Waitu Wearable Blanket Sweatshirt Gifts for Women and Men, Super Warm and Cozy Giant Blanket Hoodie, Thick Flannel Blanket with Sleeves and Giant Pocket – Dark Gray

Waitu Wearable Blanket Sweatshirt Gifts for Women and Men, Super Warm and Cozy Giant Blanket Hoodie, Thick Flannel Blanket with Sleeves and Giant Pocket – Dark Gray

Yakibest.com: Waitu Wearable Blanket Sweatshirt Gifts for Women and Men, Super Warm and Cozy Giant Blanket Hoodie, Thick Flannel Blanket with Sleeves and Giant Pocket – Dark Gray : Home & Kitchen

What are waitu wearable blanket sweatshirt gifts for women and men features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Fluffy hooded blanket: this is a true oversized hoodie blanket for women and men. It is designed for customers looking for softness. Cozy and warm, a must have for enjoying happy hours. It is perfect for lounging at home, watching tv, gaming, reading a book, napping, or any camping or outdoor activities.
  • Maximum comfort: blanket hoodie with sleeves cover shoulders, arms, allows you to move around, use your hands freely. The big plush hood keeps your head toasty warm and long enough to wrap your legs free to move without curling up that keep you warm from head to toe.
  • Intimate detail design: cozy plush fabric for soft touch. A perfect size for women men. There is a big pocket to hide the tv remote, phone, snacks, and more with ease of access. You can pull your hands inside for extra warmth and take your warmth wherever you go.
  • Perfect gift: warm oversized blanket has been working on the improvement of the comfort and practicality, combines the comfort of your favorite hooded blanket with the warmth of the plush long hooded bathrobe. You will love and enjoy using our blanket sweatshirt or giving it as a gift to a loved one or friend!
  • Easy care: sincerely recommend that you wash this giant blanket separately before you use it. Machine washable long wearable blanket in cold water, tumble dry on low heat, no ironing or expensive cleaning required! This oversized hoody blanket stays the same after every wash.
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Waitu Wearable Blanket Sweatshirt Gifts for Women and Men, Super Warm and Cozy Giant Blanket Hoodie, Thick Flannel Blanket with Sleeves and Giant Pocket – Dark Gray AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Waitu Wearable Blanket Sweatshirt Gifts for Women and Men, Super Warm and Cozy Giant Blanket Hoodie, Thick Flannel Blanket with Sleeves and Giant Pocket – Dark Gray : Home & Kitchen

Looking for specific info?

None of the questions have answered the fabric content? Polyester? Cotton? Rayon?

I have bought about 20 of these wearable blankets for family and friends. None of them have ever had fabric content tags on them, but i do sew quite a bit so this is my humble opinion. This is not made out of flannel. It is not cotton. This is made out of thick snuggle fleece. 100% polyester.

Does it come in sizes? I need an adult large or extra large?

I think it’s only child and adult? I adult is super roomy…fits my 5’ 11” daughter!

Has anyone machine washed and dried this?

Yes, it’s machine washable in cold water and tumble dry on low. Beware, this blanket sheds terribly and washing it did make it worse. We returned it.

What colors do not have the logo?

Hi friends, our products have all been upgraded and updated, now all colors are not logo, please rest assured to buy.

I’m 5’5 and i want it to touch the ground is there anyway it can?

In theory, it is possible. The height of the model we used is 5’9.

Does the ‘new dark grey’ have the huge logo on the pocket? Also does it have the cuffs on sleeves?

Yes & yes

I want to get ithis for my 17 year old grandson for after surgery. He is a big guy, does it come in sizes like for a man?

I am a woman. Not tall, but big. I wear 3/4x, women’s 28 in pants. It’s still big on me!

Im looking for one that doesnt have the ‘wool like’ inside. Same plush outside as inside… This looks close; does it have inside different material?

No sherpa on this one! That’s why i chose it. Same material inside as well! It is super soft and cozy!

When will the pink comfy be available?

Hi friend,
our pink blanket sweatshirt will be available in about a week, please be patient.

Is the dark gray a large? My wife is 5 foot 1 inch and she probably won’t want the blanket dragging the ground.

The blanket is long my girlfriend is about 5 ft 4in, when she walks around in it it hangs down to her mid calf. You wife may be able to walk around and have it just above the ground.

