Webroot Antivirus Software 2022 | 3 Device |1 Year Keycard Delivery for PC/Mac

Webroot Antivirus Software 2022 | 3 Device |1 Year Keycard Delivery for PC/Mac

Yakibest.com: Webroot Antivirus Software 2022 | 3 Device |1 Year Keycard Delivery for PC/Mac : Everything Else

What are webroot antivirus software 2022 | 3 device |1 year keycard delivery for pc/mac features?

  • Powerful, lightning-fast antivirus: protects your computer from viruses and malware through the cloud; webroot scans faster, uses fewer system resources and safeguards your devices in real-time by identifying and blocking new threats
  • Identity theft protection: protects your usernames, account numbers and other personal information against keyloggers, spyware and other online threats targeting valuable personal data
  • Real-time anti-phishing: proactively scans websites, emails and other communications and warns you of potential danger before you click to effectively stop malicious attempts to steal your personal information
  • Always up to date: webroot scours 95% of the internet three times per day including billions of web pages, files and apps to determine what is safe online and enhances the software automatically without time-consuming updates
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Webroot Antivirus Software 2022 | 3 Device |1 Year Keycard Delivery for PC/Mac AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Webroot Antivirus Software 2022 | 3 Device |1 Year Keycard Delivery for PC/Mac : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Is the webroot antivirus 2016 all i will need to protect my computer?

Does this scan my computer and eliminate existing viruses/malware etc?

Does it work for windows 7

Yes, i, ve had webroot for at least 5 years with both windows xp and windows 7. If you do have any trouble send webroot a ticket tell them the problem and send an answer back.

What does pending verification mean? Ordered product ladt week and still hasn’t shipped

Usually you get instructions by email to download, but cdrom takes several weeks

Does it work with windows 8?

I recently bought a windows 8 laptop, and it seems to work quite frankly, seamlessly and unobtrusively. It does not hoard as much memory. My problem computer from the dark ages (2008) now has a new lease of life, at least i can surf without freezing other than for explainable reasons (like triple double clicking or too many tabs)..

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If you use this to play games on windows vista, will this bog down your game playing?? Has anyone here used with games on vista?

I haven’t had any issues with it bogging down games on 7, 8, or 10 but i’ve never tried it on vista. If you’re working any current games on a 9 year old operating system though i’m not sure if the antivirus program is going to be the only issue whether it does or doesn’t. In general though, i’ve never had webroot affect gameplay.

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I’ve been using webroot for years, don’t need a disc. Is a keycode included in the package? Thanks.


Does this scan my computer to eliminate viruses and malware?

Yes it can perform scans. I had it on 3 devices and it performed very well for me.

Do i need to remove webroot internet security antivirus plus to install this software?

Since you are installing an upgrade from the same company, i believe that the software will guide you appropriately through the process of installing their upgraded software.

Is the disk bootable?

I’m not sure what you mean by bootable – do you mean will it install the base software for webroot antivirus? If so, then yes.

If you already have some virus will it work on removing them?

Yes, it did for me. So far, there has been no virus, trojan, ransomware, etc., that it has not been blocked, or resolved. I also have malwarebytes anti-malware premium. They work well together. In the past, i have had many other anti-virus programs. None have worked as well as the webroot antivirus 2016. Good luck!

Does it work on mac os 10.6.8?

There probably is a version for mac, but i don’t know for sure.

What happens after the first year, is it available for the same price?

Yes i think so.

You only pay once during a 1 year o that’s means you need to pay every monthly?

I paid for one year. The license covered 3 computer installations from 11/1/2017 to 10/31/2018.
At that time i will likely be offered to renew via webroot, or shop around for a better price on the product.

Does the 1-year coverage start from the time you download it to your device, or from the time you order it?

I believe its from the time you install it. Have you read my review. I needed help from them. I wrote them back with all the information i had with my laptop for loading of there software. I waited many times on a cell phone for some help from the technical support team. There was always is a 35 min. Wait minimum on the phone and nobody seems to be there to pick up or to help you. I complained enough that they finally got back to me and were helpful. They need more staff to answer calls !

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What are the differences in the various webroot products? What makes one more expensive than another?

The entry level protects your computer. The next level up adds high level password protection and deletes any history you have on the internet and the level above that has cloud based storage for your stuff. I only really use the entry level. Works great for me. If you go to their website they explain the differences

Can i install it when i need it, in may, when my current one expires , but buy it now? Today is april 4?

Yes buy it now. It lasts a year.

