Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz Container, Black – 001372

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz Container, Black – 001372

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What are vitamix 5200 blender professional-grade features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Variable speed control: easily adjust speed to achieve a variety of textures. The dial can be rotated at any point during the blend, so you’re in complete control
  • Large batches: the size and shape of the self-cleaning 64-ounce container is ideal for blending medium to large batches. Design feature : radial cooling fan and thermal protection system
  • Hot soup: the blades in the vitamix container reach speeds fast enough to create friction heat, bringing cold ingredients to steaming hot in about six minutes. Compatibility-legacy series
  • Hardened stainless-steel blades: our aircraft-grade stainless steel blades are designed to handle the toughest ingredients, so from the first blend to the last, you get the same quality results
  • Self-cleaning: with a drop of dish soap and warm water, your vitamix machine can clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds.
  • What’s in the box: motor base, 64 oz. Container, getting started guide, dvd, classic tamper.cord: 6 ft.electrical ratings: 120 v, 50/60 hz, 11.5 amps and hp- 2-peak
  • 7- year full warranty
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Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz Container, Black – 001372 AMAZON

Online Shopping for Kitchen Small Appliances from a great selection of Coffee Machines, Blenders, Juicers, Ovens, Specialty Appliances, & more at everyday low prices

Looking for specific info?

Can it blend an iphone?

Yes, it will also jailbreak it and root android phones as well.

Disclaimer: never, ever try to blend electronic devices, especially if they contain lithium-ion batteries. Severe harm or even death can come to anyone in the vicinity of such an operation.

Besides, even if you do escape unharmed, two large centipedes will crawl into your nostrils while you’re sleeping and eat your entire brain without any risk whatsoever of getting indigestion.

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Can it be used as a juicer?

In the strict sense, no. Juicers extract the juice (water) from the plants. The vitamix blends the plants into a smooth concoction. You do need to add juice or water to do this but would be amazed at how little. If your goal is to create the healthiest and tastiest drink than go with the vitamix and make a smoothie. You will read that he advantage of smoothies is fiber, but that is not completely true. Think about how much of the vitamins, anti-oxidants that are left in the plant itself after you extract out the water/juice. Especially in non-juicy plants like; spinach, kale, carrots, etc… Plus you can throw in healthy juice, protein power, metamucil, etc… Into the vitamix and it will blend it all into a very smooth drink. But if a smoothie is not your idea of a meal and you just want a healthy juice to go with your meal/breakfast than i would go with a juicer, not the vitamix. It blends extremely well but does not extract. Hope that helps.

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If i buy it from amazon, is the warranty still valid?

As long as its shipped from and sold by amazon, yes. Amazon is an authorized dealer of vitamix.

Can anyone recommend a good scrapper to remove all the contents from the glass container? I feel like i’m leaving too much behind.

The greenlife easy reach silicone spatula set (asin b0998j4cjj) is amazingly well designed for this purpose and fits this vitamix classic container perfectly. It works so much better than a regular long/narrow spatula!

Does it come with tamper tool?

Yes! Unfortunately, they don’t mention it in the description, but it does! I ordered one as an extra item only to discover it was included. Don’t make the same mistake!

Is it 220v, whether can use in china?

The voltage is not the biggest problem here. I’ve here cuz its a 60hz model, if you use it in china (50hz), it’s not really efficient and doesnt give the best output.

Does anyone have experience with this blender compared to the ninja blender?

I haven’t but one cousin’s husband and two other cousins’ kids have. The blade in my cousin’s ninja fell out on her husband’s bare foot while he was pouring drinks, necessitating a trip to the er. Another cousin’s dil almost severed her fingertip, and cousin #3’s son’s ninja started to smell like it was burning.
I bought all three of them vitamixes; two of them were 5200s (my favorite model). They’re all very happy campers now.

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Is this the series sold at costco?

This is the model that i bought at our costco on 5/14/2014.

What does a ‘refurbished model’ mean? Will it have the same guarantees as does a new model?

