Vortex Optics Crossfire HD Binoculars

Vortex Optics Crossfire HD Binoculars

Buy Vortex Optics Crossfire HD 10×42 Binoculars , Green: Binoculars – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
Vortex Optics Crossfire HD Binoculars: You know what they say about people who assume you can’t get hd optics, rugged performance and high end form-factor in a value-price binocular? They clearly haven’t checked out the crossfire hd. Add in the included glasspak binocular harness for quick optic deployment in the field and superior protection and comfort – the crossfire hd truly is a rare find.

What are vortex optics crossfire hd binoculars features?

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  • 10x magnification & 42mm objective lenses, these crossfire hd binos are optimized with select glass elements to deliver exceptional resolution, cut chromatic aberration and provide outstanding color fidelity, edge-to-edge sharpness and light transmission.
  • Fully multi-coated lenses increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces. Roof prism design is valued for greater durability and a more compact size.
  • Adjustable eyecups twist up and down for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses. Center focus wheel adjusts the focus of both binocular barrels at the same time. Diopter (located on right eyepiece) adjusts for differences in a user’s eyes.
  • Rubber armor provides a secure, non-slip grip, and durable external protection. Binoculars are tripod adaptable allowing use on a tripod or car window mount.
  • Nitrogen purging and o-ring seals provide water and fogproof performance in all environments. Rugged construction withstands recoil and impact.
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Vortex optics crossfire hd binoculars details:

Item package dimensions l x w x h

‎8.74 x 7.17 x 4.41 inches

Package weight

‎1.11 kilograms

Item dimensions lxwxh

‎9.2 x 7.7 x 5.2 inches

Item weight

‎652 grams

Brand name


Warranty description

‎unlimited, unconditional lifetime warranty.

Model name






Suggested users


Number of items



‎vortex optics

Part number




Included components

‎binoculars, glasspak

Vortex Optics Crossfire HD Binoculars AMAZON

Buy Vortex Optics Crossfire HD 10×42 Binoculars , Green: Binoculars – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Where are they manufactured ?

Vortex is based out of the usa but made in china. They also have a lifetime guarantee on there optics and offer top of the line optics at the best price.

Debating on buying these as a gift! What option is best recommended for coyote hunting?

I have diamond backs , 8×42 for coyote hunting,, yes i love them

Harness included?

This now includes the glasspak bino harness.

What is the eye relief in mm’s?

The website says 17mm for the 8×42’s

What is the difference between the diamondback hd in the cross fire hd?

The diamondback weighs 21.8 oz, is rubber armored and focuses down to 5 ft.
The crossfire weighs 23.2 oz. And focuses down to 6 ft.
I have used both and can’t tell the difference in quality or clarity. I have had several ‘rubber’ armored optics that eventually get sticky and unpleasant to use. The only fix is to paint them. No way to clean the rubber back to normal. As far as i am concerned the crossfire binocular is first class at a very reasonable price.

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Are they waterproof?


Can you see saturn’s rings?

Yes. But only barely. The problem is holding then steady enough at a high angle. Mounted on a tripod is the only satisfactory way.

When i placed my order it said it was available and would be delivered by december 12 now it’s telling me that email when have a ship date – why?

Contact amazon customer service is your best option.

Incluye correa para el cuello ?

Si, incluye dos correas, la primera es la que soporta el empaque en el cuello y la segunda para cargar los binoculares al cuello.

Does this binocular comes with neck strap and carrying case?

This comes as a set with cleaning kit case that doubles as a chest harness or a separate quick connect neck strap. All adjustable and also has a tether in case you drop them. Very user friendly.

Are there any issues with the warranty if you’re located outside the united states?

Not on binoculars. Itar regulated items it would depend on the country, but binoculars do not fall into that category.

Are these binoculars antifog?

I don’t think they are. If my memory serves me well, i experience fog when using it in high humidity.

Where are they made ?

The company itself is based in wisconsin, but the riflescopes they market are manufactured overseas: japan, phillipines or china, depending on the product line. At the moment there are four distinct riflescope product lines marketed by vortex: … Viper scopes are another step-up in quality (also phillipine-made)

Do these binos have a built in range finder?

No they do not have a range finder.

What is weight of the binoculars?

I don’t know the exact weight, but they aren’t very heavy compared to others ive owned.
I am very impressed with these bino’s. Best i’ve ever had
as a wise man once said ‘there’s no such thing as too expensive, or too heavy when it comes to binoculars’

Will i be able to see my target at 200-400 yards?

I saw my target at 750 yards

Why is it sending me two binoculars i only want one

I believe they wanted you to share one of them with me.

If i purchase these, i will need to add-on some eye cups on the end where my eyes would view. What is the outside diameter of the eye-pieces?

Left: 45.2 mm, right: 45.7 mm.

Are these mini bonocs?

No they are not mini.

Waterproof to what depth?

Binoculars are not to be submerged.. Water proof binoculars can be used in torrential rain.. Tubes are seal with rubber o_rings..

Vortex Optics Crossfire HD Binoculars AMAZON

Buy Vortex Optics Crossfire HD 10×42 Binoculars , Green: Binoculars – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
One word: 'wow!' very pleased.