What is the height it covers maximum?

My husband is the one i got it for and he is 5′ 11′ tall. The garment hits him about mid calf. It is very roomy and he loves it so much.

What size is it doesn’t say the size or does it for adult

I think it’s one size fits all. My brother sometimes wears the one i bought for his wife. He’s 6’2 and 240 lbs.

Im 5’7 and 300 lbs with a bigger belly and big boobs will this still fit oversized?

Yes it will…..with room to spare! I’m 5’10 and over 300 lbs so i’m pretty big all over (i wear a men’s 3-4xlt) but this hoodie is so nice and roomy….i get cold very easily so i’m really glad i finally found something that fits and will keep me warm, with extra room. I pretty much wear mine all the time it’s so soft and comfy, and i plan on ordering a couple more. If you order it, you won’t regret it.

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What are the difference in sizes options of the 3 adult sizes? All say adult but one has (.) and other (..)? It’s showing adult adult.adult..

Looking for that answer too.
Look at the weight of each. One of the ‘a’s is over 3 lbs. The other ‘a’ is a lb. Lighter
info should be clearer (sure hope i don’t receive the child size)

How wide is this?

It’s very roomy and wide. I don’t know the exact measurement but a 245 pound person wears it with room to spare! Hope this helps!

Is this cotton? Any other fabric? Percentage’s?

I have bought about 20 of these wearable blankets for family and friends. None of them have ever had fabric content tags, but i do sew quite a bit, so this is my humble opinion. They are not made out of flannel. They are not cotton. They are made out of thick snuggle fleece 100% polyester.

Does it come in sizes? I need an adult large or extra large?

To my knowledge it comes in the adult size only and they are all very generous. It will easily fit an extra large size. And.. They are all very beautiful!! I’ve purchased 2 in the pink and the dark grey colors. Love!!!!

Is this open in the back? Ty

No it’s not open. It is not the blanket throw with just arms. It is a really cool giant big and fluffy unisex dress. I love mine. My heating doesn’t work well so this is a miracle. I do even wear the hood at times. Best to you. Because amazon returns is so helpful i do reccomend trying this snuggly out. If not returning is easy.

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Where is this made?

There is no label with that information. The only thing is a small #4 stitched toward the hem. The origin may have been on the plastic it came wrapped in but i did not pay attention when i opened it.

What is the length?

It’s 43” not counting the hood. 60” including the hood.

Waitu Wearable Blanket Sweatshirt Gifts for Women and Men, Super Warm and Cozy Giant Blanket Hoodie, Thick Flannel Blanket with Sleeves and Giant Pocket – Dark Gray AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Waitu Wearable Blanket Sweatshirt Gifts for Women and Men, Super Warm and Cozy Giant Blanket Hoodie, Thick Flannel Blanket with Sleeves and Giant Pocket – Dark Gray : Home & Kitchen

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Just as described…

I received it earlier than expected and that was great! I ordered in orange and it’s a beautiful orange. Seems like good quality fleece material and construction. It’s soft and a nice weight;it’s not too heavy or too lightweight for me. This is not the one that has the sherpa lining. It is a mildly heavy fleece. It doesn’t appear to have a shedding issue like some of the other reviews reported, but i haven’t washed it yet either. I’m not sure if that shedding problem is only with the sherpa lined ones or not??? It has a nice length to it. I’m 5’3” and it hits me just above my ankles. The sleeves are raglan-like and roomy, but they don’t get in my way. I like that it has ribbing on the wrists!!! The kangaroo pocket is nice and roomy. It hits me right at my lower abdomen/pelvic area and reaches down to my upper thighs. I wish it had side pockets though;i keep reaching for them. The hoodie is pretty standard;roomy but not too slouchy. Where the hoodie and upper garment meet at the middle neck, it covers very well; i love that because i bought it for warmth so i won’t need to use a scarf with it! Can be worn inside and outside, i feel? The seams and stitching seem adequate and with good quality. Overall, i love it as a snugly. I’m going to order the rose color as well!

5Expert Score
This will ruin your social life!

