Webroot Internet Security Plus | Antivirus Software 2022 |3 Device |1 Year Download for PC/Mac/Chromebook/Android/IOS + Password Manager

Webroot Internet Security Plus | Antivirus Software 2022 |3 Device |1 Year Download for PC/Mac/Chromebook/Android/IOS + Password Manager

Yakibest.com: Webroot Internet Security Plus | Antivirus Software 2022 |3 Device |1 Year Download for PC/Mac/Chromebook/Android/IOS + Password Manager : Everything Else

What are webroot internet security plus | antivirus software 2022 |3 device |1 year download for pc/mac/chromebook/android/ios + password manager features?

  • Powerful, lightning-fast antivirus: protects your computer from viruses and malware through the cloud; webroot scans faster, uses fewer system resources and safeguards your devices in real-time by identifying and blocking new threats
  • Identity theft protection and anti-phishing: webroot protects your personal information against keyloggers, spyware, and other online threats and warns you of potential danger before you click
  • Always up to date: webroot scours 95% of the internet three times per day including billions of web pages, files and apps to determine what is safe online and enhances the software automatically without time-consuming updates
  • Supports all devices: compatible with pc, mac, chromebook, mobile smartphones and tablets including windows, macos, apple ios and android
  • New security designed for chromebooks: chromebooks are susceptible to fake applications, bad browser extensions and malicious web content; close these security gaps with extra protection specifically designed to safeguard your chromebook
  • Password manager: secure password management from lastpass saves your passwords and encrypts all usernames, passwords, and credit card information to help protect you online
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Webroot Internet Security Plus | Antivirus Software 2022 |3 Device |1 Year Download for PC/Mac/Chromebook/Android/IOS + Password Manager AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Webroot Internet Security Plus | Antivirus Software 2022 |3 Device |1 Year Download for PC/Mac/Chromebook/Android/IOS + Password Manager : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Does this work with chrome browser on windows 10? If so, does it indicate safe/unsafe links within the browser?

Yes this works with chrome on windows 10! Just make sure you install the webroot plugin for chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/webroot-filtering-extensi/kjeghcllfecehndceplomkocgfbklffd

When i try to download amazon games & software, i get a message that says ‘no computer registered for download.’ what do i do?

Try downloading the software directly from webroot. All you need from amazon is the keycode, which should be displayed in the ‘games and software’ section of your amazon account.

Comparisons between webroot software, says will work on tablets and smartphones. Cannot get it to download on samsung tablet. Did i waste my money?

Sorry, don’t have an android tablet, so not sure why. I agree with auntie ko that customer service should be called or messaged. Webroot’s cs is very good.

Will we root work on my amazon fire tablet

You will be able to use the webroot mobile security app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.webroot.wms

I bought this antivirus but i can’ reach the web site of webbrot to download it with the received code. It says ‘this site can’t be reached’

Hey there!

Give our official download link a try – you can find that here: https://www.webroot.com/us/en/home/products/wsa-installer-download

How do i get rid of the stupid renewal notice popping up without uninstall/reinstall that webroot says i have to? Tried a couple things already.

Change the code licence is you bought outside the app if your renewed thru the app. Then just wait it took about a week to stop

What is the difference between download and keycard? Which one should i buy if mine is about to expire?

Keycard will supply you with a physical box with the subscription code in the box. Digital download is a fully digital purchase and is preferred by most people.

In your production description it is listed that there is partial support microsoft edge, please explain this?

That is outdated info – previously we did not have a microsoft edge extension but we do now.

How much is renewal

The same as buying it the first time

How do i download and activate the webroot product i just purchased on amazon?

On amazon.com click on “your account”. Under “digital content and devices” click on “digital games and software”. On the right side you will see a yellow button that says “download”. Once you have downloaded the product you will find the keycode to activate the product under the product title. Enter that keycode in the webroot app under “my account”. You are done!

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Will this work with android version 11?

Works for me just fine. My android was updated to 11 over wifi, and is linked with a computer and another device, all protected by webroot just fine. I have used webroot products for many years – they have served me well, and i am very satisfied!

Why does webroot say my subscription has expired when i still have several months left?

You should contact customer support.

No necesito este antivirus porque retorne la computer ?

Si no necesita este producto y compró la computadora a través de amazon, comuníquese con su equipo de soporte: https://www.amazon.com/hz/contact-us/foresight/hubgateway

How do i get in contact with webroot customer service?

Right low corner of the home screen has the contact info.

Does the 1-year subscription start with the purchase date or the download/install date?

Install date you can download when you purchase, this how my worked anyhow.

Is this compatible with acer chromebook

I am not certain as i do not use an acer chromebook. I use webroot on an asus laptop and a gateway desktop. I was able to get webroot to work on my desktop after a handful of windows updates (it was my own fault that i couldn’t get it to install/work properly) upon installation, webroot found a trojan virus and remove it. I recommend this product!

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Has has anyone installed this on a samsung galaxy tab s running android pie?

I have on my samsung phone, android, as well as a microsoft tablet and laptop.

Cannot open and install, help?

Please reach out to our support team during business hours (m-f 9am-5pm mountain time) for assistance: http://webroot.com/us/en/support/home-contact

Does internet security plus, 3 device, 1 year subscription come with 3 lastpass premium accounts?

Do not know. I’m not that computer smart. I just know this works for me and as long as i have no serious problems it’s good enough for me. I don’t really care how it works just as long as it does work. Sorry that i can’t help you i hope you can find somebody who can. So have a nice day.