First impressions:
purchased the vortex optics crossfire hd binoculars, 10×42 version.

I bought these binoculars for bird watching, which has specific requirements as opposed to sports events and nature hikes. I wanted a large enough magnification that i could easily see the birds, but also with a wide enough field of view so that when a bird hops from one branch to another – something they are prone to do – that they wouldn’t be lost out of frame. I also wanted a fairly light weight and sturdy construction, all of which i found in my choice.

These binoculars provide a crisp, clear image with no refraction. That is no colored fringes near the outer edges. The aperture is large enough that there is plenty of light gathering ability. Focusing is easy and natural, with the dial centrally located.

This line is advertised as light weight, and it is, compared to other brands, but still it’s noticeable when hanging around your neck. This is not a complaint.

Choosing magnification:
for my whole life i’ve chosen and used bargain basement binoculars, usually 8x magnification. I thought 10x would be marginally better, but experts claim that when you use anything over 8 times, then the image can bounce around from your hand movements and shaking. I didn’t choose the 12x for that reason. The 10x that i purchased has noticeable jitters if held with one hand, but not so much that you lose track of the image. I’m glad i didn’t get the 12x. I’m quite pleased with the 10x, but i think i’d be just as happy with the 8x.

Choosing field of view:
as mentioned above, i want the objective lens diameter to be large enough so that if a bird is on the move it would be easy to track and not fly out of range. The 42mm turns out to be perfectly suited to my needs. The next step up, 50mm may have made the binoculars bulkier and heavier, so i’m happy with this choice.

the inter-pupil distance adjustment was easy and intuitive. If the left and right sides are not adjusted to your eyes, you will see dark edges on the sides of the image. Once adjusted you don’t have to worry about this, unless you accidentally jar the adjustment.
The diopter adjustment, likewise, was simple and intuitive. Once set up (if one of your eyes is weaker than the other) you can set once and forget about it.

The neck strap was easy to install and adjust. No problems there.
As mentioned in other reviews, the body strap for the carry bag it just too complicated. It reminds me of a medieval torture device. I discarded it and purchased a simple shoulder strap.

Minor complaint:
i found that to see clearly through the binoculars and get a full field of view, your eye must be positioned exactly in the center of the eyepiece and at a specific distance from your eyeball. For me, this required me to hold the eyepiece about 3/8 inches from my eye. I found that resting my forefinger on my forehead, and the binocular eyepiece on the edge of my finger accomplished this nicely. The problem, however requires a more comfortable and reliable solution.

I purchased a pair of 42mm rubber eye cushions that did the trick. That size rubber buffer is standard for microscopes, and are available for about $10 on the internet. See photos.

all-in-all, i quite satisfied with this excellent product. It has made my bird-watching experience much more productive and enjoyable.

5Expert Score
Vortex 12 x 50 hd

Got this pair of binoculars to leave on the porch so we can observe wildlife at a moments notice. They are very clear and have lots of detail. I also love the rubber caps over the lenses. Had them for a few months and no issues with condensation dirt or pollen getting past the caps. They live on the porch exposed to all elements except direct rain. The focus works very well and are easy to hold. They are also not slippery. I would not use these for hiking. As you can see with my photos, they do live outside.

5Expert Score
Good for my daughter to hunt with

They came fast and work as they should. Have no issues with them at all

5Expert Score
Very good optics

We used these on a recent yellowstone trip. They were easy to use and compact. Would definitely recommend.

5Expert Score
New birder? Get these!

I’m new into birding and was super unsure about which binoculars to buy and at what magnification. I got the 8×42 and glad i didn’t get the 10×42 as i think that would have been a bit much. I’m absolutely in love with them. They’re clear and i like that you can keep your sunglasses on when viewing. I’ve seen so many cool things through these binoculars. They don’t fog. Mine got soaked on a kayaking trip and i was worried they would be ruined/water got in, but no they were fine.

5Expert Score
Amazing optics at a great value

I have used these for watching airplanes and wildlife at great distances, and am amazed by the clarity of these binoculars. They are a bit heavy to hold for longer periods of time. I don’t think you can get better image quality for the price.

5Expert Score
All around great buy

I rate these binoculars highly for several reasons. First, and no doubt most important to many, is the quality of the optics. Although i do not own a multi-thousand pair of binocs to compare these with i do own an assortment of binoculars, monoculars, and small scopes. Also have some older/vintage items that are high quality. These crossfire binoculars impressed me with their clarity and overall performance in terms of quick focus and good field of view. I believe they are 8x and for me that is a good power to maintain a steady view of the subject at all ranges. A bonus is the glasspak case/harness that was included with the purchase. I can see it being a very useful item if used for hunting or watching/spying from a fixed position over any lengthy period of time. All in all, am very pleased with this purchase and suspect that vortex’s higher end products are equally good quality and well worth their price.