Best buy wants to charge me 49.99 to renew. Is it the same security if i buy it on amazon for 19.99?

Perhaps bestbuy is charging for a more complete edition or version.
So if yo already have webroot antovirus for 3 computers, then you can purchase this from amazon. Is 1 year of webroot antivirus for 3 computers

Does this work with vista 32-bit

According to webroot, yes. System requirements: operating systemsmicrosoft® windows® xp 32- and 64-bit sp2, sp3 windows vista® 32-bit (all editions), windows vista sp1, sp2 32- and 64-bit (all editions) windows 7 32- and 64-bit (all editions), windows 7 sp1 32- and 64-bit (all editions) windows 8 32-and 64-bit windows 8.1 32-and 64-bit mac os® x v.10.7.3 ‘lion’ mac os x v. 10.8 ‘mountain lion’ mac os x v. 10.9 ‘mavericks’minimum system requirements intel® pentium®/celeron® family, or amd® k6/athlon™/duron™ family, or other compatible processor 128 mb ram (minimum) 10 mb hard disk space microsoft internet explorer 7.0 and higher, mozilla firefox 3.6 and higher (32-bit only), google chrome™ 10.0 or higher internet access

How do i uninstall old anti-virus protection on a windows 8 computer?

Delete the old protection and then call webroot
customer service and they will tell you how to
install the new protection.

Do you receive a cd or disk with this order ? Or is it only on-line ?

If i remember correctly, customers can do either, i.e., one can get the cd/disk or a code.

Webroot Antivirus Software 2022 | 3 Device |1 Year Keycard Delivery for PC/Mac AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Webroot Antivirus Software 2022 | 3 Device |1 Year Keycard Delivery for PC/Mac : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Antivirus works as well as security complete . . . .

This is the first time i’ve gotten the webroot antivirus, as opposed to webroot internet security complete 2017 | 5 devices | 1 year | pc [download ]. That’s due to the fact i will not pay more than $20 a year for internet security for two to three computers. In past years, i’ve always gotten the security complete for actually less than that either here at amazon or a last year version at ebay. This year, the webroot prices have not been that low at amazon, and i fear getting older versions now due to webroot’s new policy of cutting off support to older versions. (a policy i cannot understand to save my live, regardless of how many times i read it.) also, this year the antivirus was always $19.99 at amazon for the pc download, until i needed it this week. It actually went up to $39.99 the night i was going to buy it! That made me think: kaspersky here i come! But kaspersky went up this week, too. (i’ve been checking the prices for both for weeks.) fortunately, i noticed the webroot antivirus pc disc was still $19.99; and why the disc would be cheaper than the download is beyond me. Moreover, you don’t even have to use the disc if you can’t or don’t want to when it arrives. You can still download the software from the webroot website, because all you need is the product keycode.

So, here we are . . . One difference i see between the webroot antivirus and the security complete is there is no maintenance button where you get rid of temporary internet files and such. But i certainly don’t need webroot to do that little task. There’s also no firewall, but the windows 10 firewall is fine with me. (see comments below about a firewall.) in addition, you can’t put the antivirus on cell phones or tablets, as you can with the security complete. Once again, not a problem for me; i have a microsoft phone that can’t take a download of webroot, and from what i understand about fire tablets, no security software is needed. Thus, one more hopefully happy year with webroot. I do really like webroot. It just stays quietly in the background and does its job, and does its job well. Yet i’m not paying more than $20 a year for it for two or three devices, regardless of how much i like it.

P.s. Contacting webroot tech or sale support is simple. You just right-click the webroot icon, choose ‘help and support’, and then you can easily contact them by clicking ‘send us a message’ at the bottom of the page you are taken to. You get an e-mail back when they have answered, giving you a link to click, which takes you to a page which not only includes your current question and the answer, but also all the other questions, with answers, you have ever asked webroot. My questions go back to 2012!

5Expert Score
One of the best antivirus programs on the market today…

Got this to install in my brothers iaptop. I’ve used webroot for years and always recommend to family & friends, bc it’s easy to install, pretty inexpensive, uses minimal system resources, incorporates one of the fastest virus scanners around, & uses the cloud so no virus signature updates are necessary, ever. All this adds up to being one of the best antivirus/anti-malware products on the market today.
The only caveat is what a few others have noted in their reviews too: to renew your subscription after your initial one expires in a year, webroot typically wants nearly 3 to 4 times your original purchase price (~ $79) to simply renew exact same product for another year. Not a newly updated program either mind you, just to buy a new license key. It’s often cheaper to simply buy a new webroot product cd online or in a retail store than it is to renew your subscription. Not a deal breaker though, just a notable exception workaround for future reference…. Unless of course, you don’t mind paying for their exhorbitant renewal rate. It’s still a fantastic program nonetheless & i still highly recommend it. Thanks amazon & webroot!