I don’t ever want to leave the house and get out of this robe again! It’s so soft and comfortable, i put it on the moment i get home, and only take it off to sleep because the hood isn’t comfortable to lay on. I put it back on the moment i wake up, and only put on ‘civilian clothes’ if i absolutely must to leave the house now. This thing is super soft, and i live here now. The pocket is gigantic, and great for holding all my stuff. My dog also approves of this robe 100%. We have been getting in some serious high quality snuggling since i got it. Plus she loves that i stay at home more now and she gets to spend more time with me
i have actually decided not to go out, or leave an event early just so i could go home and snuggle up in this thing. 100% absolutely recommend!!!!

5Expert Score
Keeps you nice and warm

Received one of these for christmas and feel in love with the warmth and softness. So happy that i ordered another one to have when it’s laundry day for the first one. I have lowered the thermostat 2 degrees since this blanket hoodie keeps me so cozy and warm which will help the heating bill. The two blanket hoodies i have are the plush ones and are so soft! Read the descriptions carefully on tape different colors as some of these are sherpa/blanket and are not soft and plush like the blanket hoodie.

5Expert Score
So glad i bought this

I bought 4 of these…3 as gifts and one for myself. It comes well packed and shrink wrapped. I now know why. When you open the package, out comes the most luscious and well made blanket sweater ever! No details were spared. It’s super soft.. Like a non shedding furry kind of material. Read the description for exact material. All i can tell you is that it’s sooooo soft! It has some weight to it but not in an comfortable way. The weight feels like you’re literally wearing your favorite cozy blanket. It is not cheaply made or flimsy. The big cozy pocket in the middle really adds comfort to help you snuggle and the hoodie is an added bonus. This is one size and can fit most people. I am 5’5”, 218 lbs and had so much room left. This was so cozy that i slept in mine after a nice shower. Definitely didn’t need a blanket while in this. The material on the inside is the same as the outside… It’s just all around cozy and comfortable. It’s like wearing a warm hug! Last thing… I searched for flaws, bad stitching, small holes, storage smells… And nothing! If you’re on the fence, i encourage you to go for it. This is honestly one of the best buys from amazon and the truck is at my house every week. Haha! I hope my review helps you make the decision to buy this. If not… Your loss…

5Expert Score
Comfortable and warm

I am not disappointed, large and roomy enough for 225lbs. Kept me warm when walking my puppies outside on a cold day. Very soft in and out………ended up buying two. Second one was not lined the same with the thicker material inside but still very soft and warm even for short walks outside walking the dogs.

5Expert Score
6 stars if there was one

This thing rocks. Everyone should have one. You look like you’re 5 finger discounting a walrus but totally worth it. It’s so warm, its stupid soft and its not heavy to wear. I bought one for my mother who’s home is much like visiting the tropics. She and her hidden walrus love it also and i’d swear she no longer has her heat set on cremate.

5Expert Score
Better than huggle & snuggie. I've tried them both

I found snuggie too long in overall length as well as sleeve length and didn’t like the open back.
I didn’t like the huggles short length and didn’t like the hoodie felt a little tight, as well as the interior was a fluffy material unlike the exterior.
This is the best of both worlds.

5Expert Score
Super cozy

Super cozy! I am always cold so i used this during the arctic storm last week. Temps were well below freezing and i was totally comfortable indoors. At one point i actually got too hot and had to take it off for awhile. I loved it so much i bought 2 more for family members. We don’t have to run our heater as much when wearing these.

5Expert Score
It’s so warm and comfortable. Quality is great.

This blanket is soooo comfortable, warm and great for a gift. If you live in a state where it gets really cold you would love this. It’s great to wear around your house and you don’t even need to have any clothes underneath :-d.

5Expert Score

This is awesome, so soft and comfortable. It has a little weight to it which i personally like and it doesn’t produce statistics which is very rare but perfect because it won’t be sticking to legs. I love everything about it, the length, the material, you cans sit comfortably in the sofa and not fit with a small throw that wot reach enough.

4Expert Score
It’s yuuuuge!

I got it for my 6th grade son as a gift & he absolutely loves it but for me it is way too big on him. I looked to see if it came in another size but it’s only one size fits all. It swallows him, he’s about 5’ 3” and 110lbs and it’s down to his lower calves. You could almost fit 2 of him in there. Lol he loves it, doesn’t mind the size & loves how soft it is.

4Expert Score
Soft, warm, and long!