5Expert Score
Nice product

Bought this for my first yellowstone trip. During few days visit in yellowstone, i noticed at least 2 dozens of people carrying same brand with bag hanging in front of the chest. This is not the reason i write this review. The quality of this binocular is surprisingly good. I was able to spot a wild wolf from about 1.5 to 2 miles range. Adjustment is very easy. The view is very clear. Only thing i think it could be improved is that the protective cover for eye side lens could be attached to the body of binocular like the other side cover, so you dont have to put the cover to you pocket every time you use it. Other than that it is very good product

5Expert Score
Clear and love the case and harness.

Just got them and took a walk down the road that has couple 400 acre hay fields and was very happy on how great they work and how clear they were. Was a flock of sandhill cranes that were 400 yds out that i didn’t see until i glassed the field. And love the chest harness and case my first chest harness and it’s going to be premium during the upcoming hunting seasons.

5Expert Score
Great optics at a reasonable price

We couldn’t believe the quality and clarity of the view using these binoculars when compared to the “standard” $75 – $100 models we have been purchasing. We like them so well, we have purchased three pair. One for us and one for each of two of our children. And, we may buy a fourth pair to keep in the car.

4Expert Score
Fogs up fast on cruise ships

I felt this was a good brand for nice optics based on reviews. The description says fog proof (last bullet point). From “inside” a cruise ship, these are amazing and we love them. Off the decks, they fog up super fast, especially when trying to view the panama canal or other ships at sea in the gulf. To be fair, it could be that they need a long time to adjust in order to not fog, but i wasn’t willing to leave them out in the elements for an hour to find out. Right out of port in ft lauderdale they did fine on the balcony… It was once we got closer to the equator that they would fog up like crazy! So, we are new to optics like these… But hopefully our experience will guide your decisions. To be fair, i still used them a ton from inside. Looking forward to using them in alaska.

4Expert Score

I was pleasantly surprised that they included a harness, not that i would use it daily, but for hiking it will come in quite handy. I love the feel of these, they feel solid. A little heavy, but not bad. And the focus! Omg! I could count the feathers on a bird over 200 yards away. Can’t wait until our resident bald eagles have their next clutch.

4Expert Score
Good but not great, but for the price, guaranty and the extras, close. (10×42)

Guess i will build the amazon machine with some good info to help customers realize the low down. Reviewing only one specimen of the vortex 10×42 crossfire hd binoculars, so keep that in mind. Going to compare the vortex with a few similar priced binocs. Conditions: overcast rainy day, 2:30 pm pa. Going to look at a pa license plate (white background with dark letters/numbers) at 220 yards and tell you how easy it is the read the plate using the various binoculars. All binoculars in like new condition and carefully adjusted for my eyes. I could have got out the zeiss, lecia , cabelas alaskin guide, maven etc. Out to blow the vortex away but only the vortex general price range are compared. Starting with the best and going on down. Bushnell 10×25 legend hd (clearly the best, the center hinge could be tighter for my taste), next bushnell legend l series of about 4 yrs ago 10×42( small amount of play when changing direction of main focus wheel) tied with the celestron trailseeker (celestron had slightly better resolution but not quite the contrast of the bushnell) a fairly close next the vortex 10×32 diamondback from about 6 yrs ago. And the hardest to make the plate out were the crossfires but could still barely make it out finding the sweet spot. The vortex are mechanically excellent and feel great in the hand. Weigh 24oz with the rubber attached objective covers. I think that allot of folks after taking the time to adjust the diopter for their own eyes will say the vortex are a perfect binocular! But only when not having better to side by side compare(can take a little bit of time to do a careful comparison). Want to give the vortex 4.5 considering the whole package and price. I got absolutely nothing for this review! O and people will be happy to know that the play in the focus wheel when changing directions of my crossfires is almost completely gone! ( compared with my 8×42 diamond backs of about 3+ yrs ago.) if you got the money i would go for the diamondbacks, a bit lighter and likely a small amount better picture quilty (but over 50%more bucks!) update : after more experiment i would say the diamondback 10x32s are not quit as good as the 10×42 cross fires. Think i may have a sub standard 10×32 speicimin in the diamondbacks? And now i have aquired a latest version of the 10×42 diamondbacks and they are excellent, better than the cross fires, better resolution especially in low light and have better edge to edge clarity than the crossfires. ( i still feel cross fires are good). With just the objective covers installed= 24.1 oz., diamondbacks = 22.0 oz.

4Expert Score
Ok value

Nice power and resolution. A little larger than i wanted.

4Expert Score
Quality at reasonable price

These work just fine for my application (hunting, scouting game, identifying game).
Happy with this purchase.

4Expert Score
Nice set of binoculars.

Glad i made the purchase!

4Expert Score
Buena calidad

Hasta ahora muy conforme con el producto, se ve de muy buena calidad.

4Expert Score
Very clear when looking at wildlife

Lens make looking at the birds very close up and they are not heavy

4Expert Score
Can’t beat ‘em

Hd bino’s and a harness at an affordable price, you really can’t beat ‘em!

4Expert Score
Good product but small problem and seller was not helpful

The actual binoculars are great. They came with a small defect and when i contacted the seller i was told they would try to resolve the problem but have now not responded to my issue and it is not resolved. A lot of money to pay to not have a satisfactory product.

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