VIPPER American Flag 3×5 FT Outdoor – USA Heavy duty Nylon US Flags with Embroidered Stars, Sewn Stripes and Brass Grommets

VIPPER American Flag 3×5 FT Outdoor – USA Heavy duty Nylon US Flags with Embroidered Stars, Sewn Stripes and Brass Grommets : VIPPER American Flag 3×5 FT Outdoor – USA Heavy duty Nylon US Flags with Embroidered Stars, Sewn Stripes and Brass Grommets : Patio, Lawn & Garden

What are vipper american flag 3×5 ft outdoor – usa heavy duty nylon us flags with embroidered stars features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Proudly display your patriotic feelings: when you buy the american flag, fly your us flag with pride. Express your love and your admiration for this great country!
  • Highly durable and fade resistant – our 3×5 usa flags are expertly made using heavyweight deluxe nylon, making sure that every flag can survive in bad weather. Your 3×5 american flag outdoor will always remain in good condition, as it is supported by 2 tough brass grommets and has a quadruple stitched hem.
  • Perfect embroidered stars – using expert and precise craftsmanship, we delicately embroider the stars and stitch them onto the flag by independent splice double stitch stitching. To improve the flag’s durability, we use four rows of stitches and two rows of lock stitches on the hem. By doing this, we improve the flag’s resistance to wear and tear, ensuring that the flag will serve you for a long time.
  • Ideal for a wide variety of occasions – you can tie it to your car and fly it proudly while traveling. A us flag can also be tied outdoors, by the entrance to a farm. It can also serve as an amazing, all-american gift for your friends and family. American flags can be hung on your room, on the outside of a window, a corridor, and, of course, on a flagpole by the front door.
  • Durable and strongest – we make sure we provide you with an amazingly sturdy product that you can easily express your love for this great nation.
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VIPPER American Flag 3×5 FT Outdoor – USA Heavy duty Nylon US Flags with Embroidered Stars, Sewn Stripes and Brass Grommets AMAZON : VIPPER American Flag 3×5 FT Outdoor – USA Heavy duty Nylon US Flags with Embroidered Stars, Sewn Stripes and Brass Grommets : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Looking for specific info?

Is this actually made in usa? The entire listing sounds like a chinese translation, and i can’t find ‘vipper’ registered anywhere other than amazon.

No – flag is from china. I traced down manufacturer – vanwe. Front company in a chinatown community at 18351 colima rd ste a463
rowland heights ca 91748 registered with california secretary of state. I suspect they get goods from china and repackage at this store front with the made in usa sticker affixed . Amazon leadership should check this out and not allow. I reported to the ftc maybe us marshals can raid the place.

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Where is the material for this item sourced?

China probably.

What american flag lasts longer outside, nylon or polyester

I buy a nylon, stitched stripes, embroidered stars flag annually not because the replaced one is falling apart, but because it fades a bit and i want to display a bright, strong flag. This type of flag is more expensive than a polyester one, but it lasts a lot longer, in my experience.

Is it high quality item?

It’s a high quality $20 usa flag.

Is thia flag a product of the communist chinese?

I cannot guarantee this answer is correct because i don’t remember if i checked everything, but it was mailed from the us and in general i do not buy chinese products.

What material is this made of? Polyester? Nylon? What’s the denier?

The flag is made of heavy duty nylon – nothing flimsy. I have no idea the denier, but it is definitely sturdy & would be able to withstand outdoor weather without problem. I ordered the gadget that goes on the pole so that it wouldn’t get twisted in the wind – it rotates easily in high wind. We are very pleased with this flag, & that it is 100% usa-made.

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How do you hand this flag? There are two holes but it cannot go on a pole as there is no space inside and no pocket, how to hang, cable ties?

I paired this flag with a flag pole i purchased on amazon. I had the same problem you incurred and the flag pole i had wouldn’t work with this flag. Look up hosko 5 ft flagpole. It fits perfect with this flag, it’s priced right and is very durable. I hope this helps.

Length of warranty on flags

Sorry i have no idea because i routinely replace it on a regular basis to make sure the flag is presentable.

When i ordered this flag, the description clearly stated that it was made in usa. But these q&a’s do not agree. So vipper and vanwe, where is it made?

Horrible, don’t buy, poor quality, i do not believe it is made in usa

I’ve just thrown out a nylon flag that lasted a year until it rotted away. How long has this one lasted for you?

This is an almost cotton flag. My previous flag too was of a nylon texture. And yeah, it destroyed getting tangled in near by bushes. This new flag gets tangled in near by bushes, there is no wear and tear seen with my new flag.

Does it çome with a pole?

No. The poles usually cost about $100. I was hesitant to buy one because i thought it would be difficult to put up but it was not. A hole i think about 2 feet deep, some gravel and some instant cement you can buy at any box store and you put in some water and the pole and it is done. The pole comes with a rope and clips and the flag will come with two holes to put the clips through. If you are a little handy is is very easy.

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What are the plastic d-rings on the top and the bottom of the 5×8’ flag for?

They are brass gromlets for flying the flag no d-rings anywhere no plastic anywhere

Which size or what’s right size should i put 3 x 5 or 4 x 6 flag for telepole 20′ classic telescoping flagpole ?