Neither of these two answers, answered the question, ‘will it have the same guarantees as does a new model?’ i would like to know the answer to that as well~! I know the quality can be expected to be as good, or even a tiny bit better, statistically, due to the hands-on inspection and repair protocols… But could someone actually answer the question? : ) thx ~nee

The advertisement picture shows a tamper tool, cookbook, and dvd, but does not suggest that is actually what is included….anyone know?

All 3 are there, book, dvd, and tamper tool.

Why is the white version so much cheaper than the black? Both the original price and amazon price are less than for the black mode.

Not sure that’s interesting. All the colors were the same price when i got mine. Maybe they have less white?

What does the 7 year warranty cover and who is it honored through?

I’m not too familiar with the details of the warranty but i’m pretty sure it’s covered directly through vitamix.. I’ve wanted this blender ever since i was a teenager which was about 15 years ago, and i finally bought it around 7-8 years ago and love it.. The expense of it was holding me back for all those years but then i finally did it and have been happy since. Unlike other blenders, this one is built very well and is quite powerful. Even after all these years it still runs like it did the day i got it! If you want to make the best shakes, smoothies, frozen drinks or any other product this makes, then you need a great tool and this is the answer. You can only be as good as your tools limitations. I’ve always loved pina colada’s and made them with a few other blenders in the past which would leave chucks of ice and wouldn’t grind the ice very fine, but this makes the best pina colada’s.. The only colada i’ve had that beat mine was in the caribbean. It grinds the ice very fine and very consistent throughout the whole batch. It’s quick and easy, and also i enjoy making them with the vitamix, versus in the past with crappy blenders there would be times i wouldn’t make them because it seemed to much of a hassle…sorry for my long drawn out answer, not good at short & sweet, but hope this helps at least a little bit. Good luck!-ken

Do mason jars fit on this, or can small serving containers be purchased for those of us who are constantly on the go and want a quick juice to take w/

If you mean taking off the blade portion and screwing it onto a mason jar like you can with some blenders. No it doesn’t do that. Vitamix does make a more single serve version the s30. But i would still recommend the 5200 and pouring into a mason jar after blending. The cleanup on this is much simpler than cheaper blenders where things get stuck down in the blades and you have to disassemble. I have used this for smoothies for over four years now. I did buy the shorter profile container.

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What is the minimum quantity you can grind ?

A cup. But with smaller quantities, there is more spraying of contents in the blender. It’s best to have the blades covered with food/liquid before starting.

Are the 20oz containers compatible with this model or do i need to purchase the adapter?

I would contact customer service at vitamix. I am sure they would be glad to answer your question.

How do you clean the vitamix mixer?

After most uses, i follow the cleaning instructions – rinse out the vitamix briefly, then fill it halfway with water and add a few drops of soap. Blend it on high for 30 seconds, then rinse it out again in the sink. Since i use it a lot, about 1 or 2 times per week i also put the base in the dishwasher for a little extra cleaning.all in all, i find cleaning it super-easy. Much easier than previous blenders i’ve had.

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Does it make ice cream

Yes this blender has enough potential to grind up hard (ice) ingredients and make ice cream.

I’m thinking about getting this model of the vitamix but isn’t there a recall on this container?

No recall when or since i bought it back in oct 2021

How does it rate as a juicer?

Turns veggies and fruit into a rich, drinkable solution. If you want to juice, you will have to get a nut milk bag and strain the blended mixture. I would say that if you are into just ‘juicing’ buy a juicer. If you like to have your fruits and veggies blended into a solution and be able to make way more things, get the vitamix. I have not met a dissatisfied vitamix owner.

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Can i use it in australia

Buy the 240v/50hz model (eu, uk, etc.) and use a plug adapter as needed.

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz Container, Black – 001372 AMAZON

Online Shopping for Kitchen Small Appliances from a great selection of Coffee Machines, Blenders, Juicers, Ovens, Specialty Appliances, & more at everyday low prices

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
The best black friday deal

Got this for a super steal on black friday after having broken the hamilton beach blender i used to have. I hated that blender and as such didn’t use it unless i had to. So when it broke and it was time for a new one i wanted one that i wouldn’t hate. This blends wonderfully. Smooth and quick even for a smaller amount of liquid. Nothing gets stuck under the blades. It is easy to clean. It’s a dream. I’m already stocking my freezer with frozen fruits for smoothies, making almond milk and generally looking forward to soups and such to make the most of this mighty guy. It does take significant real estate on the shelf but it’s worth it to have a blender that doesn’t suck.