5Expert Score
Was doubtful but product worked as discribed

Everything loaded up just fine. Delivered in good shape.
I already had program installed just typed in the code and renewed for another year.

5Expert Score
A review from a nerd who has been fixing computers since he was a kid.

I’ve been fixing computers since i was about 6 years old when computers boomed in 1998 which had most american households owning some kind of computer. I’ve dealt with several different anti-viruses such as norton, mcafee (before they merged with norton or whatever happened), kasperski, and several others like avp.

Now to the point…

This is by far my favorite anti virus on the market! I originally had my friend who works at geek squad recommend me to this anti virus once kasperski got ridiculously expensive and slow. I’ve had this anti-virus for about 8 months (i got a trial from best buy when i bought my new laptop) and i have never experienced such a quality anti virus. Instantly detects and deletes viruses and does a scan quickly. I see why my work uses this anti virus.

– instant scans! The full computer scans are very quick and efficient. Instantly deals with viruses and whatever the problem is the second it gets on my computer.
– doesn’t take that much memory on my computer! Which is great when you are a student and can only afford a business/school laptop with low memory. Like in my case the lenovo 100s (which i absolutely love! It’s great for the college student who just needs the basics for internet browsing and paper writing).
– cheap price! For what you get for $20 on 3 computers for a year, its incredible.

Honestly no cons.

5Expert Score
Has done the job

I’ve used web root for many years … It has always done the job for me for a lesser price.

5Expert Score
Webroot ~ excellent program, reasonable price.

Excellent program, runs in the background. I had not used anti-virus protection in years, as macintosh is ‘relatively’ immune. I had recently downloaded ‘mac cleaner’ and that is when the apparent problems began. Virtually every time i clicked while running safari, i would get a new screen ‘warning’ of a new virus infection. These screens looked official and many appeared to be actual apple sites. I once followed the prompts and ultimately this led to a ‘purchase screen’ for their ‘advanced’ product. I seems that the program was loaded with issues that automatically prompted virus alerts.
Webroot cleared all these issues on the first scan. I am sure other brands of virus protection work well. In the ‘olden days – from 1987 to 2008…. I still have my first mac se’, i used norton software, which worked extremely well for protection, backup, etc. Since purchasing my first laptop in 2008; however, no additional protection software seemed necessary, at the time. Times have changed. I tried trend micro, but had download issues from the vendor, and finally requested and received a refund. After reading multiple reviews, i selected webroot and so far, am pleased.
This webroot program offers protection at a reasonable price.

5Expert Score
Works without bloat or screwing up anything

I have installed webroot for a hundred customers. No one who has it on their pc has had any real malware problems, nor has had a problem with it screwing up anything.

5Expert Score
Webroot antivirus great deal

I was a webroot subscriber for several years. When i purchased a new laptop i contacted webroot to ask how i could transfer the remainder of my subscription to my new laptop. After spending 45 minutes online and giving permission to access my computer to make changes i was told i would have to pay like $100 + for the transfer to take effect. I told them no and instead ordered the webroot cd for much less. It was simple to install and so far i’m very satisfied with it.

5Expert Score

Have been using this product several years and have been happy with it.

5Expert Score
Loved the price, and loved having a disc to use for installation.

I don’t like to load with a key code. I ordered a disc and it loaded immediately with no trouble. It seems to be working well. The price was good, especially for 3 computers. I had norton 360 for 3 computers last year. I got it at a nice introductory price . I had no problem with it, but when it was going to renew for another year automatically at about triple the price i decided to shop around. Once webroot was up and running for awhile i thought i might as well uninstall the norton antivirus. When i did that it did something to my computer. It would no longer recognize my remote devices, camera and mp3 player. I have extended warranty on my hp computer and they helped me get my computer to recognize them again. I am no computer guru. I’m just saying beware on uninstalling norton. When i googled it i read several other people had the same problem. I still have norton on 2 other computers. It is no longer active, but i intend to just let it sit there.

4Expert Score
Some things you need to know about webroot

If you’re reading this you probably have already searched a variety of tech sources for the “best” antivirus software and, like me, consistently found webroot near or at the top of the list. Buying antivirus software is one of the most dreaded computer-related task most people face … Just reading the daily headlines reinforces that computer hacking is real and proper protection is necessary. You want to make the right choice in buying antivirus software but there seem to be so many negative horror stories about antivirus software. Here’s why i ended up with webroot.