Features i like: warm & toasty, length (to my ankles), color (rich navy). If i hadn’t already owned a bedsure hoodie blanket, this would have been it. However, it isn’t quite as well stitched, and it is a little less thick and fluffy. I wanted to buy another bedsure, but the price went up so much, that i settled on this, so i am happy with the quality for the price ratio.

4Expert Score
Love it, never want to not own one again!

This is singlehandedly one of the best purchases while being alive on planet earth. The only reason i gave it a 4 s is because of the cuffs. I might be over critical, but the rest of it just the softest, warmest, yummiest thing ive ever worn but then the cuffs are made from some sort of polyester fabric that in my opinion, could be in keeping with the feel of the item and not slightly scratchy cuffs. It would not keep me from buying it again, or more in the future. Just my .2 cents, for what its worth. ‍

4Expert Score
Not open in the back

This is a very soft, yet very heavy pull
over. It is like a long heavy sweatshirt.
Didn’t think it good for teen. Too confining.
Will keep and use during winter power outages.

4Expert Score
Vety soft n wearable blanket robe

It seems to be very soft fleece material n my brother seems to really like it n the brown color but when he washed it b4 wearing it was loaded w/ lint from its own material ! I told him to try washing it inside out next time to see if that helps, dont know if every time he washes it is it gonna lose more lint, i hope not ! They are warm !

4Expert Score
The material…

I bought 2 different colors of this item and, i enjoy them both but, when it came to the orange one ì was a little bit disappointed bc, of it’s thinness, like, the material it’s not as thick as the other 2 that i recently purchased and i paid more for the orange one then the other 2 that i have. For that is the reason why i give it 4 stars.
Ps. The other 2 that i have, were made by the same company.

4Expert Score
Washing this has caused local earthquakes.

Mind you, this is the only complain i have (so far). I got it, opened it and tried it on. Oh mer gersh. Heaven. Now it’ll add 100lbs to your frame no matter what weight you are. It is a big rectangle. But i had to peel it off to bring myself to wash it. Plus, it will be washed again.

So i have two different brands. I have one with sherpa inside, but i thought it was long. It’s not. It’s the “non oversized” oversized version. I mean, it fits my husband perfectly. It will be a bit “oversized” but it’s not like the pictures. I thought it was long.

So i wanted to find one with a hood that i could snuggle up in. That was long! I did! And while the shorter one is an oven, this one is just amount of perfect. Although i did wonder why no sherpa? It just has the same fabrics these all do, as well as inside. Hmmm.

Now, i have an understanding why no sherpa. I have an older top washer. I consider myself as a laundry expert. A connoisseur if you will. Bring me any challenge? I can distribute weight and items like a pro.

This is the only item in my life that, what i thought was husbands issue. (he can’t balance putting clothes in to save his life.) we remove this water soaking demon that weighed 50lbs…and spun the other clothes. Then i put this in alone. (so one with or with out clooooothes, with or with out themmm. Now i have u2 in my head. Great. Look we tried every thing to get it balanced). Just in case you are thinking…we’ll add items to balance it out. Nope. Take some out? Nope. Just put that in? Nope.

There has been several 4.5 earthquakes in my area. And it’s this. I can’t figure it out? This is a rental. But still? Wth. So if you are renting? Take it to one of those laundromats. You know, the one with the big washers…also 100 years old. And pray that you didn’t get a bad one that also “doesn’t work”.

We now have to pull this 50lb beast and wring it out.

I was laughing as i kept picking the “drain and spin cycle” and causing earthquakes. I’m sure my neighbors will complain. Who cares. But i do think this needs to be addressed.

I will get it wrung out enough to get in in the dryer.

Now my smaller one? Oh mer gersh. Once you wash these? Like walking in a cloud. A storm colored one, but who cares. Well my shorter one makes me look like santa. It’s red. Poor choice. Ugly? Who cares.

Is it worth it? Yep…unless more problems arise. But the balancing of the drum is the issue.

4Expert Score

Gifts for my kids. Comfy. Arrived in good time and condition.

4Expert Score
Fast shipping. Good quality.

Fast shipping. Good quality. Very soft.

4Expert Score
Christmas gift for a friend.

This is a christmas gift for a friend, i don’t know what she thinks until christmas.

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