Victor Allen’s Coffee Variety Pack, Light-Dark Roasts, 42 Count, Single Serve Coffee Pods for Keurig K-Cup Brewers

Victor Allen’s Coffee Variety Pack, Light-Dark Roasts, 42 Count, Single Serve Coffee Pods for Keurig K-Cup Brewers : Victor Allen’s Coffee Variety Pack, Light-Dark Roasts, 42 Count, Single Serve Coffee Pods for Keurig K-Cup Brewers : Everything Else
Victor Allen’s Coffee Variety Pack: Victor allen’s coffee’s variety pack includes a mix of our popular blends! Morning blend: a light roast that is well-equipped to ring in the sun each morning. Morning blend coffee is traditionally a light roast, light body brew known for its even-keeled flavor profile and smooth finish. 100% colombian: coffee beans exclusively from the top coffee farms in south america. Through careful sourcing with the most exacting standards, we ensure only top-quality beans make it into our 100% colombian roast. Donut shop blend is a no frills, medium roast brew for the coffee purist. We understand that sometimes, simple does the trick. So, instead of convoluting your cup of joe with crazy flavor complexions, we put our efforts into the subtler nuances of the brew. At victor allen’s coffee, we love the craft of roasting. Maybe that’s why we have a special connection to our french roast for k-cup keurig 2.0 brewers. Unlike a location-specific bean, the flavor distinction of french roast coffee comes directly from the roasting process. We take great care to make sure our beans are always precision roasted to perfection. Every roast. Every time.

What are victor allen’s coffee variety pack features?

  • Count: includes 42 single serve coffee pods for keurig k-cup brewers
  • Roast: a mix of light, full bodied medium (smooth and robust) and dark (robust and bold) roasts
  • Flavor profile: morning blend: mild and satisfying with a subtle kick, striking a perfect balance between the quiet you want and the jolt you know you need to get moving in the morning; donut shop blend: this classic brew is sweet and smooth, striking the perfect balance between mellow and bold, to deliver just enough bite to brighten your day; 100% colombian: lively and bright, starting rich and warmly aromatic—but landing softly with its mild acidity; french roast: a velvety body with a soft, smoky flavor; intensely rich but always smooth
  • 100% gluten free & non-gmo: our coffee products do not contain gluten or genetically modified ingredients
  • Brand story: since 1979 victor allen has been proud to bring you high-quality, roaster-fresh perfection. We source 100% arabica beans from all over the world and use precision roasting techniques to guarantee the very best coffee
  • Ingredients: 100% arabica coffee
  • Caffeine content: victor allen’s coffees range from 90-150 mgs per serving
  • Selection: victor allen’s offers a wide selection of beverage choices from light, medium and dark roasts to everyday and seasonal flavors, in bagged, single serve and ready to drink formats.
  • How to brew recommendations: step one: load your single serve cup into your brewer step two: select the 8-floz setting on your brewer for the best taste step three: to prevent dripping upon completion of brewing carefully tilt the single serve cup upon removal from your brewer step four: enjoy your precision roasted victor allen’s coffee
  • Compatibility: for use in all single serve brewing systems, including keurig 2.0. Single serve coffee pods for keurig k-cup brewers. Keurig is a registered trademark of keurig green mountain, inc. K-cups is a registered trademark of keurig green mountain, inc.
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Victor allen’s coffee variety pack details:

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8 x 7.75 x 6.25 inches; 0.22 ounces

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Trilliant food & nutrition llc

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Victor Allen’s Coffee Variety Pack, Light-Dark Roasts, 42 Count, Single Serve Coffee Pods for Keurig K-Cup Brewers AMAZON : Victor Allen’s Coffee Variety Pack, Light-Dark Roasts, 42 Count, Single Serve Coffee Pods for Keurig K-Cup Brewers : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

What is the added sweetener?

Thank you to my knowledge there’s no sweeteners in this it’s just coffee flavor

Are these sugar free?

Yes they are sugar free

How many calories is this? Is there nutrition facts?

Honestly, i never looked…it’s the sugar and cream you should check, not the pod

Hola, me pueden decir que mide el pod?

2 pulgadas

Can u use pods for non keurig brand machines??

Mine is not a keurig brand. Yes you can.

Can anyone tell me if these have artificial sweeteners / sucralose?

These have no type of sweeteners in them.