The 4 x 6 would probably be better for the 20′ pole

Do you have a flag that slips over the pole?


Did you say your polyester indoor/outdoor us flag is fade resistant? Does this also apply to the state of oregon flag?

Yes, so far it is fade resistant. I have no idea about the state of oregon flag.

There are plastic d-rings on the top and bottom of my 5×8 flag. There are also brass grommets (not gromlets). What are the d-rings for?

The d-ring is the connector between the grommet & the flag pole. There should be 2 metal pieces on the pole that will connect/clip to the d-ring.

Is this product really as good as advertised?

I was very happy with it. Good quality product.

Where are the american flag and poles

This vipper flag does not come with a pole. You will need to look for flag and poles.

Can my baby use this product a lot?

I wouldn’t recommend that

Where is this flag made

I wish i could tell you – not tag on flag or in/or on the bag it came from. I suggest researching the vipper company.

VIPPER American Flag 3×5 FT Outdoor – USA Heavy duty Nylon US Flags with Embroidered Stars, Sewn Stripes and Brass Grommets AMAZON : VIPPER American Flag 3×5 FT Outdoor – USA Heavy duty Nylon US Flags with Embroidered Stars, Sewn Stripes and Brass Grommets : Patio, Lawn & Garden

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Let's see how long this one lasts in the arizona sun and heat

My flag flies 24/7/365 so it takes a lot of abuse with our intense sun and extreme heat. The plastic feeling flags only have a 3-4 month life span so i go thru several a year. On my last trip to the flag disposal site, three old flags were taken. This flag seem sturdy and will be used when the weather is less intense. Hopefully, i’ll get 6-9 months before a replacement is needed.

5Expert Score
Heavy duty flag that will last

Finally, a flag that feels like it will last for a fair price. I was thoroughly impressed with the build quality of this thing. It came in a padded envelope. I thought there was no way that was the flag in there but they vacuum pack it nicely. The flag is pretty loud for the first month while it breaks in, you can really hear it whip in the wind…which i kind of like. I’ll be buying this brand again for sure!

5Expert Score
Really pleased!

This flag looks great. It’s much thicker than another flag i’ve been purchasing for the rough winters. Due to it’s thickness it waves more slowly in mild wind, so it looks majestic. When my window is open, i can hear the snap of the fabric as it waves, which i like. If it lasts until late spring, i will be happy if i order 2 per year.

5Expert Score
It’s worth it!!

Want a flag that can withstand high winds and not rip? Well here you go. I was pleasantly surprised how tough the material was and given the weight the flag always unfolds and doesn’t get stuck on the pole

5Expert Score
Heavy duty usa flag

After several flimsy usa flags that quickly shredded in normal windy weather, this flag is clearly much hardier. It just made it through hurricane ian, but i did forget to take it down in advance. After a few months up on a 20 foot pole, it will clearly last a lot longer than the others. Heavier duty fabric and brass eyelets are pluses.

5Expert Score
Great price for good quality.

Buy one every year and raise on memorial day in honor of my 105 year old father-in-law who served in wwii.

5Expert Score
Shredded on multiple seams and faded in just a few months. Do not buy.

Flag came apart at the seams in just a few months of at most moderate wind. Also stated to fade already. Material must be substandard. And i am not the only one with this issue, read other reviews. No guarantee to replace if issues so now going to buy from one of those other vendors. Do no buy this flag if mostly sunny or moderate winds in your area. Maybe it should be advertised for indoor purchases only?

5Expert Score
Durable in heat

Takes the sun and humidity my last one did not tear up till it went thru hurricane ian

5Expert Score
Super-nice flag to replace our weathered flag!

I got a great deal during the recent prime days, and am very happy with my purchase. The colors are rich, and the finishing exquisite.

5Expert Score
Well-made flag

We’re very happy with this flag. Came quickly, just as described, and is beautifully made

4Expert Score
Nice embroidery!

Nice flag but wished it would last longer. Wind tears pretty easily after 4 mos.

4Expert Score

Flag was ok but 10 months later starting to fade

4Expert Score
Built well

I bought one 1 year ago, they all say it won’t fade, they all fade, this one faded, but this one appears to be built better then the others i have had, so i am buying another. My flag is outside everyday and held up well

4Expert Score

Looks well made but deceptive.
We posted ours for indoor flag use only. Today the flag separated from the top grommet making it impossible to display. So i either must buy a new display flag or buy a grommet kit and patch to repair this flag. Not durable.

4Expert Score
Great size flag

I received flag quickly and only complaint is the grommet holes are too big. I put a large washer over the grommet so i could hang it.

4Expert Score
Good deal

Made very well which makes it a fair price

4Expert Score
Doesn't last

It’s a nice looking flag, colorwise, decent stitching, etc., but it didn’t last 6 months before coming apart. Normally i get at least a year out of my flags. I assume made in china, not as long lasting as made in usa.

4Expert Score
Frayed after single use on vehicle in one parade

Not made in usa…why?

4Expert Score
Should work

We’ll see once its been flying for a few months.

4Expert Score
Lasted 6 months

Lasted for about six months in florida weather. This is pretty typical of these flags.

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