VOLTRX Premium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle, Made with Tritan – BPA Free – 24 oz Vortex Portable Mixer Cup/USB Rechargeable Shaker Cups for Protein Shakes

VOLTRX Premium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle, Made with Tritan – BPA Free – 24 oz Vortex Portable Mixer Cup/USB Rechargeable Shaker Cups for Protein Shakes

Yakibest.com : VOLTRX Premium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle, Made with Tritan – BPA Free – 24 oz Vortex Portable Mixer Cup/USB C Rechargeable Shaker Cups for Protein Shakes : Sports & Outdoors

What are voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Premium value for money: voltrx vortexboost mixing bottle is made of tritan, which is completely safe to infant grade regulations as well as being shatter resistant. No bpa. Use as you please!
  • Unique and functional eye-catching design: be the center of attention with the vortex-mixing spectacle! The 24oz (700ml) capacity (note: measurements only go to 20 ounces) makes this the perfect assistant to your workouts to help you achieve the perfect physique.
  • Insane 1 month of use from a 2-hour charge: enjoy a year of battery life with just one charge (based on a three times a week usage pattern). Powerful motor ensures no remaining chunks (performance may drop slightly when charge is low).
  • Easy to clean: – simply pour in some warm water mixed with detergent, power up the mixer, and voila, all clean! Ipx5 certification allows the outer part to be washed.
  • In the box: voltrx vortexboost rechargeable electric shaker bottle, micro usb c charging cable, specially designed packaging backed by our worry-free 1 year warranty and world class customer service.
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VOLTRX Premium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle, Made with Tritan – BPA Free – 24 oz Vortex Portable Mixer Cup/USB Rechargeable Shaker Cups for Protein Shakes AMAZON

Yakibest.com : VOLTRX Premium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle, Made with Tritan – BPA Free – 24 oz Vortex Portable Mixer Cup/USB C Rechargeable Shaker Cups for Protein Shakes : Sports & Outdoors

Looking for specific info?

Will this bottle work for women?

This bottle is non binary

I know this won’t crush ice, but can you blend with ice for a colder drink?

No. I wouldn’t. The stir mechanism is plastic and it doesn’t look like it has the power for ice.

Does it crush ice for a smoothie and if so, when would you add the ice?

No, it doesn’t.

Can you safely store the container with the battery attached in a refrigerator for a few hours without it harming the battery?

In my experience cold is good for batteries.

Can it handle hot drinks such as hot chocolate or hot tea?

It cannot handle any thing i returned the product, the day i got it

Will the other colors come back? I went to order 2 more but it looks like they’re not available now.

Thank you for your interest in voltrx. Voltrx products are still in the queue and will be available on august 15, 2021. Thank you for your patience.

Is there a sleeve or holder for the bottle to clip to luggage?

Yes it is very sturdy

Base stopped working?

No is working just fine thusfar.

Base is not working ive only had it for 3 hours and the base is lit up but wont do anything

Hello from voltrx.
I’m claire b. From voltrx. I’m glad to be of service.
We have received your messages and learned that the product you purchased some flaws. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please provide us with pictures and videos of your products.

We will provide you with a free replacement service. Please click the link below to fill out the form and submit. We’ll send you a new one right away.
please reply to confirm you have finished the form. Thanks.

In the meantime, you can email(support@voltrx-global.com) us with any product experiences you may have. We will give our product engineers feedback on our customers’ experiences and feelings, and we are committed to creating the perfect product for our customers.
As a three year old brand ,voltrx is growing without you, thank you once again for trusting voltrx.

Claire b
voltrx customer service team

Muele fruta congelada

No, solamente es para polvos, por ejemplo proteinas

Are you able to buy the shaker bottle only? I have two bases but i just want more of the bottles


Could i use this to mix gfuel?

No it does not

How do you recharge the battery?

It comes with a charger you plug into the wall.

It blends for a few seconds then turns off. Can you turn off the auto shut off function so it will just run manually?

Push the button twice

What charger does this bottle use?

It comes with a usb charger.

Can if be use just for water too?

Yes you can use this for water too

Does it work if i wanted to blend a banana with my protein?

I wouldn’t try it. The blade is plastic and likely to break trying to blend a banana or anything solid. This is designed to mix powders only. I love mine.

Any one knows how to get in contact with customer service mine is defective

Contact them via amazon! Great customer service and actually replace mine.