5Expert Score
Worth it

I’m a new-ish vegan and have already burned out the motor of a kitchenaid blender (granted it was almost 20 years old) making veggie sauces. All of my favorite online chefs said go vitamix but i thought paying that much for a blender was appalling. I’m now a believer. If you use your blender every day or almost every day as i do, and want to make the creamy dreamiest sauces, smoothies, dips, dressings, what-have-you, this is worth every penny. It absolutely sounds like a 747 preparing for takeoff at the highest speed but it blends so fast. I love love love it.

5Expert Score
Best blender ever!

Had a ninja before this one. Had to use a strainer all the food using the ninja. Vitamix there is no strainers needed. Food purees perfectly smooth. I make a lot of salsas and have been super pressed with this blender. Cleanup is easy..just nlemd water and dishwashing.soap.

5Expert Score
Wow!!!!! I didn't know a blender could be so amazing!

I make green smoothies regularly so i thought i’d buy this to replace my ninjia blender after a blogger i follow did a comparison between different blenders. This was the top rated blender in their tests and i can see why. My smoothies are as smooth as water! No chunks. Wow!!!! Buy this!

5Expert Score
Use a blender daily excellent product

I am a 92 bed long-term healthcare facility skill care family’s been in business 58 years this has been the best blender i’ve ever bought i buy one about once a year but you realize we’re preparing probably 15 to 20 meals a day three times a day that is blended totally you cannot wear one of these down i always buy a spare with no black friday just to have on hand they’re the best i’ve had all types and models of food choppers and blenders before nowhere that’s compared to this product and for other price

5Expert Score
Functional and robust

The best blender of all times. Not the best looking, but functional and build for the next 25 years. I would recommend this to a friend.

5Expert Score
I never thought i would love it this much, but i am onsessed!

The engineering and power on this thing is amazing. Smoothie shop tier smoothies (because the shops use vitamix too) and a 7 year warranty.

Plus, the engineering is fantastic. I found out after i bought it that the blades are designed dull to pulverize the contents, so you never need to worry about the blades getting dull, because they’re designed that way from day 1!

The noise, however, is like a turbo jet taking off from my studio apartment at 6:30am. Sorry neighbors.

5Expert Score
Early review! Great blender!

I’ve only had the product for a couple of weeks and i’ve made a couple of smoothies with it. Without a doubt the best blender i’ve owned, also the most expensive, but worth the price.

Cleaning is easy, my smoothies are creamy and i don’t feel any fibers as with other blenders. Overall great product.

5Expert Score

This certainly leaves my oster in the dust! I splurged & got this, and very happy that i did! It’s very easy to use & does a great job. Also love that it’s self cleaning. The only thing that’d make this better, is if the container was glass (which i thought this would be, so was a bit disappointed). Not sure if vitamix makes a glass replacement or not (?).

5Expert Score
Exceeds expectations

I am completely satisfied with my vitamix blender.

4Expert Score
It definitely can't handle making peanutbutter

We use our blender at least 3-4 times a week at our home. That’s just for sauce making purposes. You add making breakfast smoothies that’s another 4-5 times a week. Protein shakes and it’s an every day use. Although i’ll say i stopped using it for protein shakes, makes it too frothy and the clean up is a ‘hassle’. It’s not really a hassle but it’s a lot of water waste.

My problem with this machine though is that it did stall on me once when blending natural peanutbutter. I wasn’t even making it from scratch. For a blender that a lot of people swear by and how america’s test kitchen said it can take on any task it was disappointing to see it stall mixing premade natural peanutbutter.

It’s also very loud, so make sure you pause anything you’re watching or listening to.

