1 inches and clips on book or kindle perfectly and tightly. The clip can be opened wide enough to be fixed in various objects. Soft pads protect your beloved books from being scratched or pinched. It can also stand on your table or desk. Very convenient.
  • 【powerful rechargeable battery】this reading light means no more waste of your money on batteries.the type-c rechargeable reading light has a rechargeable battery, so you can enjoy 80 hours of wireless reading time without charging (low brightness setting). Durable led can last for 100,000 hours without replacement. Comes with a type-c.
  • 【product quality guarantee】 fcc, ce, approved. Safe & easy use for kids. Worry-free & hassle-free 3-years warranty with friendly customer service. Product box contains: book reading light x1, type-c x1, user manual x1. Note: no adapter included.

Vekkia 14 LED Rechargeable Book-Light for Reading at Night in Bed, Warm/White Reading Light with Clamp, 180° Adjustable Mini Clip on Light, Lightweight Eye Care Book Light Perfect for Readers & Kids AMAZON

Vekkia 14 LED Rechargeable Book-Light for Reading at Night in Bed, Warm/White Reading Light with Clamp, 180° Adjustable Mini Clip on Light, Lightweight Eye Care Book Light Perfect for Readers & Kids – –

Looking for specific info?

How wide is the light?

Don’t know the measurement but exactly as in the pictures

How far does the clip open? I’d like to use it on a needlepoint frame that’s about 1.5-2”

I’d think it’d work for 1.5” not sure about 2” but possibly. Has 3 different levels of light & is very nice for nighttime reading or closeup work

How many lumens is the brightest setting?

Three settings. All three are bright enough for me to read the small print a lot of my books are printed in without turning on all the lights in the daytime (or nighttime).

Does it block blue light


Does whale light cover whole page?

Yes it does.

One of my lights has gone bad. Is it possible to replace/fix it? If so, how? Where do i get a replacement?

I just bought a new one when mine did that.

How do you replace a light bulb? Or is that possible?

I do not think you will need to since it is rechargeable. However, you are able to take it apart it seems. There are screws near the bottom and the light covering looks like it can come off.

Can i use my newest apple fast charge adapter?


Can you use it without clips?

As best as i can tell the answer to your question would be ‘no; you can’t use the light without the clip’. The on/off switch is integrated as part of the clip itself. Hope this helps!

What is the length of the gooseneck?

From the very end of the clip it measures 6.5 inches long. It would be a little longer if you consider where the neck actually starts which is further in the clip.

How long does the light last? I have a book light that lasts about 2 hours before needing to recharge and am looking for one that lasts much longer.

It lasts considerably longer than that. They claim 70 hours and i’d say they’re on target.

What is the country of origin?

Don’t know probably china.

Whit light?

Three brightnesses. The first is soft light, the second significantly brighter, and the last is a very bright white light.

Does it have five brightness levels or three? (i’ve seen both in the answers.)

Only 3 that i have found.

How long is the warranty?

I believe one year

If you remove the battery, and plug the usb cable even without the battery, does it still work?

Battery is built in rechargable so no need to remove or replace battery.

Does it make noise? Is it comfortable to read with lamp on?

No. It does not make noise. It is light weight because it is rechargeable as opposed to having a battery. So it is comfortable to read with and has three light settings.

I have a music teacher that can never see her sheet music behind the piano because it is too dark. Would this be good to clip to a music binder?

I don’t use it in this way but yes, it’ll help make those sheets more legible (if she’s in a dark room, it won’t do all the heavy lifting though)

My charging indicator light does not work on either of the two lights i have ordered. What gives with this? Does everyone else’s work?

My charging indicator light does not seem to work either, use it and check to see if the indicator light comes on when it’s time to charge. Or maybe it come on to let you know when it’s fully charged. I can’t say too much about it because i used mine and charged it once, i do t recall the circumstances as to how the light worked… Or not.

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Where all nine settings and why does my light fade out after a complete charge?

I did not even check the nine settings, i bought this lamp as a gift for a friend. On arrival we checked and found eight functions on the spot, and my friend was very happy with that. My lamp came charged, no problems with fading so far. Hope this is helpful.

Vekkia 14 LED Rechargeable Book-Light for Reading at Night in Bed, Warm/White Reading Light with Clamp, 180° Adjustable Mini Clip on Light, Lightweight Eye Care Book Light Perfect for Readers & Kids AMAZON

Vekkia 14 LED Rechargeable Book-Light for Reading at Night in Bed, Warm/White Reading Light with Clamp, 180° Adjustable Mini Clip on Light, Lightweight Eye Care Book Light Perfect for Readers & Kids – –

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Literally the perfect book light

Been using book lights for three decades now & this is genuinely the best light i have ever used. It’s weighs very little which in the past caused no end of trouble for me when a light required 2 aas & i tried to use it on a flimsy mass market paperback. The adaptability of the gooseneck, the two arms of the light, a very clever clip that adjusts to the surface it’s clipped to makes this ideal for all circumstances. Great battery life for long reading sessions, i even use this as a light to read my remarkable 2 in low light. Buying a second for back up in case i lose the first!