Mine will not spin? It’s charged

Make sure you try to turn it on without the cup attached to see if it still spins. If it doesn’t spin than you might have a defected unit. If yes try it with the cup attached with no water. If no maybe try to clean the connection and make sure it is snug and properly attached. If yes then try with your mixture in. If it doesn’t work your mixture might be too thick to spin the device

Can you make protein smoothie on it?? (with ice)

Probably not. It doesn’t have metal blades and just a plastic piece in the middle. I don’t think it would crush ice effectively.

VOLTRX Premium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle, Made with Tritan – BPA Free – 24 oz Vortex Portable Mixer Cup/USB Rechargeable Shaker Cups for Protein Shakes AMAZON

Yakibest.com : VOLTRX Premium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle, Made with Tritan – BPA Free – 24 oz Vortex Portable Mixer Cup/USB C Rechargeable Shaker Cups for Protein Shakes : Sports & Outdoors

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
I love this thing!

I use this thing for literally anything that needs to be mixed even the slightest little bit. Protein? Yup! Pre-workout? Yup! Choccy milk? Yup! I even used it to scramble some eggs one morning cause i got lazy and it did 6 of them with no problem. One of my favorite features is the blender piece looks like a person doing a very heavy deadlift lol!
The rechargeable battery last quite a while and being able to hold the button down to see the remaining battery life is a great feature.
Because its made of plastic amd from bad past experiences i baby mine, so i cant really say how durable it is if you drop it or anything, but it does seem like it would handle the typical ‘knock over on the table’ type drops and such without being horribly mangled.
As for cleaning, i am honestly afraid to disassemble it and clean it cause every other brand and/or style of blender bottle i have had starts to leak once you take it apart the first time regardless if it is put back together correctly. But otherwise, cleaning is relatively simple so long as you pay attention and dont snap your blender piece off in the bottle.

I will definitely buy another one of these when this one eventually dies like all things do, without hesitation.

5Expert Score
Going strong after 2 years

I’ve used 5 or 6 different electric blender bottles over the past 5 years, and voltrx has bested them all. I’d resigned myself to a 6 month lifespan, but this mixer has made it past the 2 year mark and still going strong.

While the plastic spinner is twirling 14oz (400ml) water, i add 3 scoops of protein (it automatically shuts off after 30 seconds) then pour it back into a water bottle, drink throughout the day and dispose when done.

Charge lasts 2 to 3 weeks using 30 seconds daily.

I wouldn’t recommend rinsing it with the motor attached unless you keep it tilted and minimize water running down the side, then immediately store it upside down. This will help water avoid the motor and make it last considerably longer. If you rinse and store the cup upright water/moisture will likely find its way into the electronics and shorten the lifespan. I use two straws on a folded paper towel (as a drying rack) and store the cup in my supplement cabinet.

Every month to remove the light residue that forms, i scrub it dry with a paper towel (use a butter knife as a guide to get the base clean).

The motor could spin at a little higher rpm, like some other brands, but it’s a small sacrifice considering the durability.

Overall best tornado blender i’ve used.

5Expert Score
Great option

I really like this mixer
attach the bottle, pour in your liquids, hit the button, & while its stirring, put in your dry ingredients, & it automatically turns off, & its amazing! Its not too bad to clean, buy the little man at the bottle, the actual mixer, if you get stuff on that, its difficult for me & my large hands to get down in there to clean, or to try to get it right.
Other than that, its amazing! Highly suggest

5Expert Score
Super easy and fast

I bought this because it would take forever to clean my normal shaker cup and it is so much better. For me i do 8 oz milk and scoop of whey and i put it on for 30sec and mixed it up completely. Super smooth. Cleaning only took 1 min just mixed water with a little bit of soap and mixed it and it cleaned itself. Highly recommended

5Expert Score
Works great!

I bought this to prepare my protein after the gym, works great! I wouldn’t try to add ice to it, i think that would damage the mixer.

5Expert Score

I have a protein powder that doesn’t mix great and this is amazing! Dishwasher safe, powerful, quick and easy to use. Exactly what i wanted. It’s a great product for the price. High quality.