Installation instructions for android phone

Go to the google play store and install this webroot app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.webroot.security&hl=en_us

after installation, put in your existing key code to activate the account on mobile.

Webroot Internet Security Plus | Antivirus Software 2022 |3 Device |1 Year Download for PC/Mac/Chromebook/Android/IOS + Password Manager AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Webroot Internet Security Plus | Antivirus Software 2022 |3 Device |1 Year Download for PC/Mac/Chromebook/Android/IOS + Password Manager : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
The only antivirus and malware protection i use. Highly recommend.

I’ve used webroot for years and it works great. Protects my laptop and my pc (when i had one). It scans for all kinds of viruses and threats and provides you a report. I highly recommend. Easy to install.

5Expert Score
Uninstall first

My fault i’m sure, but i was having trouble getting it to install. It kept taking me to a place to buy it when i already bought it! Finally, i tried uninstalling the few days of webroot i had left, and it took me where i needed to be and installed. Two stars for ‘easy to install’. A little direction or heads up would of been nice and would of saved me a lot of time.

5Expert Score

Has optimizer button that is very helpful.

5Expert Score
#1 safety for computer security

Could be easier to upload, especially for the not so technical person.

5Expert Score
Best fir security and spyware infections

Been using it for 8 years now.. Still one of the best of the best, if not the best

5Expert Score
Great value, great product!

Had norton until 2 years ago. Switched to web root and it was the best decision.

5Expert Score
Best i've had

Cheaper here than their actual website. Very easy to install. You go to their web page and enter new code but be advised if you have anytime left on your original purchase it does not extend your service it starts over immediately. So i wait until the last day and then purchase new service. I like this because me hubby had a virus that kept popping up and they took care of it. So i’m sold. Doesnt interfered with anything i do except for upgrading my ipod. I just disable then do my update and then turn on again.

5Expert Score

Trouble free installation, seems to be working.

5Expert Score
My computerworks again

So i’m pretty sure i had a virus. When i initially bought the key for the anti-virus i was unable to because the actual virus was preventing me too. I had to do some research and reset my computer settings. Thankfully all my info wasn’t lost but i was finally able to install the webroot anti-virus. Yes i had to redownload a lot of stuff but my computer has been working great since. Won’t make the same mistake twice and will make sure to renew my anti-virus.

5Expert Score
Most affordable and reliable antivirus available

Pc mag and cnet recommend webroot. Many years ago, i researched it, then ordered it. Not only is it very effective on my laptop and my phone, it operates seamlessly in the background with no battery drain. Best of all, when time to renew rolls around, i can always find a greatprice on amazon. Did so this week, with no problems. Since i have been using it for a long time, all i had to do was enter the new key code and product was activated, both on laptop and phone.

4Expert Score
My first time: so far so good

I purchased the webroot download because it was quick, convenient and inexpensive. My hp computer security had recently expired, so i am giving this a try.

After purchasing i got an email that i could redeem my product. I went to my email from my laptop and clicked it to download. It was pretty simple with no issues.

I haven’t been using the product long enough to say it’s great but so far so good.

It scanned for any issues on my pc and found no issues

i say this product is worth trying

4Expert Score
Don't really know yet!

I just downloaded yesterday.

4Expert Score
Used for 3 years – renew by buying new and enter key code – save $$

I’ve used webroot internet security plus with antivirus protection for 3 years and i have not had any problems with my computers (2 of them). I could not use it on my iphone because of the issues you can read about in reviews of the app. I use the webroot password and i really like it! It works automatically on most all the websites, a few (3 out of 50 sites) i have to click the webroot icon and manually add the password. I’m not sure why these sites don’t work the same as the others. Lastly, when the year subscription is up, buy new software from amazon and enter the keycode in the webroot software. This will activate your software for another year. Do not pay the exorbitant (really high) fee for renewing when webroot sends you the notice for renewal.

4Expert Score
Trustworthy program.

Although i have not used all the features yet, i have used webroot for almost two years now. I will renew when the time is up in january.
I have not used tech support so cannot rate it. I am befuddled by the password vault as it is not webroot and i have been using dashlane for maybe 6-7 years. I am not sure it will be worth the hassle to change programs.

4Expert Score
I'm giving this 4 stars for now because i've never used this software before to say if it is good or bad

I had the same issue as others with amazon’s download link of webroot internet security plus but i found out you can download a free trial direct from webroot’s website and then enter in the keycode amazon gives you in your download library. The download link on webroot’s website is hard to find if you start from their homepage but an internet search should be able to find it. That’s how i found it.

I’m giving this 4 stars for now because i’ve never used this software before to say if it is good or bad.

4Expert Score
Great product, bad renewal price.

Have been using webroot for the last few years and have not had any issues. I gave them a 4 instead of a 5 because of the way they increase the price when you renew. Instead of giving you a cost break for staying loyal, they increase the price. Your better off to let the subscription expire, uninstall it and install a new version. Big cost savings.

4Expert Score
Good not great

Do your research before buying any antivirus. You pay for one thing and within a week or two they want you to upgrade to something better. I find this bothersome.

4Expert Score

This is my first time trying webroot. It has a simple interface and is straightforward on how to navigate. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and so far no annoying ads popping up. So far, so good. I can’t give it 5 stars overall, because i’ve only had it installed three days.

4Expert Score
Easy installation

Very easy to install once you are directed to your download/games/software library on your receipt.

4Expert Score
Webroot good. Amazon software downloader not so much.

Couldn’t get the amazon downloader to connect in order to access my download software. Had to copy my keycode, then access webroot’s site to enter my key code to activate my security plus protection. Reviews indicate i am not alone experiencing that problem.

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