5Expert Score
Great book light or lectern lamp!

Like so many of us, covid introduced me to zoom and other online meeting options. I participate in three regular studies every week, plus at least one or two other programs – all requiring a tanakh (hebrew bible) or specific study books. I use a bookstand to hold these large books; but lighting was difficult; and i was using a magnifier and mini flashlight to read the print.

I knew a standard book light would not be practical, so i focused my search on a light that would fit my bookstand. The vekkia 14 led rechargeable lamp is perfect!

– the light clips securely to my levimetree book stand.
– the two light heads may be positioned multiple ways to direct the light however i want.
– the flexible neck can also be positioned multiple ways and easily reaches over my thickest books, providing light where needed without obstructing my view of the print.
– in its initial two weeks of use, it has not yet required a charge; so i cannot report on the ease or time required to recharge. I have about 25 hours use so far; and it is still strong.
– the on/off switch (which also cycles through the three light options) is conveniently positioned without having to search for it.

For paperback books, it might be too heavy. I refer you to other user reviews for that information. However, for hardback books, or if you need a light to use similar to a lectern style stand (as i use it), i recommend the vekkia 14 led rechargeable lamp.

5Expert Score
Finally found the perfect reading light!

Like many other reviewers, i have bought multiple reading lights (in my case, 5 or 6), and none of them before have been quite right. So glad i finally tried this one – it’s perfect! I can’t speak to battery life yet because i haven’t had it that long, but this little thing is gonna get quite a workout. The clip is sturdy and will clip easily onto thin or fat books, and unlike most reading lights, it actually does illuminate the whole book, not just one page. It’s lightweight and small, so i will be carrying it around with me a lot, and the adjustable neck lets you get the perfect angle. It never gets too bright shining in my own eyes (a problem i’ve had with some clip lights), and it doesn’t shine into my spouse’s eyes either, even when i’m reading in bed. I love the soft amber light setting, it is plenty of light to read but doesn’t hurt my eyes, and doesn’t interfere with my sleep. Great value, highly recommended – and trust me, i have tried a lot of these that fell short. Really glad to have found a keeper, makes reading in the evening even more pleasant.

5Expert Score
Easy to use and so helpful!

I recently got this lamp to read my bible in the mornings while my roommate sleeps. I tried it out, and i love it! The clamp expands big enough to comfortably fit on big books or thick hardback covers. I love that the arm of the lamp can extend over both pages largely. The 2 sides of the lamp for together or extend out so you can get as much or as little light coverage as you want. The different settings are also awesome to have! Overall great product.

5Expert Score
Book lights provide little enhancement to the viewing capability of an avid reader.

The book lights are easy to charge on to your computer. Two book lights attached to a book are needed for senior individuals that need glasses. I am an avid reader that reads mostly in the late afternoon and or at night so an abundance of light is needed. I find that these book lights do not provide all the light that is needed to reduce eye strain. I would not buy this book lights again.

5Expert Score
High quality for a good price

This is a good light and has exceeded my expectations. I really enjoy the fact that i can change the temperature of the light. I prefer a warm light before bed or when in a really dark room, and a whiter fluorescent light during the day. This lights allows 3 color temperature settings, as well as 3 different brightness settings. The light gets very bright. 90% of the time i keep it at it’s lowest setting, and i never use the highest setting but i do like that i have the option if i ever need it that bright. The adjustable arms are nice but to be honest the light is so bright that i don’t even really need to adjust them unless its a really big book. It’s also very lightweight and i can’t even tell it’s on my book when i’m reading, and the clip has not damaged any of my books covers.
It’s also really easy to use. It has a single button does does everything you need. You click it to turn it on. Once it’s on clicking the button will change the brightness of the light, and holding it for a second will change the temperature. The best part is that after getting your settings adjusted and start reading, the light realizes that you’re done messing with the settings, so the next time you press the button it just turns off instead of changing the brightness! Maximum user efficiency right there, that is what i like in my products!

Would recommend.

5Expert Score
A great little book light!

I’ve had several book lights that didn’t cast enough light on the entire page of my book. I like to read in bed with the lights out, and had started using a hand-held flashlight, which was not very convenient. I saw the write-up and a demo video for the vekkia and decided to give it a try. This book light is great! I really like that it has 3 brightness levels, it’s got a sturdy clip that holds onto a big clump of pages and stays in place, it’s lightweight and the gooseneck light stays in the position you put it in. I’ve not tried splitting the light yet – i get plenty of light on both pages of my book without splitting. Highly recommended!

5Expert Score
Best book light ever!