5Expert Score
Love it

Easy to clean and to hold it

5Expert Score
Worth the buy

Amazing deal and works great

5Expert Score
I love it so much that i bought three more! But here's a tip about the lid…

I was hoping against hope that this would work for the mix-ins for my coffee (this is why it was important to me that it be bpa-free) and it does work for my coffee (mct oil, various powders, etc.)! Of course it also works for other things, and in the afternoon i use it to make an almond milk/matcha/protein powder smoothie. 🙂 the *only* thing that i can say ‘bad’ about this is that the spout cover on the lid is in the way no matter how you orient the cup when you are drinking out of it – so guess what! I removed it! It turns out that the spout cover will pop off pretty easily if you just give it a twist! Now this cup is perfect!

5Expert Score

Great blender. Easy to clean. I only use it with powder

4Expert Score
Great product but.

Love this. Title had it for about a month works great one problem i dropped the bottom part that spins. One drop and it doesn’t spin anymore only complain about the product

4Expert Score
Works, but the ink wears off

It’s pretty cool to be able to mix protein powders and it does a good job. All of the ink (for the measurement marks) wore off in less than a month of daily use. Also, you want to clean it as soon as possible. The plastic mixer blade inside doesn’t come out and if your drink mix dries on it, it’s a pain to clean off.

4Expert Score
No clumps, lid seals but power button won’t turn off.

Likes: style, no clumps at all, lid seals very well, easy to clean bottle.
1. Power button, difficult to turn on, even more difficult to turn off. One click won’t turn off. Unknown combination of double taps, holds, taps, etc and it will randomly turn off.

2 durability – water spilled in my gym bag and bottle rested in a wet bag for about 40 minutes and didn’t work when i got home. It dried out and now works intermittently. I purchased a replacement and it has the same power button issue.

3 batteries not sold separately. For a battery pack as fragile as this, it’s frustrating to have to buy a whole new bottle if it goes bad. It’s not difficult to conformal coat the battery and circuit board to make it completely water proof inside. For the price i expect better quality.

When i find an option that blends as well, in a similarly small package i will move on and not look back. But for now, this blends better and seals better than others i’ve tried.

4Expert Score
Long charge, works great.

This is my second blender bottle type thing, and it works great. This one is a little weaker in terms of absolute blending power, but the battery lasts longer.

I usually do 3/4 full milk, and two scoops of protein powder and the blender usually works best if i give it one up and down shake. The powder i use blends pretty good but it usually takes two cycles to get it 100% smooth. I do this multiple times a day and it still is like two weeks between charges.

My main issue with bottles like this is that you really need to hand wash them for them to hold up over a long period of time. The plastic isn’t super receptive to the heat of a dishwasher and while it did not warp, i have had bad luck with similar things in terms of sealing over time.

4Expert Score
Works well for regular protein powder

These work very well for regular protein powder. It does not fully mix if mixing a high calorie protein which is what i am currently using. Had to transfer it to a regular shaker to complete.

4Expert Score
Great customer service!

At first i was not pleased by any means. I received a defected product and i was quite disappointed. However, the customer service team reached out to me and was more than accommodating. They sent me the updated model for my inconvenience for receiving the defected product and with this product i am more than satisfied and works as stated. I will give an updated review to see how it stands the rest of time

4Expert Score
As expected, just hard to clean

Difficulty cleaning. Apart from that the shake is very smooth no clumps

4Expert Score
Super smooth protein drinks

This device works perfectly for making up really smooth protein drinks. I’ve been using it to stir protein to make into ice cream and it works great. My only complaint is that the battery life is not better. It didn’t last me more than a week. It is easily rechargeable though and not a dealbreaker.

4Expert Score
Good blender bottle

The bottle does it’s purpose however if you are using two scoops of protein the second scoop will need some manual shaking to mix up. Does amazing with one scoop but with the second one it gets a little to thick and the motor just doesn’t have enough power to stir. I think if they made the bottle taller and put a little stronger motor this would be a 5 star product, but as it sits i will give it 4. If able to stir in that second scoop complete it would be a 5. I would still recommend this product however. Makes a much smoother shake than a manual blender bottle. Very few clumps!!

4Expert Score

I have a couple other stirring mugs, but they’re magnetic stirrers, so there’s always a chance you’ll drink the magnet, and they don’t work with thicker liquids. This puppy’s direct drive and does much better, though still not enough power for actual thick drinks.

Simple to clean, just fill with warm water and a couple drops of detergent, run it, rinse it and let it dry. The motor disconnects from the cup, so you can charge it separately, or toss the cup on the top rack of the dishwasher.

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