How many of each flavor. I’m not really interested in the hot coco but if it’s only a few in the box i would still purchase

I would not recommend this product. The flavors of the coffees was extremely weak. The hot chocolate is good but not worth the purchase of the box. If you like flavored coffee i recommend crave coffee.

How many grams in each k cup?

9 grams

Do they work in 2.0 systems?

Not sure what some are experiencing here. I ordered the kona blend, and they worked perfectly in my keurig 2.0. On a side note – fantastic coffee, at an unbelievable price!

Does victor allen decaf coffee contain methylene chloride?

Methylene chloride is not listed on the label of contents. On the other hand, nothing is listed on the label of contents.

What is the best brew size to use with the spring flavors variety pack, 6oz, 8oz, or 10oz?

I think it’s individual. I use 12 oz, but my coffee maker has a ‘strong’ brewing level as well as weaker ones, so i get a good brew for the size.

How many calories are in them?

I usually count 2 calories for flavored k-cups but it could be 0. Best to contact the company which is what i would normally do but thought the amount was too insignificant to bother.

Are these available in de-caf

If i know the answer sure.

Is this item ebt eligible?

Yes the only thing that is not ebt is paper products, alcohol, dog food, hygiene products. Coffee tea are acceptable.

Is this just a flavored milk packet or is it flavored coffee? I’m knew to this k-cup kind of thing

It’s flavored coffee grounds in the k-cups. You’d need a keurig or other coffee maker that fits the pods. Just pop them in and the heated water runs through it similar to a drip coffee maker.

Can i buy decaf in donut shop alone?

You would need to look on the amazon site enter victor allen decaf.

Will these work in all k cup machines or only certian keurig machines? I have a chefman single serve machine.

If your machine accepts k cups in general then these are no different than any other k cup. I use all kinds of k cups from many companies and none have given any issues.

Is this decaf or regular?

It is regular coffee. Not decaf

What is fat content?

Thank you for your inquiry. Our coffee has no nutritional value, there are no significant amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, sugar, sodium or potassium. Even flavored coffees will not affect nutritional content and there is no added sugar. Sincerely victor allen

Where is best buy date on victor allen coffee

In variety packs such as this, victor allen places a lot number printed in ink on the side of the box. You can contact victor allen with the lot number to receive a production date and shelf life (typically 2 years from date of manufacture). Since it is a variety pack, there are multiple best by dates, one for each flavor. You can open the box and will see the best by date printed on each individual cup.

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Victor Allen’s Coffee Variety Pack, Light-Dark Roasts, 42 Count, Single Serve Coffee Pods for Keurig K-Cup Brewers AMAZON : Victor Allen’s Coffee Variety Pack, Light-Dark Roasts, 42 Count, Single Serve Coffee Pods for Keurig K-Cup Brewers : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Return customer

This is the 2nd (or 3rd?) year i’ve purchased this flavor collection. I’m a fan of victor allen flavored coffees because they’re neither too sickening nor is their medium roast too dark. I appreciate that they offer collections of only coffee & no sugar-added coffee mixes (though they do have them, if you like having a mix). The pumpkin spice is not my fav, but i’m very picky & don’t like most things flavored as ‘pumpkin spice’, & i can tolerate it black. I like all of the other flavors in this set.

5Expert Score
This coffee is good and all 3 selections are equally good.

K-cups: i didn’t think i would ever go that route, but well as the price of the machines came down and the dual use(pot or pod) units came out it seemed a more reasonable idea. I have tried all kinds and flavors of coffee in pods. Regular roast, dark roast, light roast, the victor allen is combo pack 3 roasts is both a value for the money but there is definitely a difference between them. All are equally good. The best thing however about victor allen is none of their grinds have a strong whine after taste, which i appreciate a lot. I would tell you or anyone to try this coffee it will make you a believer.

5Expert Score
My go-to variety pack

I’m the only one in my household that drinks coffee so i have a single serve keurig i use for my morning coffee. I was looking for a variety of k-cup coffees and ended up purchasing these. This pack has a nice variety of roasts. I’m more of a medium roast coffee drinker but i’m glad that there is a dark roast coffee in this pack for when guest come over that drink dark roast.

I like this variety pack enough that it has become my go-to coffee. When one box gets low i just order a new one.

