Wagner’s 53003 Farmer’s Delight Wild Bird Food with Cherry Flavor, 20-Pound Bag

Wagner’s 53003 Farmer’s Delight Wild Bird Food with Cherry Flavor, 20-Pound Bag

Yakibest.com : Wagner’s 53003 Farmer’s Delight Wild Bird Food with Cherry Flavor, 20-Pound Bag : Wild Bird Birdseed : Patio, Lawn & Garden
Wagner’s 53003 Farmer’s Delight Wild Bird Food with Cherry Flavor: Wagner’s farmer’s delight wild bird food is a clean blend of millet, milo, cracked corn and sunflower. This general purpose mix is great for attracting all birds, especially ground feeders. Great for birders who wish for an economical option. Trust your backyard birds to the experts at wagner’s.

What are wagner’s 53003 farmer’s delight wild bird food with cherry flavor features?

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  • A value priced mix that attracts a wide variety of backyard birds
  • Contains general purpose seeds including sunflower
  • Use in hopper or tube feeders
  • Highest quality grains used in blending
  • Made in the usa
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Wagner’s 53003 Farmer’s Delight Wild Bird Food with Cherry Flavor, 20-Pound Bag AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Wagner’s 53003 Farmer’s Delight Wild Bird Food with Cherry Flavor, 20-Pound Bag : Wild Bird Birdseed : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Looking for specific info?

What is the cherry flavor? Sounds artificial and not healthy for wild birds.

I’m from southern ct. The birds here go crazy for this seed. Tried black oil seed. Not as popular and would sometimes clog the feeder. This has a variety of seed sizes which allow the seeds to drop freely. Dont know if this is organic, dont know about gmo. All i know is some 20lb bags go for $40-$50 and the birds here love this blend. If its cherry oil who cares, the birds dont. I took a survey lol.

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I like to use organic products-is there any dye in the proct & what is the cherry flavor made from?

There was no cherry flavor at all in the bag i received. Also, the birds refused to eat it.

Is this really the same exact bag that home depot has except for home depot is selling it as a 40 lb bag for $13.98??

Not sure. I haven’t seen it at our local home depot store.

Are there real cherries in this bird food?

Don’t think so. It is an essence of cherry . The birds love this food and i suspect the deer love it too.

Are there real cherry pieces in this food or is it just flavored with cherry extract/spray?

No cherry pieces , just flavored with cherry extract/spray…

Is it pesticide free? Would it be safe for a domestic bird?

It’s a blend made for a variety of wild birds. A domestic bird might eat part of it…but it’s not made for them.

What kind of millet is in this food? I understand that white millet is decent food,but the red and golden are filler /not nutritional for birds. Thx

A mixture of both are in this seed.

Why did the price double from a week ago. I been buying this bird seed for last two months. 4 bags a week at 9.75 a bag. Now it’s 16.55 a bag.

Best to get from amazion , i ran out so i went to pet it was $27 for 33 lbs bag amazon has it for $ 20. & shipped from petco with amazion prime

Are there real cherry pieces in this food or is it just flavored with cherry extract/spray?

On the back of the bag:
ingredients: milo, cracked corn, white millet, sunflower seed, cherry flavored oil

How do i unsubscribe this order?

Go to your subscription page, and from there it is obvious…

Does this birdseed have issues with germinating?

I’m not sure. I have been pleased with the product. I set pans on my patio table in the morning for the birds to feed on.
It attracts a variety of birds and lately the squirrels have been invading it. I bring the trays at night because the raccoons viist it.
Most of the seed is eaten by the end of the day, and the patio floor is concrete, so i have not had a problem with germination,
but does not necessarily mean that it would not occur.

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Does anyone know if this is kosher for passover? Looking for something i can give my parakeet to eat besides millet. Thanks!

I have had many pet birds over the tears, including budgies (parakeets). This seed is not suitable for them. The rules of kashrut do not apply to parakeets as they are not going to schul on saturdays either…

Does anyone know if this is kosher for passover? Looking forsomething i can give my parakeet to eat besides millet. Thanks!