The first thing i want to share is that i have been buying antivirus software for over 20 years, for business and home, and i am not married to any one brand. In fact, over time, i have bought and used nearly every brand sold. And yes, some of them were true horror stories.

When win 10 came along i made the decision not to add any third-party protection at all to what is already part of the win 10 suite (windows defender). While most independent experts agree that defender isn’t the best solution out there, they also agree that it is good enough for most people who use their computer for casual everyday use. Defender has the huge benefit that it has almost no negative impact on computer speed or performance and it works totally in the background and never nags or bugs you (unless there is a reason to alert you to a problem). Another major benefit of defender is that is updates itself (in the background) so you are always assured of being protected against the latest threats.

If you want to add more protection to your computer but you like the positive benefits of defender, webroot is one of the best options out there.

Some things you need to know

1. Unlike most software there isn’t really an “old or new” version of webroot. As long as you are running one that is compatible with your computer’s operating system webroot works like defender in that it is really merely an interface to their online services where all the actual “smarts” are located. That is why webroot won’t work unless you are online. You don’t have to worry about updating to a “new” version each year or doing periodic downloads because (as webroot calls it) it is “always up to date”.

2. Because webroot doesn’t install a large number of files directly on to your computer, it utilizes very little of your computer’s resources, thus most people will probably never notice any difference in computer speed or performance.

3. When the term of your license runs out you don’t have to buy a new disc and reinstall the program. Buying a new license just allows the software to continue to run for another year (or whatever the term of your license is). There is good news and bad news in that. The makers of webroot don’t seem to have figured out how to reward existing customers who want to renew their license. Instead, when their “offer” is sent to you as your license is about to expire their “special” price is ridiculously high. I mean all they’re doing is giving you permission to use their software for another year, you would think they would/could offer you a special price for you loyalty, but no. Which forces people like me to simply buy a whole new disc from whoever has it on sale for the best price at the time. Fortunately my renewal time is around black friday each year and i am able to buy a whole new disc for peanuts.

4. People who review webroot usually have mostly positive things to say (except for the license renewal issue discussed above) but too many of them mention how webroot has a nag box that appears on your screen every time you turn your computer on. Not true, or at least not fully true. Yes that will happen, but all you have to do is uncheck that feature in the advanced settings box and you will never see any messages from webroot unless you have an intrusion alert (or your license is about to expire). The fact that webroot doesn’t have nag boxes is one of the major reasons i prefer it over brands x, y and z.

5. When you first install webroot it does a quick scan and tells you your computer is “safe”. Don’t believe it. The first thing you should do is force a deep scan. Webroot makes doing that harder to find than most of their competitors. To do a deep scan, open you file manager (the screen that shows you your hard drives) and right-click on each available drive, starting with your boot drive (usually your c drive) and choose “scan with webroot”. Then sit back, the deep scan will take a long time, depending on how full your drive is and how fast it accesses files it can take up to a couple of hours. There will be a dialogue box with a progress bar, how many threats were detected, elapsed time, etc. It’s best not to do anything else (multitask) at the same time until the scan is completed.

Bottom line

this is the third consecutive year i’ve made the conscious decision to choose webroot over other brands of antivirus software. In that time i’ve never had a virus infect my computers, i’ve never noticed a slowdown of my computer’s performance, i’ve never been annoyed by needless advertising popups, and i’ve been able to protect 3 devices for a full year for about five-cents a day. I like that.

4Expert Score
Don't care for.it

Every time you do something on it you have to put in the product number. Pain in butt

4Expert Score
Replaced norton

Webroot reminds me of avg, but is a bit more streamlined. It does it’s work in the background, and seems to do it
very well. I have been a life long norton user ever since i learned pc-dos (not ms-dos) from peter nortons book (i still have it).
Over the past few years i have been getting more and more frustrated with norton, and did not totally trust avg, as it was a bit twitchy.
So far i am pleased with webroot after dumping norton antivirus which was becoming too much work. Windows platforms are hard enough
to maintain without having to deal with antivirus software that you constantly have to update and scan, and comes in to load the latest version, that then asks you to send money when your existing version still has over 300 days to go.
When doing web searches, webroot will mark each with trusted, questionable, or no markings to let you know whether or not to go there.
Webroot works in the background, and will always come up when you first start your computer to let you know it is working.
After many tries to get an answer from webroot, the people on amazon finally came up with what i asked: you can use any un-used cd in any year which is much like norton.
At under $20.00 for 3 pc’s, i really can’t find a better deal/software, and at this price, what is stopping you from giving it a try.
Addendum: have been using for 5 or 6 years now, and am very happy, but it does have a tendency to become a bit unstable during the last 30 days of the subscription; hmmmmm, i wonder why?