5Expert Score
Love this brand

I love this brand. It taste so good and is such a great value. I have an afternoon cup almost daily. I love all of the different flavors, especially the cappuccino. The black regular and decaf are excellent

5Expert Score
Great coffee

We like this product because it has different flavors and they all taste good. Being a bigger size is a plus!

5Expert Score
Great value

I really like this variety pack of coffee! It comes with some really tasty flavors, and i want to tell you it’s some of the best coffee i have had in a long time!

5Expert Score
Good buy! Consistent smooth taste

I have been a victor allen customer for a long time . I chose the variety package after using
donut shop blend
a good opportunity to sample other blends without a big expense.
Donut shop still my favorite but others didn’t disappoint. French roast my second choice.

5Expert Score
Very good and value priced

I’m familiar with this brand and find it to have a strong enough flavor and very good taste . I like another brand better but this is close enough and value priced way better than the other brand. It was delivered quickly as promised.

5Expert Score
Great value.

Have used victor allen’s brand coffee pods for years. Great flavor for a pod. Fresh, as expiration on package is 08/24/2024. Excited when i found on amazon for a better price than in local stores.

5Expert Score
Starbucks in the office

I really liked the variety offered in this pack! My favorite is the pecan pie even though i originally got it to save money and not go out for pumpkin spice coffee as often

4Expert Score
Decent coffee

I thought this was a good value except for one of the coffee flavors i didn’t like, the carmel apple, very artificial tasting. The rest of them: cinnamon, pumpkin and pecan pie flavors are good tasting. I do wish they were a bit stronger, a bit on the weak side as far as coffee goes. Overall i think a decent value if you like all of the flavors and probably others won’t mind the apple one, it’s all up to personal taste. Arrived in a timely fashion and in excellent shape. Thank you.

4Expert Score
Good taste, but uses solvents to remove caffeine

good flavor

their website is a bit misleading in the method of caffeine elimination used in production. It lists multiple ways that this can be done including the healthier options like water and co2. It also lists the unhealthier options including solvents like methylene chloride which can cause health issues and is suspected to be carcinogenic. It never tells the reader what their chosen method of decaffeination is however. According to the website: checkyourdecaf dot org, this company uses an ‘unknown solvent’. This lack of transparency decreases my confidence in the company.

4Expert Score
Good value

The k cups always function properly. The taste however is weak, although pleasant. The variety works well for others in the household but i prefer a robust cup and favor the columbiana and italian roast. I find the morning blend and donut shop to be a bit too weak for me.

4Expert Score
Coffee is 100% fine

I’m amazed by all the weird, negative reviews because i have zero issues w/ this coffee and it taste jus fine. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.

4Expert Score
Nice variety

I like the flavor variety and coffee taste fresh. A few of the pods did have bad seals and explode in my maker.

4Expert Score
Good variety of coffee.

I buy this brand often and almost satisfied everytime. I just don’t know about it’s freshness. Some of the pods feel flat(no air) flat and doesn’t taste as good. I really, i’m satisfied.

4Expert Score
3 out of 4 of the flavors are good.

The breakfast blend, donut shop, and 100% columbian are all solid for the price. The french roast is a little disappointing. Doesn’t taste as fresh as other french roasts. Freshly brewed it still tastes stale.

4Expert Score
A value coffee brand.

I only purchase victor allen for my family, it’s a great price and the value is wonderful.

4Expert Score
Good coffee but packaging could be better.

I purchase this brand for home and work and have had no issues. This is my first time buying the variety pack and i normally don’t like flavored coffee but their caramel macchiato tastes very good and i will buy this again.

My one issue is their packaging. Other companies box each flavor (at the same cost or lower price), but even if they can’t incur this cost, the flavors should be separated with or without hard paper and not just randomly thrown in the box.

4Expert Score
Great variety good flavors

I’m a total coffee snob not gonna lie i bought these on a whim and soo happy that i did i’ve tried all but the apple but like i said very pleased with this purchase

Important information

Safety Information



100% Arabica Coffee


HOW TO BREW RECOMMENDATIONS: STEP ONE: load your single serve cup into your brewer. STEP TWO: select the 8-fl oz setting on your brewer for the best taste. STEP THREE: to prevent dripping upon completion of brewing carefully tilt the single serve cup upon removal from your brewer. STEP FOUR: Enjoy your precision roasted Victor Allen’s Coffee.

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