I was perplexed by this question, not being jewish, i didn’t know anything about kosher pet foods, so i did some research for you. Here are some helpful links, i took copied the pertinent information for you if you don’t have time to read the rest of the information. Http://www.kashrut.com/passover/crc 2016 passover informationpassover foods for your petsbirds (parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, macaws):* millet, sorghum, wild bird food (check for chametz ingredients) as main diet.* peanuts, sunflower seeds, and safflower seeds can be given.* larger birds, such as parrots, can eat pure alfalfa pellets (make sure it is pure alfalfa since it is commonto add grains) or dry dog food (see above for list).* smaller birds can also eat pure alfalfa pellets – crush before feeding.* can supplement with sliced grapes, cottage cheese, rice cakes (birds like these), small pieces of leanmeat, matza, berries, eggs, canned baby fruits. All large food should be shredded before serving.these items should be given sparingly.* for minerals, can have oyster shells (calcium) or mineral block such as kaytee tropical fruit mineralblock treat.* the greater the variety, the better. Http://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/ask-the-expert-kosher-pet-food/

What type of bag does this come in? Woven poly?

I am not really sure; think-woven …. But-i feed birds so often my notes on type of sack?

Birds don’t eat those red seeds. What are they called?

It’s milo, a cheap seed most birds won’t touch. It will end up on the ground and could lead to a rodent problem. Look for a seed with lots of millet instead.

Kosher for passover

I don’t know. This is bird food and i’m sure the bird don’t mind either way.

Picture shows feed has mostly milo. Is that correct? Songbirds hate milo! They want millet and oil sunflower most.

I’m not certain that it is “mostly” milo. Our bags seem pretty balanced. Generally anything the smaller birds choose not to take falls to the ground for the doves, quail, turkeys and chipmunks. We aren’t trying to feed a target audience, though, so the milo isn’t wasted. Hope that helps.

Will this seed grow if left on the ground?

It is can be growing on the ground. I had before.

Why does it sh ships in 1-2 months?

Only prime gets to you quickly.

What is ratio of sunflower seeds? Because i don’t needs to have sunflower seeds with millet.

It is the 2nd to last ingredient.
Milo, cracked corn, white millet, sunflower seed, cherry flavored oil.
I really liked this feed.

Wagner’s 53003 Farmer’s Delight Wild Bird Food with Cherry Flavor, 20-Pound Bag AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Wagner’s 53003 Farmer’s Delight Wild Bird Food with Cherry Flavor, 20-Pound Bag : Wild Bird Birdseed : Patio, Lawn & Garden

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Never seen the birds so obsessed

I’ve been a homeowner for 3 years now and i fell in love with gardening, landscaping, bird feeders, etc. I used to purchase my bird seed at a big box store where i can get 2 large bags for a reasonable price that will last me through the summer. This summer (2022) i became more focused on being less wasteful and with that i did some landscaping in the areas i have my bird feeders. What i noticed that i didn’t in the past is the birds threw the majority of the seeds on the ground and it was usually the corn. I would have corn stalks growing from those areas. This upset me, because thats my money being thrown on the ground when it should be feeding the birds. I looked in the bad and noticed corn it a major ingredient and began researching bird seed brands where the primary ingredient isn’t corn. I stumbled onto the brand and with the good reviews, i figured i’ll give it a try. When the bag arrived, i felt it was light so i weight it in case they were trying to sneak it past me. The bag did come out as 20lbs as advertisement. I filled both bird feeders and went on with my day. The first day, i didn’t really see any birds at my bird feeders and thought maybe the birds didn’t like it. I decided to wait another day in case the birds flew elsewhere looking for food since i haven’t filled the feeders for awhile. The next day, my bird feeders were swarmed with birds trying to get on the stand to feed. I never seen so many at once. They even sat in the little tray underneath that catches any seeds that fall and ate it all. When it rains, that tray was always soggy with bird seeds in it. It rained, but the try was dry. The birds didn’t leave a seed untouched. Even when the dogs are out, the birds aren’t far to go back to the feeder once they’re gone. I will be using this brand moving forward and will be purchasing every summer moving forward. No more big box store brands for me. Ill spend the extra money as long as the food is being eaten.

5Expert Score
Witch tested, nature loved

This is one of a few types of bird feed i’ve chosen this season for the migrant birds passing through my area. The many varieties of songbirds and native animals loved the seed so greatly i had to set the feeders up three times daily.

Though i believe too many small round seeds made the bulk of the feed. Those small seeds aren’t particularly popular and get tossed aside more than eaten. Interestingly, while the birds would toss aside the tiny round seeds other animals would enjoy them. Field mice, bunnies, and turtles would frequently consume the discarded seeds.

In all, i found the seed invited greater varieties of birds and animals than the package offers as examples. I’ve even managed so far to keep over half of the bag through spring and summer. I’m optimistic the package will last until the next spring migration.

I’m rather fond of my little nature garden and this package of seed is a great deal!