Don’t get me wrong i love it. It can go slower than other blenders giving you better control of how chunky you want your sauces. Or you can use it high power and it will even end up pulverizing chilli seeds and all their skin, you won’t even really need a sieve from how fine it got blended.

4Expert Score
Basic version with tall, narrow container

Sometimes it’s best to get the basic version of a kitchen appliance because all the bells and whistles can lead to a breakdown in function. I chose this vitamix blender because 1. I always wanted one and 2. I grabbed it when it was on sale for prime day. I researched the different models and found that this ‘basic’ one had all the power that vitamix is famous for without the complaints that some people have for the more elaborate models. I wanted a container that could self-clean — more on that later — and could power through ice cubes and frozen fruit without leaving chunks behind. I wanted to be able to prepare hot soups as easily as hummus and milkshakes. I got everything i wanted; however, this vitamix is not perfect.

First, i had to return my first blender because it leaked through the bottom. My second one worked as it should, but it bothers me that vitamix lacked the quality control to catch the first defect. I had to wonder if i received a returned blender. For this model of vitamix, the blade is supposed to be sealed to the bottom of the container; it cannot be removed. This design is critical for not only leak-free blending but also for cleaning.

My second complaint has to do with how narrow the bottom of the container is. Vitamix does sell a wide-bottom container, but it is pricey since that, too, has the blade permanently installed. I have to use the included plunger at times to make sure everything in a full container gets processed.

Last, because this is a basic model, it does not have pre-programmed settings for smoothies, soups, frozen drinks, etc., and you must control how long and how fast the blades move to reach your desired result.

But, oh, the power! My strawberry daiquiris get made in almost no time, and, with a push or two through the lid, get completely and smoothly processed. I have an oster versa, and while in many ways it operates the same as the vitamix, it is slower to get the same results. The friction created by the blades on high eventually heat up the contents for steaming pureed soups, but they won’t be on long enough to, say, warm your milkshake. It has a swtich for two blade speed settings: high and variable. When variable speed is switched on, you have ten speeds to select within it. You will have to learn which speeds are best for which applications, but it all works flawlessly.

Because the blade is permanently attached, cleaning is a breeze. You never risk cutting your fingers because all you have to do is fill the container halfway with hot water, add a little dish soap, blend on high, and then rinse. Cleaning accomplished.

I applaud vitamix for including both a printed owner’s manual and a recipe book. When i’m in the kitchen learning to use a new appliance, i don’t want to have to run back and forth to my computer or squint at my phone’s small screen. Because vitamix has included this ‘introduction to high-speed blending,’ my understanding of all this blender can do has been expanded, thanks to the select recipes. I never would have dreamed of trying some of the techniques without it.

I’ve discovered that there’s a reason so many vitamix owners swear by it. Although i cannot compare to blendtec, its main competitor, i know that it is superior to other friction blenders i’ve owned. While the oster versa is great for the price, vitamix remains king in my book.

— debbie lee wesselmann

4Expert Score
Leaves occasional small seeds not crushed

Overall, good choice for smoothie lovers as it expands the choice of ingredients which i can use due to powerful motor. However as i decided to upgrade to vitamix from my cheaper blender brand i was hoping that this expensive machine will crush all small berry seeds (raspberry, blackberry, etc). Unfortunately even after 1 min on turbo mode it leaves some seeds not crushed. Keeping the power longer will quickly heat the liquid above my comfort level. This behavior is for brand new device with sharp blades, meaning over time, as blades get more blunt, this device might perform worse. Adding ice might work to keep the temperature down, need to test.

4Expert Score
Great blender

This is my fourth purchase of a vitamix blender and the second one i’ve bought as a gift. It was supposed to come with a dvd, which would be nice for the recipient to have. Amazon apparently will do nothing about it other than have me return the entire thing, which ain’t gonna happen. Makes me wish i’d bought it from vitamix directly.

4Expert Score
Greate blender.

Powerful machine and i am happy with it. The only negative thing i would say is that sometimes it gets an air pocket down by the blades and you have to keep dislodging it. However it does come with a plunger but since i don’t like using it i have learned to balance the thickness of the mix with the speed of the blades through its sound and watching the vortex.
I recommend.