4Expert Score
Very good value for antivirus

I only gave 4 stars because setup was very easy and price was quite good in comparison to other antivirus software, but seem to have to reset settings every time i turn on computer. I have purchased this before and did not have any issues. Would buy again.

4Expert Score
Virus protection with work to download…

Don’t be fooled, this product is not free once you receive it and go to install. (we got it free as a promo item.) get out the credit card or debit card $34.95 for aq year or more depending on the version of security you want) for us (elderly- it was a long process to get it downloaded with a zillion questions.) my advice: just renew what you had last year instead and download that ‘old one’ ‘on-line’ for best, quickest, and easiest results. Also webroot is a division of norton, just so you know. They get 4-stars from us as webroot did get on instant messaging on their website at the click of a button and give me some good info and directions as i down-loaded the disk onto both our dell laptop and afterward onto our office lenovo. It is good for 3 computers, but i suggest you load them all the same day for the ease of recalling all the info it takes to complete the task! The plus: it did immediately take care of 3 viruses on the dell and 1 virus on the lenovo office computer so that was appreciated immediately!

4Expert Score
Note if you have web root on your computer already…

Had to call web root tech support to get my new subscription on my computer when i already had an old version on the computer. Webroot does a poor job of giving existing users clear info on how to do this. Note the need to click on the ‘service wheel’ to the right of the ‘my account’ section at the bottom right hand portion of the webroot box. Note this is the box that pops up to note your subscription is expired and you need to renew…

Once clicked you then enter the new webroot code from inside your dvd box or code you received via amazon.

Note the service agent i talked to was extremely nice and has sent a note on this to help in the future. Hopefully this helps others who currently need to, or want to update their expired webroot program.

4Expert Score
Easy install once you know how

Have used webroot for years. I do wish they gave more clear info on what each product offers and doesn’t. The cd came in a folded cardboard from webroot, and sealed on one side. It didn’t come in the customary sealed plastic box where the license is hidden. Instead, the license number could be easily seen by slightly opening the bottom unsealed part of the folded cardboard. The instructions for install were incorrect. Finally, we decided to uninstall the current version. After that, the install was quick and easy. Webroot doesn’t slow down the computer like some anti-virus does. Once you learn it, the program more or less just runs itself, which is convenient.

4Expert Score
Webroot anti virus is a good product

I purchased this product through amazon. It saved me a trip to the store, as we were all trying to avoid crowds during the christmas season. Webroot antivirus always scores well in reviews. We have been using webroot for at least 8 years, and never had any issues with malware etc. My only complaint, is that the webroot company, is always trying to get their customers to upgrade and purchase directly from them.

4Expert Score
Good protection. Quick scans. Doesn't eat resources or bog down computer.

I was a devout webroot fan until i saw a test that prompted a ‘lukewarm’ review of this antivirus on a website. I thought i’d give a ‘free’ anti-virus a try for a year and reevaluate my results. Big mistake. The free suite may have been sufficient, but you get what you pay for. I thought back over the time i used webroot and how much i enjoyed it’s ‘silent presence’ and decided to give it another try. I’m glad i did. It leaves a very small footprint on your hard drive, scans quickly, doesn’t hog resources, and is easy to customize. The only reason i chose to give it four stars is a mildly annoying ‘status’ box that pops up on my computer every time i turn the machine on. Otherwise, no complaints and, depending on my finances, plan on upgrading to the secureanywhere complete when my renewal is up. Note: in addition to this product, i also use the free version of malwarebytes, free ccleaner, firefox browser with several privacy add-ons. Webroot has worked well with all of these.

4Expert Score
Works good easy install quick scans

Works good easy install quick scans. I have used all the different antivirus software and like this one because it truly stay’s up to date. Never a button to click to update definitions because it is cloud based. I do recommend manually scanning you hard drive, which takes more time. Just go into settings and find your hard drive, right click on it and the choose scan with webroot. I use windows 10, it works very well but still use ‘windows malicious software removal tool’ which can be downloaded for free. * also go under settings, access control ,make a password and also check off the first 4 box’s and the last box on this page. Will prevent webroot from being tampered with and being shut off, which hackers do all the time.

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