I have purchased so many clip on book lights in the past and always got tired of moving the arm to point the light at one page and then move it to point it at the next page. With this light you never have to do that. This light has a light on both sides. Both sides flip open giving plenty of light on both pages at the same time! And the led light is very nice and bright but not harsh. The only suggestion i would make is that i prefer the on/off switch to be on the upper part of the light. This on/off switch is located on the bottom clip part which i don’t really like but it’s really not that big of a deal. Overall this is a great product. I would buy again. Price is fair.

5Expert Score
Absolutely perfect reading light for books

The light has three levels of brightness, it is easily moved around and it opens up to cover both sides of your book. It stays put and the battery life is excellent. I bought the pink and for me that makes it super cute. I highly recommend this product and it comes with a recharging cord as well.

5Expert Score
Great book light

I have had several book lights in the past and this is the best book light i have ever purchased. I love the 3 light settings it has and the fact that both pages are lit up while reading and how i can control the setting when reading in bed so that i’m not disturbing my husband is sleeping. Great light. I love it.

4Expert Score
Just a few days but very happy so far!

I’ve only had it for a few days but am happy so far. I am not for sure how long it goes on one charge because i haven’t had to recharge yet. There are 3 brightness settings and 3 light settings. One bright, one amber and one combined. I use the amber at night so that my eyes don’t stay wide awake when trying to sleep after reading. The settings are easy to use and worked well. I even used it for reading on the sofa so as to not turn on the regular lamp and it was great. Actually better than using the lamp. The clip is sufficient to latch on and it isn’t heavy enough to be uncomfortable. It also appears that it will attach well to my bible without harming anything. Oh, and the ‘neck’ seems sufficiently long enough as well. Right now i’m a standard size (but very thick) paperback and it lights up both pages perfectly. I can see that if i am on the larger book – such as the bible – it will extend far enough to reach the entire page. The 2 little ‘lights’ can be put together to make one light or moved outward to be a t-light or you can keep them in between so there seems to be a good reach on the lighted area as well. Good buy!

4Expert Score
Love it – but really check out the charging port

I really like this book light because of it’s size, weight, the 3 brightness features and its ability to spread across the entire 2 pages. I gave it 4 stars because just a little over a month of having it (just beyond the return date) the charging port broke and i couldn’t plug in the cord to recharge it. I tried several times to contact the seller with no luck. Fortunately, amazon stepped in and replaced the unit.

4Expert Score
Light is very very bright!

If you are reading in bed, the brightness of the light may bother your partner. Otherwise it works great, is lightweight and is rechargeable (comes with charging cord). The light fans open to cover more of the book you are reading. I love it.

4Expert Score
Nice and bright.

My previous book lamps were either too dim or didn’t last. One i bought from a bookstore used a miniature incandescent light bub which ate up batteries like anything. The other was a miniature led that just wasn’t that bright.

But i saw this book light, saw the rave reviews and amazon recommendation, and so i took a chance on it. Where i don’t have to continually buy aaa batt3eries the thing, i did have to recharge is after perhaps a week’s use.

That, and i do seem to have to put it on the second brightness level to get good reading illumination. I’m not sure why that is.

Anyway, it’s a good light. If you’re a book enthusiast, then check this guy out.

4Expert Score
Good light with good dispersion

Similar to other book lights in its class that is light and portable, this one has the dispersion closer to a two-necked version but without all the added bulk.

Unfortunately, i ordered the amber version twice but still received the white led version. I don’t think they can differentiate based on the box.

4Expert Score
Keep it charged

Keep it charged and it works perfectly fine. If it’s not charged it is not bright enough to read with the lights off. Your eyes will strain. It will get dim on low battery.

4Expert Score
Great for reading

Great for reading at night, a little difficult to use on paperback books.

4Expert Score
Attractive and useful

Have not had it long enough to comment on battery life. Great for reading. Descent lighting features. One i owned before was not bright enough and could not adjust brightness easily to where you needed it as you read from page to page. Pro for old one is that it was light weight. Con, it died and replacing battery an impossibility. Con on this one is the large clip but really cannot complain. It is working out well so far as reading is concerned and would recommend it. Looks good too.

4Expert Score
Very bright, excellent coverage

Love that this light splits to provide good coverage of light, especially for wider books. The only downside for me is that even on the lowest setting, it is almost too bright. I was hoping for one that had a fairly dim low setting so i could use it while my husband is trying to sleep, but even on low it is too bright. The clip is fantastic, the gooseneck is sturdy and i love that i can set it on the clip on a flat surface and it stand on its own. Overall very good!

4Expert Score
Works great, possibly too bright

I bought this light so i could read without having a lamp on to disturb my husband. While this is dimmer than a lamp, it’s a lot brighter than i’d like it to be even on its lowest setting (pictured). I have a phone that automatically adjusts to the darkness so that’s the second photo, and the first where you can clearly see the wall lit up is where it didn’t adjust. It’s a great light, and i love how flexible it is as well as the different color tones. I just wish the brightness had more options, especially to go down

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