4Expert Score
Might not be all you were hoping for.

You have probably looked at all the online reviews of blenders, and that’s why you’re here. You’ve cleverly selected this one, the best-reviewed, top-notch vitamix at any price, according to numerous sources. Further, you’re probably excited about the possibility of never again dealing with shoving thick mixtures down towards the blades as a vexing bubble forms and the engine grinds away fruitlessly, like you experienced with that old mixer of yours. Perhaps you’re dreaming of really smooth smoothies, hummus, and milkshakes.

I’m sorry to dash your dreams, but even this $400+ blender is not going to accomplish that.

Is this a bad blender, you might be wondering? No, of course not. It totally blends things. But i do admit i was disappointed that it did not, in fact, turn ice into snow. It does not, in fact, create really smooth hummus, not without adding a lot more liquid than you probably want in your hummus. And the whole fruit margherita recipe included with the product? It doesn’t really puree the squidgy bits of citrus, even if you blend it for quite awhile. To the point that it wasn’t really possible to suck the marg out of a super-thick straw. Milkshakes came out similarly chunky, rather than smooth and creamy. If you blend them any longer, the famous friction-heating function comes into play. At which point, you no longer have a milkshake, but soup ala creme anglaise.

The issue, it would seem, is with thicker mixtures. This is the exact issue you’re going to encounter with any sort of blender, cheap or costly. This vitamix does a lovely job with things that are quite runny indeed, but so can a $40 oster.

On the bright side, like i said, it blends things. It’s quite easy to clean as well. But as blenders go, this is nothing extraordinary. Probably not worth $400, in any event. I’m still going to use it, but it doesn’t get counter space. It’s going in the equipment drawer.

4Expert Score
Too noisy

I had the previous model of this same blender, it worked great for a long time but my smoothies started to get more foamy as it got older so i wanted to update with a new machine and i was expecting it to be quieter but i am very disappointed because at high speed the new machine is way more noisy.

4Expert Score
Best blender i've owned but…

The only thing i don’t like about the vitamix is that it on high setting, it starts to heat the food very quickly. On a lower setting (in the ‘variable’ range), it will overheat and shut down if used for longer than a minute or so. It will come back on once it has cooled (45 minutes to an hour), but that is rather annoying. I am getting used to it though and mostly, you don’t need it on for very long.

The hi setting is where i do most of my blending because i bought this for smoothies. I had oropharyngeal cancer and the treatments left me with a severely reduced ability to produce saliva. This makes eating a chore, thus enter smoothies. The difficulty i have with the blender is that i need to use the high setting to blend things smooth (i hate chunks) but if i do so for long, then the smoothie heats up. You get around this by adding ice after everything is smooth, but if you don’t want it watered down with ice, then oh well. I understand from an engineer friend of mine that this is likely an unavoidable side effect of it being so effective. The friction of the super fast blades is what causes the heat.

And truly, i can’t complain about the results. My smoothies are truly smooth!!! It even chops up chia seeds. Chia seeds!!! I never expected that! It doesn’t get blackberry seeds though. I don’t think anything in the world can grind blackberry seeds. Dratted things. Any way… Yeah.

Great blender. Truly the best blender i’ve owned. It is expensive, but for me, i need this to get enough to eat every day, so it is truly worth it. Even if you don’t need it like i do, it is great for blending fiber filled foods (fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds) so that you feel full longer after drinking your smooth smoothie.

4Expert Score
Great but too noisy

This is the best blender i ever had, except the noise level is intolerable. It must be turned up through the variable settings to the high setting, or it shuts down, even doing cooked applesauce., i learned to put it on a silicone trivet, which dampens the sound somewhat, and i am using foam noise suppressor ear plugs while waiting for the safety ear muffs i just ordered to arrive. I would think that the manufacturer should be able to do a better job on the noise level. I bought this while it was on sale on black friday, and whether on sale or not, it is still an expensive purchase!

4Expert Score
Today, i was doing a smoothie. I smelt that the motor was burning. I am concerned about longevity.

Yes or no! No comment!

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