5Expert Score
Great gift for fall birds

Fall birds love the product. Birds have ate half off the food in a few weeks. Must be very flavorful! Spotted blue jays, titmouse, cardinals, doves, wood peckers, etc… I think all of our birds like the food. Also gifted a purchase to father in law. Product used in middle and east tn. Working great.

5Expert Score
Squirrels hate this birdseed!!!!

The birds around my house flock to my feeder for this food. Squirrels stay away. I think it may be the berry flavor. I love this birdseed for my little friends, cardinals, mourning doves, sparrows, and some i’m not sure of. I can’t keep food in it they love it so much.

5Expert Score
Attracted birds!

I bought this for the birds in the tree next to my balcony. I put a bit on the railing and ground. Within a week, they detected it on the railing and went searching on the ground for more! The cat spectator was excited by our visitors.

5Expert Score
My birds cleaned out the feeder in one day.

My birds loved the food. Very giftable especially if you get a birdfeeded too. I just wish i purchased a bigger bag

5Expert Score
Bird will find this seed

Put this out. Double triple birds each mornings. One hell of a show each morning. Water everyday and they show.

5Expert Score
Nice mix

My doves, blue jays, cardinals, juncos, sparrows, and a pigeon or two really like it.

5Expert Score
Birds brunch

Love the value i feed bits squirrels and rabbits in my yard and this is the greatest value. Ty

5Expert Score
Birds love the cherry flavor!

Our birds absolutely love this birdseed with the cherry flavor! Even the bunnies will eat what falls on the ground! Our favorite birdseed to purchase and a great price too!

4Expert Score
Crack for birds (not in a good way)

10.2.22~ if you’re trying to attract birds this is a good way to go.
If you already have birds, may cross them over from sweet to stalker.
My sparrows have gone off the grid & lurk in trees for this seed.

You may think ‘oh how sweet’ really it’s not.
There are so many in constant wait now no other birds stand a chance.
I have to stand there while the doves eat bc the sparrows push doves away.

On a quality note, my usual is ‘pennington’ from walmart.
Kinda busy so to avoid a trip for delivery is attractive.
Even tho walmart does free shipping for over $35.

Tried ‘wagners’ cherry bc it was price competitive & shipped quickly.
This 20lb bag was only 3 bucks more than ‘pennington’.

Pennington is better. Looks fresh like from a farm.
Maybe it’s the cherry flavor but wagners looks dried like it’s been sitting in a barn.
Pennington has better millet and fresh sunflowers for my jays.

‘wagners’ isn’t a bad deal compared to how seed has skyrocketed.
But this cherry creates flavor-addicted monsters that need rehab.
If that’s what you’re looking for, then go on & click. But don’t say you weren’t warned.

4Expert Score
Birds loved it

If it was in a bigger bag, i’d might buy more if price was right. Birds seemed to like it even more than what i normally get. But you know, when you’re on a fixed budget, you can only do so much.

4Expert Score
The seed was good, but shipping was not

The seed was fine, fair price. But, it arrived in a box that somehow got a box cutter to it and my seed was opened up. What a pain!!

4Expert Score
Birds seem to like it

Good seed. Not a lot of dust and powder. Birds seem to like it. Price is iffy but the delivery convenience makes up for it. Would buy again

4Expert Score
I gave “flavor” a five star rating but i didn’t really taste sny

Birds ate it

4Expert Score
Please remove the dried corn

I don’t know why bird seed mixes so often include corn. I’ve never had bird eat dried corn. They don’t like it. And i have a lot of different kinds of bird visitors. They pick the corn out and leave it for me to clean up.

Also, it wasn’t until trying this kind of mix that i realize birdseed should not include sunflower type seeds. The birds will open them, eat the seed, and leave a mess of shells all over. Definitely need to find a better mix for my messy, picky eaters. Lol

4Expert Score
Ok bird feed

Ok bird feed it could be cheaper

4Expert Score
As described

As described

4Expert Score
Birds seem to love it

The birds devour this seed. I fill it and a few hours later it’s gone. I’ve seen lots of cardinals and doves as well as smaller birds. They scatter seed on the ground and then the squirrels clean that up. Good value for the amount of seed you get.

4Expert Score
Birds like this

Smells good. It has a cherry smell added but most birds can’t smell. Maybe it adds something. No waste and that’s a plus. Bags are conveniently sized and have a handle for easy handling.

Important information


This general purpose mix is great for attracting all birds, especially ground feeders. Great for birders who wish for an economical option.

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